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  • Poop Lover
    Poop Lover 20 days ago

    hey you should do a video of a draw and see which person wins then they should be on one of your videos

  • Ami
    Ami 20 days ago


  • Julia Kohn
    Julia Kohn 24 days ago

    Hi niki and gabi. Not many people use the discussion feature anymore, but I just wanted to say that your videos are awesome. I love how your styles are so different and niki your new purpley blue hair looks really good. Keep making videos!

  • 23LloydJonesEv
    23LloydJonesEv 26 days ago

    more videos

  • Zhyion E.B
    Zhyion E.B Month ago

    You guys are awesome.

  • hannah banks
    hannah banks Month ago

    love ur videos

  • Janel Taljaard
    Janel Taljaard Month ago

    hey niki and hey gabi im a new subscriber and new fan of you 2 twins

  • Mariah Martinez
    Mariah Martinez Month ago

    Your videos are the best

  • Harley Quinn
    Harley Quinn Month ago

    U guys are awsome persons

  • Offically_Kat
    Offically_Kat Month ago

    Niki Can I have your blue iphone wallpaper . Plz comment cuz I can't find it anywhere

  • RainbowPie Harley quinn

    you guys are the best

    i love you

  • Toop Deals
    Toop Deals Month ago

    niki & gabi <3

  • Angelina Beraru
    Angelina Beraru Month ago

    hi guys you guys really do inspire me and with my slow channel the videos inspire me and I would like it if you can give me tips on how to make a successful channel cause not much people watch any of my videos which I put a lot of my time into and i only have a computer to record with so you now it is no the best and I'm a big fan not to crazy i love watching your videos and i sometimes wonder how they get that many subscriber s or views or likes and all that and i also live in a small town and its about 1 hour to go to the shops so i cant get all my stuff from shopping so yea but if i want a really good shop thing it will take about 4 hours so its not the best for me and i really like you guys you both are really pretty and unique
    I hope you can reply and stuff you guys are the ultimate thing.
    Angie XD

    • Angelina Beraru
      Angelina Beraru Month ago

      BTW can you do like a video with like ten things about you two and like add your favorite season into it or something soo thank you and sorry for all the questions..

  • Isabella Escribano

    Hi Niki and hi Gabi, I love your channel and I am waiting for another give away. I hope I can win this time and please give me a shout out please, also I can not wait any more for another video. I love you girls : ) > - <

  • Jalah Brown
    Jalah Brown Month ago

    i turned on notifications

  • Jay Sierra
    Jay Sierra 2 months ago

    hey niki and gabi im trying to start my youtube channel and singing career youu know what thats like please help me out and make my dream come true by liking subcribing and commenting on my videos. It would mean the world to me. Thank you

  • Rahlyn Green
    Rahlyn Green 2 months ago

    I put on the bell!!

  • Hailey Labryer
    Hailey Labryer 2 months ago

    Gabie please do a moring and nighttime rountine you and nikki should do it together

  • Alice Lafleur
    Alice Lafleur 2 months ago

    Hey girls! I just love SO MUCH your videos. You are so nice and cool! 
    I support you and I subscribed to both of your channel and turned on the 
    notification bell!

    #SELFIE 2 months ago

    Hello I love your videos and I have watched all of your videos from beginning to end!!!!!! Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kim May
    Kim May 2 months ago

    Nikki and Gabi could 1 of you do a cover of mean girls by Rachel crow

  • Ruth Rios
    Ruth Rios 2 months ago

    and this is ruby rios

  • Ruth Rios
    Ruth Rios 2 months ago

    I love you bothe

  • tarp avenue
    tarp avenue 2 months ago

    hi gabi and nikki i love your videos and i know you hve a channel with rcbeauty

  • gabby&tori
    gabby&tori 3 months ago

    Just started a new channel. Please check out and subscribe! Lots of fun videos coming soon. Give us a chance and we won't disappoint :)

  • Andreja Jovanovic
    Andreja Jovanovic 3 months ago


  • Fuzzy cookie16
    Fuzzy cookie16 3 months ago

    what is your merch website

  • BrisVidsBrisVlogs
    BrisVidsBrisVlogs 3 months ago

    And anyone else who is my first 1-50 subscribers I will subscribe to you too.

  • BrisVidsBrisVlogs
    BrisVidsBrisVlogs 3 months ago

    Hi, Niki and Gabi, I am just starting a channel and it would mean alot to me if you subscribed to my channel. I have very awful equipment and my dad says if I make it to 50 subscribers by the end of the year then he'll buy me a better camera and tripod. I know this is a lot to ask but it would mean so much to me.

  • Abigail Suares
    Abigail Suares 3 months ago

    hey guys do you guys have whatsapp i have added you on snapchat... or even if you have fb plss let me knw thanks loves

  • allanahrenee
    allanahrenee 3 months ago

    you guys should release merch

  • Korina Hildebrand
    Korina Hildebrand 3 months ago

    Or a sister tag with alex!!!

  • Korina Hildebrand
    Korina Hildebrand 3 months ago

    you guys should try out Diy slime

  • Korina Hildebrand
    Korina Hildebrand 3 months ago

    Room tour 2017

  • dynamic_ tre
    dynamic_ tre 3 months ago

    Do a video making you can search on Google

  • GG williams
    GG williams 3 months ago

    please collab with me love you guys

  • Star Bright119
    Star Bright119 3 months ago

    Love you xxx

  • tanitacassie charnley
    tanitacassie charnley 3 months ago

    hey niki and gabi could u do another spring break series cause that season 1 was so gd

  • Flower
    Flower 3 months ago

    um... i subscribed and pushed the bell button... hello!🤗

  • talia nash
    talia nash 3 months ago

    i just wont to tell nikki and gabi that i am a twin and im like nikki and my sister is like gabi. and you guys are a huge insperation to me. especually sence i am in 6th grade and even though i can go to any tours or meets or snything like that. you are so cool. love you guys so much.

  • vanessa sparkles4685
    vanessa sparkles4685 3 months ago

    you both have beautiful voicees and you both are amazing pretty no matter what anyone says dont let anyone get you down and i never want you to quit youtube can you do a q and a video soon because i have a question how old are you guys? i have just been wondernig i have never and will never judge you guys on your looks or voices i just want you to know i love you guys so much

  • fairyjaye1
    fairyjaye1 3 months ago

    and i was called fat and someone told the police that my mom wasnt doing anything and i got taken from my mom i was scared it was really bad

  • fairyjaye1
    fairyjaye1 3 months ago

    i love your vidio about when yall got bullied it brought back memories from second and third grade i was bullied so much their was so much drama but now it ok cause i moved they would say i was slow in the race and we were on gravel and i had to get so much stiches cause they would push me down and like all the girls hated me i only had boys to be my friends i was called stich face

  • amelia reed
    amelia reed 3 months ago

    Please do another Back to school give a way

  • sydney freeman
    sydney freeman 3 months ago

    With the update I don't know how to hit the bell. Where is it

  • F N
    F N 3 months ago

    Do a giveaway

  • Danielle Lee
    Danielle Lee 4 months ago

    do a truth or dare challenge that includes niki dying her hair hot pink!

  • kim ngân lương thị


  • Kelis tv
    Kelis tv 4 months ago

    Love you guys one of my favs I'm new to YouTube subscribe to my channel please videos coming soon

  • sharn mattu
    sharn mattu 4 months ago

    niki gabi when is ur college school supplies video coming out

  • tatyanna tejeda
    tatyanna tejeda 4 months ago

    hi pls can i win the give away

  • Sophia Salinas
    Sophia Salinas 4 months ago

    I Love Niki and Gabi!!

  • Ida Jewuła
    Ida Jewuła 4 months ago

    Love you

  • Miss Gabby Marie-John
    Miss Gabby Marie-John 4 months ago

    Can you do an inspirational video! You guys are my role models and I dearly love to hear you guys talk about a controversial topic, so you can motivate us!

  • Miss Gabby Marie-John
    Miss Gabby Marie-John 4 months ago


  • Mac C
    Mac C 4 months ago

    I love you guys!!! <3

  • Emma_Beach Vibes
    Emma_Beach Vibes 4 months ago

    Oh my gosh i am a huge fan and i LOVE you guys!!! <333
    Gabi i love how you have a very pink Ariana Grande look! It's super adorable!! And i love Niki's cool and hot color blends!! <333
    I love you guys soooo much! You guys are soo cool and your both GORGEOUS

  • Reyxo
    Reyxo 5 months ago

    gabi can you and colin do a 'perfect date' ideas vid? ly xx

  • Caitlin.Gymnast
    Caitlin.Gymnast 5 months ago

    please do a 2017 room tour

  • Natasha Elise
    Natasha Elise 5 months ago

    please do a 2017 room tour!! <3

  • Ramona Bertuso
    Ramona Bertuso 5 months ago

    IDEA FOR GRABS: Crayola ***Chalk*** drawing or diys <3 !! It would be a cool idea for your summer videos!

  • Lara Tekin
    Lara Tekin 5 months ago

    Could you make a Celebrities: 80s/90s edition? I'd love to see the stars of the past in your vids!
    Ps. Could you add some more boys to that edition? I especially have a crush on one of them!

  • Tanniah Aquino
    Tanniah Aquino 5 months ago

    why arn't you youtube verified cause you have milions of subs

  • Sam Derrick
    Sam Derrick 5 months ago

    i love this channel they are the reason i started ,my own go follow
    never have i ever lexi and sam

  • Emma Stewart
    Emma Stewart 5 months ago

    Niki and Gabi have AWESOME styles u guys r amazing YouTubers. Like if u think that they should post more vids

  • Kylee Gutierrez
    Kylee Gutierrez 5 months ago

    When you guys did the twin style swap I got confused on wich one was niki and wich was gabi

  • EJ DJ MonoTizim
    EJ DJ MonoTizim 5 months ago

    there is a faker of you saying this was a gaming channel and she was the only owner and user (and uploader) on this channel so im like "prove it" that faker is just a wannabe

  • Emma samek
    Emma samek 5 months ago

    please do a room tour 2017 if you want to see a room tour 2017 to.LOVE YOU GUYS SO SO MUCH

  • sania cruz
    sania cruz 5 months ago

    brah when are you going to do more vids

  • Jumana & Juveria
    Jumana & Juveria 5 months ago

    luv uu gabi

  • Sounantha Volatda
    Sounantha Volatda 5 months ago

    i love you guys

  • Isabel Steckman
    Isabel Steckman 5 months ago

    Please do a room tour video!

  • Mallory Taylor
    Mallory Taylor 6 months ago


  • Joseph Fain
    Joseph Fain 6 months ago

    hi new sub

  • Nellie-May Roberts
    Nellie-May Roberts 6 months ago

    hi love u

  • Rianna Adattel
    Rianna Adattel 6 months ago

    Hi Niki , Hi Gabi,
    u guys are amazing i and love your vids and everyday i check to see if you guys have posted something but you have not .
    so what i am trying to say is that you guys should definitely post a lot more often

  • Shavontae Tv
    Shavontae Tv 6 months ago

    can you guys give me a shout out for my new channel

  • ellie may
    ellie may 6 months ago


  • Danielle Bregoli
    Danielle Bregoli 6 months ago

    please do an updated try on bikini collection! your bodies are amazing and i'm so proud of how confident you guys have become! take the hate and let it motivate <3

  • Lydia Dewar
    Lydia Dewar 6 months ago

    Happy Birthday Niki and Gabi! <3 Love you!

  • K Girl Squad
    K Girl Squad 6 months ago


  • Nyla Davis
    Nyla Davis 6 months ago

    Happy birthday Niki an Gabi!!!!! I hope you have an awesome day!!

  • MajestyMalDIY
    MajestyMalDIY 6 months ago

    happy early birthday niki and gabi

  • Mya Booth
    Mya Booth 6 months ago


  • shanti khan
    shanti khan 6 months ago

    please do an updated swimsuit collection

  • Dgeloul Dgaafarid
    Dgeloul Dgaafarid 6 months ago


  • B Adeline
    B Adeline 7 months ago

    Does anybody know when the first episode is out?

  • Joelle Vanderweijden
    Joelle Vanderweijden 7 months ago

    pleasemake more

  • Joelle Vanderweijden
    Joelle Vanderweijden 7 months ago

    make more please

  • Imogen Moar
    Imogen Moar 7 months ago

    GABI I have a skin on Minecraft that looks like u and I called it GABI 💝❤️💝❤️💝

  • ChloeFloral
    ChloeFloral 7 months ago

    hi any small channels wanna help each other outtttttt niki and gab rule

  • Alexis Taylor
    Alexis Taylor 7 months ago

    Niki, can you please do a room tour 2017?

  • Dgeloul Dgaafarid
    Dgeloul Dgaafarid 7 months ago


  • DIY with Mourisha Singh

    please do a night routine 2017 please !!!!

  • Zoe Marris
    Zoe Marris 7 months ago

    You should do a Scream Queens inspired 'Hell Week' video!

  • Star Wars LOVER!!!!!!!


  • Kewi
    Kewi 8 months ago


  • Robert Little
    Robert Little 8 months ago

    i love your sliem vidoe

  • Kaiya_CC
    Kaiya_CC 8 months ago

    omg niki and gabi hit 5 million are u guys ganna do a giveaway????!!!!!!!????

  • keisha mills
    keisha mills 8 months ago

    I love your channel #awsome

  • Talk Time With Ingrid
    Talk Time With Ingrid 8 months ago

    Hello Niki and Gabi i hope we can be youtube friends i love your videos and i hope we can meet one day and do a youtube video together

  • Speed Racer Rules
    Speed Racer Rules 8 months ago


  • Emily nam
    Emily nam 8 months ago

    Niki and gabi will you do another Coachella video? I love your choices of clothes for your Coachella videos.

  • B3cca3veryday!
    B3cca3veryday! 8 months ago

    I'm new to this channel, how old are you two? Also you guys are really good singers :)

  • Ratan Naik
    Ratan Naik 8 months ago


  • Taylor Mattson
    Taylor Mattson 8 months ago

    shut up Chris shellenberger they are amazing you tubers so back off

  • muna and marwa
    muna and marwa 9 months ago


  • HopeThePope
    HopeThePope 9 months ago

    You should do a room tour 2017!and a morning routine 2017!

  • superpinkheartful
    superpinkheartful 9 months ago

    I love your channel you guys are funny

  • Huiying Lao
    Huiying Lao 9 months ago


  • Nusrat Jahan
    Nusrat Jahan 9 months ago

    I just luv Niki and Gabi so much ..... U Guys r my inspiration .. u guys r just so perfect u guys can sing , can make makeup tutorials , can take so professional selfies nd so on .... i would just totally luv 2 hear u guy 's story about how u guys started YouTube and how u got successful ; tht would help small youtubers ... and plz plz plz do a tutorial in which u guys say ur YouTube story plzzzzzz ....

  • Willow Breze
    Willow Breze 9 months ago

    hello im your BIGGGGGGGGEST fan i absoulty love you guys plz make a vedio of some of your fav chat like if you like someones the make a vedio and tell us whos reply you like both of you are great keep up great work love you guys see you next vedio you make

  • Estée Izaola
    Estée Izaola 9 months ago

    Guys please go subscribe to Sweet Emelynes. She is so close to 100K and deserves a ton more of subscribers.

  • Chris Shellenberger
    Chris Shellenberger 9 months ago

    please choke on each other's farts and die

  • Sahar Khan
    Sahar Khan 9 months ago


  • Alaina and Ava
    Alaina and Ava 9 months ago

    i love you girls you are amazing

  • Ronnie Peterson
    Ronnie Peterson 10 months ago

    In a moment more fun with Niki and Gabi. A New Season of fun, songs and subject every week.

  • Madison Henderson
    Madison Henderson 10 months ago

    Ariana Grande Fans be like: OMG Gabi is totally coping Ariana Grande!!!!
    Me be like: OMG Ariana Grande is totally copying Gabi!!!!

  • Kaiya_CC
    Kaiya_CC 10 months ago

    hi niki and gabi when is ur next vid? I cant wait! hope u see this! ok bye!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Elizabeth Hensley
    Elizabeth Hensley 10 months ago

    love you guys bye

  • Elizabeth Hensley
    Elizabeth Hensley 10 months ago

    bye love you guys you are the best

  • Elizabeth Hensley
    Elizabeth Hensley 10 months ago

    you should do a rue 21 haul video

  • Elizabeth Hensley
    Elizabeth Hensley 10 months ago

    nikki and gabbie you should do a video whith miranda sings

  • Libby's vlogs
    Libby's vlogs 10 months ago

    Hi niki and gabi I am a very big fan of your channels I have watched every single video you have ever mad you guys inspire me every day and you guys are so pretty I love your hair niki and gabi I love that your like different than niki like you love being girly and you like chanel and pink and niki you are different than gabi you like to wear more los clothing but I love you guys so so so very much

  • Natalie Escareno
    Natalie Escareno 10 months ago

    hi Niki and Gabi can u both do a swap box it is were u get things for each other and u can make a video so we can see what u get for each other bye love u both

  • Elaina Rodriguez
    Elaina Rodriguez 10 months ago


  • Elaina Rodriguez
    Elaina Rodriguez 10 months ago

    insporation literally comes from them...LOVE them always and forever ;)

  • eleni milissis
    eleni milissis 10 months ago


  • Lauryn Mccallum
    Lauryn Mccallum 10 months ago

    I love your chanel. Can you guys do a pretty little liars parody plz?

  • Madeleine Stanley
    Madeleine Stanley 10 months ago

    do a 2017 morning routine!!!!!!!!

  • Snapchat Hack
    Snapchat Hack 10 months ago

    You are so gorgeous, please don't ever stop.

  • angle ja
    angle ja 10 months ago


  • Zazie O'Connor
    Zazie O'Connor 11 months ago

    Just 2 unfunny sluts showing their body and desperately trying to be relatable.

    • Zazie O'Connor
      Zazie O'Connor 7 months ago

      When did mention that they made mistakes?

    • Kaiya_CC
      Kaiya_CC 10 months ago


    • Olivia Black
      Olivia Black 10 months ago

      Umm, No There Two Amazing Girls That Do Youtube And And Your Just A Couple Of Mean Old Sluts That Do Hate Comments. They May Make Mistakes But Every One Does

    • KawaiiCat 3
      KawaiiCat 3 10 months ago


  • Rio Bowers
    Rio Bowers 11 months ago

    You gals have inspired me to be myself in public thanks so much I love u guys and I am so much like you guys in every way so thank you. If I meet you I'll freakout anyway I love all your videos and you guys alone make me happy but what you guys post makes me so happy I laugh at all your videos thank you for making me happy through my break up it was so hard losing my boyfriend 👫 💔 but in the end im happy even though I still miss him thank you so so much for getting me through the hard times. 💗💗💗💗💗💗❤❤❤❤❤❤ I would literally die with out you guys

  • Emma DeRosa
    Emma DeRosa 11 months ago

    These beautiful girls are my inspiration in my life!!! You girls have helped me through so much!!! I love you XOXO!!!!

  • Health Please
    Health Please 11 months ago

    hi friend, i liked your channel & subbed..i have channel on home remedies...please give your support & suggestion...thanks

  • Hamda Majid
    Hamda Majid 11 months ago

    most of the things you do my twin sister and me do the same : )

  • G Rod
    G Rod 11 months ago

    i love you guys so much i love watching your videos and vlogs thank you so much

  • Janvi Seetul
    Janvi Seetul 11 months ago

    niki is very COOL

  • valeriya davidenko
    valeriya davidenko 11 months ago

    guys i miss the old niki and gabi.... i used to be there fan when they had only 1 million!!! and i miss you guys so much, like the old videos!!!! i know in life you have to change and stuff but.... um i don't know!!!! just come back!!!! kisses and love you guys so much!!!!

  • Ashtyn Dehoog
    Ashtyn Dehoog 11 months ago

    Please do a DIY Christmas room decor video or something like you ELF spoof video you did last year! (P.S ILYSM and I can't wait for all of your Christmas videos Niki and Gabi!)

  • lena vandenberg
    lena vandenberg 11 months ago

    hi niki and gabi i love u girls u remide me of me and my bestfriends could we do a collab togather

    • Ursid
      Ursid 11 months ago

      why the hell would they do a collab with you

  • Ellie Ransom
    Ellie Ransom Year ago

    Love you so much, you're such an inspiration to my channel!

  • home sommersdorf

    Do a celebrities go on date night

  • Bryana Jones
    Bryana Jones Year ago


  • Savannah Flora
    Savannah Flora Year ago

    Gabi u should make a what's in my channel bag and Niki u schools do what is in my closet

  • Savannah Flora
    Savannah Flora Year ago

    Hey Niki and gabi you should have Alex in more of ur videos I love them

    • PRI
      PRI 11 months ago

      do you mean...galadriel? 😏 loved their bachelor video!!

  • Jordan Joubert
    Jordan Joubert Year ago

    Can't wait for ur Christmas videos!!!!☃❤️😍

  • EllaWileGAMING
    EllaWileGAMING Year ago

    Make another vid plz

  • Stranger Shinoa
    Stranger Shinoa Year ago

    hi Niki hi Gab i loveeeeee you vid's they are so entertaining ! :D

  • tashfia ana
    tashfia ana Year ago


  • tashfia ana
    tashfia ana Year ago


  • Isabella
    Isabella Year ago

    Hi Niki and Gabi I love u guys

  • LifeAsKristi
    LifeAsKristi Year ago

    what website or editing tool do you use for your banners they're always so amazing!!

  • Na Sad _ اوتاكو

    Hello you are beautiful

  • BAJ Productions
    BAJ Productions Year ago

    Hey Nikki and Gabi!! I love yu guys sooooooo much and it would be awesme if you checked my channel out!1 Hnestly my friends and i are alway watchng your videos!!

  • DashaLot
    DashaLot Year ago

    Hello? Niki and Gabi! I live in Russia, so it isn't easy to wright English. Can you say name of your group, plese!!! Thanks!

  • Ashley Reis
    Ashley Reis Year ago

    amazing videos, check up on mine!

  • Cristin Shuhart
    Cristin Shuhart Year ago

    Niki and Gabi please subcribe to my channel because if i don't get at least 100 subscribers before i post anything then i have to pay my friend $1 for every person in that hundred that didn't subscribe.
    here is the link if you want to do me a favor.

  • Kayleigh Jones
    Kayleigh Jones Year ago

    hi Niki and Gabi I was wondering how do you get along so well because me and my brother fight all the time?

  • pig
    pig Year ago

    Celebrities during Halloween

    • Rio Bowers
      Rio Bowers 11 months ago

      What are you talking about

  • Everything Is So Cool

    are they sisters

  • Sydney langdon615

    im a huge fan, in think of dying my hair blue, anyways i just started a youtube channel and i was hoping you could check it out and how did you get so many subscribers.

  • Chloe Mendy
    Chloe Mendy Year ago

    please can you guys make a bachelor series or at least a part 2!

  • Sumaira Rashid
    Sumaira Rashid Year ago

    hi i love u guys so much im really upset that i couldnt meet u guys however can u guys like lots of outfits for going on outdoor trip plese thank yu and please fallow me and insta princess_sumaira12 i love u guys so much!!!

    • Sumaira Rashid
      Sumaira Rashid Year ago

      and it would also be great if u guys came to coventry i love u guys so much

  • Shelley Pharand
    Shelley Pharand Year ago

    hi niki and gabi i wondering if you can please do more haul and Halloween videos it would mean the world to me

  • kervens augustin

    hey Niki and Gabi i am a favorite fan of your channel i whant to meet you guys so badly and i like your videos you guys LOVE YOU

  • Jayden Wwe18
    Jayden Wwe18 Year ago

    I just subed tody

  • NatalieAmy
    NatalieAmy Year ago

    hi niki and gabi would you please do a celebrity version of the Halloween costumes

  • Trinity Henderson

    niki and gabi. are so funny and also have great videos

  • Trianna Singh
    Trianna Singh Year ago

    u guys should visit barbados. sun beaches sand ; ]

  • Alice Bree
    Alice Bree Year ago

    I didn't even know there was a discussion.

  • Kool Diamond
    Kool Diamond Year ago

    Are any of you guys thinking about getting the new iPhone 7 if so what colour and what size

  • XxXArianaXxX
    XxXArianaXxX Year ago

    i love you Niki and Gabi!


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    My name is Maxim. I live in Belarus. And I adapt videos and dub games, cartoons into Russian for Russian speaking people. I have a small recording studio where I localize foreign videos
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    You create a truly interesting and exciting content. I would like to localize your videos for Russian speaking people. I do think, the entire Russian community will love your videos.
    I ask for your work permit to give me the opportunity to show your interesting content to people who don't speak English. This is a remarkably big audience. And this will have a positive impact on your image and your fans.
    There are already some examples of successful collaboration with some highly-rated English-speaking bloggers in Russian YouTube segment.

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    If you agree to accept my offer to adapt and localize your content,
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    Can I use your content to show it to the Russian- speaking community?

    Best Regards,

    • Mythical Me
      Mythical Me 10 months ago


    • AndreaCO
      AndreaCO Year ago

      you comment that on every channel in the world please dont comment that on my channel

  • - -
    - - Year ago

    I love your channel Nikki and Gabi!!!!!!!!

  • Avery Haye
    Avery Haye Year ago

    Can you adopt me I'm 8 and I want Babi to adopt me please and also I'm 8

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