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  • ebuxo
    ebuxo 22 days ago

    I am gald to see so so active.

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    Man, on every channel I see a Halloween related videos.

  • Review The Cheapest

    So many make up videos. You are awesome.

  • TheChazzmander
    TheChazzmander 2 months ago

    Living with Lucy should try doing cold showers for a month to see the possible benefits! And maybe interview a doctor to see what they think and if it's a common practice among society.

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  • Angela Hutchison
    Angela Hutchison 3 months ago

    Well, I will say that No! I had the oiliest skin in the world. Of course now that I am 69, there are a lot of products for oily skin, But back then when I was your age the products were NONE! One morning I was listening to one of the morning shows and they were talking about oily skin and makeup. There product ideas there weren't products like primers.. Back then I would use MIlk Of Magnesia as a Primer for my eyes everyday all year and during the summer I would sponge it on my face after my moisturizer. MY makeup would last until I took it off, which sometimes would be 2:00 in the morning. It would block the oil from coming through. AT 69 I don't have wrinkles just the usual sagging skin. I worked as a hair stylist and It would look like it was just freshly applied. Ang.

  • Lydía
    Lydía 4 months ago

    You should do a 5 days of spirituality?

  • Clariccy
    Clariccy 6 months ago

    why are you promoting videos where you sell people´s cultural heritage as a totally different culture

  • Stanz96
    Stanz96 7 months ago

    Is it possible to watch the short film 'Kitty' by Chloe Sevigny??

  • It'sOnlyAva
    It'sOnlyAva 8 months ago

    Bea Organised

  • Julia Ryan
    Julia Ryan 8 months ago

    I'm sorry but I am so tired of "living with lucy". could we have other personalities on this youtube page? also more fashion and beauty reporting or sharing trends?

  • Erika Sarmiento R.

    I miss "Try living with Lucy"...

  • Stefan Bundalo
    Stefan Bundalo Year ago

    Make 5 days of no sight please!

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  • Natalie Kempster

    Can Lucy please do 5 days of Apple Cider Vinegar! :)

  • laura santos
    laura santos Year ago

    Please do a video about :
    Try Living With Lucie : 5 days 5 cultural breakfast
    Try Living With Lucie: wear a differents types of fashion: lolita, goth, ...

  • tabitha howlter
    tabitha howlter Year ago

    why isn't lucy's video up ?

  • kobatochan96
    kobatochan96 Year ago


  • *sharts*
    *sharts* Year ago


  • Yennifer Villa
    Yennifer Villa Year ago

    When are the series coming back?!! please!

  • Amber Morris
    Amber Morris Year ago

    Is Shitty Boyfriends coming back?

  • Annie Adams
    Annie Adams Year ago

    Refinery 69! Please do a Dear Toronto segment! <3 xoxo

  • Lorna Zan
    Lorna Zan Year ago

    I love your videos, you have an awesome channel! I just started my own vlog, i'd love your opinon on it &lt;3

  • LOL Life
    LOL Life 2 years ago

    We live for Travel! Europe is the next destination to tour.

  • Jordan B
    Jordan B 2 years ago


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    I love fashion and this channel is all about it. Nice work!

  • OutOfSkool TV
    OutOfSkool TV 4 years ago

    Hey, This is OutOfSkoolTV just browsing by and I saw your channel, very interesting. If you have a moment check out my channel and tell me what you think. Thanks !!!

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  • Colors Studios
    Colors Studios 10 years ago

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