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  • Eric Beckstead
    Eric Beckstead 46 seconds ago

    Thanks for making me insecure.... if 38/32 is mom hips I'm a morbidly obese Minion....

  • Jeff Apellido
    Jeff Apellido 46 seconds ago

    This is some of the most clever 5 minutes I've heard in I can't remember how long. This guy killed it.

  • E Gar
    E Gar Minute ago

    Bravo! B!

  • Ifihada Hammer
    Ifihada Hammer 2 minutes ago

    For you folks comparing this to Dave Chappelle... The major difference is that in this, the humor is made to be purposefully and clearly satirical. Dave is just pitifully obsessed with very specific groups and has been going after them ever since he came back. You people that think it's great, are like that because you have always had the same homophobic and transphobic views. And, when I say "you people" I am primarily refering to black people, mostly the men in this case. It's well known that they have been the people who have had the biggest issue with it. Well, other than the Fundamentcases. They are no better than the people who have had an issue with blacks marrying whites.

  • K ris
    K ris 2 minutes ago

    1:46 listen for the pussy that has to heckle “It’s worth it”.

  • K ris
    K ris 3 minutes ago

    Went to school with a girl whose mom’s maiden name was “Field” and her dad’s last name is “Fields”.

  • Jacob Andersen
    Jacob Andersen 6 minutes ago

    Never been q tipped - i've tried a urine sample and blood sample for stds, but never a qtip

  • Louisforum1
    Louisforum1 7 minutes ago

    I love it when women female comedians admit they're whores. Lol

  • Dave Stutzbach
    Dave Stutzbach 7 minutes ago

    Great Stuff! Loved it, her Twitter is funny as hell too!

  • Kahlil Smith
    Kahlil Smith 11 minutes ago

    Instant Fan

  • C for Chi
    C for Chi 15 minutes ago

    You are so funny 🤣🤣🤣

  • kunchoktashii
    kunchoktashii 16 minutes ago

    Lol his german act is perfect

  • deltafalcon1
    deltafalcon1 17 minutes ago

    Freaking FUNNY!

  • Bryan Da Ponte
    Bryan Da Ponte 22 minutes ago

    "but how many turtles do we really need?" xD

  • The Norm Macdonald Show
    The Norm Macdonald Show 23 minutes ago

    ✅ WOW

  • Ron Kirkpatrick
    Ron Kirkpatrick 24 minutes ago

    Super funny.

  • A J
    A J 25 minutes ago

    If you removed the C from Canal st. It would be Anal street

  • f35bhore
    f35bhore 25 minutes ago

    Democrat and logic.... hahahahahah, greatest stand up ever!

  • Venita K Bennett-Bonaparte

    This Young Lady is very funny, and Her facial expressions make the routine even more funny.

  • fatturnip779
    fatturnip779 28 minutes ago

    Bro is not funny

  • 🔴Warped🔴
    🔴Warped🔴 30 minutes ago

    There are no mixed race, only the human race.

  • Elias De Leone
    Elias De Leone 32 minutes ago

    Calling democrats logical is like calling Islam the religion of peace. Trump is the best president and politically uneducated motherfuckers like this keep talking like it means something. Fuck Roy Wood Jr.

  • Shion Francois
    Shion Francois 33 minutes ago

    Great hearing some good new material . Loved it

    FONTAINE 34 minutes ago

    SNL isn't funny anyways lol

  • Greasy Style
    Greasy Style 36 minutes ago

    His real voice sounds like fake too lol

  • E Jax
    E Jax 37 minutes ago

    It was very weird to see this notification with her name as my name is the exact same as hers lol. I was like wait what

  • Chris Warnick
    Chris Warnick 38 minutes ago

    Wow, she was really funny!

  • David L
    David L 41 minute ago

    That was a nice 5 minutes, looking forward to more.

    JASON 43 minutes ago

    Thanks SNl and the limp wristed Cancel Culture movement...Never heard of this dude but now I'm a fan.

    SKYSCRAPER TELEVISION 46 minutes ago

    Hahahaha !

  • Zebulous
    Zebulous 48 minutes ago

    It’s amazing how well he’s aged. He’s still pretty sharp. And that baby shakin bit was special.

  • Kendrick Cunningham
    Kendrick Cunningham 49 minutes ago

    i knew he was going to say mind your own business lol

  • Jaboh
    Jaboh 49 minutes ago

    When you dry a paper towel with a towel

  • John Tao
    John Tao 49 minutes ago

    I love her!

  • Ash Amazon
    Ash Amazon 50 minutes ago

    Sex jokes equals low IQ

  • Representative
    Representative 50 minutes ago

    It’s sad that most female comedians have to rely on sex jokes in order to make most people laugh these days! Smh

  • Bob Shmob
    Bob Shmob 50 minutes ago

    First one

  • pear . pair
    pear . pair 52 minutes ago

    hOw Many TUrTLeS dO wE REALLy nEEd

  • Ash Amazon
    Ash Amazon 52 minutes ago

    This guy was gonna be on SNL?

  • William Mitchell
    William Mitchell 53 minutes ago

    Great story!

  • jackstorm777
    jackstorm777 Hour ago

    Watched the entire special, didn't laugh once. This style of comedy is my new form of self-harm

  • Robert Adkins
    Robert Adkins Hour ago

    Terrible, all her material

  • hendrsb33
    hendrsb33 Hour ago

    I'm black and I hike. Haven't seen any mountain lions but I have seen plenty of rattlesnakes.

  • Your Health Surgery Game City Mall

    He is too good and too smart. this is next level.

  • Groovetube714
    Groovetube714 Hour ago

    Funniest man on the planet right now!!

  • VFO 3
    VFO 3 Hour ago

    Fuck Natasha

  • Scott Hogan
    Scott Hogan Hour ago

    Women aren’t funny

  • C.S Shrike
    C.S Shrike Hour ago

    This is hilarious and sad at the same time. Black people got more problems than the sum total of the world combine

  • Jon S
    Jon S Hour ago

    I too enjoy marijuana

  • Ray Rios
    Ray Rios Hour ago

    Shit, spent like 15 minutes on the road right now taking my daughter to school. 2 regular patrol cars, one undercover, and at least one cop tailing me in their own vehicle.

    • Ray Rios
      Ray Rios Hour ago

      Thanks DL for letting me speak out a bit.

    • Ray Rios
      Ray Rios Hour ago

      But realistically, police don’t patrol their own hood.

    • Ray Rios
      Ray Rios Hour ago

      Imagine the Andy Griffith Show’s every episode going like this. There’s a bad in the midst and he is my neighbor.

    • Ray Rios
      Ray Rios Hour ago

      Oh, I forgot that’s how I am looked at.

    • Ray Rios
      Ray Rios Hour ago

      Oh, it must be because I speak against a corrupt police chief running for mayor and people entertain it. Papers and news outlets interview them cause that is the system we live in and because he is not a convicted criminal there is no reason to “suspect” anything.

  • William Mitchell

    This guy is sooooo good!

  • artmutt26
    artmutt26 Hour ago

    Damn, those legs..

  • KillaProductions

    Serious Dave Chappelle vibes, hilarious stuff

  • Romina B
    Romina B Hour ago

    omg she is so funny 😂 😂

  • Arkatox
    Arkatox Hour ago

    I actually laughed several times at this. SNL still made the right decision.

  • Tenzin Tenzin
    Tenzin Tenzin Hour ago

    He’s too handsome to be straight

  • under dog
    under dog Hour ago

    Finally some good fucking content

  • Himimi
    Himimi Hour ago

    “Right” 😂😂😂😂

  • Phil_A
    Phil_A Hour ago

    So is this what we are reduced to still entertaining these mfs... I wish everybody would evolve so we can get past this dumbass stage these people are human just like us trust me they don't bleed particles of gold or nothing I don't see what the fucking big deal is I hate seeing this shit everyday

  • michelle6694
    michelle6694 Hour ago

    That's just the perception! Those white superheroes communities are Fk'd up too! They just function in entitlement!! 😂 They have that fake jesus mentality!!🤢

  • Katrina Williams

    Okay so he just made jokes about black & white stereotypes. 🙄🙄🙄

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  • ereb nora
    ereb nora Hour ago

    this ideas stolen from louis ck

  • j3zhott
    j3zhott Hour ago

    The not that funny comedian was his best impression hands down hilarious🤷‍♂️👍🤭

  • Juan Yuste Del Valle

    Wanna marry him and tee-hee all the time


    SEAN XU 2 hours ago

    Dark as usual. Haha.

  • txmyrmidon
    txmyrmidon 2 hours ago

    so as recent as 5 years ago CC actually cared about the 1st amendment....good to know. Where are they now...

  • Ginerization
    Ginerization 2 hours ago

    Y can't you pay for your food

  • Shane Combs
    Shane Combs 2 hours ago

    He’s like Mitch Hedberg

  • Boba Fett
    Boba Fett 2 hours ago

    the books are better :D

  • kagaku-shu Iden-gaku

    That is one sexy delicious looking Cougar😍😍😘😜

  • 010587impala
    010587impala 2 hours ago

    Sooooo on point about parenting

  • Poniboi Shelluv
    Poniboi Shelluv 2 hours ago

    That's right. The DOt here

  • Letucces Satan
    Letucces Satan 2 hours ago

    Wow... I didn't know Ralph Smart was a comedian.

  • jose vazquez
    jose vazquez 2 hours ago

    He look like Mr..potatoe Head. Im So Fucking High Rn

  • Heldert Thelot
    Heldert Thelot 2 hours ago

    She's AWESOME $hes dope af lol I can definitely relate lol

  • Tonay Ferguson
    Tonay Ferguson 2 hours ago

    He sounds like that kid from family Guy

  • walan31
    walan31 2 hours ago

    That joke about being mixed race jew was smart. I almost missed it😂

  • Tau Noctua
    Tau Noctua 2 hours ago

    Have you ever been tricked into eating a woman on her period?

  • CJ Majesty
    CJ Majesty 2 hours ago

    Its so funny to hear a.......well, lets call it was it is.......a Mercy bang at best, complain about man problems.

  • Michiel Janssen
    Michiel Janssen 2 hours ago

    Funniest shit I've seen in quite some time! Definitely gonna follow this guy

  • Tau Noctua
    Tau Noctua 2 hours ago

    There is a G-Spot in both men and womens anus. So get ready!

  • Rusty Robot5
    Rusty Robot5 2 hours ago

    Almost funny. But, not funny enough.

  • Chris de Haan zegeningen

    Jim Norton deserves that Netflix special.

  • Bryan Hinojosa
    Bryan Hinojosa 2 hours ago

    Millennials have literally changed the meaning of "literally." It should be "so their foundation will [figuratively] be built on a lie," but that wouldn't sound as good. Otherwise, brilliant set.

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  • Yung Yamazaki
    Yung Yamazaki 2 hours ago

    This sucked tbh

  • Lee Gener
    Lee Gener 2 hours ago

    That was awesome!!!! So good

  • Angry Kittens
    Angry Kittens 3 hours ago

    Doug was cute af.

  • Tim Taylor
    Tim Taylor 3 hours ago

    I want to like this guy, but his punch lines seem so very low-hanging fruit.

  • SkY pLaYz GaMeS
    SkY pLaYz GaMeS 3 hours ago

    His sketchy serial killer vibes are weird

  • slayer 1
    slayer 1 3 hours ago

    This dude looks like a black beaker those of you who don't understand beaker is a character on The Muppets

  • Rachelle Barrett
    Rachelle Barrett 3 hours ago


  • Postposterous
    Postposterous 3 hours ago

    Thanks for bringing us along. Excellent stuff. Fan!

  • Cammdc 1
    Cammdc 1 3 hours ago

    How are comedians still doing black people do this, white people do that?.... That shit is getting about as old as a damn knock knock joke..

  • Joey D
    Joey D 3 hours ago

    This dude is incredible

  • Danielle Spargo
    Danielle Spargo 3 hours ago

    That's fucked up to leave your dog outside in a hurricane. That's not funny. I can't believe you're making a joke about animal cruelty. That's sick. Take your animals inside, it's just the humane and human thing to do. I'm not even going to finish watching after that horrible piece of information about you. Disgusting

  • megan cooper
    megan cooper 3 hours ago

    Why do people keep saying in the comments "he doesn't need to swear to be funny". Who gives a fuck. One more thing he does swear in his stand up. People these days are such pussies.

  • slayer 1
    slayer 1 3 hours ago

    2:36 I resemble that remark