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  • Kendrick H. Rhee
    Kendrick H. Rhee 2 hours ago

    sales is the toughest job in the world....... but if mastered, the returns can be ludicrous... i truly believe that if one masters the art of persuasion, one can do almost anything in this world.... i firmly believe this...

  • flesh cork
    flesh cork 15 hours ago

    2:11 what a generous guy, he taught morgan the art of aikido and showed ray kroc the secrets of fast food.

  • David Heller
    David Heller Day ago

    If food cause 15 cents back then how can the society be fatter now?

  • HmongNinjatsu
    HmongNinjatsu 7 days ago

    When things were simple

  • Tre Napier
    Tre Napier 7 days ago

    Kroc sure did fuck those brothers over...

  • PauLog
    PauLog 14 days ago

    I'm sure that the original burgers had a fresh and homemade taste compared to the industrial flavor nowadays...

  • Harper Craven
    Harper Craven 15 days ago

    I relate the most to Mac McDonald. Wants to do good of the people and not strictly by the books like Dick. I can understand why he’s the way he was though

  • William Hunter
    William Hunter 18 days ago

    My name is Ron Swanson, and I’m gonna tell you about the screwed up world of local businessmen

  • Rubixx
    Rubixx 20 days ago

    The dude nearly shit his pants

  • jumpin jehosephat
    jumpin jehosephat 23 days ago

    This is like a commercial for heart disease.

  • cary bary
    cary bary 24 days ago

    Nowadays you get to eat with shit people.

  • drummerboy 76'
    drummerboy 76' 25 days ago

    This is why I love America. It brought us rock n roll, McDonald's, & some other cool stuff. 🎉🇺🇸

    • PRIE5T
      PRIE5T 23 days ago

      drummerboy 76' A MEN !!!!!!!!

  • Megan Luey
    Megan Luey 26 days ago

    why is my mouth watering

  • Eric Morgan
    Eric Morgan 28 days ago

    I'm gonna tell ya right now, THERE'S ABSOLUTELY NOTHING IN THAT SODA CUP!

  • Edify Salim
    Edify Salim Month ago

    this meeting led the mcdonald brothers got a fortune of $2.7 million but also led to their loss of future earning of $100 million

  • David
    David Month ago

    Johnny Dangerously!

  • Andy Olsen
    Andy Olsen Month ago

    Now days the cooks don’t speak any English.

  • Andy Olsen
    Andy Olsen Month ago

    What no pink slime!?.....Lame

  • Quang Lương
    Quang Lương Month ago

    I like how he steadily becomes an asshole during the movie

  • Blue Phoenix Productions

    This is what he did before Spider-Man Homecoming

  • M. Talac
    M. Talac Month ago

    Name of the movie?

    • M. Talac
      M. Talac Month ago

      @David Ah okay. Thanks :)

    • David
      David Month ago

      Right there in the header, The Founder.

  • Randy Aucoin
    Randy Aucoin Month ago


  • 8-BrIT
    8-BrIT Month ago

    Back then: "Welcome to McDonald's, what can I get for you today! 😁" Now: "Go 'head 😑"

  • Joseph McGuire
    Joseph McGuire Month ago

    you're really not my type

  • RG P
    RG P Month ago

    Funny how something so harmless could eventually turn a country to into a big, fat, fast food nation .

  • tomas chapman
    tomas chapman Month ago

    Great movie

  • Robert O
    Robert O Month ago

    Great movie.Too bad McDonald's burgers are now crap..

  • Gildardo Reyes
    Gildardo Reyes Month ago

    Keaton one of my favorite actors !

  • The Calm Man
    The Calm Man Month ago

    Captain Gene is really determined to get enough money together to get his son through college to explore his bisexuality as a DJ.

  • Dodged a Bullet
    Dodged a Bullet Month ago

    A long long long McDonald's commercial made "cutsie" to suck the suckers in! Crap like their food!

  • Nissan Frontier 08

    0:28 Man: Where’s the silverware? McDonalds Employee: You eat it from the wrapper and then throw it out Me: HOW GLOBAL WARMING IS CAUSED!

  • thatguy342007
    thatguy342007 Month ago


  • Tom Xaider
    Tom Xaider Month ago

    McDonnald Burgers still not change a bit. Still tiny as usual!! Even a Big Mac is not as big as a Regular sized burger in Burger King

  • Cris Hofer
    Cris Hofer Month ago

    Go find Morgan,Eastman! You're drunk...

  • BaccaBru
    BaccaBru 2 months ago

    and then everyone got fat.

  • Josh Irwin
    Josh Irwin 2 months ago

    "You may be the King, but a Clown wears the crown."

  • Toast N' Jam
    Toast N' Jam 2 months ago

    I didn't realize who the second McDonald was until he spoke. Nick Offerman (Ron Swanson of Park and Rec).

  • gruz 777
    gruz 777 2 months ago

    When McDonald's was actually good

  • Captain Howdy
    Captain Howdy 2 months ago

    1:04 the million dollar luxury bite 🤣

  • Erich Mutchler
    Erich Mutchler 2 months ago

    As a former outside salesman before the internet, these scenes really represent the life of a travelling salesman. But I was laughing at his scripted old style sales pitch.

  • Wut wut wut wut wut Loco

    Great movie . Note sure if I feel bad for McDonald brothers , but McDonalds wouldn’t of what it is today if kroc didn’t steal ideas.

    • Wut wut wut wut wut Loco
      Wut wut wut wut wut Loco Month ago

      Jcurvs99 then that means we are horrible at business , and we couldn’t see the bigger picture

    • Jcurvs99
      Jcurvs99 Month ago

      You would feel bad if they were your fathers and Ray Kroc became a billionaire of their hard work and name while they got nothing

  • Kevin Sheets
    Kevin Sheets 2 months ago

    This movie made me unappreciate McDonald's. Kroc was nothing more than an egomaniacal dickhead who made his fortune by poaching another person's livelihood. He had no imagination, just greed and jealousy. Fuck him! Great performance by Keaton, though. 😂

  • Beetleguese
    Beetleguese 2 months ago

    i love his confusion, "here you are" "no I just ordered?"

  • Saiyan's Squad
    Saiyan's Squad 2 months ago

    My favorite burger joint is *Better Burger*

  • WoodyTv
    WoodyTv 2 months ago

    Rare footage of vulture earring at McDonalds

  • CakeBoi
    CakeBoi 2 months ago

    Where do I eat it? You stupid American. You expect them to arrange a temporary mommy so you could sit on her lap and enjoy your happy your happy meal?

  • Smuggle Snuggle
    Smuggle Snuggle 2 months ago

    "May I join you?" Man. You dont see people saying that now

  • cuz dogg
    cuz dogg 2 months ago

    If you ask me the family was kind of rude just saying

  • Kenny Stevens
    Kenny Stevens 2 months ago

    Am i the only one who noticed him magically teleporting to the other window 0:46

  • Barrier Boy
    Barrier Boy 2 months ago

    michael keaton has to be our #1 male actor. i cannot put anyone above him right now. i just wish he was young enough to do it all over again

  • Casey Henderson
    Casey Henderson 2 months ago

    That McDonald's looked like it was so enjoyable back in the day. 30 seconds tops served and quality beef. Looks SOOOO good!

  • TOP XI 11
    TOP XI 11 2 months ago

    If Mac didn't ask Ray for a tour,Mcdonalds would be WAY more different

    • Amber Medellin
      Amber Medellin Month ago

      Ray still would not force his ex-wife, Ethyl, to go to that restaurant, even if she did not want to.

  • Razak Idris
    Razak Idris 2 months ago

    *Movie Mistake scene,* first his at the right counter, then at 0:47 he is now at left counter even all people behind him also disappeared.

  • Ivan Hernandez
    Ivan Hernandez 2 months ago

    I want Macdonalds now

  • oof
    oof 2 months ago

    In the time it took Ray to learn the process, you could've had like 5 customers rotate through. Fucker held up the line.

  • rollcanja
    rollcanja 3 months ago

    the 50s. when all ‘white’ was normal back in the day. ahh, I’m lucky I live in the current era. long live diversity. 👍😁🙂 although, I envy that era for having your order at 30secs. now, I wait 15mins to get my McDonald’s meal. 😔

  • Emerson Melgar
    Emerson Melgar 3 months ago

    I bet you he rolling over in his grave regretting that tour

    • Jcurvs99
      Jcurvs99 Month ago

      And you have to wonder if any other Chain out there would have reached the level Mcdonalds did if Kroc never took control of it.

  • AgentBlack
    AgentBlack 3 months ago

    "This is the most remarkable restaurant I've ever seen, and I wanna -steal your story- I wanna hear your story."

    • Brandon2940
      Brandon2940 2 months ago

      Basically. You can see what's gonna happen when he's talking to the guy about the business and says "This is my way of making us different, I call them the golden arches"

  • Thomas Cremens
    Thomas Cremens 3 months ago


  • Ditto0415
    Ditto0415 3 months ago

    “I want to take you out to dinner” “You’re really not my type” Oof this man just got grilled like those burgers

  • Jean-Marc Brand
    Jean-Marc Brand 3 months ago

    This is the best scene in the entire film.

  • Fanes Ferdinand
    Fanes Ferdinand 3 months ago

    If he was not listening to that tape in the hotel about persistence and determination there will be no McDonald's

  • M_Barr84
    M_Barr84 3 months ago

    1:31 the little girl is the only that took a real bite, the mom and boy looked like they didn’t bite it at all.

  • SmeatPlays
    SmeatPlays 3 months ago

    Movie is inaccurate, they didn’t get any orders wrong

  • Joe Barrano
    Joe Barrano 3 months ago

    Ray crock is a piece of shit

    • Joe Barrano
      Joe Barrano 3 months ago

      @Life of Khancept can't argue with you on that one

    • Life of Khancept
      Life of Khancept 3 months ago

      Joe Barrano Happens all the time. Business rule #1, there are no rules.

    • Joe Barrano
      Joe Barrano 3 months ago

      @Life of Khancept yes true but he snaked the company from the owners

    • Life of Khancept
      Life of Khancept 3 months ago

      If you ever ate at McDonald’s before you are a hypocrite. If it wasn’t for Ray Kroc you would never even know what or where McDonald’s was.

  • mattgarciatx
    mattgarciatx 3 months ago

    Gross, I just realized someone else put that straw in his cup. Germs!!!

  • Bones UK
    Bones UK 3 months ago

    I wish I'd grown up during this era.

    • TOP XI 11
      TOP XI 11 2 months ago

      @Yuo because its takes so long for the food to come today but in the 50s its only 30 seconds

    • Absolute Unit
      Absolute Unit 3 months ago

      Yuo your completely missing the point.

    • Yuo
      Yuo 3 months ago

      Lol why? If you're a minority it's not very fun

  • Commander Liquor
    Commander Liquor 3 months ago

    Back in my day, I was able to work at McDonald’s part time, get an electrical engineering degree, and buy a house. We BOOMERS also had functioning ice cream machines. Thanks Obama!

  • sim24687193
    sim24687193 3 months ago

    And that my friends is how McDonalds took over the world

  • hєctσr and jr
    hєctσr and jr 4 months ago

    What would be the difference if the brothers still owned it and had it there way aside from Kroc How would it be like today?

  • Armando's V8 Cadillac
    Armando's V8 Cadillac 4 months ago

    The conjuring?? 1:05

    DISTRESS 4 months ago

    Fuck McDonald’s and all fast food joints especially the ones that wipe down tables with the mops!!!

  • Arianna Paletta
    Arianna Paletta 4 months ago

    Eating McDonald’s and I had to come and watch this haha

  • Andrew Taylor
    Andrew Taylor 4 months ago

    When he takes his first bite i keep waiting for him to sing i just had sandwich no ordinary sandwich.

  • DopEiMeaN
    DopEiMeaN 4 months ago

    "Where do I eat it?" Dude wtf kind of questions are these lmfao is this guy supposed to be an alien or something?? Lmfao wtf were the producers thinking??

    • catothewiser
      catothewiser 3 months ago

      All the exaggerated double-take reactions in this scene bugs me but it is still theater. You can't hear what is going in his his mind so they make these exaggerated reactions. Even now it would be a little weird to have some walk up window to get food and no place to eat it but I suppose back then it really would have been unusual. Probably not even the point they are stressing most - the whole operation was unusual. Surprised they didn't try to make a reference to Ford and the assembly line because that was the approach - just never been applied to food before, I guess.

  • DopEiMeaN
    DopEiMeaN 4 months ago

    "Where are the silverware and the plates?" Who tf eats a burger with silverware....

  • Rans
    Rans 4 months ago

    Im eating McDonald's 😅

  • Lindsey Summers
    Lindsey Summers 4 months ago

    Compare this to going to McDonald's today. Even at 9:30pm, the drive-thru line will take about 20-30 minutes to get my order. Speed is no longer the goal for them, apparently. The McDonald brothers would be spinning in their graves seeing what's become of their creation.

  • Dixie Reckt
    Dixie Reckt 4 months ago

    So many continuity errors in the ordering scene. The bag with the burger constantly changing positions, the guy in the yellow shirt in the midst of ordering but then ordering for the first time later, and obviously the large error of Ray switching windows mid-scene. Also the daylight changes through the scene. These are just small errors though, in a none the less great movie.

    • Dixie Reckt
      Dixie Reckt Month ago

      Amber Medellin it’s still a treat movie, I’m just pointing out the errors

    • Amber Medellin
      Amber Medellin Month ago

      What a joke for a biography film!

  • Amber Medellin
    Amber Medellin 4 months ago

    2:12 "Care for a little tour?" ME: No! Not without finishing most or all of the food. I would have said it if I were Ray. No offense to Kroc.

    • Brandon2940
      Brandon2940 2 months ago

      I love how Ray asks "Of the?" *pointing to the restaurant* ... NO A TOUR OF MY HOUSE!

  • Amber Medellin
    Amber Medellin 4 months ago

    2:06 So sweet that it's in my head for days!😇

  • Amber Medellin
    Amber Medellin 4 months ago

    1:16 Ray wouldn't move without a mom with her kids picking a seat. That's nice of the former to move it!😇😇😇

  • Amber Medellin
    Amber Medellin 4 months ago

    1:12 Oh, come on! This is not a barf bag. Please! You can't have a tour without finishing most or all of it, man!

  • Amber Medellin
    Amber Medellin 4 months ago

    Ray is a motor mouth, and so are the others.

  • Luis Martinez
    Luis Martinez 4 months ago

    0:35 is that Orange Hi-C? 😢

  • _GetJeBaited_
    _GetJeBaited_ 4 months ago

    how america became fat

    BIG FACTS 4 months ago

    Honestly this movie just illustrates the shitty essence of McDonalds. I mean not only this business was stolen, they couldn't even do right by their royalties deal.

  • Beauteous 'V'
    Beauteous 'V' 4 months ago

    Who eats a burger while closing their eyes so tightly? The kids looked and acted like their burgers either tasted like shit, or they're about to explode. Plus the lady who was eating hers looked like she was rehearsing for an actual fast food commerical.

  • JonathanRiv1
    JonathanRiv1 4 months ago

    wait.....wait I'd like to take you to dinner, at Mcdonalds

  • Vainglory 2KW8Ω
    Vainglory 2KW8Ω 4 months ago

    The guy who plays the cashier is a wonderful day player. He's not just a simple salt-of-the-earth type who has a naive demeanor and a childlike enthusiasm for going above and beyond in providing the best food and customer service: he's a symbol for the ideal of it all and he's the essential linchpin for the first act of the entire movie. Without him, the movie falls apart and it would have been unwatchable. The performances given by actors who play so-called "bit parts" have power in a film that's underestimated and underrated.

    • AWDTH1111
      AWDTH1111 4 months ago

      Vainglory 2KW8Ω So glad someone mentioned this. Out of this whole film that one seen is the scene that keeps me coming back to this film. It just feels magical for some reason.

  • SerDankalot96
    SerDankalot96 5 months ago

    Why the fuck do these people bite with their lips first..

  • Julia Walters
    Julia Walters 5 months ago

    Spoiler alert, they weren't real McDonald's so they were literally the best hamburgers I've had in my life

  • The Animated Geek
    The Animated Geek 5 months ago

    Wait, fast food was actually *fast* what?

  • Richard Calisi
    Richard Calisi 5 months ago

    Kroc was a fuckin snake!!!! Just like Zuckerburg !!

  • Richard Calisi
    Richard Calisi 5 months ago

    This movie was simply awesome...not like these freekin CGI avenger garbage and Superhero crap!

  • E George
    E George 5 months ago


  • RainbowDash {MLP}
    RainbowDash {MLP} 5 months ago

    That family is taking really small bites for a small burger

  • Siang C
    Siang C 5 months ago

    Back when most McDonalds customers are not rhino sized. Good old time

  • alias unknown
    alias unknown 5 months ago

    ron swanson

  • Erikboyz
    Erikboyz 5 months ago

    I'm your 300th subscriber man, enjoy your day!