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Get Ready With Us ♡
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  • Meena Kumari
    Meena Kumari 17 days ago

    Eyeliner Kay fadye bhej

  • insane Tv
    insane Tv 17 days ago

    Plz DONT let her play with those

  • radid jarif
    radid jarif 19 days ago

    Is it ok to add soft veggies or herbs like coriander instead of spinach as it is not available most of the time in my region?

  • Pacman Is Sexy God

    The product isn't supposed to go around the eyes. It's bha and aha

  • Everett Casse
    Everett Casse Month ago


  • Mari 01
    Mari 01 3 months ago

    hey! would you please tell me the name of the brush that you used here? I love the finishhh

  • shazia thanvi
    shazia thanvi 5 months ago

    I don’t watch a vdo in which shade is not mentioned even in the link

  • Nina
    Nina 6 months ago

    Guys I just adopted 2 baby male kittens from the shelter both grey with white any name suggestions?

  • Jessica Guarnieri
    Jessica Guarnieri 6 months ago

    My kittens called mia too

  • Nushra Ahmed
    Nushra Ahmed 6 months ago

    Thank you for this video ! I got my first jordana blush and its the one you demostrated with lol. I saw this jordana depotting video at 1:46 i found that first part to be very helpful and then I used your method for the rest. I hope that helps!

  • Waad Shraidah Lovely
    Waad Shraidah Lovely 6 months ago

    Soooooo cute

  • Professor Rosenstock
    Professor Rosenstock 7 months ago

    I'm going to adopt a cat with my partner. We even chose a name for him, Mikey Jin.

  • Tracy Connellan
    Tracy Connellan 8 months ago

    I'm getting a kitten in 3 weeks and 6 days

  • SNEHA's corner
    SNEHA's corner 8 months ago

    Are u kidding me? This is not short hair

  • Marshmallow Kitties
    Marshmallow Kitties 8 months ago

    I’m so sad you don’t make videos anymore!I really miss them!I’d love to see Mia all grown up!

  • aepfx
    aepfx 8 months ago

    I really like your voice!!

  • shihina97
    shihina97 8 months ago

    I've never heard a more annoying background music

  • nicholson charles
    nicholson charles 8 months ago

    The sting in your eyes is the glycolic acid

  • rashasabz
    rashasabz 9 months ago

    Where are u from. Can't figure out the accent:)

    • Patr icia
      Patr icia 5 months ago

      She was born and raised in Shanghai (China) and she moved to New Zealand when she was 17 😊😊

  • Gacha Master
    Gacha Master 9 months ago

    I cant deny i love that kitten😊

  • Lucia Ayaso
    Lucia Ayaso 9 months ago

    I hate when people don't tell us or write down the shade. Thanks for nothing your video is useless

  • The Schryvers Squad
    The Schryvers Squad 9 months ago

    hey how long did it take you to receive your Sephora order? great video

  • Amanda Smith
    Amanda Smith 9 months ago

    did olivia jade rip this off?

  • Choco Bun
    Choco Bun 9 months ago

    I break out so much.It is really hard to get off sometimes thought because it dried on my face.

  • Jusstaju Ka safar
    Jusstaju Ka safar 11 months ago


  • Eyuel Yiferu
    Eyuel Yiferu 11 months ago

    The cat is so cute

  • IamSofia
    IamSofia 11 months ago

    So pretty.

  • Alyssa Nichols
    Alyssa Nichols 11 months ago

    Is nobody gonna make a joke ab her eating it? No? Ok.

  • CandyUnicorn :P
    CandyUnicorn :P Year ago

    Yes! Finally a good TVclipr with NZ brands!

  • Zhou Xuan
    Zhou Xuan Year ago

    hope to see your new videos, I have been following you on TVclip and ins for over 4years. 加油

  • jean-marc souffir

    Pandora jewelry sales discount store incredible :

  • Laughing Man
    Laughing Man Year ago

    Less asian fat fuck face.. More kitten please

  • orlando Abdul
    orlando Abdul Year ago

    Congrats 😋😋

  • Hutoxi Rogers
    Hutoxi Rogers Year ago

    Really good video. So well presented, balanced, and time-efficient. Thanks.

  • Gacha hidden city 101

    I want a kitty sooo bad😫😭😭😭

  • Daniel
    Daniel Year ago

    Did you get your surgery in China? OR NZ? Where is it better to get the surgery?

  • Taura Helms
    Taura Helms Year ago

    How cute! It reminds me of the first time I brought my cat Sugar home.

  • Faye
    Faye Year ago

    I’m getting a kitten in a couple of days, I can’t wait to see him ❤️

  • kaelin johnson
    kaelin johnson Year ago

    are you from new zealand ?

  • freyja.curlyfries


  • Evelyn Bradwell
    Evelyn Bradwell Year ago


  • Arsenal supporter

    I was scared of cats and kittens but now I have overcame my fear and I have been asking my mum for a tabby kitten and I have been having dreams but let's hope I get one for my bday december

  • Online Rn
    Online Rn Year ago

    Why r ur eyes so small

  • giulia n
    giulia n Year ago

    I'm getting my kitten on friday :)

  • X X
    X X Year ago

    Be careful with her and phone chargers my friends kitten died after biting a charger

  • T. P.
    T. P. Year ago

    No collar and no bell!

  • Ayfer Sekmen
    Ayfer Sekmen Year ago

    This is not your colour too yelow for you

  • angelita Padal
    angelita Padal Year ago

    Its good

  • Emma Rochon
    Emma Rochon Year ago

    “We were just like fuck it” I LOVE YOUUU OMG IM DEAD YOURE SO SAVAGE IM SUBSCRIBING 😂😂💘💘

  • peppa
    peppa Year ago

    Will be okay for oily skin

  • kapkan the_holy_reloder

    Good for you don't take anything

  • AnaBanana
    AnaBanana Year ago

    Thank you so much for uploading this. It was super helpful and it worked!

  • Esha Ali
    Esha Ali Year ago

    I’m getting a kitten in a few weeks and I’m so excited. Any tips on cat care?

  • Gamer Wolf
    Gamer Wolf Year ago

    Mate what the hell is wrong with you she can't bite a phone charger whilst plugged in she could die

  • Greyhollow
    Greyhollow Year ago

    what happend to Mia? :O

  • Juan Garcia jr Paul

    Aww It’s So Cute

  • Makouchii
    Makouchii Year ago

    You should really calm down when people are giving you constructive criticism, like I’ve been looking through the comments and your being a bit harsh and rude, I mean seriously, calm down.. none of us are judging you or hating on you, this video is adorable but when someone just gives you a small bit of advice or just some pointers or tips, or if there simply questioning it worried! You get a attitude, I just find it a bit rude, but you can be rude to me, I’m not hating, it’s just a small thing I’ve seen in other peoples comments, there innocent comments, and yet your acting as there saying “Oh! Your doing it all wrong! Don’t let a kitten play with a charger cord!” And they saying it nicely, and you respond in “Well when... etc etc, seriously don’t judge a video jeez” or something like that, like please, calm down.. Edit: pointer, I’m not saying your not a nice person, you obviously seem sweet, and generous enough to risk your home for the kitten ^^

  • dottie mathews
    dottie mathews Year ago


    • Bad bih
      Bad bih Year ago

      It's not new anymore, this was made in 2016

  • Let’s help the earth by Toto

    I’m dying for one

  • kitty khally
    kitty khally Year ago

    At 0:49 did she just say fuck it

  • ESL Notyoavrgboy

    Ur land lord is a hater

  • Stephanie JSB
    Stephanie JSB Year ago

    Oh good that you are back. Let’s support one another. Sub to me and will sub back right away. Thanks

  • ReKs Icewood
    ReKs Icewood Year ago


  • Rawia Ahmed
    Rawia Ahmed Year ago


  • K I N G
    K I N G Year ago

    Loving the attitude; “I’d rather spend time with my kitten than kissing my landlords ass” 🙌🏼🙌🏼

  • Eliza 15
    Eliza 15 Year ago

    What bread she is

  • burger hawk
    burger hawk Year ago

    Kitten at 2:23 save ur time

  • Dock Powe
    Dock Powe Year ago

    I know how it feels to get a new cat, im happy for you!

  • Shifa1010
    Shifa1010 Year ago

    Her shades probably Santa Fe or Punjab 😂

  • SagaStoryteller Productions

    My cat loves shoes! I was told it was because he can smell us in them, our sweat. It's mildly gross but still hilarious!!

  • Bee Bobya
    Bee Bobya Year ago

    What's shade you have on? Beautiful

  • Rukaiya Abdulla
    Rukaiya Abdulla Year ago

    Soo cute

  • JazznUup
    JazznUup Year ago

    Bonnie Hu, this is my MOST favorite make up tutorial. You did an amazing job and you’re super duper adorable 🙂

  • Aneesah Styles
    Aneesah Styles Year ago

    Did you end up eating the poor cat ?

  • Gaby vlogs gaming and more! :3 Bouu

    Your soo lucky my friend Ellie got 2 kittens one name is molly and the other name is Lexi

  •  Year ago

    She's very pretty and that kitten is cute! I hope you have a long long time together.

  • Cliff J
    Cliff J Year ago

    I love Tabby cats 🐈 ...they are like little tigers

  • Misty Telling
    Misty Telling Year ago

    You're so pretty. You didn't even need to put on foundation. Super jealous.

  • Felicia Duran
    Felicia Duran Year ago

    What did you use when you touched up? Just a setting powder

  • Makdaddy Pr0
    Makdaddy Pr0 Year ago

    Ÿöü I’m watching

  • Philippines My Paradise

    Thanks very much for sharing your recipes, I like to return and visit your great channel all the time, regards!!

  • Kaynat Siddiqui
    Kaynat Siddiqui Year ago

    Love ya your savages you would be me

  • Julio Cesar Tapia

    OMG 😲 YOURE KITTEN 🐱 IS SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Am Studios
    Am Studios Year ago

    Same We got rid of our cats boots and Simba and we gave them to a cousin Tyler and he could not keep them so we tried to get them back into our landlord said no so no more cats till we move out

  • Khalil Razak
    Khalil Razak Year ago

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh sososososo cuuuuuuuute.

  • 420 Marlon
    420 Marlon 2 years ago

    She is ugly my tuxedo cat is sexy

  • clarke the cool
    clarke the cool 2 years ago

    I love cats

  • lelechim
    lelechim 2 years ago

    One time I tried using a lighter and a knife to depot one of my Jordana blushes. That was 2.5 years ago, and the scar I got on my thumb from accidentally stabbing it with the knife has finally started to fade. I like that this method doesn't use any sharp objects :)

    • lelechim
      lelechim 2 years ago

      OK, so I just did this, using some metal tongs to hold the blush over the flame of the candle. Maybe it was because the bottom part of the packaging was already broken from my previous attempt at depotting, but I didn't even need to do the second step in this video. When I kept pushing at the bottom with the end of a makeup brush, the pan itself came right out! THIS IS GREAT! I love the product but hate bulky packaging. This is going right in my palette :D

  • Beb
    Beb 2 years ago

    We were just like "🅵🆄🅲🅺 🅸🆃"

  • Josey Foster
    Josey Foster 2 years ago

    My kitten looks just like yours but her eyes are different

  • Bren Haas
    Bren Haas 2 years ago

    awesome... kittens are great! I have a few on our farm and 1 indoors. I don't think people realize who awesome they are and how CLEAN they are. It is the HUMANS that are messy. If you take care of the kitten and teach them were to go potty and were not to scratch - its all good! 🌻

  • DrippinWithEz
    DrippinWithEz 2 years ago

    cats are not food JK

  • IndirA Khana
    IndirA Khana 2 years ago

    Pls keep the electrical switches off all times as ur kitty gona play with wires so keep ur chargers unplugged too

  • Lundy The British Shorthair

    This is soo cute, love it! :) We are new Vloggers with a British Shorthair cat called Special Agent Lundy- Go check out our videos if you like funny cute cat vlogs like this one :) xx

  • Emmaa101
    Emmaa101 2 years ago

    Im getting my russian blue kitten tomorrow!!!

  • Ta_ Nyaan
    Ta_ Nyaan 2 years ago

    Do you have a cat lets play the cat game The lest digit number of the comment 1.normal cat 2.himalayan 3.ragdolls 4.persia 5.munchkin 6.anggora 7.safari cat 8. Blue russia 9.scotich fold 0. Pick any cat you want The last digit of your birth number is the color of the cat 1.gray 2.Blue 3.white 4.brown 5.brown & black 6.white & brown 7. gray,brown & white 8 . Gray ang black 9 . Blue and brown 0 . Choose any color What did you got don’t take this game to seriously it’s just to entertain you and btw i got white munchkin cat

  • Crystal Dalisay
    Crystal Dalisay 2 years ago

    2 years later.... and still nobody knows what shade you used 😂😂😂

    • XRay S
      XRay S Year ago

      Crystal Dalisay lol

    • Rebecca Cheng
      Rebecca Cheng 2 years ago

      she says the shade in the video lol...

  • danikcong
    danikcong 2 years ago

    Hi Bonnie! I wanna know, after 2 years, do you still wear this foundation & is it worth the money? Thank you :) This would help me a lot!

  • Tony F
    Tony F 2 years ago


  • Flight Of Spice Blog

    This is so cute!