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  • Trust Jesus
    Trust Jesus 11 minutes ago

    Well, she also needs a more authoritative sounding voice.

  • JohnnyG
    JohnnyG 12 minutes ago

    Click Bait title. The date should be in the title.

  • Bailey Clark
    Bailey Clark 16 minutes ago

    Why did this hit so hard?

  • Bailey Clark
    Bailey Clark 16 minutes ago

    Absolutely amazing the things that can happen in this great nation

  • Trust Jesus
    Trust Jesus 26 minutes ago

    Better safe than...well, you know.

  • LoveAddict69
    LoveAddict69 26 minutes ago

    Anyone else see that meteor last night 9pm Pac. Time.?

  • JustExcalibur
    JustExcalibur 53 minutes ago

    On that day, I was on Catalina Island and I felt it a lot!

  • Flying4kSuper
    Flying4kSuper 55 minutes ago

    That was handled beautifully

    Frank UNDERWOOD 56 minutes ago

    Wow ! Real professionalism. Excellent video, thank you.

  • Definitely not Jeffrey Epstein

    These California controllers are much calmer than Anchorage. FEDEX GO AROUND!

  • Rob Potato
    Rob Potato Hour ago

    Richter scale is incorrect. The magnitude is measured as Moment Magnitude Scale.

  • Trust Jesus
    Trust Jesus Hour ago

    I have some questions for those who may be knowledgeable, because I’m not a pilot or ATC. So, I’m not being critical at all, just curious. Is it typical / necessary for a pilot to repeat Mayday x3 on every call? At what point should he squawk 7700? When he’s showing 7700, does he need to say Mayday x3 again? Also, he asks about which runways are operational at BOS, but doesn’t ask for the longest until later. Anyone want to comment on that? I get it. If I’m a pilot and I hear the words smoke/fire, I wouldn’t be as calm as he is. Excellent job by all!

    • VASAviation -
      VASAviation - 45 minutes ago

      1- MAYDAY should be said three times only at the moment of declaring. Then the word MAYDAY should be said once just after your callsign at least every time you switch a new frequency. 2- 7700 should be set at any time workload permits. It's not mandatory. 3- After squawk 7700, go back to point number 1. 4- First you need to know which runways they are using to prepare and set your navigation. Once you know that, you can go father and ask for the longest runway which will give more margin for braking.

  • charlesmartin82
    charlesmartin82 Hour ago

    A technical note, the Richter scale is not used, it is the Magnitude Moment scale.

  • Андрей Николаев

    Hey man, thanks a lot for this materials. It helps us to make a good NON ROUTINE operations training with young atc’s. Good language skills. Phraseology. Assistance. Yeah, we don’t have something like this here in Russia. Thank you much.

  • kosys
    kosys Hour ago

    I think the tower plays a role in the mess up for not correcting PRIT when he read back clear to land. PRIT also had bad situational awareness, he did pay any attention to the other traffic in the pattern.

  • Daniel Davis
    Daniel Davis 2 hours ago

    Shoutout to the SouthWest, “yeah it was hard to distinguish from that light breeze earlier” 😂😂😂😂

  • Trust Jesus
    Trust Jesus 2 hours ago


  • Trust Jesus
    Trust Jesus 2 hours ago

    I miss Kennedy Steve.

  • LORDOceanus
    LORDOceanus 2 hours ago

    Any landing you can walk away from

  • Trust Jesus
    Trust Jesus 2 hours ago

    Wow, how long was that quake?

    • chris taylor
      chris taylor 36 minutes ago

      Tower (and most/all tall buildings in socal) are built on a roller system. They don't sheer at the base, but will sway back and forth for pretty long periods of time. Like 20 mins+ of small movements still being felt.

  • dabprod
    dabprod 2 hours ago

    Just another good reason I don't fly........EVER.

  • Akshay Ashok
    Akshay Ashok 2 hours ago

    Maybe the natures way of saying Happy ATC day..!!!

  • katie_incredible
    katie_incredible 2 hours ago

    Congrats to the pilot on escaping alive, and I'm so happy to hear the relief in his friend's voice as he realizes his friend is gonna be OK. The airplane and the stuff in it can be replaced, and in the long run is wholly irrelevant.

  • John R
    John R 2 hours ago

    Absolutely amazing. Maggie, wherever your are - great job! Way to go! :-)

  • tie oneon
    tie oneon 2 hours ago

    Proving that the skies tend to be safer than land

  • Chris Bam
    Chris Bam 2 hours ago

    I’m scared because I was thinking about an earthquake and hoping it will never happen, and I saw this vid when I was thinking about it 😬

  • Steve Razenak
    Steve Razenak 2 hours ago

    It's good old uncovered events get covered later on, but I thought it happend today, no date in title is a trick for youtube algorithm I get it but some other way notifying this please, first thing in description then, or a pinned comment.

  • Quinton Wilson
    Quinton Wilson 2 hours ago

    This is a stark difference to the Anchorage PANC video "FEDEX HEAVY GO AROUND" "FEDEX HEAVY GO AROUND" - same magnitude, completely different type of earthquake.

  • Account Inactive
    Account Inactive 2 hours ago

    0:48 we'll be enroute 😋

  • LotusBlossom
    LotusBlossom 2 hours ago

    I call clickbait if you don’t pick the date in the title.

  • Daniel V
    Daniel V 3 hours ago

    It was a 2.6 not 7.1

    • Jaanfo
      Jaanfo Hour ago

      July 5th, 2019. Earthquake was a 7.1 centered near Ridgecrest, CA (about 120 miles NE of LAX)

  • Bernard Goh
    Bernard Goh 3 hours ago

    It wasn't an earthquake, my flight student was landing next door :D

  • Alan Cogan
    Alan Cogan 3 hours ago

    At least the pilot had the decency to crash in an unpopulated area. Choosing to burn to death rather than harm innocent civilians proves what balls that guy had.♥️♥️♥️

  • TheTimeTraveler2025
    TheTimeTraveler2025 3 hours ago

    July 5, 2019

  • Neil
    Neil 3 hours ago

    This occurred July 4th, not today!

  • Neil
    Neil 3 hours ago

    Vasaviation, don't spread fake news or false or latent news.

    • VASAviation -
      VASAviation - 43 minutes ago

      Fake news? Have you seen the date at all? No, you prefer to open your mouth and spread crap against me. Not today, dude.

  • Fries
    Fries 3 hours ago

    I was taxiing in Phoenix when the ground controller asked if anyone was feeling the ground move and said the cab was swaying side to side! We felt it all the way in Arizona!

  • nmpls
    nmpls 3 hours ago

    Couldn't tell it apart from wind. WN660 is the true Californian here.

  • Don Prather
    Don Prather 3 hours ago

    "We don't feel anything, Southwest 660".. I didn't realize piloting for Southwest was so emotionally draining.

  • Raidzor
    Raidzor 3 hours ago

    0:48 It’s “Yeah, I’m feeling it”

  • Joe Spittle
    Joe Spittle 3 hours ago

    I got scared and thought it happened last night or smtg

    • Neil
      Neil 3 hours ago

      I know, he didn't mention this occurred in July. Not today.

  • afh7689
    afh7689 4 hours ago

    Very surprised the pilots would land and not want to hold for a few minutes for an inspection.

  • HighBrow Customs
    HighBrow Customs 4 hours ago

    Damn. I can imagine how the controllers would feel during the earthquake! Quite the risk they’re working through.

  • Hyperspeed1313
    Hyperspeed1313 4 hours ago

    Earthquakes aren’t rated using the Richter scale despite the continued attachment to the term. 7.1 is most likely the moment magnitude of the earthquake, though USGS guidelines are to just say “magnitude” without stating the scale.

    • VASAviation -
      VASAviation - 3 hours ago


    • Bondman007
      Bondman007 3 hours ago

      Hyperspeed1313 true, with a 7.1 richter scale the tower wouldnt be standing anymore!

  • jakey2_0
    jakey2_0 4 hours ago

    I felt this and also wrote the transcript for this

  • JustaGthing
    JustaGthing 4 hours ago

    I see some confusion in the comments so let me clear it up... This video is from July 5th of this year (07/05/19) referencing the 7.1 earthquake that hit Ridgecrest, there was also a 3.5 earthquake shortly after midnight last night on 10/20/19 in Compton. VASAviation just had funny timing with this video, again this video NOT referencing last nights smaller quake.

  • EL Gee
    EL Gee 4 hours ago

    When was this? 7.1 ??

    • Derek
      Derek 4 hours ago

      July 4th 2019 was the pre shock (6.4), July 5th was the main quake (7.1)

  • Matthias Andersson
    Matthias Andersson 4 hours ago

    Is it this one? 3,5 Magnitude, not 7,1...

  • Riverling
    Riverling 4 hours ago

    I remember feeling this

  • Comment 200
    Comment 200 4 hours ago

    To put this in perspective, the 1989 Loma Prieta quake shut down San Fran., Oakland, San Jose and numerous regional, municipal airports for a while. It initiated the rebuild / reinforcement of older towers in California.

    • HauntedShadowsLegacy
      HauntedShadowsLegacy 2 hours ago

      Refresh my memory cuz I wasn't even alive at the time, but was that the quake where there was a baseball game going on and the stands were evacuated onto the field?

  • Bees
    Bees 4 hours ago

    Does anyone know what date this took place on?

    • Bees
      Bees 4 hours ago


    • AsHalt
      AsHalt 4 hours ago

      see start of video

    • kin0025
      kin0025 4 hours ago

      Video says 05 July 2019 at the start

  • Jonathan F
    Jonathan F 4 hours ago

    I was surprised that they were still landing traffic during the quake and before a runway inspection had taken place.

    • forgottenfamily
      forgottenfamily Hour ago

      @J. P. Fagerback I think that's probably the bigger factor - LAX has to withstand 3.X earthquakes fairly frequently so they've probably got concrete rated for handling moderate earthquakes and have done more comprehensive assessments of safe procedures from a earthquake.. Anchorage does not get them that frequently so its procedures are probably towards maximum caution.

    • First name Last name
      First name Last name Hour ago

      Yes Jonathan, it's strange and I was surprised too. For some reason, there are always some folks that would act here as if it was obvious for them, when they actually have no clue of what they are talking about.

    • Nardur12321
      Nardur12321 2 hours ago

      @Chris Schack most cenrtainly.. my point was that craking runways being "hollywood wives tales" is absolute nonsense.

    • J. P. Fagerback
      J. P. Fagerback 2 hours ago

      I was really surprised that they continued landing operations during the quake. It was a totally different reaction from the quake in Alaska recently where all inbound flights went around. The controller was even very frantic to get the freight one which was just about to land to go around. LAX might be so used to quakes that they’re blasé about them.

    • Billy Sugger
      Billy Sugger 3 hours ago

      If it were me, I’d be going around unless the runway had been inspected. That 777 was the crash test dummy!

  • Windowssonic
    Windowssonic 4 hours ago

    So, did he end up getting certified??

  • AaronShenghao
    AaronShenghao 4 hours ago

    Someone call the Rock

  • Catboi 747
    Catboi 747 4 hours ago

    Bro i remember that earthquake! I live in northern california But i was visiting family in southern california for 4th of july... we were all playing apples to apples when everything started shaking so we all ran outside and i could see the powerlines outside of the house shaking! Its stop like 10 seconds later But it was very scary because i has never felt that big of an earthquake ever...

    • LoveAddict69
      LoveAddict69 25 minutes ago

      Pools in my town over 400 miles away were rolling.

    • lvsluggo007
      lvsluggo007 2 hours ago

      I live in Las Vegas, and had just gotten home from a trip to San Diego. Was sitting at my computer checking email and all the sudden I felt like I was on a ship in heavy seas. First earthquake I'd felt in Las Vegas in quite some time. After hearing what a massive one it was it was no wonder we felt it in Las Vegas..

      JAMES FARIA 3 hours ago

      Catboi 747 I live in Washington just north of Everett which is a bit north of Seattle. There was ~5 magnitude earthquake like a week after the Cali one, but I slept through it. There was also a big one in anchorage, AL this year.

  • MarkieMAN64
    MarkieMAN64 4 hours ago

    That's miraculous!

  • phapnui
    phapnui 5 hours ago

    Is the Big One coming?

  • Larry Easton
    Larry Easton 5 hours ago

    So is this real time?

  • Mikosch2
    Mikosch2 5 hours ago

    That moment when VASAviation brings you a video you expected from Suspicious Observers. :)

  • simon wilson
    simon wilson 5 hours ago

    So sad to listen to does anyone know if she's ok 💔

  • Steven Shillinger
    Steven Shillinger 5 hours ago

    Thank you VASAvaition for another great production. Much appreciated and good day.

  • Andi Irdiansyah
    Andi Irdiansyah 5 hours ago

    Happy atc international day

  • Raven
    Raven 5 hours ago

    just a fyi for those who arent from Southern California, those in the LA Area (such as myself), and LAX airport, the shaking was equivalent to an aftershock or small earthquake for us, as the earthquake occurred near Ridgecrest, CA and was centered about 120 miles away from Los Angeles/LAX

  • Ahmad Samadzai
    Ahmad Samadzai 5 hours ago

    I was in LA and thought I was having a major hangover from drinking too much the night before. lol

  • Sayed Arham Abbas Rizvi

    Comments counter says 1 I see 4 Yeah TVclip is broke.... And by the way those controllers do an amazing job they were like can't leave the building for just an earthquake. Gotta save the planes first!

  • smf333
    smf333 5 hours ago

    Nothing worse than a little bit of wind!

  • Jack Soderlund
    Jack Soderlund 5 hours ago

    my father diead on that southwest flight... RIP DAD

    • Jack Soderlund
      Jack Soderlund Hour ago

      just to confirm, my father didn't really die on that flight. he had a heart attack on the aeroplane and was rushed to the hospital but died shortly after...

    • Epitomes
      Epitomes 2 hours ago

      Regardless of truth or not, why would anyone post that on any online forum or media post? For attention, likes and prayers.

    • shocellist
      shocellist 4 hours ago

      Lance Pena it’s also possible that his dad had a medical emergency on swa660, I don’t think the airlines release information about non-accident-related deaths.

    • Lance Pena
      Lance Pena 4 hours ago

      Cycling Cycles yeah just looked that up. Im not really sure if hes doing it for likes or his dad really died so many years ago. Or maybe he was one of the injured people then died from something.

    • Epitomes
      Epitomes 4 hours ago

      @Cycling Cycles just someone looking for attention

  • Pilot404
    Pilot404 5 hours ago

    Hey vasaviation!!

  • Bruv Bruv
    Bruv Bruv 5 hours ago

    lol I was shook when the earthquake hit

  • James Stone
    James Stone 5 hours ago

    Busy busy busy. Great job ATC.

  • Stell Tame
    Stell Tame 5 hours ago

    My 14 year old daughter went for her first flight last month at Royal Aeroclub Jandacot, and I thought about you the whole time. xxx

  • Jason Stich
    Jason Stich 6 hours ago

    "Skywest 3567, you are cleared to crash into the mountain if you would like."

  • carl witt
    carl witt 6 hours ago

    The way these strangers come together to make sure everyone is ok and their needs are looked after. Gives me a little hope for the future of our country.

  • Moritz Roh
    Moritz Roh 7 hours ago


  • Eternity Perplexed
    Eternity Perplexed 8 hours ago

    He’s right that was a bad Texas accent 😂😂😂

  • albert3801
    albert3801 10 hours ago

    Let the Delta Girls at the back know. Hmmm...

  • tectorama
    tectorama 11 hours ago

    So sad, condolences to the families who have lost loved ones.

  • Mark Fox
    Mark Fox 11 hours ago


  • Terry Bruce
    Terry Bruce 12 hours ago

    We get these Arabs over here and they don't grasp the training and cant communicate properly....lucky this idiot did not hit an airliner.

  • stewartplays
    stewartplays 13 hours ago

    Can you just imagine if he hit that plane and then hundreds of grieving family members would have to be told that Han Solo killed their loved ones?

  • Gilson Leite Siqueira Junior

    1:25 what my mom says when I feel like a failure

  • Gilson Leite Siqueira Junior

    The ATC being so kind made my eyes water.

  • Joe Doe
    Joe Doe 15 hours ago

    I would like to know why the aircraft ended up balled up and burning? Did he snag power lines or did he have to dodge cars and trucks. I would have expected a better flare out and set down so that even the aircraft was not so badly destroyed . Unless there was reasons for the total destruction of the aircraft I wonder if he had proper skills to be flying at all. A engine failure does not cause a plane to drop like a rock and crash but lack of ability to pilot will even with a good engine.

  • missourispartan
    missourispartan 15 hours ago

    Someone lost their license............

  • Jay Brooks
    Jay Brooks 16 hours ago

    Well.. low fuel was definitely not the issue.. wonder what it was

  • Bill Seidel
    Bill Seidel 16 hours ago

    Aussies keep their cool again 🇦🇺 👍

  • Michael Reed X
    Michael Reed X 16 hours ago

    Delta was on 4r southwest was on 31c controller gave clearance for 31c to take off, the Numbers are painted on the runway and on lighted signs they used to navigate to the runway. The delta pilot was clearly not paying attention.

  • 12345fowler
    12345fowler 16 hours ago

    Good call from the Cub to ask altitude from the Cessna coming in. Two planes overflying the same spot without coordo is a recipe for disaster

  • tauqeer manj
    tauqeer manj 16 hours ago

    This aircraft is still on my Itinerary.

  • Rata 4U
    Rata 4U 16 hours ago

    IMAGINE A BOEING MCAS FAILURE. That will happen one day unless they do the right thing and scrap those planes.

  • Rata 4U
    Rata 4U 16 hours ago

    Legend has it they are still looking to ditch in the sea.

  • Jonathan Schwab
    Jonathan Schwab 17 hours ago

    Thanks. Very interesting as usual.

  • Donald Nolan
    Donald Nolan 18 hours ago

    Remember when cassette tapes were used in 📻? Remember holding play and FF so it sounds like a 🐿 smoking crack? That's what these guys sound like.

  • T Abel
    T Abel 18 hours ago

    Damn this stressed me out just listening

  • Adam Moreira
    Adam Moreira 18 hours ago

    When available...Qantas 7879 either departing from JFK or arriving (19 hours later nonstop) at SYD.

  • Jon Heckendorf
    Jon Heckendorf 19 hours ago

    Possibly, the worse situation for a first flight or two, student pilot. Not sure if this happened to me under the same circumstances, if I'd be so capable. Most likely not, if I remember correctly my first training days. I'd be trying to revive the instructor after stabilizing the plane with respect to airspeed, altitude, and straight and level flight. A tall order when you're not used to handling these things all at the same time. I think, one of the best planes to have this kind of emergency. I have my flying stories but nothing like this. Now, on to part-2.

  • Richard
    Richard 19 hours ago

    If the pilot had indeed Radio problems I guess nothing will happen (?), but what would happen had the pilot got himself on the wrong frequency by mistake? Is that a pilot deviation?

    • VASAviation -
      VASAviation - 19 hours ago

      Affirm. Actually after the investigation they said they had switched to Ground by mistake

  • BoeingDriver737
    BoeingDriver737 20 hours ago

    Is this real world or VATSIM? Hmmmm 🤔

    • BoeingDriver737
      BoeingDriver737 15 hours ago

      VASAviation - i know.. but with all the mistakes from both sides, you would think its VATSIM 🤣

    • VASAviation -
      VASAviation - 19 hours ago

      Real world

  • Kelly S.
    Kelly S. 20 hours ago

    Love this story. I respect them both

  • chris jones
    chris jones 20 hours ago

    Watch the NTSB Video. B17 didn't crash into a building. Some how it got tangled up with a fuel browser, causing an engine to become detached during the explosion. That smashed into a hangar, embedding itself in the hangar metal skin.