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The Egg - A Short Story
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Optimistic Nihilism
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What Are You?
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What Is Something?
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What Is Light?
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How Big is the Moon? MM#1
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  • Spider World
    Spider World 23 seconds ago

    Or the need to go to the washroom

  • Damien Allemand
    Damien Allemand 3 minutes ago

    If I redo the maths between 1min20 & 1min38: - 20 billion stars similar to our sun - 1/5 of them have a planet similar to earth in the habitable zone: that gives 4 billions - 0.1% of them have life: that gives 4 millions and not 1 million

  • Karinn094
    Karinn094 6 minutes ago

    so basically a space trebuchet?

  • Silvered Gamer
    Silvered Gamer 7 minutes ago

    Every religion is right? but Doug Forcett was the most correct.....

  • anhero23
    anhero23 7 minutes ago

    Howabout stop pushing fake politics that don't work? Go back to science vids.

  • A B
    A B 7 minutes ago

    I think that's a very emotional and immature way of treating the prisoner's dilemma, but since we're in an era where emotions rule I guess we can't expect better than this...

  • pertybluestang
    pertybluestang 9 minutes ago

    Pretty cool. Assuming they have any idea what they are talking about..

  • Trudy Sinclair
    Trudy Sinclair 17 minutes ago

    What type of nuke did you use for this video?

  • Hollow Beat
    Hollow Beat 18 minutes ago

    A giant bayblade launcher is the solution

    MATTHEW CONLON 19 minutes ago

    2:50 "More importantly they spoke to each other. Probably less complex than ours." They used pictures, not words you idiot!

      MATTHEW CONLON 17 minutes ago

      "In a proto-language less complex than ours."

  • Kunio Saiki
    Kunio Saiki 21 minute ago

    I would like to point out one inaccuracy I have noticed. Somali land is a self proclaimed indipendent state. The civil war ended there more than 30 years ago. I’m the info graphic Somalia and Somali land were combined. It’s the south, Somalia that Still sees conflict to this day. It’s is not a well known fact, most people believe Somalia and Somali Land are one, wich unfortunately isn’t the case. I hate to see my people separated as so, but is a system that was largely influenced buy the internal conflicts caused by al Shabab, the state and foreign intervention. While they continue the ravage the south they keep their families safe in the north. Is mutually agreed that no harm comes to the north. It is a product of colonialism.

  • Μιχάλης Αρ.
    Μιχάλης Αρ. 22 minutes ago

    I love this YT channel!

  • Nhan Nguyen Minh
    Nhan Nguyen Minh 22 minutes ago

    so I am the Communist Stalin and the prisoner of Gulag( school ESPECIALLY for hardcore capitalist)

  • Alvaro Aer
    Alvaro Aer 23 minutes ago

    Yeah I mean for the first decades it's great but we can make it easier

  • Rough Woof
    Rough Woof 24 minutes ago


  • Mavislav Ius
    Mavislav Ius 28 minutes ago

    "We will simulate quantanum physics using quantanum physics" Kurzgesat - 2015

  • Noah Moore
    Noah Moore 40 minutes ago

    IT WILL DIE video finished

  • I Stole your Car While your read my Username

    I think earth should start galactic colonization...

  • Yaq
    Yaq 49 minutes ago

    would be feel so unreal if you were on mars and fly with a skyhook back to erath

  • zealotbr
    zealotbr 52 minutes ago


  • Yaq
    Yaq 53 minutes ago

    how did they do it 30 years ago to fly to the moon and today not?

  • Dekerus
    Dekerus Hour ago

    Y'all do some really cool videos, keep it up!! 🙂

  • Isaac Marrero Gámez

    I've been there. I'm from Venezuela 🙄 and the worst part was when I realized crying in front of the mirror of the bathroom looking at my self that I was in another country, alone, without a job or money and my family has been throughout a bad times. It's been 2 years of that moment, now I'm not alone, I have a great job, a lot of Friends and a Chilean girlfriend 🇨🇱

  • Verrux Lunox
    Verrux Lunox Hour ago

    Mostly correct *mostly*

  • Swaxy Nebu
    Swaxy Nebu Hour ago

    Kurzgestat: we will be an interstelar civilization The Growing Sun: Are you sure about that?

  • Maximilian Mander

    That good, when aliens wanted to kill us. They would have already killed us with an giant laser beam!

  • Get To The Point Already

    "So I'm Martin Luther King Jr?" "And you're the KKK."

  • DecentBaller
    DecentBaller Hour ago

    Are those virus living? Oh you just discovered new life!

  • biggreenblob
    biggreenblob Hour ago

    Dumbest shit anybody has every come up with.

  • Yannick Schilken Iturrino

    Once upon a time in a galaxy far far away......

  • eudes cardozo
    eudes cardozo Hour ago

    I am imagining like tons of phages parashooting into the body And just i saw the worms refence

  • Emir Bayer
    Emir Bayer Hour ago


  • Erika Shadows
    Erika Shadows Hour ago

    So I am a part of the little god who grows up in the universe's egg and when I die he (me) will meet his parent to reborn and when the universe end and the judgement day comes he will go out of his egg to be a God to create a new universe egg like millions of his kind's friends hmmmmmm ...nice 👌🏻

  • Dave-A-Flav
    Dave-A-Flav Hour ago

    All this talk about dying. This video has more edges than bismuth.

  • Faire Play
    Faire Play Hour ago

    Me: waiting for a catch Kurzgesagt: There's really no excuse! Me: Curiosity, Thinking, and Hypothesizing Intensifies

  • Kin- Tama
    Kin- Tama Hour ago

    Trust is a weakness, no matter how you make your videos or the background of your research, people always need to use their critical thinking, and try to know the real motive for talking about topics, and what is your "call for action" ... Overall, I am a big fan of the channel, but I will never trust you blindly guys

  • Spicy
    Spicy Hour ago

    so our body basically creates veterans and makes them have flashbacks

  • Keegan Idler
    Keegan Idler Hour ago

    This time might be different, but people have always been saying that this time is different, and it never has been.

  • กิตติพศ สิทธิฤกษ์

    Help translate into Thai

  • กิตติพศ สิทธิฤกษ์

    Help translate into Thai

  • กิตติพศ สิทธิฤกษ์

    Help translate into Thai

  • กิตติพศ สิทธิฤกษ์

    Help translate into Thai please

  • กิตติพศ สิทธิฤกษ์

    Help translate into Thai please

  • กิตติพศ สิทธิฤกษ์

    Help translate into Thai

  • Mario Satria
    Mario Satria Hour ago

    I unbelievably trust kurzgesagt videos

  • Shannon Fields
    Shannon Fields Hour ago

    We have no clue what’s really out there!! My theory is that alien life forms are in a different dimension and why we can’t see them. I think they are controlling the cosmos as an experiment. Message to aliens: Please move on to a different planet or universe and grow better beings. Conclusion: we suck!!🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Radu Sebastian LAZIN

    Just got it, thank you for this beautiful calendar!

  • Jacob L
    Jacob L Hour ago

    Wow you hope the universe will start over and over again? Has there not been enough suffering already?

  • Erwin Rommel
    Erwin Rommel Hour ago

    Ahhh yes , the Yeet-your-girl-inator

  • Enric Riutort Serra

    so kinda like teleportation machine

  • 10831이지민
    10831이지민 Hour ago

    제발 누가 여기 한국어 자막좀 달아주세요........

  • Antonis Papantoniou

    Why ducks

  • Vuong Khong
    Vuong Khong Hour ago

    Meat is not only a meal Meat is love Meat is life :))

  • my mom
    my mom Hour ago


  • Mimine 2002
    Mimine 2002 Hour ago

    Dude mine were cannibals

  • Daniel James Park

    wow that black hole bomb idea pretty cool..using gravitational potential energy in the ergosphere to blueshift radiation until it's in the gamma spectrum...but lending the radiation is like taking a longer curved path which redshifts it slightly and the bouncing mirrors thing seems a lil scify..they'd have to be fun house type distortion mirrors keeping the light rays focused on the periphery of the ergosphere..but right there, that's the problem..the light redshifts there the most and the light closer blue shifts either falls into the event horizon or escapes it but in the escape process re redshifts. I think the energy I. the system stays conserved an equal trade off in red n blue radiation...plus we had to send that light energy into this mirrored Dyson Sphere in the first place so the only real benefit is creating some gamma energy and there's lots of more practical ways to do that. In summation, total waste of energy defecit expenditure scify bullshit nonsense garbage only rank ass amateur wannabe scientists would believe and therevare idiot scientists that make calculations on this garbage. I've seen plenty of bogus math one can use to convince NSF for funding. For example, cold fusion is the most prime example ever of garbage math used for funding purposes

  • Abhishek Upadhyay

    square root of n possibilities of log n possibilities ?

  • eudes cardozo
    eudes cardozo Hour ago

    Lets blow all ours nuclear weapons on the amazon Brazillians:wait

  • se77enty se77en
    se77enty se77en Hour ago

    let's all hope us zoomers and millennials get to live long enough till we're tethering to mars.

  • Bradens reviews
    Bradens reviews Hour ago

    FUCK God for sspe

  • eudes cardozo
    eudes cardozo Hour ago

    Just i like to see the civilizations animations in theirs video

  • ムPANDAム
    ムPANDAム Hour ago


  • plant basic
    plant basic 2 hours ago


  • plant basic
    plant basic 2 hours ago

    Some won can you make that a game I know there’s stellaris but it’s not like that vid so please

  • 79Yamato
    79Yamato 2 hours ago

    Awesome Lionking reference :)

  • Random dude
    Random dude 2 hours ago

    "So im the person who created pizza" "And everyone who liked it"

  • Jayasundara Boosilu
    Jayasundara Boosilu 2 hours ago

    Wouldn't the centrifugal forces caused by the skyhook spinning very fast with a big diameter cause problems for the astronauts?

  • hamenor legion
    hamenor legion 2 hours ago

    "this world is a prison" -Sylvanas Windrunner

  • AaronShenghao
    AaronShenghao 2 hours ago

    It is sad we need a awesome video like this to illustrate common sense...

  • Han Artic
    Han Artic 2 hours ago

    Nel a la verga, cannabiiis por siempre hijos de putaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaáaa!!!!

  • Jimmy Samwell
    Jimmy Samwell 2 hours ago

    Burn all rubber trees

  • Dirk te Brake
    Dirk te Brake 2 hours ago

    What if we are in a simulation and our goal is to escape the earth to a other planet

  • Rough Woof
    Rough Woof 2 hours ago

    *Funny enough... if we fight or kill to protect our rights, WE are labelled terrorists.*

  • Nileshwar
    Nileshwar 2 hours ago

    POOF......... ...we are gone....

  • Exvsting FN
    Exvsting FN 2 hours ago

    Just tell the US that there is oil behind the filter

  • Alexia Damasceno
    Alexia Damasceno 2 hours ago


  • Sky Marshal
    Sky Marshal 2 hours ago

    I wonder if this kind of technology can be compatible with... Starlink. 12000 to 42000 low-orbit satellites in a worst case scenario, hard to imagine that our trebuchet won't shoot some of them in the process and so generate a collisional cascading failure.

  • deep Purabiya
    deep Purabiya 2 hours ago

    you forgot to add 'Thanos' 😂😂😂😂

  • Jimmy Samwell
    Jimmy Samwell 2 hours ago

    Main reason I wanting to keep it illegal is to prevent parents using marijuana in the household and kids will inhale it second hand smoke. it's not like alcohol where are you could hide it and you're the only one affected by it. You could say the argument is like cigarettes that's the same problem I believe.

  • Jenny Hawkyard
    Jenny Hawkyard 2 hours ago

    I think scientists need to take their naming conventions more seriously...

  • Ivan Fontenla
    Ivan Fontenla 2 hours ago

    hi man! you think we can do this and travel the solar system or we die of pollution first?

  • Nadim
    Nadim 2 hours ago

    I am (technicly) a German and so just one question: Why do you'r channel have a German name?Oh and there is also a German Kurzgesagt

  • barco diaz de puug
    barco diaz de puug 2 hours ago

    I mean live forever could be a problem unless if we extend our turf like colonize mars or the moon because everyone knows that the day will come that the wotld wouls be overpopulated and every country would have the one child polocy

  • Chlarissa Urbi
    Chlarissa Urbi 2 hours ago

    Very good point!

  • IblameBlame
    IblameBlame 3 hours ago

    Why is the speed boost equal to twice the rotational velocity of the business end of the tether and not equal to that velocity?

  • yashvi sharma
    yashvi sharma 3 hours ago

    3019 Kid: Mom this year can we go to Venus for Christmas holidays Mom: you know grandma lives on moon so that's where we are going

  • yashvi sharma
    yashvi sharma 3 hours ago

    Waiting for this to happen.........

  • Keith Anderson
    Keith Anderson 3 hours ago

    This will either be the greatest achievement in human history or our greatest downfall. The elite who already dictates our lives will now be ageless, the one thing that ensures all bad men leave the earth at one point or another will be solved. Those with wrath and influence will take their dominance to a whole new level and will now truly be superior to us. Not only that but one major thing this brings to mind is that scientists have been finding people and animals with triple helix dna these past two decades. So if we’re potentially on the cusp of a natural evolution and this comes out, how likely is it that the majority of the population gets their genes edited in a bad way to stop that evolution thus leaving us behind while the elite evolve and outclass us further.

  • Willson Jo
    Willson Jo 3 hours ago

    How if someone mutate phages to attack human cells and use it as a mass killing weapon?

  • bhaskar vashishth
    bhaskar vashishth 3 hours ago

    But nobody tosses a dwarf. We can leave the earth to dwarves so they can wake up as many balrogs as they want.

  • Gorilao da Bola Azul

    short answer: you die ok thanks end video

  • Sh4ne S.
    Sh4ne S. 3 hours ago

    Talk about paradoxes am I right?

  • Eldar E
    Eldar E 3 hours ago

    Love the merch

  • 4L Music
    4L Music 3 hours ago

    Ok boomer

  • some wolf lol
    some wolf lol 3 hours ago

    Am i a cell in my body,or am i a body that holds cells?

  • Sullian
    Sullian 3 hours ago

    7:08 Did you just say "exbirds"

  • X1DEL8
    X1DEL8 3 hours ago

    The industrial revolution and its consequences...

  • HalfLifeNerd
    HalfLifeNerd 3 hours ago

    Prolly gonna need this before global warming destroys Earth

  • RightWingKing
    RightWingKing 3 hours ago

    EU Sucks and the UN suck even more.

  • Rodrigo Nogueira Mota

    "you will travel to Mars with luxury" aham. wait untill Ryanair steps in, they will put 30 seats on a Soyuz and will charge 30 Euros for the Oxygen...