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    DARKTRIGGERINC 27 seconds ago

    Im gonna be honest I never heard of gib until the ksi fight

  • Ethan Pineda
    Ethan Pineda Minute ago

    I haven’t seen canelo with this fools after that Jacobs fight

  • Judge3366
    Judge3366 4 minutes ago

    Next fight Chris cyborg vs the ref

  • Juan Guevara
    Juan Guevara 4 minutes ago

    Buen movimiento para esquivar, pero si no tiras golpes contra golpeando se vuelve aburrido

  • Tapatio Armani
    Tapatio Armani 6 minutes ago

    Does anyone know what kind of beanie was that???

  • cameron t7
    cameron t7 7 minutes ago

    Ok TVclip boxing is not real boxing damm don’t mean they pros ahha

  • Happy Thoughts
    Happy Thoughts 8 minutes ago

    Dana should have re-signed her.

  • Alexander Maliy
    Alexander Maliy 11 minutes ago


  • 206WarEagle
    206WarEagle 11 minutes ago


  • Jonathan Hunter
    Jonathan Hunter 15 minutes ago


  • Steve Sejdiu
    Steve Sejdiu 15 minutes ago

    Hahahahaha man got shook lol 😂

  • Jefferson Magno
    Jefferson Magno 20 minutes ago

    Cris e barril quem eh Amanda perto dela

  • Steve Mcgrath
    Steve Mcgrath 22 minutes ago

    Your boy about moonwalked straight out of ther , hope his work gave him 10 mins to change his pants 😂🤣

  • Ernie Betos
    Ernie Betos 22 minutes ago

    Wow! Savage! I wish Cyborg fought like this Aggressive against Amanda Nunez back in the UFC.

  • Ali Desch
    Ali Desch 22 minutes ago

    Yessss!!!!! I love you, Cris!

  • GeorgeAyodele
    GeorgeAyodele 25 minutes ago

    Budd looks Jacked, 1st time ever I'm seeing Cyborg fighting someone more jacked than her

  • datruth hurts
    datruth hurts 27 minutes ago

    Cyborg loves fighting when she has no fear.it's called being a bully.ran from the Nunez rematch and tried to blame it on d.white.sorry,great human being but that's the truth

  • Ray Stein
    Ray Stein 29 minutes ago

    Transgender beating up a woman's not Fair

  • Daniel Rodriguez
    Daniel Rodriguez 30 minutes ago

    She still cant beat nunes so it don't matter and shes a steroid user

  • GainTrainWompa 1
    GainTrainWompa 1 32 minutes ago

    Imagine making the mistake of making a move on her in a club or bar and then having to defend yourself and not be absolutely destroyed.

  • sven trogrlic
    sven trogrlic 35 minutes ago

    And Cyborg wins in the colors of the LA Lakers....RIP Kobe

  • Hugo Pinheiro
    Hugo Pinheiro 35 minutes ago

    Que mulher sinistra! Mas bastou um sopro do Juiz pra ela cair feito jaca podre. Hahahaha

  • Goku Trolei
    Goku Trolei 36 minutes ago

    Se loko a Cris bate muito!!!

  • Pavan Krishna
    Pavan Krishna 37 minutes ago

    56...55....from the United ...... I'll take this to my grave

  • Liam Thomas
    Liam Thomas 40 minutes ago

    Imagine canelo or GGG pulling up on you

  • MexicanOnGames
    MexicanOnGames 44 minutes ago

    1:58 is the most violent 10 seconds ive ever witnessed in women’s mma

  • MATT
    MATT 46 minutes ago

    This guy wants to be someone he’s not so bad. He’s kind of cringe and his standup is awful

  • Antonio Flores
    Antonio Flores 47 minutes ago

    Danny is a has been

  • Ole
    Ole 48 minutes ago

    why ksi won by 1 point

  • Kevin Cube
    Kevin Cube 49 minutes ago

    Amanda nunes her medicine

  • Jared Harper
    Jared Harper 50 minutes ago

    Add 'decent sound tech' to reasons why UFC is better then Bellator

  • Andy Bailey
    Andy Bailey 50 minutes ago

    That guy 100% just didn't want to lose

  • K1NG_0fTheS0uth-
    K1NG_0fTheS0uth- 52 minutes ago

    Where was this against Nunes? 🤔

  • Andy Bailey
    Andy Bailey 52 minutes ago

    I looked away and heard "Anthony Lionheart!" and got excited for a second

  • Baltimar Contreras
    Baltimar Contreras 52 minutes ago


  • Duvitgor Hambone
    Duvitgor Hambone 55 minutes ago

    The UFC should give us highlights like this But Dana wants to capitalize on every one for as much as possible . What a POS he is Thanks Bellator

  • Andile Lionel
    Andile Lionel 55 minutes ago

    Transgender vs woman, unfair.

  • Christian Kriwoszeja
    Christian Kriwoszeja 55 minutes ago

    De ufc se fue xq la hicieron pedazos ,le pasó lo mismo que al vende humo de askren siempre tuvo rivales malos,no está a la altura

  • Rick Rude
    Rick Rude 56 minutes ago

    wow,she got every belt out there!

  • D27Rugen
    D27Rugen 56 minutes ago

    No more "cardio" problems for Cyborg

  • Duvitgor Hambone
    Duvitgor Hambone 57 minutes ago

    Nice Choke at 9:40

  • D27Rugen
    D27Rugen Hour ago

    They are both quite the specimens....

  • kaiboi zenko
    kaiboi zenko Hour ago


  • Marcio BM
    Marcio BM Hour ago

    The best LEGEND ever in this sport ! Male and famale! 🤜🇧🇷🤜🇧🇷

  • Derrick Hamilton

    HILARIOUS. Dude was truly scared


    Linda luta !

  • Agrat Bat Mahlat

    Do more of these 😂

  • Derrick Hamilton

    This is a GREAT show idea. They keepin it REAL wit dis. Da Philly came outta DSG wen he said U WAS TAWKIN HEAVY ON IG. LOL

  • DH DG
    DH DG Hour ago

    It's going to take more than some anabolics to get past Cyborg.

  • Nardo Umizaki
    Nardo Umizaki Hour ago

    Bellator needs to improve their advertising

  • Daniel Welsch
    Daniel Welsch Hour ago

    She even lost against a man.

  • Koofey McDonald McDonald


  • Jose German
    Jose German Hour ago

    THIS WAS INSANE....LOL needed a laugh especially today RIP KOBE RIP GIGI RIP to the rest in the helicopter gone but never forgotten sincerest condolences!!!!!!!

  • Tom B
    Tom B Hour ago

    Bellator, MMAs retirement home.

  • Kong Yang
    Kong Yang Hour ago

    Tevin fighting Dan Bilzerian 😂😂😂

  • Saad Alaa
    Saad Alaa Hour ago

    When Logan Paul lost Shannon was like let’s hide champ

  • voodotc11
    voodotc11 Hour ago

    Beast mode!!!! Happy for her!

  • BigMacBook1300
    BigMacBook1300 Hour ago

    He threw the fight facts

  • arthur
    arthur Hour ago


  • Ric
    Ric Hour ago

    everything about cyborg says man. Women just dont move like that.

  • Anton
    Anton Hour ago

    Yeah, whats with Beltran?! didn't need to push off like that Dude!

  • drksdofthmoon
    drksdofthmoon Hour ago

    Julia did very well. But Cyborg was just the better athlete and out worked her.

  • Joel flow
    Joel flow Hour ago

    Ex barber ... when he had hair 😂

  • GadNuk_breakerOf_WoRldS

    Bro I got a cousin I need to do this too he’s a Boo Boo Andrade hater for real

  • Joey Rodriguez
    Joey Rodriguez Hour ago

    Sergio pettis caught a body 😦 did that guy survive? Lol

  • Samira Adiva
    Samira Adiva Hour ago

    4:11 😂⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐💖 4:36 susto porra.Juiz fdp.

  • SRBIN_99
    SRBIN_99 Hour ago


  • i.shoot.you
    i.shoot.you Hour ago

    That dude in the purple looks like he's on steroids

  • Andrew Lynch
    Andrew Lynch Hour ago

    Taugh she was in the ufc

  • Psychic Bubblegum Man

    Lets remember Dana wouldn't give cyborg another shot at Amanda cause he knows she had a got chance to win. Plus he sexually harrassed cyborg and destroyed her any way possible. Lets also remember that cyborg has only two losses in her career . Amanda got beat 4 times. I feel she has 5 losses th I because valentina definitely beat her in 2nd fight. Valentina didn't even have a scratch on her. Amanda did tho.

  • Jace Truckin
    Jace Truckin Hour ago

    Definitely back on that juice

  • Sempre que Vc Ler os Comentários eu estarei lá

    Parabéns Cris, pra bater em frangas vc é ótima, agora bater em leoa Como a Amanda vc é terrivelmente fraca!

  • Venge Sinner
    Venge Sinner Hour ago

    Use to be a man. Got it cut off when he was born.

  • Jace Truckin
    Jace Truckin Hour ago

    Back on that juice💪👊

  • Repro Man
    Repro Man Hour ago

    The man is entitled to his opinion, this was overkill.

  • john whitwood
    john whitwood Hour ago

    Mvp's best highlight

  • Mr mc nugget 1.2M views

    Since his title win Ruiz parties like a rock star and drinks Modelo every day trains here and there, gets off couch and almost beats the best boxer ever haha imagine if Ruiz trained like Anthony.

  • RiddickHBG
    RiddickHBG 2 hours ago

    This just proves that there is a difference between UFC and Bellator...

  • Johnny Tran
    Johnny Tran 2 hours ago

    This has to if not the most tragic incident in sports history. U made a great point as if all the championships he won he put his life for cant bring him back to life. Rest in paradise Kobe & Gigi♥️

  • Milk Cookies
    Milk Cookies 2 hours ago

    I mean I don't judge Logan Paul, if I was him I would hug KSI too 😂

  • Spencer VanOchten
    Spencer VanOchten 2 hours ago

    this is like watching 2 children arguing in the sandpit

  • Lưu Vũ Duy Anh
    Lưu Vũ Duy Anh 2 hours ago

    Ah another celeb amateur fight

  • caveloc
    caveloc 2 hours ago

    Budd is not one of the greatest of all time.

  • Marilyn Jane
    Marilyn Jane 2 hours ago

    *eita, que luta!!*

  • TheFiddlinRy
    TheFiddlinRy 2 hours ago

    Cyborg is a beast!!! One of her best performances!

  • Spencer VanOchten
    Spencer VanOchten 2 hours ago

    "How come he couldn't stop jay swingler?" because jays whole channel consists of nothing but voluntarily inducing pain on him and his friends, he's not going to be stopped by a few punches

  • justiça cega
    justiça cega 2 hours ago

    Parabéns Cris lutou bem abessa

  • Giovani Morales
    Giovani Morales 2 hours ago

    Paul sisters y’all trash 🗑

  • Jesse Araujo
    Jesse Araujo 2 hours ago

    Parabéns meu amigo Oss!! Ela tá melhor q os homens kk

  • assaultrifleomen
    assaultrifleomen 2 hours ago

    did the ref ko her lol

  • Альберт Гал

    Еееее 👊👊👍👋🇧🇷

  • Lil Ziggy
    Lil Ziggy 2 hours ago

    Those were some brutal kicks! Made sense when they said he was an excellent kick boxer.

  • Spencer VanOchten
    Spencer VanOchten 2 hours ago

    "if jake beats gib, then I will fight jake" well, I think we all know what that means

  • A.F M
    A.F M 2 hours ago

    King of Uppercut

  • el chona el chona
    el chona el chona 2 hours ago

    😭😭😭 que pesar

  • Luckylarry911 silverstein

    This pico kid looks like he took steroids or test while he was growing up.

  • Memerizon
    Memerizon 2 hours ago

    Kobe went nyoom in that helicopter

  • e brown
    e brown 2 hours ago

    Bellator is where fighters careers go to die.

  • syberboss
    syberboss 2 hours ago

    gib all day

  • Brandon Giordano
    Brandon Giordano 2 hours ago

    The only pretty thing about AJ's fight was his shorts. Man literally looks like he's got 0 skillz until the fight gets to the mat