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  • amateurspartan
    amateurspartan 4 months ago

    Hey Dunkey! Did you ever play Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning??

  • Hart Scm
    Hart Scm 4 months ago

    Why is Leah is one of the "fun men" man... she's not a man... man

  • The Trash Man
    The Trash Man 4 months ago

    Hello Dunko, big fan here, I present you with challenge. My challenge is... Can you somehow turn Doki Doki Literature Club, on of the most depressing video games I have ever played, into a hilarious video? I understand that it might be a pretty boring game for you, but where there is a will, there's a way. Good luck

  • TheSourLemonz
    TheSourLemonz 4 months ago

    hey guys

  • Overzach12345
    Overzach12345 4 months ago

    Dunkey is actually my favorite youtube reviewer.

  • The Bleach Boys
    The Bleach Boys 4 months ago

    dat new pic is sexy af

  • s3KsH1aS1aN
    s3KsH1aS1aN 4 months ago

    Could you make a video voicing your opinion on Net Neutrality and the FCC. If there had to be one voice/opinion that I'd share regarding net neutrality it would be yours.

  • Aldaris
    Aldaris 4 months ago

    hey donkey what do you think about the new mario party top 100 minigames

  • weazz
    weazz 4 months ago

    Dear Dunkey. I've only known about your channel for 3 weeks now. It's been awesome. I'm also happy to hear about another Newgrounds personality moving into youtube :D I wanted to let you know I watched your video of Game Dev Tycoon. I then bought that game, and now, I've forgotten how to sleep :( Thanks Dunkey, I've forgotten how to sleep now. BTW, great interview on W3. Funny enough, Bad Graphics was the 1st video of yours I'd ever seen, a friend linked it to me :D I got the joke, if the people who didn't get it got angry, it's because they see themselves in the punchline :(

  • doablexzero
    doablexzero 4 months ago

    Dunk I'm proud of you for doing what you believe is right, no matter what everyone has to say about it. Keep making that gold.

  • Arjen Lima
    Arjen Lima 4 months ago

    This guy always makes me laugh !!!

  • Nabil Rahman
    Nabil Rahman 4 months ago

    Prank calls?

  • Female ShitPoster
    Female ShitPoster 4 months ago

    I need you to do some rainbow six siege.....plz?

  • TUD//TheUltimateDestroyer

    Why Are You Uploading Videos So Rarely??? You Uploaded Sonic Forces 08.11 And You Uploaded Assanins Creed After 11 Days.

  • MiggyMogMow
    MiggyMogMow 4 months ago

    Hey dungus, are we ever gonna see more play-through videos like Mario64, Shenmu and the like? I was hoping you might do something like that for Odessyeyess but I guess it takes up too much time?

  • Jacob Simpson
    Jacob Simpson 4 months ago

    I know Dunkey's Secret. Everyone is always saying that dunkey is black. So with my dectective skills, i have deduced that SKY WILLIAMS IS DUNKEY. Its like his super hero costume. He is the master of Disguise Folks.

  • Connor
    Connor 5 months ago

    Come back in 10 years

  • Dan -Horsenwelles- Williams


  • Dan -Horsenwelles- Williams


  • Dan -Horsenwelles- Williams


  • Dan -Horsenwelles- Williams


  • Dan -Horsenwelles- Williams


  • Dan -Horsenwelles- Williams


  • Dan -Horsenwelles- Williams


  • Tcof
    Tcof 5 months ago

    can you do video about Transformer Fall of cybertron and War for cybertron

  • Abdulrahman Almuhrij
    Abdulrahman Almuhrij 5 months ago

    keep it up J, you are the best! ps: make more movie reviews.

  • kamshaft916
    kamshaft916 5 months ago

    Hey Dunkey, love the stuff you put up and all the work you put into it. I always look forward to your videos. Great comedy, and great reviews and opinions. Keep up the great work.

  • TheReFakero
    TheReFakero 5 months ago

    knack 2 bb

  • Entgegen
    Entgegen 5 months ago

    hey denke please analysis sandvich throwing simulator ( i will ask everyday so do not worry )

  • Patrick Velazquez
    Patrick Velazquez 5 months ago

    Hey Dunk you excited for the new Monster Hunter World?

  • Mikau
    Mikau 5 months ago

    You got an impersonator on your vids

  • SlaughtrHousJak
    SlaughtrHousJak 5 months ago

    Hey Dunk, great stuff. Loved The Shining vid. I'd like to hear your thoughts on Peter Jackson's, Meet the Feebles. The whole move was here on YT somewhere. Its a total WTF movie, start to end. Its not good... but something everyone should see at least once. If nothing, its great to fall asleep to. Anyways, good shit man. Hope the Feebles make your day as great as your vids do mine. Peace Broski!

  • Vocation
    Vocation 5 months ago

    Can you try to play Dota?

  • Synoko
    Synoko 5 months ago

    I bet donkeey has a big butt

  • Gabriel Nitro
    Gabriel Nitro 5 months ago

    You should totally make a video on your opinion on the history of EA xD

  • Edwin Jiang
    Edwin Jiang 5 months ago

    Hey dunkey, tomorrow's my 13th birthday, so from the bottom of my preteen heart, thanks for entertaining me all these years, you gay weasel.

  • 11slevin
    11slevin 5 months ago

    Dunkey, please make a video on Battlefront II and how fucking stupid EA is.PLEASE

  • Ben Elmo
    Ben Elmo 5 months ago


  • Gamers Point
    Gamers Point 5 months ago

    waiting for new video😆

  • N3XUS T1ME
    N3XUS T1ME 5 months ago

    Happy 4 Million Subs Dunkey!

  • iliya
    iliya 5 months ago

    Yo Dunkey play Doki Doki Literature Club please? Only you can make that thing funny!

  • Michael Gemmill
    Michael Gemmill 5 months ago

    Dunkey would you mind shitting on BattleFront 2 please?

  • juan arballo
    juan arballo 5 months ago


  • Thedelicious chicken
    Thedelicious chicken 5 months ago

    Dunkey pls make a video about Quake champions and the other arena shooters

  • Stephen Ray
    Stephen Ray 5 months ago

    Will there be a review of Star Wars battleFront 2

  • Satanic Chocobo
    Satanic Chocobo 5 months ago

    4 billion subs. Holy shit dude you deserve a nice pizza pie

  • Tortoise Joe
    Tortoise Joe 5 months ago

    Dunkey play Deceit

  • Rednose
    Rednose 5 months ago

    who the flying fuck uses the discussion panel?

  • idtirba
    idtirba 5 months ago

    Destiny 2 Review?

  • Catholic Mario
    Catholic Mario 5 months ago

    Um wheres the bible video

  • gaiden
    gaiden 5 months ago

    dearest dinkle, thak you for funny video giving me will to live, keep it uop 👍

  • Mitchel Constantine
    Mitchel Constantine 5 months ago

    What's with your animosity around graphics and developers saying they put work into the graphics? I just watched 3 videos that auto played into eachother and each one had a heavy emphasis on making fun of the developers for saying they put effort into the graphics. Would you rather the graphics for every game just be flat textures and when they ask the developers why they did it they just say "oh we just didn't want to put work into that, we were working on the mechanics instead"... and don't say that the developers ONLY worked on graphics or even implied they were trying to say that because no developer has ever said "yeah we just tried to make this game look nice, there really is no point in actually playing it". how are developers even suppose to showcase mechanics without spoiling things about the game? wouldn't you rather a developer say "hey look how shiny we can make the game now because of hardware" (which to me seems reasonable to show off) rather than "hey look at what your character does 10 hours in with all the skill points" tl;dr : you're too harsh on devs for being happy with how their games look

  • Taylor Crain
    Taylor Crain 5 months ago

    so uh.... bubber ducky 3?

  • GiGaHarrySfotter
    GiGaHarrySfotter 5 months ago

    Congrats for 4 M subscribers dunkey! Sure everybody was waiting for your super mario odyssey review! Nice to have both events simultaneously

  • desKennen
    desKennen 5 months ago

    yay 4 mio

  • Grey Jackson
    Grey Jackson 5 months ago

    Dunkey Think you can make a video about the Conduit games on the wii? online was fun story was great shame it cant get a REBOOT ON THE SWITCH AMR?

  • heartlessmushroom
    heartlessmushroom 5 months ago

    I wanna thank you Dunkey, for bringing me so many laughs and insights on videogames. I really feel like the quality of your videos has only increased ten-fold ever since you quit making league related content. I will continue to expect good stuff from your channel.

  • Tasrine
    Tasrine 5 months ago

    Hey Dunkey, thanks for all the videos. I have been watching for years and I am always excited to see a new one. I look forward to whatever is next. Keep it up, man. And congrats on the engagement. I am sure you and Leah will be very happy together.

  • PistolTiger 73
    PistolTiger 73 5 months ago


  • Richard Šnajdr
    Richard Šnajdr 5 months ago

    fu u nintendo i want my dunkey weekly bideo

  • Max Silver
    Max Silver 5 months ago

    WHERE DAT 4 MIL VIDEO Ha I'm just kiddin (I'm not kiddin), congrats dunkguy

  • Emmanuel Mthethwa
    Emmanuel Mthethwa 5 months ago

    Congrats on 4 million subs

  • bigfriki
    bigfriki 5 months ago

    4 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS BABBBYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!! (here comes the moneeeeeey!!!) Congrats man! :-D

  • Acrylic
    Acrylic 5 months ago

    Ey, Dunk. You should try out 'Stick Fight: The Game'. It's like Nidhogg but more insane and only $5.

  • Claire Allen
    Claire Allen 5 months ago

    is it just me or is he posting less and less lately

    • Khatharr Malkavian
      Khatharr Malkavian 5 months ago

      He's been posting a lot more recently, but he's also a starring role in most of Leah's vids, so you can catch him there too.

  • Kited Boys
    Kited Boys 5 months ago

    helo ere coujld u revivew infamous 2

  • TheModCrew
    TheModCrew 5 months ago

    Just hit 4 million, well done

  • Mike Maher-O'Toole
    Mike Maher-O'Toole 5 months ago

    Dunkview for Odyssey when?

  • Bobiqq
    Bobiqq 5 months ago


  • Brendan Pyper
    Brendan Pyper 5 months ago

    drumset please

  • Retierashia
    Retierashia 5 months ago

    Still waiting on the Super Mario Odyssey video. I check everyday lol

  • Kad Dad
    Kad Dad 5 months ago

    Dunkey you sexy fucker, I wanna do a collab video with you and my pet watermelon Frank. Lets do lunch. BAM!

  • Chase Lee
    Chase Lee 5 months ago

    albost 40 bajillion subscribes dunk

  • ismellrudolph
    ismellrudolph 5 months ago

    am guessing dunkeys next video, its gonna be a mario odyssey video but at some point he gon goof everyone and swap it into a hat in time

  • NailinTheCoffin Media
    NailinTheCoffin Media 5 months ago

    odyssey video?

  • Andrew Estephan
    Andrew Estephan 5 months ago

    i take back every bad thing i said about you dunkey

  • Godfrey Emmanuel
    Godfrey Emmanuel 5 months ago

    We all know what we want. Super Mario Odyssey.

  • youngbulls
    youngbulls 5 months ago

    u know what ur problem is dunkey. iv already watched all your videos. how dare u not have an endless supply of absolute bliss for me to drown my depression. seriously fuck u

    • youngbulls
      youngbulls 5 months ago

      4 real u and leah (or however u spell it) are amazing. sorry the new mario was only really good and not a masta piece.

  • George Beduhn
    George Beduhn 5 months ago

    Tell me Dunkey when does a good brand become a bad one? To what end should we be loyal to a company for example when should I decide to stop buying EA games period?

  • Shark Yo Ho
    Shark Yo Ho 5 months ago


  • Zic Jiang
    Zic Jiang 5 months ago

    Please make a video for Assasin's Creed Origin!

  • chen howard
    chen howard 5 months ago


  • Fre
    Fre 5 months ago

    Mario Odyssey Dunkview ples

  • Syignis
    Syignis 5 months ago


  • Ryker
    Ryker 5 months ago

    You're the best donkey ever. If i could meet anyone in life it would be you! Ya funny fuck boi.

  • Horiuchi
    Horiuchi 5 months ago

    review odyssey, ya see

  • RabbidOwl
    RabbidOwl 5 months ago

    congrats on the engagment

  • Demran 221
    Demran 221 5 months ago

    hey man can you email me a picture i think it doesn work

  • Mr. Goldfish
    Mr. Goldfish 5 months ago

    tacos taste good

    RSAUTOSWITCHER_COM 5 months ago

    Nice channel Homie

  • Galebazz
    Galebazz 5 months ago

    I remember that one time a black guy beat Dunkey in Mario...

  • JM
    JM 5 months ago

    Hey Dunk, Super Mario Odyssey just got released. When are you gonna make a video about it?

  • Keiko Beatz
    Keiko Beatz 5 months ago

    DUNKVIEW APE ESCAPE FOR PS1 #PLZ #DunkeyForPresident

  • Aero Noivern
    Aero Noivern 6 months ago


  • Ovillo Ronald
    Ovillo Ronald 6 months ago

    Dunk, Make more League Vid, Looking Forward To it :)

  • turbo spooky
    turbo spooky 6 months ago

    ey dunk

  • ASNLegends
    ASNLegends 6 months ago

    Try out Virtual Reality Chat Room. Wacky and fun bro. I dare you.

  • RT Michael
    RT Michael 6 months ago

    In the Battlegrounds video, I love how Dunkey says with terrible audio quality, "Shoot him in the dick" when he's shooting at a car.

  • Wh1zrPuffle from Old CP

    Play Club Penguin Rewritten!

  • The Hentai Aficionado
    The Hentai Aficionado 6 months ago

    I'm surprised Dunkey hasn't played Cuphead yet, come on ya big dingus!

  • 4214Haawkings
    4214Haawkings 6 months ago

    Hey Dunkey, want to know what u thinkin about this new uncharted game The lost legacy

  • Bendix 26
    Bendix 26 6 months ago

    hey dunkey , i just watched your video "" and i'm totally agree what u taking bout . league of legends really sucks .and thanks to that video im now starting to focus on other great games . thanks

  • Red8laud ツ
    Red8laud ツ 6 months ago

    i love donkey :D

  • bakakubi
    bakakubi 6 months ago

    Grats on the engagement!

  • Awesome Mix
    Awesome Mix 6 months ago

    you are from brazil?

  • PolyD6
    PolyD6 6 months ago

    You deserve so much more for what you do, but all I can offer is my gratitude, so thank you, Jason. Thank you for all that you do, all that you are.

  • J DO
    J DO 6 months ago

    "Golf It" video?

  • Chicken Nugget
    Chicken Nugget 6 months ago

    Did you know that you're a meme in the Dark Souls community?

  • Cheater500000
    Cheater500000 6 months ago

    Hey dunk, why are you uploading so little

  • GWG Team & Healthbars
    GWG Team & Healthbars 6 months ago

    top games

  • Christian English
    Christian English 6 months ago

    Are you going to do a video on the 3d platformer "A hat in time"?

  • orphendraco666
    orphendraco666 6 months ago

    yo knack 2; or South Park the Fractured but Whole, yeah i said it!

  • Oskar Iwan Eliasson
    Oskar Iwan Eliasson 6 months ago

    now that you're engaged play marage simulator

  • Mikul Gamour
    Mikul Gamour 6 months ago

    just realized this channel is at the top of related channels on PewDiePie.

  • Rob Barrett
    Rob Barrett 6 months ago

    Congrats on getting engaged!

  • Bodmerocity
    Bodmerocity 6 months ago

    Congrats on your engagement, Sir. Y'all are both lucky peoples.

  • Pascal
    Pascal 6 months ago

    play more dota!

  • The EngiWizard
    The EngiWizard 6 months ago

    Dunkey, you gonna say anything on Sky's channel getting a Strike?

  • leo van Ryneveld
    leo van Ryneveld 6 months ago

    Hey Mr. Dunko, I live in South-Africa and I just wana say you got alot of fans here! We love your videos. Your content is easily the best on youtube. Whenever I see the notification for a Dunkey video, I drop everything I'm busy with to go watch it. We really appreciate the hard work you put into the videos you put out for us to enjoy. Congratulations with the engagement too!!! We love you Dunk <3

  • David Bianco
    David Bianco 6 months ago

    Dunk, don't know if you know this but youtube is airing radical political attack ads on some of your video. Just saw an ad attacking the Southern Policy Law Center proclaiming it a hate group and claimed they were trying to destroy free speech. SPLC has been a little bit controversial the past but that is a blatant lie. I would request youtube remove those ads from your videos if I were you. I noticed this one on your More Like Dead Vegas video (perhaps because conspiracy groups are floating this kind of stuff about the Vegas mass shooting, your video obviously predates that and is unrelated).

  • Alex Ewing
    Alex Ewing 6 months ago

    Could you do a review of Elex when it comes out? I'm thinking of getting it but reviews are mixed, and I have more faith in your reviews anyways.

  • Khushil Doshi
    Khushil Doshi 6 months ago

    we gettin that PUBG gameplay soon ye?

  • Daniele
    Daniele 6 months ago

    Dunkey, A Hat in Time?

  • Matthew Cotton
    Matthew Cotton 6 months ago The next true masterpiece in gaming

  • Tyler James
    Tyler James 6 months ago

    Dunkey, you may never read this but im sure you remember the game called "Runescape" , well i would love if you did a video on it. Runescape 3 is currently still running strong with 100k + active players and very constant updates. I know people probably try to request games all the time, so if you dont do it, thats okay. If you do on the other hand, message me and i gotchu with items.

  • Jogginforcancer
    Jogginforcancer 6 months ago

    congrats on the big engagement buddy, hope the best for the both of ye.

  • Pedro Dias
    Pedro Dias 6 months ago

    Your best video was animal soccer world

  • John Archer
    John Archer 6 months ago

    when you gonna talk about cuphead?

  • Independent George
    Independent George 6 months ago


  • Jacob Houseman
    Jacob Houseman 6 months ago

    I just heard the news about you and Leah! Congratulations to you two, easily the cutest couple of all time!

  • Kenny Cook
    Kenny Cook 6 months ago

    You gonna do Cuphead?

  • fistoftheaxis
    fistoftheaxis 6 months ago

    Release a new video or I kill bubber ducky.

  • Washington Barbosa
    Washington Barbosa 6 months ago

    yo dunk do a cuphead video u dumb

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 6 months ago

    Review Hat in Time. It just came out and has the same gameplay as Yooka-Layee. I've been having lots of fun playing it recently.

    • HiroariTillWhen
      HiroariTillWhen 6 months ago

      I'm usually not into 3d platformers, but this game is something. And it seems like dunkey kind of game.

  • The Spor
    The Spor 6 months ago

    wheres my burrito

  • Akira
    Akira 6 months ago

    Since your review of Yooka Laylee, I think you would be interested in *A Hat in Time*. It's on the good side this time. But some controversy (JonTron voice acting again) seems to make it... controversial to cover for some people.

  • xXTDCXxCaboose
    xXTDCXxCaboose 6 months ago

    Yo... i know you got a Switch... you gotta do a Golf Story vid.

  • Mau DyingBreed
    Mau DyingBreed 6 months ago

    Im just waiting for dunkey's cuphead dunkview

  • Scott H.
    Scott H. 6 months ago

    Are you gonna make a video about cup head?

  • exs dee
    exs dee 6 months ago

    where is cuphead

  • keshaz0
    keshaz0 6 months ago

    Where is halo 5?

  • Anony Mous
    Anony Mous 6 months ago

    where's the Cuphead video Dunk?

    • Van Go
      Van Go 6 months ago

      Thank you, Dark Souls

  • That One Guy
    That One Guy 6 months ago

    I believe there should be some honesty here You've ignored the most underrated game of all time, demanding more player skill than Dark Souls or even Crash Bandicoot in order to master The treacherous The infuriating The Beautiful Bubble Tanks 2. The soundtrack is a masterpiece, going beyond the simple scope of game design and into the field of post-modernistic art. The Greeks and Romans philosophized on the deep, existential themes of this underwater tragedy. With the cannibalizing of fellow bubble-tanks serving as an allusion to the harsh Darwinist value system maintained within Capitalism, your numerous level trees symbolically represent the many variations (however slight in variance they might be) in political affiliation, until the peak advancement of your Tank demonstrates a subtle criticism in the demonizing and/or warping ideological perspective, paying homage to the manner in which such certain value structures are prone to being weaponized. From there, we see an expansive level design, in which you find increasing difficulty in direct relation to how far you're willing to push yourself past your place of origin. Also worthy of note are the exceedingly smooth controls, the balanced combat mechanics that allow for every build to be viable for the eventual final boss, as well as the 'Arena Mode' (imagine having the X-Men's Danger room at your disposal, but make it not lame as fuck. This is the quality shit. Bubbles like nothing you've ever seen before). Anyways I just wanted somebody to make the video since I don't have any idea on how to make them lmao. Have fun with some free content.

  • ᵯⱥłᵻk
    ᵯⱥłᵻk 6 months ago

    I need cuphead

  • erin luoma
    erin luoma 6 months ago

    jeez u are bad at descriptions bro

    • Van Go
      Van Go 6 months ago

      No one reads that shit kiddo

  • Shane Levy
    Shane Levy 6 months ago

    When are you gonna make a cuphead video?? Love your stuff

    • Van Go
      Van Go 6 months ago

      Thank you Dark Souls

  • Your friendly neighborhood soup bowl

    I love your stuff! You're insanely funny and I can't get enough. Keep at it!

  • Alkavas Beauty
    Alkavas Beauty 6 months ago

    I love that you have such a loyal fanbase. Over two thirds of your subscribers watch every video you put out, almost as soon as you release it. I don't know, I'm just super proud of you. I'll continue to watch you grow as an entertainer. I'd love it if you had a podcast, too.

  • Abel Landeros
    Abel Landeros 6 months ago

    Do some cuphead dunkey! apparently it's getting amazing reviews and it'd be fun to see your review on it

    • Van Go
      Van Go 6 months ago

      Thank you Dark Souls

  • Logan
    Logan 6 months ago

    Can't wait to see you and leahbee on the H3 podcast

  • Disco Panda
    Disco Panda 6 months ago

    Yo, I found yer azz in a csgo comp game. you were going by the alias of "TheQauckThrewHisLifeAway." I've never enjoyed a game of csgo more than that. Enjoy your spaghetti meatballs my friend!

  • R0b1zzle137
    R0b1zzle137 6 months ago

    do a review or playthru of katamari damacy / we heart katamari

  • alebalGTA5
    alebalGTA5 6 months ago

    Do you want to review my GTA5 missions pack?

  • Mitch Keirle
    Mitch Keirle 6 months ago

    Bubsy: The Woolies Strikes Back (PS4, PC) - October 31. I sure hope there is going to be a review to this game.

  • Alex Hall
    Alex Hall 7 months ago

    hey dunky can you check out rodina, its in early access but is very fun and has a very cool story.

  • Babbleplay
    Babbleplay 7 months ago

    Love your work; just want to nudge you towards Dropsy. Your bizarre and wonderful little remarks and insights would match up well with that dark, but hopeful game made of pure WTF.

  • candy castle
    candy castle 7 months ago

    Where's that dunk video where they go in an elevator?

  • TheRefiper
    TheRefiper 7 months ago


  • Andre Schneider
    Andre Schneider 7 months ago

    Why did you stop making Overwatch videos?

  • Rusty Blader
    Rusty Blader 7 months ago

    SquareEnix is run by chocobos they ARE RUN BY F***ING CHOCOBOS!!!

  • Wilde StyleZ
    Wilde StyleZ 7 months ago

    Will you ever go on the h3 podcast?

    • Terratron
      Terratron 7 months ago

      I like the sound of that!

  • Braxnond's Archive
    Braxnond's Archive 7 months ago

    this is what you do now huh dunk, just one 3 minute video once a week? life must be hard

  • Pizza Mafia
    Pizza Mafia 7 months ago

    dunkey, you HAVE to play Barkly Shut Up and Jam: Gaiden

  • Michael Patterson
    Michael Patterson 7 months ago

    Dinkey one of my favorite Itubes

  • Grim The Gnoll
    Grim The Gnoll 7 months ago

    Play Tooth And Tail

  • Mars Bar
    Mars Bar 7 months ago

    They make Knack 1...then Knack 2...IF I do the calculations correctly, this must mean that 1 knack + 2 knacks = KNACK 3 BBBBBBBBBBBBYYYYY

  • musaraki san
    musaraki san 7 months ago


  • William Azazel Miseria

    Play Destiny 2

  • David Jeske
    David Jeske 7 months ago

    Can you do hell blade?!

  • freeway
    freeway 7 months ago

    We need mor ROBLOX videos! :D

  • MrPhrillie
    MrPhrillie 7 months ago


  • tophatzz barber
    tophatzz barber 7 months ago

    long time listener, first time caller. joking, i saw 2mins of your auto play, channels' homepage, video, and thought, what the fuck, 9/10 times log, or boulder kills you. i wondered, is that your thing, that your shit at games?

  • Vmac
    Vmac 7 months ago

    what are your monetization working dunk? is it that bad as i suspect?

  • ADHDetard
    ADHDetard 7 months ago

    such a good channel

  • Warren A
    Warren A 7 months ago

    please do another comedy nights

  • Stream Video
    Stream Video 7 months ago

    Please do a video for iphone X

  • farris jabaut
    farris jabaut 7 months ago

    do a video on blood bowl 2 legendary edition on steam!!

  • AllAtlas
    AllAtlas 7 months ago

    Please make a video on the new super mario 64 online lol

  • Waqar Khan
    Waqar Khan 7 months ago

    Hi Dunkey, been a long time fan, could you please do a video on "Mortal kombat shoalin monks" its an awesome game and i think you'll love it!!

  • Finn Diggle
    Finn Diggle 7 months ago

    Is he a fan of SiIvaGunner?

  • Joshua Kovacic
    Joshua Kovacic 7 months ago

    you know what rhymes with dunkey.....RAPE

  • Ravenwrath
    Ravenwrath 7 months ago

    yo dunkey, check out how fun this looks:

  • Cicatrice Gaming
    Cicatrice Gaming 7 months ago

    hey there ya dang doofus. Im over here beaver bouncing awaiting for your dripping review of Destiny 2. Whats your take, does it suck moon dick? Or is it out of this dam world? #beaverbounce #neverstop #moistfever

  • Book Williams
    Book Williams 7 months ago Dunkey I'm just going to leave this here... with all of the glorious possibililties it presents.

  • Axiom Kore
    Axiom Kore 7 months ago

    please review mario+rabbids kingdom battle

  • Hood Craft
    Hood Craft 7 months ago

    Dunkey can you please do a vid on Ark: Survival Evolved?

  • Typical Top Hat
    Typical Top Hat 7 months ago


  • Kujo Jotaro
    Kujo Jotaro 7 months ago

    Knack 2 when?

  • DGMAN! - Download Game Man!

    Knack 2 is released! Make a video about it Jason!

  • senjecko
    senjecko 7 months ago

    Did you delete your minecraft videos? lol

  • Skully Skulls
    Skully Skulls 7 months ago

    knack 2 baybee

  • Ghost
    Ghost 7 months ago

    nack 2 babyyyyyy

  • MEplaysGames
    MEplaysGames 7 months ago


  • Jake Demo
    Jake Demo 7 months ago

    whatis this?

  • uh no
    uh no 7 months ago

    Hey Dunkey, yesterday (Set. 6th) you were on Garry's Mod hanging out on our server, "TitsRP" and I think it's pretty cool that you'd do something like that and that really just made my day because I've always loved your videos. It was a great time having you on and we hope to see you again! If you haven't guessed already, I was Dolan, the trial moderator who was always watching over you to make sure you were having fun and not doing anything _too_ bad on our server. (even if you did, I wouldn't have had said anything)

  • Big Capt.
    Big Capt. 7 months ago

    Where is Knack 2 babyyyy

  • Doc Shock
    Doc Shock 7 months ago

    When is your review for Knack 2 babyy?

  • Dominick Redo
    Dominick Redo 7 months ago

    Knack 2

  • Zachery Prejean
    Zachery Prejean 7 months ago

    KUm on and hit me wit that KNAck 2

  • Shiloh
    Shiloh 7 months ago

    Knack 2's out baby! Can't wait for the Dunkey Review!!!! I have been waiting for this day since, the very start of youtube itself. TO see if knack 2 can overthrow mario bros 2? Can it? Can it!