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  • lulette jones
    lulette jones Month ago

    The itching is the worst and why it itches so much

  • Me
    Me 2 months ago

    This is great for the technician applying the patch...its mirror image unfortunately not for the patient trying to re-apply it. The "UP" position is peeled off when its initially applied and there is not annotation/orientation remaining on the patch when it falls off. Try trying to figure how to put it back on because it will fall off and you will have to reapply it. The tech applying it should already know how to apply it....why do they need a video. How about a video for the poor schmuck that has to re-apply it when its all gooey and wont stick and you have to find some tape....etc.....etc....

  • jeff miller
    jeff miller 6 months ago

    Also, make sure your insurance gives good coverage for this! Call them, I regret not giving due dilligence. It's 995.00 dollars. I owe 500 for it.

    • Mary Hinkle
      Mary Hinkle 2 months ago

      jeff miller Thank you for sharing, that was my worry. I am sorry you weren’t warned of the cost.

  • Ace Venezuela
    Ace Venezuela 7 months ago

    when they rubbing it! it really hurts!

  • jeff miller
    jeff miller 7 months ago

    Stayed on for me! Occasional itching was the worst thing.

  • Jasmine Fat 2 Fit
    Jasmine Fat 2 Fit 8 months ago

    I just got mine today and when I try to record the palpatations it's not blinking when I press for 3 sec! But the lady that did mine said if it begins to get lose put tape on it

  • fspencerrn00
    fspencerrn00 11 months ago

    I've had my Zio monitor for 4 days. When it was applied, the nurse cut a large Tegaderm in half and put each half over the wings. I've showered, worked out, ran a half marathon, did yard work and slept with it on and had no problems with it coming off. I am using the Zio app to record symptoms and find it quite easy and convenient. The first day, it itched and it still occasionally does but not anything too major. The most inconvenience I've had is the shoulder seatbelt goes right over it while driving so I put that part of the seatbelt behind me.

  • CPacker 1183
    CPacker 1183 11 months ago

    Useless. Keeps falling off currently using electrical tape to hold it on if comes off again I'm done. In not going to use superglue.

    • PQ S
      PQ S 4 months ago


  • L T
    L T Year ago

    I feel like my heart monitor may fall off, not due to stuff like submerging it in water and removing the sticky residue or things like that, but due to gravity. Too much of my day is bending over and picking stuff up. Even though I use my hand to press the heart monitor to my body as I do these actions, there's not much I can do. Plus, it's itchy where they applied it.

  • DJ Chelleshockd
    DJ Chelleshockd Year ago

    3:09 of this demonstration was ADORABLE!! 😍🤗 The student/Drs did great though. More thorough than the nurse who put mine on today!

    • Guapo
      Guapo 4 months ago

      You're adorable!

  • Veronica Herrera

    I’ve been going to the gym and it’s been sliding off . Ladies just wear two sports bras . One as you should wear and the other one backwards lol it holds the ends in place 👍🏼 the only hard part is the showering 😑

  • Glen Pointe
    Glen Pointe Year ago

    My doctor ordered me to wear this device for 14 days, and it fell off in few days. However, they still charged a full price for the service. Don't waste your money and time on this device.

  • Glen Pointe
    Glen Pointe Year ago

    I couldn't see if the green was light flashing and kept pressing the button. There isn't anything indicates whether it is on or off. Poor design.

  • Stephanie L. Strong

    Went ahead and took mine off after 12 days because it was beginning to come off. (I'm active but I don't sweat a lot. ) I think it's a pretty clever and handy device. A lot of people have trouble getting it to stay on, so I hope they get that figured out. Be sure whoever puts it on you does the exfoliation step extremely well.

  • Nashville amway
    Nashville amway Year ago

    Today is my 10th day I managed to keep my on by putting clear dressing that I purchased at Kroger over the existing ones that came with it. And it works. I call the customer service # and they said I can used at my own discretion because of they don't recommend putting anything else. They just said to rub the edge of the tape and it will activate the glue again but it doesn't. Best of luck to everyone

  • J D
    J D Year ago

    I suggest placing highly adhesive cloth tape over the 2 extended sensors to stay secure. Some perspire more than others, it can peel off when applied with high heat and body sweat.

  • Anugreh Sehtya
    Anugreh Sehtya Year ago

    Is it FDA approved?

  • Jennifer Jones
    Jennifer Jones Year ago

    Red light started blinking and the sticky part seemed to give my skin an allergic reaction and it was burning so I had to take it off it seemed to have ripped part of my skin off next to my scar from my valve surgery.. I Will call them on Monday.

    • Jan Babcock
      Jan Babcock Year ago

      Do you normally itch from adhesives? I do and am supposed to get the Zio in 10 days. Advise please.

  • Delilah Strange
    Delilah Strange Year ago

    I'm on day 3 of wearing mine and I am experiencing terrible itching where the adhesive is. And it's starting to come off. It's pretty uncomfortable.

    • JAILBREAK 21
      JAILBREAK 21 Year ago

      Delilah Strange same here dude

    • Jan Babcock
      Jan Babcock Year ago

      Do you normally itch from adhesives? I do and am supposed to get the Zio in 10 days.

  • Aaron Wilson
    Aaron Wilson Year ago

    Yeah, mine only stayed on 2-3 days ... going to call customer service and hope for more then "press it back on"

  • aeromeba
    aeromeba 2 years ago

    I managed to keep it on, with a ton of medical tape, but the dear Post Office has lost it. Geez.

  • Ralph Goldsen
    Ralph Goldsen 2 years ago

    This device found a major potential problem causing an EP specialist to recommend tens of thousands of dollars worth of testing to "rule out" VT. I had PVC's and a single episode of syncope. My request to Irythm for my records directly has resulted in massive jerk arounds. I believe this device has a high percentage of false positives and that EP specialists get kickbacks for recommending it. I do not trust this company or its products.

  • Ralph Goldsen
    Ralph Goldsen 2 years ago

    Can I comment?

  • Monica Figueroa
    Monica Figueroa 2 years ago

    he was brave cause the 40 scrapes hurt

  • Julio Rosales
    Julio Rosales 2 years ago

    I had mine put on Monday. today is Friday and its fell off three times. I called the 1800 number and they just told me to hold it in place for 5-7 minutes. I even stopped going to the gym since they put it on.

  • Meg Shafer
    Meg Shafer 2 years ago

    Why would you have to rub skin off? They don't do that with a ekg nor a echo...I think a halter monitor is the way to go...they don't fall off and we know they allergic reactions...we don't have these at the hospital I work at...and we are a highly rated hospital....(looks like something they'd put on hypochondriacs or frequent flyers to make them "happy campers", so they can talk about their heart monitor, they are almost always the healthiest patients...hypochondriacs!!)

    • Tom Mcdevitt
      Tom Mcdevitt Month ago

      So your employer's hospital is highly rated, but you are not.

    • Emily Summers
      Emily Summers Year ago

      So you work at a highly rated hospital where doctors are ordering unneeded tests to suspected hypochondriacs just to keep them happy? What a joke. Sounds more like something you made up in your mind. How ironic.

  • kevin g
    kevin g 2 years ago

    so when you activate the button press log how long do you have to hold the button?

  • Taylor Kissiah
    Taylor Kissiah 2 years ago

    I'm wearing one and afraid to sleep cause it might fall off

  • Random As Always
    Random As Always 3 years ago

    Garbage. Bottom part fell off the first day. the rest fell off not even 24 hours after I had it put on at the cardiologist.

  • Greg's Doodles
    Greg's Doodles 3 years ago

    mine fell off after less than 2 days. they told me to wet the sticky part, Pat it dry, and reapply doesn't stick. this only works for someone who isn't active and doesn't sweat.

    • Newporter 949
      Newporter 949 2 years ago

      Same here. I guess if you're at all active, then it's a "no go."

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  • B Beg
    B Beg 3 years ago

    Mine fell off in 3 days. Not good at all. I called the # per the instructions. They said to put it back on and it will be fine. I told them that it wasn't even sticky anymore. "She said, don't worry, it will stick to you. Try it" Of course it fell of. I just packaged it up and sent it back after only 3 days. Not wearing one ever again.

  • Jc Valero
    Jc Valero 3 years ago

    My future workplace

  • DoughDaddy1
    DoughDaddy1 4 years ago

    Not at all good, if your are active or sweat at all it falls off.

  • Silvian Marin
    Silvian Marin 4 years ago

    well done isg and j coffey team