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Tristan @ Boom Festival
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Tristan & Bliss - Meltdown
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Tristan - Enlightenment
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Tristan - Parallel Reality
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Tristan - Melody Maker
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Tristan - Time & Space
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Tristan @ Boomtown Fair 2019
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Tristan - Suriname
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Tristan - Toad
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Tristan - No Guarantees
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Tristan - Dream Machine
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Tristan - If Only
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Tristan - Terrordactyl
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Tristan - Focus
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Tristan - It Depends On You
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Tristan @ Insanno Festival
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Tristan & Pogo - Sacramental
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Tristan @ Alakazam
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Tristan @ Millesime 2019
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Tristan @ Ecologic Festival
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Tristan @ Sonoora 2018
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Killerwatts - Fractals
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Tristan Live @ Skopje 2019
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Tristan @ Mystica 2019
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Tristan - Psytrance Family
Views 2.8K11 months ago


  • espen HR
    espen HR 20 hours ago

    My first psytrance festival was at the first S.U.N festival. it changed my life, i had NO CLUE what psytrance was, i was manic nad just wanted something new, and it changed me deep within,,damn such a good experience, the energy. WAAH::! words can't describe..

  • Andre
    Andre Day ago

    Eversince I discovered your music I've been hoping to see you perform live and that happens in just over a week at Origin Festival Cape Town!! Too freakin keen!!

  • Joshua Berwind

    Dear Mr Cooke, how is the track called at minute 42

  • Robert Julien
    Robert Julien 2 days ago

    border like animals, drug addicts ... possibly zombies ... omg, same rhythm repeated haha!

  • Pablo Ruan
    Pablo Ruan 2 days ago

    Keep the vibe up!! As always energy at dancefloor and on stage!! KILLER!!!

  • Nathan A.
    Nathan A. 2 days ago


  • Adrian Marcelo Paz
    Adrian Marcelo Paz 3 days ago


  • Abdulla Alhayki
    Abdulla Alhayki 3 days ago

    What a Killer set that was, the Vibe was insane......👽

  • Mc Lost
    Mc Lost 3 days ago


  • fernando giron
    fernando giron 3 days ago

    Momento único Ojalá que se repita @tristan

  • John E Cook
    John E Cook 3 days ago


  • cam DJ JEST hart
    cam DJ JEST hart 4 days ago

    loved it ..gota have psy in ya life ...breakbeatwarriors uk

  • PsyDancer1000xP
    PsyDancer1000xP 4 days ago


  • Rafa Bellas
    Rafa Bellas 4 days ago

    Assistindo do Brasil aqui

  • Rafa Bellas
    Rafa Bellas 4 days ago

    Muito foda

  • António André
    António André 4 days ago


  • Mr. Gonzo
    Mr. Gonzo 4 days ago

    Now who the fuck came up with the idea to split the dance floor in 2 , to make room for camera ect.. 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  • Dejan Ažnoh
    Dejan Ažnoh 5 days ago

    I love this bassline so much d(-.-)b...respect from slowenia

  • Emiliano Becerra
    Emiliano Becerra 7 days ago

    Cuando los dj estan mas limados q los del publico jaja

  • ThaOneTribe
    ThaOneTribe 7 days ago

    Tristan, could you suggest some phytrance VST plugins you may use or others use for ableton. Any help would be Truly Appreciated thanks, Carl

  • Peter Niclas Kellogg

    eff yess

  • John TheJinx
    John TheJinx 9 days ago

    Awesome, KillerWatts for life ❤🎶👽

  • x x
    x x 10 days ago

    ❤❤❤More please More❤❤❤

  • Marga Van Dieken
    Marga Van Dieken 10 days ago

    Keep up the great Work love it yeeeeeeeees

  • bithouseworld light
    bithouseworld light 10 days ago

    Tenta de floresta

  • ძცՐค౮Ꮎც૯ค੮ѕ


  • John E Cook
    John E Cook 11 days ago


  • Lucas Fonseca
    Lucas Fonseca 12 days ago

    Song 1:11:44 / 40:14 / 11:02 PLEASE

  • Felpzera
    Felpzera 13 days ago

    Vem pra prog o quanto antes de novo, que prog de final....pqp

  • Caian Souza
    Caian Souza 15 days ago

    Tristan é barril, sem condições. muito foda !!

  • Jack W
    Jack W 16 days ago

    Has a track to remix been decided yet?

  • Elgar Botha
    Elgar Botha 17 days ago

    Those percussions on the first track are so sick

  • Peter Niclas Kellogg

    !!!!! :))

  • Orlando Chávez.F•

    Soy muy perrita

  • Celso
    Celso 17 days ago

    Voce é sinistro!!! Já te vi na 303 Art Festival Bahia-BR

    YAX ASTRIX 17 days ago


  • ᎠᎪNࡃ.ԱԲՓՖ᪬

    Me encanta Brasil su gente su energía son tremendos.. Saludos desde México

  • Erom Gomes
    Erom Gomes 18 days ago

    Your new track with Digital Hippie Is realy massive ❤️

  • official REDEX Andrei Bularca

    Ci vediamo a 7 chakras...hungry for the power 🥇💣

  • John E Cook
    John E Cook 18 days ago


  • music and me
    music and me 18 days ago

    Teacher tristan

  • DAVID Monier
    DAVID Monier 18 days ago

    Merci tristan

  • eeWMan
    eeWMan 18 days ago

    Thank you !!

  • TheShtangist
    TheShtangist 19 days ago

    Track name 20:00?

  • Gerold G
    Gerold G 19 days ago

    amazing set !

  • Parikshith
    Parikshith 21 day ago

    24:00 wooooooohoooooo

  • Edvaldo Ribeiro
    Edvaldo Ribeiro 21 day ago

    Segura Véi, pauleira pau de dar em doidoooo

  • Saleh Babakri
    Saleh Babakri 22 days ago

    from 3:00 to 3:40 You killed it 👽👍🔥

  • Acid Shivas
    Acid Shivas 23 days ago


  • Edgar Sanchez
    Edgar Sanchez 24 days ago

    No mames es una verga de psychedelic!!! Te deja mudo

  • Bernd
    Bernd 24 days ago

    Top!! 👍

  • John E Cook
    John E Cook 25 days ago


  • Rajkumar abhange
    Rajkumar abhange 25 days ago

    Very very nice

  • tomsson balenci
    tomsson balenci 25 days ago

    We are Psychedelics !!!!

  • Peter Niclas Kellogg

    *: goody goody goa :*

  • Fotini Nas ॐ
    Fotini Nas ॐ 25 days ago


  • x x
    x x 25 days ago

    ❤ Tristan ❤

  • PsyDancer1000xP
    PsyDancer1000xP 25 days ago


  • Buddy Helm
    Buddy Helm 25 days ago

    Tristan is #1!!!!+!!!!!!

  • Liquicitizen Mo
    Liquicitizen Mo 25 days ago

    Song around 1:13:00 ? Pls and thank you!

    DILAN 26 days ago

    goddly music man holly shittt

  • Groov0eaud piña
    Groov0eaud piña 28 days ago


  • Almir Garcia Junior
    Almir Garcia Junior 28 days ago

    Os melhores...

  • Alen AxP
    Alen AxP 28 days ago

    This is one of my favorite Psychedelic tracks! <3 LOVE TRISTAN

  • Thi 269
    Thi 269 Month ago

    11:28 lol asshole

  • John TheJinx
    John TheJinx Month ago

    Awesome ! 🎶 👽❤

  • John E Cook
    John E Cook Month ago


  • Henrique Costa
    Henrique Costa Month ago

    gods of psytrance

  • Peter Niclas Kellogg

    ! ! und !

  • Ankush Hira
    Ankush Hira Month ago

    What a blast non stop banger💓💓

  • BiTi
    BiTi Month ago

    magic party

  • Андрей Литвинов

    💪💪 Прекрасно.

  • Daniela Rodrigues

    Eu amo essa música, eu amo vocês!

  • taswell koopman
    taswell koopman Month ago

    I just can’t get enough of your energy @Tristan. So amped to see you in South Africa @Origin2020 🕺🏼🔥💯

  • Mo Q
    Mo Q Month ago

    Track should be called ' Stomp Away'

  • Freaky Booby
    Freaky Booby Month ago

    I have nothing to say.He is the real Psychedelic Wizard!!!

  • John E Cook
    John E Cook Month ago


  • syed syu
    syed syu Month ago

    Doesn't look like hilltop to me.

  • karan juneja
    karan juneja Month ago

    Tristan you're a very good dancer🙃

  • tomsson balenci
    tomsson balenci Month ago

    i hope to see you at the Free Earth Festival!!!!!!

  • Bojan Kosmos
    Bojan Kosmos Month ago

    We Are Psychedelic!!! Mi smo Psihodelik!!! Bravooo!!'

  • bliff sdfsdfs
    bliff sdfsdfs Month ago

    ça galop !!!!

  • Aneesh Yeasudas
    Aneesh Yeasudas Month ago

    Hilltop 🌹🌹🌹🌹😘🥰😍😘😘🥰😍❤❤💖💗💓💞❣

  • Erik Schmidt
    Erik Schmidt Month ago

    ich war live da er ist super geilmir klingeln heute noch die ohren und ich höre das jeden tag wird nie langweilig

  • Sagar Jaiswal
    Sagar Jaiswal Month ago

    Tristan being Tristan. ❤️

  • mxurvcvo
    mxurvcvo Month ago

    é bom dimais júnio

  • x x
    x x Month ago

    Lieg im Bett u bekomm Bock auf Party tristan nächstes Jahr haben wir n date 🙋‍♂️🙆‍♂️🙅‍♂️🙆‍♂️🤷‍♂️🙋‍♂️😎🥰😎

  • x x
    x x Month ago

    Ich liebe deine Musik Du bleibst dir treu u gibst immer Gas, mich freuds weiter machen

  • Purwinator
    Purwinator Month ago

    I don't wanna miss out on any second of this video! - Such a good vibe! Have to share tho ;D For sharing is caring <3



  • John E Cook
    John E Cook Month ago


  • Lucas Sicheroli
    Lucas Sicheroli Month ago

    Please, come to Universo Paralello in this year!!

  • Joshua Berwind
    Joshua Berwind Month ago

    Release some sets mate, its been too long

  • PsyDancer1000xP
    PsyDancer1000xP Month ago

    Awesome 💖 Greetings from Germany 🇩🇪👋👽🙏 Btw: Track ID = Tristan - Psy Famaly :) Psytrance is the best fucking music genre in the universe 💥

  • Daniele White
    Daniele White Month ago

    You are great!!

    HITTUBE Month ago

    Jprd 🤪

  • Rui Canelas
    Rui Canelas Month ago

    405 persons are dead inside

  • billy boom
    billy boom Month ago

    tristan=RICHTER !!!!

  • Noël Van der Horst

    What a "Wonderizer"!!!

  • sassidelic dj
    sassidelic dj Month ago

    linha de full on estilo tristan