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  • ahmed Egeh
    ahmed Egeh Hour ago

    This should have been fixed by Mandela. We would now be benefitting from a more peaceful country instead he betrayed us and didn’t fight for true justice

  • Ramón Velásquez

    So nice that she learned all this and lost her fear of science and working with mostly men.

  • standrew
    standrew Hour ago

    That's a lot of poo.

  • Destroyer
    Destroyer Hour ago

    Prenuptial agreements do not work. Don't be naive. Don't get Man-ipulated by women & lose your assets and bank account content.

  • Fallen Angel
    Fallen Angel Hour ago

    Me too..thank you

  • UM status
    UM status Hour ago

    Love you bb

  • Ibrahim Ojos
    Ibrahim Ojos Hour ago

    Maybe human beings were really super strong because no industrialization that time

  • Aouwy Yang
    Aouwy Yang Hour ago

    So many people are angry because they grew up being taught that evolution was a fact and not a theory how sad. No one is certain of the past

  • lora97006
    lora97006 Hour ago

    God bless you & your work.

  • Genaro Nolasco
    Genaro Nolasco Hour ago


  • C&C Vee
    C&C Vee Hour ago

    I started smoking pot to cope but realized I couldn't deal with stress properly while stoned and it stressed me out more. So now I'm here.

  • Bapan Tripura
    Bapan Tripura Hour ago

    Yes, Great My Moharaj ,I Love you

  • Vardaan Agarwal
    Vardaan Agarwal Hour ago

    Sir very rightly said every citizen should have mandatory years at early age to serve in the army or any defense service it will help broaden our mindset upto a huge accent.

  • yootoob1001001
    yootoob1001001 Hour ago

    Tracy McMillan, I was listening to this while washing dishes and had to stop because you made me cry at the end. 💚 Very relatable and I am so happy for you.

  • Ezechiel N'goran

    Well done, Thione Niang.

  • Genaro Nolasco
    Genaro Nolasco Hour ago


  • Genaro Nolasco
    Genaro Nolasco Hour ago

    6🎎6e .

  • whisperingmists
    whisperingmists Hour ago

    Amal is adorable and passionate, but she's wrong or misrepresenting almost everything she says. I don't doubt her sincerity, but I think she is ideologically blind. It's a human foible, but one we should work against. Edit: My name means "truth."

  • Genaro Nolasco
    Genaro Nolasco Hour ago

    8🎎8e .

  • jonathan boyce
    jonathan boyce Hour ago

    What if I want to play Fallout in real life?

  • Vivian Oosthuizen

    How many corporations did he manage in this way and what was the outcome

  • Genaro Nolasco
    Genaro Nolasco Hour ago

    8🎎8e .

  • Greg Baker
    Greg Baker Hour ago

    Thank you for breaking through the pain, I laughed and cried. Be the hero we need ourselves. Amazing message. I'd love to work with this organization😎

  • Kah G
    Kah G Hour ago

    You showed me the importance of knowing what myself thinks about deep questions. After I know deeply my mind and heart and everything, I can share big talks with who I trust, thank you

  • Bender C. Moriarti

    Pataditas de ahogado

  • Michael Melamed
    Michael Melamed Hour ago

    “For Our species the tail is behind”, this speaker said. I could not find my tail, so I asked my wife for some of hers. “Not tonight”

  • skinnyboy shawty

    This kid needs a Grammy award

  • j. williams
    j. williams Hour ago

    You don't need to work from 9-5 to earn money. Simply start by learning how to create an online business. @t​

  • j. williams
    j. williams Hour ago

    You don't need to work from 9-5 to earn money. Simply start by learning how to create an online business. @t​

  • j. williams
    j. williams Hour ago

    You don't need to work from 9-5 to earn money. Simply start by learning how to create an online business. @t​

  • hund haus ranch
    hund haus ranch Hour ago

    Non of that makes sense really these people did not have the capacity to build this!, the giants made these before the Indians

  • Vrl Dc
    Vrl Dc Hour ago

    I get it. Parents beat the kid, their parents beat them and so on. I will save my empathy for the victims, and hope the system gets people like this to the lethal injection needle as soon as possible so the taxpayers are not on the hook.

  • Ronnie Pirtle Jr

    Your story is flawed it's only a half-truth! A half-truth is a lie trying to sound like the truth... but it's a lie! You would have been better off not talking at all!

  • Free Zone
    Free Zone Hour ago

    ethical reasons are the best argument for being vegan. respect life as such wherever it is, not as "more or less useful" for some ppl needs or goals. so if we make right connections with our morals, thought and feelings, body will follow. <3 for all sons and daughters of mother earth

  • Greyskarr V
    Greyskarr V Hour ago

    Not the dog!

  • hund haus ranch
    hund haus ranch Hour ago

    Giant burial grounds

  • mtlstreets
    mtlstreets Hour ago

    bravo nice vraiment bon

  • Pradeep Thapa
    Pradeep Thapa Hour ago

    Amazing man

  • Connie McLaughlin-Miley

    This guy is a brilliant communicator and has done stellar research in this area!

  • Saint Sacrifice
    Saint Sacrifice Hour ago

    I would take Lundgren over Schwarzenegger any day.

  • Lana Doyle
    Lana Doyle Hour ago

    My comment is "How do you stop the abused from becoming the abuser?"

  • Simone Greco
    Simone Greco Hour ago

    The moment i put the pencil on the paper, and the moment after is like a meditative time. I can see the fact i'm in a process of something, without judging. All the expectation of the result is nothing compared to the time i spent for that thing. I hope this will last forever, i like to study body and gesture, but now i'm starting to understand colors

  • TheUnatuber
    TheUnatuber Hour ago

    _The Blair Witch Project. Paranormal Activity._ Found-footage "horror" in general. If this man contributed *in any way* to the making of such cinematic dreck, then I sincerely hope he dies a slow, excruciatingly-painful death, if he hasn't already.

  • Mike Fuller
    Mike Fuller Hour ago

    "I don't believe in the existence of what is called love." George Gordon, Lord Byron ( 1788 - 1824 )

  • Vishwanath Waghmare

    One and only serials tmkoc

  • Kelly Blaylock
    Kelly Blaylock Hour ago

    Im saving for this treatment now. 5 years Suboxone. Simply can't get off without horrible withdrawal.

  • Timewinga Gaming


  • Pinky Percy
    Pinky Percy Hour ago

    Fear mongering is a real thing... but this is a bad example because Islam should be feared.

  • fedesito
    fedesito Hour ago

    qué ridícula.

  • Héctor Sosa
    Héctor Sosa Hour ago

    La depresión es un desequilibrio químico en el cerebro, me suena muy fuera de lugar como dices: "¿Cómo te atreves a estar deprimido?". Sólo porque a ti te sirvió algo no significa que a todos les va a servir. La depresión es una ENFERMEDAD, no un estado de ánimo, hay que aprender a dejar de decir "Me siento deprimido" o usar términos como "tripolar". Tanto la bipolaridad como la depresión son temas muy serios que sólo un profesional puede tratar y hablar de ellos seriamente. Y no, aunque tengas un pensamiento positivo no te vas a curar, ayuda, claro, pero no es la cura a tu enfermedad. Saludos!!

  • Christian Strachan

    She is depressed breathing heavily and kid of tears in her eyes

  • Evren
    Evren Hour ago

    I guess all I can do for my life is learn as much as possible, and enjoy what I enjoy purely for the sake of it.

  • Christian Strachan

    She Repeats this speech Everywhere.....😇😈😅

  • Ann Emery
    Ann Emery Hour ago

    3rd time I have seen this, and I will watch again.

  • Matthew Fox
    Matthew Fox Hour ago

    Don’t suffer through depression by yourself Seek help You are not worthless You are not a burden You are human

  • Ghanved Singh
    Ghanved Singh Hour ago

    China has conquered half the world and world struggling to save the another half

  • Manuel Antonio A

    Que mona la gatica, lastima que sea igual que los demás XD

  • Bubba the Self
    Bubba the Self Hour ago

    Thanks for this speech. I wish more Indians would understand the difference between vegetarianism and veganism. Even here in the US, Indian restaurants don't have a clue what vegan is. They throw ghee into everything and call it vegan. Vegetarianism (eating dairy, eggs, honey) still contributes directly to inflammation as well as violence towards animals. Vegan is the only true sattvic, nonviolent diet that doesn't harm animals and oneself.

  • Jackdiggydigg 32

    Please capitalize the "i" in your title

  • Mark Freedom
    Mark Freedom Hour ago

    Took advantage of country’s that had no civil rights or constitution. This is what happens when the people aren’t paying attention to what there government is doing and allow corporations to buy politicians.

  • Andrea's Awareness Channel

    Thank you!!! You are indeed resilient example!

  • mario pena
    mario pena Hour ago

    Iesus... not jesus... in 1524.. letter J was Added to the English.. in the 1611 king James bible.. from San Antonio texas..

  • Big Mike
    Big Mike Hour ago

    Watched THE ---TORCHER---- REPORT last night on Netflix. Based on true events from a "whistleblower" inside the gov. Very good movie. About Guantanamo bay torcher of prisoners after 9-11. 👍👍

  • TheBadassAccountant

    This changes everything. Everything.

  • Sammy Lee
    Sammy Lee Hour ago

    I took so much from this TED, and it had a card trick too hahaha.

  • David Underdown
    David Underdown Hour ago

    Dennis Nathan Cain did his duty as an American and blew the whistle on the corrupt Clinton Foundation. For doing so, sixteen FBI agents raided the Maryland home and ransacked it for six hours.A protected whistle-blower just like the guy who came forward on President Trump suffered the same harassment, while the man who fingered Trump gets total protection. What a world we live in. Now, Cain is speaking out and it is not pretty. We have to have the same rules for both parties or people will lose faith in our government, that’s a fact.The Gateway Pundit reported that the whistle-blower came across the documents while he was working for an FBI contractor, according to his lawyer.The Daily Caller exclusively reported that the whistle-blower, Dennis Nathan Cain, had given these documents to Inspector General Horowitz and both the House and Senate Intel Committees. Over a dozen FBI agents stormed through Dennis Nathan Cain’s home for more than six hours even though he had already given the documents to the proper investigative channels, his lawyer said.The documents reveal then-FBI Director Robert Mueller failed to investigate criminal misconduct by Rosatam, the Russian nuclear firm that purchased 20% of the US’s Uranium. Back in December the DOJ pushed back on requests to explain its reasons for raiding the Dennis Nathan Cain’s home.And now a federal court refuses to unseal the documents to the public on why it was necessary for the DOJ to raid the home of a Clinton Foundation whistle-blower.

  • Enzo Gaston
    Enzo Gaston Hour ago

    Me crearía 10mil cuentas pero no llegaría, si llegara vendría al mismo vídeo y le daría 10 mil likes para que mas personas vean este vídeo. Lo que los hombres no podemos decir porque el matriarcado nos oprime --> se podría decir que en esta ultima oración se encuentra el machismo?.......

  • Puppet Master
    Puppet Master Hour ago

    Puppet talk about leading...

  • energyideas
    energyideas Hour ago

    What would happen if you wore a helmet?

  • Christian Strachan

    Just ask her how many trees she has planted...

  • Divya Joshi
    Divya Joshi Hour ago

    Thoda sa nautanki km kro baaki sb sad h

  • Christian Strachan

    She doesnt have Solution, just suggestions.....😏

  • vic thats me
    vic thats me Hour ago

    The most important relationships are the closest ones - true.

  • Christian Strachan

    🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳Can somebody tell her that INDIA is going to plant 242 crore trees in next 5 years.......🙂🙂

  • Ana Caona
    Ana Caona Hour ago

    The only women in engineering are on the road telling everyone about it. It's like listening to short guys.

  • theboombody
    theboombody Hour ago

    People wouldn't search for a career they have a passion for if careers didn't demand so much of their time. A 40 hour work week is plenty fair. That gives you time outside of work to pursue your passions, which is a good, balanced thing. But when society tries to pressure you into working 60 to 80 hours a week just to make a living, of course you're going to search for a career you like.

  • Liz Yuen
    Liz Yuen Hour ago

    Oh I so needed to see this, tough day has a silver lining because of this.

  • Magda Souza
    Magda Souza Hour ago

    Gratidão Gilmar, por nos mostrar quem é esse ator!! Por que ele não está preso?

  • Cornerstanding
    Cornerstanding Hour ago

    Is this real??? She doesn't have any sign of symptoms of having spine damage?

  • Keith
    Keith Hour ago

    Great lady!! Very clear presentation and glad urban light is there to offer a way out. Those centers should be all over the place. No wonder this isn't solved, it's so deeply rooted.

  • calavera flores
    calavera flores Hour ago

    buenísima banda

  • Copy and Paste
    Copy and Paste Hour ago

    “I used to think that the worst thing in life was to end up alone. It's not. The worst thing in life is to end up with people who make you feel alone.” ~ Robin Williams

  • Vissaius
    Vissaius Hour ago

    I support the restoration of monarchies around the world! Brazil and Mexico were far better under the monarchy.

  • Solimar Guilherme

    Gostaria que tivesse legenda! 🥺😟

  • T...........1717

    I feel horrible for this woman. She is obviously suffering. So many souls have been tarnished by this current dark wicked time we live in. I’m telling you kids even in the 90s we weren’t this divided . Race and gender issues were there but they weren’t smashed in your face every single day. We need to LOVE each other again and stop being obsessed with being the SAME. We are all different and that’s OKAY.

  • Millsy Kooksy
    Millsy Kooksy Hour ago

    I love Gail

    RAVI POHANI Hour ago

    Bears are great because tigers can't count it all on their paws 😆

  • Margo Taylor-Ritchie

    Yes good talk, but I still believe organized religion is the cause of all this worlds problem.

  • Luong Nhan
    Luong Nhan Hour ago

    I love this talk. Thank you

  • Shawn Xu
    Shawn Xu Hour ago

    Great speech. This makes me think about the new coronavirus now. Whistleblowers are heros just like Jiang Yanyong in SARS period.

  • j gamer
    j gamer Hour ago

    came here for his magic tricks, stayed for his sense of humor

  • mehdi douinine
    mehdi douinine Hour ago

    We do forget what it is all about, good talk.

  • Stefan Frisk
    Stefan Frisk Hour ago

    There aren't any out there....

  • Simply Jay
    Simply Jay Hour ago

    Speaking of 5 thousand years ago... why is it only 2020 ? 🧐

  • Sky Fear
    Sky Fear Hour ago

    7 y medio años despues: Creen que seria posible hacer esta misma conferencia ahora?

  • MrOramato
    MrOramato Hour ago

    I was so wanting to take a rag with a dab of Old English and touchup the scratch in the top left corner of the base of the Clavinova. Ah, what was she saying?

  • Hashir Khan
    Hashir Khan Hour ago

    She speaks my heart!!

  • Joyful Stones
    Joyful Stones Hour ago

    WOW!!! ❤️

  • DID & PTSD under 1 roof

    I am 32 and have suffered from suicidal attempts and ideations since grade 8. They come and the go. I now have a teengae son and has girlfriends who speak of suicide, this is so scary... we need to teach our kids and youth. They preach mental health importance but why do we always feel so alone, their has to be a better way,

  • Bradley Miller
    Bradley Miller Hour ago

    I wish today's world would see the difference between a disease and a choice.