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  • Fartrell Cluggins

    Love this message.

  • David Cox
    David Cox Hour ago

    100% thought uncle ruckus was on TedTalk

  • Tuncer Dabanlı
    Tuncer Dabanlı Hour ago

    İnsanın ürettiği insan olacak en sonunda. İyi de insanın yapay halini böyle yüceltirken, insanın varoluşunu önceden algoritmasının evrim sürecinde kendiliğinden olamadığını bilimsel olarak anlamış olduğumuzu dikkate almayacak mıyız? Kök hücre,beyin, sinir iletim hareket sistemi, iskelet,kas ve kan dolaşım,görme,duyma.tatma,duygu,anlama....saymakla bitmiyor. Bu kadar mükemmel bir donanıma sahip insanın, tüm algoritmalarının yazılımını yapan Yaratıcı bir programlıyıcı olmadan evrim sürecinin devam etmesi olanaksız. Tıpkı yapay zeka algoritmasını yazma yeteneğindeki insanın müdahalesi olmadan, bir robotun oluşmayacağı gibi.....

  • Grow up!
    Grow up! Hour ago

    Y this dog on tedx.... how come ya... paltu kutta modi ka... iski wife ko bhi sharam aati hogi ghar se bahar nikalne me.

  • Aakanksha Prasad

    Project HOPE was an great experience. It helped me brought out of my comfort zone and also helped me to learn different rituals and tradition.

  • Zachary Stred
    Zachary Stred Hour ago

    "embrace subcultures that produce these creative ideas" but also make sure to mock things you think are "hipstery" at your Ted Talk

  • George Araujo-Haller

    I think this says more about how it is in New Zealand more than anything else

  • John Linden
    John Linden Hour ago


  • siddhant patil
    siddhant patil Hour ago

    I am diagnosed with ADHD Dyslexia, dyscalculia and dysgraphia.

  • ashique cc
    ashique cc Hour ago


  • Arthur Chase
    Arthur Chase Hour ago

    Tell me hows it feel sitting up there? Feeling so high but too far away to hold me

  • Donate at TeamTrees

    A guy who cracked aiims at 16 is telling me everyone can achieve anything

  • Lara Smith
    Lara Smith Hour ago

    🦋Racism is the biggest form of ignorance

  • parker schindler

    Im so sorry this happened to you but i cant find anything online about it does anyone know a link

  • Watercraft
    Watercraft Hour ago

    to make a powerful calculator you just need to remove the chip and put benjamin arthur

  • Lottie Cooke
    Lottie Cooke Hour ago

    This is great!!!!

  • stash fan
    stash fan Hour ago

    This guy sounds like he is 12

  • Niraj kumar
    Niraj kumar Hour ago

    Listen at 0.75x

  • Buddy Robinson
    Buddy Robinson Hour ago

    I have never read a lick of Shakespeare in my life that I comprehended, and very little at that did I read other than what was forced upon the begetter! In two. Of my high school years , but with that said I am a avid oak island fan (history channel documentary) and what you have put forth is absolutely amazing and brilliant, you sir somehow are the chosen one, it's not like the TREASURE hunters think on the subject of "seven people must die " they are thinking about it all wrong, it's all about 7 steps to completing "TT" (TREASURE map" ...the map could not be completed until Shakespeare or Bacon died(I don't have much understanding about why,who,or why as I'm just now finding you and your work)

  • Gulab Singhrana
    Gulab Singhrana Hour ago

    Very nice our hart feeling Everyone pepole needs A happyLife And freedom.. from India

  • Goku Saiyn
    Goku Saiyn Hour ago

    I really appreciate your struggle for women's rights. Thank you for helping to create a more just and equal society

  • Sajjad Ahmed
    Sajjad Ahmed 2 hours ago

    Ya maola in muslamano ko hidayat de jis ne azan par pabandi lagai masjidon main ghore bande ya unko gurdwaron main badal diya musalmano ki aurto ki izton ko pamal kiya aj wahi muslman usko apna hero man kar fakhar kar rahe hain.

  • Philippe Larson
    Philippe Larson 2 hours ago

    Je suis rempli d'admiration et je ressens une réelle compassion pour ces épreuves que tu as traversé et que tu transcendes aujourd'hui par un savoir-être, une présence et un investissement sans faille. Tu es un modèle Vanessa. Bravo 👏

  • Holly Wren Spaulding

    Delicate. Kind. Spacious. Yes, Luiz, let us give credence to all of this, and especially what is not finished. What is rough around the edges, and still becoming. This talk was moving, beautiful, and inspiring. I wish I had been there to add my voice and heart but I did so just now, from Maine. Such a pleasure to witness your mind and hands and body and words in motion.Thank you! (With heart.)

  • Kellyta Silva
    Kellyta Silva 2 hours ago

    Excelente, es lo que falta : mentoring. No solo basta finalizar la carrera. Aplaudo tremenda iniciativa. Las mujeres de esta y las siguientes generaciones cambiarán el mundo.

  • clare baros
    clare baros 2 hours ago

    Vitamins are the conductors that instruct the orchestra into a beautiful harmonic melody. Amino acids, enzymes, co-enzymes, and essential fatty acids are the musicians that follow the lead of the conductor. Minerals are the instruments necessary for the symphony. If any part of the orchestra is missing the beautiful symphony cannot be played. I got that from my minerals book.

  • sonam gupta
    sonam gupta 2 hours ago


  • moto
    moto 2 hours ago

    I will learn Italian now 😌

  • hank fontaine
    hank fontaine 2 hours ago

    Don't tell the truth about gender ,why tell truth about anything else

  • Roxy Rocks
    Roxy Rocks 2 hours ago

    Wow.. I already feel relieved. Thanks

  • Joe mc glue
    Joe mc glue 2 hours ago

    we as a sensitive species needs contact with each other to help us feel secure in our society the emotion she is talking about is the fight or flight system stress hormones are really a poison & pollutes our system & can age us prematurely

  • Jose Rizaldy Carolino

    Kahit anong note pa ang gamitin mo okay lang pero yong papalitan yong lyrics, ibang usapan na ata yan. Masyado kasing busy sa senado kaya napansin pa ang National Anthem 😅

  • Mauro Tolpe
    Mauro Tolpe 2 hours ago

    Ive seen my friend kill himself right in my face

  • Divine Warrior
    Divine Warrior 2 hours ago

    If this took place we would be creating narcissist/psychopaths/sociopaths by taking away our conscious and empathy.

  • TheFinnmacool
    TheFinnmacool 2 hours ago

    The field of psychology today is being used against people. It's full of a bunch of biased, liberal quacks. They're looking for things that aren't there many times.

  • H oh
    H oh 2 hours ago

    Appreciate what you do Matthew!

  • José Ignacio Esparza Ireta

    But what if you're the crocodile? (Serious question, some help would be appreciated)

  • _only Vishu Manisha
    _only Vishu Manisha 2 hours ago

    I think break up hona hamare liye acha hai ....isse hame nazriya milta hai aur logo ki samjh aur apni potential pta lgti hai ...

  • Alicia Page
    Alicia Page 2 hours ago

    Three cheers for volcanoes! Noticing that politicians never speak about volcanoes............. especially the ones currently active!

  • Maria Popescu
    Maria Popescu 2 hours ago

    Este absolut jenant ca in 2019 un eveniment Ted sa aiba o inregistrare audio atat de proasta..

  • Jack Caine
    Jack Caine 2 hours ago

    Actually the percentage would be smaller if you calculated out the people who marry multiple times.

    MARTHA SIMS 2 hours ago

    I find that the less you spend is that you rely on other people more and have stronger connections.

  • Lead With Personal Power

    Thank you Frances for speaking what needs to be heard, understood and acted upon.

  • Saabiriin Mahad
    Saabiriin Mahad 2 hours ago


  • Saabiriin Mahad
    Saabiriin Mahad 2 hours ago


  • CJ Wratchford
    CJ Wratchford 2 hours ago

    Such a confident speaker.

  • Keyanna
    Keyanna 2 hours ago

    Needed to hear this. Therapy is great,and I'm ready for it. 👌🏾

  • Kittycat Cutie
    Kittycat Cutie 2 hours ago

    I have adhd and could whatch the hole video that menas its god great job man I feel you

  • नरसिंह
    नरसिंह 2 hours ago

    WAR, as we know it today, is what America defines. Destroying anyone who decides to not use US DOALLAR as medium of TRADE. Any doubt?

  • Amy Gregg
    Amy Gregg 2 hours ago

    This was brilliant! Love how you integrate science/the natural world and art. Great examples from history through modern times. (Who would have thought to “collaborate” with caddis flies?!) And I love your artwork. All around stellar TED Talk!

  • Arthur Chase
    Arthur Chase 2 hours ago

    There is a smug arrogance to her I don't appreciate

  • imelda Clarke
    imelda Clarke 2 hours ago

    wonderfully sung.,really pinoy is the best that is why you won

  • Ingrid Cardoso
    Ingrid Cardoso 2 hours ago

    Nossa, que saudades imeeensas que eu estava de ouvir o Muller!! Obrigada 💖💖💖

  • G C
    G C 2 hours ago

    Excellent talk

  • Manuel Einarr Cama Pérez

    Cada vez que dice si, mata un socialista

  • Manuel Einarr Cama Pérez

    Obviamente si que el capitalismo, si y siempre va a ser mejor, si que el socialismo, si y por eso yo apoyo si a l capitalismo si y además si Milei es un crack si

  • ferlyn)☆(taho
    ferlyn)☆(taho 2 hours ago

    Even the most objective, professional person can’t help but judge.

    • King Willie
      King Willie 2 hours ago

      Not all judgment is bad judgment.

  • Peggy Hall
    Peggy Hall 2 hours ago

    Very brave. Very courageous.

    BRIGHT MINDS 2 hours ago

    ⠀ Believe with your eyes, not with your ears. ⠀

  • Jeff Johnson
    Jeff Johnson 2 hours ago

    Health Care cost is a big problem for many. I would like to know how the monetary aspect is controlled by Insurance companies lobbying Congress members to put laws in place that are designed to enrich a few keeping the cost everyone so expensive they have to carry insurance. What other business require you to buy another companies service (insurance) so you can afford it? Example of guests should have knowledge to answer or talk intelligently about: 1. Laws preventing a physician from practicing unless they buy malpractice insurance. 2. Laws preventing an individual if they were the type of person that wanted to better society by becoming a physician, setup a small practice helping friends and family that would sign a "Good Summaritan" type form preventing them from ingaging in a lawsuite. 3. Big Pharma lobbying Congress to force a physician to use only certain tools and containers sold by certain companies that can charge whatever they want and the physician has to buy it passing the cost down to the often time too sick and poor to afford it. Maybe there is an important reason, I'd like a guest to break it all down. 4. Incentives to be a physician and life style. Maybe we should go back to the days of traveling physicians. House calls might not be that bad of an idea. The sick are not out making others sick, no charge for a room and multiple nurses. Just a physician with his smart phone equipped with everything he might need for the type of call. How many sick are seen in a day? Is this idea feasible in larger cities? 5. Is it too much to ask that physicians be the type if person they claim to be? Question why they become physicians. Do you think more would say to help the sick or for money? 6. Board recertification is now a new cost 7. Physicians who declare they would not go into medicine again if they could start over. The reasons given include electronic medical records, bureaucracy, insurance company denials, information overload, long hours, declining reimbursement, and family sacrifices, to name a few. 8. We also hear about impending doctor shortages. The Association of American Medical Colleges estimates that in the next decade there will be a shortage of 90,000 physicians. Undersupply issues face primary care and specialties alike.

  • ferret756
    ferret756 2 hours ago

    some concise thoughts on mental relaxation superb video

  • meenakshi mathur
    meenakshi mathur 2 hours ago

    👏👏👏👏 kya bola hai bhai Kya bat hai wah wah wah wah !!!

  • Bob Sqaurepants
    Bob Sqaurepants 2 hours ago

    No point, suicide I’ve decided is much better than living like this. Diabetes, no more suicide attempts so as was told this life I got is now draining out. That give me a true sense off release from the hate and anger oh and greed that those in life pretended to be friends to sell ones info on line and frame one to sick ways. Enough now I know true to the feelings your talking off. To. Be received all will learn from my death that all where wrong to begin with. Emotional na no way not no more as death be calling one and through that pain. Much better than healing cause the way people be. I’ve committed all will get to see the wrongs they done in that there life. Mines up mental health broken.

  • Shira Skylar
    Shira Skylar 2 hours ago

    This! This is exactly what I needed to hear! I've been thinking of getting therapy for so long but felt uncertain if I needed it or not. I guess it's okay to just go for it.

    • Shira Skylar
      Shira Skylar Hour ago

      @Keyanna Thank you! 🙏 I'm hoping so too.

    • Keyanna
      Keyanna 2 hours ago

      Good luck in Theraphy.👍🏾 It really has its benefits.

  • Jonas Hartwig
    Jonas Hartwig 2 hours ago

    Und die Deutschen klatschen wieder im Takt, einfach herrlich :D

  • eis que
    eis que 2 hours ago

    4:30 actually it means puerta in Spanish. It's just different pronunciation

  • Feel Free MTB
    Feel Free MTB 2 hours ago

    I only just discovered the wise beliefs of Kwame in his Podcasts on Spotify. And it helps me to such a great height in my job as a social worker with specialty High-Conflict divorces. Thank you Kwame!!!

  • rick sanchez
    rick sanchez 2 hours ago

    *This is great 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼*

  • M.K Ultra
    M.K Ultra 2 hours ago

    They lied to you.

  • Veroni Ka
    Veroni Ka 2 hours ago

    What a great talk. And the Dr. Is amazingly beautiful! JFC!!! ♡

  • Manish Gurjar
    Manish Gurjar 2 hours ago

    Kadak bhai..best wishes🙌

  • Gustav
    Gustav 2 hours ago


  • Tommy Kuntze
    Tommy Kuntze 2 hours ago

    What a lovely talk! Really appreciate the message that the results of therapy take time, and I agree that we look for quick fixes far too often. The comment about the ripple effect is a powerful one, and a great way to spark change in our lives. Going now to feel it ✨😊✨

  • MatojoLedesma
    MatojoLedesma 2 hours ago

    If you pay them for me, ok.

  • Sev King
    Sev King 2 hours ago

    Money? Not necessary. Most insurance covers therapy

  • Jesse Gomez
    Jesse Gomez 2 hours ago

    Ppl here talking about alcohol as a solution, clearly need therapy.

  • Cyril A
    Cyril A 2 hours ago

    Can someone explain to me what a "quantifiable mechanical output" is ? 10:04 😂

  • Harley Duckworth
    Harley Duckworth 2 hours ago

    Glad I found this

  • noor uddin
    noor uddin 2 hours ago

    It was an amazing speech.. From this tedx video she send us a message that helpful for everyone.. Thanks luisias

  • Michael Royle
    Michael Royle 2 hours ago


  • Nathaniel Anderson
    Nathaniel Anderson 2 hours ago

    I love therapy. We have so much in common.

  • Huỳnh Đặng
    Huỳnh Đặng 2 hours ago

    One day, I feel like I am chased by the one that set me the ropes from beginning.

  • PMPhil Bailly
    PMPhil Bailly 2 hours ago

    Et le papier peint animé fut... merci Pedro

  • Ian Horvit
    Ian Horvit 2 hours ago

    Ayee that's my techer

    SIMON NJOROGE 2 hours ago

    Rest in peace... Fighting for peace unfortunately in midst of warlords.

  • Quang Thanh Ly
    Quang Thanh Ly 2 hours ago

    Like deriving from 80/20 principles, right? But you did a tremedous thing when enlightening a new way in learning. 80/20 fans

  • Channel 59
    Channel 59 2 hours ago

    Absolutely, I am what I attract and I attract what I've become. Great lesson and reminder! Thanks

  • Kerri Corser
    Kerri Corser 2 hours ago

    That was a great talk! I learned a lot after 30 years up here eh? Eh... I always tease about my kids growing up as Yoopers sayin stuff like 'eh der son'

  • Ian Sherman
    Ian Sherman 2 hours ago

    Thank You !

  • dreamervanroom
    dreamervanroom 2 hours ago

    She is right and it is for those who can afford $159/hour. Or with government subsidy, who don't mind entering the medical model and being labeled as being mentally unhealthy forever on your Permanent Record. If you may object you are no longer in the driver's seat, now "Not following professional advice." You have been informed.

  • alex hadid
    alex hadid 2 hours ago

    Thank you for sharing your story

  • Wane felicia
    Wane felicia 2 hours ago

    Dr eric berg brough me here

  • Lucas Century
    Lucas Century 2 hours ago

    Randy- In a World such as ours it's not easy to be brave. Thank you for being you and demonstrating your vast empowerment. Inspirational talk!

  • Emrah Hoca
    Emrah Hoca 2 hours ago

    Harika bir konuşma, bu tarz videoların lise ve üniversitelerde ayrı bir ders olarak izletilmesi gerektiğini düşünüyorum

  • Mario
    Mario 2 hours ago

    She was enjoying a natural DMT trip. Happens at child birth.

  • володя ступин


  • Neeko Z
    Neeko Z 2 hours ago

    Ecc 8:9

  • Summergram
    Summergram 2 hours ago

    Is this guy illiterate? WORST TED TALK EVER. So disappointing. Indians should have better standards of communicating by now. WTF do they teach in school? Horrible delivery of information, just spewing out terms as if we all know them. Horrible accent. Horrible swallowing and breathing sounds. I wish he just finally choked and died. Not a refined engaging discussion about an interesting topic at all. What a mess. Total failure. This was insulting to the famous TED speech process. This video should be deleted!

  • Nathaniel Anderson
    Nathaniel Anderson 2 hours ago

    You can be my therapist. As long as you promise to be unethical.

  • Joseph K
    Joseph K 2 hours ago

    Due to my being the only mixed race student in my school year, I often found the seldom clean hands of random white people sunken deep into my hair. Along with that, I was often called horrible, degrading names. As sad as I felt by the sheer ignorance and racism demonstrated there, I never cut my hair to a drastically different length and was always proud of who I was - never conformed to anyone else's standards and I'd like to think someone was inspired by that.