DepEd Roxas City
DepEd Roxas City
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  • keana Marie Bautista
    keana Marie Bautista 2 months ago

    Miss kuna school ko

  • hans uy
    hans uy 7 months ago

    Prou to be capiznon

  • Jerome Villamor
    Jerome Villamor 7 months ago

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  • Jerome Villamor
    Jerome Villamor 7 months ago

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    • Jerome Villamor
      Jerome Villamor 7 months ago

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  • team danica team alexA
    team danica team alexA 11 months ago

    The best ang south

  • Conrado Reyes
    Conrado Reyes 11 months ago

    I love the school

  • WhiteHoodieGaming


  • Michael Aguilos
    Michael Aguilos Year ago


  • Ma.Lorein Polestico

    wow Ganda nang school

  • alexuwu
    alexuwu Year ago

    Very nature-ish

  • Reyn rose Billones


  • Tony Adonay
    Tony Adonay 2 years ago

    Yes my school is in 1st place