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What's an Alienware UFO?
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The new OLED Coke Bottle
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  • Clyde Castro
    Clyde Castro 5 hours ago

    there is a cat on the show,

  • Hideika
    Hideika 5 hours ago

    The A14 chip is gonna blow the SD865 out of the water, 18K multi core score unbelievable

  • jesmin ahmed
    jesmin ahmed 5 hours ago

    Where is willy dooo 😩😮😩😭

  • Ahmad
    Ahmad 5 hours ago

    Like= Apple users Comment= Android users

  • Jordan
    Jordan 5 hours ago

    willy dooo😰

  • jammygiinger
    jammygiinger 5 hours ago

    My dream phone would include an a14.

  • R S
    R S 5 hours ago

    Nike will always be the market leader. No competition tbh.

  • Hah Gadi
    Hah Gadi 5 hours ago

    wheres willydo :(

  • jesmin ahmed
    jesmin ahmed 5 hours ago

    So when are you unboxing those lew?????

  • Kp
    Kp 5 hours ago


  • Sahil Khan
    Sahil Khan 5 hours ago

    Not first

  • Mk madramootoo
    Mk madramootoo 5 hours ago

    You doin good love ur videos 👌

  • Rodney Hamu
    Rodney Hamu 5 hours ago

    Hi Lew thanks for the hard work please give me a shoutout Rodney from Zimbabwe

  • Shaunak Das
    Shaunak Das 5 hours ago


  • IM The Whole Man
    IM The Whole Man 5 hours ago

    Apple is better than most companies at making something you want to hold on to. Android phones, make you buy another to get the latest operating system, so Apple is better.

  • Atendimento Playzz
    Atendimento Playzz 5 hours ago

    youtube is drunk agai.....

  • Signed in only To comment

    Did someone get replaced ?

  • Cardiff Express
    Cardiff Express 5 hours ago

    Stop posting all videos at the same time you noob. Great vids btw

  • koushik kulakarni
    koushik kulakarni 5 hours ago

    Fifth comment

  • Fast Raw Reviews
    Fast Raw Reviews 5 hours ago

    Apple is going to kill it this year

  • Bigs Tech
    Bigs Tech 5 hours ago

    Am here too

  • Mayank Bhaskar
    Mayank Bhaskar 5 hours ago

    Why'd you change the name

  • GalaxyGameYT
    GalaxyGameYT 5 hours ago


  • BDEduardo
    BDEduardo 5 hours ago

    Where the noti gang at tho

  • Dr.Talks
    Dr.Talks 5 hours ago

    1st view

  • Dr.Talks
    Dr.Talks 5 hours ago

    1st view ...,. Can I get a like

  • Lucas Atienza
    Lucas Atienza 5 hours ago

    Programed absolescence

  • Frede Meincke Olesen

    Never been first before

  • Dr.Talks
    Dr.Talks 5 hours ago

    1st view ...,. Can I get a like

    PACFREAKINMAN 5 hours ago


  • Raza Shah
    Raza Shah 5 hours ago

    1st !!!!

  • J M
    J M 5 hours ago

    Who else is getting the iPhone 12 day one?

  • jesmin ahmed
    jesmin ahmed 5 hours ago

    Why people say, first When they are early????

    PACFREAKINMAN 5 hours ago

    Hey man great videos!

  • Wyatt Robertson
    Wyatt Robertson 5 hours ago

    Who loves Apple 👍

  • SuperMX
    SuperMX 5 hours ago

    First comment

  • Pedro Nogueira
    Pedro Nogueira 5 hours ago

    If this is indeed true, all we need is to adobe to make some decente Creative Cloud apps for iOS and a dock with keyboard and mouse and BAM, Mobile studio!

  • KareemVlogs
    KareemVlogs 5 hours ago

    first one to comment

  • Broke Gamer
    Broke Gamer 5 hours ago

    Last time i was this fast, Bill gates was the richest man in world.


    Yay, first!

  • Vaibhav kumar
    Vaibhav kumar 5 hours ago


  • Nizar Elfennani
    Nizar Elfennani 5 hours ago

    Nearby Sharing does already exist in Windows 10

  • Mustafa Akbar
    Mustafa Akbar 5 hours ago


  • Mustafa Akbar
    Mustafa Akbar 5 hours ago

    He wants you to trust The same law enforcement That is shitting on him No thank you

  • chip sramek
    chip sramek 5 hours ago

    Apple is connecting the 5G weapon... WHAT JWO TALKING HEAD drug are you on...when talking about EVIL Cooks normal staged.. and.. brainwashed audience respect during his meetings...your quote is... "and rightly so" is it love or just infatuation......GATEKEEPER without a doubt...

  • Mustafa Akbar
    Mustafa Akbar 5 hours ago

    Sorry privacy is privacy If you give them a inch They will abuse that power.

  • Chebelli Pavan kumar

    They most probably spend some money in the prime video. Because it is becoming more popular in india. Every movie within one month will come into prime video. So,they probably spend some amount in prime video for the best content.

  • berwin cardozo
    berwin cardozo 5 hours ago

    India needs Amazon bruh Flipkart is shit

  • AJ
    AJ 6 hours ago

    *cries in samsung*

  • Rishabh Luhar
    Rishabh Luhar 6 hours ago

    Amazon said they are going to end up buying spaces for sellers where the individuals can come get the listing listed on amazon with help, do the photography, learn about advertising and more! Money making money!

  • MyRage
    MyRage 6 hours ago

    I'm from Ahmedabad and I hate local shop dealers. Most of the products sells for higher than retail price locally. Amazon is liberating!

  • Naval Kishore Barthwal

    You can't even read a news..!!

  • Luwang Ningthou
    Luwang Ningthou 6 hours ago

    JIO MART is coming babe...

  • Abbi Chan
    Abbi Chan 6 hours ago

    I'm here because I was supposed to be watching a scene of haikyuu where a guy hits the volleyball using his left hand

  • snygrv vrgyns
    snygrv vrgyns 6 hours ago

    My POV:Look business is a game, who performs better wins. Instead of blaming others (like in games when we call better players hacker) they should try to improve their game. What I mean is, they should look for the points that these online retailer cannot solve and fill them.

  • Broken Planet
    Broken Planet 6 hours ago

    Samsung skipped Note 6

  • Indranil
    Indranil 6 hours ago

    Wasn't there an interview where john mcafee said that if government wanted to unlock the phone they could've done it easily but the only reason they wanted apple to do something was because they wanted a backdoor into ios. John explained the whole process in that interview about how the government could unlock the within half an hour

  • Edbert Khovey
    Edbert Khovey 6 hours ago

    Hufttt, there is no such thing as a privacy, as long as you use your device that is connected to the internet, there is no such thing as privacy, change my mind :)

  • Blue Eyed Tech
    Blue Eyed Tech 6 hours ago

    Apple: let’s skip iPhone 9 and go to the iPhone X Samsung: Watch this!

  • Audit The Fed
    Audit The Fed 6 hours ago

    These guys are dumb

  • akhil kumar
    akhil kumar 6 hours ago

    The problem with Ecom companies is they purely work towards increasing the stock market valuation, not based on actual profit & loss of the product. As per Amazon India they did USD 10 Billion in revenue & are facing a loss of 1 Billion Dollar, today they announced they are investing a billion dollar. Even if a seller register & starts to sell in there market place they will only loose there capital, as Amazon has tied up with 2 Indian Billionares (Cloudtail & Appario Seller name) almost 80% of order is routed through them. Now these 2 seller gets preferential treatment in the form low or no selling fees, additional support (to sell below cost price). This leads to huge problem for the govt in terms loss of tax revenue & loss of jobs in city as the small & medium entrepreneurs are bed rock of the economy. Big companies prefer to sell on Amazon as they dont have to spend on marketing & staff, as Amazon will end up employing only Delivery Boys, which is really low end work with not much pay. Although India maybe a poor country but are pretty bright set of ppl, who understand Amazon's idea of capturing the market with predatory or unsustainable pricing, which will lead to overall drop in the economic activity in the country.

  • sanjuansteve
    sanjuansteve 7 hours ago

    I'm creating a social media platform for disaster (and other) aid coordination called C'8 - Coordinate ( and we're very interested in transparency including deleted and edited posts. We'll allow edits but we'll have a button to view a user's / post's edit history to give the best of both worlds with editable data, but with a transparent history anyone can view.

  • OJas BnB
    OJas BnB 7 hours ago

    Remove these small shady traders from the market, all they do is make people bargain all day. They need to learn to be more professional. Customers have the right to buy from whoever gives them the best value for money!

  • Preethivardhan Jp
    Preethivardhan Jp 7 hours ago

    Probably redmi figured out nearby sharing a bit earlier

  • Jim Davis
    Jim Davis 7 hours ago

    I've never seen such a glitchy pro vid. Your camera man fall asleep?

  • Abhishek parmar
    Abhishek parmar 7 hours ago

    Customer love it like me But vendor will surely hate it

  • Jon Mccluskey
    Jon Mccluskey 7 hours ago

    Huawei all day

  • Hello
    Hello 7 hours ago

    Google found a way to exploit more data from humans with a cell phone and a heart beat

  • Vicky Gamit
    Vicky Gamit 7 hours ago

    Local retailers will rip you off no matter what you do. I prefer Amazon or Flipkart for mobiles and appliances

  • prezo
    prezo 8 hours ago

    So I live in Delhi and the biggest computer market in Asia is next door to me , these shopkeepers undercut Amazon prices on almost everything, the convenience of amazon is the variety and ease at my fingertips. I shop at both venues online and physical

  • Zero
    Zero 8 hours ago

    iphone is basically just an android stuck in parental control.

  • DeathGun 0825
    DeathGun 0825 8 hours ago

    most of the local dealers try to scam people that is why they hate amazon as it does not allow the dealers to scam AMAZON is the best way to buy in many cases

  • Shantanu Manerikar
    Shantanu Manerikar 8 hours ago

    **cough** asus **cough**

  • Dylan Happenny
    Dylan Happenny 8 hours ago

    Only 1 foot that takes the fun out of airdropping memes around people.

  • Saravanan K
    Saravanan K 8 hours ago

    Elon:we got cybertruck sony:hold my beer

  • newsvideoguy
    newsvideoguy 8 hours ago

    Why is Will the most boring person on Earth?

  • FreakSuperset 96
    FreakSuperset 96 8 hours ago

    I pretty much only drink carbonated water🤞🏻

  • Alpha Delta X
    Alpha Delta X 8 hours ago

    Yay for Amazon!

  • Alpha Delta X
    Alpha Delta X 8 hours ago

    The greedy local sellers rip off people. Amazon has made it possible for people even living in small vilages and towns.

  • Alpha Delta X
    Alpha Delta X 8 hours ago

    This is bullshit. Every consumer in India loves Amazon. The greedy corrupt sellers hate Amazon.

  • Rod M
    Rod M 8 hours ago

    WALL-E - Abbreviated from Waste Allocation Load-Lifter (Earth Class)

  • stephen h
    stephen h 8 hours ago

    Iphone roblox edition

  • Denis Black
    Denis Black 8 hours ago

    6:01 lew made a joke a willy laughed at how bad it was, not the joke

  • Daniel Narine
    Daniel Narine 8 hours ago

    What if the neons are like our pokemon?

  • Omid Rastin
    Omid Rastin 9 hours ago

    PS5 logo cames out. RGB: am I a joke tou you??

  • jeet kshatriya
    jeet kshatriya 9 hours ago

    Peeps from India - 100%

  • J Trailer
    J Trailer 9 hours ago

    Law enforcement has enough advantages

  • sam kurmi
    sam kurmi 9 hours ago

    I think what lew said is true if owners dont do something competitive for the benefit of their consumer why will not they go for Amazon or Flipkart

  • Jiheem Vohor
    Jiheem Vohor 9 hours ago

    Samsung skipped note 6. They went right from 5 to 7....we all know how that ended lol

  • Blank Man
    Blank Man 9 hours ago

    I was born left-handed too. I got it smacked out of me as well. But now I'm semi ambidextrous. I write with my right hand but there are some things I just instinctively do with my left hand.

  • Utkarsh Verma
    Utkarsh Verma 10 hours ago

    UNIVERSAL TRUTH: The only thing that is permanent is CHANGE. The small retailers of India must adapt to this change if they want to survive! It's as simple as that!

  • Jose Antonio Lanz
    Jose Antonio Lanz 10 hours ago

    Imagine I am a celebrity who tweets "I love Unbox Therapy" and you retweet it (along with 100k other users) Then you see the next day that your retweet says "Unbox Therapy is a dumb show that only spreads lies and fake news" You, and 100k are spreading now a completely different message from the one they originally wanted to share with the community

  • mightymofoyoung
    mightymofoyoung 10 hours ago

    Amazon has literally killed small store shopping in the UK. No one goes out to shop anymore they just go online. The company should be broken down to make other retailers more competitive.

  • Iskandar Azri
    Iskandar Azri 10 hours ago


  • Nicholas Carter
    Nicholas Carter 10 hours ago

    I swear I drew this on my math paper about 4 months ago

  • Ilko Allexandroff
    Ilko Allexandroff 10 hours ago

    I live in Japan for 10 years already, convenience stores here are really crazy! 24 hours you can find anything there, it’s just too convenient! They need to take some break sometimes! Cheers from Japan!

  • Chastity Belt
    Chastity Belt 10 hours ago

    Did you ever heard about Android Beam? You just touch another android device with NFC connection enabled and share data. Thats super easy and fast.

  • Phynix72 :
    Phynix72 : 10 hours ago

    Amazon dominance can not scare America because if it goes down, the money will be spread within its home town. But if is dealing in some other country & it goes down, then it will gulp their money.

  • Adam Olds
    Adam Olds 10 hours ago

    So these guys believe Apple are putting money into Hollywood that wasn't there before. Great Good job glossing over the point. Apple and the rest are vile. You don't see the ugly side in their brilliant marketing, so you are oblivious to it. Call it what you like, but the complete disregard for human rights by these huge companies is really quite sickening

  • Prashant Mishra
    Prashant Mishra 10 hours ago

    First of all Amazon crushes startup and bankrupt small traders by giving deep discounts that's why sellers hates it