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GovSat-1 LaunchGovSat-1 Launch
GovSat-1 Launch
11 days ago
ZUMA MissionZUMA Mission
ZUMA Mission
Month ago
Formosat-5 MissionFormosat-5 Mission
Formosat-5 Mission
6 months ago
Pad Abort TestPad Abort Test
Pad Abort Test
2 years ago
3 years ago
CRS-5 LaunchCRS-5 Launch
CRS-5 Launch
3 years ago
CRS-4 LaunchCRS-4 Launch
CRS-4 Launch
3 years ago
F9R Static FireF9R Static Fire
F9R Static Fire
3 years ago

Comments • 199

  • Mayo
    Mayo 2 months ago

    when, the falcon heavy?

  • Andre Büchler
    Andre Büchler 2 months ago

    Spacex pls make some commercial guys... It would cost spacex half a million, but i think afther that, u could found urprojects by patrion ore donates ore stuff^^ There are enough space nerds out threr :D an i guess some fans with some money for dreams would donate to^^ Spacex, put passangers around the moon in 2018 pls! thx :DDD @Elon: Waiting for new huge batterie invention (and a new law to forbid diesel cars in german citys in (and i think the some chinese friend would love u to)) ..... But no preassuse dude ;)

  • desert rw
    desert rw 2 months ago

    SpaceX accomplishments AND FAILURES represent very significant steps towards a REAL space travel solution! Obviously there is a long path ahead but SpaceX is truly inspirational!!! Unbelievably motivational for all people searching for a great enterprise for humanity!

  • desert rw
    desert rw 2 months ago

    CONGRATULATIONS SPACEX & SHAME ON NASA! SpaceX is doing all the right things to revive the dream of space travel. There is also a strong likelihood that NASA and other government sponsored bureaucracies will attempt to discredit, downplay, and eventually assume total control of SpaceX capabilities and resources. This would, of course, kill space travel dreams (again). Recent interviews with NASA associated managers and politicians describe SpaceX as "one of many contractors used by NASA"... Although this is a true statement it is misleading and actually a "backhanded slap in the face" for SpaceX when one considers the accomplishments and invaluable contributions of SpaceX for current NASA programs- especially when contrasted with the almost completely inept NASA track record. NASA undoubtedly employs a lot of highly capable engineers but the management structure is bloated with political types who cannot reliably make objective decisions related to space exploration and unquestionably are incapable of doing anything in a cost effective manner! For those who want to know the true origins, capabilities, and shameful actions of NASA (if the immense wastefulness and failures are not enough) try reading a book titled "Angle of Attack- Harrison Storms and the Race to the Moon". This book brought tears to my eyes as it illuminated the gross negligence, propaganda, and arrogance of NASA during the Apollo program. As a small kid watching and listening to the exciting news during this period, the news releases created by NASA and Congress and spread by the media (big surprise!) was strongly oriented towards discrediting North American Aviation (NAA was the prime contractor for the Moon shots). Many of the key safety and operational decisions and design goals suggested by NAA were perverted, ignored, and reversed by NASA. This display of arrogance and incompetence by NASA has accelerated and continued until today. It is also certainly worth noting that NAA was responsible for prior development of the P51, B25, X15, and many, many other truly decisive and effective war winning and exploratory aviation/space related hardware vehicles. The (countless thousands, largely now deceased) of NAA engineers and technicians responsible for the incredible Apollo moon landing accomplishment worked tirelessly and ultimately sacrificed their families and lives to make it happen- all to have NASA claim the credit while discrediting NAA, even placing blame for the tragic deaths of astronauts that were largely (solely?) caused by NASA incompetence- and eventually replacing NAA with Rockwell as the prime contractor (Rockwell was a thriving axle & spring manufacturing company- smell like politics?). Public (tax) funding is almost certainly required for inspirational big space related projects- so we can only hope that Elon Musk is fully aware of the deceptive and manipulative capabilities of NASA as they attempt to make SpaceX dependent on NASA funding while plotting with more nefarious long term goals...

  • Justin_Pirates_Rc
    Justin_Pirates_Rc 3 months ago

    names rocket zuma, like the corrupt, racist criminal that runs South Africa... launch never happens, yup... definatly a zuma #ZumaMustFall

  • Peter Locke
    Peter Locke 3 months ago

    What happened to Zuma? Can't find any recent references.

    CENSORED 3 months ago


  • Home Grown Pyrotechnics

    why would you name your rocket after our corrupt president jacob zuma.

  • Zev Wilhite
    Zev Wilhite 3 months ago


  • hershebmx cad-cam
    hershebmx cad-cam 3 months ago

    Excellent company.

  • Douglas Rosales
    Douglas Rosales 3 months ago

  • tony sales
    tony sales 3 months ago

    best of luck for Novembers testing we all want to see those three boosters land.

  • Shahin Ebadi
    Shahin Ebadi 3 months ago

    show us a video of the heavy. i cann't wait to see it fly

  • Raj Luthra
    Raj Luthra 3 months ago

    Will SpaceX use other types of propulsions such as solar electric propulsions, solar sails and e-sails that are being researched and tested?

  • Guillermo Martinez
    Guillermo Martinez 3 months ago

    I have the solution for controller rocket in the earth and space to full control and staility and more how to go more fast to the space only needed change your rocket to a new parameters no more long only a fat rocket and diferent propulsion , sorry for mi english.

  • Aurel iordache
    Aurel iordache 3 months ago


  • Daphne Ugarte
    Daphne Ugarte 4 months ago

    Join us on Nov 9th, 2017 at The Economist’s A New Space Age, the inaugural global event on the future of human space exploration that will gather chief executives, thinkers, policymakers and disruptive entrepreneurs from all over the world, including: Draper Fisher Jurvetson, Virgin Galactic, Astroscale, NASA, Moon Express, Space Angels, Planetary Resources and many more. Register here:

  • hckyplyr9285
    hckyplyr9285 4 months ago

    Why do I keep getting bogus new video announcements from TVclip for this channel? It's like videos are being pulled, edited, and re-uploaded, and so they are viewed as new, even though I've already seen them? Kind of annoying.

  • gamerpro980
    gamerpro980 4 months ago

    can you terraform a planet

  • Tylarrrrrr
    Tylarrrrrr 4 months ago

    The work that you guys are doing is not just for the success of spacex or america, but for the success of us all! I'm insanely proud of you guys and cant wait to live in 2022.

  • Chuck Glenn
    Chuck Glenn 4 months ago

    I vote to name the BFR "Orca". After all it's big, smart, and will eventually be traveling long distances in pods. The analogy kind of breaks down for the booster. All I have is "whale cannon" or "whale legs." You should hold a naming contest and offer a 10% off coupon for Mars. By the way where do we sign up for that? I'm ready NOW. Maybe pre-sales would bring in some development funding.

  • Peter V Locke
    Peter V Locke 4 months ago

    Spacex's concept for the BFR rocket that would go to Mars. An intriguing notion is the Earth to Earth function paying for the whole of the rocket's development. Should that be realized, the rockets would be used for international travel, and would be common and paid for by users! Want to go to Mars? Just "repurpose" a couple of ETE rockets. Inline image 1 ▶ 1:58

  • Hassan Daoud
    Hassan Daoud 4 months ago

    I would like you to add the acceleration in addition to the speed and altitude in live launches

  • Elizabeth Vesikula
    Elizabeth Vesikula 5 months ago

    Can u please explain how the technology actually works when the launching process occurs?

  • Jones Films
    Jones Films 5 months ago

    Hey space x keep up the good work because you took the torch from nasa

  • Joshua Gaughan
    Joshua Gaughan 5 months ago

    This channel and SpaceX in general is definitely one of the most inspiring things I have seen in my life. The work you guys(and girls!) do is done with great enthusiasm and a genuine love for all things space. I know I speak for many, many people when I say that you have truly inspired us. Someday I hope to work as an aerospace engineer, maybe I will even have the privilege to work with you guys. Thank you for everything, and keep up the hard work, expanding our horizons and making the impossible finally possible.

  • Andres Suzuki
    Andres Suzuki 5 months ago

    Would it be a good idea for on the rocket landing pads to add something soft incase the rocket falls over and explodes. I would expect that the rockets would be worth much more than padding or an air bag type of deal.

  • Nick Jolly
    Nick Jolly 5 months ago

    could they anounce the launch dates?

  • Bits Of Everything
    Bits Of Everything 5 months ago

    please watch my video. you might laugh

  • Fuf Tnufs
    Fuf Tnufs 5 months ago

    another awesome landing ^_^

    HOLY SOUP 5 months ago

    I seek contact with space x. and draw my profile picture on your space capsule please

  • Erin Gosten
    Erin Gosten 5 months ago

    Could it be possible Elon to make a school of engineering? If possible with low entrance requirments but high intellectual strength requiered to finish? also add accommodation because i know people would need it.

  • Веталь
    Веталь 5 months ago

    Hello! How can I talk personally with Elon Musk? I have some very cool ideas for improving your rocket SpaceX ... Geographically - I live in Russia, and to come to the USА - now this is a problem - the issuance of a visa has been suspended. Then in skype ?? Will it suit him ?? (I need an interpreter - I do not speak English (only the text "Google Translator))

  • FlyingDutchy
    FlyingDutchy 6 months ago

    Hello Space X, I was wondering if I am allowed to capture the webcast of the launches on my twitchchannel. So we can watch together. I don't know if this is allowed or not and I can't find any information.

  • Ikki Taku
    Ikki Taku 6 months ago

    Elon is a dancer :D

  • Orthelion
    Orthelion 6 months ago

    Elon, I know you have your plate VERY full, but I still thought of you when it comes to not only changing the world, but actually SAVING THE ENTIRE WORLD (of complex life). I know you feel very strongly about global warming, otherwise you would not have cut The Donald off at the "billiard" balls..Having said that. I will only try this ONE time, and ONE TIME ONLY to reach you with the thermonuclear means to save our world. (You CANNOT believe how much this truly sick and insane world REALLY wants to die!) Yes, I have the thermonuclear reactor system which can make fossil fuels OBSOLETE virtually overnight. So PLEASE contact me as soon as you can, I know YOU KNOW how to do this! - Rick Carter

    • Orthelion
      Orthelion 6 months ago

      Please keep in mind that NOTHING which you or any other business person wants to do MATTERS, if the entire world (of complex life) DIES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - RC

  • Dougall McIntyre
    Dougall McIntyre 6 months ago

    Would love to know if there is going to be a webcast of the CRS-12 docking / capture with the robotic arm.

  • VenoM 3
    VenoM 3 6 months ago

    need chat!

  • Orlando Paço
    Orlando Paço 6 months ago

    I respect this human with a capital H!

  • Shynar
    Shynar 6 months ago

    Love SpaceX!

  • AndreaZzzXXX
    AndreaZzzXXX 6 months ago

    got a notification today (27 july 2017) but the video was from 5 july ???

  • Brad Lewis
    Brad Lewis 7 months ago

    keep on going the excellent work guys, GOOD LUCK.

  • Nick Jolly
    Nick Jolly 7 months ago

    when is the next launch?

  • Nick Jolly
    Nick Jolly 7 months ago

    when is the next launch?

  • Pascal Cote
    Pascal Cote 7 months ago

    you guys shouldn't deactivate the "comments" on the live feed.

  • Bambi Candi
    Bambi Candi 7 months ago

    Amazing!!! Thank you!

  • pokeybit
    pokeybit 7 months ago

    Last nights launch scrubbed again?

  • rospotreb pozor
    rospotreb pozor 7 months ago

    Why would limit ourselves at travelling to Mars. Let us make spaceship and fly to nearby stars!

  • Your Strategy Coach Brian Cimins

    How cool would it be to work for SpaceX!!

  • StarlightVisual
    StarlightVisual 8 months ago

    Jolly good show guys!

    BILLBILLH 8 months ago

    almost great cgi

    • Fredex
      Fredex 7 months ago

      If you actually believe that then you seriously overestimate what CGI is capable of and have absolutely no clue about what it actually involves. If the day comes many years from now that it becomes genuinely impossible to distinguish video games and CGI in films from real life then you will be able to declare things like this as CGI with at least some degree of justification... though of course it would still go no way to explaining how you can actually go to Cape Canaveral or Vandenberg and see the launches happen. In short: take your silly theories elsewhere.

  • Purustaja
    Purustaja 8 months ago

    Elon i want cheap internet.. when u and SpaceX guys are starting to offer internet..??

  • Dan Renquist
    Dan Renquist 8 months ago

    Thank you! for all that you are doing.

  • mikkybkk
    mikkybkk 8 months ago

    Isn't it going to be a launch soon today? BulgariaSat - 1? in like 2-3 hours? I dont see any link to the live webcast. Wont there be one this time?


    can I use parts of your videos in my space news youtube videos?? If yes , what is the procedure to pay for the videos??

  • Dale Sparrow
    Dale Sparrow 8 months ago

    Can I suggest SpaceX look at some of Solar Field's music for their videos. Maybe tracks like Swoosh, Sol, landing party, Dialog with a river, Sombrero, Reborn, Light Control. I'm sure they'll find something cool. Not that there's anything wrong with their current selection, but he makes some cool spacey music.

  • Emilio Ojeda Cervantes

    When's the first Falcon Heavy launch? I heard it was in summer but I couldn't find the exact date. (Confidentiality issues?)

    • Milo Notch_is_god
      Milo Notch_is_god 8 months ago

      this is the best source for this

  • Sunhawk
    Sunhawk 8 months ago

    How about a stream of Dragon reentry?

  • robert robb
    robert robb 8 months ago

    Has anyone else noticed that exactly at 36 minutes on the launch video theres something in the shot that looks like its spinning? in the crs 11 video

  • Dwayne Tucker
    Dwayne Tucker 8 months ago

    Congrats Spacex on a successful launch and landing of stage 1 (CRS-11) You are AWESOME!!!

  • Lord Inter
    Lord Inter 8 months ago

    your current live stream is awesome but REALLY quiet :)

  • joeviking61
    joeviking61 8 months ago

    Just unsubscribed....I think the power of the Presidency, needs to be brought to bear, in reconsidering your role, in Taxpayer funded projects. Space X, Tesla, Hyper-Loop. I will be writing my elected officials to stress my outrage at your involvement in Political posturing.

    • Fredex
      Fredex 7 months ago

      +Dukky Drake Well said.

    • Dukky Drake
      Dukky Drake 8 months ago

      +joeviking61 Everyone has the right to not associate with the irrational and the inept. Reality is under no obligation to conform itself to whatever fantasies you prefer to believe.

  • J.S.T
    J.S.T 8 months ago

    when is the next launch?

  • Ash Jones
    Ash Jones 9 months ago

    Elon your team should develop the EM drive don't let China have all the fun!

  • Jon Preston
    Jon Preston 9 months ago

    Nice coverage of the Inmarsat 5. I always enjoy John Musburger's take on the events. A couple of minutes after second stage ignition you could hear the employees in the audience reacting to something taking place that was not part of the webcast. I'm going to take a stab at an guess. I think they were watching a feed from the first stage. It was not going to fly back since the Inmarsat was so heavy there wasn't enough reserve propellant. So I think what they were reacting to was the first stage plunging into the atmosphere without a boost back burn to slow it down. That will be some pretty cool footage if my suspicions are correct and SpaceX releases it. Aerodynamic friction is an unholy meat grinder/broiler. My compliments to the employees at SpaceX succeeding in what my generation dreamed about.

    • Chris MacKrell
      Chris MacKrell 9 months ago

      I believe you meant to say John Insprucker's take on the events.

  • mvelasquez72
    mvelasquez72 9 months ago

    Which is the best propulsion system up to day? not based in rocket...

  • dotafeeding
    dotafeeding 9 months ago

    spacex subscription box notifications are always jebaiting us, and then we go and see no video feelsBadMan. Can you guys properly adjust the settings when you are scheduling livestreams or whatever is causing it?

  • Brite10
    Brite10 9 months ago

    UNIVERSAL CYBERNETIC ENTITY the natural fusion of humanity and technology As humanity becomes more technologically evolved, we merge into something tastefully new. Machine will become smaller and have the ability to fill in for all naturally organic loss of function until all organic matter is replaced or increasingly sustained. Virtualization of humanity is inevitable. A simulated mirror universe to our own, a natural progression of augmented reality, a standard simulation of reality that is shared by all. This simulation allows people to connect in ways never before possible as it extends further and further away from the computer screen and into every facet of human life. This simulation spawns a spiritual life from technology extending and converting life into a form energy and order that continues to evolve and increase in order and becomes the very nervous system of an organism woven from humanity that spans the cosmos. - WHHIV

  • TheAtom
    TheAtom 9 months ago

    Looking forward to Falcon Heavy demo flight & Dragon 2 test flight this year. Falcon Heavy is due to launch in (I think) the last month of summer 2017 & the Dragon 2 unmanned demo flight to the ISS is due to launch November 2017 Hope they follow through with that schedule. The Falcon Heavy & Dragon 2 are the two components they need to have ready for that private lunar mission they are planning.

  • A New User #Bitcoin
    A New User #Bitcoin 9 months ago

    where's the NROL-76 Launch???????

  • Pilotdreas
    Pilotdreas 9 months ago

    What ?

  • artemkras
    artemkras 10 months ago

    Hey SpaceX, how are you celebrating the International Day of Human Space Flight? Let us know!

  • 100k subs without any videos!?!

    tell us the truth about aliens

  • Isaac Hughes
    Isaac Hughes 10 months ago

    Can i come with you to mars

  • Vik Z
    Vik Z 10 months ago

    to see a missing part of latest landing i wanna see so baad

  • fidelio
    fidelio 10 months ago

    i may not have been alive to see the apollo missions but thankfully SpaceX is making it feel like maybe i haven't missed out on the greatest era of spaceflight.

    • 221 b
      221 b 5 months ago

      The best is yet to come. Patience. :)

  • Steve Huang
    Steve Huang 10 months ago


  • AlohaMilton
    AlohaMilton 10 months ago


  • Arne Schwarz
    Arne Schwarz 10 months ago

    Whats with the background noise in the SES-10 livestream? And could you maybe next time announce the livestream for the time it really starts and not for the time the launch is going to take place? I almost missed it. I think its geat by the way, that you offer these streams at all. Its not like you would HAVE to do that, great public relations work!

  • kenkim
    kenkim 10 months ago

    go spacex !!

  • Christian Leon Christensen

    When will the Falcon 9 • SES 10 stream start?

  • 不紧张
    不紧张 11 months ago


  • John Constantine
    John Constantine 11 months ago

    I see the lesbian obesity crisis isn't improving, nor the surplus of bearded beta males

  • simon simpson
    simon simpson 11 months ago

    Somethings up with the youtube access to the LIVE streams? The tech and hosted streams aren't accessible from the main youtube pages for echostarXIII.

    SPACETV 11 months ago


  • meepnitreal
    meepnitreal 11 months ago

    Can someone explain me this external structure pumping black stuff into the exhaust at the Merlin 1D engine for example. I guess it´s a turbopump, but why is it external? and what is it pumping?

    • Monokuma
      Monokuma 11 months ago

      It's the fuel pump.

  • Darius Duesentrieb

    +SpaceX what is that debris or something that you can see at 21:07 in the CRS-10 Technical Webcast?

  • Qitao Hu
    Qitao Hu Year ago

    Is the video here in TVclip Public domain?

  • David
    David Year ago

    Raise up the Visual Launch Progress Bar (VLPB) 6 pixels..........

  • huwaif
    huwaif Year ago

    Why doesn't SpaceX or NASA give all launch dates. I have seen some by schedule and also by luck?

  • Slaven Bokulic
    Slaven Bokulic Year ago

    I seek contact with Space X

  • BrainStem Recruiter

    Hey Elon, would it be possible to have a rocket-station in orbit? A rocket from Earth could transfer cargo via a pod transfer system to the already waiting fueled rocket. You could have multiple rockets at the rocket-station, if necessary.

  • Instagram Hack
    Instagram Hack Year ago

    Anyone else hyped for someone to finally fly to mars?

  • rtherapy60
    rtherapy60 Year ago

    Congratulations SpaceX on your success with Falcon 9! AWESOME!

  • NeonsStyle
    NeonsStyle Year ago

    Still on default layout? For a company of your standing? It's easy. Here's bit more detail in case you rocket scientists couldn't work it out. lol On the main page, next to subscriber button, there's a gear symbol. Click it, and tick custom layout, then do what I said below.

  • AngryBoy
    AngryBoy Year ago

    How late is it going to launch?

  • Sierra California Railfan

    is there gonna be a live webcast for iridium NEXT

  • rvdm88
    rvdm88 Year ago

    when will the "planned" streams appear for the upcoming falcon launch?

  • vincent dickey
    vincent dickey Year ago

    when yall gonna crank this thang back up?

  • deivis palmar
    deivis palmar Year ago

    Somebody now the launch date of falcon heavy, alguien sabe la fecha del lanzamiento del falcon heavy?

  • Thenblk9
    Thenblk9 Year ago

    we believe in you SpaceX

  • Dukky Drake
    Dukky Drake Year ago

    Your appetite for risks may be different than that of the FAA, perhaps you should look into establishing an equatorial launch site where you need please only your insurance underwriter.

  • Midori no Boshi
    Midori no Boshi Year ago

    SpaceX you've been so quiet! more videos!!! pleeaaase!!!

  • Robin Frischkopf

    Please release more videos! :)

  • cavereric
    cavereric Year ago

    Does vandenberg air force base have a place for Space X to land?

  • cavereric
    cavereric Year ago

    I still haven't seen a launch date for January. Anybody heard anything about the investigation and the FAA?

    • cavereric
      cavereric Year ago

      January 7, 2017 according to WIKI

  • Jim Gaudet
    Jim Gaudet Year ago

    Watching Mars and there is a lot of talk about landing a huge rocket. Why not build a space station to orbit it first and send your 1 ton loads down as needed... Can start sending what's needed before having to learn how to land a 40 ton ship.. Just my 2 cents

  • Osimmac
    Osimmac Year ago

    Don't worry, you will make it.

  • cavereric
    cavereric Year ago

    “The future does not belong the faint hearted. It belongs to the brave.” Ronald Reagan

  • silverstacker21
    silverstacker21 Year ago

    i can't wait until around 2025 when the its launches to mars if it does. i will be 24 in 2025

  • Ben Dixon
    Ben Dixon Year ago

    Bring some more content, maybe just some work in the assembly rooms. Hope all is going well and you are back up and launching soon...

  • idiot i am
    idiot i am Year ago

    When you have 3D robots ( on mars ) can you have a GoPro or something that will take a video and stream it on TVclip please. ( but you don't have to. ) Like if you agree. Dislike if you don't agree.

    • Andrew Skow
      Andrew Skow 5 months ago

      What if they can only get 2D or 4D robots there?

    • redstreak 45cat
      redstreak 45cat 8 months ago

      that would be cool but not practical but it could be like lazy space tourism.

  • Peter Locke
    Peter Locke Year ago

    Thinking about Terraforming Mars. The idea of directing ice balls at the planet seems the superior idea to me. Only send them to a low lying (low altitude) equatorial area. A geographically constrained area, so that other areas would be free of the arriving debris and safe for colonizing. Really large ice balls would be broken up before entering the atmosphere so that, ideally, they would be largely destroyed (converted to water vapor) before reaching the surface. Once an ice pond or ocean was formed, larger pieces could be allowed to reach the surface. Every ice ball would add to the planets temperature by whatever kinetic energy it contained (very little on a planetary scale, but some.). The idea here is to rebuild the atmosphere blown away by the solar wind, with material sent away from Mars into the Solar System. Rebuilding the atmosphere from minerals already on Mars seems the more laborious process, and limited by what can be mined on the planet.

  • Дмитрий Симонович


  • NightWaves
    NightWaves Year ago

    For the explosion problem after hearing you were running helium into a cell that is internal to the O2 tank I had to figure static charge is a problem. At those temperatures I believe the fluids act as if a dry material generating a static charge. Flow rates would increase the amount of static charge. Layered insulating material of the helium tank not allowing path to ground for a static charge might be one part of the problem besides layers acting like a capacitor ie major electrical charge right in the bath of O2. Good luck playing with you rocket science.

  • White Survivalist

    Spacex will fail at most of the things they are trying to accomplish because the company is over saturated with millennials. By the time they realize this it will be too late and all confidence in them will be lost. Nice try though.

  • Jimbodiah
    Jimbodiah Year ago

    Any new launches planned?

  • Sunny Bhardwaj
    Sunny Bhardwaj Year ago

    i'll go, no questions asked.

  • Ash Jones
    Ash Jones Year ago

    Elon that rocket exploding on the pad was not a accident there was no CHAIN reaction to be seen to cause it and how many times does a perfectly good rocket blow up on the pad rather than by a issue in flight? I believe your rocket was destroyed by the government. Why? maybe to send a message to your customer whos cargo was on that rocket....

  • Veli Yaşar
    Veli Yaşar Year ago

    It sounds like SpaceSex

  • justin
    justin Year ago

    fuck mars. make real-life x-wings -- SpaceX-wings that is.

  • socrates112
    socrates112 Year ago

    Hello Team SpaceX, Do you think you might be putting in some concept renderings and diagrams of your new Mars Colonial Transport spacecraft? :) Have you thought of doing a Mars simulator? Something people could buy at Steam games and start practicing flying the Transporters? 1000 craft. You are going to need a LOT of pilots, co-pilots, backup pilots. They could start learning 'young' and be fluent with the Mars terrain by the time they are mission go. Just a humble idea. (I have wanted to do a Mars sim for years. Imagine how cool it would be for kids to learn about the planet.... )

  • Jonas TheLonlyGuy

    Where do you get the music you use during livestream's and videos? It sounds amazing

  • cinilaknedalm
    cinilaknedalm Year ago

    Curious cover photo. How is it that you think a planet with no magnetosphere can have a sustainable atmosphere?

  • Year ago

    SpaceX is one of the most innovative companies of today, if not the recent century. They do very hard things and push the technology far ahead. Seeing their rockets fly and land is like watching a film, and the brain is always asking: "is that reality". SpaceX is making the dreams of geeks to come true. Thank you SpaceX for pushing humanity forward to a place, where we can use all the resources in our solar system and stop fighting over them on earth. Have a good week, to whoever finds this comment in here !

    • Fflint
      Fflint Year ago

      i get the same feeling. It makes me really happy to see your guys work.

  • NojajaTheBest
    NojajaTheBest Year ago

    I'm crying right now. I can't handle all this mars news...

  • Marko Lomovic
    Marko Lomovic Year ago

    Hey what is track playing at 12min during waiting period before interplanetary discussion. I have hard time finding it...

    • Marko Lomovic
      Marko Lomovic Year ago

      yeah that would be awesome

    • DaGroove
      DaGroove Year ago

      Is there any music list at all? would love to have a SpaceX music list :D

  • eternitynaut
    eternitynaut Year ago

    The weirdest people with the cringiest question always find a way to infiltrate the questions and answers part of the talks. The plan in general sounds great and many people are likely starting to save up money to buy a ticket, they just need to be informed properly that their survival in not guaranteed. Good talk, plenty of stuff to think about.

    • DaGroove
      DaGroove Year ago

      Let them ask if it helps to get the public interested in it :D Also, you have to consider that not everybody knows as much about space and spacetravel as we enthusiasts do. Therefore, they ask questions in a way that they can understand the answer. This doesn't only apply to journalists, but also to the general public. But if they start with those silly question, they might be interested enough to start further research and finally become more enthusiastic too :) So we shouldn't judge those who ask about.. well ... space toilets :D

  • funk you
    funk you Year ago

    lol ur plane blue up

  • Flay
    Flay Year ago

    Where Russian subtitles?

  • Plane Joe
    Plane Joe Year ago

    Chat disabled on your current live stream, could it be because you're a bunch of fraudsters, and you don't like people pointing out how fake all your footage looks?

  • MrTrickydog7
    MrTrickydog7 Year ago

    Where is the stream?

    • DaGroove
      DaGroove Year ago

      If you missed it, you can now watch the whole video on this channel or on :)

  • jack beason
    jack beason Year ago

    ISIS should employ Elon Musk to make bombs for them.

  • firefaiting
    firefaiting Year ago

    can i watch the stream anywhere? it isn't live......

  • Cris Ramírez Aguirre

    I can't wait more for Elon's conference

    • funk you
      funk you Year ago

      +DaGroove not a genius

    • DaGroove
      DaGroove Year ago

      +phat-ness monster What's your problem? He's a genius! And not everybody is perfect at talking ;) Also, I think that he's really cool.

    • funk you
      funk you Year ago

      yeah more of that awkward idiot

    • DaGroove
      DaGroove Year ago

      Me neither, so hyped since the Preview of the ICT :D

  • Eugene Sheftel
    Eugene Sheftel Year ago

    Did you guys examine the intentional sabotage version? I'm far from being a rocket expert, but explosion during fuelling with unexplained secondary blasts sounds suspicious. Your endeavour is not lacking enemies...

    • Dukky Drake
      Dukky Drake Year ago

      I think they will peruse rational avenues first and entertain the schizoid ones last. Just because something is possible does not mean it is likely.

  • Bonafide
    Bonafide Year ago

    The explosion is so large and immediate that it suggest that the air around the point of explosion was filled with gasses from a fuel leak perhaps that was ignited by static electricity?

    • DaGroove
      DaGroove Year ago

      Not necessarily. According to SpaceX, the first large fireball wasn't even a real explosion (would have been even faster), but it was a really quick spreading fire.

  • Bonafide
    Bonafide Year ago

    Very sad to see the loss of the Falcon. It looks like an impact blast to me? The center point of the explosion is at what looks to be a connector to the launch pad and could be related to the gases that are being vented at this point.

  • Allen Morales
    Allen Morales Year ago

    wich video has the best audio of the pre explosion of the Falcon9

  • Mr. Bojac
    Mr. Bojac Year ago

    Will you be able to post a technical analysis with a root cause for this event? It does not feel right, given your excellent engineering and process standards.

  • John Martello
    John Martello Year ago

    I am sure there is high def images close up of the fuel umbilical connectors.. but from what I have seen after watching the video several times, there is what appears to be a flash or light (or a flash of fuel spilling out) between the Falcon and the strongback. Then, something ignites the apparent leaking fuel as you can see the fire ball and a curtain of liquid fire raining down like a water fall. If the second stage exploded, we would not have seen it fall to the ground seconds later and then explode. So far all of my analysis says fuel burst out and some how ignited. The flames then super heated the fuel inside the tanks which finally disintegrated the Falcon. A rocket has not exploded on the launch pad since the early days of the space program with the attempted launch of a Thor Able... Was the white flash fuel spilling out or an ignition spark?

  • Wojtek Sykurski
    Wojtek Sykurski Year ago

    Go on with great job guys ! Find source of anomaly, resolve problem and RTF ASAP :) There were so many difficulties You have had resolved in past - this One is just another, and I'm damn sure You will make it ;)

  • Gruntld
    Gruntld Year ago

    Hi team. Sorry to hear about the loss of the Falcon. I wish all of you the best for the future. Keep smiling. You're doing something wonderful.

  • Doc torontop
    Doc torontop Year ago

    Losing the Falcon 9 must have been a big loss to everyone at SpaceX. I noticed the Dragon capsule exploded only when it dived down and hit the pad. I take it! As a part of the hot testing protocol, Dragons emergency release system isn't switched live. Is a long-range shot from a grassy knoll a possibility?

    • NikeySunfire
      NikeySunfire Year ago

      that was not a dragon capsule, that was AMOS-6 satellite

  • Supralobe
    Supralobe Year ago

    I didn't know you guys were participating in Burning Man this year, awesome burn the other day!

  • skcserb
    skcserb Year ago

    You still have my total confidence, It's not if these things happen. It's when they do, how do we react and learn. You guys and gals are great and will succeed in the end... Love you all from Australia...

  • dantes950
    dantes950 Year ago

    Sorry to hear about the loss of the Falcon

    • william Greene
      william Greene 9 months ago

      HamtaBit please tell me English isn't your first language. You may think you're speaking English, but it's more like the ( Chinese) English instructions for putting a desk together.

    • william Greene
      william Greene 9 months ago

      Hamtabit Something traversing the camera frame could be going 5 kph or the speed of light depending on how far away from the camera it was. You need the distance from the camera which you don't have so you can narrow it down to any speed you want. You are therefore a genius of some sort, just not a useful sort.

    • Osimmac
      Osimmac Year ago

      it was a bee flying in front of the camera. The camera man was km away, MANY things could of gotten in between the two, and they would appear much faster and larger the closer they were to the camera.

    • Mayo
      Mayo Year ago

      +phat-ness monster again, before judge do a zoom on te uknown object, it's not close look at it texture, the light of the sun reflecting on it metallic plate...

    • funk you
      funk you Year ago

      +HamtaBit no, it was close to the camera, u fucking idiot

  • The Architect
    The Architect Year ago

    Sorry to hear about the loss of the Falcon. Hope everything goes well for clean up and that the pad is not to damaged. Good luck with future launches.

  • Pierre Ribardiere

    Very sad for you - in this business we must support other comptetitors when things like that arrive. Pierre RIBARDIERE - Retired for CSG - EX Range Oérations Director - God blesses you.

  • zuluknob
    zuluknob Year ago

    Soooo... when do we get to see the rud? To soon?

  • Sergusy
    Sergusy Year ago

    Good day Elon. (Good day guys who are running this channel. if it is possible I would kindly ask you to pass this letter to Elon) Let’s introduce myself first. My name Sergii Sumarokov and I am a physicist of a some kind. For the last fifteen years I have been working on a theory which I called The Wave Theory Of The Substance. The main purpose of the Theory is the explanation how the gravity is being formed. And I have had a success answering to this question. Briefly my theory explains how it is possible to create a device which would be able to hover in a planetary gravity field without consumption of any energy in some kind like a balloon does in a planetary atmosphere. But in this case the altitude isn’t limited by the atmosphere and a device could easily go up even at 500 miles altitude and even more. This altitude is limited only by the gravity sphere of the planet Earth. You don’t have to have a massive rockets to do that any more. I was impressed that what you have done with the SpaceX programme and also would like to impress you. There is another way to go to the space. Much more easier way. You can contact me through the Google if you interested. Kind Regards, Sergii.

  • Damjan Lisjak
    Damjan Lisjak Year ago

    What would happend if rocket is launched from water using water buoyancy

  • idiot i am
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    i like things

  • Sarel Seemonster

    Will you guys upload the JCSAT-16 Satellite mission?

  • Emi Lipoth
    Emi Lipoth Year ago

    Congrats on the successful launch and landing, SpaceX! Can't wait to see Dragon docking at the ISS!

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    This is a random fact but Scott Manley is not related to this channel, he is just a guy who plays space video games. If there is a way to remove him from the related list i'd recommend to change that.

  • Wuz314159
    Wuz314159 Year ago

    Watching CRS-9 Hosted Webcast..... Talent's audio is incredibly low & Room Ambience is incredibly loud. Can you fix the mix... next time?

  • Elephant
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    More videos please.

  • Sunhawk
    Sunhawk Year ago

    Where is the video for the failed Eutalsat landing?

  • Birkenspanner
    Birkenspanner Year ago

    The playlist you are playing right now (In the 15 min break from the livestream). Could you tell me the names of the songs? Would appreciate it very much. Btw I hope for you guys the first stage is standing upright and didn't explode.

    • Birkenspanner
      Birkenspanner Year ago

      oh well, at least you got some science. As in Kerbal Space Program, every attempt is a good attempt, plus you got some good science points :D

  • George Johnson
    George Johnson Year ago

    Can you delay the Eutelsat/ABS Mission :D its the same time as my chem 2P GCSE exam :(

  • Dennis Liu
    Dennis Liu Year ago

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  • Joseph Levy
    Joseph Levy Year ago

    Can we please see some Thaicom-8 landing footage that ISN'T sped up please? I think it would be cool to see the booster come in in real-time.

  • joseph kinyoda
    joseph kinyoda Year ago

    Due to the overwhelming stupidity of most i think you should make a video explaining how the falcon lands furthermore allowing some of this "skeptics" to see it with there own eye's.

  • Dmitry Ryzhov
    Dmitry Ryzhov Year ago

    Can you change your licence to Creative Common?

  • Archer
    Archer Year ago

    Another successful mission SpaceX! Keep on Winning!

  • cavereric
    cavereric Year ago

    When the THAICOM 8 landed it looked like something was on the deck. Anyone know what it was?

    • The Lea
      The Lea Year ago

      If you mean the object in front of the camera on the droneship, that is probably a sensor-cluster or something along those lines (helps the rocket land accurately?), and it only seems as if it is on the deck since the camera messes with the depth perception (not showing enough deck for us to judge). If you mean the smoke/spray thingies that is shown on the camera attached to the rocket when it lands, that's water getting shot off the deck from the engine-blast.There you can also see that no white object is located on the deck, this is also evident from videos showing the drone-ship pulling into the harbor. It would be awesome if SpaceX hired a dedicated community-manager that could answer all our questions with greater accuracy here!

  • David Sholts
    David Sholts Year ago

    Congratulations on the success of your recent Falcon-9 launch and booster landing. I'd like to see some video of the process of securing the Falcon-9 1st stage once it's on the deck of the landing barge.

  • Laurent Baudé
    Laurent Baudé Year ago

    Nice job with dragon splashdown!

  • avengersdx
    avengersdx Year ago

    If SpaceX think recover the 2nd stage, I guess that will use aerobraking through a lifting body, very light, as done by Scaled Composites. Since the 2nd stage is too small to carry sufficient fuel to break falling from the low orbit.

  • avengersdx
    avengersdx Year ago

    Expression of desire: Early 2018, first private manned mission to the Moon with two flights of Falcon Heavy.

  • youel adamas
    youel adamas Year ago

    Could the dragon have a capsule in capsule design for more crew isolation from hazards also store away setting or that can be multi useful

  • Carl Walnut
    Carl Walnut Year ago

    Could you show a time laps of cleaning the Falcon 9 rocket? That'd be awesome.

  • cavereric
    cavereric Year ago

    Might be a while before another landing. Next four launches are going to GTO or SSO. Has anyone heard about any plans to recover any of those?

    • Absolute Meme God
      Absolute Meme God Year ago

      +cavereric Elon said that the two next launches (JCSAT And Eutelsat) Will attempt to land

  • Wermintshki
    Wermintshki Year ago

    Congratulations for the succesful landing! Why not use some kind of steel mesh structure for the landing platform, so the pressure from the rocket engine´s thrust won't mess up the landing in the final decimeters by shootin all over the place back from the solid platform surface? Just came to my mind while wondering about those not so succesful landings in the past..

  • No More Lies
    No More Lies Year ago

    TO ALL PEOPLE ON HERE! Ask SpaceX if you can come down and film the take offs and especially the landings and see what kind of response you get.

  • No More Lies
    No More Lies Year ago


  • Евгений Кузнецов

    That is until you design and launch rockets and spaceships, the world began the next epidemic, "Earth is flat", and this is very sad ... Good luck in your endeavors !!!

  • Eloquence
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    Any video of stage 1 coming back on Of Course I Still Love You?

  • CPngNphase
    CPngNphase Year ago

    Well done!! Congrats!

  • Nick Breen
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    Well done SpaceX, good job. Perfect barge landing, well worth the wait.

  • Sonny Moon
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    What a simply lovely name ! OF COURSE I STILL LOVE YOU ! And so appropriately named too, for me and for you !

  • MelioraCogito
    MelioraCogito Year ago

    *Congratulations SpaceX on your first successful seaborne landing!* An amazing and historic feat! All of us watching today are proud of your accomplishment! *Let's do it AGAIN!* w00t! :D

  • Laurie Ingalls
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    Absolutely Awesome job! Congrats to entire SpaceX team!

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    That was the most awesome thing I have ever seen in my life!

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    Congrats today :) the launch and landing was really spectacular

  • Kyle Walton
    Kyle Walton Year ago

    I'd like to start a discussion on when we will see the new rocket that will carry 100 people to Mars. Is there a date yet?

  • Peter Locke
    Peter Locke Year ago

    I think Spacex could take one of these, remove everything above the main deck, and make a huge landing pad...maybe capable of handling more than one Falcon 9 at a time. The thing is also self propelled. It would be capable of rising above a sea state to maintain a stable landing platform. Just thinking.

  • Peter Locke
    Peter Locke Year ago

    So, that is why I suggested that Spacex could get a rig at a very low price, make the complete superstructure a landing deck a have a very stable landing deck (for being on the ocean). I'm just an old retired offshore helicopter pilot who has chased many a pitching deck. My sympathy for the Falcon 9.

  • Daan Zijlmans
    Daan Zijlmans Year ago

    can i get a job at spacex

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    spacex should make a big cylindrical pit of jello, and land stage 1 via penetration ° ͜ʖ °

  • Curlkick Welben
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    Will the launch take place today or not

    • Rodrigo Raña Mendoza
      Rodrigo Raña Mendoza 2 years ago

      +Curlkick Welben Nope, too strong winds...again...for the fourth time.

  • Christopher Y
    Christopher Y 2 years ago

    a new record was set by the number of launch attempt failure.....

  • Secret Name
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    Why there was no announcment here on youtube for SES-9 launch today? I missed it :(

    • Secret Name
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      +CMDR Dantae Thanks! And happy Birthday :)

    • CMDR Dantae
      CMDR Dantae 2 years ago

      +MrDumbDrunk It's on Sunday now, 28th, (my birthday lol), backup 29th. Time is 6:46 pm ET, (about 11pm GMT).

    • Arthur Chairaman
      Arthur Chairaman 2 years ago

      they were actually streaming

    • Secret Name
      Secret Name 2 years ago

      I know that, but for the last launch i had announcment sitting in my subscriber box for like 3 days before launch.. :/

    • Arthur Chairaman
      Arthur Chairaman 2 years ago

      +MrDumbDrunk it was cancelled

  • Alex S. Gabor
    Alex S. Gabor 2 years ago

    If one rocket to Mars costs a billion dollars then a thousand trips will cost a trillion. PenBancorp is willing to lend 100 trillion at Zero Interest to get SpaceX to Mars, but let's first start with boosting Tesla Motors to be bigger than Volkswagen: