Buttered Side Down
Buttered Side Down
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Having a PicnicHaving a Picnic
Having a Picnic
15 days ago
Getting FitGetting Fit
Getting Fit
2 months ago
Making CookiesMaking Cookies
Making Cookies
4 months ago
Tying a ShoeTying a Shoe
Tying a Shoe
5 months ago
Learning to DrawLearning to Draw
Learning to Draw
5 months ago
Making a FireworkMaking a Firework
Making a Firework
7 months ago
Pet RockPet Rock
Pet Rock
8 months ago

Comments • 52

  • Harangerish
    Harangerish 4 months ago

    Way better than howtobasic

  • Oh My God It's Jason Bourne

    Video suggestions: Painting a Room Learning how to Skate (Sequel to Riding a Bike) (reply some suggestions and I'll add and credit u!)

  • Sam Bengtsson
    Sam Bengtsson 5 months ago

    Your channel is the loved child of HowToBasics family,

  • Dwight Knoll
    Dwight Knoll 5 months ago

    The papercuts in the airplane get me, but I love all the rest :D

  • Steve Berman
    Steve Berman 5 months ago

    OK you have to do one on swatting a fly. I've got one driving me nuts now and it occurred to me the video writes itself.

  • ilectrodel
    ilectrodel 5 months ago

    You should have SO more subscribers ..

  • Connor Phoenix
    Connor Phoenix 6 months ago

    Rip Mr. Butter.

  • DaniΓ«l Lijmer
    DaniΓ«l Lijmer 6 months ago

    No upload yesterday?

  • Jose Chirinos
    Jose Chirinos 6 months ago

    My Tuesday is not complete, I'll wait patiently you're great :D

  • Art Goblin
    Art Goblin 6 months ago

    I could just imagine what his Neighbors are thinking. Like, HONEY, He's outside walking a Rock, weirder than that one time he chased his Plant.

  • Gemzee
    Gemzee 6 months ago

    Isnt a new vid supposed to be out

  • MechaBlaze
    MechaBlaze 6 months ago

    Huh, no Buttered Side Down this tuesday... How come?

  • Silas Cole
    Silas Cole 6 months ago

    You should make a video on making coffee.

  • jerfbowers
    jerfbowers 6 months ago

    This is definitely some good stuff. Would definitely chip in to a Patreon if you choose to set one up. My kids like quite a few of these as well.

  • Zakhar Afonin
    Zakhar Afonin 6 months ago

    Buttered Side Down: My new meaning of life

  • Ulincorn
    Ulincorn 6 months ago

    This channel is amazing.

  • Tatertot33
    Tatertot33 7 months ago

    This Channel basically took the idea of HowToBasic and made it make sense.... ....and i LOVE it

  • aziz mukhida
    aziz mukhida 7 months ago

    ooooohh..its tuesday!!

  • Zack Fair
    Zack Fair 7 months ago


  • Deux Devils
    Deux Devils 7 months ago

    Happy 4th of July BSD!

  • MechaBlaze
    MechaBlaze 7 months ago

    Taking a break for the Fourth of July?

  • w3vjp
    w3vjp 7 months ago

    Where can I get that shrunken head?

  • Emily W
    Emily W 7 months ago

    Really enjoying the content, keep up the amazing work! Not sure if you're aware but a Facebook group called Memes R Us shared your 'Learning to Swim' video with no credit or links to your channel. facebook.com/589689681180894/videos/vb.589689681180894/790367434446450/?type=2&theater

  • pokedude104
    pokedude104 8 months ago

    calling it, this dude is the next howtobasic

  • Marcus Malmberg
    Marcus Malmberg 8 months ago

    I see a future sponsor deal with WD-40!

  • Douglas Pease
    Douglas Pease 8 months ago

    How can we get Morgan Freeman to narrate these?

  • NomNom951
    NomNom951 8 months ago

    This is some of the best content I have seen in a long time. Creative and very interesting. Keep up the amazing work.

  • Adrien Lays
    Adrien Lays 8 months ago

    You are somehow extremely consistent with your video uploads. Every week I'm so excited when Tuesday arrives because of your videos! Keep doing what you're doing man, I love it!

  • bigbadbaboune
    bigbadbaboune 8 months ago

    Such High quality content, keep it up. You have really made something great!

  • MechaBlaze
    MechaBlaze 8 months ago

    I like that whatever this fella touches becomes extremely anamalous

  • Wesley Lamkin
    Wesley Lamkin 8 months ago

    Make Videos faster!! Ive already run out!!!!!! >.<

  • Jacob Hill
    Jacob Hill 8 months ago

    its like how to basic but with more....substance

  • Radbug
    Radbug 8 months ago

    BRO, next video: Rolling a Joint - Buttered Side Down

  • RJECT Moto
    RJECT Moto 8 months ago

    You're a nut :D I love your videos.

  • Nick McMullin
    Nick McMullin 8 months ago

    Your Channel is AMAZING! This is one of my favorite finds! Keep it up! Excited to see whats next!

  • Derick Haenitsch
    Derick Haenitsch 8 months ago

    This channel jumped to my top 10, please make more!!

  • Nicholas Boyd
    Nicholas Boyd 8 months ago

    I really hope with Phillip DeFranco's recent mention that you grow even bigger than HowToBasics' Channel. I personally don't like HowToBasic, But I genuinely adore your work. Cheers to you and a long successful reign.

  • eastern_BANDIT
    eastern_BANDIT 8 months ago

    You are doing God's work.

  • Jesus Christ
    Jesus Christ 8 months ago

    This is the greatest channel on youtube.

  • My Wayward Journey
    My Wayward Journey 8 months ago

    How just how, this is amazing!!!! can't wait to see what you do in the future, will be here long after you reach over 1 million subs. BRAVO JUST BRAVO

  • The Stupid Mario Bros
    The Stupid Mario Bros 8 months ago

    Buttered Side Down Video idea: How To Get Ready For Bed make it crazy like a robber breaks in or something that would be funny

    xXRAPTRXx 8 months ago

    When in doubt, grab the WD-40 xD

  • David Nix
    David Nix 9 months ago

    This channel brings me joy in a way no other channel on youtube has.

  • Sgt Stupid
    Sgt Stupid 9 months ago

    Absolutely the funniest, most original channels to have surfaced youtube. I can't wait to see what else you have! I'm at a loss for words. I'm just about as excited for your next video as for my own wedding.

  • Magic Forever
    Magic Forever 9 months ago


  • Kapelannew
    Kapelannew 9 months ago

    Dont let anybody disscourage you! Can not wait for your next video!

  • 427jared
    427jared 9 months ago

    You are just a rip off of how to basic. Come up with your own ideas.

    • AliasUndercover
      AliasUndercover 7 months ago

      Stay away from those kids, Jared!!

    • Radbug
      Radbug 8 months ago

      HowToBasic is funny, but he goes way out of bounds on his concepts. Like watch How To Make a Candle. There is no context and it just doesnt make any sense. Buttered Side Down is ten times better

    • SleightSoda
      SleightSoda 8 months ago

      I'm sure alantutorial had comments just like this early on. Don't listen to this nonsense, keep doing what you're doing, BSD.

    • Xenomorph
      Xenomorph 8 months ago


    • xXRAPTRXx
      xXRAPTRXx 8 months ago

      tbh its better than HowToBasic, less screaming and more effort put into his work, i mean have u seen his how to plant a garden video? thats some hardcore effort right there.

  • BlureGaming
    BlureGaming 9 months ago


  • Michael W
    Michael W 9 months ago

    This channel is just copying the concept off HowtoBasic. It doesn't deserve to go anywhere, but it probably still will.

    • Yellow Bunny
      Yellow Bunny 6 months ago

      Are you kidding? This is nothing like howtobasic. That's like saying that call of duty and overwatch are a copy of Doom. The only thing that this has in common with Howtobasic is the first person view.... and that's where similarities end.

    • SleightSoda
      SleightSoda 8 months ago

      This is way better than HowtoBasic, and it deserves to make it big (as it almost certainly will).

    • TCXavdak
      TCXavdak 9 months ago

      Copying but adding another layer. How to basic is just too random, This is going somewhere.

    • Ethan Rempel
      Ethan Rempel 9 months ago

      So? Thats awesome TWO HOWTOBASIC'S!

  • Liz D
    Liz D 9 months ago

    I like!

  • john hibbs
    john hibbs 9 months ago

    this channel is going places. usually the ER, but places non-the-less.