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99% Fail to solve this
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    NO TABOOS 23 minutes ago

    What a bunch of nutcases.

  • Current Fact
    Current Fact 31 minute ago

    War is not a solution to bring peace or get rid of human violation bcz few decades back , people violated and started wars but at the end new generation suffered alot and brought peace in a diplomatic way . today's Japanese still condemning the attacked done on pearl harbor which created an efficient figure of devastating environment.....we should learn from their past and create love and peace between Pak and Ind...bcz in India Muslims are living,may Allah protect all innocent people from war

    HYDRA NINjA 31 minute ago

    My monthly income is 10million $

  • abhi kohli
    abhi kohli 32 minutes ago

    Sala ek word ko do bar bolta hai

  • Saad Shaikh
    Saad Shaikh 35 minutes ago

    Ummat ka paisa fuzool kharchi mein istemal kiya ja raha hai😞

  • Dinesh Kumar
    Dinesh Kumar 40 minutes ago

    हम भी अपने घर के अरब पति है पैसा से क्या सुकून होना चाहिए बस चाहे एक रोटी ही खाये

  • Hemant Thakur
    Hemant Thakur 45 minutes ago

    is he really satisfied....

  • Khalid Jan
    Khalid Jan 53 minutes ago

    Have been able to come to these, just wait for a while, if you see with your eyes

  • s gill
    s gill Hour ago

    Ambani ki tkkr fr nhi le skta

  • good enterprises

    Hm to bahut garib hai kuch paise hme bhi de do sir

  • MEHTAB Ansari
    MEHTAB Ansari Hour ago

    Very. Nice

  • ASIF khan
    ASIF khan Hour ago

    Musalman se age koi hai ky

  • Wok Gees
    Wok Gees Hour ago

    If He's sitting on some oil the U.S wants he'll have the most elaborate Funeral on earth.

  • Ashif Khan
    Ashif Khan Hour ago

    Ambani to noukar bhi nhi ban sakta


    bahut Hard

  • sahil kamble
    sahil kamble 2 hours ago

    2000000000000918100 billipn

  • Dang Dude
    Dang Dude 2 hours ago

    hai calki malki heti hai hine hamdan hei kario ki eske la ferrari f12 ke johalt colte... get it?

  • alok sharma
    alok sharma 2 hours ago

    Vry good

  • Elmir Becirevic
    Elmir Becirevic 2 hours ago

    I am going to take zekat for cleaning of tham 25% each

  • Kshitij Pandey
    Kshitij Pandey 2 hours ago

    Bill gates Am i joke to you😅😂

  • Xţylíşh Khąñ
    Xţylíşh Khąñ 3 hours ago

    Bhut khoob....

  • Astro
    Astro 3 hours ago

    This person is use money for Herself but he is too good also 😄😄

  • Ritesh singh
    Ritesh singh 3 hours ago

    Madherchod ye bta.... 400 million dollar me 6000 cores kaisa hota h be.... Galat information na diya kr BC

  • Riyan Tripathi
    Riyan Tripathi 3 hours ago

    Itne paise hai aur ye insan ise gadi me sona lagwakar barbad Kar rha hai mere pass itne paise ho ge to I can change not only world, I will change all universe

  • Qadeer Ahmed
    Qadeer Ahmed 3 hours ago

    habees hai ye bs marnay ki dair hai kafn b na mila to kya kro gay knsa islam para hai tm logo nay

  • Amit More
    Amit More 3 hours ago

    To Bhai bilgets ke pass kitana paisa hi

  • aman ansari
    aman ansari 4 hours ago

    Ye allah ka karam h sab us ke hukum se hi hota h☝☝☝☝☝☝☝☝☝

  • aman ansari
    aman ansari 4 hours ago

    Masha allah bohot accha

  • Zahid Ur Rehman Abbasi

    Background music name

  • Anonymous Boy
    Anonymous Boy 4 hours ago

    He can buy Pakistan in seconds So don't compare Indian actors with him. Ambani is richer than him so compare him with ppl of your country only and FYI SALMAN & SRK are not TV ACTORS You moron.

  • Yusuf Khan
    Yusuf Khan 4 hours ago

    I know because they are servants of God and their grand grand grand grand grand grand fathers are on tohid that's why they have so much money because they are sorry but why did not where jeans because they follow sunnat

  • Naved Sheikh
    Naved Sheikh 4 hours ago

    भाई कब्र तो मिट्टी की ही मिलेगी जैसी गरीबो की होती है और जनाजा ले जाने के लिये भी चार कंधे की जरूरत पडेगी ना की गोल्ड प्लेटेड कारो की अब कुछ शेख के नाजायज औलाद ये कहेन्गी की उसका पैसा कुछ भी करे तो बच्चों इस्लाम में फ़िजुल खर्ची कतैई मना है

  • falaknaz wazir
    falaknaz wazir 5 hours ago

    سرف اللہ بڑا ھے یہ شھزادہ تو ایک گندے پانی سے پیدہ ھوا ھے اس کا video بھی دیکھانا بڑا گناہ ھے

  • falaknaz wazir
    falaknaz wazir 5 hours ago

    ان لوگوں نے کتے مودی کو سر نیچے کرکے اس کا ھر بات مانا ھے یہ اپنے اپ کو مسلمان کہلاتا ھے اس طرح شھزادہ تو میں مھٹی سے بنادونگا

  • falaknaz wazir
    falaknaz wazir 5 hours ago

    یہ وہ لوگ ھے جو مودی کو سر نیچے رکھتا ھے

  • falaknaz wazir
    falaknaz wazir 5 hours ago

    شھزادہ کیا ھے اس کا پھٹ ٹھٹی سے بھرا ھوا ھے ایک دن موت انے والا یہ وہ لوگ ھے جو پاکستانی مزدورے کے سات ناجائز کرتا ھے غریبوں کو تنخواہ نہیں دیتا اور غریبوں کا خک کھاتا ھے لیکن ایک دن اس نے اللہ کو جواب دینا ھے

  • Clashing master
    Clashing master 5 hours ago

    I like this men

  • falaknaz wazir
    falaknaz wazir 5 hours ago

    گھاڑی کچھ نہیں اور سونا کچھ نہیں سرف ایک اللہ ھمارے لئے کافی ھے شھزادے کیا چیز ھے گندگی سے بھرا ھوا ھے

  • falaknaz wazir
    falaknaz wazir 5 hours ago

    اللہ معاف کرے یہ دنیا کچھ نہیں ھے سرف قبر کے لئے تیاری کرو

  • falaknaz wazir
    falaknaz wazir 5 hours ago

    اللہ اکبر سرف پڑوں باقی رقم ھات کا گندگی ھے

  • falaknaz wazir
    falaknaz wazir 5 hours ago

    قبر میں جائنگے یہ رقم کچھ نہیں

  • Anthonylokzz
    Anthonylokzz 5 hours ago

    It looks like a gta car

  • Frequency Epic AmericanBuddy

    Well....subtitles ain't help em ...am an American..so you know whatever was that .....yeah one fact remains ...KSA (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia ) is many er times richer than UAE !!!!!!!; ..well the reason is Oil supplies and gold rushes in 1980s in Saudi !

  • CoffeeSquare 841
    CoffeeSquare 841 7 hours ago

    Why is the title in English but your not speaking english

  • visionaire wear
    visionaire wear 7 hours ago

    The Royal Dubai kids + Visionaire wear = Greatness!! Believe🌎 #VISIONAIREWEAR

  • dblackmusiq
    dblackmusiq 7 hours ago

    I just need about a thousand until like next week! flip Dat' bring dat back. Den yeeeeeeah dat tho lol

  • climbhigh1000
    climbhigh1000 7 hours ago

    Seems fair since no children starve to death and all people have a basic quality of life now a days, oh wait

  • Arun Kumar
    Arun Kumar 8 hours ago

    Abe mere Bharat me be bhej de

  • Jeremy Q
    Jeremy Q 8 hours ago


  • Force play2
    Force play2 9 hours ago

    1 crore

  • Jeje 7de8
    Jeje 7de8 9 hours ago

    Jo duro ki fikr kry ..oro ki madd kry us sy badkr or kuch ni😊☺️

  • Kimer Lorens
    Kimer Lorens 9 hours ago


  • Vineet Verma
    Vineet Verma 9 hours ago

    Anyone can spend How much did he raise....that depends on his value ..

  • Nerty
    Nerty 9 hours ago

    ي ويل امها

  • Earthling117
    Earthling117 11 hours ago

    He got all the money from the saint Sebastian garden under the sign *W* in GOA.

  • chain smoker
    chain smoker 11 hours ago

    Money is like salt it is important in life upto limits after that it is only get stored nothing in use

  • Scorpion
    Scorpion 12 hours ago

    It’s very rare to see Donkey in the car. Laughing stock isn’t it.

  • sumit pratap
    sumit pratap 13 hours ago

    Indian Army is the best. Jo apne dushman ko haq de usase achchi fauj kahan..

  • Nicolas Flamel
    Nicolas Flamel 13 hours ago

    This is exactly why some people need to the poor

  • Yousuf Qaiser
    Yousuf Qaiser 13 hours ago

    Jealous Insan

  • Rollins Fashion
    Rollins Fashion 13 hours ago

    Sheikh sb se chota sa aaraz hai kashmir ke musalman ki kuch madad karn

  • Mohammed Foysol
    Mohammed Foysol 13 hours ago

    After Death → Kabar Now think about Money what to do?

  • Titu Das
    Titu Das 14 hours ago

    1:21 400 million dollar = 6000 crore? Do some research first before giving wrong information

  • Situ saikh
    Situ saikh 14 hours ago

    Misuses of money is the symptom of destruction.

    HAMZA KHAN 14 hours ago


  • Zain Ul abiden
    Zain Ul abiden 14 hours ago

    Akhir mot ha...Or hali hath qabar mein...

  • Joeking Nyari
    Joeking Nyari 14 hours ago

    Rich is all the same. Muslim or Christian. They do not help even there own poor people.

  • fisai khan
    fisai khan 14 hours ago

    मिईय भाई हेवेय नाद नाई कारने काय मिईय भाई का

  • qasim durrani
    qasim durrani 14 hours ago

    Tab hi ye Arab khokhlay ho chukay hain inki barbadi qareeb hai

  • Aveo
    Aveo 14 hours ago

    Gold plating costs by your car’s length and how much layer you choose Example 1 micron thin layer of Gold on Toyota G Corolla would cost nearly 5million USD

  • sagar Kumar
    sagar Kumar 15 hours ago

    Bhai aaisa koi Hai to Muje bta do

    SPOILER NERD 15 hours ago

    Iske pass maruti hai kya nhi hai na maiya kasam bohot bhagti hai

  • Mr Singh
    Mr Singh 15 hours ago

    Instead spend on technology else soon USA will capture this all.

  • faisal shah
    faisal shah 15 hours ago

    Chutiya kaatate hai itna paisa hai to mujhe bhi Job de de Ya gift de de Bs chutiya katate hai sb

  • Shivesh Mukherjee
    Shivesh Mukherjee 15 hours ago

    Bas akhir me 2 guj jameen hi rhegi iske pass.

  • Jayanti Prasas Verma
    Jayanti Prasas Verma 15 hours ago

    He great man in dubai

  • Sabreen Shamshi
    Sabreen Shamshi 15 hours ago

    V good bhai

  • Seikh Gaming
    Seikh Gaming 15 hours ago

    Yeah...he is Damm rich and kind heart as well may Allah bless him

  • RoLeX YT
    RoLeX YT 16 hours ago

    Ahh the middle east when the poorest people have 5m times bigger bank accounts then ours😩

  • Muhammad Rizwan Ayub
    Muhammad Rizwan Ayub 16 hours ago

    Baaaki sab fazool tha "Logo ki madad Jo ki hai woh kamal hai "

  • insane gamer
    insane gamer 16 hours ago

    But still not the richest person on earth 😂🔥

  • M.Zubair Ali Khan
    M.Zubair Ali Khan 16 hours ago

    pakistan zindabad

  • Hikmat Afridi
    Hikmat Afridi 16 hours ago

    Dont wait to get rich to help poor ❤

  • kite lover
    kite lover 16 hours ago

    Ambani can buy him

  • Pramod Gurnule
    Pramod Gurnule 16 hours ago

    But still he is not in top 10 richest 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂

  • AJ Ansari
    AJ Ansari 16 hours ago

    Allah ko sajda krne mai hi sahi skoon hai

  • Bruno Lone
    Bruno Lone 16 hours ago

    Bhai sheik agar apnay bank ka 0.01% dede to 7 pushkay khushi khushi rahegi

  • Udyamam
    Udyamam 16 hours ago

    Is he still Muslim ?

  • HkM Vlogs
    HkM Vlogs 16 hours ago


  • HkM Vlogs
    HkM Vlogs 16 hours ago


    AYUB HOSSAIN 16 hours ago

    golden cotted heart

  • julfikar alam
    julfikar alam 16 hours ago

    *मादरचोद हरामी की औलाद है ये सब शेख*

  • GeschichtePur
    GeschichtePur 16 hours ago

    „WELCOME TO ...“ und dann alles auf einer fremden Sprache ohne englische Untertitel! Rotze!

  • Sudhamayee Mugri
    Sudhamayee Mugri 16 hours ago

    This I called the real human

  • Nawab Ali
    Nawab Ali 17 hours ago

    Masha allah

  • Jasnoor Singh
    Jasnoor Singh 17 hours ago

    a gap a

  • kabir khan
    kabir khan 17 hours ago

    Agar yah Dariya Dil Hote to Gaja Aur philistin Ke Logon ki madad karte

  • Universe Information
    Universe Information 17 hours ago


  • rohil sakhalkar
    rohil sakhalkar 17 hours ago

    Mukesh ambani is richer

  • Squanchy FapFap
    Squanchy FapFap 17 hours ago

    We should nuke the middle east and burn their tresures