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  • J’lyn Alston
    J’lyn Alston Hour ago

    grandad 😭😭

  • Jared Gillenwater

    Let's talk about what fire can do, because it's crazier than you may imagine. I had a house fire when I was 16. It was started by a kid playing with a lighter and paper. We had this fire put out in under an hour. And yet, when we went in to salvage what we could, solid steel shelves were melted to the floor, and all our glassware was melted into a sheet of glass in the shelves. That was a small house fire that was out within an hour. I was also living in Paradise last year when the Camp Fire happened. I still have the pictures and video of the apocalyptic hellscape we drove through to get to Chico. That fire went on for days. And one of my cousins' cars is one that you could find melted down in the middle of a burned down condo area. However, all the trees that surrounded the area were still standing... Why? Also a simple answer. Anyone who has ever cut wood from a live tree and immediately tried to start a fire with it will tell you, live wood is hard to burn. You have to let it die and dry out for at least a few days to use it as firewood. And the fire burning in a line, simple as well. Once the fire department starts fire control to prevent spreading, they are bulldozing, spraying water and retardant in a relative line, as well as most flames spreading in a mostly uniform pattern naturally. Conspiracy debunked. Thank you for attending my Ted Talk.

  • Parker Burk
    Parker Burk Hour ago

    We don’t talk about the reboot......we don’t

  • Hector Hector
    Hector Hector Hour ago

    I slap a pen then I got Suspended I hate my Prick Teacher

  • Deer Grimage
    Deer Grimage Hour ago

    Cool a new mini fridge

  • Solar Scythe
    Solar Scythe Hour ago

    React to Young Don The Sauce God’s new video!

  • Pikachu 2000
    Pikachu 2000 2 hours ago

    There neighbors just watch them awkwardly

  • Dreaxil
    Dreaxil 2 hours ago

    Joker - Lawful Evil Pennywise - Chaotic Evil

  • Robert Conley
    Robert Conley 2 hours ago

    dont get mad cause it will destroy the ps5 period ok

  • princess_ kaka
    princess_ kaka 2 hours ago

    Who loves her crybaby shirt

  • erica tolmachoff
    erica tolmachoff 2 hours ago

    I’ve already watched the full movie It’s pretty lit

  • Mekhi Tennyson
    Mekhi Tennyson 2 hours ago

    Can we have more marlon Webb vines plz

  • JAYY
    JAYY 2 hours ago

    So should we all get this xbox and the new ps4

  • Juan Garcia
    Juan Garcia 2 hours ago


  • pine kones
    pine kones 2 hours ago

    Up next sml movie The cover up

  • RoyalToonz
    RoyalToonz 2 hours ago

    Yess Paul Rudd is in this movie

  • Juan Garcia
    Juan Garcia 2 hours ago


  • Imm0rtal
    Imm0rtal 2 hours ago

    Dawne keeps the same face for like 30 seconds from 3:32 to 4:00

  • Crazy Gamer aka runner boi

    I thought berleezy said kinky.

  • Megan Henderson
    Megan Henderson 2 hours ago

    I just threw up

  • The 69th Memeologist

    3:19 Jasmine: Curses Most of us: wait, that’s illegal

  • Andre Maguet
    Andre Maguet 3 hours ago

    Watch purgatony complication since you only watched the first episode

  • Nathaniel Calderon
    Nathaniel Calderon 3 hours ago

    I like Dwayne already knows it’s a bad idea for jasmine to twerk on cam 😏

  • Shyan Day
    Shyan Day 3 hours ago

    Anyone else notice the epic god of war music un the background

  • hyper crusher
    hyper crusher 3 hours ago

    You should react to updated jojo's bizarre adventure openings

  • CharlesDaGreatest
    CharlesDaGreatest 3 hours ago

    Who tf finna go out Nd by that cinder block of a console that looks like a mf speaker how the console itself look like it wear black forces 😭😭

  • Jermaine Brown
    Jermaine Brown 3 hours ago

    Can you guys please react to SSJ9K Porunga vs Shenron Rap Battle?

  • Kermo Lee frog
    Kermo Lee frog 3 hours ago

    My friends has to go to wall nut creek because the owner sold the apartment and there going to have to leave and go to a different place and won’t be able to see him again at school :(

  • D J
    D J 3 hours ago

    I can't wait to play the female predator. This will be the first time seeing a female one on screen and not just a comic book.

  • Devin Carter
    Devin Carter 3 hours ago

    LLS if nle choppa was in your class

  • Terry_the kid
    Terry_the kid 3 hours ago

    Naruto fans:Yaaay 😃😃😃 Sasuke fans:F*ck this sh*t

  • ToonGohan
    ToonGohan 3 hours ago

    It is that thicc

  • Cynical
    Cynical 3 hours ago

    Rest in peace Tony Stark.

  • Ismael Salinas
    Ismael Salinas 3 hours ago


  • Terry_the kid
    Terry_the kid 3 hours ago

    I would beat my self up if I didn't up like erza

  • deprie shorter
    deprie shorter 3 hours ago


  • SlouchPotato
    SlouchPotato 3 hours ago

    Could you react to SML junior's 11th birthday

  • victoria manna
    victoria manna 3 hours ago

    Why everybody hating on Dwayne 😂😂😂your facial expressions cracked me up 🤣🤣

  • Robert Trevino
    Robert Trevino 4 hours ago

    Bro that wasnt even him they just got clips from his other vids

  • Nathaniel Austin
    Nathaniel Austin 4 hours ago

    BS! Thor could lift 20 planets on one arm WW needed Supes & Martian Manhunter help to pull earth Thor 1v1 against the phoenix force which is obviously way more powerful than WW

  • Wilson420
    Wilson420 4 hours ago

    What’s ssj9k new video

  • Drift Nation
    Drift Nation 4 hours ago

    Who getting this refrigerator when it comes out??

  • Top 5 reacting
    Top 5 reacting 4 hours ago

    Got ina fight

  • TridKP
    TridKP 4 hours ago

    5:32 👀💀

  • ImJustMekai
    ImJustMekai 4 hours ago

    I don't know why but the way that Naruto was rapping kind of reminded me of Comethazine

  • Daniel Urewuji
    Daniel Urewuji 4 hours ago

    This is Alexa boyfriend

  • Gunnar Willett
    Gunnar Willett 4 hours ago

    So making fun of Jesus is okay but oh no we can’t have a little gay joke?

  • Wilson420
    Wilson420 4 hours ago

    Just say that someone broke into my locker

  • player gaming
    player gaming 4 hours ago

    When did yall play xbox

  • Janus Jamolo
    Janus Jamolo 4 hours ago

    You guys should react to Translator Fails "Into the Unknown" Parody plsssssss

  • 90s Nation Jackson
    90s Nation Jackson 4 hours ago


  • 90s Nation Jackson
    90s Nation Jackson 4 hours ago


  • 90s Nation Jackson
    90s Nation Jackson 4 hours ago

    Guess what, me and mother went on a ship. The ship sink and I survived the Sinking. I now an Orphan who needs a home. I hate my school life and I can't handle suicide

  • 90s Nation Jackson
    90s Nation Jackson 4 hours ago

    Dwayne you have an strong beautiful and very kind woman, I'm so proud of you and you two are the nicest people I've ever met. Hello to your buddy If anyone hurts her, kick their ass Dwayne

  • the middleton's
    the middleton's 4 hours ago

    Mom:What do you want for your birthday Lucas:a ps4 mom:IM NOT PLAYING YOUR GAMES

  • Sl4me 352
    Sl4me 352 4 hours ago

    The xbox series x is smaller than the x the new Xbox is just thicc the x is Longer

  • Cynthia Woods
    Cynthia Woods 5 hours ago

    Jeffy meet luigi the first time

  • DL studioes
    DL studioes 5 hours ago

    Lenin won

  • Derpy Harry
    Derpy Harry 5 hours ago

    I'm a Yugioh fan, and when I hear someone complaining about pot of greed being banned, I get triggered. I would explain it all, but just watch a video explaining why the card is banned.

  • Dina Gombola
    Dina Gombola 5 hours ago


  • 90s Nation Jackson
    90s Nation Jackson 5 hours ago


  • easyposp
    easyposp 5 hours ago

    Vanoss gaming dont Copyright

    DRIPSY_ WET 5 hours ago

    Her pussy when she got up 😛

  • AgiteKai
    AgiteKai 5 hours ago

    Dwayne look like he finna nut.

  • Hell Cat
    Hell Cat 5 hours ago

    Ultra F***N instinct

  • GioTheCheetoh
    GioTheCheetoh 5 hours ago


  • mega jaidin
    mega jaidin 5 hours ago

    I think dwayne when super sayin 😂

  • Kool To The Foolas
    Kool To The Foolas 5 hours ago

    Thanks for sharing this movie review right here. Keep up with a good work.

  • fam man
    fam man 5 hours ago

    Can you check out rustage

  • Xpkarma
    Xpkarma 5 hours ago

    I swear every time he ends a video he’s running from a belt

  • Jessepe Jibbs
    Jessepe Jibbs 5 hours ago

    That thing is built like a whole gaming pc

  • Silver Shield
    Silver Shield 5 hours ago

    Watch some videos from Danplan. Especially the "are you a psychopath" and "are you a sociopath"

    MVPCOOLICE 21 5 hours ago

    It looks like a PC

  • Na Arayah
    Na Arayah 5 hours ago

    Xbox is smart. Think! They released where you can pay for Game Pass on console and PC. So build a PC tower and call it a console. They are smart.

  • Dooble158 halosche
    Dooble158 halosche 5 hours ago

    Can sr cleanfist clean dirty mind

    CARSON FAULKNER 5 hours ago

    It’s dummy thicc

  • Kelton Tutor
    Kelton Tutor 5 hours ago

    It's bad he's just acting like he likes it

  • 90s Nation Jackson
    90s Nation Jackson 5 hours ago

    More like an Jacqui Briggs Reveal. They made an mistake

  • Shadow M
    Shadow M 5 hours ago

    It kinda look like a pc tower...

  • Vergixx
    Vergixx 5 hours ago

    They didn’t “abandon” scarlet, scarlet is the project name not the official name the same way that the Xbox one x was called project Scorpio in development but had a different name when it was released. The chances that they were gonna keep scarlet are very small

  • Mc Kenzy Duyan
    Mc Kenzy Duyan 5 hours ago

    Its not sasuno its Susanoo

  • Eidio Lann
    Eidio Lann 5 hours ago

    IT COMES OUT ON MY BIRTHDAY!! So gonna buy this.

  • igmo 2583
    igmo 2583 6 hours ago

    WHAT? Jack the Ripper? Hannibal CLEARLY had this one! 🤦‍♂️

    JACOBY4DG 6 hours ago

    Series X is the one of the new next gen consoles

  • Jamil Collins
    Jamil Collins 6 hours ago

    Hey guys, do you think y'all could react to hazbin hotel and helluva boss if you guys don't mind.

  • Rafael Calderón
    Rafael Calderón 6 hours ago

    4:17 funniest part 😂

  • AfterBurnerRPM
    AfterBurnerRPM 6 hours ago

    The video is unavailable now 😂

  • Lanie Lindsey
    Lanie Lindsey 6 hours ago

    The guy does a Kanye West impression Me:..... who is Kanye West? (Deadass idk and I’m almost 17)

    ULTRADRAGON FORCE 6 hours ago

    The original vid was taken down😢

  • Cristian Madrid
    Cristian Madrid 6 hours ago

    Captain marvel could’ve said Shazam again or move out of the way of that final punch

  • Andy Gonzalez
    Andy Gonzalez 6 hours ago

    I dare someone to right all of words in the vid

  • Alex Rosas
    Alex Rosas 6 hours ago

    The first Xbox console that advertises first was Halo(2001) The Xbox Series X first game it advertises is Halo(2020) Coincidence, I think not.

  • iiTiaAesthetic
    iiTiaAesthetic 6 hours ago

    So I’m guessing next ghost buster movie will be toddlers 😂

  • Leroy Jenkins
    Leroy Jenkins 6 hours ago

    I brought that thing into this world I can take him out of it would be my response lol

  • MarvelManiac
    MarvelManiac 6 hours ago

    I love how they thought Mcree was the one who blew the train

  • Yinka K
    Yinka K 6 hours ago

    Why do they look different

  • Juliana Delgado
    Juliana Delgado 6 hours ago

    I’m Mexican and I think it’s funny

  • Your Local Emo
    Your Local Emo 6 hours ago

    Hell yeah I've been waiting for the best react youtubers to see this sml vid, love you two :D

  • Kasey Knutson
    Kasey Knutson 6 hours ago

    Jazz please send nudes 😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • young king
    young king 6 hours ago

    It looks good