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Seth's Bike Hacks
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  • Ender Varova
    Ender Varova 7 hours ago

    When your broke and snapped your bike frame Shit 😥

  • Chefscottcooks
    Chefscottcooks 7 hours ago

    Seth, ran across your videos hooked bro please keep it up!

  • Darcy Bailey
    Darcy Bailey 8 hours ago

    instead of a roll in you should have built drop to landing

  • MrHunterseeker
    MrHunterseeker 8 hours ago

    Because of this channel, I am now part of the hobby. Went out and bought 2 Trek Marlin 6's for me and the wife, just to pedal around on, on the weekends for a bit of exercise. Good channel, and content.

  • Abel Raymond
    Abel Raymond 8 hours ago

    You mentioned in the video the reliability of the clamps and going to look at some new fastening ideas. Do you think some threaded rod and a turnbuckle in the center would be strong enough?

  • Bmx is Life
    Bmx is Life 9 hours ago

    It would be cool if you put the handlebar jack on the wall/ceiling for storage purposes

  • Occactor Richie
    Occactor Richie 9 hours ago

    Seth how have you been? Do you ever do an update on what riding contest you do? How your holidays are going? Even just life with Mrs. BikeHacks? Also even to I don't own a bike anymore I do like watching your video.

  • mzl adl
    mzl adl 9 hours ago

    @1:08 I find whiteboard markers are perfect for this. They let you see where & by how much (thin or thick line) the wheel is untrue - I tighten/loosen accordingly; wipe & repeat

  • mzl adl
    mzl adl 9 hours ago

    @1:40 Liquid paper is my quick-dry paint marker of choice. Can be removed by scratching it off with fingernails or plastic - small reside can be removed with WD-40/RP7/oil.

  • devilselbow
    devilselbow 10 hours ago

    That bmx at the beginning is gorgeous

  • Bryan King
    Bryan King 12 hours ago

    I love the humor on the alpaca socks and the screen printing. It looks like serious prison. :)

  • Ricky`s Tech World
    Ricky`s Tech World 12 hours ago

    I don’t ride on a mountain but I got to say is that any kind of bicycling is great to release stress and forget about your issues

  • ryan mac
    ryan mac 12 hours ago

    The amazon lights would look like a space ship

  • Chuck Rides
    Chuck Rides 12 hours ago

    If you have white rims use Lysol to clean them off from any dirt that has built up on your rim

  • Isaiah Leeth
    Isaiah Leeth 12 hours ago


  • Doctor Oink
    Doctor Oink 12 hours ago

    7:40 With subtitles on go ahead

  • Nate Paynter
    Nate Paynter 12 hours ago

    We require a new bike check video

  • Kiwi mtb Brown
    Kiwi mtb Brown 13 hours ago

    I find it easier to ride on grass than concrete

  • Aiden_C12
    Aiden_C12 13 hours ago

    that would have been a sad ending

  • David Bedard
    David Bedard 13 hours ago

    It’s made for wheelies

  • dnbcricket
    dnbcricket 14 hours ago

    Sitting home, sick in bed, scrolling thru all the Seth's bike hacks videos... I've watched almost all, but I missed this dreamy gem. Thanks so much Seth for the laughs!!😆😆🤣🤣

  • Mikel Bencs
    Mikel Bencs 14 hours ago

    This one of those channels that I watch and just enjoy your passion for your hobby. I'm not a biker myself but I can see the joy biking brings you

  • Molibop Lolipop
    Molibop Lolipop 15 hours ago

    I attempted that feature and it took me 2 tries to nail it

  • Rolands Gēgermanis
    Rolands Gēgermanis 15 hours ago

    Get some linseed oil and use it on your table. It will darken the wood slightly and will look more even and keep wood from aging . It is cheap and with great results.

  • Fernando Miranda
    Fernando Miranda 15 hours ago

    It looks great, just what I would like to build in my garage! What's the size of the workbench?

  • Gigi Laurino
    Gigi Laurino 15 hours ago

    hi all, talking about pumps, what do you think about Stompump Tire Inflator?

  • Tips with Thijs
    Tips with Thijs 16 hours ago

    you phil and alex are my favorite youtubers in the world oh dont forget gmbn

  • Dylan Pendell
    Dylan Pendell 16 hours ago

    Any one know a good bike for 600 my last one got stolen out my garage I had prolly 600 in it an miss it dearly (reid mtb pro disk)

  • Botond oppenauer
    Botond oppenauer 16 hours ago

    i think u still deep inside got that BMX steh thats trying do burst out....

  • Drew Doud
    Drew Doud 16 hours ago

    I hate to say it but the trough axle hacks helped

  • Reagley _gamez
    Reagley _gamez 16 hours ago

    Hey! Can i get your opinion about the cannondale trail 4 2018?

  • Carl FortniteRoblox
    Carl FortniteRoblox 17 hours ago

    I spent 457 USD on a full suspension trail bike with all these indicators - derailleur hanger - quickrelease - threadless - disc brakes It works perfect untill the derailleur hanger snaps, as that breaks the entire thing is ruined because you replace it happens again atleast for almost no reason. I swapped it to a singlespeed and i enjoy it, and the total price for that bike with repairs is 500 - 600 total USD. So a cheaper full sus trail bike under 500 USD is not worth it for actually riding on, if you liked youe previous one and wanna move on to Downhill or Freeride for any reason, Canyon Sender might be good as it can range from 2874 USD to 5515 USD, just find what you like to ride the best, im creeping into downhill and freeride so ill get a downhill bike, if you like XC or trail riding go for it, just be aware of the budget and never buy full sus bikes under 500 USD

  • peter maurel
    peter maurel 17 hours ago

    I dont know why i love watching you cause i ride scooter and skateboard

  • SingleTrackRider
    SingleTrackRider 17 hours ago

    Me and my friends play in the snow

  • Schwab Cob
    Schwab Cob 17 hours ago

    2:50 thats my math teachers and name

  • Foxyman33
    Foxyman33 17 hours ago

    Can you review the voodoo zopob mountain bike

  • Diego Fortunato
    Diego Fortunato 17 hours ago

    dude that is SO INTERESTING

  • Tristan McCroary
    Tristan McCroary 17 hours ago

    Yes I ride for diamondback but forget about that

    VIDEO RÅTTAN 18 hours ago

    my bike weight 33 kg

  • Dragos Adrian
    Dragos Adrian 18 hours ago

    4:27, can u tell pls the dimension of your tires

  • Cahit Berkay Laçinkaya

    Ben yapamiodum saol abi

  • Kolmas Pyörä
    Kolmas Pyörä 19 hours ago

    Yeah i put my tire on with max power thanks for advice!

  • Lucas Machuca
    Lucas Machuca 20 hours ago

    A alguien le pareció que era Germán de Mtb enduro chile? En la miniatura

  • Sebstar Studios
    Sebstar Studios 20 hours ago

    6:45 seth did a video a while back explaining why he kept his bike rack... where'd it go?

  • Electrify Official Channel

    Anyone else fell like it sounded creepy when he said “welcome to the dirt kevin” as if he was welcoming him to his grave 😂

  • kudosbudo
    kudosbudo 21 hour ago

    Why is it that its always Kevin who seems to be responsible or connected in some way to crazy ideas in yours or bobo's or well any of your friends videos.

  • Stephen Smithnosky
    Stephen Smithnosky 21 hour ago

    When are you doing the baby oil brakedown?

  • Freeride O
    Freeride O 22 hours ago

    * more economical *

  • kojot0976
    kojot0976 22 hours ago

    So basically walk everywhere and use saved up money on food.

  • Boggy Big pants
    Boggy Big pants 22 hours ago

    Not many houses in the U.K. have got room for a big blow up air bed ....and the price ? the looks of your gaf and the land you must be well minted .....your very lucky ...enjoy

  • Teens United
    Teens United 23 hours ago

    I don't have a good cycle...its just shiiitttt...!!!

  • Ron Cooke
    Ron Cooke 23 hours ago

    Why do you need the crap noise in the background good video a good sharp knife will remove the grips

  • Archie Smith 12

    Who’s still watching this in 2019👍🏻

  • Panos Gaitanis

    Is a droper post the same with the seat post

  • Frost_Apple40
    Frost_Apple40 Day ago

    9:18 foreshadowing

  • Neilrou Castro

    Can I have some pedal and disc brakes

  • Chris FPS
    Chris FPS Day ago

    Mini rant: Why do cyclists feel the need to have their headlight on their bike flash? or even their rear light? You don't see motorbikes or cars with fucking flashing headlights, it's annoying and distracting, just get a solid beam light you moron, you look like a christmas tree.

  • Samdaboss Gaming

    I want more Pup’ cam

  • Tower Hill Pitch Officer

    How are you so good 🙈

  • Carl FortniteRoblox

    I dont know why but chain guides look awesome, these box products may be for me.

  • Manuel Funes
    Manuel Funes Day ago

    Where can i buy one?

  • uraniumjoe
    uraniumjoe Day ago

    Preach it, Seth! Docs prescribed medications to me before to treat symptoms of anxiety, depression, sleeplessness... but I ceased all of them shortly after, as they only perturbed me - or had no effect at all. For years, I wanted to get a decent mtb, but never took the plunge. Then, on the 4th of July, my lady told me about an ad she heard of the local bike chain's holiday special. She encouraged me to buy my first real hardtail, the Trek X-caliber. I ride often. And this might sound cliché, but the results are literally life-changing. I remember one time feeling sick, agitated, tired - just overall bleh. But my brother & I had a ride scheduled, and we weren't about to cancel. So, as I pedaled past the trailhead, all the negativity and drudgery melted away. Instantly. Way better for the human body than any drug (with proper safety, of course), and way better for the soul.


    Pan con palta! Un clasico.

  • big bass
    big bass Day ago

    that's nothing now do it on roller blades--

  • Elijah Jamieson

    We all want seths hike hacks

  • Bruce Boles
    Bruce Boles Day ago

    Rode it faster on my hardtail.

  • The- potato-warrior

    It’s called a skate park, not a bike park

  • Jonas' Evil twin

    what go pro is best for a beginner

  • Jonas' Evil twin

    a better bike is dback overdrive 29 1

  • Björn verkaik

    I literly starderd on a pro trail

  • Jonas' Evil twin

    me watching this imagining im not a 12 yr old and i have money to buy a bike

  • Nnif nel
    Nnif nel Day ago

    All your videos are copyright claimed i’m so sorry hope you can get them not copyright claimed

  • symon hang
    symon hang Day ago

    Seth:where the money socks Socks: I'm not telling you Seth: *drowns socks in water* Socks: okay okay I'll tell you

  • Robert Romero
    Robert Romero Day ago

    For the changing hack you can put a blanket in the car doors to make a mini dressing room

  • uz0
    uz0 Day ago

    Had no idea baby needs to be oiled. Hilarious

  • mind yo
    mind yo Day ago

    Like the video but the 1st bike stand not working 4 me. Bike just topples over every time.

  • The Jolly Squad

    Seths crash gave me flashback to a couple weeks ago when I had a very similar high speed crash. Wasn’t so lucky, broke my arm and pelvis. Watching these videos until I can get back on the dirt😄

  • tide macedo alexandrina

    for fitness reasons these bikes are amazing.

  • Vader 74
    Vader 74 Day ago

    You have a 35 mm camera!!

  • symon hang
    symon hang Day ago

    Your thumbnail made me think that mustard gave you craps😂

    EPIC GAME Day ago

    Explain the thumbnail

  • Cycles and Ridels

    Poor drama man getting stuck over a log

  • Cyclo_furious
    Cyclo_furious Day ago

    Chucking stuff in a dry bag and strapping into the Blackburn rack would get around the ‘wet conditions’ issue.

  • Leando videla
    Leando videla Day ago

    Muy buenos tus video hermano

  • Biking with O dog

    i would always use my multi tool for every repair and now i got these tools and actually bought myself how to repair and switch parts now thanks seth

  • ViktorUFO
    ViktorUFO Day ago

    Seth, remember. When you get a baby, you gotta oil bleed it like 2 times a year..

    EPIC GAME Day ago

    4:48 he just got dirty water and start talking about hydration bag

  • bacteria_ UnknowN-ConnectioN

    im trying to play with fps as well

  • ViktorUFO
    ViktorUFO Day ago

    i like how this was uploaded at christmas

  • daniel dillon
    daniel dillon Day ago

    Hoe puns!!! Love it!

  • MyMMC
    MyMMC Day ago

    i love that swingbike.

  • juan salvador amorós lopez


  • XplosiveStoning

    Thanks for this video dude! Really helpful

  • Elijah Jamieson

    6:52 shake it for us Seth

  • Nathan S
    Nathan S Day ago

    Ahhhh had to reminisce of the Tokyo Drift days before the clear cut ...

  • Carl FortniteRoblox

    Can you make a Urban Downhill ”trail”? stairs alot of weird jumps with stairs as landing

  • Justas A
    Justas A Day ago

    wdym the se bike is normal bro

  • Sick Skits
    Sick Skits Day ago

    Get the genus is or mongoose again and modify it to compete on berm peak

  • Toaster O76
    Toaster O76 Day ago

    Hey Seth you should do another the squad video

  • Vizzions Izzmydad

    The music sounds like the a8r comin out your tire