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5 months ago
5 months ago
Does It Fit ?Does It Fit ?
Does It Fit ?
5 months ago
RX-7 FD Purchase ?RX-7 FD Purchase ?
RX-7 FD Purchase ?
5 months ago
GOT AN M3 !!!GOT AN M3 !!!
GOT AN M3 !!!
6 months ago
10 months ago
Turbo UpdateTurbo Update
Turbo Update
3 years ago
Miata SkidsMiata Skids
Miata Skids
3 years ago

Comments • 65

  • noodlezdotcom
    noodlezdotcom Year ago

    any updates on your lexus?

  • Neill Woodward jr

    what happened to the tdi beetle

  • Ori
    Ori Year ago

    i miss the gs so fucking much :(

  • Devin Joudrey
    Devin Joudrey Year ago

    i love this channel. But one thing i wish that did was bring back the crew and see some more drifting.

  • Chris Cole
    Chris Cole Year ago

    m8 can we get an update or something?

  • james m
    james m Year ago

    can we get your update on the dan lexus deal?

  • Audifreak260
    Audifreak260 Year ago

    i feel really sorry for you. about your car never getting done, hope dan will do the right thing and give you everything back and not pull a gun on you too.

  • Evan Ludwick
    Evan Ludwick Year ago

    un-feature dans channel and go get your car back.

  • Shanto minhazul
    Shanto minhazul Year ago

    y is this channel not active anymore?

  • Spencer Kennedy
    Spencer Kennedy Year ago

    Yo stop in class Colorado on your trip to the west well take ya offroading

  • Andrew Bowman
    Andrew Bowman Year ago

    Orion, Dylan needs to get a spare PMD for his 6.5. If that thing goes out (and it will without warning, they always do) the truck will not be able to start and will only be able to be fixed with a new PMD. It's a simple fix but it's easier to have a spare PMD to throw in than get stranded somewhere. Also it's a good idea too move it from the stock location to somewhere like the fender or up front by the radiator.

    xDYLANDESTROYSx Year ago

    hoping you don't give up on this channel miss seeing daily vlogs bro

  • George Cramer
    George Cramer Year ago

    Dude was that you on 93 in New Hampshire around 2 o'clock

  • christian Hauge
    christian Hauge Year ago

    Why are tommyfyeah and ricer miata talking trash on you and Haggard crew?

  • harry belugata
    harry belugata Year ago

    where is lexus.

    GXTGAMING Year ago

    When are you going back to daily vlogging? I miss that shit!

  • niklas herskind
    niklas herskind Year ago

    it has ben a week sinds you last uploadet a video

  • Neal Barbarick
    Neal Barbarick Year ago

    Are you guys going to stop in Texas on your cross country trip?

  • _Kyle_Paton_
    _Kyle_Paton_ Year ago

    any updates on the Lexus??

  • WheelchairDrifterz

    you forget about this channel Onion?

  • RealEastLBC Wamboldt

    missed a day?

  • SLAPTrain
    SLAPTrain 2 years ago

    Why was a never subbed to this channel ?? Well i am now!!

  • dylan
    dylan 2 years ago

    what happened to the 7.3 vs 1.8t jetta video

  • Sgtjramrod
    Sgtjramrod 2 years ago

    yooo orion paint the rest of the van mint green color

  • immaculate
    immaculate 2 years ago

    Who even is this 'ricer Miata?' I'm a Orion loyalist xD

  • zach still
    zach still 2 years ago

    So haggard garage is just fading away? everyones going solo, man i missed your old stuff, not saying ur trash or anything but the old haggard garage videos was the shizzzzsnit

  • ndama
    ndama 2 years ago

    hi dude i design some cool t shirt. definitely check my stores out. grab one if you're interested updated with more mad stuff soon

  • KYOKI Caleb
    KYOKI Caleb 2 years ago

    Yo bro whats your current outro song name right now, i neeeeed that it sounds dope

    • David Castellanos
      David Castellanos 2 years ago

      +Mike2 you are very welcome my dude

    • Mike2
      Mike2 2 years ago

      THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!

    • David Castellanos
      David Castellanos 2 years ago

      here you go mate, sorry for the late reply

    • Mike2
      Mike2 2 years ago

      Shit it won't let me open it says error opening comments you remember what it was?

    • David Castellanos
      David Castellanos 2 years ago

      I linked it on the first comment, it may not sound like it the first seconds but it is trust me

  • Brett Brumley
    Brett Brumley 2 years ago

    You need to get verified. People are starting to impersonate you on youtube.

  • OrionsDriftLexus
    OrionsDriftLexus 2 years ago

    I can't wait for you to drive me

  • kawasaki.racer 123
    kawasaki.racer 123 2 years ago

    where do you get all of yalls stickers made

  • Paul Morse
    Paul Morse 2 years ago

    HAGGARD GARAGE MIATA BURNOUT CHALLENGE novice garage just threw you guys a challens check it out or bitch out

  • Phillip Moore
    Phillip Moore 2 years ago

    You should come down south

  • ColdBlooded Scares
    ColdBlooded Scares 2 years ago

    Orian here is an awesome idea the hagard crew should do meets in every state excluding Hawaii and Alaska y'all have all ready knocked two states out ct and NY what state will be next.?

  • Lowlife problems
    Lowlife problems 2 years ago

    congrats on 100,000 subs man and again thanks ffor the reply

  • Anton Atik
    Anton Atik 2 years ago

    congrats for hitting 100.004 subs

  • Henri Markus Luts
    Henri Markus Luts 2 years ago

    Early congrats for 100.000 subs! You deserve it!

  • Rob Schleifer
    Rob Schleifer 2 years ago

    Could you possibly make a video on diy boost leak tester. Almost positive my evo x has a boost leak

  • gascargo
    gascargo 2 years ago

    I just got a gs400

  • Kyle Randall
    Kyle Randall 2 years ago

    What happend to the Tdi and the focus?

  • DivineGFX // Free Intros!

    The lexus profile picture is soo dope! who made it??

  • Brenden Amos
    Brenden Amos 2 years ago

    Can you guys help me with my go fund me to help find a cure for cancer

  • Yuuyia Takahashi
    Yuuyia Takahashi 2 years ago

    Just saw where you busted the random kid for copyright, way to go bud. Also look through the comments theres a link to some Asian site that is using the video of the TL burning down.

    • Yuuyia Takahashi
      Yuuyia Takahashi 2 years ago

      Im also sending the link to his page where its hosted to you in a DM

  • Thomas the petrolhead

    whats up with lexus?????

  • verynicholas
    verynicholas 2 years ago probably not a good idea to have your plate shown in videos right after tearing up the road.

  • Aaron Searle
    Aaron Searle 2 years ago

    orion do you get the toyota kp60 rwd 1982 model must b cheap in the usa

  • Danniss
    Danniss 2 years ago

    hey is it possible to play with you guys on Xbox one? ;) playing mainly Forza 6 greetingd the Dane

  • Zhigulis
    Zhigulis 2 years ago

    can you start doing something with the lexus? :)

  • David Little
    David Little 2 years ago

    what happened to the 5.3 lexus?

  • Kappa 123
    Kappa 123 2 years ago

    when we will see lexus update?

  • all mota
    all mota 2 years ago

    I noticed on the top of your banner, in the lower right hand, it says " Support Us!!". Shouldn't it say "Support Me!!" because you have been pocketing the money for yourself?

    • OrionsDriftLexus
      OrionsDriftLexus 2 years ago

      No, orion has been using the money from stickers and shirts to build me

  • The_Rice_Life
    The_Rice_Life 2 years ago

    cheeky cunt, fuck your noodles

  • Tony Gunk
    Tony Gunk 2 years ago

    you guys should make a Haggard Garage official snapchat so we can send in pics of our riced out beauties

  • Iron Port
    Iron Port 2 years ago

    Hey I'm wondering what happen to the little miata that could

  • Tazjukie Gaming
    Tazjukie Gaming 2 years ago

    Duuude do a day in life episodes for this channel it would be pretty sick to see what you do nearly every day

  • TrillBillzCozby
    TrillBillzCozby 2 years ago

    Dude, Orion. I know you have some real video making talent I used to see it on haggard videos. You were steady, understood lighting and what angles the viewer wants to see. Now you make lame one minute fucking videos about retarded shit like how to make Ramen noodles. Your dirty buddy has a better channel right now but that's only because you're slacking so friggin hard. Make some 10-25 minute videos and put a little effort in, I don't wanna see you go out like this brah. Good luck

  • joseph juneau
    joseph juneau 2 years ago

    im building a mk3 vr6. i was just wonder what kind of turbo supporting mods i would need before buying the trubo

  • ru9n
    ru9n 2 years ago

    fuck you

  • TheEpicCoww
    TheEpicCoww 2 years ago

    orion where is brendans class psychology presentation video? that was hilarious.

  • Kevin Rogers
    Kevin Rogers 2 years ago

    hey dude you guys should go and buy a cheep compression tester and do Brendan's car, with the amount of smoke that is there, if buddy did do the top end and drove the bag off it for a while he could have worn out the rings and caused ring failure, which yes.. gets expensive, BUT if you can do the test and get a good number and adding oil to the cylinder increases the pressure then a de-glaze and a new set of rings would be do-able. hell if u can get the oil pan off in chassie really easy then do an in frame re-ring. be less then 300 bucks total in parts and like 12 hours if you know what your doing

  • Montrail Johnson
    Montrail Johnson 3 years ago

    Hey i just got a CRX for 300. What should i do with it?

    • mack264
      mack264 2 years ago

      +Montrail Johnson push it off a cliff

    • zBanditGuy
      zBanditGuy 2 years ago

      +Montrail Johnson scrap it lol

    • Gang Gang
      Gang Gang 2 years ago

      +Montrail Johnson cut springs

    • Hipsters & Hippies
      Hipsters & Hippies 2 years ago

      +Montrail Johnson Love it, Those are fantastic cars.

  • MuminGoesMuslim
    MuminGoesMuslim 3 years ago

    Start a gofund and get a nice volvo for rudnic and grillo rudnic really needs the money

  • Cadillac Kid Productions

    you should just have one youtube channel lol, i dont want to have to follow five different channels alll for the same content.

  • RipItSideways
    RipItSideways 3 years ago

    Hey Haggard Garage Squad. I wanted to tell you guys that this channel is defiantly my favorite and how I always look forward to the next video :). Also, I love the frequent uploads. Keep up the great work! P.s. loving the new turbo build! :)

  • RunItT.V
    RunItT.V 3 years ago

    OHH MY GOD! i live in ct i also drive an ricer civic lets link uppppp