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NOT Hat Kid Friendly
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UNDERTALE Swap Sans Fight
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A CAT In Time
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A CUTE In Time
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ENDGAME | Hollow Knight
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PAIN... Hollow Knight
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HOPE... Hollow Knight
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VOID | Hollow Knight
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SHOWDOWN | Hollow Knight
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DREAMER... Hollow Knight
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BROKEN... Hollow Knight
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UNDERTALE The Forgotten End
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GOOD TIME TRIO | Undertale
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  • Liem Bence Nagy
    Liem Bence Nagy 6 hours ago

    Some of the smoke particles when the item button is broken are doggo heads.

  • Oliwia Games xD V2
    Oliwia Games xD V2 6 hours ago

    It's not real underfell.

  • Nugget
    Nugget 6 hours ago

    8:51 Error Sans: My Special Attack Error Sans: *Starts Furiously Masturbating*

  • It’s Destruction Time

    4:00 No, they’re chicken legs.

  • ps4gamerrulez 5
    ps4gamerrulez 5 6 hours ago

    The last difficulty Merg no hit skill

  • XoXMysticPlayzxX Lol

    The film thing is driving me crazy!

  • Purple Power
    Purple Power 6 hours ago

    This is actually real omg :))

  • ღ yCinnamon
    ღ yCinnamon 6 hours ago

    11:46 No,no,no thanks I don't want this sticker

  • Michael Overgaard
    Michael Overgaard 7 hours ago

    It's anti virus sans

  • Flinch 24
    Flinch 24 7 hours ago

    “Strike the earth” What if it *strike back?*

  • Roulxs Kaard
    Roulxs Kaard 7 hours ago

    Shovel Knight? More like B E T T Y

  • david mason
    david mason 7 hours ago

    does anybody have a link to a saved version of this the page doesnt seem to exist anymore

  • the groove
    the groove 7 hours ago

    Hey at May 31 just shapes and beats are now available :)^.^ I can't wait

  • Timur Khodyakov
    Timur Khodyakov 7 hours ago

    22:00 Sr Pelo says "WAT"

  • Timur Khodyakov
    Timur Khodyakov 7 hours ago

    On "Atone my sins" I realized that the "ding" sound... if you actually no-hit it, you can see, that its right like the music

  • Floyd Godwin Alipala

    Ah yes leave mergs hp with 1 perfect

  • Alyssa Orante
    Alyssa Orante 7 hours ago


  • bok kob
    bok kob 7 hours ago

    This made me scared but gladly i only watched this in the morning :D

  • ItzYuanPlayz- Gaming

    Undyne NEO? wha- Imagine a star and knight..

  • RipCurl 97
    RipCurl 97 7 hours ago


  • Roblox Dark side. Ro-blox .

    2:08 When you think about asriel dreemurr use shovel in match,2:34 When Thunder chicken storm is coming to you.

  • Jordan Wheatley
    Jordan Wheatley 8 hours ago

    These levels are based shovel knight and the dlc characters Plague Knight Spectre knight And king knight

  • Jordan Wheatley
    Jordan Wheatley 8 hours ago

    These levels are based shovel knight and the dlc characters Plague Knight Spectre knight And king knight

  • Jordan Wheatley
    Jordan Wheatley 8 hours ago

    These levels are based shovel knight and the dlc characters Plague Knight Spectre knight And king knight

  • dat dere communist friend

    Something told me to expect this tbh

  • Eko Putra
    Eko Putra 8 hours ago

    Shovel knight lets play confirmed

  • Pika GD
    Pika GD 8 hours ago

    if they do a hollow knight update in this ill br happy

  • Milky Way Domo
    Milky Way Domo 8 hours ago

    WASD *W*. *D*. G*AS*TER

  • Im a Fake Default
    Im a Fake Default 8 hours ago

    idk im auber from 20`7 but bruh its fake do u see how frisk moves on game it yhas a diffrence

  • I_am_a_wierdo UwU
    I_am_a_wierdo UwU 9 hours ago

    *how come all there bodies float when battling :/*

  • Farid Fellag
    Farid Fellag 9 hours ago

    thou*sans*of years later

  • Christopher D'Oyen
    Christopher D'Oyen 9 hours ago

    When the ‘g’ falls off the graveyard sign:

  • Michelle Chua
    Michelle Chua 9 hours ago

    No hit sans litteraly Hitting him in the end

    RAMO PC 9 hours ago

    10:15 yeah no hit

  • Jhonny Barro
    Jhonny Barro 10 hours ago

    75%: Comments thats using memes as their comments 25%: comments that didnt used memes

  • charley beralde
    charley beralde 10 hours ago

    chara failed not toriel

  • NevaehArodi
    NevaehArodi 10 hours ago

    Merg: "We should not judge people if it does not hurt anyone." Me: "**Awkwardly coughs**"

  • Jacob Raphael Yalung
    Jacob Raphael Yalung 10 hours ago

    Can you do that and mercy

  • Simon Offerein
    Simon Offerein 10 hours ago

    i just want a "just hats & time" dlc :)

  • Xen0_ Urumaki
    Xen0_ Urumaki 10 hours ago


  • Jotaro Kujo
    Jotaro Kujo 10 hours ago

    Beware of the man who uses hands beware of the man who eats ham

    DUST SANS 10 hours ago

    What about no hit without using dashes?

  • Hapi Bapi
    Hapi Bapi 10 hours ago


  • steams the madlad
    steams the madlad 11 hours ago

    Translate the thing at 1:55.

  • CoffeeToon Animations
    CoffeeToon Animations 11 hours ago

    Sans: tries to do frisk dance Frisk: *thats illegal*

  • TobiTube1o1
    TobiTube1o1 11 hours ago

    Could you make a new episode of bonetale? it gets more interesting than you think!

  • Richard Jay
    Richard Jay 11 hours ago

    For the manti fight one of the names was Chris ............... deltarune?

  • Boss Mirage
    Boss Mirage 11 hours ago

    The name has like chara wally trwwd?

  • Charmie Del Campo
    Charmie Del Campo 11 hours ago

    *frisk is playing with the pelets*

  • Twink:3
    Twink:3 11 hours ago

    Merg:*doing no hit s rank* Game:"I am a JOKE for U?><"

  • A150
    A150 11 hours ago

    Merg: its a chara! Mario: its a me, mario See a similarity?

  • RAFAEL Calahuche
    RAFAEL Calahuche 12 hours ago

    A jevil of omega jevil

  • Teoman Kamadan
    Teoman Kamadan 12 hours ago

    You are really good at this guessing thing First bomb potions Then spirits Then kings?

  • 1_of_the_germs_ 567
    1_of_the_germs_ 567 12 hours ago

    0:21 geometry dash in a nutshell

  • WingDingamer
    WingDingamer 12 hours ago

    Merg gets merged

  • ZGaming Ken
    ZGaming Ken 12 hours ago

    I like temmietale more because they tell you the year. And easy.

  • Greed23
    Greed23 12 hours ago

    You took damage at the end. Just like your Asriel fight. What a hack!

  • Crazy Martin
    Crazy Martin 12 hours ago

    Do you hate yourself dude? Cause i dont think this is healthy

  • Pop4484
    Pop4484 12 hours ago

    Everything weird can happen because some of those are modders.

  • Albert Willms
    Albert Willms 13 hours ago

    By the way the king is not a king it's just crown 👑

  • Abizar Arsyad
    Abizar Arsyad 13 hours ago


  • rey ibrahim abraham
    rey ibrahim abraham 13 hours ago

    the monster its like a papyrus, cuz the glove

  • Abizar Arsyad
    Abizar Arsyad 13 hours ago


  • Pop4484
    Pop4484 13 hours ago

    6:18 Murder on the Owl Express is my favourite act because it has a real movie-like feeling.

  • BonusDucksYT
    BonusDucksYT 13 hours ago

    All Of These Are References To Some Bosses On Shovel Knight O^O I *Raged* While Playing Shovel Night Ō^Ō

  • Ryan Rodriguez
    Ryan Rodriguez 13 hours ago

    Well i guess its a accident

  • Ryan Rodriguez
    Ryan Rodriguez 13 hours ago

    How is it a no hit if you just got hit Like = agree Dislike = disagree

  • Octo-Ninja25
    Octo-Ninja25 13 hours ago


  • Thomas H
    Thomas H 13 hours ago


  • фриски сабирова

    Санц почему ты такой жырный?

  • Hunter Vang
    Hunter Vang 14 hours ago

    Btw merge Its help tale papyrus not six bones

  • Bendy gamer
    Bendy gamer 14 hours ago

    Can you guess who is the most cute in my opinion there is 2 of them!

  • Lexi Playz
    Lexi Playz 14 hours ago

    you know, its rude to make a video about someone who’s watching...

  • Thomas H
    Thomas H 14 hours ago

    in undertale you actaully can't take damage by the souls' attacks

  • MeLonMelOdY
    MeLonMelOdY 14 hours ago

    When he went in the middle of the cannons it be like weird flex but ok 3:30

  • Temmie Tem
    Temmie Tem 14 hours ago

    Seriously how hard do these have to be to beat FRICKING MERG SURELY HE’LL MEET HIS MATCH ONE DAY

  • Bad Grim Mist
    Bad Grim Mist 14 hours ago

    Me just chilling until he uploads part 2

  • George Keener
    George Keener 14 hours ago

    *poor* *Goat* *boi*

  • Farhan
    Farhan 14 hours ago

    Random guy: My secret is, I put all my leftover pancakes in this giant hat. *Niko would like to know your location*

  • The meme-crusader
    The meme-crusader 15 hours ago

    Fun fact: Flowers of Antimony is plauge knights theme and his entire deal is potions and bombs frankly my favorite boss next to spectre knight and the final boss :)

  • Raptor Games and blogz

    Of he still hearts comments on this hes a madlad

  • Nickolay Garbuzov
    Nickolay Garbuzov 15 hours ago

    4:20 When you've played too much the Pantheon of the Hallownest.

  • dani's videos
    dani's videos 15 hours ago

    This VS the other version of this. Which will win? Minus (-) to vote for this. Plus (+) to vote for the other versin of this.

  • Broko Man
    Broko Man 15 hours ago

    I don't think tori and asgore are not cue tori x sans took it over and this is from 2019

  • Cathrina Ramos
    Cathrina Ramos 15 hours ago


  • Cathrina Ramos
    Cathrina Ramos 15 hours ago

    Merg is still saltier than the absolute salt

  • M17 bully
    M17 bully 15 hours ago

    Burgerpants: purple guy... *5 seconds later* Burgerpants: wait does that guy even work here Me: Clever Toby, pizza place+purple guy=4 dead children Me also: Thx For Fnaf Easter egg Toby

  • Jacob Raphael Yalung
    Jacob Raphael Yalung 15 hours ago

    I just cry at the end

  • Wiicha
    Wiicha 15 hours ago

    is this the final boss?

  • Sandpaper Games
    Sandpaper Games 15 hours ago

    I remember the good old days when I spent 80 hours beating this stupid game mode with all bonuses, no peace and tranquility and pre nerf... Good memories... Sort of

  • Ultimate Champion
    Ultimate Champion 16 hours ago

    “What is dude.” -Merg 2019

  • Miles Carter
    Miles Carter 16 hours ago

    Watching him play splat 2D was PAINFUL

  • Rodrigo Dominguez
    Rodrigo Dominguez 16 hours ago

    6:33 This reminds me of Akumu or Betty in glitchtale

  • Benjamin Carroll
    Benjamin Carroll 16 hours ago

    my frisk done *there dead*

  • Anka Kobayashi
    Anka Kobayashi 16 hours ago

    Sans'death is sad , but its sadder when he doesnt truly get damage done to you . and Merg's training is just like , yeah its training , but ouch to sans

  • Chxra
    Chxra 16 hours ago

    You can just. Hear the keyboard the whole time. It’s a good horror game when it sometimes goes silent and you can hear yourself move.

  • Ze Clown Under Your Bed


  • Trikip
    Trikip 16 hours ago

    Your like button is blue now! That’s my attack!

  • James Black
    James Black 16 hours ago

    I just realized that the jigsaw puzzles at 5:30 might have been a reference (it’s prob not a reference because it’s a previous game but whatever idk what else to call it) to the jigsawrys from deltarune

  • Marrr Aaaa
    Marrr Aaaa 16 hours ago

    Jevil: *blushes* Merg do you like me? Merg: 24:06