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  • TheInfinitequest

    That is a beaut!!! Good find! GGHH! Best Regards, Roger

  • TheInfinitequest

    haha as you are picking away it sounds like you are breaking into King Tut's Tomb! hahaha

    Bj THE CROW 2 days ago

    Awesome nug

  • Tassie Boys Prospecting

    Real nice nuggie well done 👍🏼

  • Роман Тортаев

    This is nugget finder?

  • Mark Fryer
    Mark Fryer 2 days ago

    Let's hope that it's the first of many nuggets.

  • Mark Fryer
    Mark Fryer 2 days ago

    Lucky it's a nice quiet track or you would need all sorts of safety equipment.

  • bacon kight
    bacon kight 17 days ago

    Wants to talk a bit pal. Ended up clicking to the end...

  • espaco natural
    espaco natural Month ago

    Bom demais pia.

  • paulo fontana
    paulo fontana Month ago

    Hello friend, the minelab is configured in some way especially by the coil or is the factory default configuration, thanks and greetings

    • Goldquest
      Goldquest Month ago

      paulo fontana pretty much factory setting, Target vol 20

  • dennis jamieson
    dennis jamieson 2 months ago

    What is the estimated value of that 4 oz nugget

  • dennis jamieson
    dennis jamieson 2 months ago

    All that digging and you didn’t show us where it came from. Out of that hole I suspect

    • Goldquest
      Goldquest 2 months ago

      dennis jamieson it got pulled out of the cameras view

  • Guy Ward
    Guy Ward 2 months ago

    not a cve --a cave

  • Guy Ward
    Guy Ward 2 months ago

    sounds like there 's a cve under there

  • ryan quinn
    ryan quinn 2 months ago


  • jason hess
    jason hess 2 months ago

    That was a tough dig but well worth it. Thx

  • Abdul Hameed
    Abdul Hameed 3 months ago

    i like this hobby very much but couldn't afford a detector

  • Tom Stclair
    Tom Stclair 3 months ago

    Some people are just plane envious and mean!! Weather you found it there or somewhere else doesn't matter does it?? You still found it and I'm shit giggling happy for you.. where else can you make 4 grand in 20 min. And have fun doing it.. it's a great feeling to find something your looking for.. Good job! I hope you find many more of em brother.. thanks for sharing the journey 😎✌💲💲💲💲💲

    • TrickThe Shot
      TrickThe Shot 3 days ago

      Pete Downunder 23 ounces!! jeez which side of wedderburn was he searching?

    • Pete Downunder
      Pete Downunder Month ago

      23 grand on the Stockmarket last week without digging a hole, but still believe my brother's 23.5 ounce beauty from Wedderburn in 1982 was much more enjoyable ... well done 😀

    • Goldquest
      Goldquest 3 months ago

      Tom Stclair Thanks mate!!

  • Andy James
    Andy James 3 months ago

    Nice cap! Nice nugget too! Is that company issue? Have one just like it! Thanks for sharing!

    • Goldquest
      Goldquest 3 months ago

      Thanks mate, Use their concrete 👍🏼

  • tr3ntmck
    tr3ntmck 3 months ago

    Those Minecraft feels

  • Steven Higby
    Steven Higby 3 months ago

    For a while I didn't know if you were digging up a nugget or digging your self a cave to sleep in for the night nice find.

  • Okidoke
    Okidoke 3 months ago

    Hmmm, I'm very dubious. Very dubious.

  • Roy Manewell
    Roy Manewell 4 months ago

    WELL DUG MATE, no faking the shaking hands only finding big gold does that.ntce work...

    ZOELIVE 4 months ago

    I am looking for a sponsor to make a detection group in Venezuela how can I start? to be able to obtain for the sponsorship of some detection company?

    ZOELIVE 4 months ago


  • partlymedia
    partlymedia 4 months ago

    Notice his back to the camera when be pulled jt out of his pocket...then cake dirt on jt... let it dry... Wow.

  • aussie goldman
    aussie goldman 4 months ago

    hard work m8 but beautifull

  • David Brammer
    David Brammer 4 months ago


  • كاهي [HD]
    كاهي [HD] 4 months ago

    يالله يالي افرحته تفرحني

  • Mehmet Temel
    Mehmet Temel 5 months ago

    It's not that hard to see what has happened the fellow doing the video found the nugget earlier possibly didn't expect it to be gold and once he realised it was gold he did a re-enactment by digging another hole and capture it on video which could have been more realistic and no one would have known.Since he already had the nugget didn't have to dig that deep to convince us.😁

  • TheInfinitequest
    TheInfinitequest 5 months ago

    Okay, so you may have raked it out but it would have been nice if we were able to see you pick it out of the fluff. I "can" see where you picked up the detector and I can barely hear it sound off and I can see you are kneeling down on the ground just before you come up with it, but.... like I said it would have been nice to see it all. But, sometimes, things happen and cameras aren't always where we would like them, I get it. In any case, NICE GOLD!!!

    • Goldquest
      Goldquest 5 months ago

      TheInfinitequest yes obviously the video would of been better with a loudspeaker and if it hadn’t of gone out of the camera view but like you said that’s just the way it happened 👍🏼

  • David Smith
    David Smith 5 months ago

    What is he digging into? Is it saprolite or hardpan? Caliche? What is it?

    • TheInfinitequest
      TheInfinitequest 5 months ago

      @David Smith ~lol I was just screwing around. I live in California so I have no idea. All I do know is everyone I see digging in it is working their butts off on some hard "dirt". The Aussies do have a name for it, I've heard it in a couple of videos. Sorry, I don't remember it tho. Best Regards, Roger

    • TheInfinitequest
      TheInfinitequest 5 months ago

      we call it dirt... lol

  • robert tufo
    robert tufo 5 months ago

    mate are u serious,,do u speak,,what a fair dinkum crap

  • TreasureSweeper
    TreasureSweeper 5 months ago

    Digs for 14 minutes @ 14:28 reaches in pocket and pulls out said nugget..

  • Riddick tonn
    Riddick tonn 6 months ago

    You know if you had a garret carrot you could speed up finding the nuggets as you get closer. And helps you not hit the target if you use this old school technique.

  • trinh nguyen.
    trinh nguyen. 6 months ago


  • Belinda Belle
    Belinda Belle 6 months ago

    wow great find

  • mzr pk
    mzr pk 6 months ago

    How much deep check this detector meter

  • Wake Up Idiots NOW
    Wake Up Idiots NOW 6 months ago

    It’s appears Victoria is all about “BST - Blood❤️ Sweat 😓 & Tears 😭”, Rock group from America - And When I Die: "And when I die / and when I'm gone / there'll be one child born, and a world / to carry on / to carry on. "Damn hard ground, how does anything grow down under! Well, let’s strike up the song “DOWN UNDER by MEN AT WORK” Do you come from a land down under? Where women glow and men plunder? Can't you hear, can't you hear the thunder? You better run, you better take cover, I come from a land down under, Where beer does flow and men chunder, Can't you hear, can't you hear the thunder? You better run, you better take cover, yeah.. I got the Thunder, But What’s Chunder? Is it like “CHUNKIER GOLD”? All that digging and no sweat, how is it possible? I’d be drenched and shedding clothes!

  • Dominic White
    Dominic White 6 months ago

    Size of that coil! 😱

  • Linda Carter
    Linda Carter 6 months ago

    Nice nugget, and great work finding it. Makes me want to go detecting in Vic again. Look forward to more videos.

  • Chuck Gentles
    Chuck Gentles 6 months ago

    Thanks for doing this video. Interesting rear legs on this unit.

  • Chuck Gentles
    Chuck Gentles 6 months ago

    Is your pic made from a plow disk? Thanks for the video.

    • Goldquest
      Goldquest 6 months ago

      Chuck Gentles yep 👍🏼

  • patprop74
    patprop74 6 months ago

    Who's video is this originally ?? he should know someone else is using it to promote add link sells! which means he should be getting royalties on it at the very least. here is the link if someone know who first made this video to report them

  • randy beard
    randy beard 6 months ago

    Fourteen Minutes watching a young man Digging a Hole, I Getting to Old for such things...

  • Reddog’s gold adventures.

    Great channel

    • Goldquest
      Goldquest 6 months ago

      Reddog’s gold adventures. Thanks mate 👍🏼

  • J Salameh.
    J Salameh. 7 months ago

    Bullshit liar.

  • Greg
    Greg 7 months ago

    BS wasnt found in that hole

  • Gold digger
    Gold digger 7 months ago

    Looks like Bendigo area Ground 🤔 Very nice effort!

  • pk Gold & Hunting
    pk Gold & Hunting 7 months ago

    most would of given up great job man

    • Peter Hathaway
      Peter Hathaway 4 months ago

      peter krych Gold & Hunting given up / are u drunk- o the target is to deep I’m gonna stop digging wtf

  • john mark coloma
    john mark coloma 7 months ago

    what a gold is thah

  • jon sertic
    jon sertic 7 months ago


    • David Handley
      David Handley 2 months ago

      jon sertic Are you the same fukwit that goes from video to video calling them fake? You must be American. I suppose you believe in UFO’s too. So he dug down a foot in rock hard soil to dig up gold that he had planted before. You really are a knob mate!

  • Damon Humphreys
    Damon Humphreys 7 months ago

    What a crater!

  • Goldwaschen & Paydirt
    Goldwaschen & Paydirt 7 months ago

    Great Video, thx CR

  • david m
    david m 8 months ago

    I flag phoney ! You turned your back and pulled it out of your shirt. Sorry.

  • Gladamgone
    Gladamgone 8 months ago

    Shame its looking suspicious.

  • Jay Martin
    Jay Martin 8 months ago

    Amazing how the nugget just appeared from one of your pockets. For future reference it is not interesting or fun to just watch someone dig.

    • David Handley
      David Handley 2 months ago

      It amazes me how dumb you dick heads are. No, it’s real. Why would he fake it. Fukwits!

    • KnowThe Ledge
      KnowThe Ledge 5 months ago

      I should've looked at the comments first... 12:25 if you want to see the magic!

    • kelvenguard
      kelvenguard 7 months ago

      for a Living this guy dresses up as a Clown and does MAGIC TRICKS for kids pulling Rabbits out his Ass and things like that...

  • Cointector
    Cointector 8 months ago

    Well done mate that's a ripper 👍

  • Crypto Wealth
    Crypto Wealth 8 months ago

    What county of Australia is that???

    • daniel wilson
      daniel wilson 3 months ago

      State of VIC Australia

    • Ayed Alshareef
      Ayed Alshareef 8 months ago

      GoldquestWhat type of metal detector device have you used please ?

    • Goldquest
      Goldquest 8 months ago

      Victoria 👍🏼

  • Groty Gold Prospecting

    Great work mate, she is a beauty.

  • Mark Fryer
    Mark Fryer 8 months ago

    Well at least you saw some reward for your efforts, but detecting seems to have better luck.

  • Mark Fryer
    Mark Fryer 8 months ago

    Interesting mattock, where does one buy such a tool?

    • Schanckas
      Schanckas 8 months ago

      Goldquest have you got a contact number for orders

    • Goldquest
      Goldquest 8 months ago

      Mark Fryer homemade mate

  • Daniel Veli
    Daniel Veli 8 months ago

    Good video mate everything clear on this one and can hear the detector. I always looked for a person who uses the 19 inch Evolution NF, because I have bought it too. If you can keep it up posting more of your findings I appreciate. Thanks

  • ZayneTech
    ZayneTech 8 months ago

    What kind of an idiot are you At 4:07 (round there) you completely miss the pile on the top when detecting Dont keep digging if the signals gone! Look for it! You’re such an Amateur!

  • Daniel Veli
    Daniel Veli 8 months ago

    I noticed something when you were digging, now at the moment I saw you stop scrapping with your pick and you started moving your left hand on your chest/abdomane area and walks away from the hole without picking anything and boom comes out the Nugget. I don't about the others but I didn't see you pick it up from the hole or test it on the detector, worse still you had the detector on headphones, so when you were still digging and testing I couldn't hear it to confirm there was a Nugget in the hole. I applaud you for digging deep though. I also have the 19 inch Evo and GPX. Be clear next time mate and remove the headphones when making a video for your audience.

    • Whitehorse Music
      Whitehorse Music 21 day ago

      You can see it coming out of the hole on his last couple of scapes...

    • KnowThe Ledge
      KnowThe Ledge 5 months ago

      12:25 really people, all for the views...

    • Anton Bouchette
      Anton Bouchette 8 months ago

      @Alan Dyjak Looks like another fucking conspiracy!!!! LOL

    • Mark Ward
      Mark Ward 8 months ago


  • Steven Drieu
    Steven Drieu 9 months ago

    My computer says it's worth 5,308 dollars

  • Juicy Sluice
    Juicy Sluice 9 months ago

    Great video clearly no BS! Wish I could find something that size

  • Marc Zurcher
    Marc Zurcher 9 months ago

    Love the pick. Good work, a bit of commentary would be good.

  • J Dean
    J Dean 9 months ago

    Epic"Pickin' from Idaho! Cheers, jd

  • John Harrop
    John Harrop 9 months ago

    Not even a you beauty must be a mute

  • Jan Johannes Smith
    Jan Johannes Smith 9 months ago

    I subscribe. Good digging there. tired man sat down to look at his gold.

  • Egghead
    Egghead 9 months ago

    19 in coil to find a nugget 3 inches down LOL, that ground has not been detected much if it has, they were pretty sloppy.

  • Russell K. Bonney
    Russell K. Bonney 9 months ago

    Wouldn't it fit in your mouth mate? I know why your hand were shaking though. It's from the effort to not holler and shout and alert every other bastard to your find.

  • Marc Zurcher
    Marc Zurcher 9 months ago

    crap! watching you dig forever, no commentary and pop go the weasel! A nugget! Sorry, the worst detecting video I have ever seen. Thumbs down.

    • user_mac01
      user_mac01 9 months ago

      He's dug out USD$5k what's he s'posed ta say?

    • Goldquest
      Goldquest 9 months ago

      Haha sorry to make you sit through it mate

  • David Alford
    David Alford 9 months ago

    And people complain about digging. Do some digging in Australia. Now this is digging, 4 real.

  • Gerard Matthews
    Gerard Matthews 9 months ago

    Thanks for the share pin pointer comes in handy Cheers Gerard.

  • Reddog’s gold adventures.

    Nice man looks like Daisy hill.

  • Dave DCM Prospecting
    Dave DCM Prospecting 9 months ago

    Hi mate is that the 19” evo

  • Ben T
    Ben T 10 months ago

    I call BS...didn't see you pick it up or check it with the detector. If it is a 4 ouncer then why all the huffing and puffing to dig out something you already had. Not convinced. Thumbs down...but you worked hard for this. I can't deny you that. Be clearer next time please and I'll take my words back like a man.

    • BC Drummer
      BC Drummer Month ago

      So you're saying this guy is lying and dropped that nugget out of camera and then picked it just to impress us? I call BS on YOUR analysis dude. If he was faking he could have dug only halfway down and pulled the scam. You can see him pulling the last bit of material out in the same direction that he went to pick up the nugget. No reason to doubt this guy if you really watch the last minute of the video before the find. He found that nugget.

    • Mehmet Temel
      Mehmet Temel 8 months ago

      I'm with you guys on this.I have been prospecting on a part time basis for the last 12 years in Victoria I have found numerous pieces in the first 6 years and not a speck in the last 6 years.What puzzles me is that there is a lot of videos of decent size nuggets found in Victoria and most of them are dug out off shallow ground that does not even look like gold bearing ground.Since the GPZ7000 came out on the market I've noticed these guys keep using this detectors name in their video heading.One thing comes into my mind they were either given these detectors to advertise on behalf of minelab or they own prospecting supply businesses.Not saying all bullshit but looks like there is a fair few making fake videos.

    • Ben T
      Ben T 8 months ago

      Daniel Veli...Thanks for taking my back. Now if he had just said something like he found it and was not taping or if there was a problem with the camera and then said it was an reenactment, then good for him...But if it was all BS then I call BS...

    • Daniel Veli
      Daniel Veli 8 months ago

      I back you Ben T, I thought I was the only one who saw that. He was just digging, now at the moment I saw him stop and started moving his left hand on his chest/abdomane area and he walks away from the hole and boom comes out the Nugget. I didn't see him pick it up from the hole or test it on the detector, worse still he had the detector on headphones, so when he was still digging and testing I couldn't hear it to confirm there was a nugget. I applaud him for digging though. I also have the 19 inch Evo and GPX. Be clear next time mate and remove the headphones when making a video for your audience.

    BIG POPPA JAY JAY 10 months ago

    you beauty, well done mate, cracking find, there's still plenty big ones out there

  • J Dean
    J Dean 10 months ago

    Epic" from Idaho!

  • Reddog’s gold adventures.

    Could have shown some exitment 🤔

  • joyisaware
    joyisaware 10 months ago

    Wow that ground is tough as heck , u sure deserve that ^_^ evergolden days!

  • steve russell
    steve russell 11 months ago

    Good work, l would've been yelling and screaming and anyone in a 20 km radius would've known if it was me. 👍

    • Blake Dennis
      Blake Dennis 8 months ago

      Then they all come running into the area

  • eureka gold
    eureka gold 11 months ago

    bloody ripper mate.........................

  • Dave DCM Prospecting
    Dave DCM Prospecting 11 months ago

    Awesome mate well done what minelab and coil you running mate ⛏⛏👍

  • Egghead
    Egghead 11 months ago

    Mate; well done but geez your reaction was pretty subdued, i would of been dancing and screaming if i unearthed that. This monday i`m heading down to vic from south oz for around a week, and i`m going to do my absolute best to find something at least as big as that, i just have to be in the right area, and i`m confident i will be, and just out of curiosity, that ground looked hammered, would i be right in saying that?

    • Goldquest
      Goldquest 11 months ago

      Yeah there was a lot of old holes around, good luck!

    • Egghead
      Egghead 11 months ago

      Yeh mate, it would`nt of left my hand either, maybe never LOL, you did`nt answer my question, was it in ground that looks like it`s been detected a lot? And mate i`ve got a 24in coil i`ll be using, the testing that i`ve done goes real deep, like over a metre, so those big slugs wont have a chance, the little fuckers!!!!

    • Goldquest
      Goldquest 11 months ago

      Egghead hahaha it didn't leave my hand for a few days mate. Before I started digging it wasn't much of a signal so I don't think a smaller coil would of got it.

  • Frenk Frenk
    Frenk Frenk 11 months ago

    Let me be your first subscriber. Nice video, greetings from The Netherlands.

    • KnowThe Ledge
      KnowThe Ledge 5 months ago

      You misspelled "sucker"... first sucker. 12:25 show me where this nugget comes from