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  • Eevee Blackberry
    Eevee Blackberry 2 minutes ago

    Those customers are crazy to leave, I would stay until closing just to watch Chef Ramsey yell at people

  • Lanwarder
    Lanwarder 2 minutes ago

    "I know the origins of baby Yoda"

  • Fabian Bittel
    Fabian Bittel 5 minutes ago

    To much 'yes chef!'

  • Kyle !!!
    Kyle !!! 7 minutes ago

    Sometimes simple is better

  • Juice Key
    Juice Key 7 minutes ago

    God I fucking hate chad

  • Kevin Bacon
    Kevin Bacon 11 minutes ago

    "The oversized diners" lmal

  • Hercule Holmes
    Hercule Holmes 12 minutes ago

    So Gordon Ramsay is rude and insulting to customers? He's a hypocrite, but worse than that it marks him out as being low competence. I question his credibility.

  • Psnowdog7
    Psnowdog7 13 minutes ago

    "This is *professional* " Two seconds later *DICKFACE*

  • you tube member Gonzalez
    you tube member Gonzalez 15 minutes ago

    Fuck pleasing the people eating, I cook for my self and eat happy. Your doing to much.

  • Chase Williams
    Chase Williams 16 minutes ago

    “Hot pan, hot pan” “Please, fuck off in the dining room”

  • TigerBites4000
    TigerBites4000 17 minutes ago

    Why don’t the chefs on this show with beards ever wear beard nets while cooking?? That’s a long ass beard. Those hush puppies sound good though.

  • Marcus Tranter
    Marcus Tranter 17 minutes ago

    As a British person, these people feel so American 😂😂

  • OxygeN Gaming
    OxygeN Gaming 24 minutes ago

    I love to see that JP takes everything Gordon says as good old joke, just shows that 26 years of knowing each other hasn't gone to waste. 0:07 "Sorry can we get a Sign here? Ye, open your eyes you Belgian twat""

  • Esteban Fuenzalida
    Esteban Fuenzalida 26 minutes ago


  • Yousef Bazzi
    Yousef Bazzi 28 minutes ago

    Arron is one of those guys that you look at and get pissed before he even speaks

  • Michael Illes
    Michael Illes 28 minutes ago

    It’s so obvious that they score based on entertainment rather than the actual dish. Ramsay, notoriously hating overly spicy foods, rates Fernando’s dish a 4, just so they can tie the score.

  • Joe Dunlop
    Joe Dunlop 38 minutes ago

    Why do they have blood bandanas on

  • TheSunriseChick
    TheSunriseChick 41 minute ago

    Rest in Peace Petrozza!!!

  • Douglas Mcdonald
    Douglas Mcdonald 43 minutes ago

    Ramsay is Scottish not British

  • Islarf
    Islarf 54 minutes ago

    When you gotta tell your colleague "don't fuck me" live in TV

  • Oscar Galey
    Oscar Galey 54 minutes ago

    Aaron is a dick Sterling’s my guy

  • Waboomania Gd
    Waboomania Gd 56 minutes ago

    I do not know why everyone hates the girl at the end. She literally said that she hoped him to get better soon. Her reaction is just normal, because she wants to win and I would hope the same even though it of course is sad

  • Azilso2 RBLX
    Azilso2 RBLX 57 minutes ago

    Giovanni looks like a drunkard

  • Edward Van Wyk
    Edward Van Wyk 59 minutes ago

    Wtf is wrong with that dude..., caviar, with fucking white chocolate? Wtf is wrong with that fucking chef! Honestly before even Being served to Gordon I was wondering what the fuck is wrong mr white chocolate and fucking cavier

  • Hikaru Midomiya
    Hikaru Midomiya Hour ago

    Wow, what an entitled, snobbish smeg ! (that B.S V.I.P...) She deserves to have someone shit on her plate and having it served to her ! RAW !

  • Ezekiel Gamerr
    Ezekiel Gamerr Hour ago

    This reminds me of my math teacher on grade 4th.

  • BBchrono
    BBchrono Hour ago

    2 min on fish. Chef: OUI

  • MrRagement
    MrRagement Hour ago

    The Way That the Guy Fall In the end of thr video XD

  • MLG
    MLG Hour ago

    That dude from the blue team really behaved like a 40 year old lonely Cruella Devil, power-abusing asshole

  • TheSunriseChick
    TheSunriseChick Hour ago

    Gordon was in dad mode, didn't even need to look up to see Charlie with his arms folded lol

  • Choose your Pazuzu

    1.03 you fkn DONUT!!

  • Gummi Bear
    Gummi Bear Hour ago

    I feel bad for the big guy. Left and right someone's saying something about his size, including Ramsay. Sorry but that's blatant bullying and we wonder why kids grow up to be assholes.

  • Realest One
    Realest One Hour ago

    "and all those women out there won't see their double chins" haha

  • Jeremy Woods
    Jeremy Woods Hour ago

    What kind of asshole wears a hardhat while they eat at a restaurant?

  • Yung Yung
    Yung Yung Hour ago

    you get one time then ill kill you.

  • Jurciii 09
    Jurciii 09 Hour ago

    3:30 what a hoe

  • Bhaby Lux
    Bhaby Lux Hour ago

    I would pay to watch all this in real life

  • Josh JeanJacket Jaeger

    The cringe.

  • TeamBlazer
    TeamBlazer Hour ago

    TVclip, put the comments back.

  • freezaplanet419
    freezaplanet419 Hour ago

    Oh, fish smells bad? What a startling realisation.

  • Onii Chan
    Onii Chan Hour ago

    This people are to picky

  • Adam Cochran
    Adam Cochran Hour ago

    I’ve always wondered why tf anyone would ever want to be a professional chef.

  • The Fattest Hagrid

    I bet my ass that not even Gordon would've guessed half of that shit.

  • AEO Co
    AEO Co Hour ago

    America is two continents containing 35 countries. There is no singular "American" accent.

  • Alfie Devers
    Alfie Devers Hour ago

    0:45 hmm did I forget numbers or is this twat a dumbass

  • Rakavi Ravimohan

    what season is this

  • Josh
    Josh Hour ago

    00:54 Good spaghetti lord in the sky the ego of this woman, if he didn't know how to cook he wouldn't be running multiple TV shows and teach you and a bunch of other cement-headed people how to cook.

  • Christopher Yako

    Hope the girl at the end is voted off.

  • james ac
    james ac Hour ago

    Bryant looks like Victor Lindelof

  • The Fattest Hagrid

    In all honesty, that has to be the fuckin' WORST restaurant ever. Gordon's visiting and ranting about other peoples bad food, but can't even get it on the table in his own restaurant. It is fucking famous for NOT bringing food on the tables in time, why people even go there is the biggest mystery to me.

  • Phoeberia
    Phoeberia Hour ago

    He's a perfectly kind and sweet dude when ppl are respectful and have common decency/sense

  • fvpbz54
    fvpbz54 Hour ago

    I feel sorry for the guys married to those first 3 b!tches. They probably be eating cereal with water everyday cause them 3 cant cook.

  • Glenn Jenkins
    Glenn Jenkins 2 hours ago

    2:20 chef gorden even says " plain "for vegetarian correct? "Yes chef" then asks the dumb question "does it get tuna?" NO YOU DONKEY! XD

  • 69 69
    69 69 2 hours ago

    1:55 IT'S FUCKING RAW!

  • Spencer Reynolds
    Spencer Reynolds 2 hours ago

    All the contests they do where they do a 1 to 5 are fixed.

  • Duck_With_A_ Knife
    Duck_With_A_ Knife 2 hours ago

    Lou was about to stab him in the fucking throat

  • Sergio Ochoa
    Sergio Ochoa 2 hours ago

    I thought he would be madder

  • michaelkemmer
    michaelkemmer 2 hours ago

    That girl at the end sounds like a real bitch. Sometimes it's better to keep your mouth shut.

  • Gummi Bear
    Gummi Bear 2 hours ago

    Obviously there wasn't anything wrong with it because she didn't decide to tell the waiter that it was undercooked, just "not up to her standards".

  • jltaco85
    jltaco85 2 hours ago

    It's always a fucking tie for dramatic purposes.

  • Ry entity
    Ry entity 2 hours ago

    Listen! Big boy, your dish lost, look at you! Look at your arrogance! Get out!

  • First Name Last Name

    From what I have been seeing in these episodes, Ben is a whining bitch.

  • ismail chammami
    ismail chammami 2 hours ago

    Petrozza, bobby and danny are legendary HK contestants imo

  • Tonya Scarlett
    Tonya Scarlett 2 hours ago

    Even her impression of a cow is horrible. It sounded like a sheep. No wonder she isn't casted in anything.

  • Tonya Scarlett
    Tonya Scarlett 2 hours ago

    Well her acting skills isn't up to OUR standards. That's why you don't hear her name anymore.

  • Angel Leon
    Angel Leon 2 hours ago

    Who else watches gordan Ramsey’s episodes because he yells and the chefs and customers

  • First Name Last Name

    I did not expect Lacey to be so humble at the end.

  • Sadic Corpus
    Sadic Corpus 2 hours ago

    Oui...oui..oui, oui...Ooui!!!! ;o <3<3<3

  • Valter Hilmija
    Valter Hilmija 2 hours ago


  • Jhenifer Acacia
    Jhenifer Acacia 2 hours ago

    Omg I feel extremely abused just by watching this. Respect for all the chefs out there, it must be so hard to work under pressure.

  • DeathTrooper 67
    DeathTrooper 67 2 hours ago

    I hate these women, who brag about having kids naturally.

  • Nervozni SA
    Nervozni SA 2 hours ago

    Andrea should be in army like some sort of sergeant 😂

  • Bobby Auvil
    Bobby Auvil 2 hours ago

    “I think it is...not pleasant.” Ouch! Lol! 😂

  • The Harvinator
    The Harvinator 2 hours ago

    Holy shit a video where Gordon actually liked all of the food he was served. Have I fallen through a wormhole and into a parallel universe?

  • matthewruss
    matthewruss 2 hours ago

    And the girl in the end is the reason shel never be a top head chef

  • Luke Wilkins
    Luke Wilkins 2 hours ago

    I can tell Gordon is gettin (lowkey) pissed at the Indian chef correcting his scores

  • wns808
    wns808 2 hours ago

    6:10 “It’s f*cking RANCID!” 🤣🤣

  • Willam Snyder
    Willam Snyder 2 hours ago

    0:55 have a feeling by the lack of eye contact and social cues this bitch gonna be a bitch

  • B Rabbit
    B Rabbit 2 hours ago

    This was before cellphones could send texts... give the man a break! 😂

  • Marko Sunka
    Marko Sunka 2 hours ago

    Rip Petrozza

  • Mr. Jake Plays
    Mr. Jake Plays 2 hours ago

    Why would....why would he ask if her kids are still alive...why. was there a point to that question??

  • mesiroy1234
    mesiroy1234 2 hours ago

    Porr basdterd

  • Andy91
    Andy91 2 hours ago

    Here's the kicker, Gordon Ramsey's day is coming. He's a great chef but you don't treat people that way and not get it back. he is an angry man and when the truth comes out about him it's going to be big news, even bigger than his f****** ego!

  • Ricardo VS
    Ricardo VS 2 hours ago

    1:33 i was so confused i thought he had no teeth at all 😂

  • ahmad moon
    ahmad moon 2 hours ago

    Comment section 50% about Jen 50% about Jean

  • Introvert Tingz
    Introvert Tingz 2 hours ago

    The definition of Bloods vs Crips

  • Hugh Davis
    Hugh Davis 2 hours ago

    Gordon: Multimillionaire HK Cameras: Dollar store quality

  • Ryan brock
    Ryan brock 2 hours ago

    I have never seen so many people in my life not being able to take criticism like its work you bloody dumbass

  • Hameedhul Arshadh
    Hameedhul Arshadh 3 hours ago

    At 1:03 gordon saying undone is unique

  • Dragon
    Dragon 3 hours ago

    "Make yourself look good then, alright?" *"NEVER CHEF!"*

  • Ellar Marinar
    Ellar Marinar 3 hours ago

    *me sees title* LMFAOAOAOAOA😭😹😹😹

  • Achintya Kumar
    Achintya Kumar 3 hours ago

    Bruh. I am an indian and i dont understand why the fk did that guy think about making his cod in champagne. Like cmon. The food is all about the spices profile and the buttery texture.

  • youngmedusa
    youngmedusa 3 hours ago

    Latasha is fine tho 😍

  • Hikaru Midomiya
    Hikaru Midomiya 3 hours ago

    Gordon would hand this Jabba The Hutt moron his ass on a plate !

  • Ellar Marinar
    Ellar Marinar 3 hours ago

    "where's the fxking mash potatoe" "where's the fxkin garnish"...😭😹😹 Reminded me of " where's the lamb sauce!?!!"😭😹😹😹

  • Jesus Lives
    Jesus Lives 3 hours ago

    And people think what Trump says is bad

  • Aubergine Bellen
    Aubergine Bellen 3 hours ago

    The culinary teacher having no education or experience in cooking reminds me of every "life coach" ever.

  • Auntie M
    Auntie M 3 hours ago

    Sounds like he has a torn meniscus. That will do all those things but the MRI should confirm it. If that is it, it will not fix itself and he is too young for a knee replacement. Good luck, you can go years without another incident or this can happen more and more making you a danger in the kitchen.

    TESS YVONNE 3 hours ago

    There was no cheating in this

  • ISEGaming
    ISEGaming 3 hours ago

    You know what this video needs? Creepy guy breathing in your ears (Headphones) xD