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Rock to IronRock to Iron
Rock to Iron
4 months ago
Pinhole Sun ViewerPinhole Sun Viewer
Pinhole Sun Viewer
5 months ago
My Eclipse GogglesMy Eclipse Goggles
My Eclipse Goggles
6 months ago
Rocket AutopsyRocket Autopsy
Rocket Autopsy
8 months ago
Heaviest liquid?Heaviest liquid?
Heaviest liquid?
8 months ago
Water turbine testWater turbine test
Water turbine test
8 months ago
I didnt dieI didnt die
I didnt die
9 months ago
Shrimp In a Box TwoShrimp In a Box Two
Shrimp In a Box Two
10 months ago

Comments • 200

  • Rob Houg
    Rob Houg Month ago

    How about a video on removing perchlorate from soil :). Maybe growing something in martian soil that has perchlorate and testing removal methods after. Growing fungus in soil composting then retesting. A method for cleaning the soil naturally such as using PRB's (Perchlorate-respiring bacteria). Just spit-balling here :)

  • YourPalAL
    YourPalAL Month ago

    Several years ago I first stumbled across your channel after binge watching Breaking Bad on Netflix. What kind of a lab are you running? lol

  • Bad Luck Brian
    Bad Luck Brian Month ago

    lol your mercury videos are an instant hit not matter what

  • Penny Lyons
    Penny Lyons Month ago

    Hey Cody. Can you pump liquid mercury uphill with a normal water pump?

  • Gpcas9
    Gpcas9 Month ago

    I just came across the fact, that gold is a near perfect reflector for infrared radiation.
    Ever thought about coating the inner surface of a glass vacuum thermos flask with gold instead of silver and see if there is a significant difference in the properties?

  • Tyler Garza
    Tyler Garza Month ago

    Hope you get Youtube off your back about everything, this place has really gone downhill in the past years with all the ads and other issues like this.

  • GregroxMun
    GregroxMun Month ago

    Can you suck out of a straw to drink water that it not quite at the boiling point due to being in a vacuum chamber? The idea being that there would be a lot less air pressure pushing the drink into your mouth. I would foresee the straw actually acting as a vacuum on its own despite being submerged in the water, but I'm not sure. And of course I haven't got the faintest clue how you would put the straw through the vacuum chamber.

  • Brian Emerson
    Brian Emerson Month ago

    I've been liking your gardening series, and I've been getting into some gardening, myself. I currently only have about 50 square feet of garden, and while I have a few hundred more square feet to expand into, there are both hard and soft limits that I'll hit: soft from tree cover blocking sunlight, and hard from the size of the lawn that I can actually convert into garden. I would enjoy seeing a series where you do these kinds of things with as little space as possible. Kind of a "how to" get homegrown veggies in an apartment, conduct little science experiments in a suburban garage(safely!), etc. These things are clearly possible, and people who want to get that information certainly could, but it could help get people interested in this stuff if you could also say, "hey, you can do this one at home, even if you don't live on a ranch in Montana!"

  • bilel Herissi
    bilel Herissi Month ago

    love u cody , full support on what's happening right now

  • Vicary Archangel
    Vicary Archangel Month ago

    I miss your vids, still restricted from uploading or what?

  • Forrie Lurker
    Forrie Lurker Month ago

    Hey Cody, you do a lot of stuff with mercury, and I remember a video on mercury-gold amalgams. Can you show us a zinc or cadmium amalgam? Are they possible? Thanks.

  • Alex C
    Alex C Month ago

    Hey Cody. Why don't try some crazy reagents to discover hidden ingredients on some stuff (like soft drinks in general)?

  • Mr X
    Mr X Month ago

    Chanel killed?

    • Smitty smitty
      Smitty smitty Month ago

      I was just thinking this it's been a bit sense he's uploaded. He might be out in the boonies with no internet

  • Stephen Paul Kruger

    How about using your fancy new scale to build a machine to verify gold vs gold-plated jewelry by dunking it in a water filled jar sitting on your scale?

  • Christopher Vanschoyck

    Hey Cody, I have a somewhat odd request. Could you make a cannon that's open on both side with the combustion chamber in the middle. Then fire same size object of different masses to see what the effect of the opposing masses have on the distance they travel ?

  • Jake ZG
    Jake ZG 2 months ago

    You might want to try using a wifi Arduino and some servos to control things in the vacuum chamber :), Though you're getting along pretty well without em. You've been a big inspiration to study chemistry, and thanks for all the cool vids!

    NOTHENLIGHTS 2 months ago

    Hi Cody. Excellent channel. Have you read Covenant of silence by Nicholas D Collette.

  • granskare
    granskare 2 months ago

    ah, you must keep the same names of videos on patreon as you do online. thanks,chuck maki

  • Christian McDaniels
    Christian McDaniels 2 months ago

    Your channel is literally the only channel I watch. You're the only one that makes interesting content anymore.

  • Dr Gusimyth
    Dr Gusimyth 2 months ago

    Their is a channel ran by an idiot called Hitman Notoriety, and he is challenging science. I think you should reply to him, I hate these people

  • Aaron Swank
    Aaron Swank 2 months ago

    @Cody'sLab can you prove or disprove the theory of Moonlight producing coldness?

  • Alexander Granlund
    Alexander Granlund 2 months ago

    whats up with the mine?!

  • dao yuan zheng
    dao yuan zheng 2 months ago

    If i have a very tall tower of water and i perform electrolysis at the very bottom. will i be able to generate energy using the lift of the H O gas to the point where i get back more energy than what was used to generate the H O gas.

  • Stacescu Alexandru
    Stacescu Alexandru 2 months ago

    Hi, Cody! Can you please make a video about the phenomenon called "cold welding"? It was the source of the hatch closing problems on the first American space walk. Greetings from Romania!

  • PawnSacrific3
    PawnSacrific3 2 months ago

    I can't help but wonder what it would be like to see you test out some alchemy manuscripts and see what you can make. Check out the RAMS library, there's a ton on there if you're interested in some old school chemistry.

  • Mason Spurrier
    Mason Spurrier 2 months ago

    i been trying to make my on mine

  • Mason Spurrier
    Mason Spurrier 2 months ago

    hi cody i have not seen any more mining videos i was hope you could do one

  • vish
    vish 2 months ago

    Can u make a video to grow and extract high density penicillin at home?
    I think it will be perfect video to have on this channel . Homemade antibiotic's.

  • Jeremiah B
    Jeremiah B 2 months ago

    Can't believe your gunpowder in a vacuum video got flagged, hope this gets worked out soon. It is really messed up that this keep happening to you and given the "alt facts" about space travel being impossible using your other video as "evidence" this video was really needed. Thank you for all you do Cody, let me know if there is anyway I can contact YouTube to show support for you.

  • Abu Da7em
    Abu Da7em 2 months ago

    Hi Cody, I am a big fan and I hope to see some Graphene related videos from you. A series of them would be amazing.

  • Marco Pulone
    Marco Pulone 2 months ago

    why is his newest video age restricted

  • Zooumberg
    Zooumberg 2 months ago

    Hey Cody, I have an idea for a video if you're interested. How to make your own exothermic cooking bags. They seem easy to make, yet expensive to purchase.

  • Abhinav Jha
    Abhinav Jha 2 months ago

    Dude your Life is Amazing...

  • Alex Locascio
    Alex Locascio 2 months ago

    Have you ever tried Schlieren photography to video mercury vapor? Great video's. Safety third.

  • Chris Benjamin
    Chris Benjamin 2 months ago

    I need some health advice Cody please respond! I was in lab and inhaled over dissolved Iodine and it burnt my nostrils and the feeling lasted for two weeks. Could any other damage to my health happened?? Your response would be greatly appreciated.

  • Dolphin Friend
    Dolphin Friend 2 months ago

    What are some ways to figure out if a small metal disk is silver? in my case the disc is about 5/16 diameter by 1/16
    thanks. If you have not already done so maybe a video series on ways to determine what metals ir in something.
    Have a great day.

  • Maxx B
    Maxx B 2 months ago

    Cody did you ever catch lighting in your lightning catchers a few years ago?

  • John Brown
    John Brown 2 months ago

    what video editing software do you use

  • Leonel Estrada
    Leonel Estrada 2 months ago

    cody can you look into the Hutchinson effect

  • Amogh Rao
    Amogh Rao 2 months ago

    I would like to know how you remember everything like how you remember all the reactions that occur when you add a chemical to another.

  • Rodeery
    Rodeery 2 months ago

    I wonder what will happen to electrical current if you put Jacob's ladder inside the vacuum chamber or a lightning in a vacuum environment?

  • granskare
    granskare 2 months ago

    I finished watching the Donner Party. A sad tale of tragedy.

  • Daniel O
    Daniel O 2 months ago

    Bee Mushroomed: Amadou (Fomes fomentarius)

  • Mr. Rabbit
    Mr. Rabbit 2 months ago

    awesome videos still! our teacher said I can't bring a bucket of mercury and stand on it for my science project. : (

  • Mr. Rabbit
    Mr. Rabbit 2 months ago

    quick tips:
    1. get some one else to film you.
    2. try focusing on one topic.
    3. sound more exciting.
    4. we want to see you at the right beginning at the video.
    5. try adding a background music?

  • donlars1
    donlars1 2 months ago

    Thanks for actually doing the video on this! Great show!

  • jack smith
    jack smith 2 months ago

    hey dude great videos cant stop watching them but i had a idear pop in my mind today when i watched your video standing in mercury (this is where my idear comes in) im from the uk and a few years back there was there was a brilliant tv science show called brainiac and they did this segment before and after the add break called will it sink or float they got a fruit or veg and in a comedy way they were like will it sink or float!! .... then the add break came on then when they came back they revealed the answer and then it slapped me in the face like a crazy old salmon codys lab could totaly do his own version of will it sink of float but in mercury and probbly not fruit as they all will probbly float haha! but if you feel this is a good idear you totaly have my permmision to use this idear just mention jack smith from the uk. really hope you like this idear and it becomes a reality, keep the videos comeing :)

  • Rihards Baks
    Rihards Baks 2 months ago

    Hey Cody! I have made a robotic club in my university and recently I saw somebody testing a thermoelectric generator which you either heat up to generate electricity or connect it to battery and one of it's sides starts to heat up (to about 45 C) and the other gets colder (to about -15 C). I was wondering what would happen to these elements if stacked back to back glueing one's hot side to the other's cold side. Maybe they can be put in some sort of isolating tube to minimize the effect of it's surroundings on the temperature. The big question would be wether the last hot end would be really high like 200 C and the last cold end would be at -150 C due to the heat transfering from one to another. Maybe if this works we could find a cool use for it?

  • Rich Marceau
    Rich Marceau 2 months ago

    It was refreshing to see other YouTube content creators some to your defense. I particularly call out Mehdi Sadaghdar of Electroboom.

  • NeutronPCXT
    NeutronPCXT 2 months ago

    Oh, what Youtube is doing isn't right. They're doing this to a science channel. They aren't even doing this to clickbait channels, or something like WatchMojo.
    I hope you will recover soon.
    I came from Electroboom, so you know.

  • ridley scurry
    ridley scurry 2 months ago

    When will another mine video come out?

  • grapsorz
    grapsorz 2 months ago

    how is it going with the youtube issue?

  • Ace Lightning
    Ace Lightning 2 months ago

    WTF, man???

  • TheCharlesFickle
    TheCharlesFickle 2 months ago

    Youll pull threw the strikes man.....Always loved your content, and a few other youtubers recognize you as well :) AvE sent me.....Keep up the good work

  • airborne0x0
    airborne0x0 2 months ago

    Hey Cody, I'm sure the issues will pass. Not to worry. What better way to move forward than to concentrate on the science. So here's my contribution for now with a question: If I understand right in Earth's early history gigantism in animals and plants was in large part due to historical atmospheric composition (and maybe a different ambient pressure?). Could we take advantage of this and increase crop yields by artificially recreating this environment (possibly increased nitrogen concentration and/or pressure)?

  • ScienceWithJames
    ScienceWithJames 2 months ago

    YouTube needs to stop this. They are destroying themselves, and the content creators. How could they do this to Cody, he's probably one of the most educational channels, and his channel is a nice break from hearing about Taylor Swift and all off the crap.

  • TheVinstigator
    TheVinstigator 2 months ago

    Here from figuring out about you're channel's "Issues" with youtube, I hope we can get through this together. Good Night and Good Luck

  • Om Beach
    Om Beach 2 months ago

    YouTube, please expedite your review of Cody'sLab Community guideline
    I have never felt any of his videos have been remotely offensive in any way.
    I consider his videos to be some of the best educational content on the internet - safe and friendly for all ages. He doesn't teach anything a science teacher wouldn't

  • granskare
    granskare 2 months ago

    ? anvils float on mercury? It is not here !!!! and I sub'd to your other channel :)

  • TheRealDEB
    TheRealDEB 2 months ago

    I find it funny that a science experiment is Unfriendly to families while I can see people posting documentaries on the best sex position... Fucking stupid YouTube, Fix your shit... I can believe everyone here agrees with me. He even gave a warning that if you'll be bothered, then you should skip the video. It's super funny that killing insects is bad yet, TheSlowMoGuys, and NileRed have both done it without punishment... Fuckin YouTube... Thanks to you Cody, I've learned a lot and If you change channels I'll still watch.

  • Sotiris Oikonomou
    Sotiris Oikonomou 2 months ago

    Hello Cody. How can we help with the upload ban ?

  • Ray Foster
    Ray Foster 2 months ago

    I wonder if youtube cares about our opinions and feelings? As a viewer and subscriber! Cody is an awsome intellectual channel!!!

    • lucusloc
      lucusloc 2 months ago

      Nope. Remember, we are the product, not the customer. Advertisers are the customer. Content creators are basically third rate employees, working for whatever Youtube will give them.

  • Simon Angier
    Simon Angier 2 months ago

    can you make more of the mining vids.?

  • Brian Barrecchia
    Brian Barrecchia 2 months ago

    Sorry that your channel was taken down for 2 weeks. Quite a shame - I'm sending an email to YouTube right after this. As a Red & TV subscriber I should be able to watch the educational content you're providing without it getting flagged!

    • Brian Barrecchia
      Brian Barrecchia 2 months ago

      sent via feedback. if there's a better way, LMK. I don't need a nanny to censor my content...

  • Crysy Brawley
    Crysy Brawley 2 months ago

    My family adores your channel, and we cannot think of anything even remotely offensive that you've ever posted. You make learning fun, and I know I'm not alone in sending all the good vibes I can muster in your direction. We've already subscribed to your new channel, but I hope you get this one back fast!

  • Rainman Noodles
    Rainman Noodles 2 months ago

    Glad to see YouTube is promoting good quality content... oh.

  • Aurelien V
    Aurelien V 2 months ago

    Lots of courage :)

  • OverUnity7734
    OverUnity7734 2 months ago

    YouTube, please expedite your review of Cody'sLab Community guideline
    I have never felt any of his videos have been remotely offensive in any way.

  • pyrominded
    pyrominded 2 months ago

    Please tell us what we can do to help fight YT

  • MrHeadshotPG
    MrHeadshotPG 2 months ago

    Hope you get ur channel back.

  • Dan H
    Dan H 2 months ago

    We are with you, Cody! Tell us where you are uploading the content and we'll follow.

  • Makerj101
    Makerj101 2 months ago

    Cody's channel has been shutdown. Go watch the video here on his backup channel. I really hope he gets his channel back because he is one of my favorite YouTubers. This just isn't fair YouTube. You need a better system. -Makerj101

  • XXXtortellini
    XXXtortellini 2 months ago

    This is probably the least used feature on Youtube

  • Threetri333
    Threetri333 2 months ago

    Heard you can't stop uploading for a few weeks. Darn Youtube. I just discovered your channel and I will visit it often!

  • 2arnold888
    2arnold888 2 months ago

    Hello everybody join Cody'sLab Backup channel

  • joseph mccallum
    joseph mccallum 2 months ago

    heard that you got suspended for 2 weeks for bullshit reasons, if you have to swap platform i would go there just to watch your stuff, keep being you dude

  • Bradley Powell
    Bradley Powell 2 months ago

    Hello Cody, I was enjoying some soup for dinner and had a question. Does the stirring of the soup create enough heat through friction to keep the soup warmer longer? Just a thaught.

    • Electro Ninja
      Electro Ninja 2 months ago

      If you have a bowl of soup at "room temperature", it will heat up slightly as you stir it.

    • animowany111
      animowany111 2 months ago

      Nope, in fact stirring soup cools it faster, because the hot soup that would stay on the bottom of the plate can mix, and evaporate more evenly.

    • Bradley Powell
      Bradley Powell 2 months ago


  • Andrew Mullett
    Andrew Mullett 2 months ago

    Cody, are you still planning to do your sealed mine experiment to test the viability of creating pressurized underground habitats off world? If so are you planning to use some type of polymer or synthetic sealant or are you planning to try to use natural materials or both?

  • Rich Zerbinopoulos
    Rich Zerbinopoulos 2 months ago

    Cody, I am interested in seeing how Thorium can be chemically extracted and concentrated from common sand. I believe Thorium could be the next answer to humanity's ever increasing demand for energy. Think about it please. See Molten Salt reactor videos and its origin from ORNL.

  • Daniel Christopher Ehrenberg

    Experiment suggestion: Could you weigh a helium balloon on a weight if you replace the surrounding air with hydrogen? (Just don't Hindenburg yourself, we like you.)

  • Damian Reloaded
    Damian Reloaded 2 months ago

    Cody make a liquid metal terminator, freeze it with liquid nitrogen and then shoot it with a shotgun!

  • Open Eye
    Open Eye 2 months ago

    Cody I had something very weird happen to me and I cant explain it! Your the smartest guy on youtube and Id love to see you do a video on it! Trust me no channel has covered this before and I will send you a sample for you to observe! You will need a microscope. (Nothing gross I promise) Reply if interested

  • Mason Woodson
    Mason Woodson 2 months ago

    Just watched the evolving wind turbine video, and saw your comment. Is there anything coming from that? love the content.

  • vaughnage92
    vaughnage92 2 months ago

    you should do a video on distilled water! I have city water and the sodium and other chemicals are killing my avocado plant so i'm looking into getting a distiller for my plants and i want to drink it too instead of the crappy city water. (i'm just buying it for my plants at the store for now)..i've also got lost in the endless threads on why drinking distilled water is great for your body as it removes toxins due to the water being negatively charged. and then others say it removes good minerals from your body and to never drink it!! who do i trust!!??

  • Bob Hafner
    Bob Hafner 2 months ago

    Recently discovered your channel, and love the content, learned a lot from it. I just watched one of your earlier episodes about bee's, in it you mention your goals for space bees and being part of one of the mars projects. Is that something you are still apart of, and if so what are your personal goals for the mars project?

  • Reed McElroy
    Reed McElroy 2 months ago

    Great job with your channel. Could you try to recover the tungsten from ballpoint pens?

  • Jared Rowley
    Jared Rowley 2 months ago

    I want to suggest that Cody proves or debunks the Van Allen radiation belt and if he believes that we were able to reach the moon or not. I think it would make for an interesting video. I see some other videos on Youtube but they are all heavily toned with a pro-conspiracy theory vibe and not a very neutral stance. I feel that Cody could make a pretty good video with only stating facts and maybe some experiments.

  • Brian Karlsen
    Brian Karlsen 2 months ago

    Hi Cody i love your refining videos recovering presious metals from odd sources i have a lot of silver plated copper contats from burnt out electrical contactors any suggestions on how to separate the silver from the copper

  • Scripzing
    Scripzing 2 months ago

    Cody's Lab, probably the only you tube channel visited by the FBI, CIA and ATFE.

  • ninja88mmm
    ninja88mmm 2 months ago

    hey Cody, not sure if you have already done this, but it sounds up your alley. Apparently, Gallium reacts with Aluminium to make it brittle. I was wondering what would happen if you introduced gallium to an Aluminium engine, then proceeded to start it up?

  • Wholigan
    Wholigan 2 months ago

    Cody, you are such a badass.

  • Nod2323
    Nod2323 2 months ago

    Cody, thank you for all the videos! I love what you do! After watching the gardening episodes i was wondering if you could do an episode explaining the canning and preserving process? I know there are a lot of sources out there on this but you do such a great job explaining the science behind the things you do that it would be awesome to learn from you on this topic, plus some of the available sources do not to a good job (scientifically) covering the material. Thank you and keep up the great work!

  • ganesh Prabu
    ganesh Prabu 2 months ago


  • donlars1
    donlars1 2 months ago

    Just watched SciShow video on walking on water and it got me thinking, could a human walk/run on mercury?. Then I thought, Cody has a lot of mercury, Cody is the kind of guy who likes to try things in practice. Could we see Cody trying to walk across a container full of mercury?

    • Ruckus 801
      Ruckus 801 2 months ago

      Walking across liquid mercury would probably run into a displacement issue, his feet would sink into it unless he were wearing some sort of footwear to displace his weight enough to stay afloat while walking.

  • Ricky Ryan
    Ricky Ryan 2 months ago

    I mean to say, "keep up the GREAT work."

  • Ricky Ryan
    Ricky Ryan 2 months ago

    More mine please

  • Ricky Ryan
    Ricky Ryan 2 months ago


  • Rizki Hadiaturrasyid
    Rizki Hadiaturrasyid 2 months ago

    You know when you put sugar in hot water it dissolves faster than in cold water. I was wondering what will happen if you are using boiling/near boiling cold water in a vacuum chamber?

  • dionh70
    dionh70 2 months ago

    Has anyone ever told you about the United Nuclear website? If not, you need to visit it asap.

  • granskare
    granskare 2 months ago

    please make your titles on patreon match those you use on youtube, please- I want to follow all :)

  • Sebastian Brooks
    Sebastian Brooks 2 months ago

    Cody, I've been watching your channel for a long time, and I love it; thank you for continuing to make videos. With that said, I had a thought the other day and wondered if you'd be interested in investigating it. I've recently learned that a number of gemstones are either created (e.g. amethyst to citrine) or improved by heat treating, and I was curious if you would be interested in doing a video about it. Either way, keep up the good work!

  • Gigs
    Gigs 3 months ago

    Have you ever done desublimation of water from gas directly to ice crystals? Seems like something you could pull off in your vacuum chamber if you got it cold enough.

  • Jacqueline walker
    Jacqueline walker 3 months ago


  • Joe Malovich
    Joe Malovich 3 months ago

    Does a grinder create sparks in a vacuum?

  • Oleg Imanilov
    Oleg Imanilov 3 months ago

    Hi, Cody. Can you produce Tin(IV) sulfide which looks like a gold. I did it long time ago in school, but we had only tiny particles - so we couldn't compare it with real gold.

  • justin waugh
    justin waugh 3 months ago

    You should do a video on you and Kanyon! Tell your followers how you guys met, your lives, ect. More on the personal side like occupation and real world day to day things that you daily do. You always post videos on elements and materials, but why not show us the real gem you have! (family) In all of your videos you two are adorable and doing experiments together. It's a rare find in this generation (sadly my generation) to see a couple enjoying the same thing, working together and having fun. You should definitely do a video on Cody's daily life lab!

  • Bobby Cleveland
    Bobby Cleveland 3 months ago

    Cody i have a lot of theories and if you could comet back and i could talk to you that would be awesome

  • Richard Bell
    Richard Bell 3 months ago

    Cody I have question for you. Where the moon go around the earth cause tides raise and fall. Does the water in well does it raise and fall with moon?

  • mouurusai
    mouurusai 3 months ago

    Hello, thanks for the great content!
    Can I hope that there will be a video explaining how the protective films stick to the screens of the phones?
    Perhaps not only I will be interested in "magic" hidden inside such a simple at first glance thing.
    I apologize for mistakes, English is not my native language.

  • Allen Kennard
    Allen Kennard 3 months ago

    Cody , I tried to concentrate the gold in my black sand with flux in a kiln . I had no info as to how much to use and it overflowed the crucible . Now I have two broken crucibles full of flux and small gold . Do you know a way to reclaim the gold from the flux ?

  • ZayTheJedi
    ZayTheJedi 3 months ago

    when are we going to get another "Cody's mine" vid?

  • Asaf Hangdi
    Asaf Hangdi 3 months ago

    ? cody is it posible to ignite thrmite powder by hige pressure or hydraulic press

  • Larry Zimmer
    Larry Zimmer 3 months ago

    If you connected your largest vacuum chamber to a relatively small one through a fast-opening valve, you could rapidly depressurize the small one, compared to a vacuum pump. Do you think that this wouldmake a significant difference to some of your experiments and observations?

  • Michael Luikart
    Michael Luikart 3 months ago

    Please can we get an update on any practical use of the methane you are generating.

  • John V
    John V 3 months ago

    Question: I have a ceramic cup and it is scratched on the lip. I noticed that boubles form when I drink coffee with milk from it, on the part which is scratched. Doesn't happen with water. Any idea what reaction it is?

  • Marcian Costa
    Marcian Costa 3 months ago

    you need to run a liquid mercury

  • Benjamin Matthew
    Benjamin Matthew 3 months ago

    You are so awesome!

  • Jake ZG
    Jake ZG 3 months ago

    Hey Cody! You know what would be awesome? Combining your geological skills,chemistry knowledge, and botanical skills to grow food in Martian regolith! I'd love to see if some of the more primitive lichens can take to a Martian atmosphere and substrate.

  • JBArtelier
    JBArtelier 3 months ago

    Hi Cody, I've recently watched a video on youtube about copper and it's medicinal properties that have been known in the ancient ages and foremost by the egyptians. They were showing that copper even breaks down MRSA in minutes. In what form could it be taken or ingested and in which dosis so that it would be preventive for any kind of infection in your body? Could it be copper sulfate, or are there plants containing enough copper which would be good for your health. Btw all this refers to if you want to avoid pennicillin and be kind of off the grid, like you mostly are.
    Would be nice to see a video from you about it. Or at least have a response
    Thank you and have a nice day

  • maxime therrien
    maxime therrien 3 months ago

    Hello Cody. I am really thankful for your gardening series as it has led me to make a garden and plant crops. I was wondering if you could look into saving biennial plants for next year to collect the seeds. As a personal goal of mine, I think it would also be a good goal for you as well and it would be a great followup of this season's harvest. Regardless, I am glad to follow your channel and learn from you in the meantime!

  • randolf spitts
    randolf spitts 3 months ago

    please do a video on mecury metal in a Boyle's Self-Flowing Flask will it create perpetual motion if the tube is above the flask?

  • Paul Nix
    Paul Nix 3 months ago

    How about recreating Cavendish Experiment in a vacuum?

  • Isaac Havens
    Isaac Havens 3 months ago

    Just wondering what would happen if you put pure oxygen on dry ice?

  • pepperlook
    pepperlook 3 months ago

    mmm? 2.016 comments? that doesnt seem right, let make ik 2.017.

  • Carl Burks
    Carl Burks 3 months ago

    Hello Cody. Would a Sterling Engine be able to harvest enough energy from the temperature difference in one of your mines and the surface to be worth it?

  • David Dickinson
    David Dickinson 3 months ago

    They say tuna has mercury in it. How much mercury can you recover from tuna? How much tuna would it take to get a noticeable amount of mercury?

  • Wesley Filips
    Wesley Filips 3 months ago

    CODY PLEASE DO A VIDEO ON MAKING AN ANTIMONY-COPPER ALLOY. Newton wrote about an alloy he made called "the net" which is an alloy of antimony and copper and is bright purple in color, with a net pattern texture. Some say it is actually an iron-copper alloy. You should try both. CODY SEE ME!

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    Cody I love your channel - what a sense of scientific adventure! I notice you improvise on equipment a lot, especially containers. With the low price of petroleum the demand for recycled plastic is limited and prices are near zero. I wonder if PET bottles, LDPE bags, and other recyclable materials can be crafted into vessels, piping, and other types of equipment to add another dimension of 'trash-to-treasure' to your projects?
    I've also heard you refer to energy costs numerous times during profitability estimates for refining operations. Would refined fuels from natural sources, like biodiesel for instance, help improve process economics?

  • Axei mash
    Axei mash 3 months ago

    cody in one of your videos you said you got a camera that lets you see the stars in the sky please tell me what camera that is

  • OverUnity7734
    OverUnity7734 3 months ago

    Will the energy source of the distant future be matter / antimatter or time crystals ?

  • Deimos Phob
    Deimos Phob 3 months ago

    Hey cody, I recently was binge-watching a popular tv show called burnnotice. In this show one thing caught my eye and that was the microwave bomb. in which he tapes up a microwave filled with metal parts and turns it on and the house nearly gets leveled. I was wondering if this was actually possible in the real world, and if you would test it to see if it works.

  • Ahmadali Afkhami
    Ahmadali Afkhami 3 months ago

    Hey cody, I was wondering whether it's possible to extract pure zinc from zinc tablets? Appreciate your time in advanced

  • NashT
    NashT 3 months ago

    Brew some homemade (mead) ie Beer ...Cody

  • Martin Labuda
    Martin Labuda 3 months ago

    Hi cody did you plan to make another video about methane digestor ? I really like your videos, and this series is one of my favorites. So i hope you answer :)

    THE FOX 3 months ago

    Hey Cody you should check out the downloadable powder game. It lets you simulate elements and forces and I think you would like it. I built a simple coal powered engine in it.

  • JL Media Group
    JL Media Group 3 months ago

    Hello Cody, can you make a video explaining the COANDA EFFECT?

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    I just visited the engineer guy, and he told of how the 'donner party' inspired food packing so I knew you must know that. chuck maki

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  • Fluke Skyswimmer
    Fluke Skyswimmer 3 months ago

    can 2 or more liquids be mixed together to create a gaseous substance?

  • tomi suikkari
    tomi suikkari 3 months ago

    do a video where you drop a drop of mercury onto aluminium and make amalgam

  • Lloyd Handyside
    Lloyd Handyside 3 months ago

    I have an idea that I'd like to try out but don't quite have the gear for.
    Lighting a fire inside a transparent tube of some sort, just a small fire so it doesn't burn through the oxygen too quickly, and then dropping it from a height and recording it in slow motion.
    I'm wondering if you will get the "zero G" flame shape you can see in some videos from the ISS. Seems like the kind of thing you might like doing and I'm sure you've used a slow motion camera before.
    I wonder what other zero G science you could do with a slow mo camera and a reasonable height?

  • Trav Makes Things
    Trav Makes Things 3 months ago

    Did your homemade liquid nitrogen dewar survive or get abandoned in favor of the bigger new one?

  • kenels2
    kenels2 3 months ago

    Could you do a video on getting titanium from earth clay or rock? I've been wanting to know this for a long time.

  • 铁杆五毛
    铁杆五毛 3 months ago

    I'm hoping to see you extract some "tough" metals from rocks or dirt. Such as Al and Ca which are highly abundant but very hard to extract.

  • Just1ofGod
    Just1ofGod 3 months ago

    Hi Cody long time viewer (not a subscriber) i know im lame for that i was just wondering i run a small scale machine shop and have long dreamed of putting my own home made object into space would you be willing to work with me and a couple other youtubers to make a multi stage rocket to launch into space if i jump through all the hoops to get the certs to make it happen?

  • Squiggummer Figgammus
    Squiggummer Figgammus 3 months ago

    Make a vid that talks about N-stoff

  • Zero Mostel
    Zero Mostel 3 months ago

    Did you ever do a video on recovering the nitrate crystals left over from the acid in making your Boom Shorts?

  • William Colt
    William Colt 3 months ago

    Cody, I just had a thought. would you be able to make an alloy between 3 parts beryllium 1 part aluminum and one part titanium? or, do you think that the different densities of the metals would cause them to remain separate. I ask because I'm working on my theory of making a more effect helicopter blade. I wanted it to retain the properties of titanium and aluminum while adding the lightness and extremely god thermoconductivity of beryllium. I'd do it my self but I don't have any of the resources to test it, nor the capital. Do you have any thoughts on the matter?

  • Berzerius
    Berzerius 3 months ago

    Hey Cody, I think you might find this interesting as you already played around with the play button : (

  • Art Hill
    Art Hill 4 months ago

    Hey Cody, can you figure a way that this guy can remove sulfur from crushed eggshell using things he can collect or build? (

  • The Hunter
    The Hunter 4 months ago

    Does anybody know what type of gas Cody uses to melt glass? I tried using a propane torch on a glass stirring rod and I was unable to sufficiently melt it for what I had wanted to do(prince rupert's drop)

    • Squiggummer Figgammus
      Squiggummer Figgammus 3 months ago

      I would guess it's MAPP gas or his homemade hydrogen , IDK the burn temp of a hydrogen torch though. MAPP is real good probably overkill even

  • taohawaii
    taohawaii 4 months ago

    Video idea? Make a mono-crystal silicon photo-voltaic cell. I'll patronize at $10/month if you do.

  • Mike Liner
    Mike Liner 4 months ago

    Hey Cody, I've been watching your videos for a while now and everyone i watch i love more than the last lol! I'd really like to reach out to you, there's so many things that i wanna ask that would make the comment system in youtube really inconvenient, is there an e-mail address that i could use or any other means of communication ?

  • Howard Black
    Howard Black 4 months ago

    I'm watching your video on recharging alkaline batteries -- thought I'd
    donate my virtual two cents for your viewing pleasure <g>. First
    penny: I remember when alkaline batteries first became available, in the
    mid-1960s. One of the selling points, promoted by the manufacturer
    (Mallory) was that they *could* be recharged! I had one set of C cells,
    which I used in my Norelco cassette recorder. It's been a while, but as I
    recall, they were the *only* set I ever used in that device! I
    recharged them over and over -- using nothing more than a small
    transformer and rectifier I rigged up, totally unregulated, with very
    little attention paid to recharge time. They *never* leaked, not one
    Fast forward a few decades, and the manufacturers changed the formulation to an "environmentally friendly" ("mercury-free") compound -- which would spew copious amounts of caustic goo at the drop of a hat when making an attempt to recharge them. (Seemed to me that there was a LOT more "oomph" in them when they "died" -- and that if there were some way to "agitate" the stuff while inside the battery, the life could be prolonged, if not actually multiplied, but that's just my speculation.)
    But fast forward a bit longer, and we find a few companies marketing "rechargeable alkalines" (as if the very *concept* was a novel idea!) -- and, a *very* few "alkaline chargers" (sold for use with *any* alkalines).
    While puttering around, I discovered a couple of odd facts: I could find NO difference in performance when charging the "rechargeable" alkalines OR "regular" alkalines, using either the "special" charger included with the putatively "rechargeable" cells, or, the "special" charger intended for use with *any* alkaline.
    More speculation: I suspect that the only difference between the "rechargeable" and "regular" alkaline cells is the *label* on the cell, with the secret sauce being contained in the *chargers*. I surmise that the trick is to carefully monitor the charge state, and carefully regulate the charge voltage and current, allowing the "modern" alkaline cells to be charged without leaking. We must love progress...
    If you're still reading this far <g>, can you tell me where to find one of your videos? I saw a snippet in something I watched earlier, which showed a small cube, levitating over four magnets. The cube had a tiny "dot" adhered to each of the four horizontal sides. The cube, apparently on its own, began rotating, and as I watched, it picked up speed.
    I'd like to see the whole video, and hear (or read) the details of its operation.

  • wazabi41
    wazabi41 4 months ago

    i need help to separate aluminum and silver, i know how to do the stoechiometry behind it but i don't know what works or not, any help or link would be appreciated!

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    Hi Cody, I work in adhesives and make silver filled epoxies. If i sent you some silver filled epoxy could you show a way of refining the silver back to solid silver?

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  • northman logging
    northman logging 4 months ago

    crazy thought for an experiment in yer mine, having to do with global warming. Is it green house gasses or plastic in the ocean? anyway its a thought, Have a vague idea how to pull off the experiment but not the materials space or time... so i thought of you.

  • granskare
    granskare 4 months ago

    I just went to a page, and that guy has linked to you - is there anybody who does not know you?

  • Klint Krossa
    Klint Krossa 4 months ago

    Is it possible to use the vacuum chamber to can with room temperature heat?

  • Gregory Wood
    Gregory Wood 4 months ago

    Are you that not in the know that microwaves affect water molecules so that is what is going on or just that dense?

  • Juan Gutierrez
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    great display of hard work, ingenuity, and accessible approaches to so many phenomenon in this world. hope to see many more cool things here, best wishes

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    Hey cody, have you ever heard of the quartz crystal dyeing technique of quench crackling? its basically heating a quartz crystal until its red hot and quenching it in strongly dyed water. There are some really incredible results you can get with this technique annd the challenge is getting it to dye and still hold together as there are thousands of micro fractures developing as the crystal rapidly cools. I thought this might be something of interest to you and i would LOVE to see your results. Cheers from Austria

  • granskare
    granskare 4 months ago

    it looks as if that Chevy with the split front window has a lot of value so tell your dad! chuck maki

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  • granskare
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    Hey, Cody! Hope you'll read that somewhen soon... Would you like to do something with/ about Spirulina Platensis (Arthrospira) Cyano blue green algae. You should really consider this for your self too, because you deal a lot with Mercury and so on.
    I like what youre doing
    Greetings from Barcelona

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    Hey Cody.. I have no idea how to contact you, but I thought you might just look here from time to time.
    I watched a video with you trying to make a light gas gun, and I thought you might find this video of use (
    From what I saw you have most of the kit to make this happen...
    Have fun...

  • Lindsey Gutierrez
    Lindsey Gutierrez 4 months ago

    Hey Cody, I was wondering what kind of camera do you have?

  • Aidan Kelsey
    Aidan Kelsey 4 months ago

    could you test how well a computer would function inside a vacuum or if it would at all

    • Squiggummer Figgammus
      Squiggummer Figgammus 3 months ago

      satellites have computers in them and they work in vacuums, but its not easy. without an atmosphere the heat generated by the electrical currents builds up with nowhere to go. so they need a way to radiate heat away from their components or they malfunction. this is all true but I'm sure there is more information available. I hope I've spiked your interest and answered a couple basic questions, you should look more into the subject with other sources. It would be cool if cody would do a demo though.

  • Aleksandar Kocic
    Aleksandar Kocic 4 months ago
    Is this for real? What's the chemistry behind it?

  • Mike Becher
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    Hi, Cody my name Mike
    I'm doing an experiment and need a room temp. liquid with a higher energy of vaporization then water , have you ever heard of anything like that ? Operating pressure can be whatever.

  • Chisken Nougat Animations

    An interesting video showcasing Mercury and Aluminum reacting:
    Possible video Idea?

  • Wolvenhard
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    job adams 4 months ago

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  • princesscool69
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    would there be any way to try out Schlieren Imaging while using your vaccum? veritasium has done a video on it and explains how it works (

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    ( David Attenbourgh talks of biolumineses (can't spell) he also pours one liquid into another to produce light - are you also able to do this? I don't know the liquids but perhaps you do? chuck

  • granskare
    granskare 4 months ago

    Elon Musk on SpaceX "Living on Mars is the Easy Part" he said this on an interview with a famous guy whose name I can not spell at this momet :) chuck

  • granskare
    granskare 4 months ago

    I image you know of the Utah museum of natural history - they have some moon rocks there :) chuck

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  • LeadDennis
    LeadDennis 4 months ago

    Cody, I have a 5 gallon bucket full of old computer motherboards, video cards and etc that I would like to give you if you think that you would melt them down. I am also in Logan UT.

  • M Hewett
    M Hewett 4 months ago

    Great job on the channel, very fun and informative. I had a project Idea for you, make an electronic device from truly scratch. I see you mine and refine metals and it would be cool to see the metals be pulled from the earth and actually refined to a point where you could make a basic circuit board for maybe something like an automatic plant watering mechanism for your garden.

  • Sean Martin
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  • Henry Swinney
    Henry Swinney 4 months ago

    A fun quick video idea with your vacuum/pressure chamber would be to put a hot plate in there and pressurize it to see the change in boiling point of water at greater than and less than atmospheric pressure.

    • Squiggummer Figgammus
      Squiggummer Figgammus 3 months ago

      He also stores gases in vials in their critical phase and this is also displayed in the graph.
      The graph is known as a phase diagram. I love phase diagrams they're pretty sexy

    • Squiggummer Figgammus
      Squiggummer Figgammus 3 months ago

      Cody talks about the triple point in the video and that graph displays it