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  • Yamamoto Scissors
    Yamamoto Scissors 4 hours ago

    i have seen better movies with a 100 dollar budget!

  • ollgamira
    ollgamira 4 hours ago

    Does anyone have the link to this orchestral version of Godspeed??

  • Yamamoto Scissors
    Yamamoto Scissors 4 hours ago

    This is one of the worst movies i have ever seen. all is bad - the acting.. the way they talk... the shooting...ALL... this movie is a T movie... ABSDE.. and so on... T... at the most. all actors are talking/acting unnatural... all is off in this movie... i was completely bored from the first second to the last... even the worst B movie with the worst zombies are better than this movie. i felt sorry for the actors at first... but then i realized that they where acting as bad as the movie it self. somebody please burn the original of this movie.. i would feel so sorry for the future people who would see this .... horrible.

  • Noah J. Herrera
    Noah J. Herrera 5 hours ago

    1:49 what a badass.

  • Michele Trevisiol
    Michele Trevisiol 5 hours ago

    ITALIAN RELEASE?????? You've been teasing us for months!

  • alexis flores
    alexis flores 5 hours ago

    The most disgusting horrible sick, mind fucking movie I’ve ever seen I hated it

  • Raghu Seetharaman
    Raghu Seetharaman 5 hours ago

    This is so gangster yo

  • tikab
    tikab 5 hours ago

    seeing this in the theatre was a spectacular experience. i loved every minute!

  • Phil Low
    Phil Low 5 hours ago

    Those were some of the best "What"'s I've ever seen on film

  • J 2forew
    J 2forew 6 hours ago

    Timme looks DAMN sexy in this!

  • M M
    M M 7 hours ago

    Cool movie. HORRIBLE trailer

  • Fox Banry
    Fox Banry 9 hours ago

    Playing everywhere my asshole

  • exo’s Love shot
    exo’s Love shot 9 hours ago

    yeahhh maybe i’ll skip this.

  • Agent N
    Agent N 9 hours ago

    Is this a Sequel to Punch Drunk Love??

  • malco2m
    malco2m 10 hours ago

    you did not play godspeed rn..

  • Tirs
    Tirs 11 hours ago

    I just saw the movie and i found it... oddly beautiful and inspiring... it was really unconfortable too. Just me? ok...

  • Dell615
    Dell615 11 hours ago

    Gay azz movie smh

  • Ekin Özdoğan
    Ekin Özdoğan 13 hours ago

    happens every sumer

  • Patrik
    Patrik 16 hours ago


  • Alever Tree
    Alever Tree 16 hours ago

    I wanna know what he saw bruh 😔 the curiosity

    • Emma Bauer
      Emma Bauer 14 hours ago

      Obviously it wasn't good. 😲

  • IShipBullshit
    IShipBullshit 17 hours ago

    liams so misunderstood, hes always had a heart of gold

  • Guna Rathnam
    Guna Rathnam 17 hours ago

    Abel only got like 2 seconds of screen time in this trailer. What's up with that . I want to see this movie for Abel (Weeknd) alone

  • ISpartaChrisI -
    ISpartaChrisI - 18 hours ago

    Seems like a movie about criminal Jews. But are they not the chosen ones that can do no wrong?

  • Wedstein
    Wedstein 18 hours ago

    I looking this movie after knowing adam sandler is in it... and kinda disappointed this is not adam Sandler we know.

  • Dr D Musicalmasterrecords

    Places a bet, rob schneider: you can do it

  • Fey Yen
    Fey Yen 19 hours ago

    I understand that abortion is a controversial subject, but honestly I find it quite hypocritical for a person to be more upset over the termination of a foetus than the reality of millions upon millions of children (who already exist) living in poverty and abusive situations. Your outrage is misguided if a movie about a woman choosing to get an abortion upsets you more than the pain that these children have to endure every day. If you care about children so much then do something to help the ones that are already here and be a positive influence, otherwise you're just casting stones.

  • Leslie Michelle
    Leslie Michelle 19 hours ago


  • Jassmina Vellucciano

    I’m watching this movie, right now, interesting art film with a vintage backdrop. It’s a great movie.

  • billythedog
    billythedog 21 hour ago

    Just saw an early screening and it's one of the worst movies I've ever seen

  • Lady Vengeance
    Lady Vengeance 22 hours ago

    The rare masterpiece.

  • joeydelrio
    joeydelrio 22 hours ago

    what language are they speaking???anyone have english subs?

  • Samuel Mercier
    Samuel Mercier 22 hours ago


  • Patricc Anglosaxophone

    why do i feel like this movie is a subliminal message of will smiths family, probably the blonde hair

  • William Oliver
    William Oliver 22 hours ago

    Frank MADE this trailer

  • Carlo Lombardo.93
    Carlo Lombardo.93 22 hours ago

    The first draft of the script was written in 2009. In 2012, the Safdie Brothers gave Adam Sandler the screenplay, which he declined. When the movie got financed after the success of Good Time in 2017, the role went to Jonah Hill, then back to Adam Sandler in April 2018. -IMDB Trivia

  • Luke Parker
    Luke Parker 23 hours ago

    It's almost 2020, is anyone else still crying?

  • Oblivion Lord
    Oblivion Lord 23 hours ago


  • Barf Mog
    Barf Mog 23 hours ago

    TENSION. Cant wait!

  • Ryan Pesecky
    Ryan Pesecky 23 hours ago

    Thank god for A24. Real stories, authentic storytellers, keep it coming!

  • JoroJojoro
    JoroJojoro Day ago

    Just watched it today, with Dafoe present to boot! Absolutely amazing film, words cannot describe how strong the mesh created between aesthetics, technical decisions, suspense, and horror is. Otherwordly piece of art. Wish it had commercial distribution in my country, because I desperately want to watch it again and again.

  • Gacha_Honey
    Gacha_Honey Day ago

    I got confused when it said this movie was Thriller related.

    SON GOKU SAN Day ago

    The Weeknd❤️

  • Gurlita85
    Gurlita85 Day ago

    Lmao!!!! 😂🤣

  • Soani Velez
    Soani Velez Day ago

    this movie is going to break me and put me back together in a span of two hours and i cannot wait to see it

  • Soani Velez
    Soani Velez Day ago

    Update: still think about this at least once a day, still cry every time

  • TL Strength & Conditioning

    Cops scamming for free food...some things never change.

  • Mark DeSalvo
    Mark DeSalvo Day ago

    Great trailer!

  • Joseph Smith
    Joseph Smith Day ago

    This looks incredible Wtf does he say to the Jewish guy at the beginning

    • Mostafa Gad
      Mostafa Gad 8 hours ago

      "All right, Larry. You're a jew again. Welcome back."

  • Reko Sanchez
    Reko Sanchez Day ago

    Dang Randall from This is Us aka Sterling Brown is a great actor 👍🏾

  • Reko Sanchez
    Reko Sanchez Day ago

    Dang Randall from This is Us aka Sterling Brown is a great actor 👍🏾

  • Pri Reis
    Pri Reis Day ago

    Esse filme é maravilhoso!!! 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

  • Lynne Baker
    Lynne Baker Day ago

    Looks good, but I just got the info on the screening today! Too late to go.


    i just watched this movie , its sad yet heartwarming , idk how to explain this but i really enjoyed it

  • carmensaify
    carmensaify Day ago

    "Meh" If you want to see a movie about a sloppy mediocre white dude stumbling through a story full of young women ( i get it...Hollywood) who are CONSTANTLY objectified sexually...this is for you! Also its LONG...I lost interest in the meandering plot line & shallow characters like 1/2 through and turned it off.

  • José Jefferson

    this is talent true

  • Dan Stan
    Dan Stan Day ago

    Y'all are missing the point of the movie this is not a movie about black families. This is a movie about fatherhood and parents sacrifice. I want everyone to remember how important a good man or parents that try hard to be in your life. Don't let the media get to you about black and white family this and that good day everyone.

  • Laura Garnham
    Laura Garnham Day ago

    lol, I live in Sweden ... this is so ridiculous...or is it!

  • Maciej Wojcik
    Maciej Wojcik Day ago

    Pojebane xd

  • sergio vela
    sergio vela Day ago

    If my family doesn't tell me I have cancer y'all better believe I'm coming back to haunt them

  • hapi koala
    hapi koala Day ago

    *wot battle in the replies*

    TRACY BROWN Day ago

    oh wow !!! when is this showing

  • Lefteris Tsakiris

    Is this a horror film?

  • Marguerite Green

    Worse movie for 2018

  • Jester in Hyperspace

    Me entering the festival: Yeah, thats a cult, byebye!

  • travel
    travel Day ago

    Should’ve won oscars

  • प्रियदर्शी

    Christopher Plummer is a winner no matter where he goes.

  • Jerry Beauchesne

    Sandler is killing it! I hope the movie promises what I see from the trailer.

  • Anjola
    Anjola Day ago

    I hope mine has English subtiltles

  • Miguel Chamorro

    "THE MENSTRUATION TEA" is a popular practice in Latinomérica. The woman must inadvertently give a man a drink of her menstruation blood. Generally women do it to maintain the fidelity of their partners, or when they feel that man no longer loves them as before and they want to rekindle passion. I thought it was only a pagan practice practiced in countries such as Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Argentina and Paraguay. I was surprised to see that this practice is also done in Europe. Awesome movie by the way. Sorry for my bad english.

  • jmedwick
    jmedwick Day ago

    What the hell is this film about?

    JULIAN SMITH Day ago

    Lakeith slide'n in everywhere.

  • Isaiah
    Isaiah Day ago

    Homework for anyone before they speak ill of Sandler or this film: Go watch "Punch Drunk Love" and "Good Time."

  • sohaybsful
    sohaybsful Day ago

    ""You think one's life belongs to oneself? But that's the difference between the east and the west. In the east, A person's life is part of a whole. Family." This is the only thing that makes the east community an easy community to live in.

  • Jessie
    Jessie Day ago

    Trevante Rhodes's body is insane in this. And what a solid trailer, the song put its over

  • Hellø X
    Hellø X Day ago

    Wtf is THAT

  • StreetPerfomer Channel

    Wtf did I just watch??

  • Denise Franco
    Denise Franco Day ago

    Wasted my time watching this damn weird, uncomfortable movie!! Love the flowers and dresses tho!! That's kinda the only reason why I wanted to watch the movie hahaha!!!🌹🌷🌻🌼🏵️💮🌿🌷🌹🌺💐

  • Ana L
    Ana L Day ago

    Okay I just watched this and oh boy where do I start. It was easily one of the worst movie I have ever seen (and that’s saying a lot). Zero storyline and the person who directed this is probably some kind of perv who wanted to realise a fantasy or something. I don’t have anything against nudity or sex but this was wayyyyy over the top wtf

  • Melanie Boots
    Melanie Boots Day ago

    The color out of space, and this movie. It's a good year for a lovecraft enthusiast!

  • Ned Flanders
    Ned Flanders Day ago

    Googling this movie it comes up as “Drama/Musical”. Can anyone confirm if this is actually a musical?

      LUIGIII Day ago

      music plays a large role in setting the tone of the film

  • Saif Mahmud Ishtiak Shushaan

    This movie is so......disturbing

  • kn_nall
    kn_nall Day ago

    i dont think anyone is ready for this film

  • andy rivera
    andy rivera Day ago

    not a good horror movie i watched it last night

  • ffairlane57
    ffairlane57 Day ago

    All it needs is an appearance from Solomon Dwek.

  • Daniel Deason
    Daniel Deason 2 days ago


  • Tyler Keller
    Tyler Keller 2 days ago

    A24 productions are fucking killing (pun intended) the horror / thriller genre. If this movie is anything close to Hereditary or Midsommer, it will be fantastic

  • CrippleRooster 6
    CrippleRooster 6 2 days ago

    masterpiece my ass. And dont get me started bout that deadass ending

  • Theo Amentas
    Theo Amentas 2 days ago


  • Cool Water
    Cool Water 2 days ago

    Wah? 🤪

  • rodrigo denys
    rodrigo denys 2 days ago

    Is this inspired by the flannan isle lighthouse disappearance?

  • MrSausagess
    MrSausagess 2 days ago

    Unwatchable Pants = Better Name - Pure Pointless Painful Pitiful Plop!!

  • Kelly Harcrow
    Kelly Harcrow 2 days ago

    Another Wicker Man?

  • nasiim warsame
    nasiim warsame 2 days ago

    Now that I watched the movie I can say hands down for the CREEPIEST AND MOST UNCOMFORTABLE MOVIE I HAVE EVER WATCHED my favorite line was "she is giving you hair pies" it is weird but the way he said I was just rolling the floor laughing

  • Patrick Lange
    Patrick Lange 2 days ago

    Finally Adam Sandler movie I want to see!

  • Dyno RX
    Dyno RX 2 days ago

    Who's here after watching ' *the King* '

  • Telecom India
    Telecom India 2 days ago

    This movie is shit but disturbing..

  • Mike Stoklasa
    Mike Stoklasa 2 days ago


  • Zachary White
    Zachary White 2 days ago

    The trailer did not prepare me for the movie. Absolute masterpiece.

  • Tre' Roney
    Tre' Roney 2 days ago

    I love A24 horror but this looks cool to