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And Then There Was 2
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  • Wayne Everett
    Wayne Everett 57 seconds ago

    Great opening and closing shots from " OUR " campsite at Shasta !

  • Wayne Everett
    Wayne Everett 12 minutes ago

    "Whiskeytown lake glory hole" on TVclip to see it in operation. You almost can't watch it. It creeps me out !!

  • Amy Henderson
    Amy Henderson 13 minutes ago

    Helmet is more than I use to wear and I survived. You do you man.

  • Wayne Everett
    Wayne Everett 20 minutes ago

    It won't be so nice and warm in the next video, huh ?!! Wait for it, folks . LOL !

  • TheSoloAsylum
    TheSoloAsylum 26 minutes ago

    Get out of California before you get some democrat on you. You can't wash that kind if stink off.

  • Nancy Wood
    Nancy Wood 28 minutes ago


  • Bubba LowBuck
    Bubba LowBuck 30 minutes ago

    bro, you have to go to eother Lake Siskiyou or the absolutely amazing Castle Lake in the Mt. Shasta area. I grew up there and you are missing out if you miss Castle Lake

    JAYB1RD79 FISHING 32 minutes ago

    There I was about to unsubscribe.................And you totally redeemed yourself!!!

  • Mr Minimalist
    Mr Minimalist 34 minutes ago

    Hey Eric! I'm going to be that guy and recommend that you wear gloves while riding. Love your videos!

  • Whitney Harding
    Whitney Harding 36 minutes ago

    I look forward to your videos so much. Thank you Eric.

  • Matthew Full
    Matthew Full 37 minutes ago

    Its Anderson. I use to live like 3 miles from that camping world i moved to texas 3 months ago

  • Jason Rowe
    Jason Rowe 45 minutes ago

    Nice magnet!

  • Dave W
    Dave W 51 minute ago

    I was at that camping world a few years ago when my toilet in my motorhome crapped out on me, on my way up to Oregon. They parked my motorhome in one of those spaces when they were done replacing my toilet. But I wasn't there very long only a couple hours or so, they got me in immediately without an appointment. I was waiting in their nice waiting room sitting in a comfy recliner watching TV. I have heard about camping world horror stories but that particular camping world took great care of me. The toilet was even on sale. That was the first time that I became a member of camping world/good sam and I have been a member ever since.

  • Be NMindfll71
    Be NMindfll71 53 minutes ago

    They are obviously targeting the homeless and made it too broad of a statement. They need to change that right away!!!! Call it what it is...

  • roselea pennell
    roselea pennell 55 minutes ago

    Great video interesting also love jax thank you

  • Big Dog
    Big Dog Hour ago

    You always talk about not abusing sides in the hospitality shown to you our beers yet when you get electricity you set the thermostat to 62 which I think is abusing a gift that they offer

  • Julie Crews
    Julie Crews Hour ago

    Nice video

  • Rita Norvell
    Rita Norvell Hour ago

    Camping world in Tacoma, Wa. Has a fence around it so there is no over night parking!😕

  • John Santiago
    John Santiago Hour ago

    If you stopping in El Monte, California. There's a place called heritage park (Santa Anita & Ramona) it's known as the end of the Santa Fe trail. Maybe a road trip to Santa Fe, New Mexico?

  • Ruby wolfff
    Ruby wolfff Hour ago


  • Tracy Vetter
    Tracy Vetter Hour ago

    Great video Eric, as always.

  • Lena B
    Lena B Hour ago

    Always have to show Jax! Lol

  • OZ Camper Travels

    Always enjoy your videos. Personally don't need to see the cat but there you go.

  • Greg O
    Greg O 2 hours ago

    Can’t eat the fish? That’s just sad. 🙁

  • Vanessas Nails & More

    Be careful here in the Redding area! It’s not safe anywhere here anymore. Carr Fire is the fire we had here last year.

  • rebecca voss
    rebecca voss 2 hours ago

    There's the Jax man that I know and love! Loved seeing him at the end of the video. :)

  • s4medlyn
    s4medlyn 2 hours ago

    come on Eric just ride naked here in Cali we just live barely.

  • Buick SDA
    Buick SDA 2 hours ago

    That Camping World is in Anderson, CA.

  • Mark Mere
    Mark Mere 2 hours ago

    Thanks for not forgetting Jax 😍🍺

  • nbws6
    nbws6 2 hours ago

    Why does Miranda's gray look more burnt orange or salmon in the ending segment? Must be one of those color trickery things?

  • Snow Hawk
    Snow Hawk 2 hours ago

    Thanks for showing jax by the way I'm not able to have pets at my apartment that I'm in and my neighbor's cats are always nice

  • RV Mush
    RV Mush 2 hours ago

    Love new intro

  • Snow Hawk
    Snow Hawk 2 hours ago

    As a HV AC guy. Definitely get that internal trick of yours 2 a good temperature because you need to get all your wood the flooring the couch all that good stuff to 62° for asking to be nice and cool

  • arkansas traveler
    arkansas traveler 2 hours ago

    Mercury may come from old gold mines.

  • Lucy Armstrong
    Lucy Armstrong 2 hours ago

    Hi Eric! I saw Jax at 8:01! I forget everything! I'm 76 but I saw you thinking you had forgotten to show us Jax and I recalled he was sitting on the dual sofa. Anyway, I always enjoy your videos. I'm near Long Beach, CA so wave when you go by! All the best to you and JAX!

  • Mikey Tatts
    Mikey Tatts 2 hours ago

    Been riding for over 35 years. Always felt that if you feel the need to dress in such a way just in case you go down, then you probably shouldnt be riding in the first place... just sayin'.

  • Theresa M
    Theresa M 2 hours ago

    Anderson. I'm about 6-7mi away. I didn't know that about Camping World.

  • Rose Carpenter
    Rose Carpenter 3 hours ago

    Enjoyed the different places ... lake and museum!

  • Alex Olson
    Alex Olson 3 hours ago

    is there a way to message you?

    • Nomadic Fanatic
      Nomadic Fanatic 2 hours ago

      Email and Instagram DM. or message me on instagram at

  • Tammy Krepp
    Tammy Krepp 3 hours ago

    It"s hot here in Fiorida also.

  • yxcvmk
    yxcvmk 3 hours ago

    I guess, this is why most won't provide free power? Running both ACs at 62 seems pretty energy cunsuming/expensive, an might be considered wasteful...

  • James Carr
    James Carr 3 hours ago

    DAMNIT! I thought for sure we were going to see Eric workin it at the Glory hole

  • snowbaordguru
    snowbaordguru 3 hours ago

    It's the other drivers you gotta watch out for on that bike. My uncle and aunt were damn near T-boned by a car that pulled out of a business parking lot entrance. Broke some bones in his back and was down for a while.

  • byron brasher
    byron brasher 3 hours ago

    guess what- campervankevin got him a dirt bike - are you both in competition or something ?

    • Nomadic Fanatic
      Nomadic Fanatic 2 hours ago

      I love his new bike. Glad to see another Nomad on 2 wheels. At least 1 other person gets it. lol.

  • Darren Michael
    Darren Michael 3 hours ago

    My new follow...

  • Wes Allen
    Wes Allen 3 hours ago

    Glory hole story nice.

  • Hashirama Senju
    Hashirama Senju 4 hours ago

    *Kayak 😅

  • Kelly Cady
    Kelly Cady 4 hours ago

    Love the intro.

  • Charla Garth
    Charla Garth 4 hours ago

    When I was there two years ago water was flowing down the hole like crazy!

  • ForkInTheRoad
    ForkInTheRoad 4 hours ago

    Why does CVK copy everything you do?

    • ForkInTheRoad
      ForkInTheRoad 2 hours ago

      @Nomadic Fanatic I did not know this. Thank you for informing me Eric! Not sure if you, James,Mike, and CVK all get along anymore but I and I'm sure many others would love to see a little reunion. Bring it back to the good ole days, 3 years ago!

    • Nomadic Fanatic
      Nomadic Fanatic 2 hours ago

      Actually, CVK has been hauling bikes off the back of his Class A for over a decade - just not on TVclip. I guess I copied him when I got a honda scooter at the same time he had a purple honda scooter. lol.

  • Jim Hardin
    Jim Hardin 4 hours ago

    The lake looks like a nice wet hole.

  • Johnny Lightning
    Johnny Lightning 4 hours ago

    Personally I think that "glory hole" is nothing other than a giant concrete lamprey. Are you sure that "piano" isn't actually a harpsicord, but maybe not. Interesting video and congrats on the 50 amp score! Keep the videos coming. And Jax is alive and well!

  • Alfred Mandujano
    Alfred Mandujano 4 hours ago

    Cool cat cool.

  • jon Rogers
    jon Rogers 4 hours ago

    Where in California are you? California is my home.

  • Scott Shelly
    Scott Shelly 4 hours ago

    My Goddaughter lives in Redding!! xoxox Jax :)

  • DrNooby Noob
    DrNooby Noob 4 hours ago

    Get a smaller AC and divide the RV in Half...... you only need to cool the part you hang out in.

  • Deborah Austin
    Deborah Austin 4 hours ago

    spillover.....ha! that's what the gov't wants you to's actually a portal to another world.........

  • Joann Harden
    Joann Harden 4 hours ago

    Hi Jax ❤️

  • brewski2554
    brewski2554 4 hours ago

    Just figured it out. I-5 south? You are heading straight to the new Star wars at Disneyland.

  • Robert Mycroft
    Robert Mycroft 5 hours ago

    As of 5:23PM MT 9-16-19...likes 2.9 thousand. Dislikes 113...I guess we now know who the real losers are?

  • stephen adams
    stephen adams 5 hours ago

    100+ I wouldn’t have jeans or a long shirt on either

  • Brenda R
    Brenda R 5 hours ago

    My cat nilla is getting used to hearing Jax. Lol

  • Deryl Benoit
    Deryl Benoit 5 hours ago

    Another great video thank you for sharing. Great those score hope you have a good night sleep. Stay safe have a great day will see you on the next one.🐾🐱

  • dave22
    dave22 5 hours ago

    thumbs up

  • ultrakool
    ultrakool 5 hours ago

    I'll bet you the tate was on the receiving end of a glory hole or two. hehe I kid, I kid..

  • dave p
    dave p 5 hours ago

    Had to pull the bong out for this episode 🤗

  • armedinbama
    armedinbama 5 hours ago

    Road rash is a status symbol. It's also none of y'all's damn business! Ride on, Eric... ride on!!

  • Lucille Hjort
    Lucille Hjort 5 hours ago

    How come you have Texas license plates? still? yet? or have you moved? haha Maybe Texas is just as reasonable and as good and closer to the south when there for the winter?

  • Sue G
    Sue G 6 hours ago


  • Roy Cullum
    Roy Cullum 6 hours ago

    You all can keep that Damn state

    • Dave W
      Dave W 42 minutes ago

      Hahaha I think their gonna because no one else wants it👍

  • Susan Strickland
    Susan Strickland 6 hours ago

    Pretty lake, shame about the mercury. I've not seen a glory hole, pretty neat. Neat old things in the museum. Nice of Camping World to provide those bennies. Yay!sunscreen! Good for you. Up to you on your attire, you're an adult. Safe travels. 👍😊

  • The Whirlwind Potato

    Glory holes & an organ. Now it's a party. 😉

  • Cecil Price
    Cecil Price 6 hours ago

    Hey Eric where'd you get that blue fan I would like to get one

  • Tadgh B
    Tadgh B 6 hours ago

    A much needed video today. Keep it up. I've learned heaps from you. In fact my buddies and I are going to attend the next piratefest out near Westport next year and I am totally taking the family to Oregon to see that ufo parade and festival. My kids will love it. Not to mention our summer long camping trip through the north west and northern California . Eric please keep living the dream. Lunch is on me next time you are in Spokane Valley Washington.

  • Gardener Earth Guy
    Gardener Earth Guy 6 hours ago

    Drive to Hayfork and camp in Indian Valley, wild trout in the forest... FS 10 off the 3 in Hayfork

  • Tom Deford
    Tom Deford 6 hours ago

    I thought you'd call the bike, Jane Honda. But maybe I'm dating myself.

  • Cheryl Davis
    Cheryl Davis 6 hours ago

    I saw Jax laying on the sofa in an earlier scene, so yes he was on this video before the ending. Enjoy that free AC 👍.

  • Bryan S
    Bryan S 6 hours ago

    Thats a Jacks imposter its a robot

  • Julia Despain
    Julia Despain 6 hours ago

    Jax was in the regular filming. He was sitting on the couch, at 7:55

  • Catherine NELSON
    Catherine NELSON 6 hours ago

    Eric, do you know the history of the term "glory hole"? Its a disgusting term. You might want to rename this one.

  • Florida Phil
    Florida Phil 6 hours ago

    A stirring fan on the inverter is the way I have seen it. Also a door vent to help exhaust heat. The cooling hose (Dieselman) is a great idea as long as the hose is not too big or you may get condensation in the system. This looks like a good project but also consider fire protection too.

  • californiacurt
    californiacurt 6 hours ago

    You were so anti Camping World because of politics. But, you know...perks. I'm with ya.

  • Charles Barry
    Charles Barry 6 hours ago

    You do know that CW and GS are the same company, don't ya?

  • Warrior of the Wasteland

    Congrats on 200k!

  • dennis damato
    dennis damato 7 hours ago

    love your vlog man. I can only dream it would be me... keep up the great work

  • Meli Staff
    Meli Staff 7 hours ago

    Check out the videos of the Glory hole when its overflowing.

    • Meli Staff
      Meli Staff Hour ago

      @Nomadic Fanatic No one wants to see a picture of a dry hole!

    • Nomadic Fanatic
      Nomadic Fanatic 2 hours ago

      I totally fell for it - I googled it and you knew what I was gonna find.... Haha.

  • Bea, Honey dog and me

    Looks like TVclip is now not showing how many subscribers channels have. How nice of Camping World near Redding to do that for campers! That is awesome, Eric. So, ... where are we going, guy? Are you ever going to tell us? ((But seriously. You really have to cut Jax's portions down. Feed him on his usual schedule, just feed him half as much. It works for dogs. Give it a try. He'll be so much healthier, and I know that's what you want for the little man.))

  • Lou Leslie
    Lou Leslie 7 hours ago

    So the lake is a reservoir for drinking but the fish that are in it are poisonous.

  • Paul Gardner
    Paul Gardner 7 hours ago

    I know there are videos of that GloryHole in California if you do a search, just be careful what you click on.

  • Tim,Teri and Sam American Nomads

    The wife and I really enjoy your videos Maybe one day we will run into each other on the road with that have a great day my Friend

  • Toasty Mornings
    Toasty Mornings 7 hours ago

    Hi Jacks!! such a cutie. thought you was going east?? Not a fan of the west coast .... you do what yall wanna do but hope your going east! Come to Hershey! be safe though.

  • Buttercup and Sasha H

    Do you have a video on why you got rid of the Grom?

    • Buttercup and Sasha H
      Buttercup and Sasha H 2 hours ago

      @Nomadic Fanatic is the rebel better?

    • Nomadic Fanatic
      Nomadic Fanatic 2 hours ago

      Sold it to attempt a 15th brake repair on Yoda. Brakes failed again. There was no way to keep good brakes on that RV.

  • BigBoy4884
    BigBoy4884 7 hours ago

    Oops, they just opened the dam up river from you. Your class A motor home is now a boat! LOL

  • Elizabeth Duncan
    Elizabeth Duncan 7 hours ago

    😎 livin it up in the ☀️ oh yeah!

  • Spoony Poon
    Spoony Poon 8 hours ago

    Just love you!! Love Jax more 🙃

  • kibblemom
    kibblemom 8 hours ago

    Did you see the dragon in Yreka?

  • Milagros Mogro
    Milagros Mogro 8 hours ago


  • Michael Scott
    Michael Scott 8 hours ago

    LOL! So not to get sunburn you wear sun screen, but you wont wear breathable motorcycle pants, gloves and a jacket so not to get scarred for life from road rash or possible die. I live in Texas, heat is no excuse, they make breathable gear that has saved a lot of people including me. YOU ARE 100% RIGHT, IT'S YOUR LIFE, I respect that. But, the first time a car hits you at no fault of your own, he or she just didn't see you because they were on there phone, and you take that impact and go sliding across the concrete, If your not dead, you will make a video from a hospital room, telling your viewers how you should have put the sunscreen down and wore pants, gloves, jacket and possibly a real helmet, a full face helmet. But what do I know, only been riding 35 years. Best of luck, great channel!!

  • JW 2001
    JW 2001 8 hours ago

    You lost me on that thumbnail later Dude.

    • Nomadic Fanatic
      Nomadic Fanatic 2 hours ago

      Ease up, bro. Life is short. Laugh a little. :)

  • JSHofficial
    JSHofficial 8 hours ago

    Be aware that it's a ufo presence around mount Shasta :) Many people have had sightings up there. If you're lucky maybe you can catch something on cam. Oh and another mountain with ufo presence is mount Adams. James Gilliland has his ECETI up there. I just had to mention it :) Love ufology, been into it for 15 years.