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    MF GLOOM 5 minutes ago

    Objectively wrong opinion Melon

  • Alexis Maltère
    Alexis Maltère 6 minutes ago

    I surprisingly generally agree with Anthony on that one. Mine would go: #1 - OK Computer #2 - In Rainbows (Live from the Basement) #3 - Kid A #4 - A Moon Shaped Pool #5 - Hail to the Thief #6 - The Bends #7 - The King of Limbs (Live from the Basement) #8 - Pablo Honey #9 - Amnesiac

  • Griffin Reitz
    Griffin Reitz 6 minutes ago

    U a bitch

  • Aria
    Aria 9 minutes ago

    Burnout is real

  • Nathan Doyel
    Nathan Doyel 12 minutes ago

    AIN'T IT

  • c r a s s BMT
    c r a s s BMT 12 minutes ago

    He dropped all the good songs as singles but it's at least a 7/10 c'mon melon

  • Jack
    Jack 16 minutes ago

  • John Potz
    John Potz 20 minutes ago

    Why hasnt anyone told melon that faint vocals on songs packaged haphazardly on uneven albums is literally Alex Gs appeal

  • zeratul78
    zeratul78 23 minutes ago

    The best Death Grips song

  • Avery Smith
    Avery Smith 24 minutes ago

    GLOO review?

  • Nemo_K
    Nemo_K 24 minutes ago

    ouch. I'm not much into post-rock so the "cliches" are lost on me but I thought the opening track was an absolute transcedental amazing piece of music.

  • Alex Gruel
    Alex Gruel 25 minutes ago

    It’s weird hearing you say my name so much

  • Oliver S
    Oliver S 27 minutes ago

    i absolutely loved so many songs off of free slirit

  • Billy's Music
    Billy's Music 28 minutes ago

    Ok so it’s not outstanding but it’s his best yet and deserving of more than a 5

  • SoundCzech
    SoundCzech 33 minutes ago

    the first supper breakdown is still one of the most disgusting things I have ever heard.

  • Quickscope One Eighty
    Quickscope One Eighty 38 minutes ago


  • Sulii bulii
    Sulii bulii 38 minutes ago

    Watch melon head give Ameer Vann a bad review to appease the brockhampton fans. Even though it's at least a 8/10

  • Jessica
    Jessica 44 minutes ago

    Sorry, I just saw them live... And this album is amazing

  • _mr__MaSTeR
    _mr__MaSTeR 47 minutes ago

    Hard *breaths in* Disagree

  • Selarom Ogeid
    Selarom Ogeid 47 minutes ago

    I like the new frames Melon Very academic

  • Aaron Mena
    Aaron Mena 55 minutes ago

    Imagine being this wrong about Alex G for three consecutive records

  • Anirudh Mittal
    Anirudh Mittal 55 minutes ago

    Don't stop posting reviews melon, you're the reason I have any sort of opinion in music

  • Xan Shipstew
    Xan Shipstew 57 minutes ago

    Could you review K-12? I'm curious about your opinion.

  • Cammy's Comet
    Cammy's Comet 58 minutes ago

    I liked the little "Phheww" sound he made at the end lol

  • felix menvero
    felix menvero Hour ago

    allahou akbar <3 AL HAMDOU LILAH <3

  • ShadowFreakTV
    ShadowFreakTV Hour ago

    "Lost their groove" he said about an album that literally contains the song "Los".

  • Yes Yes
    Yes Yes Hour ago

    R u reviewing ameer

  • precious clement selwyn s. Fermin

    Thimbnail Imagine dragons NOT GOOD Me:meh dont care just use the songs that i like

  • probably elvy or something

    umm melon this is dumb

  • Sergeant Pickles

    Hobo Johnson review please melon

  • Jacob Young
    Jacob Young Hour ago

    Melon needs to just stay on /mu/

  • Wolf !
    Wolf ! Hour ago


  • Matheus Salabert

    This week is going bad. Did not agree with a single thing.

  • JohnnyBlue Gaming

    The most obvious and pointless observations, clearly you haven't given the album enough of your time or else you wouldn't have to make so many comparisons to Rocket. And how is the final third of the album week? Probably has the best strings of tracks on the album lol

  • xToony
    xToony Hour ago

    First u give 2017’s AOTY a 4 now u give 2019’s a 5 Fantano i am not okay with this behavior

  • Depression Cherry

    Funny how a controversial review suddenly gets rid of all of the memes in the comment section lol

  • Isardella
    Isardella Hour ago


  • Ass Ass
    Ass Ass Hour ago


  • Slawssson
    Slawssson Hour ago

    Just goes to show that music is DEFINITELY subjective, as this is the only bad review I’ve seen so far

  • Bern Ban
    Bern Ban Hour ago

    I disagree on the Selena Gomez track. I love that song. However, I agree that it would be great if he had bigger “events” in his songs. I feel like he’s not doing it because he thinks it’s what we would expect; he’s trying to stay unpredictable. If you think about it, it could be an expression of his image: being shy/reclusive.

  • Geoffrey Fermin
    Geoffrey Fermin Hour ago

    Xan is fucking trash and his entire persona is cringe and depressingly wack. If that makes me an out of touch old man then fuck it.

  • Slawssson
    Slawssson Hour ago

    When it’s Alex’s most cohesive and arguably maybe his best album but the melon ranks it even lower than Beach Music 😩😩😩

  • AICabal
    AICabal Hour ago

    What's with the paedo opening?

  • marc !
    marc ! Hour ago

    sad for the low score but I kind of get it it's still cool you reviewed this album

  • marco pivetta
    marco pivetta 2 hours ago

    Fuck now all the people that didnt like the record are gonna feel validated. Yall still wrong, so u know.

  • _______
    _______ 2 hours ago

    Chat cocks

  • August Henriksen
    August Henriksen 2 hours ago

    Wheres the IGOR reveiw ant knee? Im begginig to form my own opinion on it

  • Ian Miller
    Ian Miller 2 hours ago

    Take a shot every time Anthony says "transition." You'll be trashed by the end of every review.

  • Kristop Zorpingis
    Kristop Zorpingis 2 hours ago

    Anfernee, you’ve become early-2000’s video Pitchfork. You contrarian weenis

  • Tommy K
    Tommy K 2 hours ago

    Man are you pulling everyone's leg? A 9, this? This is definitely in the 6 range.

  • Rawezh Bagare
    Rawezh Bagare 2 hours ago

    Never liked any of her projects but man do I love this album. Sounds like a pop album but somehow it sounds refreshing

  • Gwendylan Turner
    Gwendylan Turner 2 hours ago

    Listen to it 3 more times and tell me you haven't changed your mind. HoS is a cohesive masterpiece with a central consistent theme of indulgence but okay

  • marc Louly
    marc Louly 2 hours ago

    Please, please, please, please, pleeeaaassseeee review the new hobo johnson record,”the fall of hobo johnson”

  • Howling Huntley
    Howling Huntley 2 hours ago

    The fact you rate this above Green day, means everthing you say is suspect.

  • Aidan McKeachie
    Aidan McKeachie 2 hours ago

    Cool way to title the Emmanuel review melon

  • Pete
    Pete 2 hours ago

    gucci gang v.2

  • TY2020
    TY2020 2 hours ago

    This is EASILY better than Rocket you bitch

  • Shevanda Alfaridzi
    Shevanda Alfaridzi 2 hours ago

    Can you trust a guy who gives JPEGMAFIA new album just a light 8/10?

  • Elephant In The Room

    There has to be like 5,000 "mainstream, or household name" musicals that most people know, in my opinion there is way too many fake musicans that are too lazy to get a real job and don't want to work

  • Snacob Snones
    Snacob Snones 2 hours ago

    Why does this wallet salesman think he can tell me what music to like

  • jackrkilby
    jackrkilby 2 hours ago

    "Is all popular music mediocre?" No. Is most popular music mediocre? Yes. I think the 80/20 rule applies to this question.

  • Dýrgoði
    Dýrgoði 2 hours ago

    Infowars - the album! Lol!!! I like the album. Its better than the one before it.

  • Filippo Mazzini
    Filippo Mazzini 2 hours ago

    I thought the exact same thing before listening to the review and Hope is obviously the standout track.

  • Asger Berg Braae
    Asger Berg Braae 2 hours ago

    The British got nae nae'd

  • neon octafish
    neon octafish 2 hours ago

    Imagine being this wrong.

  • Retexid
    Retexid 2 hours ago

    Cant wait to see Korn album getting higher score than Tools album. High five Melon

  • ayysha
    ayysha 2 hours ago

    god you really are disappointing Anthony

  • JoshuaKaluba
    JoshuaKaluba 3 hours ago

    This is an L my guy

  • lazy dreamer
    lazy dreamer 3 hours ago

    this album blew my mind ... i did not expect a 5 ..... really, melon?

  • Adam Haj-Hamad
    Adam Haj-Hamad 3 hours ago

    Instead of raiding Area51 chat is raiding melon for having an opinion

  • MicShazam
    MicShazam 3 hours ago


  • Callum McCartney
    Callum McCartney 3 hours ago

    Completely disagree

  • Benj
    Benj 3 hours ago

    House of Sugar was alright, but it's a little concerning that Alex still hasn't topped RACE.

    • Benj
      Benj 3 hours ago

      @Parker Chase Agreed, though Gnaw is one of my all-time favourites from him. DSU is another gem for sure.

    • Parker Chase
      Parker Chase 3 hours ago

      Benj yeeeaahh... but he done a lot of other cool stuff. RACE doesn’t make up the bulk my personal top 10 alex g songs it’s just maybe the most concise & consistent of his records. DSU is pretty great too tho

  • Some Dogs Are Cops
    Some Dogs Are Cops 3 hours ago

    This was not the review score I wanted to see but what really concerned me was the part you got angry and restless that Kendrick Lamar hasn't released any new music and called him the n word. I know you apologized and called it a Freudian slip but maybe edit that out next time.

  • kyro youie
    kyro youie 3 hours ago

    I think I actually agree with him. It’s rare when that happens. Still I enjoyed a lot of songs on this one. It just feels like it’s missing a bit more time and love from the G man. I think he’s gonna rly knock it out of the park someday in a way that no one was expecting. Rly cool aesthetic he’s always had. It feels authentic and unique.

  • owain bestley
    owain bestley 3 hours ago

    alright melon how bout this: fuck you

  • Morph
    Morph 3 hours ago

    You are nitpicking and biased, I win, bye bye.

  • Arcsector
    Arcsector 3 hours ago

    I thought that the near 30-minute attempt to photoshop out the metal on the album cover "because it covers the nippies" was a bit unnecessary but still glad this got a 9.

  • weeb mcweebyson
    weeb mcweebyson 3 hours ago

    Fuck yeah been waiting for this video

  • Pop Fan 4life
    Pop Fan 4life 3 hours ago

    Can you do songs I should have pitched by Nick Nittoli

  • Tokk123
    Tokk123 3 hours ago

    Light sexual tensions, 6/10, would watch again

  • kok hoe teh
    kok hoe teh 4 hours ago

    LOL what a convenient diss at macklemore

  • DarkMatterBlues
    DarkMatterBlues 4 hours ago


  • Pesky Bee
    Pesky Bee 4 hours ago

    the way he speaks of syro almost makes it sound as if it is a strong 7, however, a number is a number and we may see melon review this album again sometime

  • thic_bich
    thic_bich 4 hours ago

    this deserves a 10.

  • Alexis Maltère
    Alexis Maltère 4 hours ago

    I haven't heard Alex G music, nor I understand at all why people in the comments seem unhappy (and I don't want to dig to know why), but I've put a dislike like everyone just for the lolz.

  • Track Sloth
    Track Sloth 4 hours ago

    Fuckin love this series! Also have to agree about the poor choice of hair.

  • Adripekas
    Adripekas 4 hours ago


  • TheSnoozeFox
    TheSnoozeFox 4 hours ago

    This was closer to his Devon Hendryx output than jpegmafia

  • gnarkill
    gnarkill 4 hours ago

    this is the worst review you’ve ever uploaded melon man smh

  • Ali Taheri
    Ali Taheri 4 hours ago


  • Gio Bouzi
    Gio Bouzi 4 hours ago

    Soooooo no Ameer review.

  • kok hoe teh
    kok hoe teh 4 hours ago

    where's tekashi LOL

  • Brad W.
    Brad W. 4 hours ago

    Melon doesn't understand that Alex is a G

  • N. W.
    N. W. 4 hours ago

    he forgot to take a box of Benadryl first oh well

  • My Enemy's Enemy
    My Enemy's Enemy 4 hours ago

    In my opinion, he’s not that strong of a vocalist or songwriter... Okay.

  • Matthew Lowe
    Matthew Lowe 4 hours ago

    Music critics and pundits are almost all leftist cucks, despite this I generally agree with Anthony's reviews, but this particular records review irritates me because even though he or any other popular music resources- (Rolling Stone, Allmusic, Pitchfork) are all giving it a robust 8/10, there is simply nothing special or unique about this album apart from it's "progressive" woman themes and Southernised pro P.C culture pychobabble. Make no mistake, all these raving critical reviews are simply a result of the left controlled media's insatiable need to show off how "woke" they are. Go listen to Stardust by Willie Nelson instead.

  • Xæsar ad ChaO
    Xæsar ad ChaO 4 hours ago

    Hahahahaha!!!! Im 33 and i absolutely agree!!!! Hahaha

  • Kick in the Door
    Kick in the Door 4 hours ago

    I thought this would be 10 with that thumbnail