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Adore Me Haul
3 months ago
My Morning Routine
5 months ago
A Week In My Life.
8 months ago
Huge Asos Haul!
9 months ago
11 months ago

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  • Mai Tan
    Mai Tan 5 months ago

    Arden! Revive your gaming channel! :)

  • Dani Pickard
    Dani Pickard 8 months ago

    Hi Arden, I was wondering what program you used to make your intro animation?

  • joules hope
    joules hope 9 months ago

    Hey, Arden, I would absolutely adore a vid showing your most worn articles of clothing?

  • John OMalley
    John OMalley Year ago

    I wish you had some single friends that needs a good man.

  • Jessica M
    Jessica M Year ago

    Just saw you on Pop Trigger discussing Trichotillomania.....
    Thank You so much, words can't even begin to describe how much that means to me.
    You were so open and honest, and almost nonchalant about it.

  • Hanna Chen
    Hanna Chen Year ago

    Hi! I just watched your video about haul from Lazy Oaf, I couldn't find the cat dress(motherfukingpockets one lol)! I love that dress sooo much! Can you tell me where can i find that?

  • Jessica Tang
    Jessica Tang Year ago

    ARDEN'S SUB BOX ISN'T WORTH IT. I spent around $40 (for the box, shipping, and some BS processing fee) for the box that took 2 MONTHS to arrive. And when I finally got the "box" (it was a plastic bag) it had a crumpled up CHEAP plastic choker necklace that broke and won't even fit me, it had thigh highs (that i can't wear considering I'm so young and that's weird on a kid) with a RIP in the corner, a cheap fluff keychain ball, a lipstick that was OK, and a pencil eyeliner that honestly costs like $2 from elf. And I'm not writing this because I hate (i love her, its why i got the box anyway), its that I saved up my money for months for a box of stuff not worth the amount i paid that i can't even use. and now I'm honestly just insanely sad right now. so considering buying it with EXTREME CAUTION.

  • JaxosCraft IT
    JaxosCraft IT Year ago

    sei bona by italian

  • beyond maya
    beyond maya Year ago

    can you make a new hair routine video! pweaseeeee

  • Jamie Gee
    Jamie Gee Year ago

    I hope you film a music video for your own song, right, Arden?

  • TheVegan AndAnimalActivist

    hi do you use products free of Animal ingredients and free of Animal testing?

  • Tabea Aurora
    Tabea Aurora Year ago

    Just saw 30 seconds of one of your videos and thought "Oh she seems nice, Im going to subscribe" - Hope you have a nice day :)

  • Will Levy
    Will Levy Year ago

    Hello, I just sent you a message. Please check your inbox, thanks!

  • Poetic Motivation

    I like you one million rosebud story. Encouraging and touching

  • Mehmet Emin MERCAN

    sen ne kadar tatlısın zalımın kızı <3 <3

  • thirtysix casso
    thirtysix casso Year ago

    shes lowkey hella fine

  • bgasman
    bgasman 2 years ago

    hey arden, nice channel!

  • Alison West
    Alison West 2 years ago

    arden aren't you gonna make another occupy alice vid. you totally should it was awesomelove ya!!!

  • MalikNightboiler//Bossk

    anders if u like gaming do a few lets play like minx

  • Gutsy Warrior
    Gutsy Warrior 2 years ago

    Hi Arden, you always make me smile. I'll try not to go into my life story but I've been battling a disease called Crohns which 3 years ago turned to colon cancer and so I have to deal with a not-so functional body and I'm only 21. Needless to say I spend a lot of time alone and it can get lonely and sad sometimes. But your videos always make me smile- I think you're hilarious and just down to earth. You're one of the few youtubers I love to watch because you've nailed down with unique conversational talent with the camera which somehow is just capturing to watch. Thank you so much for making me smile! Keep it up- I'll be your internet friend watching from the other side. :)  

  • Nikki Shiverdecker
    Nikki Shiverdecker 2 years ago

    Honestly I don't get how anyone could hate you. You seem so nice and down to earth. I adore your videos and you and I hope you continue to be the wonderful person you seem to be.<3

  • Makayla Webster
    Makayla Webster 2 years ago

    So I just wanted to say that I've watched every one of your videos and you've been such an inspiration to me, plus you're beautiful. I just wanted to tell you that I named my daughter after you, I'm not sure if this will make you mad or make you feel flattered but her name is Arden Ella-Rose.. I just thought you should know. Arden is such a beautiful name and I wanted her to know she was named after someone with such beauty.
    thank you for making my days better. (:

  • Nicky & Annie
    Nicky & Annie 2 years ago

    i love ū

  • Yasmine Ramage
    Yasmine Ramage 2 years ago

    Please do an updated everyday makeup look or bedroom tour something like aye, and what did u tell your mum to do when she cut your hair? xx

  • Bea Frances
    Bea Frances 2 years ago

    Arden please answer me this: Where did you get your Harry Potter glasses from? 
    Kind Regards,

  • kielee clement
    kielee clement 2 years ago

    I fell in love with you, and you make my day better! Hope you're having a good day! Xx

  • Ivanna Rose
    Ivanna Rose 2 years ago

    BEAUTY GURU here

  • Peach P
    Peach P 2 years ago

    Hi Arden, just wanted to say i really love your videos and i think your really pretty, and funny. But anyway, i was kind of hoping you would do a middle school advice video? i apologize if you've already done one. I've been having a really hard time, and i would like to know how to kind of socialize, and fit in...etc. it would mean the world to me. thank you!

  • Sabina Wallo
    Sabina Wallo 2 years ago

    Hi Aden, could you please make a 90´s party GRWM, or something in 90´s spirit ? It would be sooo helpfull, My friend is having 90´ style birthday party, and 
    I´m hopeless. Love you <3

  • Paige Murphy
    Paige Murphy 2 years ago

    you should do a collab with hellokatyxo !!!

  • Savvy IS Me
    Savvy IS Me 2 years ago

    psa: dont ever order from Lime Crime Cosmetics its a super shady company, the owner is a complete jerk who’s dressed up as a nazi on different occasions and theyve been known to steal and sell credit card information 

  • Mariana Cárdenas
    Mariana Cárdenas 2 years ago

    Hello Arden ...
    To next video should be ... about how you change from being the girl who started youtube and woman you are to day ... if I'm honest I've seen all your videos  being bored one day I saw all your video I talk a years ago when you were still living with your parents and the truth is that I liked a little better that person,  I think you were more honest
    Not get me wrong I think you're amazing right now, but every time you feel more distant with the people we love your videos.
    sorry for my bad English :) im from México

  • Kristen Pickles
    Kristen Pickles 2 years ago

    When will you go back to makin gamer videos on ur other channel?

  • Abby Telscher
    Abby Telscher 2 years ago

    why did you and nicholas break up?

  • Udane Ibarzabal
    Udane Ibarzabal 2 years ago

    Arden please do more videos on outfits, makeup and products xxx

  • Julia Marie
    Julia Marie 3 years ago

    Arden you're almost at 1,000,000 subscribers!

  • Katie Lake
    Katie Lake 3 years ago

    Areden, I love your videos and love youtube! your channel is amazing and hopefully you can check out mine! lot of love, KT

  • Serenity Facial
    Serenity Facial 3 years ago

    Hi Arden, I watched your video "Get Ready With Me! (Morning Routine)" and I enjoyed watching it. Washing our face in the morning is the best way to keep it healthy and hydrated. 

  • lily marie
    lily marie 3 years ago

    Hey I have a new channel and just posted my second video!!! It would be great if you could watch it and subscribe!! Ill try and subscribe back to everyone who does! 

  • Julia Kristine
    Julia Kristine 3 years ago

    More videos please! :DD

  • Izzy J
    Izzy J 3 years ago

    I love u arden such a  role model to me <:

  • Valocity Videos
    Valocity Videos 3 years ago

    hey Arden. i love your videos. i would like to start my own youtube channel and have that be my career as well but i don't quite know how to get noticed like you did and if you have time i would like to know how you did it, if you ever see this. thank you! 

  • aspenbroo
    aspenbroo 3 years ago

    You should do an updated Hair Care/ Hair routine? :)

  • Aureus Arts
    Aureus Arts 3 years ago

    Hi Arden, I watched your "My Room Tour" and you have a lovely and spacious room. It's very inspiring video. I love the furniture you got there especially the the white cabinet, it looks vintage.

  • Kayla Snyder
    Kayla Snyder 3 years ago

    Arden you look EXACTLY like Liana Liberto!! :)

    ADASTRA 3 years ago

    i just suscribed and i was wondering how old is she? i saw the about me but really? lol someone knows?

  • LotsOfLib
    LotsOfLib 3 years ago

    One of the first Youtube channels I watched :') Still so good

  • davamae dotjpg
    davamae dotjpg 3 years ago

    I'm very new to this whole YouTube thing & to be quite honest without sounding like a total & complete fan-girl. You're the one who inspired me to do so. So thank you & keep up with the amazing videos. (:

  • Michelle H
    Michelle H 3 years ago

    hey guys i stare my channel a while back and i was hoping you guys can help out by watching my vids and subscribing and if you dont care then move on to the next comment 

  • Savannahbanana
    Savannahbanana 3 years ago

    There should be a Jenn, Andrea, Lauren & Arden show !!! Yes yes yessssssss !!!

    • Katie Lake
      Katie Lake 3 years ago


    • Samantha W
      Samantha W 3 years ago

      OMG YES

  • Anhelica Martinez
    Anhelica Martinez 3 years ago

    ive never seen any of your videos BUT... thank you for subscribing to me

  • Brooke Pearson
    Brooke Pearson 3 years ago

    how did your design your channel art

  • Taylor
    Taylor 3 years ago

    Arden, today was my last day of school and one of the things i'm putitng on my summer bucket list is to put purple in my hair and i was wondering if you wouldn't mind doing a hair chalk tutorial because i literally have no idea what to buy or what to do when i have the actual chalk. thanks so much 

  • Laura Vickery
    Laura Vickery 3 years ago

    wonderful channel...thank you for sharing your wisdom.

  • Hannah Giuffre
    Hannah Giuffre 3 years ago

    you should make a least favorites video!!!!! It would be super helpful to know what products you thought would be good but ended up being really bad

  • Fresh Supply
    Fresh Supply 3 years ago

    A 'why?-phone' I can relate with you there (so I subscribed) Nice videos!

  • Elle Avi Skin Care
    Elle Avi Skin Care 3 years ago

    Nice videos.

  • LpsGlamourkitty
    LpsGlamourkitty 3 years ago

    are you still on your gaming channel?

  • violetgirl1996
    violetgirl1996 3 years ago

    where did your older videos go

  • Marie Rose
    Marie Rose 3 years ago

    SSIIISSSSTTTTEEEERRRRRRRRR!!!!! lol no. my last name is love.

  • HlikeHoney
    HlikeHoney 3 years ago

    Jesus loves you so much !

  • Margaret Rose
    Margaret Rose 3 years ago

    do a products for short hair pls cus im going to hack my hair off to about shoulder length in spring break with my bff and im doing a little research on short hair and how to style and take care of it so pls pls pls pls do hair videos 

  • holly meakin
    holly meakin 3 years ago

    I Love Your Videos You Inspired Me To make Some ! :)

  • helen
    helen 3 years ago

    You selected me to win the giveaway bracelet, thankyou!!! i really appreciate it but whenever i try to claim it i have to complete at least 10 surveys and then i am still not able to claim it. 3 viruses have now made their new home on my desktop (lucky me!) because of this. :'(

  • TheCupcake1051
    TheCupcake1051 3 years ago

    got a fake message from a fake you. Just saying

  • Cindy Ramirez
    Cindy Ramirez 3 years ago

    I received a message from an "Arden Rose" with your profile picture about being a giveaway winner and having to fill out something before I got my prize. I was suspicious because this had happened on a booktube giveaway. So I clicked on sender and it was a fake account of you. Thought I'd give you a heads up, that way you can let your subscribers know .) Love your videos

    • dorcas
      dorcas 3 years ago

      That happened to me too! I got all excited and clicked on the link and was like hollld up. and now I'm sad cos I didnt win anything lol

    • Lauren Miller
      Lauren Miller 3 years ago

      The same happened to me today! definitely not ok :(

  • Abigail Rose
    Abigail Rose 3 years ago

    Hey Arden! I LOVE your videos, and wanted to let you know that you're such an inspiration. If you wouldn't mind checking out my first video(which was inspired by your video, 'My Perfect Imperfections') I'd love it! :) Thanks!

  • glittermepink123
    glittermepink123 3 years ago

    I have a question .o. your videos are always so perfectly lit ..can you do a video on like what lights you use ??because all the lighting in my videos suck .-. <3 Thank You ! Ps: you are soo PERDY!

  • eliza lucina
    eliza lucina 3 years ago

    Hey Arden!!I totally love your videos to the extent that i would even collect them in my loppy!!How i wish i can know you more and see you personally someday!!

  • Teresa Fehr
    Teresa Fehr 3 years ago

    you should do a POP Sugar box give away for us in Canada since they don't send them to Canada. I really want one!

  • Beckie Jane Brown
    Beckie Jane Brown 3 years ago

    I'm so confused... I just came to your channel and I'm not subscribed? Which makes no sense as I subscribed at least 2 years ago and I rarely unsub from anyone?!
    Anyway... I resubbed. Not sure what's happened there! Subscriptions don't really work anymore so thats why I didn't notice!
    Hello again!

  • Xandra
    Xandra 3 years ago

    You should make an art Chanel!!! 

  • ashleybreinxo
    ashleybreinxo 3 years ago

    Do you have any good tips for starting a youtube channel? I just hit 100 subscribers & I'm really excited but I wanna hear your advice if you have any!! :)

  • courtnie caldwell
    courtnie caldwell 3 years ago

     Hey girl!
     I know you probably wont see this but I had to give it a shot! I'm reaching out to all the beauty gurus that I watch here on YouTube to try to get some help! I'm from a really small town in Kentucky and in my town are TONS of underprivileged families that struggle annually and especially during the holidays! Every year my high school (Hazard High School) comes together and tries to provide basic clothing items and things for the kids at the high school that don't have stable home lives. The reason I'm reaching out to you guys is because the majority of these underprivileged teens are girls. Growing up and going through high school is hard as I'm sure you all know and we know how cruel kids can be. Especially if you aren't the wealthiest. So what I'm trying to do is find a way to have more girly things donated to these teen girls like make up! I know many of you found escapes in experimenting with make up and have now become popular gurus! If you read this at all and can think of any ways to help PLEASSSSSSSSSSE message me on here. I really want to be able to help these girls feel more confident and beautiful. My little town and high school mean so much me and I just really want to do something good for all these girls! I would really appreciate anything! I'm not asking you to send me money or give me subscribers or anything like that I'm just asking for help! ANY HELP. It can be as simple as advice on what I should do to get donations or anything like that. So if you read this PLEASE respond and if not I still love ya anyway! Wish me luck! Have a happy holidays!
    Courtnie <3

  • Gaynor Fox
    Gaynor Fox 3 years ago

    arden I love watching your videos`!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! your video are awesome because your so bubbly and that's cool

  • Gaynor Fox
    Gaynor Fox 3 years ago

    I only discovered you a couple days ago and omg you are awesome !!!!! you just express your self and you are just awesome I follow you on all your social media

  • dakotahhlee
    dakotahhlee 4 years ago

    Hey Arden! I love your vids and I have been watching your videos forever and you seem so happy with your youtube career! Hope to be successful like you! Could you check my videos out?

  • Meera
    Meera 4 years ago

    my question might sound ridiculous, but what font are you using in video: HUGE WINTER HAUL! Target, Urban Outfitters, and more! i love it and i want to use it if its not your secret :D

  • April Han
    April Han 4 years ago

    I discovered you a few days ago & OMG.... u r like AWESOME!! You express yourself differently from others & u know how to have fuuuun~ I guess you have earned another happy subscriber. Make this girl laugh!! xD

  • Sofie Bollen
    Sofie Bollen 4 years ago
    New blog post! Love

  • Amelia McGrath
    Amelia McGrath 4 years ago

    Hey Arden, you should make a video of your favorite products of all time. so far. x] I hope you're having a fantabulous day because you are abosloutely adorable. :)

  • TheBC2683
    TheBC2683 4 years ago

    Yes please do a work out video.Love the kitty hat...Meow

  • Brianna DeVore
    Brianna DeVore 4 years ago

    will you pretty please do a workout routine video???

  • serenitea
    serenitea 4 years ago

    You are so funny, you should have more subscribers!

  • Mallory Abbie
    Mallory Abbie 4 years ago

    I love your videos ! You've inspired me to make some :)

  • Lea Thibault
    Lea Thibault 4 years ago

    hey arden !! I just really wanted you to know that you're my favorite youtuber and I thank you for making me laugh when im feeling down. You are a awesome person and each video you post is like a a piece of chocolate in my mouth ( mehehe) TAKE CARE OF YOUR SELF XOXOX ( sorry english isn't my first language ahahah ) 

  • Tony Murillo
    Tony Murillo 4 years ago

    does anyone else think she looks like lana del rey in her profile and cover photo?

  • jennifer villafana
    jennifer villafana 4 years ago

    One question are you going to let your hair grow long again?
    If you are can you make of video of how your going to make it grow?

  • parker tonn
    parker tonn 4 years ago

    hey! I Love your videos you're so pretty and fit.
    can you do a muscle flexing video? please :))

  • Kate M.
    Kate M. 4 years ago

    i think she looks Like Lintsey Lohan

  • Delete This
    Delete This 4 years ago

    Arden, what face concealer do you recommend is best to cover up redness (mostly) and even out skin tone? Please reply. 🙏

  • Colleen Levine
    Colleen Levine 4 years ago

    Hi everyone! check out my channel!!! its beauty fashion makeup..please check it out and subscribe!!!

  • Anne-Marie Boucher
    Anne-Marie Boucher 4 years ago

    do some hauuuuls :3 ..................please :)

  • Kourtney Perrault
    Kourtney Perrault 4 years ago

    what books do you suggest for a good read?

  • babyboo nana
    babyboo nana 4 years ago

    what editing video app do you use ??? n check out my videos n plzz subscribe so i can be inspired to do more video

  • Elizabeth Love
    Elizabeth Love 4 years ago

    I love your tumblr! It is by far one of my favorite tumblr's to follow. :)

    YESGIRL LISA 4 years ago

    please add my channel. i ned all the help i can get,,thank you

  • Emmie Hackney
    Emmie Hackney 4 years ago

    i literally watch your videos over and over again because your just so positive and loveable! never stop making videos and i would love to see an apartment tour soon! :* :)

  • The Black Barcode
    The Black Barcode 4 years ago

    Love you banner photo! I actually have a fashion channel and would love for you to come check it out!!
    XOXO Fashionaccordingtome

  • marierandir
    marierandir 4 years ago

    Arden! I love that you are always yourself:) you really inspire me<3

  • Anita Ballachanda
    Anita Ballachanda 4 years ago

    Arden! Please Please PLEASE do another playlist video!! Without you I would never have discovered The Neighbourhood and I am eternally grateful.

  • shelbyxrosee
    shelbyxrosee 4 years ago

    Arden, can you do an advice video for upcoming seniors, I am going to be a senior this year and I am just super anxious and nervous , I just feel nothing will be the same anymore!?

  • Dany Tex
    Dany Tex 4 years ago

    hey great channel gurl! I have sub you!plz sub me back!have a good evening!

  • Brenda Thompson
    Brenda Thompson 4 years ago

    any suggestions for nintendo ds games? specifically zelda or pokemon??

  • Niamh Vimpany
    Niamh Vimpany 4 years ago

    Please comment on this comment

  • Rayane Larissa
    Rayane Larissa 4 years ago

    Brazil love u

  • cherrypop1233
    cherrypop1233 4 years ago

    arden i love your videos and i was wondering if you could do a x2 updated hair care routine/ how to make your hair longer pleaz

  • Sominaslike
    Sominaslike 4 years ago

    if you guys like haul videos watch mine and subscribe to see more! xo

  • Shannonmelissaa
    Shannonmelissaa 4 years ago

    Can you please do another playlist video! I loved your last ones and got great songs out of it and would love to hear/see more! thank you xoxo

  • Brooke Noelle
    Brooke Noelle 4 years ago

    Hey Arden! Since your like an artist I think you should do some artsy videos! :) That would be seriously amazing! :) I want to see what kind of cool stuff you use your creativity for. haha! love ya.

  • Dina May Hall
    Dina May Hall 4 years ago

    I LOVE your videos Arden! Please upload a June favorites! :{) <3

  • Anto D.
    Anto D. 4 years ago

    hi arden! just wanted to say im a super huge fan of yours! luv ya

  • makalynn mead
    makalynn mead 4 years ago

    you need to make a night routune

  • jessica lauren
    jessica lauren 4 years ago

    Hey, i just started posting youtube videos about fashion and beauty! I'd love if you'd check them out some time! p.s love your videos!! Thanks :)

  • beachbrownie01
    beachbrownie01 4 years ago

    Hi Arden! I really enjoy your videos and your effervescent personality that always comes across through them. I know you do some shopping on Etsy and would love it if you took a look at the store I just opened: TheVastMirage. All the best,

  • Elizabeth M
    Elizabeth M 4 years ago

    Best youtuber! Along with HelloKatyxo

  • pinkunicornize
    pinkunicornize 4 years ago

    arden you said you'd upload a new video!!!!! i know you're busy but i wanna see it!!!!! <3

  • Kelly Chau
    Kelly Chau 4 years ago


  • Niamh Vimpany
    Niamh Vimpany 4 years ago

    Hi Arden I am 9 and big fan! My name is grace... Would it be ok if you could mention my name in one of the videos please!

  • EverythingsPeachy514

    Arden, you kind of look a lot like Lydia Martin (:

  • Stella Paradis
    Stella Paradis 4 years ago

    does arden have some of the Elizabeth Arden fragnances?

  • Anna Senchea
    Anna Senchea 4 years ago

    I saw your morning routine video for summer. When you would go to school, how much time before leaving the house would you wake up??

  •  4 years ago

    Hey Arden! We love you're videos! I love your hair!! :)

  • Missbettybeatle
    Missbettybeatle 4 years ago

    Bro, new video now. As in now. Like now. Five days I've been waiting FIVE DAYS.

  • shisauce
    shisauce 4 years ago

    What size is your Zara kimono?

  • Evi NYC
    Evi NYC 4 years ago

    Can you do a video for curly hair ?????

  • Rasabery1
    Rasabery1 4 years ago

    you need to do a "before and after" for your 3 months of training!

  • Evi NYC
    Evi NYC 4 years ago

    Arden I was actually wondering if you could do a video for summer trends 2013...It'd be amazing *-*

  •  4 years ago

    Arden I know you like Audrey Hepburn, so I was wondering if you could do an inspired makeup look of her? It would be awesome! :)

  • Jasmine118247
    Jasmine118247 4 years ago


  • Jasmine118247
    Jasmine118247 4 years ago

    Youtube channel 'presitors' is reposting all of Arden's videos as their own. Please report them.

  • Shahad
    Shahad 4 years ago

    can you please do a video with Luise?

  • loveredxo
    loveredxo 4 years ago

    you should do a skin care routine (:

  • ung_uviden
    ung_uviden 4 years ago

    Do a hair routine sweety. Your hair looks so nice and soft!
    Do you dye your hair? If yes - What color? <3 <3

  • jihen jerry
    jihen jerry 4 years ago

    We need some more videos ! Your so funny , i love you <3

  • selfishlove17
    selfishlove17 4 years ago

    What did u get for u bday ?!?!?

  • 24steponme
    24steponme 4 years ago

    You're beautiful! I love your videos! I don't know if you've gotten this comment before, but some of your facial features remind me of Adele! :]

  • hmh281
    hmh281 4 years ago

    i love the ps3 wuts your psn i wunt to add you

  • LiveALittle124
    LiveALittle124 4 years ago

    Hey girls! I've been a committed beauty channel watcher on YouTube for almost a year now; I just made a new channel, and I'm going to start uploading videos to it in June 2013. I'll have everything from hair tutorials to styling videos to DIYs- everything you are looking for in a beauty guru. Please subscribe to my channel so you'll be sure to catch them when they come out! Thanks ladies!
    My channel is LiveALittle124

  • Marilyn Stickler
    Marilyn Stickler 4 years ago

    oh ya and happy birthday

  • Marilyn Stickler
    Marilyn Stickler 4 years ago


  • morgan g
    morgan g 4 years ago

    happy birthday arden! you're so beautiful and you have been an inspiration to me ever since I discovered your channel. C: I hope you have a great birthday and congrats on turning 18! x

  • chelsea alexis
    chelsea alexis 4 years ago

    Happy Birthday Arden! (:

  • Liz Ronan
    Liz Ronan 4 years ago

    ARDEN! You are honestly the most funny and beautiful beauty guru and I wish I could meet you someday :) (come to boston?) I hope you have an incredible birthday, you deserve it <3 thank you so much for being you (? hahaha)!

  • May T
    May T 4 years ago

    Happy birthday Arden!

  • Geena
    Geena 4 years ago

    Happy birthday :D

  • Lilysladybug
    Lilysladybug 4 years ago

    Happy birthday, Arden! <3

  • Anna Roshildur
    Anna Roshildur 4 years ago


  • Alexia Montana
    Alexia Montana 4 years ago

    Happy 18th Birtnday, Arden!! ^_^

  • Straw Berry
    Straw Berry 4 years ago

    Happy Birthdaaaaaaaaaay :**

  • Suheyla Aydin
    Suheyla Aydin 4 years ago

    Happy Birthdayyyy Arden!! Love you so muchhhhh ! I hope you have a great birthday!! (With a lot of presents)

  • Melody Mirjana
    Melody Mirjana 4 years ago

    Joyeux anniversaire Arden! Lots and lots and lots of "bisous" from France, hope your day will be purrrfect. ♥ (oh, and it'll be great if you did a "birthday haul" kinda video. I'm sure everyone wants to see Nicholas' present!)

  • Kirsty Hulme
    Kirsty Hulme 4 years ago

    Happy Birthday Arden! Have a great day and keep being amazing and hilarious :) x

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