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  • Mineman Mudkipman
    Mineman Mudkipman Minute ago

    This sound just hit so hard

  • Scentles Adotuci
    Scentles Adotuci 5 minutes ago

    I'm the guy who's only good enough to play punk

  • Roblox dud gaming
    Roblox dud gaming 7 minutes ago

    at the end : right here's the 200$ I owe you

  • surge sursus
    surge sursus 23 minutes ago

    You should have tried to play stairway to heaven on it🙄

  • Davaul Blackmon
    Davaul Blackmon 26 minutes ago

    I can't afford a good guitar! I really wish Tyler would bless me with a decent guitar from that wall😂😂

  • Vald3ums
    Vald3ums 40 minutes ago

    My guitar is the 6th one

  • Iodine Cerium
    Iodine Cerium 54 minutes ago

    Imma learn to play this song again just to piss off guitar shop employees

  • phillip jones
    phillip jones Hour ago

    So why is Stairway the forbidden riff?

  • Life 2.0 on redpill

    I would prefer DADGAD over DADF#AD, much cooler sounds and also more popular.

  • Noah Barnacz
    Noah Barnacz Hour ago

    The g string bit gave me anxiety

  • jonasvm88
    jonasvm88 Hour ago

    its fun to say "dadgad"

  • kyleman55555
    kyleman55555 Hour ago

    These videos have honestly made me so awkward when I go guitar shopping lol

  • LockHead
    LockHead Hour ago

    Me: ooh , I want to learn guitar Also me : buying a 8 strings hellraiser

  • Justin Laing
    Justin Laing Hour ago

    This is great advice...I wasted money buying multiple cheap guitars and I didn't realize my mistake until I got my first nice piece...PRS se is the best bang for buck available

  • Joaquin Velazquez

    Bring your strap because if you’re like me I prefer playing standing and one of the factors that went into me choosing my king v was the fact that for me the v is a much more comfortable shape to play standing compared to a strat.

  • Bobby Sweeney
    Bobby Sweeney Hour ago

    I remember learning this back in the day. Its all in that Mayer thumb style. He uses the thumb up high by supination in the wrist.

  • Josh Howard
    Josh Howard Hour ago

    Why did the guitar teacher get fired For fingering Aminor

  • Furkan Muslu
    Furkan Muslu Hour ago

    İ would buy jazzmaster

  • Neil Richards
    Neil Richards Hour ago

    I subscribed and liked once I saw Randy on the wall ... there's good TVclip guitarist .. and then there's TVclip guitarist that have Randy Rhoads on their wall 🤘🤘

  • Colossal Flavoursome

    Here’s a phrase you’d never hear, “I think that the person near me wants to play, I’ll give up my spot for him.”

  • Dam Mad
    Dam Mad 2 hours ago

    This is either Comedy Gold......or not. Either way, i just spent 5.49 laughing my bollocks off.....Peace.

  • Mogaki Mogaki
    Mogaki Mogaki 2 hours ago

    Y'all wasted my time

  • Boris Johnson
    Boris Johnson 2 hours ago

    It’s because of this video I bought my first guitar 6 month ago now I play acoustic and have been playing everyday

  • dawson schuller
    dawson schuller 2 hours ago

    No stairway?? Denied

  • Floyd Freeman
    Floyd Freeman 2 hours ago

    The first guitar I bought was a £250 sg and it sounds pretty good

  • LeoAlighieri
    LeoAlighieri 2 hours ago

    8:49 you're talking about hard work, but your parent paid your college dregee, its really easy that way

  • Zenox 1
    Zenox 1 2 hours ago

    Why you hate this

  • shredforceone
    shredforceone 2 hours ago

    I've never considered using dead notes in a loop like that; I will be trying this

  • Marco Giovanni
    Marco Giovanni 2 hours ago

    My $500 Stratocaster sounds just as good as this.... no guitar is worth 285k.

  • RealMrT013D0 !
    RealMrT013D0 ! 2 hours ago

    Why smoke on the water isn’t there? ...

  • funny boy
    funny boy 3 hours ago

    great meal of hummus

  • funny boy
    funny boy 3 hours ago

    I'm am going to vomit

  • Deviant Garage: Tommy

    I was the art school one, dropped at 5th grade out of 7, because my teacher said I was talented, but I didn't like playing what he told me to. Met him two years ago, he said he regretted every second he spent with me, because he had to teach me stuff, even though he had seen me as a rock/punk/metal player, or with a bass in my hands. Well, now I'm fresh in a band playing Metallica, Black Sabbath and Iron Maiden on a B A S S. I play, because I want to, I want to, because I have to, and I have to, because I want to. I love playing it, and since September 23rd I've mastered 5 songs and a few nice riffs. But 10 years of playing the guitar has been scrapped due to a bass I've played for 27 days. I literally can't play anything on the guitar now, yet everything was way too simple and not satisfying. Now, I'm satisfied with my progress and all of me wants to play. I found what guitar couldn't give me.

  • Reginald Garcia
    Reginald Garcia 3 hours ago

    Fuckin intro

  • Omar Lopez Band
    Omar Lopez Band 3 hours ago

    The best beginner guitar is the one you have available to you.

  • Zeebo1uk
    Zeebo1uk 3 hours ago

    I got to 1m:32 and had to give the like just for the facial expression

  • Michael Taylor
    Michael Taylor 3 hours ago

    Whats the beef with stairway?

  • Tyler Beaumont
    Tyler Beaumont 3 hours ago

    If you hit the resonant frequency of one string with another, it starts to play the second string, but without any plucking noise. Sounds ace with some feedback, since the tone changes as the string speeds up (I'm not sure if my science is correct, but if you can find the right guitar and strings, eventually you'll find it - you might need your strings to be very specifically or of tune it something, but I could do it for a while in my strat, sounded ace)

  • Alex Motoc
    Alex Motoc 3 hours ago

    I was (and still am) the "hey dude look I learned hammer ons!" *breaks a finger* so this is.. how you.... take me to a hospital please..

  • Sting Peka
    Sting Peka 3 hours ago

    In my opinion every metal player should have Dimebag signature

  • Cap Colombie
    Cap Colombie 3 hours ago

    Imagine being at a show or in a shop and they tell you can't play something. They not heard of the customer being right? What a bunch of snobby pricks. Someone did that to me I'd wrap the guitar round their fucking head.

  • Thien Di Pham
    Thien Di Pham 3 hours ago

    PRS, PRS everywhere :D

  • Max Hedrusch
    Max Hedrusch 4 hours ago


  • John Daroza
    John Daroza 4 hours ago

    It’s not worth $125,000

  • Trump's Tiny Hands
    Trump's Tiny Hands 4 hours ago

    Interesting, but please tune the guitar! That built in tuner doesn't seem precise enough, use your ears to eliminate the beating.

  • John Daroza
    John Daroza 4 hours ago

    I just looked at a $89,000 Martin I only looked !

  • Pablo Sanchez
    Pablo Sanchez 4 hours ago

    But what if Jimmy Page will come and play?

  • Random Dude
    Random Dude 4 hours ago

    *looks at thumbnail Me: I swear to god if you play AC/DC on a tele.....

  • SlimMcShadey
    SlimMcShadey 4 hours ago

    Had fun with this video 😂

  • dxnjxmes
    dxnjxmes 4 hours ago

    This is strange humour

  • primarkopolop
    primarkopolop 4 hours ago


  • applehead252
    applehead252 4 hours ago

    I tried it and didn’t work for me. Just saying. I believe this young man just got lucky?

  • dave101t
    dave101t 4 hours ago

    'Just do you' Did you just tell me to go and f myself?

  • Duane D-Dub Allyn
    Duane D-Dub Allyn 4 hours ago

    Great parody! I laughed all the way through, then the jazz on a metal guitar! Nearly pee’d a little...

  • Jonathan Guzman
    Jonathan Guzman 4 hours ago

    what does it say that I've played a couple of these at Guitar Center.

  • adlerdefender
    adlerdefender 4 hours ago

    Schecter sls elite with fishman fluence modern pickups

  • R S
    R S 5 hours ago

    0:59 what guitars are those

  • Keanu
    Keanu 5 hours ago

    Yamaha Pacifica. It’s what I learned on and even in 91 they were an amazing value. They’re better built today. A lot of people either don’t know about them or pass right by them but they are wonderful strat types. Get one in HSS. I played everything with that guitar.

  • Gotleib Schepardson
    Gotleib Schepardson 5 hours ago

    There are some crucial moments in choosing "beginner guitar" imho, ofcourse. 1.25'5 scale length 2. Humbucker in bridge position 3. Strat/prs shape for proper weight balance. The rest is very personal.

  • Traded Youth
    Traded Youth 5 hours ago

    Berklee isn’t worth it. You don’t need to blow tens of thousands of dollars to be a proficient musician especially with the amount of free information floating around on the internet. It’s easier than ever to learn an instrument thanks to the internet. You are much better off paying a private teacher than going to a place like Berklee, at least a private teacher will spend one on one time with you and you can actually learn the things you WANT to learn as opposed to just following a curriculum. If you go to a place like Berklee you will end up spending a TON of money on a degree that qualifies you for essentially zero jobs. If you want to play music for a living you don’t need some pretentious degree to do it. Practice 4+ hours a day, go out and gig as often as possible, make connections with other musicians etc. So unless you have rich parents who will help you through berklee it’s not worth it.

  • Michael Mendillo
    Michael Mendillo 5 hours ago

    Lmao !!! 😁✌

  • SXM At your Service
    SXM At your Service 5 hours ago


  • Private Citizen-Guy
    Private Citizen-Guy 5 hours ago

    The ads were 2minutes 6 seconds for a 1 minute 49 second video.

  • Dairius Parker
    Dairius Parker 5 hours ago

    Forget what everyone else is saying; THIS TRACC SLAPPS

  • BCubing
    BCubing 6 hours ago

    So why is it forbidden?

  • Muadit Jay Rijneveld

    It might be a dumb question but why does everyone get so mad when you start playing it?

  • Tyler Hancocks
    Tyler Hancocks 6 hours ago

    This is a great video 👍👍

  • Marc Curtis
    Marc Curtis 6 hours ago

    So what do u do in your spare time? Have a day job🤷🏻‍♂️

  • baselinebaz
    baselinebaz 7 hours ago

    Any twat can make awesome music now.

  • flugelblarghen
    flugelblarghen 7 hours ago

    I'm the one that laughed at Adam Neely's memes but now legitimately can't stop accidentally playing the lick

  • Gopnik
    Gopnik 7 hours ago

    Cool (Sorry if my english is bad)

  • David Watkins
    David Watkins 7 hours ago

    Yeah man, he wasn't that good, I mean really, come on, he relied on gimmicks, Jeff Beck obliterated him, in technique, taste, and virtuosity. Get real about this stuff, he was vastly overated, loud, obnoxious, full o dope.

  • Kwenz Landah
    Kwenz Landah 7 hours ago

    1:31 Weird Chin Man

  • Thomas Morato
    Thomas Morato 7 hours ago

    think id rather be at the dentist.

  • Adam Osborne
    Adam Osborne 7 hours ago

    The moral of this story is that despite my general indifference to Les Pauls, that particular Les Paul sounds absolutely slick. ❤️

  • Orion
    Orion 7 hours ago

    Smug as usual and still actually playing things wrong.

  • Mach1nes
    Mach1nes 7 hours ago

    I’m the sick one :P

  • The Cantrell Project

    A begginer guitarist needs to play authentic, buy a gibson guitar, preferably custom shop, over 4k. Be authentic, be Gibson. Don't get sued

  • Draeton Ali Moffatt
    Draeton Ali Moffatt 8 hours ago

    96k canadian a year. assuming you get a loan that will take 10 years to pay off as the interest goes up to about 200k usd total cost. average berklee graduate income the claim is 51 k. steep price to pay

  • Jacob Jinu
    Jacob Jinu 8 hours ago

    YOU MONSTER!!!! How could you!

  • BmoreBusker
    BmoreBusker 8 hours ago

    I made cryptic murder balad in BADGAD (not BAGDAD). The low B is only good for a deep dark drone, but worked with all the strings, at least for the song I made up. Lots of cross picking. If interested look up Jim Pettijohn songs Reverbnation. The song is called '3 o'clock in the Morning'.

  • Bryle Lee
    Bryle Lee 8 hours ago

    Electric? Yamaha pacifica. Acoustic? Any yamaha acoustic guitar.

  • Neil Looper
    Neil Looper 8 hours ago

    Ashville! Whoop! Shout out to Ghost Town in the Sky 🤣

  • Jerry Atrick
    Jerry Atrick 8 hours ago

    I really liked the track you made up. Well done.

  • prancerjohn ponce
    prancerjohn ponce 8 hours ago

    hi can you pls tell me what is your guitar shape?

  • Mar Vot
    Mar Vot 8 hours ago

    Jay Z - the street is watching. A riff for the ages

  • Kirk WAHmett 89
    Kirk WAHmett 89 9 hours ago

    Breaking all illusions intro is really cool.

  • Bobby Sweeney
    Bobby Sweeney 9 hours ago

    How dare you!

  • Rebel Rebel
    Rebel Rebel 9 hours ago

    Im a guitarist and the dj so, take that mf lol

  • Tomo 2007
    Tomo 2007 9 hours ago

    You can play stairway to heaven

  • Aaron Mustin
    Aaron Mustin 9 hours ago

    I could not watch the hummus part. That was physically and mentally painful.

  • DoktorDare
    DoktorDare 9 hours ago

    - This looks awesome, i'm more comfortable with a guitar than trying to use a keyboard. I'll definitely be checking one out!! filming a music video at the Parthenon in Centennial Park. I never thought about it being a good location but it seems obvious.

  • Bob Loblaw
    Bob Loblaw 9 hours ago

    Had me at LOZ.

  • Hoze 123
    Hoze 123 9 hours ago

    u mad bro ?? face

  • Cowboyputin
    Cowboyputin 9 hours ago

    But all the cool kids use Earnie ball

  • David Green
    David Green 10 hours ago

    Hmm I’ll have to try this... but it does mean learning jazz chords.... Na fuck it I’ll pay full price...

  • Chemistry Guy
    Chemistry Guy 10 hours ago

    I'm a trombone player, and I feel all this advice applies to trombone too. I really like the advice about coming up with melodies in your head without your instrument. This is something I do while producing, and is how I sometimes comes up with ideas I like. When I come up with a melody or chord progression in my head, the first thing I do is grab my phone and record myself singing it (for chord progressions I sing arpeggios). Lines I come up with in my head originate from a different region of my subconscious than lines I come up with on trombone.

  • Drumerdude 26
    Drumerdude 26 10 hours ago

    Feels like I’m on garage band

  • Smoke's Fries
    Smoke's Fries 10 hours ago

    I immediately skipped the hummus part because I didn't want to get depressed again

  • keith turbin
    keith turbin 10 hours ago

    what's with the guitar? do you live close to a nuclear plant and it grew an extra string ?