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GET TO KNOW | Devin Haney
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HIGHLIGHTS | Bellator 226
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Bellator 226 Pre-lims
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TALK THE WALK | Ryan Bader
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Bellator 226 Weigh-In
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  • tudno Scott
    tudno Scott 28 seconds ago

    When it's UK v USA and they say England and forget Wales Scotland and Northern Ireland

  • Nicholas Y
    Nicholas Y 38 seconds ago

    Devin young, talented & hungry. I rate you kid, but beware the aging tiger Loma, he still has his agility, his ability & his bite!!! I've been critical of Loma in past but he's no mug; and not to betaken lightly at any stage!

  • MYST MrVortex
    MYST MrVortex 55 seconds ago

    If I wear KSI i would get klitscho on my side to shut Shanon Briggs up

  • SolutionExpert
    SolutionExpert 2 minutes ago

    Who's let's goo champ

  • Jay New
    Jay New 2 minutes ago

    Haney vs Ryan Garcia trilogy would be epic throughout their careers

  • Xander Wilson
    Xander Wilson 3 minutes ago

    Anyone find the guy who says champ dead annoying??

  • Some Guy
    Some Guy 3 minutes ago

    No one : Not a single soul : Shannon Briggs : YEAH! YEAH! LETS GO CHAMP! YEAH!

  • Big Boy
    Big Boy 3 minutes ago

    Jj has no dick

  • Michael JR
    Michael JR 5 minutes ago

    I think overall that was fucking embarrassing, it’s absolutely mocking the sport you got Logan saying playground shit like you have herpes & then KSI using the death of Logan’s dog as trash talk, can you imagine pro boxers lie fury and Joshua chatting this shit, bringing parents and family into it, seen better trash talk on playgrounds

  • S N C
    S N C 6 minutes ago

    76% to 24% 😂

  • The_Real_Sugar Ray_Robinson

    Last guy Munguia fought needs a rematch... idk why it wasn’t this fight but it’s gotta happen

  • SolutionExpert
    SolutionExpert 7 minutes ago

    20:40 when your trying your best to make Logan Paul happy

  • Tony Edwards
    Tony Edwards 9 minutes ago

    Dude beat a Welter weight wow fight some one lol

  • jay z
    jay z 9 minutes ago

    Ryan is scared.. a true champion will fight anyone when it’s time to go!! 💯

  • Jason Gillow
    Jason Gillow 10 minutes ago

    I would have liked to see Ryan García fight, and I’m disapponted I couldn’t see him fight this guy Duno. Duno is the real deal, there is a reason García wants more money, because even if García somehow wins García is gonna take a lot of punishment. I hope golden boy and de la Hoya can get García to take that Duno fight. Would love to see that.

  • rhiann
    rhiann 10 minutes ago

    i HATE logan end of

  • Darrell Towles
    Darrell Towles 10 minutes ago

    That whole card was undefeated young vs short old no names. I knew who was gonna win every mismatch before it even started.

  • Sarah Hatcher
    Sarah Hatcher 11 minutes ago

    Canelo the goat.

  • DragShotKing 777
    DragShotKing 777 12 minutes ago

    Mungia, BIG difference with Eric Morales in the corner. Get ready Charlo, LoL!

    CELTIC WARRIOR 12 minutes ago


  • Antonio Diaz
    Antonio Diaz 12 minutes ago

    The commentators for DAZN should be replaced, they are horrible!

  • 千ㄩ几Ꮆㄩㄚ156
    千ㄩ几Ꮆㄩㄚ156 12 minutes ago

    That girl with the pink sign SMH

  • Jason Gillow
    Jason Gillow 13 minutes ago

    I don’t have a problem with the undercards really, I always wish they were a little better but at least the undercards are somewhat entertaining. The main events are just a straight injustice to the fans. Terrible

  • Tony Edwards
    Tony Edwards 14 minutes ago

    This is the guy Ryan supposed to fight Ryan will kill this guy

  • fuck you
    fuck you 14 minutes ago

    This dude would literally get fucked by lomachenko.

  • SolutionExpert
    SolutionExpert 14 minutes ago

    15:02 wild bitch appeared

  • armada2390
    armada2390 14 minutes ago

    Bitbay is hungry as f**k

  • chris the doc
    chris the doc 15 minutes ago

    this press conference is as bored as the fight between this two guys... go back to making youtube videos guys please!!

  • FirstPeterr
    FirstPeterr 15 minutes ago

    Can I just go and put a beating on both of them? Who would enjoy punching both of these clowns? I give them three rounds at best and the rest of the rounds will be hugs and love taps.

  • Stock
    Stock 15 minutes ago

    Logan Paul you do not represent USA

  • Boo Ya
    Boo Ya 16 minutes ago

    this dude is all hype... ANOTHER fraud mayweather in the making.!!

  • Jason Gillow
    Jason Gillow 17 minutes ago

    Another garbage DAZN card. So upset. After screwing over Dennis hogan, they give Jaime Munguia a guy that’s half his size and quits after a few rounds. Just so sad the fans can’t get any good fights now a days.

  • Louis Robinson
    Louis Robinson 18 minutes ago

    why did jake paul blow smoke in ksi face shut up go make ur kissing videos u inbred

  • Daniel Retamal
    Daniel Retamal 19 minutes ago

    11:00. He ate all that shit

  • Juan Estrada
    Juan Estrada 19 minutes ago

    No-machenko is busy.. fighting punching bags....

  • Ritchër Büghrich
    Ritchër Büghrich 19 minutes ago

    Puro Tijuas de la Baja Califas .....

  • Bring ItON
    Bring ItON 20 minutes ago

    They are gonna have this kid spent before he becomes a man exciting yes but can you imagine what a guy like jrock would do to him. I mean the way he gets hit julian's gonna make a potato out of him

  • Marle Allirap
    Marle Allirap 20 minutes ago

    bcos ur amercan

  • Maxwell clark
    Maxwell clark 20 minutes ago

    You can only stream from the DAZN app in America so how are the English meant to watch it ?

  • sunflower
    sunflower 21 minute ago

    Respect to those american KSI fans

  • Arbron Mexhuani
    Arbron Mexhuani 21 minute ago

    Remember when logan got the best in UK

  • Spud2Astro
    Spud2Astro 21 minute ago

    Why the fuck won't Shannan Briggs shut up

  • Richard Hutinson
    Richard Hutinson 22 minutes ago

    Why is Billy Joe Saunders (BJS) is on the undercard to these clown? BJS 28 professional fight with 13 KO'S, handful ameutur fight. He has WBO Super Middleweight belt and evcanted the WBO Middleweight belt. BJS been a fighter all his life. He should be his own main event.

  • Вадим Борода
    Вадим Борода 22 minutes ago

    Not bad. But hu is this guys ? )))

  • Cameron Frazer
    Cameron Frazer 22 minutes ago

    I’m gonna jump Natalie

  • The Lucketts
    The Lucketts 23 minutes ago

    To know Briggs fought someone like Klitschko I’m actually embarrassing

    RASCAL HD 25 minutes ago

    someone needs to kill shannon briggs

  • Sulaiman Sulaiman
    Sulaiman Sulaiman 25 minutes ago

    Nate diaz vs masvidal

  • Hector Valencia
    Hector Valencia 26 minutes ago

    I was there Mexican crowd was crazy 🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽

  • Bradley Basterfield
    Bradley Basterfield 27 minutes ago

    Viddal Riley... If you don't punch up that fat, useless, waking talking shit box Shannon Briggs then you best stay over there and not come home 😂

  • Sheryaar Khan
    Sheryaar Khan 28 minutes ago

    Literally its mexico vs england in the comment section lmao

  • Will Bish
    Will Bish 29 minutes ago

    Why was Jake smoking a fucking Cuban what a gimp

  • Mohammad Abushamala
    Mohammad Abushamala 29 minutes ago

    babatunde fighting again

  • Israel Quintero
    Israel Quintero 29 minutes ago

    jaime mungia bad ass

  • Felix Ortega
    Felix Ortega 29 minutes ago

    easy money

  • DrPepperJunior
    DrPepperJunior 29 minutes ago

    Its NoMasChenko senor and you will be saying no mas.

  • Nene Romeo
    Nene Romeo 29 minutes ago

    Shut up!!! Ur full of bs!! You and canelo are a disgrace to Mexico 🇲🇽

  • Nickie Ovien
    Nickie Ovien 29 minutes ago

    Logan is been a hypocrite he was talking about his family and now when JJ is doing that and now he is angry.

  • unknown nwonknu
    unknown nwonknu 30 minutes ago

    Put a chump in front of a good fighter and thats what you get you look indestructable

  • Moyo Alao
    Moyo Alao 31 minute ago

    Cringe af yo 🤧

  • leonardo deang
    leonardo deang 31 minute ago

    I see deney another mayweather monicker

  • Mare
    Mare 31 minute ago

    He glussed me!!

  • Regie Nicole
    Regie Nicole 31 minute ago


  • Lakshya Singh
    Lakshya Singh 31 minute ago

    Trash talk logan win

    JRL CHARTS 32 minutes ago

    This is why Boxing numbers continue to go down as Jaime Munguia vs. Patrick Allotey was a total set up fight! The replays alone show that the man was barely touched and yet he goes down multiple times? ...Once again, Boxing fans are looked at by promoters as morons for buying into this shit.

  • Salvador moreno
    Salvador moreno 32 minutes ago

    Pacheco would clown on Ryan Garcia

  • Daniel Campbell
    Daniel Campbell 32 minutes ago

    Shannon Briggs acting like he's class when the only good fighters he fought were Lennox Lewis Vitali klitschko and gear get Foreman bear in mind George Foreman was 40 + in age your clout is back with your hair Shannon your last 5 fights were journeymen great 2 time heavyweight champion

  • Wilson Eusebio777
    Wilson Eusebio777 33 minutes ago

    Canelo had ti face GGG now and stop excuses because GGG had all belts and faced Canelo with no belts. Has been unfair for GGG, he won easy first figth, second was closer but also unfair agaisnt GGG!!

  • The tax Collector
    The tax Collector 33 minutes ago

    Munguia fights like someone possessed,very vicious!

  • MBG
    MBG 33 minutes ago

    Todo bien pero ese fondo de música bien horrible.all good but that horrible music background.

  • Crusader Godfrey
    Crusader Godfrey 33 minutes ago

    Logan’s a cunt

  • George Feldkamp
    George Feldkamp 34 minutes ago

    Just watched UFC fight night and then I watched Tyson Fury go through an absolute fuckin war. And now I'm watching this cringe. Why? Idk bruh idk

  • Eden Harrison
    Eden Harrison 34 minutes ago

    Dereck is spittin truth, and Joseph Parker, my fellow Kiwiman, should be main fucking event, keep at em Dereck!

  • Arma Lol
    Arma Lol 34 minutes ago

    lmfao mentally ill fighters and crowd

  • MTSL
    MTSL 35 minutes ago

    Can’t wait to see the TVclip undercards fight this time Oh wait 😭

  • KimDonk-un
    KimDonk-un 35 minutes ago

    that beard wont save you now pussy boi

  • Khari Conception
    Khari Conception 37 minutes ago

    Loma my guy, but I’m ready to see him fight either Mikey, Tank, or Haney.

  • Wilson Eusebio777
    Wilson Eusebio777 38 minutes ago

    Munguia should face Arislandy Lara or someone Skilled as Spence and Charlos etc...

  • Alphabets T
    Alphabets T 38 minutes ago

    12:16 why did you take a knee? Because I was paid to lose...

  • Charly Navarro
    Charly Navarro 39 minutes ago

    Munguia muy bien y el moreno no trai nada

  • ranks 1975
    ranks 1975 39 minutes ago

    100% You would beat Khabib. You are the best GSP!

  • mohammed shoeb
    mohammed shoeb 39 minutes ago

    All the fighters in the card were better than the challanger patrck allottey ....... Jaime " cherry picker " munguia

  • King Redemption
    King Redemption 39 minutes ago

    "I kNoW lOgAnS gOnNa WiN🤓🤓" quit dick suckin

  • 8deuce1tv
    8deuce1tv 39 minutes ago

    Jaime mungia is a world class fucking bum and hype job with a expansion title at his weight class

  • Luke
    Luke 39 minutes ago

    Shannon Briggs was sooo fuckin annoying like omg stfu

  • iiKev4Lyfe iiKxv4Lyfe
    iiKev4Lyfe iiKxv4Lyfe 40 minutes ago

    If KSI wins, Logan would deserve him not winning because of that suicide thing, don't ask why I'm still mad at that...

  • Jakki Gaming
    Jakki Gaming 40 minutes ago

    Did anyone see jake Paul smoking

  • Ghost Gaming
    Ghost Gaming 42 minutes ago

    Why is jake Paul trying to be some Russian military commander with his cigarette Btw did anyone see the G Fuel those kids were holding

  • Finn Childerley
    Finn Childerley 42 minutes ago

    21:51 XD

  • Viland Gewargis
    Viland Gewargis 43 minutes ago

    Loved how he mentioned his dad and kept it real much respect. Loma would fuck him up right now

  • Maximus Peace
    Maximus Peace 43 minutes ago

    Hope logan gets fucking caved in

  • 8deuce1tv
    8deuce1tv 43 minutes ago

    She a great ref want to see her in more fights anybody know her name ?

  • XbA Assassin
    XbA Assassin 44 minutes ago

    well this shit wasnt cringe as fuck

  • Alphabets T
    Alphabets T 45 minutes ago

    Sad for Delgado, he's a better boxer but took a dive for money.

  • lc0806
    lc0806 45 minutes ago

    This is why i like canelo. Unlike other fighters, he actually takes risk and does not dodge fighters

  • Malcolm Jackson
    Malcolm Jackson 45 minutes ago

    Damn Jamie is a big ass 154 he needs to move to 160 ASAP . Would love to see his work there especially if he’s worked on his defense

  • Aryaman Shukla
    Aryaman Shukla 45 minutes ago

    Ksi should have Said about Logan having holes in his brain

  • Orlando Molina
    Orlando Molina 46 minutes ago

    Those females sucked. SMH. 3 corner stoppages. Smh

  • Viral Station
    Viral Station 46 minutes ago

    Is this guy seriously high or something 40:13

  • Aileen Makridis
    Aileen Makridis 47 minutes ago