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Amazon Purim commercial
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  • Jenny Chuang
    Jenny Chuang 13 minutes ago

    She is beautiful both inside and outside! May the Almighty bless her and protect her. Shalom!

  • Melvin Caramba
    Melvin Caramba 43 minutes ago

    Beloved Hadeel You are great because You choose the Great I AM as your Mosiach. He will protect You and keep You strong. I will always pray for You. Baruch haba beschem Adonai. Todah rabah Yeshua HaMosiach. Yeshua Ben David. HalleluJah. Amen

  • Jhon Hanya antek2 PKI yg melakukan hal itu . Jhon

    👍👍👍💌🌷🌷🌷💌🌹🌹🌹💌🍁🍁🍁💌🌺🌺🌺👏🍀🍀🍀👏🌼🌼🌼Jbu all

  • Phikhe Chinny
    Phikhe Chinny Hour ago

    How can a foreigner serve IDF?

  • Muhammad Umar
    Muhammad Umar Hour ago

    Israil is terrorists

  • Antonio Rodrigues

    Shalom, May Lord Jesus Christ bless you and give you strength to serve in the IDF and to protect the nation of Israel. Bless you and your family.

  • Mohammad S. AbuTaleb

    When I was a muslim I hated Israel the most. Now I'm a Christian I love Israel the most. since then until now I feel it's my home I wonder why?

    • Mohammad S. AbuTaleb
      Mohammad S. AbuTaleb Hour ago

      @Mitch Paul I laid down my soul & heart into God's hands and I trust Jesus by my life. Why should I change that ?

    • Betty K
      Betty K Hour ago

      Your name is deceiving. Perhaps you should change it. It’s like a Jew being called Adolph. Just doesn’t go right.

    • Mitch Paul
      Mitch Paul Hour ago

      @Mohammad S. AbuTaleb nobody lived in Nazareth at the alleged time of Jesus... He was from elsewhere..or nowhere

    • Mohammad S. AbuTaleb
      Mohammad S. AbuTaleb Hour ago

      @Mitch Paul *Neither Do You*

    • Mitch Paul
      Mitch Paul 2 hours ago


  • Youtube Fan
    Youtube Fan 2 hours ago


    • Melvin Caramba
      Melvin Caramba 49 minutes ago

      Haruch haba Bashem Adonai. Adonai Yeshua Hamosiach. Todah rabah Ruach HaKodesh

  • Youtube Fan
    Youtube Fan 2 hours ago


  • raja. joel
    raja. joel 3 hours ago

    God bless you

    • synco pated
      synco pated 3 hours ago

      says a barefoot indian street pooper, terrorizing his own cashmere citizens hahahahh

  • TheLacedaemonian300
    TheLacedaemonian300 3 hours ago

    Hadeel, you make us all proud. You are going to do great things in your life. Keep being who you are.

    • Jenny Chuang
      Jenny Chuang 12 minutes ago

      @synco pated Evil moron!

    • synco pated
      synco pated 3 hours ago

      says a grecian juLicker hahahahh both turks hahahahh

  • Jack Geitz
    Jack Geitz 3 hours ago

    BLESS YOU ! you brave beautiful girl !!! You are WONDERFUL !!! Stay strong !!!!!

    • synco pated
      synco pated 3 hours ago

      She would've been better off joining ISIS. Still beheading infants, but better pay hahahh

  • George Brumfield
    George Brumfield 4 hours ago

    Praise the Lord. You will all soon see God protect and sheppard his people israel for his glory 🇬🇧🇺🇸🇮🇱

  • jason franko
    jason franko 5 hours ago


  • Adrian
    Adrian 5 hours ago

    So saaad . . . God will help the dead sea

  • Tech Android
    Tech Android 12 hours ago

    Big thx to the inventor please make it available around the world in all countries and god bless.

  • Antonio Rodrigues
    Antonio Rodrigues 17 hours ago

    Long live Israel may Lord Jesus bless you and strengthen you.

  • Mouse's SportsCards
    Mouse's SportsCards 21 hour ago

    "3 israeli teens"? Nice try. We humans know they were 3 israeli war criminal settler terrorists who only received justice for their crimes. Leave it to pedophile israeli terrorists to start a war over avenging 3 war criminal terrorist settlers.

  • nakedBison69
    nakedBison69 21 hour ago

    the entire religion of Allah consists of nothing but murder, murder, and more murder

  • King County
    King County 22 hours ago

    Over weed

  • john lee
    john lee 23 hours ago

    shalom to ysrael, am ysrael chay

  • MeWrecks
    MeWrecks 23 hours ago

    Boycott Israel!

  • Will Warden
    Will Warden Day ago

    That’s awesome I’ll be rooting for you I love baseball.

  • Dan Elisha
    Dan Elisha Day ago

    Is that RAS PUTIN?

  • Roberto Perez
    Roberto Perez Day ago

    My prayers for Israel blessings from USA. I love you all ; the blue ball in the sky is the reason to look up! Gentile Christians believe the crucified Savior is returning very soon. Our fallen world is sad but our Hope is coming soon.⭐🇺🇸

  • John Appleyard

    Of course there are more arabs in IDF as never because they are furious of what happening in Arab neighborhoods where Arabs are killed by they own leaders.

  • Gen. Soleimani Forever

    Benjamin went up the hill to hump his goat,

  • Bonabeel Bonabarte

    (Hamas vs idf) Israeli made scenario to keep civilians under firm control

  • qazyman
    qazyman Day ago

    I don't care what anyone says. Baseball is the Greatest Game on Earth!

  • j.m s.
    j.m s. Day ago

    bravo Poland !!!

  • Felipe Martinez

    Jerusalén alistate , prepárate , ciñete de Cilicio ya ponte en luto Porque del Norte viene una nación grande está se levantará contra ti , dispuestos para la guerra. Mejorad tus caminos y tus obras de mentiras, Que dices ; Templo de Jehová , Templo de Jehová es este. Negaron. Jehová y dijeron; El no es , y no vendrá mal sobre nosotros, ni veremos espada no hambre. Por esto que dijeron , a dicho Jehová a este pueblo lo pondré por leña y fuego los consumirá.

  • Mr Clark
    Mr Clark Day ago

    Rubbish show s usual on facts and quality.Guest needed his microphone nearer his mouth but then ehat he had ti say was not true snf your presenteres sre so young - what do they know of anyting at all yet tey agree with everyone. RUBBISH and I AM A FRIEND OF iSRAEL - FREINDS want the best and try and help hence my comment. Get you acts together please.

  • ****
    **** Day ago

    That girl is guilty,she's gonna get let off the hook ?if it happens Russia looks weak,,will Putin have his arm twisted to violate the law of the land ?

  • Robert Torsian

    congratulations, mr. prime minister of Israel

  • Jeff Key
    Jeff Key Day ago

    Cbn news had this book? On A show From Babylonian Talmud

  • Paco from Monaco

    "The brave Russian army" ? Interesting he doesn't mention how Russian soldiers were notorious for harassing innocent people, particularly shouldn't forget, yes Germany might have been run by National Socialists, but that doesn't automatically mean, every single person in it was disliking Jews....especially when you consider the fact that before the Nazis came to power, Jews weren't considered any less "German" than any other German. In fact, being German doesn't mean you cannot be Jewish, they go just as hand in hand as being e.g. British and Jewish....Also, it's weird how he goes "You have to be very accurate with hystorical termonology but he then contradicts himself by saying that the Germans were the evil He makes it sound as if all the people of Germany were a collective entity and every single one of them was a nazi. That's pretty much like saying all Israelis are right wing settlers with machine guns.

  • Yvetteh Cervantes

    I never get the notifications from the news in Spanish. ☹️

  • Howard Goodman

    The Communist Chinese are helping us! Remember, "Communism + Islam + racism + mosquitoes + cockroaches (yes, mosquitoes and cockroaches!) contribute ZERO to civilization, and we KNOW what we DO to mosquitoes and cockroaches!"

  • Suzann Puppies are precious

    Please Israel keep Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu who loves Israel and all the Jewish People. Stay away from Benny Gantz who is more for the Palestinian Arabs.

  • Chaz Gonzalez
    Chaz Gonzalez Day ago

    Thank you


    Superstitious nonsense!

  • Dean Haliday
    Dean Haliday Day ago

    I always listen to you thanks.

  • Eva H
    Eva H Day ago

    Why do people travel overseas with drugs????? And think that it is ok????

  • Christopher Rodriguez

    Broif colbians the things gangstas of the Americas considers hez terrorists.. Columbia alone can deafeat hezbollah

    • Suzann Puppies are precious
      Suzann Puppies are precious Day ago

      I'm sure The Latin Countries will fight against Hizbollah Proxies Organized Terrorists Groups Members. Most Latin Countries don't like other countries Citizen's messing with them and Latin people can be very hot tempered , When it comes to others messing around with their people and Country. I pray the very best for you and your Country. God Bless.

  • Lovecraft
    Lovecraft Day ago

    I read the book. Bergman benefits from many interviews with men who revealed a little more than allowed. However, he gets really opinionated about modern politics, to the point a major shift in tone occurs where he stops doing historic hits and praise and focuses on scandals and criticism of current politicians. Overall: I do recommend.

  • tzipporah batami

    I agree with the survivors who are saying better help a survivor than make fancy conferences. And time for community outreach. Please contact your local rabbi or synagogue or Jewish agency and ask them to create a volunteer program for loval survivors. Its time. In USA more needed than in Israel where this is being done. Its tiresome for people to go on tours of these sites and pay lip service but when their aged survivor neighbor lives without any dignity its better to contact them and ask if they need groceries.

  • Serpico Serpicos


  • alcuda Cuda
    alcuda Cuda Day ago

    Stand with ISRAEL!!!

    • Suzann Puppies are precious
      Suzann Puppies are precious Day ago

      I have always stood by Israel and will always Stand with and By ISRAEL Especially the Innocent Jewish People. Please pray for Israel's Holy Lands Territory's Sovereignty as a Nation, The Salvation Of Israel and Peace for Jerusalem Israel Capitol. Our Living Loving Holy God Jesus Christ Yeshua Bless you And your family always Amen.

  • E. R.
    E. R. Day ago

    How does Bezos' nuts taste?

  • Magic
    Magic 2 days ago

    The guy you have there is not a historian

  • Magic
    Magic 2 days ago

    We don’t talk about Germans because they admitted guilt and sought forgiveness

  • Bradley Gother
    Bradley Gother 2 days ago

    You couldn't even be Jewish enough to get into heaven. Accept Adonai's son Yeshua as the ultimate sacrifice for your sin for he was the perfect sacrifice. The Ruach Hakodesh is here with us now, God in the Spirit.. in his temple, my body & he can be in your life too.

  • Magic
    Magic 2 days ago

    History is accurate like Biology? A curious statement from a historian. Yes history as a discipline aims to be scientific with its methods etc but in reality history as a subject has many problems to jump over before claiming to be as accurate as biology. The first one is that the history is written by the winners. This introduces many fiction and straight out lies into history. Secondly the historian tries to reconstruct the past and this again pushes it away from being a pure science because too many guesses and assumptions have to be made.

  • Magic
    Magic 2 days ago

    What is the meaning of Charles snubbing Pence? Any ideas? I am puzzled.

    • Ji Wiz
      Ji Wiz 7 hours ago

      What I've heard is that Charles and Pence spoke to each other before the event started, so Charles didn't feel it was necessary to greet him again.

  • Rob Greene
    Rob Greene 2 days ago

    Am Yisrael cHai ! There is NO such command in Torah, IF there were you would have included the citation; The nearest equivalent for "rise and kill first" is found in the Book of Judges, Chapter Eight, verse Twenty, but does NOT support the Scriptural assertion made in this video/tv show. BEWARE those who pervert Torah ! cf Deuteronomy Chapter Four verse Two, and Chapter Twelve, verse Thirty Two: ".../...Do NOT add to, or take away from The Word.../..." לא תספו על־הדבר אשׁר אנכי מצוה אתכם ולא תגרעו ממנו לשׁמר את־מצות יהוה אלהיכם אשׁר אנכי מצוה אתכם

  • TheLacedaemonian300

    Ok, now I have a reason to follow the Olympics. Go Israel 2020!!!

  • southpakrules
    southpakrules 2 days ago

    To those of some IQ, please be guided accordingly

  • southpakrules
    southpakrules 2 days ago

    I have actually not one, but 2 MAGIC devices that make water from thin air. And it's pure, clean distilled water. They are called DEHUMIDIFIERS & Air Condition.

  • Freeman
    Freeman 2 days ago

    Israel will wipe of the maps very very soon ...

    • Swej kcuf
      Swej kcuf 3 hours ago

      When was the last time israel won a clear military victory !!

    • Cleric
      Cleric Day ago

      Freeman, go for it and do your best one.. That's our pleasure. ❤️ 🇮🇱

    • Meesam Ali
      Meesam Ali 2 days ago

      We are waiting just start the war

  • Joseph Jonas John Israeli

    Antisemitismus and anti-Israel is a diktator Regimes cultures of Terror attacks jihad against israelites Turkey Rayyap Tayyip Erdogan is a Diktator Regime's against israelites around the World’s also Iran's islamic terror Revolutionary Garden Regime's cultures of Terror attacks jihad Regime's, Supported islamic terror attacks jihad Hamas's terror groups IS-terrorism Regime's, Hezbulla terror tunnels, Palestinian islamic terror attacks jihad Regime's.

  • Dan CN
    Dan CN 2 days ago

    With all the respect, but this Ronen Bergman likes to speak allot. he does more harm then good for the country.

  • Dani Smith
    Dani Smith 2 days ago

    macron Hi'tler ss-45326 naz' anti semite t'e'r'r@r'i's't, he is much more worse than ayat'ollah and Hi'tler and Ad'olf eich'mann ss-45326 and Angela Merkel Hi'tler ss-45326 and go'rin and Sad'dam Hus'sein and Mah'moud Ahma'dinejad and ga'mal Ab'del Nas'ser and Yas'ser Ara'fat and haja'min al Hus'seini and Mah'moud Ab'bas combined.

  • Arnold Davis
    Arnold Davis 2 days ago

    I love that pence got skipped over by the Prince Trump administration is a swamp and yes I'm a republican but I'm a never trumper I have morals

  • Philip Seifer
    Philip Seifer 2 days ago

    Be vigilant my fellow Jews! There is an agenda under way, by the same group that caused WW1 & WW2 for our time today... The countries that had experienced and participated in WW1 & 2, were manipulated by the same monster behind the curtains! The leaders all were manipulated to have their respective people’s kill each other and suffered, for different religious and ideological beliefs. In addition arranging primarily, a Jewish Holocaust. Which is planned again!

  • truth freeze
    truth freeze 2 days ago

    Perhaps this will help with accepting messiah? Jesus?

  • Linda Steckel
    Linda Steckel 2 days ago

    Kol Hakavod and Baruch HaBah to Israel ♥

  • chinogixxer750
    chinogixxer750 2 days ago

    So Russia is basically just a terrorist state that extorts what they want through either kidnapping or arresting people

    • tino v
      tino v Day ago

      Reminds me of pissrael when they kidnapped Vanunu... dakin zionist scum!!

  • David Schalit
    David Schalit 2 days ago

    The guest that claims historical accuracy, claims that the Soviets didn't invade Poland. When in reality, actual historical truth, the Soviets DID invade Poland in cahoots with the Nazis, in line with the Molotov/Ribbentrop pact. Meanwhile, the children acting as co-anchors of this show, just go along with their guests completely inaccurate history. So much for the need for historical accuracy. Apparently, as with the government of Poland, the guest on this show has criteria other than truth that guides his historical narrative.

    ORONA ARCE 2 days ago

    Jesus Christ is king not Israel

    ORONA ARCE 2 days ago

    Israel owns the world

  • Reynaldo Enrique Román Riveros

    Fantastic news reporting, i love ILTV news, excellent and entertaining!!! Am Israel Chai!!!🇮🇱

  • Pastor Daldon Rendal

    Zechariah 13:8 And it shall come to pass, that in all the land, saith the LORD, two parts therein shall be cut off and die; but the third shall be left therein. BE SAVED ISRAEL.. THERE IS ANOTHER HOLOCAUST COMING IN YOUR LAND THIS TIME. ISAIAH 53.. WE LOVE YOU...FROM THE PHILIPPINES...

  • caleba prince
    caleba prince 2 days ago

    Prince charles seem to be too clumsy.

  • X W
    X W 2 days ago

    Polish collaborators didn't attend!

  • X W
    X W 2 days ago

    Polish collaborators didn't attend!

  • Cristobal Pajarero
    Cristobal Pajarero 2 days ago

    God Bless Israel! Shalom Pray for the peace of Jerusalem....

    FOR HUMANITY 2 days ago

    Who will save jews??? 😭😭😭😭

  • Margin Walker
    Margin Walker 2 days ago

    I did this in 1994 but went there and back.

  • elizabeth cope
    elizabeth cope 2 days ago

    I believe in free speech. Funny how others wish to shut that down. Kudus to Ukraine giving tickets to Holocaust victims. Kudus to others that did this😊.

  • Ji Wiz
    Ji Wiz 2 days ago

    The Queen of England is trying to out live her son, because she knows Prince Charles is a pile of dung. Thanks ILTV, keep up the good work and God bless you.

    • Arnold Davis
      Arnold Davis 2 days ago

      No he's great skipping over pence he didn't want to touch the douchebag

  • David Cross
    David Cross 2 days ago

    3:50 "Provoke," It looks like the French Pompus stereotype being predicated by the leftist French president right here, two-face pro-arab idiot. Harry and Prince Charles. The apple doesn't fall far from the leftist tree.

  • 逆境無頼エイジ

    Thank you for featuring "YUZU"!(^-^) I'm happy to be covered Japanese culture by ILTV/Israeli as a Japanese!! God bless Israel and Shalom!🙏

  • David Todd
    David Todd 2 days ago


  • Cody Mcdonald
    Cody Mcdonald 2 days ago

    Didn't get a notification when this broadcast was released..

  • mark sheekey
    mark sheekey 2 days ago

    Macron reminded me of a nazi guard the way he shouted at Jews and ordered them... Didn't anyone notice....

    • A
      A Day ago

      Israel should place the church under Israeli sovereignty. Israel is not the Ottoman empire. It does not have to abide by their agreements.

    • tzipporah batami
      tzipporah batami Day ago

      Macrons shocking 'get out' and outrage that Jews should enter a church is exactly the fiery antisemitism that Frenchmen haf and often still have against Jews and even Jewish citizens. It is just under their veneer.