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The Old MeThe Old Me
The Old Me
Month ago
My First LookbookMy First Lookbook
My First Lookbook
4 months ago
I'm a Lucky GuyI'm a Lucky Guy
I'm a Lucky Guy
6 months ago
A Summer Road TripA Summer Road Trip
A Summer Road Trip
6 months ago
my ideal husbandmy ideal husband
my ideal husband
9 months ago
More Gay QuestionsMore Gay Questions
More Gay Questions
10 months ago
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Comments • 200

  • Christopher Stuckart
    Christopher Stuckart 3 months ago

    can you make a video to give advice to everyone who is currently in the process of questioning their sexuality

  • ava wolff
    ava wolff 3 months ago

    so are you also from minnesota like teresa

  • Madison Fillioe
    Madison Fillioe 3 months ago

    Hey so I was just wondering if you have evr heard of an author named Kyle Prue??? He wrote "The Sparks, The Flames, and The Ashes(soon to be out)" He is an amazing author and I just thought that you might like his books if you haven't read them ya

  • Flight Of Spice Blog
    Flight Of Spice Blog 3 months ago

    Absolutely amazing video

  • Review The Cheapest
    Review The Cheapest 4 months ago

    Do you have a twin?

  • Poco1107
    Poco1107 4 months ago

    can you please react to logic's 1-800-273-8255? his performance and message at the VMA's (about mental health, bullying, discrimination) were amazing and something that needs to be shared as much as possible

  • HannaShine
    HannaShine 4 months ago

    helooo first comment in a year

  • Abby Kroopkin
    Abby Kroopkin 5 months ago

    Happy Birthday Connor!

  • love humanity
    love humanity 5 months ago

    I love you xx

  • ilysbtori
    ilysbtori 5 months ago

    wow 7 YEARS! hoping for 7 more ;)

  • Andrew Hawks
    Andrew Hawks 5 months ago

    Connor I would love to collaborate with you for my first TVclip video. You can contact me on Instagram and Twitter @andrewhawks2020 or my email at

  • LpsAster
    LpsAster 6 months ago

    no one ever uses the yt discussion page anymore but hi i just wanted to drop by and say i love connor franta because i do

  • Hunter Griffiths
    Hunter Griffiths 6 months ago

    Were you in Charli XCX' Boys official video? cause i swear i saw you wearing golden angel wings

  • lunax
    lunax 6 months ago


  • kamil wnorowski
    kamil wnorowski 6 months ago

    Connor you're sweet.

  • 庞宇
    庞宇 6 months ago

    and its time to make some crazy crazy video....hahah ur so cute..hahha

  • 庞宇
    庞宇 6 months ago

    Connor,why dont you make a video about your love experience???hihihihihihahaahah:)

  • Proud Nation
    Proud Nation 6 months ago

    Fucking queer.

  • Lilli Berry
    Lilli Berry 6 months ago

    was tanner nice...

  • Jane
    Jane 6 months ago

    Petition for Connor to collab with Conan Gray.

  • Lee Mcgucken
    Lee Mcgucken 6 months ago

    love you so much your my hero

  • NoobGamingRulez
    NoobGamingRulez 7 months ago

    You are my favourite youtuber ever when ever I was sad or just feeling crappy watching you made my day when I was in the closet seeing how happy you were once you came out helped me. You're a huge inspiration to me and a huge help in my life

  • ArcticDreams.101
    ArcticDreams.101 7 months ago

    Conner Franta, do you have any advice for new writers? My best friend and I are thinking about writing and selling a book. We both love writing and drawing, so we think this is a good idea. If you have any advice for us on our adventure before our eyes please inform us, we would love to hear it. Thank you!

  • Elmira L
    Elmira L 7 months ago

    AMAZING NEWS German lawmakers will decide Friday whether to legalize same-sex marriage.

  • Debbie B
    Debbie B 8 months ago

    used to love him. used to be my favourite person ever. now.. clickbait.. boring.. boring clickbait..

  • Crystal Read
    Crystal Read 8 months ago

    I'm gay/pan/bi (idk which - how to pick?), 13 years old, Catholic, at a Catholic school, don't know my parent'grandparents' thoughts on LGBT, and (obviously) in the closet. I've thought about mentioning #PrideMonth... but I keep forgetting and don't know when a good time would be to bring it up. I'm not sure when I should come out, or how, or even how to decide whether I'm pan, bi or gay! (I'm a girl if you were wondering...)

  • BRUHganza
    BRUHganza 8 months ago


  • AL Match Attax
    AL Match Attax 8 months ago

    Do u like football and i saw u on the news this morning good morning Britan

  • Kinah Faulk
    Kinah Faulk 8 months ago

    you hasn't been making vids lately...where you at???

    • DinoJess
      DinoJess 8 months ago

      He's been on tour.

  • Kinah Faulk
    Kinah Faulk 8 months ago

    you hasn't been making vids lately...where you at???

  • Adam K
    Adam K 9 months ago

    Hi Connor, i think i watched a video three weeks ago called " Note to self official trailer " (or something like that) on your youtube channel . Did you delete it ? by the way, you make a beautiful videos

  • David Alcala
    David Alcala 9 months ago


  • SavannahSteel
    SavannahSteel 9 months ago

    Ugh Connor you're the cutest human I've ever met <3

  • Tyee Beckham
    Tyee Beckham 9 months ago

    Hoi mate how are you?

  • Vincent Alexander
    Vincent Alexander 9 months ago

    Hi, Connor have you ever been to New Zealand ??

  • Gabriela Cohen
    Gabriela Cohen 9 months ago

    Connor when are you coming to Philly?

  • Susan Smith
    Susan Smith 10 months ago

    is he gay?

  • Grace Zhang
    Grace Zhang 10 months ago

    Hey Connor could we do a reacting to old youtube video pleeeeeeeeaaase~

  • alex berry
    alex berry 10 months ago

    how or where did you get your intro

  • Alex Shaffer
    Alex Shaffer 10 months ago

    Please give us a new house tour

  • Marisa Pratt
    Marisa Pratt 10 months ago

    Hi Connor I know you do a lot of volunteer work. I was hoping you are your lovely subscibers could help me give back to some communities in need. I am planning a trip to Uganda that is gonna help kids get an education. Please help me by donating anything you can to either my go fund me or to my personal email.

  • Dynamic Diane
    Dynamic Diane 10 months ago

    Hey Connor, Just read your memoir and laughed all the way through it. It is now my favourite book. I found it very inspiring as an artist myself just starting out on a new path on my journey. I do keep hitting barriers as I too struggle with bad self esteem and depression, but still continue to push forward. I found I could relate to almost every chapter in your book even with such an age gap. I just started university at the young of 40, basically starting life over, AGAIN... and all I want to do is write. I just had to message you and let you know how much your book touched me and helped me to keep pushing forward. I look forward to reading more of your written works. I will be attempting my first TVclip vlog for an assignment on mental health in my Social Justice class. Many blessings, D

  • kate
    kate 10 months ago

    so you know how you make albums of "undiscovered musicians"? if you're up to a larger project, a book of undiscovered poets/authors of short pieces of writing would be so cool. maybe you could even take submissions from us to see how you've inspired/influenced our writing. i know that a lot of people, including myself, are fans of you because of your writing so i think that'd be a pretty neat project, as well as a way to help out small authors.

  • Penguin Fancy
    Penguin Fancy 10 months ago

    Oh my God! Your zodiac sign is the Virgo xD

  • The Artistic Loomer Person

    Hi my friend really likes your videos and wants to meet you but she doesnt know if she can can you help me with you and her getting to meet

  • 13horselover131
    13horselover131 11 months ago

    Hey Connor I saw your new video where you try chocolate and donuts, and you mentioned that you were vegetarian. I am vegetarian as well, and I just wanted to let you know that most marshmallows are not vegetarian. They contain gelatin, which is a collagen derived from various body parts of animals. It is also found in yogurts and candy. Hope you have an excellent day!! 💕

  • Victoria Bowers
    Victoria Bowers 11 months ago

    To connor do u look at this if so Hi!!!

  • C K
    C K 11 months ago


  • and- wizzle
    and- wizzle Year ago


  • and- wizzle
    and- wizzle Year ago

    go to sams wedding tho

  • Riley Vitamvas
    Riley Vitamvas Year ago

    Connor I have some close friends that tease me for liking michael jackson , and they say bad things that are not true about him . I dont want to hurt them but I want them to leave me alone . What do I do ?

  • Marilou De Grauwe

    Heey Connor! My best friend is ur biggest fan and tomorrow's his birthday! Maybe if you have spare time, could you say happy birthday to him in your next video? His name is Robbe, I know it's a lot to ask but it would really make him the happiest person in the world!!

  • Silver Fox Studios

    Hey... um.. I'm not sure if i'm a lesbian or not... how can I figure it out for sure..?

  • Chris Jonasson
    Chris Jonasson Year ago

    Dear Connor!Please don't refer to yourself as a fuck boy, remember the origin of the word and stop using it. I sincerely hope you were never serial raped, abused or treated as a sex toy play thing against your will by other inmates. Hell I wish you were never incarcerated or sexually abused at all!Sincerely yoursChris

  • tbhsolee
    tbhsolee Year ago

    I been blessed by you

  • Adrei Cavatica
    Adrei Cavatica Year ago

    Connor, we will always wait for your new great videos...

  • Reagan
    Reagan Year ago

    3 things. 1. You are amazing and so inspiring! 2. You should come to Carmel Indiana (Carmel high school!!!) 3. I can't wait for the book! I've been struggling the past year too and have found writing is a great way to get through that so I can't wait to read it!

  • CuSa
    CuSa Year ago

    What's connor's snapchat?

  • Leah Rodriguez
    Leah Rodriguez Year ago

    connor pleasedo a video with lizaaaaa

  • Lucky Charms
    Lucky Charms Year ago


  • Ava Chase
    Ava Chase Year ago


  • Lauryn Lol
    Lauryn Lol Year ago

    Connor what do you use to edit sorry stupid question but realy

  • Bianca Gayoso
    Bianca Gayoso Year ago

    hey con, you should do a new apartment tour :)

  • Instagram Hack
    Instagram Hack Year ago

    I liked your instagram videos, keep up the good work!

  • Idunn Regine
    Idunn Regine Year ago


    SUPER GUY Year ago

    ya and also some ronnar vids and some skits

    SUPER GUY Year ago

    please a colab with lilly singh aka superwomen.i enjoy your colabs with her

  • Sierra Wann
    Sierra Wann Year ago

    hey con, thank you for always being amazing i always look forward to your videos on Mondays they make the day little bit easier! i love you con da bon , have a amazing day angel!!<3

  • Kendra Crotteau
    Kendra Crotteau Year ago

    First time ever commenting on your channel. You are one of Gods blessings to this world. You should try to do skits. ❤

  • Robert Gouge
    Robert Gouge Year ago

    you should make funny skits like you used to.

  • Caitlin Russella

    please please PLEASE come to Australia, and come to Brisbane, and give me a free ticket and one for a friend !!!!! please!

  • Grace Ryan
    Grace Ryan Year ago

    i'd love to see an updated vlog(?) about MN! Or the differences you've experienced between CA and MN :) possibly which you like best or what has changed since you last visited!

  • Luis A.
    Luis A. Year ago


  • Jacob Freeman
    Jacob Freeman Year ago

    please do a new colab with oakley

  • Why Me
    Why Me Year ago

    Omg wtf I just had possibly one of the weirdest dreams EVER! It was where Connor was doing a vlog to the grocery store or a Walgreens or something and bought a bright yellow ratio. Then, he went to a local park in a BANANA SUIT AND STARTED DANCING TO THE RATIO............*sigh* Gotta love the joys of imagination kids!! Love you Connor!

  • Audrey Popo
    Audrey Popo Year ago

    Only flamers like you are victims of homophobia, get over yourself and stop fucking talking about how bloody gay you are... I've never got any homophobia cause I dont need to flame it all the time, fag.... Your the reason homophobia exists in the first place if you queers would stop acting like that and be NORMAL... gays CAN be NORMAL!!

  • Samantha Sem
    Samantha Sem Year ago

    Hey Connor, is it possible that you can get your music on to vinyl?

  • Gerardo Valtierra

    JESUS CHRIST died for our sins, He was buried, and rose again the third day!!

  • Andrew Hall
    Andrew Hall Year ago

    Connor, have you ever had a stalker, and if so, what happened?

  • Shannon Hug
    Shannon Hug Year ago

    I am so sorry Connor.

  • Brianna McGuire
    Brianna McGuire Year ago

    connor I have a HUGGGGGGGGGGE question. Since I'm a girl, I feel the need to know why guys like butts and boobs. Like seriously whenever I run in gym they just stare at you and ur junk. why? Do they like our butts?

    • Ariyah Celeste
      Ariyah Celeste Year ago

      did you ever get un answer if so what was the answer I want to know please tell me please

  • JustLolly
    JustLolly Year ago

    Hey Connor i need to talk to you about some stuff (Sexuality Related) please if you see the message say something in my discussion page Like so he sees

  • Seegal Galguntijak

    Where are the puppies?!?

  • Nathan C
    Nathan C Year ago

    What happened to the old Connor that collabed with people not just a q and a or a little skit

  • Renn G
    Renn G Year ago

    CONNOORRR COLAB W/ Ben J. Pierce!!

  • Gabriele Poltronieri

    Connor, can u please make another gay QeA, it was soon interesting. I hope that for christmas i will get your book.

  • 江欣慧
    江欣慧 Year ago

    Hi this is sophy says thank you for your help and I have given you good:D

  • tonix
    tonix Year ago

    Hey Connor do you have any advice on breaking into graphic design (especially any recommendations for good cs6 tutorials :P) as a beginner? I see all these amazing graphics but when I open my software I just feel kinda lost most of the time. ^_^; If you read this, thank ya, hope you have some advice idk.

  • Ubai Roslan
    Ubai Roslan Year ago


  • Sam Cosman
    Sam Cosman Year ago

    Hi Connor! My name is Samantha and I look up to you so much! You helped me through out tough times in my life and made me have a positive outlook on everything. I just want to thank you for making videos and sharing your life with others. I love you

    • Ariyah Celeste
      Ariyah Celeste Year ago

      Sam Cosman same he helps so much and I love him and his videos so so much and he has such a beautiful calm soothing voice he's such an angel

  • Linh N
    Linh N Year ago


  • Tairica Brown
    Tairica Brown Year ago

    I'm deaf. Happy Birthday.

  • SharonBernath
    SharonBernath Year ago

    Happy Birthday Connor!! I hope you have a wonderful day & a wonderful year? 😊👍😃🎂

  • Braelyn Thomas
    Braelyn Thomas Year ago



    Happy birthday connor for tomorrow i love you sooo much :) i hope u have an amazing day and honestly you are amazing

  • slightly agitated napkin

    connor you should react to melaine martnez song lyrics, i think you woud really like her!

  • Penny Lovingston

    Hi Connor

  • Black Cystal Drake

    ? ocward

    • Black Cystal Drake
      Black Cystal Drake Year ago

      If you see a video or piture that's spelled like incorrectly that it's my phone correcting problem k I'll change what ever the freak your talking about

    • Ariyah Celeste
      Ariyah Celeste Year ago

      awkward not ocward sorry I had to you spelt that wrong I just had to correct you I know that being spell checked is annoying but I just had to

  • Angela Santillan


  • Angela Santillan


    • Joe Binder
      Joe Binder Year ago

      only if you notice me - and my daily vog ;) #BritishVlogger

  • Angela Santillan


  • Angela Santillan


  • Angela Santillan

    IF YOU CRY I CRY....

  • Angela Santillan


  • Angela Santillan

    I LOVE YOU...

  • Molly Ivey
    Molly Ivey Year ago

    Connor you should do the roast your self challenge nigahiga called out every youtuber so you need to do this!

  • Karli Bugg
    Karli Bugg Year ago

    Hey Connor, I watch pretty much all of your videos and just to let you know I voted for you for TCA 2016 <3 u Connor

  • H11
    H11 Year ago

    It's 7:40pm here in Brazil and Connor didn't post anything... Con are you okay? Are you alive? Should I call the police?

    • H11
      H11 Year ago

      +Karli Shockley lol I was desperate and started stalking him at July 4th. He said on Twitter the he wasn't going to post a video because he was enjoying the day with friends.

    • Karli Bugg
      Karli Bugg Year ago

      I am really wondering if his last video was true, I wonder if he stopped making vids cause he ran out of ideas

  • Kai To
    Kai To Year ago

    Connor? Plz? Can U make a Hair Tips vid? Coz your hair is soooooooo fab, Aand a lots of us is hair noob Plz? Pretty Plz?

  • Charlie Heart
    Charlie Heart Year ago

    So you have inspired me so much. I'm not lgbt, but you inspired me to come out to my mom as a self harmer. After watching your videos I finally told me mom about my self harm. And now I'm getting help for it. One night I was watching your videos, thinking about self harming. And I didn't cause of you.

  • James Gratrix
    James Gratrix Year ago

    did i miss the news about common Culture? i swear he said something is happening about common culture on insta on friday

  • Ette Rom
    Ette Rom Year ago

    hey bro :D hey evryone here !! i have started a new life .... with a new me ....a new dreams ....anew heart..... without darkness i wanna be happy free and full of hope wwanna help ppl and i want ppl to help ... ur soohelpfull CONNORFRANTA thnk u a lottt :D

  • deve herbes
    deve herbes Year ago

    connor plzzzzzz colab with superwoman ..aka lilly again ... plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz..btw ..helllooooooooo m frm india

  • Jaime Mistwood
    Jaime Mistwood Year ago

    he is so cute!

  • Alo Zarate
    Alo Zarate Year ago

    I love you Connor!! You inspire me so much and I thank you!!!

  • Vaishnavi Singh
    Vaishnavi Singh Year ago

    Connor please start a vlog. Seeing you once a week is not enough. Life is better with you u in it everyday.


    HELLO!!!! How are you? :)

    • unsober lover
      unsober lover Year ago

      Im good. IDK if you were asking me but thank you

  • Electric Purple
    Electric Purple Year ago


  • Discovery Girl
    Discovery Girl Year ago

    Хелоу, прикольное видео от нас подписка и лайк)) Надеемся на взаимность будем рады интересным людям

  • Phil Clelland
    Phil Clelland Year ago

    Connor DIE YOUR HAIR

  • Whyte Roqs
    Whyte Roqs Year ago

    Hey Connor, you're going to explore the Philippines when you get here, right? Tell me you're not just going to the Fanfest and leave without seeing the country. You have to at least see Boracay or Palawan or the Mayon Volcano - it's a perfect cone, why wouldn't you want to see it???

    • Holly Scheepers
      Holly Scheepers Year ago

      He might want to see it but he has a very busy life and might not have enough time to do it. Connor loves exploring new countries and travelling but its very time consuming and Connor has a lot on his plate right now, managing 2 companies and having a really big social status, it is very busy having a job like his.

  • Dyl Pickles
    Dyl Pickles Year ago

    Hi +ConnorFranta I just wanted to say that you are the coolest and most awesome TVclipr ever. Thank you for inspiring me to make videos on YT.

  • Doctor Who In Minecraft

    Connor do you want to Skype

  • Simon Poulenc
    Simon Poulenc Year ago

    HI Connor, just tried your latest upload only to learn that it had been removed, any explanation ?, it would be most welcome. kindest regards simon.

  • Emma Mulligan
    Emma Mulligan Year ago

    thatcherjoe pointlessblog and zoella collabs please

    • Joe Binder
      Joe Binder Year ago

      Definitely. Also a collab with Joe Binder (emerging British Vlogger) is also a must ;)

  • Gabrielle Antille

    I love you so much Connor. You are such an inspiration

  • princessvia
    princessvia Year ago

    When you literally love some one who is 10 years older than you and doesn't even date your gender, because me too.

  • Alexis Kamat
    Alexis Kamat Year ago


  • Hart Studios
    Hart Studios Year ago

    you should have an episode dedicated to your fan's artwork

  • itsprozane Hoy
    itsprozane Hoy Year ago

    plz help me not be afraid help me go into the light out of the shadows thanks :) xxx plz plz plz call me

  • itsprozane Hoy
    itsprozane Hoy Year ago

    im gay and want to talk to u i aam 14 tomorrow and im in 9th grade and i havent talled anyone im gay i keep pushing it awaybut it comes back and it scares me .i dont date girls or boys and i feel so isolated and i dont sleep at night i just stay up depressed.i look in mirrors and i cant say it my mouth was in away glued together heres my skype plz help me . zane.hoy mu pic is a colurfull wolf plz plz call me help me or at least try it would mean the world to me.thanks zayn xxx im so sick of worrying about my hair looks and what i say so plz help me.thanks xxx

  • D Bhagyashree
    D Bhagyashree Year ago

    U look so good , i have a crush on you????? that's super creepy

  • Mlj Productions
    Mlj Productions Year ago


  • Shanaye Young
    Shanaye Young Year ago

    what camera do you use!!?

  • Anonymous Poet
    Anonymous Poet Year ago

    Hi Connor Franta! I was watching your previous videos and came across one in which you talked to strangers on Omegle. You should do that whenever you have time.

  • maahi tyagi
    maahi tyagi Year ago

    connor , i think you should make a video that includes like a bunch of youtubers and then u all can just BAAAAMMMM !!!

  • Angela Lemmon
    Angela Lemmon Year ago

    Connor you are an amazing human and Ik you probably will nvr read this bc you're FUCKING Connor franta but it's worth it. I adore you in every way your simple pure perfection it's an honor to be in the same world as you!!!! You make me soooooo happy! Love Angela Lemmon from caro michgain!!!

  • Nyachan Pal
    Nyachan Pal Year ago

    Watching your videos from when you first started to now is interesting. Idk if its fame but you seem like you've changed a lot. At first you seemed more natural and real then all of a sudden changed to something your not. I don't know if its discouraging or encouraging comments but there is something about youtube that has striped the old Connor from the Connor now. You should do a serious soul search and see if where you are is where you "truly" want to be. My intentions are not to be discouraging, I feel like i'm being loving and genuine because i'm a fan of yours. Love Nyachan.

  • Samantha Wood
    Samantha Wood Year ago


  • YellowJello
    YellowJello Year ago

    Not hating or anything, but does anyone else not like his profile pic right now? It's just natural, because normally he's smiling

  • Tiana Saulus
    Tiana Saulus Year ago

    Hey Connor! Just wanted to say that you are a diamond in the rough (the world) you're AMAZING! :)

  • FunTimeVideos
    FunTimeVideos Year ago

    I love you Connor love you

  • Ashley Decker
    Ashley Decker Year ago

    You are inspirational Conner. Your my favorite you-tuber! You should post more videos!

  • Ashton Wallace
    Ashton Wallace Year ago

    Conner this might sound weird but can you do a video showing us how you edit your youtube videos?

  • Nergeen
    Nergeen Year ago


  • Amber K
    Amber K 2 years ago

    Every Friday I'm like I wish it was Monday and then when Monday comes I'm like another frantastic video to start the horrible week I'm about to have I love your vids Connor and btw u look awesome in every video but even better in a beenie

  • xxKattiexx
    xxKattiexx 2 years ago

    he hasn't posted a video in about a month

  • McHanzo 138
    McHanzo 138 2 years ago

    connor can you make another what song lyrics really mean and put some 5sos in it plzzzzzzzz (btw love you & your vids)

  • Rakotomalala Elise
    Rakotomalala Elise 2 years ago

    Your videos make me dream. I can't stop to watch them. You're just awesome!! I dunno if you gonna see my comment, but I just want to tell you that I admire your work! thank you for all this good time I spend when I'm watching your videos! (so sorry for my english, i'm french)

  • Charlotte Tapp
    Charlotte Tapp 2 years ago

    I have read your book its so good hope u make another one

  • CastleIsLife Katic
    CastleIsLife Katic 2 years ago


  • Lucy Wyatt
    Lucy Wyatt 2 years ago

    Connor you are so awesome and cute xx

  • LuvTaylorSwift0830
    LuvTaylorSwift0830 2 years ago

    Way back when... What was that website you used that you could fill out surveys for money? Is it still reliable?

  • Kristen Zianourry
    Kristen Zianourry 2 years ago

    that moment when you realize connor franta is from the midwest more specifically *La Crosse, Minnesota* and you are the *same age as connor franta* and *you lived in la crosse the same time as connor franta* I.e ages 4-8 and the the realization sinks in that you very well could have gone to the *same school as connor franta* and could have *known connor franta in elementary school* because la crosse was not big at all *and then you die*

    • Kiana K
      Kiana K Year ago

      +Kristen Zianourry He's actually from La Crescent, Minnesota, not La Crosse...

  • Namphuong Quach
    Namphuong Quach 2 years ago

    Connor, you NEED to make a video with Troye...

  • heavy blurry
    heavy blurry 2 years ago

    not too much people on this debate :I

  • Caroline Mills
    Caroline Mills 2 years ago you give me some advice? I like this REALLY hot funny kind great singing guy, named Sam, that goes to my school. He knows I like him. What do I do? Do I lie and say that I never liked him or do I just admit that I like him? Plz help!! I am desperate!!! Well...sorta. Love ur videos btw. :)

  • Caroline Mills
    Caroline Mills 2 years ago

    I am trying to do all of my report while watching Connor. #EPICFAIL Don't do this kids. Sadly I don't ave any regrets. xD

  • Anand Chitnis
    Anand Chitnis 2 years ago

    Will you be my valentine?

  • Bashar Zori
    Bashar Zori 2 years ago

    Hey Connor so I had dream last night where you were angry that I asked you out on a date and you tried to shoot me with a shotgun and it really hurt then you got arrested but you managed to escape and become a fugitive and your story was so impacting that there was a video game made out of it...

  • theresa register
    theresa register 2 years ago

    Please Subscribe to me :)

  • PopTart TopPart
    PopTart TopPart 2 years ago

    Thank you for your videos CONNOR! ily

  • Zane TheBoss
    Zane TheBoss 2 years ago

    Thats the best poem ever :D "I'm being sarcastic"

    JUSTIN HOPPE 2 years ago

    Do you know anyone from melrose high school???

  • Raquel Q
    Raquel Q 2 years ago

    Here is a Chinese fangirl !!!! LOVE u so muuuuuccchhhh!!!

  • Kathleen Dugan
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