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The Amateurs
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Accidental Love
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The Hollow Reed
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The Baby of Macon
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Jump the Gun
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Gregory's Two Girls
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Some Voices
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Playing Away
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Sister My Sister
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Food of Love
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8 1/2 Women
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The Acid House
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The Gigolos
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Closing Numbers
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Born of Fire
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The Debt Collector
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The Low Down
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Paper Mask
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Slab Boys
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December Bride
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Hidden City
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Singleton's Pluck
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Nelly's Version
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Bhaji on the Beach
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Giro City
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Late Night Shopping
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Purely Belter
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Sour Sweet
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Empire State
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The Dressmaker
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Wild West
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Hotel Splendide
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Dog Eat Dog
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Nothing Personal
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Smack and Thistle
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The War Zone
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Ping Pong
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The Good Father
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Body Song
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My Brother Tom
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Immaculate Conception
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Nature of the Beast
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The Road Home
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This Filthy Earth
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The Fool
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Lucky Village
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Sacred Hearts
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Living Apart Together
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The Bad Sister
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On the Black Hill
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Leave to Remain
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American Roulette
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No Surrender
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The Ladder of Swords
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A Further Gesture
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Trojan Eddie
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The Missing
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River Street
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Bad Behaviour
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A Song for Europe
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Bad Hats
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Wild Flowers
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God on the Rocks
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Diamond Skulls
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Final Frame
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Hard Shoulder
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Remember Me
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Views 13K2 years ago
Diana: A Portrait
Views 1712 years ago


  • Flora Rix
    Flora Rix Day ago

    I really liked this movie. Don't think I've ever seen a movie with a young Russell Crowe or Hugo Weaving before. They were very good actors even then.

  • Raymond Espedido
    Raymond Espedido 2 days ago

    Stopped watching when they gambled the money, i knew it's going downhill from that point.

  • Travis Mitchell
    Travis Mitchell 5 days ago

    Thanks for uploading.Norman Beaton Legend

  • Lady ShaSha
    Lady ShaSha 6 days ago

    I hope the Queen outlives that frog of a “prince” cause If CowMilla becomes consort............. all hell will break lose....

  • Nik Willi
    Nik Willi 6 days ago

    my 1# favorite movie of all times

  • 大変恐縮ですが、


  • Aurora BoobeeAlis
    Aurora BoobeeAlis 8 days ago

    These are your penises? Andy, I can't work with these. 😂 Thanks for another fun upload.

  • Laura W
    Laura W 8 days ago


  • Laura W
    Laura W 8 days ago


  • Sillystephy S
    Sillystephy S 8 days ago

    Royal astrologer ?? Bulllll shit

  • Uploadboi Ft4
    Uploadboi Ft4 9 days ago

    41:40, 52:06, 1:00:42

  • Cecilia Green
    Cecilia Green 10 days ago


  • monica andrade
    monica andrade 11 days ago

    Alright I’m gonna say this this all wouldn’t have happen if Charles would have tie the knot with caillma sooner then Diana wouldn’t have gone through so much

  • Tammy Poss
    Tammy Poss 12 days ago

    Ok W.T.F stupid as hell

  • Hot Flash
    Hot Flash 12 days ago

    Looks like Scott Adkins will be the next Jason Statham.

  • Rick Bradley
    Rick Bradley 13 days ago

    This is a fun movie with some GR8 actors! PEACE OUT!

  • RN Kim
    RN Kim 13 days ago

    goofy cute movie, thanks for posting

  • Denny Q Colley
    Denny Q Colley 13 days ago

    Stupid is as stupid Funny, and I love Jeff Bridges in anything he does.

  • Cat Fish
    Cat Fish 13 days ago

    Porn?... Thumbs down... JUNK ... Anything for a laugh...gezz

  • The Honorable Reverend Addison Bortion

    --> Movie about making a gangbang porno ---> Surprisingly wholesome You cannot say this unironically

  • Vitaly vitaly
    Vitaly vitaly 13 days ago

    where full movie?

  • shelly outar
    shelly outar 14 days ago


  • Elle Kay
    Elle Kay 17 days ago

    WHO are the grotesque commenters? Going over how kings in the past would have beheaded Diana and Fergie? SO all the theories about the royals arranging the car "accident" ARE TRUE! WHAT a load of crap this is. They really are worthless and the people are brainwashed to fawn over "the Queen" and her awful kid Chuck. REALLY telling! I couldn't watch the entire video. Pathetic royals and the people that have their heads stuck all the way up their behinds. TELLING the truth on themselves, through their brainwash Useful IDIOTS. LOVED that part!!!

  • Elle Kay
    Elle Kay 17 days ago

    She was duped in the FRAUD of the Century perpetrated by the Royal Family, namely the Queen, Philip, Charles and Camilla. Diana was 18 YEARS old!!! SHE WAS lied to and frauded into the role of brood mare. The hubris of the transvestite, like Diana was not human, we are ALL multifaceted YOU BUFFOON! The narration, "used the press to her advantage" as IF ANYONE wouldn't, another imbecile comment. Diana outsmarted ALL YOU royal BOOBS! hahaha! Good for her. Too bad the royals stole her youth and her life in the end. The royals = FRAUD!

  • JohnCodeE
    JohnCodeE 19 days ago

    31:28 "I'm oar hee-uh!" 😁

  • JohnCodeE
    JohnCodeE 19 days ago

    Creepy music by Mr Hans Zimmer of Gladiator, Cool Runnings and others fame!

  • Mr Dorf
    Mr Dorf 20 days ago

    Remember watching this as a kid. Great film!

  • ziblot123
    ziblot123 20 days ago

    Isn't that Stephen Rea?

  • Randall Holliday
    Randall Holliday 23 days ago

    Crazy when they dump the workers out of the truck into the Molton steel!

  • C Silvers
    C Silvers 23 days ago

    Selfish bastard !👎👎👎

  • Eje
    Eje 24 days ago

    Same here been searching for this movie FOREVER. Brings back memories. Great posts. Appreciated!👍🏿

  • Melanie O'Hara
    Melanie O'Hara 26 days ago

    Again, Jane Asher soars with acting skill here! I remember seeing her for the first time in one of the train scenes in A Hard Day’s Night in 1964 at the Wyo Theater in Laramie, Wyoming, as a High School Sophomore. Sigh.🤦🏼‍♀️

  • Melanie O'Hara
    Melanie O'Hara 26 days ago

    Jesus, what a detailed dissection of a child in crisis because of the idiot grownups around him. Again, the Brits weave the story brilliantly. Hard lesson learned. Cheers!🙋🏼‍♀️

  • Gabriel Miller
    Gabriel Miller 27 days ago

    This shit is to fucking funny

  • Nicole Oliver
    Nicole Oliver 29 days ago

    The younger sister played "Maggie the Frog"on Game of Thrones!😃

  • SonKings
    SonKings Month ago

    Who is the empty head with the big classes criticizing Sophie so heartlessly! This is more of a hit piece on Sophie than it is about a story about Edward or their relationship!

  • J. Rob Brown
    J. Rob Brown Month ago

    7 minutes.

  • KRJ N/A
    KRJ N/A Month ago

    To bad she is gone & left us so soon! Diana would have been a great queen for England but Charles didn't like her popularity over himself & neither did other certain Royal's!

  • Phrixphrox
    Phrixphrox Month ago

    Was hoping I'd find this again, marvellous stuff, thanks for uploading, much appreciated!

  • Jackie Marini
    Jackie Marini Month ago

    Love your children no matter what .💕This movie was very good I'm not crying 😪

  • Jackie Marini
    Jackie Marini Month ago

    Wow her husband is a narcissistic pig .WTH.

  • Emokiriemi Abednego

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    • Laura W
      Laura W 19 days ago

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  • atticus finch
    atticus finch Month ago

    Original to be sure which is usually a good thing........usually

  • Jackie Marini
    Jackie Marini Month ago

    See kids hear everything .I did I hated it I'm 39 I still remember it all .🙄I still hate it and it's over .

  • Early Cuyler
    Early Cuyler Month ago

    why do Irish people spit so damn much? 😲

  • Laura W
    Laura W Month ago

    These sisters obviously had a very troubled upbringing to be the way they were. They didn’t deserve to be treated in such a bad way. Sometimes people snap without knowing why. Sad story

  • Vivian Ellingson
    Vivian Ellingson Month ago

    What a hit piece! Diana has been dead for decades, it's time people let her go and enter the 21st century. It's time to be modern and allow people to marry as they wish.

  • Toni Garcia
    Toni Garcia Month ago

    This is why you have to treat people with respect. 🙄🙄

  • Debra Perkins
    Debra Perkins Month ago

    Made it to 40:10 I guess I'm not Bred for Fine Entertainment! Guess I will just have to Research Prometheus in some other type of venue.

  • milica miletic
    milica miletic Month ago

    Camilla 😂 She is a mistress nothing else! Look at her beautiful face 😂😂😂😂 🤮🤮🤮🤮

    • Vivian Ellingson
      Vivian Ellingson Month ago

      You must have missed the fact that Camilla and Charles got married, so she is definitely a wife. She is also an attractive woman.

  • Ryan M
    Ryan M Month ago

    I have been looking for this film for so long . Thank you so much for uploading.

  • Cecelia Tkach
    Cecelia Tkach Month ago

    The djinn is a demonic spirit that can take possession of the human or animal, viewers should have been warned or told about this fact in the beginning. I turned it off after 18:03 minutes and deleted.

  • Sydney Prescott
    Sydney Prescott Month ago

    I think the photographer is a pedo

  • Michael Rizea
    Michael Rizea Month ago

    Call me biased but I think the only way incest is acceptable is if it's gay or lesbian because there is no risk of giving birth to deformed children

  • realmakebelieve
    realmakebelieve Month ago

    Rather like The Witches of Eastwick...

  • lucious Berib
    lucious Berib 2 months ago


  • 1212matt
    1212matt 2 months ago

    Dam Charles should have married Camilla back in the 70s

  • Justa Gurl
    Justa Gurl 2 months ago

    It’s no wonder Harry hates the media! These people are hateful and close minded. Now Harry is the most popular royal so...yeah.

  • Tavie Living Life
    Tavie Living Life 2 months ago

    I love this movie 🎥... Thank you for uploading this movie😘😘😘

  • IamDaSoulChild
    IamDaSoulChild 2 months ago

    Will always be one of my favorite movies

  • Cynthia E Kettlewell
    Cynthia E Kettlewell 2 months ago

    Looks illuminate inspired

  • Danny666xdagod
    Danny666xdagod 2 months ago

    loved it who ever made this think you

  • armagedon026
    armagedon026 2 months ago

    That son is weird too. Think it runs in the family

  • MetalFace DOOM
    MetalFace DOOM 2 months ago


  • Jayke King
    Jayke King 2 months ago

    Who came from Yung Manny 😉

  • Marva Davis
    Marva Davis 2 months ago

    I really enjoyed this movie

  • Brandy Williams
    Brandy Williams 2 months ago

    Great movie 👍🎉🎊🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲🏆

  • MsCeCe
    MsCeCe 2 months ago

    I'm sorry but the girl that plays madam's daughter is beyond ugly. The nerve of madam to say the younger sister Lea was almost pretty with a ugly ass daughter. Seen this story on deadly women, didn't know they turned it into a movie. I liked the story better on deadly women tho, the movie was aight. They had the weirdest, closest bond that turned deadly. Madam was wicked and her daughter wasn't too far from it so I don't feel too sorry for them

  • Jimmy Bonez
    Jimmy Bonez 2 months ago

    Look at Ser Barristan!!!!!!!! WOW!!!! So, he used to be blond, eh!!!!!!!

  • rivera vlogs
    rivera vlogs 2 months ago

    Your Pretty Not Gonna Guess If Your Pretty Read the first two words

  • Linda 204
    Linda 204 2 months ago

    I think William and Kate will be wonderful as king and Queen

  • NS55Productions
    NS55Productions 2 months ago

    Today is the 25th anniversary of this film. Spread the word. #ShoppingMovie25thAnniversary

  • Jennifer Ahlberg
    Jennifer Ahlberg 2 months ago

    I love watching the queen at horse races. So fun

  • Underrated Critic
    Underrated Critic 2 months ago

    Why do some people say Isabelle is kinda gay? I don't see it.

  • Dream Queen
    Dream Queen 2 months ago

    The younger maid was a liability to her sister. They really had sex after the murder

  • Dream Queen
    Dream Queen 2 months ago

    The birthday scene was hilarious

    • Underrated Critic
      Underrated Critic 2 months ago

      As many times as I've seen this film; I always chuckle out loud when she opens her birthday gift.

  • Angie Mitchell
    Angie Mitchell 3 months ago


  • Wanda Crawford-Massie
    Wanda Crawford-Massie 3 months ago

    I wish there was more movie's of Stephen Rea, he is a great actor. Never the same in a movie, each one is completely different. I can't even get these on Amazon. Thank you from America 🇺🇸.

  • Melissa Duval
    Melissa Duval 3 months ago

    That cop's a stalker.

  • Darren Holland
    Darren Holland 3 months ago

    At last, been searching for this forever. Thank you!

  • ryu egawa
    ryu egawa 3 months ago

    such an underrated film

  • Allen Kracalik
    Allen Kracalik 3 months ago

    A well-made but excruciatingly depressing movie about four nothing people with no lives plodding through endless days leading nowhere. Yuck!

  • strange biped
    strange biped 3 months ago

    I imagine the producer had in mind to make a sequel to the ending of this movie. Wish the actors voices were a bit louder & not so muffled...hard to follow conversations. Ending should have had the boy with a zoo keepers hypo-stun rifle to "pop" the Leopard when it jumped him at the creek & then later show the Leopard in a zoo with the boy & his Dad & friends holding a newspaper showing he got the 500 pound reward. Yeah...needed a hot looking zoo keeper woman from the big city to be an investigater & love interest for the boys dad.

    REJEKIKU SUGIH 3 months ago

    good film 👍

  • Melissa Duval
    Melissa Duval 3 months ago

    A great deal of the time, I can see both sides of each subject. And, for a while, I understood the mother. She never saw the abuse with her own eyes, and she was terrified of admitting the truth. For whatever reason, she couldn't admit it, she was in denial. But then, once she saw it with her own eyes, but let the abuser back in the house, knowingly endangering her little boy for her own sexual satisfaction, I felt such rage! I know my own rage and outrage stems from my own mother doing the exact same thing to me when I wasn't much older than this little boy. My mom watched her bf beat on me, throw me against walls, and nearly broke my arm one day, and she was sitting right there witnessing the whole thing, and would not say anything to him unless I begged her to do so. Plus she found out, her bf admitted to her that he was sexually abusing me, and she still allowed him to live with us even after that. That's when my world turned upside down. I tried telling several family members, and after I told them, they spoke to my mom, and my mom convinced all of them that I was lying. There was no help, no solace.

  • Janet Hayes
    Janet Hayes 3 months ago

    They just should have let Charles marry Camilla in the first place. Would have saved a lot of trouble and heartbreak.

  • J.F. Green
    J.F. Green 3 months ago

    How the heck can so many people be so wrong? Camilla got the last laugh. 😂😂😂😂😂

  • LISA Yedudi
    LISA Yedudi 3 months ago

    Pretty good

  • d e austin
    d e austin 3 months ago

    you know, the whole thing is pretty much a farce. You Brits have a very popular and capable queen at the moment (she's very well respected here in the US), but when it's time, you should probably give up on the whole antiquated monarchy thing. After Elizabeth II, the whole thing's gonna be nothing more than a joke. Why not go out on a high note, make one of your greatest and most beloved monarchs your last.

  • Alex Koltsov
    Alex Koltsov 3 months ago

    Amazing video quality. The story is about separation of classes and lack of communication.

    • Andrew Theohar
      Andrew Theohar 3 months ago

      Alex Koltsov Or, the separation between class and communication.

  • Erica Mccree
    Erica Mccree 3 months ago

    Good movie

  • Denny Q Colley
    Denny Q Colley 3 months ago

    Aye, that Dougray Scott. What a cutie, and who can resist that Scottish accent !!

  • jonah rasnake
    jonah rasnake 3 months ago

    10:22 “Burning books is what nazis do!!”

  • Carol Ann
    Carol Ann 3 months ago

    Thanks for upload!

  • Taylor Ahern
    Taylor Ahern 4 months ago

    Normally I'd give a movie like this an 8, YET, since I'm in a rather generous mood (ridiculously generous, excessively generous, and pathologically generous, as primeval as it is mystical and spiritual, such rising generosity), I'll give it a Good, Solid 8.6. EVEN BETTER, I'll give it an 8.7, with several mini points added on (with the pendulum of my critical enjoyment and personal approval swinging back and forth, between an 8.7 and an 8.8, THUS is such beautifully rhythmic and fluid oscillation smoothly effected👍👍😄😄). So there ya have it, this strong, easily justified 8.7, AS, when taken as a whole and with every element factored into the entire equation bar none, THIS MOVIE earned such a high and commendable rating, wonderfully subjective as it all is (though granted what-ever is subjective by my standards is more acceptable and accurate than what is subjective according to your own personal calculations, as Facts are Facts, FUCKER😄😄😉😉😉). Listen everyone, everybody, please do me one humble, simple favor, and that is.....................ENJOY THIS FUCKING EXCELLENT MOVIE YOU MOTHERFUCKERS😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😉😉😉

  • Tanya Kingdom
    Tanya Kingdom 4 months ago

    What on earth did I just watch. Some sick twisted incest shit. 😱😨😵

  • Henryk Szulc
    Henryk Szulc 4 months ago


  • atticus finch
    atticus finch 4 months ago

    What The Hell Was That????

  • Nelly C.
    Nelly C. 4 months ago

    What a rip off from the movie Aliens

  • مازن الشرعبي