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  • Bruno Libois
    Bruno Libois 13 hours ago

    Hey Jack, I really like your new videos and I'd like to translate your new content into French from time to time (professional translator tired of translating boring stuff all day long). I was looking for a TVclipr to start with and thought you were a really nice dude. If you're interested, is there any way you can let people add subtitles to your videos? Thanks and keep up the good work.

  • Fritz Alcindor Jr.
    Fritz Alcindor Jr. 3 days ago

    I think its time to make a Knick fan movie. Take a road trip with the Knicks (on the team plane to the team hotel) as you explain Knicks culture from Pizza Hut to Playoff Baldies to current Knicks players as you school them on culture. Would be so fun. D

  • Johann Schubert
    Johann Schubert 6 days ago


  • Left Hand
    Left Hand 8 days ago

    Love the new video! For the cryptocurrencies video, you should check out BAT (Basic Attention Token) - it's basically Crypto for TVcliprs, a decentralized way to support TVcliprs/content creators

  • peter Marr
    peter Marr 8 days ago

    I think you are off to a good start !

  • MrSquareart
    MrSquareart 10 days ago

    great videos that you are doing!!!! please keep doing what you been doing!!!!!!!!

  • Bent Mountain Overland

    i subscribed roughly 3 hours ago when your channel was at 99k subs and now passing 106k is insane. I will be paying close attention to your channel in the coming months. cant wait to see your channel progress!

  • beattospectoyota
    beattospectoyota 11 days ago

    if u help me regrow my turherding ,youre crap is my bread n butter because shit happens!business ill give u 35%,im self sustaining and i have the big business stealing my creative ideas and intellectual property I think u know how that works better than I,im 15 years in ,I'm a one man show, I was doing 1000 a day now lucky if I do 1000 a week,plz help

  • iAm English-TV
    iAm English-TV Year ago

    Nice, whats your youtube goals for 2016?

  • TwentyFourAdam
    TwentyFourAdam 2 years ago

    Hi Jack, you should do more CAR KARAOKE sessions! its fun to watch

  • Arran O'Reilly
    Arran O'Reilly 2 years ago

    Jack your channels twitter icon redirects me to the twitter homepage, as in not you your twitter feed. I found you anyway. Just for your information :)