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An-148 - a child of divorce
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Concorde - conquering Machs
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Tu-334 - stuck in the nest
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Tu-134 - a jet for everyone
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  • William Fillman
    William Fillman 8 minutes ago

    500K......sounds a little rich for a small little heli....

  • Sonny Andreotte
    Sonny Andreotte 2 hours ago

    shes an elegant lady.

  • Max Dugan
    Max Dugan 3 hours ago

    The Tupolev 144 is a beautiful airplane.

  • WildBill22360
    WildBill22360 4 hours ago

    This was the best and most entertaining review and history of a military vehicle I have ever heard. Not simply a boring run down of the stats, and not a stretched out service history. Very well done. Five stars, two thumbs up and all that.

  • ram64man
    ram64man 4 hours ago

    I wonder how the new winglets affect landing in strong cross winds , also I am surprised that for such a new craft it’s flight deck still uses so many dials instead of a 90% glass

  • Mehrdad Jalalian
    Mehrdad Jalalian 5 hours ago

    Iranians are masters of F-14, and they upgraded its avionics , radars, and missiles . Iranian F-14 will definitely defeat the F-18 in dogfight. The history of tomcat is integrated with and written by Iran Air force

  • Just Because
    Just Because 7 hours ago

    VF-41, USS Nimitz 1984-1987, loved working on these planes as an AME. Have many fond memories of working on them watching them fly!

  • Federico Sagun
    Federico Sagun 14 hours ago

    Decommision??? But still to advance in tech.

  • Todd Wieland
    Todd Wieland 15 hours ago

    Douglas airframes were the Cadillac of the sky..most durable

  • Todd Wieland
    Todd Wieland 15 hours ago

    I worked on the 10 and 11..fwd drop ceiling, third man station and the cockpit turtle shell 87 to 96

  • casper Stingray
    casper Stingray 16 hours ago

    How cute it is!

  • Canadian KRISPY Bacon
    Canadian KRISPY Bacon 18 hours ago

    I dunno $500k for an ultra-light?? Pilot and cargo..very limited I’m thinking if ya have the half mil for a toy, you can come up with the other half for the Bell 505 JR X 500 shp, almost 400nm’s, 1500lbs of payload, 4 passengers and 125knots

  • Jim The EDC Guy
    Jim The EDC Guy 19 hours ago

    Those engines are so majestic! Such a marvel of Russian engineering!

  • Voltron DefenderOfTheUniverse

    I disagree with the data and conclusion made about the F14. Name one other fighter aircraft that could fill the void left when it was decomissioned? The legacy F-18 couldn't and it served next to Tomcats during most of its service life. Even upgraded F/A-18 rhinos (super hornet) still can't. Had they upgraded the F14 i.e. super tomcat 21, like they did the hornet you'd need 6 rhinos to take on one tomcat.

  • Traveler 1980
    Traveler 1980 21 hour ago

    Now that Sky is crossing into military aviation, the anticipation is killing me on what will be next. Perhaps the A-10?

  • Traveler 1980
    Traveler 1980 21 hour ago

    5:26 Even at rest it looks intimidating!

  • wap 05
    wap 05 Day ago

    F14 tomcat aka handsome devils

  • Simon Watts
    Simon Watts Day ago

    Russian air travelers of the 1970s ... mainly went to the Gulag

  • John Pierce
    John Pierce Day ago

    It certainly has a legacy, and for all the wrong reasons....

  • Rishi
    Rishi Day ago


  • Chris Bailey
    Chris Bailey Day ago

    I would prefer the aircraft to have 4 engines when flying over the Atlantic, just in case!

  • azarmc
    azarmc Day ago

    In other words. F35 is not at Japanese par standard. I is an expensive American junk. While F22 is brilliant but they are not allowed to buy. So they build one.

  • Sumit Rustagi
    Sumit Rustagi Day ago

    wonderful orator

  • saket bharade
    saket bharade Day ago

    hey great vid, btw where do you get your information from , like do you have any dources, you mind putting it in the description thx , @Skyships Eng

  • aa bb
    aa bb Day ago

    14:28 Looks like starfighter from '50s thus it will always crash when built. Starfighter was famous for crashing instead of flying all the time.

  • Joshua Ngau Ajang

    Those maintanence hours would need hard work to keep them flying.

  • Vince Cuevas
    Vince Cuevas Day ago

    The fact its from imola makes it a bit cooler. Near the race track

  • Shahid Aziz
    Shahid Aziz Day ago

    does this support cobra maneuver ?

  • Graham, King of the Britons!

    just a panavia tornado with two vertical stabilisers

  • Mohammad AlEidi

    Good man

  • Dan Festag
    Dan Festag Day ago

    Outstanding video The only thing I would’ve added was not only in relation to the maintenance of the F 14 but also the carrier catapult maintenance was a huge issue as well

  • nofebak tryagain

    So they're building zeroes again... ;)

  • Glen M. Danielsen

    Sky is absolutely the most informed, interesting, and articulate narrator on TVclip! Love these vids!

  • Jr C
    Jr C Day ago

    Shinshin taberu!!!

  • whale tortilla

    1:25 the landing gears on the grass:/

  • z50
    z50 Day ago

    The US Dept. of defense has been scrapping all spares and support equipment for the F-14 for over a decade. . . .

  • Matthew Matthewq

    Ya worst safety record of any modern Airliner. No wonder McDonnell Douglas is no more.

    • Matthew Matthewq
      Matthew Matthewq 15 hours ago

      @Dasher 353 No prob. But the DC-10 did not have a safety record comparable to other wide bodies of the era it had the worst safety record of the widebodies in the era. And for almost 2 decades the worst safety record overall.

    • Dasher 353
      Dasher 353 16 hours ago

      @Matthew Matthewq Oh yeah, the Md-11 did have a garbage safety record. Sorry for the misunderstanding.

    • Matthew Matthewq
      Matthew Matthewq 16 hours ago

      @Dasher 353 Apparently you have no clue what you are talking about. The MD-11 has the WORST safety record of ANY modern jetliner. The DC-10 IS not MODERN. AND IT DOES not have the worst safety record for it's era it is 6th overall behind the 707, DC-8 ,F28, MD-11 and the BAC1-11. Yes the MD -11 has a WORSE record than the DC-10.

    • Dasher 353
      Dasher 353 16 hours ago

      First of all, wrong plane. Second of all, the dc 10 had a safety record comparable to other widebodys of the era. McDonnell Douglas is no more because they couldn't see that twin engine widebodys were the future.

  • Brandon Stanbridge

    In Soviet Russia you do not make the aircraft. The aircraft makes you!

  • The Jason
    The Jason Day ago

    Worked on the AWG 9 radar for those F-14's for many years. Loved that plane. While I worked on those systems at NAS Oceana I watched them fly every day and did plane checks for the radar systems I fixed. I did it both as a sailor and a civilian...

  • Bobby Fhet
    Bobby Fhet Day ago

    That is the plane from the 70's godzilla movies,!!!!!

  • Barrie Wright
    Barrie Wright Day ago

    Very informative and educational, so it's wait and see if this time, we can get this to work.

  • Luke G
    Luke G Day ago

    Don't the Japanese have giant robots?!

  • Stewart Campbell

    Best Eagle/Katt I Ever Saw ! F-14 + 15 Combo , What's Not 2 Luv ! Luv'in U & What U Dou . YYZ , Mohawk-Planker . TYPOooooooP's ! 5 by 5 & A-OK .

  • Nolan The dab king

    It's not the only single isle airliner we have the 707 717 727 and 757

  • JJ Y
    JJ Y Day ago

    Mitsubishi made its first jet fighters during WWII...using POWs from Korea. Hope all those get knocked out of the sky by king kong

    • H Sd
      H Sd 13 hours ago

      Godzilla will revenge

  • alexander miller

    they should bring it back with newer avionics and lighter materials and better engines.. would be a nice plane

  • Ross Hutchison

    I was part of the 98/99 cruise that launched the Aim-54 for the first time in combat. Vf-213 on the CVN-70 Vinson

  • juergen bertram

    Strange accent !

  • Lawrence Grott

    F14 Tomcat: The most visually stunning fighter ever built.

  • Dion Phagoof
    Dion Phagoof Day ago

    Them Jolly Rodgers tails look so good!

  • Sprue Fascination Channel

    Magnificent airplane

  • Doctor Emil
    Doctor Emil Day ago

    McDonnell Douglas DC-10 1: Luggage door failed during pre-production tests, nearly crashed one plane and completely destroyed another. 2: An engine randomly exploded and destroyed all the hydraulics because of bad titanium. 3: Old DC-8 technology. 386 made + 60 KC-10 planes Lockheed L-1011 TriStar 1: Advanced technology capable of landing the plane alone. 2: More comfortable and quieter. 3: No fatal design flaws. 250 built Bloody impatient airlines!😠

  • nunvarov n
    nunvarov n Day ago

    It looks better than a Robinson helicopter.

  • kayser sauzé
    kayser sauzé 2 days ago

    737 800👍

  • flourescent adolescent

    Excellent, really hope the MC21 and their other projects do well, the world desperately need real domestic aircraft manufacturing competition, and clearly with Boeing just recently murdered all those folks on the 737 maxes it's the perfect time.

  • Martin Mc Parland
    Martin Mc Parland 2 days ago

    The old girl did eventually take on the bombing role and did so rather successfully,being nicknamed the bombcat.

  • Grant 04
    Grant 04 2 days ago

    I'm a Dreamliner fan...sorry.

  • Ed Du
    Ed Du 2 days ago

    Nice machine,

  • BANDVIT Romania ios

    Me and many people: Mitsubishi! Fix your damn cars! Mitsubishi: Lets go to plane industry!

  • matzeccc
    matzeccc 2 days ago

    DId I just randomly watch 23 minutes of very technical information about a plane?

  • Todd Wieland
    Todd Wieland 2 days ago

    When did production cease?..1978?

  • Delta 001 & Qatar 001

    A330 is good but I love the 777.

  • Lokomoton De
    Lokomoton De 2 days ago

    Это.. как его.. А! Хелло!

  • man with no name
    man with no name 2 days ago


  • Shane Hawk
    Shane Hawk 2 days ago

    someone in the military told me that it had some sort of terrain sensing radar that was so powerful it could basically cook a human to death

  • Devin Atalla Putra
    Devin Atalla Putra 2 days ago

    Next flanker family and fulcrum family

  • ERIC & CINDY Crowder

    THE F-14 Tomcat was the first application of the worlds first single chip Microprocessor CPU. It predated the Intel 4004 by a couple years

  • هامان هستم

    Iranians f14 tomcat is sky king

    • Christopher George
      Christopher George 16 hours ago

      To bad the pilots are not nor spare parts piracy isn't working. Ditto that for the F4. You guys could never design /mfg our combat masterpieces.

  • gsmd770
    gsmd770 2 days ago

    I grew up around this plane. My father was in the U.S. Navy. I remember the Tomcats very well. When we lived in Key West in the late 70's I remember watching them doing military exercise's and was just blown away!!! I remember when the F/A 18 Hornet's came in as the new fighters. The new kid on the block! Those were the days?!

  • Ken Gantz
    Ken Gantz 2 days ago

    I worked on several of the EAL L-1011s. This video didn't show any EAL cockpits because our L-1011s didn't have the round, "steam" gauges. Ours had vertical tape instruments, for the engines, making it look more like the starship Enterprise rather than an airliner. My least favorite part of the airplane was the counter weights on the elevators. They were made out of depleted uranium and I was alway worried about handling them.

  • Curas1
    Curas1 2 days ago

    I just love these whis bang high tech vehicles japan makes. It's going to blow up and crash just like a anime. Real nice, good job guys.

  • jwrappuhn71
    jwrappuhn71 2 days ago

    Great vid.

  • David Bloomfield
    David Bloomfield 2 days ago

    This is one of the most concise and informative videos I've ever seen on youtube. I really appreciate the detail and depth you cover about even small features!!

  • Paolo Bramucci
    Paolo Bramucci 2 days ago

    Still one of my favorite jet fighters. Most likely, in part of its staring role in Top Gun, alongside of that Tom Cruise guy. 😉

  • David Baker
    David Baker 2 days ago

    Great video, Sky-as usual! There's also a video of an F-14 doing a kind of 'Cobra' manoeuvre on TVclip somewhere!

    • Lt. Viper
      Lt. Viper 22 hours ago

      Are you sure it's the tomcat and not the F/A 18?

  • eixid
    eixid 2 days ago

    After watching around 20 Skyship videos, my favorite part is his dedication and recognition to the Russian/Soviet aerospace industry's genius as well as the west's. The Reds certainly did some reverse engineering but a lot of their original stuff is obviously superior as any true aviation enthusiast knows. Thanks for your content.

  • Peter R
    Peter R 2 days ago

    Nice long video about the Huey

  • Robert all. Dawson
    Robert all. Dawson 2 days ago

    Thank you I flew 747 everywhere I went wile in the Air Force in the early 70's, now at 66 years old, I fly one every day, all day on my flight simulator on my desktop, having all the fun!

  • Hans Stampfli
    Hans Stampfli 2 days ago

    Are we going to see A DC-9 series video soon?

  • Just DeLuxe
    Just DeLuxe 2 days ago

    Skyyyyy....the P in United States Marine Corps is silent..great vid tho.

  • ecmorgan69
    ecmorgan69 2 days ago

    I feel old. I remember seeing those beautiful aircraft in documentaries. It greatly saddened me to see what they did with those airframes when they were removed from service.

  • ecmorgan69
    ecmorgan69 2 days ago

    I feel old. I remember seeing those beautiful aircraft in documentaries. It greatly saddened me to see what they did with those airframes when they were removed from service.

  • Rapid Thrash
    Rapid Thrash 3 days ago

    I live in Greensboro near the factory

  • Luke G
    Luke G 3 days ago

    "Gorgeous" I saw what you did there.

  • Chris H
    Chris H 3 days ago

    one annoying fucking meerkat voice

  • morskojvolk
    morskojvolk 3 days ago

    Excellent, as always! Watching F-14 flight ops was a sight to behold, what an aircraft.

  • Max Brox
    Max Brox 3 days ago

    500th Like.

  • David S.
    David S. 3 days ago

    Looks like a spaceship

  • luke Millman
    luke Millman 3 days ago

    I wonder how much money the UK and Canadian Governments ploughed into this project only for it to fall in the lap of Airbus. Airbus that is suposed to be European owned but money and production clearly is in the German and French favour.

  • Gaurav Khulbe
    Gaurav Khulbe 3 days ago

    Cool now go and fcuk china

  • Stephen Mosca
    Stephen Mosca 3 days ago

    Very good video. I am proud to have worked on this plane as a structural design engineer at Grumman from 1982-1986. Truly the height of air superiority in the Cold War era. I would like to note that the crew/squadron patches depicted a scruffy tomcat with two tails and the motto: “Anytime, baby.”

  • Alan Dampog
    Alan Dampog 3 days ago

    probably way more than 712 f-14bs are now owned in DCS world...

  • BadByte
    BadByte 3 days ago

    Good comeback after the helicopter advertising video

  • XYZ TV
    XYZ TV 3 days ago

    China is an expert on copying. The design of this jet is stolen from Rafael, Eurofighter and F16

  • Kronos
    Kronos 3 days ago

    There are many inaccuracies and inconsistencies in this video. The USN wasted its budget in the 1970s trying to navalise the F-111 by the 1980s the federal government had no stomach for modernising the F-14 and so simply gave the Navy the YF-17. A plane that lost to the F-16 for humble desert. If anything the YF-17 became the plane as the Super Hornet that is good at most things and not particularly good at one thing in particular... Neither having the strike capacity, range or long-range interdiction capability of the F-14. With the upgrade to the AN/APG-71, and the F-14 LANTIRN Targeting System (LTS) pod, the F-14 became a very good bomber that could mark its own targets with a 40,000 feet capable laser and use modern precision laser-guided bombs as it did in its deployment in Kosovo and Afghanistan. It no longer needed buddy targetting in fact by its deployment in Operation Enduring freedom its T3 (Tomcat Tactical Targeting) system was generating buddy targets for B-52s. With the F-111 engines, engine flameouts became a non-existent problem and the F-14B and D had all of the performance issues of the F-14A solved. The real issue is that the federal government didn't want to pay for a full modernisation of the F-14 on top of the F-15, F-16 and Harrier programs. It's as simple as that... When the Navy tried and failed to budget properly to navalise the F-111 the US government lost its faith in Navy planning and simply gave them the YF-17 as the goose that no one wanted. Failing the budget cost overrun 37 new F-14s were built in D configuration and a small number more (18) of low flight hour F-14As were upgraded and retrofitted to "Bombcat" configuration. Despite an aggressive appeal by the Navy for at least 132 units this was declined by none other than Dick Cheyney. Ironically, the FA-18 has since found its place with the one thing it's most notable for as the FA-18 Growler. It makes a very good platform to stick a whole bunch of electronic warfare equipment on and that's about it. It's never stood out among the F-15, and F-14 and it doesn't stand out next to the F-35 but for one purpose. It doesn't offer the cost affordability of the F-16 that Europe and Asia took up in large numbers due to the low unit cost vs. performance figures either. The FA-18s main export target became Australia due to the unique requirements of the RAAF for having twin-engined jets in case of flameouts (later eviscerated by the purchase of the F-35) and the other weird requirement, of having a plane that is operated from the ground that can be arrested by hook. We even arrested the F-111 in Australia by hook a couple times even though no one else in the world bought this option except us in Australia ;) The F-14 simply became a scapegoat of poor planning and implementation by the US Navy. The legacy is also that they now get the F35 instead of the FB-22 which is the heir apparent to the F-14 and the Marines also have to suffer the F-35 also due to the budget overrun of the US Navy all those years ago. The thing is most people are too proud to openly admit it. Pro Tomcat: Better maneuverability at subsonic speed. Built on aerodynamic principles. Supercruise. Longer Range. Better radars (able to see truly see enemies BVR especially for the Phoenix missile system). Better defensive capability as per above + longer range weapon systems. Better strike capacity. Better interdiction capacity. The Tomcat wins in Air To Air before you even see it. It wins on the ground with its Lantrin configuration when the pod is mounted by being able to carry more bombs and having a superior combat range to the FA-18. Pro Hornet: Unswept wings meaning less maintenance hours per flight hour and lower overall maintenance costs. Lower unit costs. Superior electronic warfare systems on the G specific model. Upgraded radar systems, cockpit and HUD also specific to the G model. Negative Hornet: Aerodynamically unstable (built on the principle even a brick could fly with the right computer support) while its possible to operate a Hornet sans computer assistance, its not recommended shall we say.

  • 꼬마충무공
    꼬마충무공 3 days ago

    But i think that's too small.

    DK ANALYTICS 3 days ago

    Just excellent. Thank you very much!

  • IndyHelis
    IndyHelis 3 days ago

    except for the turbine id rather have the cabri G2 with the 3 bladed rotor head...but maybe the cabri will have a turbine someday...

  • Markle2k
    Markle2k 3 days ago

    Terminology tip for the "Eng" channel: I noticed you also calling the vertical stabilizers "the keel" in the previous helicopter video. That's not the alternate name we use in English. We will usually use "fin" as an alternate. Just plain old "fin" or "vertical tail" for those aero devices that stick up from the rear fuselage. "Ventral fin" for those that point down, even for those like on T-tail and cruciform tail jets that are there to help with deep stall recovery (Lear jets, etc.) Sometimes you will hear "twin tail" for something like the F-14, F-15, and the like. "V-tail" for the Model 35 Bonanza and the various German gliders "Keel" in aeronautical circles usually refers to an internal structural member that runs along the ventral part, the bottom of the fuselage. This is akin to a keel on a non-sailing ship that doesn't need to tack. The first member laid down when building in drydock.

    • Markle2k
      Markle2k 2 days ago

      @Ste Jer Who's complaining? I have been a subscriber for ages and never noticed him doing this before. I figured that I would step in before some asshole called him an idiot for not using the correct terminology.

    • Ste Jer
      Ste Jer 2 days ago

      Also: Pratt AND Whitney, not Pratt Whitney. No further complaints, please carry on.

  • knight6831
    knight6831 3 days ago

    the f-14d super tomcat is fun to fly in the ace combat series of video games and phoenix sniping is quite easy to do