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  • Andi Dhimitri
    Andi Dhimitri 5 days ago


  • John Vallery
    John Vallery 10 days ago

    Could’ve have joe burrow kid practically beg to play for them Hold the hugest L in college football history

  • Chas chas
    Chas chas 18 days ago

    No the team

  • Ahmad Thrash
    Ahmad Thrash 20 days ago

    I pray he make the nfl

  • Alpha Kenny1
    Alpha Kenny1 21 day ago

    Redshirt freshman year*

    • Husker HL
      Husker HL 21 day ago

      @Alpha Kenny1 I believe true freshman

    • Alpha Kenny1
      Alpha Kenny1 21 day ago

      Husker HL Yeah I got confused with the whole playing 4 games this year. You would call this his redshirt year right? Or his true freshman year?

    • Husker HL
      Husker HL 21 day ago

      Alpha Kenny1 next year he will be

  • Surfbogie07
    Surfbogie07 23 days ago

    Luke is just so much better at making decisions on the fly than Martinez is. He's also more accurate with his passing, Martinez isn't a terrible player. But he panics too easily resulting in turnovers and doesn't always make the best decision.

    • Vlad the Impaler
      Vlad the Impaler 7 days ago

      If Luke doesn’t start this year he should transfer instead of wasting his chance to develop. He’s clearly an all around better player than Martinez. He’s 9 for 12 with over 100 pass yards and and over 130 rushing yards in 20 or so attempts. He’s an all around smarter player and Martinez proved that when he ran out of bounds during the Iowa game. If this mother fucker starts over Luke again

  • Bogey Bear
    Bogey Bear 27 days ago

    After '18 season "oh I think we got a future Heisman Candidate here". After '19 Season, "so what do you figure like 1 more year before Luke McCaffrey takes over?"

  • don wilson
    don wilson Month ago

    Damn! Mike Rozier!! Yowzer!

  • Scott Eaton smith

    But the creamed corn. Yes. That amazingly creamy, buttery goodness. It’s so good, you”ll want to pile on about 2-3 servings at once before anyone else gets a chance to load up. After all, you don’t want to run the risk of losing out on that once-a-year creamed corn.

  • Scott Eaton smith

    Man, Martinez took us to a bowl game ... oh, wait ... never mind

  • Sam S.
    Sam S. Month ago

    They should just put him at RB lol

    • Ryan Witte
      Ryan Witte 5 days ago

      @Vlad the Impaler Man that would be a really huge loss for Nebraska.

    • Vlad the Impaler
      Vlad the Impaler 5 days ago

      Ryan Witte No point in wasting talent like Luke. Luke’s family will tell him to transfer if he’s remains a second string under someone as unreliable as Martinez.

    • Ryan Witte
      Ryan Witte 5 days ago

      Not saying Martinez is bad, but he needs to think his decisions through more. He's a Junior now, he needs to be a role model for the rest of the team.

    • Ryan Witte
      Ryan Witte 5 days ago

      he's too skinny, he's probably the best qb we've had since Frazier and Frost.

    • Vlad the Impaler
      Vlad the Impaler 7 days ago

      No, they should start him over the trash quarterback known as Martinez

  • Corey Steffensmeier

    If this was a top six Burkhead

  • For REAL
    For REAL 2 months ago

    Abdula should not have been on this short of a list. Johnny Rodgers and Rodger Craig are BOTH better than Abdula. And Green would have to come off of a list this short. they both could be on a top seven or top ten list tho

  • SuperDave
    SuperDave 2 months ago

    Pretty solid

  • Roy Burton
    Roy Burton 2 months ago

    I don’t think he is playing for the rest of the season

  • Roy Burton
    Roy Burton 2 months ago

    Is he still on team

    • D.B. Allen
      D.B. Allen 25 days ago

      Technically yes but I'd put money on him playing in the California Penal League next year.

  • Austin Macaitis
    Austin Macaitis 2 months ago

    Music ruined this

  • Scott Eaton smith
    Scott Eaton smith 2 months ago

    Hmmm ... losses to Purdue, Indiana, Colorado, Minnesota, and Ohio State

  • Nathan L
    Nathan L 2 months ago

    I would agree with the list, but what about Ozigbo?

  • Zach_ Mue13
    Zach_ Mue13 3 months ago

    All this is is you showing how bad we are

  • swami 7774
    swami 7774 3 months ago

    Doug DuBose might have been on this list if he’d been able to keep his nose clean(literally).

  • Jon Orr
    Jon Orr 3 months ago

    Love it

  • Tyce Hammerlun
    Tyce Hammerlun 3 months ago

    I live in nebraska

  • Matthew Wells
    Matthew Wells 4 months ago

    Need a tebow speech moment

  • Anterifar
    Anterifar 4 months ago

    Song blows just like Iowa Football

  • caleb kirkendall
    caleb kirkendall 4 months ago

    Me: its just the huskers geting shat on ...... Makes sense

  • Matt P
    Matt P 4 months ago

    Huskers 2019 REVENGE TOUR!

  • Joshua Tryon
    Joshua Tryon 5 months ago

    LP NUMBER 1 END OF STORY then rozier then green then Jones then Abdullah

  • Jeff Linke
    Jeff Linke 5 months ago

    Love the video but not a classy choice of music.

  • internationalmatt1
    internationalmatt1 5 months ago

    Short memory on this list. If you want to go for impact on a team and take into consideration and performance in games that mattered, I would not put Calvin Jones or Abdullah on the list at all. I also would not include Philips because of the pain in the neck he was for the 95 team. My list would be 1- Rozier, 2- Green, 3- Jeff Kinney because well he made the win in the Game of the Century against Oklahoma possible on the last drive, 4- Roger Craig, 5- a tie of I. M. Hipp and Redwine.

  • Austin Lilley
    Austin Lilley 5 months ago

    My second favorite team! Coming from a LSU fan btw. I hope Scott Frost does great things

  • Randy Twidwell
    Randy Twidwell 5 months ago

    Music is garbage

  • Kerry Mills
    Kerry Mills 6 months ago

    5. Reynolds 4. Abdullah 3. Green 2. Rozier 1. Phillips

  • Apolo X
    Apolo X 6 months ago

    Gta music in beginning

  • Ryan Harrington
    Ryan Harrington 6 months ago

    GO BIG RED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BOOO IOWA!!!!!!!!!

  • Dan Willis
    Dan Willis 6 months ago

    I’ve been a Husker fan since I was 9. I’ve witnessed the Devaney years, 25 years with Coach Osborn on the sideline, 5 National Championships and the sad death of everything Devaney and Osborne built. I thank god Im alive to witness Scott Frost’s return and the resurrection of the greatest football team to ever put a cleat on the field. I know Tom Osborne is a happy man and Im pretty sure Devaney will be celebrating with a toast in Husker Heaven this year. GO BIG RED!

    • Matthew Stork
      Matthew Stork 4 months ago

      I've been a fan since I can remember. I've been through the early 90s where Osborne never seemed to get over the florida trio hump. I cried like a baby when I was 10 when the phantom clipping call happened and we lost the 93 orange bowl. I remember the 94 orange bowl and getting goose bumps typing this. Around this time is when I started a strong dislike of Lee Corso. He couldnt stand Nebraska being top dog. I suffered through the Callahan debacle. Pelini righted the ship but never made in game adjustments. So we fire a 9-4 coach and replace him with a 6-6 in good years coach. Then in november of 2017 I was high on life again. Last year Nebraska showed how good they can be. Frost was dead on when he said year 2 is when you will see the most improvement. Nebraska was a 9-3 last year disguised as 4-8. I am so excited for next weekend. This could be a special season. The players never quit like they have in the past. The only blowout was Michigan but they never quit. Every other game they had a chance to win at the end. Frost could very well be this generations Osborne.

  • Alfred Pasly
    Alfred Pasly 6 months ago

    The Back To Greatness 2019 Your for Nebraska football.

  • Jeff Linke
    Jeff Linke 6 months ago

    What is up with this so called music? Can't stand it.

  • Big Red
    Big Red 6 months ago

    Don't care for the music, it sucks!

  • Last Days AWAKENING
    Last Days AWAKENING 7 months ago

    Great video. Terrible music.

  • Gravetidings
    Gravetidings 7 months ago

    "Walking around with my hand on my crotch"? What the hell is up with the crap music that they put in these videos these days. Pathetic!!!

    • Planet Benji
      Planet Benji 6 months ago

      A lack of artistic sophistication and intellect = "gangsta" rap. Thrash metal would be a far better genre for pump-up videos.

  • wortha2ndlookart
    wortha2ndlookart 7 months ago

    Of all these, Green transition best to the NFL. He had the best NFL career. Great list!

  • FaZe Little guy
    FaZe Little guy 7 months ago

    Go big red

  • eric gentry
    eric gentry 8 months ago

    The song ain’t Nebraska

  • Michael Greenwood
    Michael Greenwood 8 months ago

    The only thing T. Lawrence has on 2 A.M. is 2" in height. End of story. And the Sooner reign on the Heisman just came to a screeching halt....Nice run though.

  • Planet Benji
    Planet Benji 9 months ago

    Why doesn't anyone play metal with these videos? It's all mumble rap nowadays. Getting quite tired of the mumbling. Mumbling doesn't pump me up. Metal is far more appropriate.

    • Planet Benji
      Planet Benji 6 months ago

      @Pete Rodeno ....Pity. Metal is so much better as music for sports highlights, especially when it comes to videos meant to get fans pumped up. Rap just doesn't psych me up at all.

    • Pete Rodeno
      Pete Rodeno 6 months ago

      Planet Benji because the target demo for recruiting doesn’t like metal.

  • Wolfi Play
    Wolfi Play 9 months ago

    Man is a "bullet" GO RDRZ!!!!!

  • Team HN
    Team HN 9 months ago

    GBR baby!

  • GeorgeFlippin
    GeorgeFlippin 9 months ago

    If Nebraska can make some solid improvements on defense and special teams, they can win at least 8 games in 2019.

  • GeorgeFlippin
    GeorgeFlippin 9 months ago

    Nebraska needs to improve in all phases for 2019, hopefully they can, especially on defense and special teams.

  • T Ross
    T Ross 9 months ago

    Here bc if raiders

  • Darnell Hickson
    Darnell Hickson 9 months ago

    the fuckin Raiders will be a problem on offense

  • joel franco
    joel franco 9 months ago

    Man has vision

  • Shehbaaz Khinda
    Shehbaaz Khinda 9 months ago

    Man Raiders on fire this offseason

  • Johnny Rice
    Johnny Rice 9 months ago

    Welcome to the silver and black

  • irvin bethea
    irvin bethea 9 months ago


  • Flonfer
    Flonfer 9 months ago

    Is this the gta mission music lmaooooo

  • Chase Heiss
    Chase Heiss 9 months ago

    I WAS # 450

  • Rick James
    Rick James 9 months ago

    Good things are coming! GBR!!!!!

  • Mighty Megatron
    Mighty Megatron 9 months ago

    Vid was good, but the 2nd half music selection was garage, it doesn't pump you up, doesn't make you want to bang your head through a wall.

    • BE222
      BE222 6 months ago

      I agree. That crap pumps you up to rob a gas station.

  • Jeffrey Calhoun
    Jeffrey Calhoun 10 months ago

    what is the interview Frost is having, i want to try to find the full thing

    • Jeffrey Calhoun
      Jeffrey Calhoun 8 months ago

      Hey thanks man

    • 12 22nd 32 45
      12 22nd 32 45 8 months ago

      I think it aired on college gameday prior to the northwestern game. That can much can help you in terms of searching. Type into TVclip scott frost gameday interview 0-6

  • Micah Perdew
    Micah Perdew 10 months ago

    we going all da way after this year

    • Kyler Kolm
      Kyler Kolm 5 months ago

      Hayden Richards You probably are a fan of the Rutgers

    • Hayden Richards
      Hayden Richards 8 months ago

      J Ryan lol Nebraska fans sure are retarded as fuck to believe that.

    • J Ryan
      J Ryan 10 months ago

      Micah Perdew for sure!!

  • Peter McDougall
    Peter McDougall 10 months ago

    Pretty cool video, at first I was like wtf is this!? Then it cuts in! Great job! Can't wait for this season to start! GBR!!!!!!!

  • Dominick Mccurdy
    Dominick Mccurdy 10 months ago

    The 12 dislikes are Iowa fans

    • Bort McBort
      Bort McBort Month ago

      No doubt. The game was tied before the kicker made that field goal and Iowa only won by three lousy points. LOL Iowa!!!

    • Team HN
      Team HN 2 months ago

      So true

    • Michael Harris
      Michael Harris 9 months ago

      No. It's because of the mind numbing "music"

    • Micah Perdew
      Micah Perdew 10 months ago

      i think one is a wisconsin fan lol

  • Mark Pfeifer
    Mark Pfeifer 10 months ago

    Such CRAPPY music. A dope head must have posted this. How about some music that actually motivates? This garbage sung by mumble mouth does nothing but irritates. And who can even understand a word that this fool is trying to say. This isn't music but rather a painful earache. Go back into your mumble cave and hibernate for a long, long time and save the human race some pain.

    • Planet Benji
      Planet Benji 6 months ago

      Agreed...a million times agreed. This "music" is like listening to a drunk teenager giving a speech.

  • Jakob Wedel
    Jakob Wedel 10 months ago

    2019 Huskers go 12-2, B1G champs and Rose Bowl champs

  • Michael Harris
    Michael Harris 10 months ago

    The music just dumbed me down to pre-birth, still in the womb status!!! The only human in my mind that could possibly actually listen to this crap is a toddler nodding it's head and bouncing up and down to a song that makes ABSOLUTELY no sense because the child cannot read, write or understand ANY language. 👶🙆‍♀️🏃‍♂️🕺🤯

  • Joboo Luvs u
    Joboo Luvs u 10 months ago

    Better and better...🎈🎈🏈💪🌽🎈🎈

  • Sandra Heckman
    Sandra Heckman 10 months ago

    GO HUSKERS! Have God blessed games whatever the outcome! GBR!!!

  • Shayen Anthony
    Shayen Anthony 11 months ago

    Coming back to the glory days

  • Jeff Salts
    Jeff Salts 11 months ago

    Music sucks! Mumble rap really? How is that suppose to pump anyone up???

    • Planet Benji
      Planet Benji 6 months ago

      @Pete Rodeno ....Wow, that is so stereotypical it's hilarious.

    • Pete Rodeno
      Pete Rodeno 6 months ago

      Jeff Salts if you were a young black kid, you know the target recruiting demographic, you’d think differently.

    • Michael Harris
      Michael Harris 10 months ago

      @Shayen Anthony no mumble rap. Ok just plain CRAP!

    • Jeff Salts
      Jeff Salts 11 months ago

      @Shayen Anthony really rap music! Or sum hard rock.

    • Shayen Anthony
      Shayen Anthony 11 months ago

      What do you wanna listen too bud. 1964 jazz? Plus it's not even mumble rap

  • Kevin Hahn
    Kevin Hahn 11 months ago

    Amart Heisman watch list gbr

  • Tyrone
    Tyrone 11 months ago

    can't wait

  • Connor Hill
    Connor Hill 11 months ago

    Can u please make more pump ups

    • Planet Benji
      Planet Benji 6 months ago

      But with THRASH METAL, please. Enough with the mumble (c)rap.

  • hogman61mike
    hogman61mike 11 months ago


    • Mark Pfeifer
      Mark Pfeifer 10 months ago

      Why of course you love mumble music. BECAUSE you're brain dead!

    • Michael Harris
      Michael Harris 10 months ago

      3-5 year olds think this music is great. No adult should show their face as an advocate to that retarded crap. HONESTLY.

    • Jeff Salts
      Jeff Salts 11 months ago

      Mumble rap really?

  • Brick's Toilet Store
    Brick's Toilet Store 11 months ago

    10-3. Loss to Ohio State by 10+. Loss to Wisconsin by less than 7. Biggest scare Northwestern. Beat Iowa by 10+. Lose close Bowl Game. All losses are very winnable. GBR

    • TheAnimationLads
      TheAnimationLads Month ago

      Brick's Toilet Store 1-8

    • Pete Rodeno
      Pete Rodeno 6 months ago

      Micah Perdew nothing aside from probably the best running back in college football and what will be a typically dominant offensive line. I think the Huskers could have a terrific year but they have a lot to prove.

    • Michael S
      Michael S 9 months ago

      Almost beat Ohio State in their house last year, think we can definately take them down this year. Also need to blow out Iowa to end the season, no excuses.

    • Brick's Toilet Store
      Brick's Toilet Store 9 months ago

      @Micah Perdew Well if after going 1-7 against Wisconsin since the move to the B1G you are still taking Wisconsin lightly, you are a fool. Sure things are different now and Wisconsin may be down and we are certainly on the rise, they are always tough. I also said it would be less than a 7 point loss, so its close. You might want to temper your expectations for this season there champ. Its only year 2.

    • Micah Perdew
      Micah Perdew 10 months ago

      wisconsin has nothing and the game is at home what r u on???

    YWNCCTHIF 11 months ago

    Great edit! I loved it

  • Michael B
    Michael B 11 months ago

    Ummm ight

  • Colton Smith
    Colton Smith 11 months ago


  • Jon Robichaud
    Jon Robichaud 11 months ago

    Here we come. GBR !🌽🌽🌽☠️☠️

  • Peter F
    Peter F 11 months ago

    I see Nebraska going 10-3 in 2019.

    • Zach Johnson
      Zach Johnson 5 months ago

      Nerbraska is better than 10 and 3

    • Peter F
      Peter F 10 months ago

      Team Shot Hero I’m not sure about that? Winning 10 games sounds a bit more realistic. Nebraska could end up 11-3 with a bowl win.

    • Team Shot Hero
      Team Shot Hero 10 months ago

      12-2 with a B1G championship and a bowl loss

  • The Water God
    The Water God 11 months ago

    2020 Heisman Winner

  • markcon99
    markcon99 11 months ago

    Huskers 11-2 Orange Bowl Champs!

    • Bort McBort
      Bort McBort Month ago

      @TheAnimationLads It was a weirdly specific prediction too because he was conceding that Nebraska would not win the B1G West. In order to have gone 10-2 during the regular season and then won the Orange Bowl, marcon99 was assuming the following: The B1G champ (Ohio State) would make the playoff, the loser of the B1G championship game (Wisconsin) would make the Rose Bowl, Nebraska's only two losses would be to Ohio State and Wisconsin, and it would get chosen for the Orange Bowl by virtue of finishing higher ranked than the SEC team under consideration. In the end, it was true that a B1G team finished 10-2, but it was Penn State, who ended up in the Cotton Bowl instead of the Orange Bowl because Florida finished the season ranked higher.

    • TheAnimationLads
      TheAnimationLads Month ago

      markcon99 lmao they went 5-7

    • Bort McBort
      Bort McBort Month ago

      @Cole uhl It's "literally" pathetic that you aren't owning up to your failed prediction, instead making the excuse that since you made it months ago, you should get a free pass.

    • Cole uhl
      Cole uhl Month ago

      Bort McBort it’s literally pathetic that you just responded to comments i made months ago

    • Bort McBort
      Bort McBort Month ago

      @Cole uhl OSU wasn't even close. They barely got by a Northwestern team that only ended up winning one conference game, Wisconsin? Haha. Iowa? Almost. Let's just give them that 11-2 record anyway and send them to the Moral Victory Bowl.

  • Team Shot Hero
    Team Shot Hero 11 months ago

    I just realized how long this off-season is gonna be, GBR!

    • Echo
      Echo 5 months ago

      Team Shot Hero offseason almost over☠️

  • Carrie Stratman
    Carrie Stratman 11 months ago

    2019 huskers 21-1 national champions

    • Dan Willis
      Dan Willis 4 months ago

      Carrie, Your optimism is awesome, but not realistic. Let’s be ecstatic when we get to 9 wins and a bowl game. Then we can talk National Championships.

    • saint jack
      saint jack 6 months ago

      Try getting to a bowl game first.

    • alexharrisfishing
      alexharrisfishing 6 months ago

      Hahaha yea we’re gonna win 21 games in 2019, dumbass

    • liam sanchez
      liam sanchez 8 months ago

      Carrie Stratman <----- that chick obviously doesn't watch football. 21? wtf?!?! GTFOH

    • Micah Perdew
      Micah Perdew 10 months ago

      maybe in a couple of years but not this year

  • William Diemert
    William Diemert 11 months ago

    2019 Huskers 11-2

    • TheAnimationLads
      TheAnimationLads Month ago

      Dan Willis 1/3 close enough

    • Hayden Richards
      Hayden Richards 4 months ago

      Dan Willis actually Iowa has won a natty back in 1959. Plus lil pink fans aren’t more loyal then Iowa fans. Iowa fans stuck out the 60’s and the 70’s while you guys won and won and won. But those days of you winning are over and remember that when come rolling in to Lincoln on Black Friday and all of your so called loyal fans have left the stadium by the 4th quarter because it’s so bad of a beating.

    • Dan Willis
      Dan Willis 4 months ago

      Hayden Richards ooooooh, you’re an Iowa fan. Now I get your spelling and grammar. Understand this, Iowa won’t win 9 games this year, they won’t beat Nebraska again, and they STILL won’t win a conference championship. Understand this, Nebraska fans are loyal through good and bad, that’s why we have sold out every home game since 1962. History shows Iowa fans are fair weather only. When the chicken eyes have bad years, (boy have there been a lot of those) fan support dwindles. That’s a researchable fact. Nebraska and Iowa have played a total of 49 times. Nebraska has won 29 of those games. 3 games ended in a tie. You’re from Iowa so I’ll do the math for you. Iowa has won 17 times. Not very impressive. Iowa has won 11 conference championships. WEAK. Nebraska has 46 conference championships. Oh wait then there are National Championships, Nebraska has 5 of those, and Iowa has, oh yeah, Iowa has NEVER won a national championship. I think that mascot really is a chicken. Go back to your hog pen boy, and wait for November 29th. The day Iowa learns what real football is all about. Don’t cry.

    • Hayden Richards
      Hayden Richards 4 months ago

      Dan Willis I understand we haven’t lost to you for the past 4 years and that won’t end for a long time

    • Dan Willis
      Dan Willis 4 months ago

      Hayden Richards you need to be smarter. Perhaps you just don’t understand football, or coaching.

  • Carrie Stratman
    Carrie Stratman Year ago

    Go Huskers

  • S10lifted95
    S10lifted95 Year ago

    Martinez is a beast. GBR!

  • Ritz TV
    Ritz TV Year ago

    The hype is REAL

    • Foolish Demon
      Foolish Demon 11 months ago

      This kid can play. Like him more and more every time I watch him.

  • Frank Stahl
    Frank Stahl Year ago

    Greatness comes from within #GBR 2019

  • Kevin Holdorff
    Kevin Holdorff Year ago

    It’s ON!!!!!!

  • Jonathan Pruch
    Jonathan Pruch Year ago

    I’m fricken pumped for this next season dude

  • Matthew Wells
    Matthew Wells Year ago

    Good work!

  • Bradly Beal #RayAllen2.0 #4thQuarterPanda

    He’s so good but My wolverines still held him to 22 yards passing and -12 rushing yards 〽️🏈

    • K Martinez
      K Martinez 9 months ago

      Troll on a rivals video. Thats okay my Irish kicked your wolverines right in the Pussy. #onelovecuzzo

    • GarrettGames
      GarrettGames 10 months ago

      He was injured and didn’t even play the full game... What are you talking about?

    • Evan Brasch
      Evan Brasch Year ago

      Hopefully itll be a different story next time we play.

    • Evan Brasch
      Evan Brasch Year ago

      We weren't prepared for that game in any way, shape, or form.

  • Melvin Thompson
    Melvin Thompson Year ago

    GO BIG RED!!!

  • MrZzyzxx
    MrZzyzxx Year ago

    wonderful video completely ruined by poor and inappropriate music

  • Samuel
    Samuel Year ago

    gonna be a fun ride these coming years.

  • Samuel
    Samuel Year ago

    scary hes just a freshman....yikes

  • Kyle Z
    Kyle Z Year ago

    Thanks for uploading this niiice edit!

  • Melissa McMahon
    Melissa McMahon Year ago

    Go big red