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  • Andrew Atm
    Andrew Atm 2 hours ago

    Thanks scotty! You’re awesome.

  • George Parmer
    George Parmer 2 hours ago

    You have to change all fluids on time, to keep your warranty!

  • AnneBeltranT
    AnneBeltranT 2 hours ago

    That's why Scotty reminds me of my father... an honest Mechanic!!!

  • atrac88
    atrac88 2 hours ago

    What about a pre-OBD car? I have a '93 Ford Festiva that just failed because of high HC and NO. This car has no EGR Valve. Mechanic says replace Cat ($$$) but that seems to be making the problem (?) Thanks sir!

  • Anwer Khan
    Anwer Khan 2 hours ago

    i used silicone dashboard shine spray and it worked too spray plenty of it and bonus thing is my car smells great since thn

  • George Thomas
    George Thomas 2 hours ago

    Naturally you cleaned all the belt surfaces with brake cleaner before installing the new pump.

  • J F
    J F 2 hours ago

    I do it all myself and have shown my kids how to do it. It’s like my taxes. I don’t trust anyone else to do it. If I run into something I don’t understand I have a friend that is a mechanic and ask him. It also saves me a lot on $$$$👍

  • Pgt DIY
    Pgt DIY 2 hours ago

    People that scam the ignorant should go to jail. It’s theft. Period. Checkout my channel. I’m trying to build my sub count. Thanks!

  • john basedow
    john basedow 2 hours ago

    Scotty greatly exaggerates how cars automatic transmissions just start failing at around 100k. Just not true. I have multiple cars with 200k with zero Transmission issues

  • Kim Jong Il
    Kim Jong Il 2 hours ago

    Scams I've seen working in a garage. "Can you put this oil in my car", Ends up in mechanics car "Can you use this engine flush", end up in mechanics car or bin "Can you change the oil and filter" - Tops up oil. Or changes oil, and cleans filter housing. "Can you change the fuel filter" - Cleans filter housing "Something-something doesn't feel right" - Don't touch car, bill customer for inspection, and quote to fix "Headgasket" - Fixes head gasket, same head bolts. "Got a leak into the car" - Don't look at car, bill for fixing leak I NEVER take my car to a garage for any work. But I'm an ex-mechanic.

  • dskwared2u
    dskwared2u 2 hours ago

    Oklahoma doesn't have inspections anymore. Just try and drive through without hitting a toll road though, we're gonna getcha. Heeheeheehee!

  • Big Mike
    Big Mike 2 hours ago

    Hey Scotty I love the channel . I’m a ford guy but bought a gmc Sonoma 1993 model 4.3 liter for a beater only had 110000 miles on it old lady driven .The gas gage stopped working and I ran it out of gas a few times and it stopped running on me so I thought it was the fuel pump got about brand new doorman I replaced it still does run my buddy said it was the spider injecter I replaced it put a distributor cap and rotor button replaced plugs and wires still doesn’t run I don’t know what else it could be maybe the distributor? Any advise is appreciated thanks.

  • Christopher Hvizdak
    Christopher Hvizdak 2 hours ago

    Hey Scotty. From El Paso, Texas here. When it comes to automotive knowledge I try to stay up to date and not get taken advantage of. I have an arsenal of media i use to make my decisions just like consumer reports. Your channel is one of them. So i hope nothing happens to it cause i like the facts and not the hype. Thanks for your help.

  • edolli Edolli
    edolli Edolli 2 hours ago

    I have always bought batteries in costco, they return your money and with that money you buy another battery, and the warranty is renewed every time, they are not of high quality but the guarantee is, greetings from Mexico. The price of a battery for a Nissan Sentra has an approximate cost of 75USD in Costco Mexico.

  • Roy
    Roy 2 hours ago

    Did you upgrade your camera? It looks better

  • john white
    john white 2 hours ago

    Using the Alternator tester on the code reader would it work correctly or is it a useless feature

  • Black Shark
    Black Shark 2 hours ago

    I know you mentioned that the CVT transmission on the new Toyota hatchbacks are problematical. I have a 2020 Toyota Corolla SE sedan. Should I be worried?? Or are the transmissions in the SE sedans different??

  • Lorenzo Bailey
    Lorenzo Bailey 2 hours ago


  • Charles Cantrell
    Charles Cantrell 2 hours ago

    I Like harbor freight myself but you have to use some common sense

  • singncarpenter
    singncarpenter 2 hours ago

    No lift, doesn't use garage for working on cars. You're one of a kind Scotty.

  • papo862
    papo862 2 hours ago

    never went wrong with my 13$ scan tool lol

  • Happy Customer
    Happy Customer 2 hours ago

    We OBDII scanned Scotty and he threw Morse Code: short, brief but powerful messages.

  • derSpeed
    derSpeed 2 hours ago

    I have to disagree with him regarding the phones. I had become so fed up with Samsung phones, that I bought an iPhone X.

  • Roy
    Roy 2 hours ago

    I learn so much from this channel. And I have learn so much as well. Now I’m educated and I don’t do what ever the shop want me to fix

  • Fogfog Llabres
    Fogfog Llabres 2 hours ago

    Ford fiesta 2011 the worst car for me

  • Happy Customer
    Happy Customer 3 hours ago

    One of your BEST EVER Scotty!!! Your Moderator Techsus will wear this one out! Listen to The Scotty. Do your own DIY maintenance or don't complain about the Thieves out there.

  • BTraine Ztraine
    BTraine Ztraine 3 hours ago

    It's 2019, why can't the car display the error itself on the screen, why do you need this whole scan tool thing?

  • Jonathon Mecklenburg

    FCA may have recalled 100k vehicles but that's better than the 600k brand new Chevys that are being recalled.

    ZIPPER 3 hours ago

    I’ve never used a new washer and I’ve never had any leaks

  • Uche Ogbonna
    Uche Ogbonna 3 hours ago

    I love my 2014 GLK350 MADE IN GERMANY

  • Anthony Grant
    Anthony Grant 3 hours ago

    I have the exception to your rule on old car as a daily driver. 93 ranger 2.3l 4 cylinder manual transmission with 350,000+ miles. only major work done is 2 broken timing belts, 2 worn out water pumps, and 2 completely worn out clutches

  • Scary Hours
    Scary Hours 3 hours ago

    Scotty Please make a video titled " Never take ur car to Sears Auto." I took my g35 there to get spark plugs and they damn near destroyed my engine. Had to spend 300 bucks at aamco to FIX what they did. Freaking terrible.

  • Kyle Holub
    Kyle Holub 3 hours ago

    #1 scam: buying a Volkswagen

  • Guy Walter
    Guy Walter 3 hours ago

    Here in Arizona our emissions tests are done by the state. Yes you need to drive to the state inspection station, and it's surrounded by repair shops that specialize in emission repairs.

  • S Drape
    S Drape 3 hours ago

    Fat kok 😂😂😂 Yeah I guess they do know which Chinese companies to use, Scotty! 😂😂

  • Soccer Fudge
    Soccer Fudge 3 hours ago

    I like watching scotty kilmer all the time, he puts cars fix and funny together ❤ just like Bill Maher politics and funny.

  • banethermo
    banethermo 3 hours ago

    23 dishonest mechanics dislike this video

  • Jack Flash
    Jack Flash 3 hours ago

    Scottys been a bad boy 😂

  • 45 GFX
    45 GFX 3 hours ago


  • Danny D'
    Danny D' 3 hours ago

    85 dollars they to,d me to change the air cabin filter ....55 to change the engine filter and 109'for a tire alimmet after my free oil change at toyota ...I said na I'm good and roled out after my oil change should of seen that guy face ask me if I was ok and if I needed explaining I said ya I'm great thanks for asking and I laughed right in his face....

  • Cycle Michael
    Cycle Michael 3 hours ago

    I always change my oil myself; my Chevrolet Sonic uses a Cartridge-type oil filter with an O-ring that must be seated correctly. However, for preventative maintenance I did take my Sonic to the Junkyard (Chevrolet Dealer😂🤣) for a cooling system flush and I must say, they seemed to have done a pretty good job. My local Junkyard seems honest.🤣🤣 Love the videos, Scotty.😁👍

  • PeanutButter Jelly
    PeanutButter Jelly 3 hours ago

    Wait hold on.... majority of all parts from autozone like that one are rebuilt ones lmfao...

  • Santos Taboada
    Santos Taboada 3 hours ago

    Sorry for the long story guys: I bought a car 2 years back and the stealership told me that I had 3 free oil changes (at the moment thought that was sweet!) I took it at 5k to get the free change and left it there. A couple hours after I received a call to my office from a "manager" stating that my car needed a new "air filter". I played him off asking him what was that, where does it go and why did I needed it. The guy came out with this whole story of how important the air filter is and how hard it is to replace since (according to him) it's so deep in the engine. After his "explanation" I laughed my a** off and asked him if my car was ready. He replied with a short, "yes" and I hanged up. Went back for my car and never been back since!

  • Gay Preator
    Gay Preator 3 hours ago

    Thanks 🧁 going out to find some of those square tires.

  • xdrfox
    xdrfox 3 hours ago

    in the 70's took my Torino in for a oil change, it was freexing cold and a day before I wanted to leave to Xmas trip The car was fine I had been doing the oil changes they STRIPPED the OIL PAN THREAD, wanted to sell me a new pan and labor, I called my wife, we gor the wrecker down the at the dealer and I took it to a parts house bought a self tapping oil plug and put it in while I had the car on the hook, We went on the trip the next day! The self tapper never gave me any trouble,

  • Vicente Hernandez Soto

    Happy Anniversary Scottie, 52 years now 🙌🙌

  • Viktor Sligo
    Viktor Sligo 3 hours ago

    TRUTH right here. Take heed.

  • Raul C
    Raul C 3 hours ago

    Can anyone tell me what if this gooey susbtance around my front end suspension is and is it bad? Was cleaning my brakes and noticed it when i took the tire off.

  • Johnny Petro
    Johnny Petro 3 hours ago

    Scotty, vehicles have screens these days so why don’t they just report the codes on the screen? I guess that makes too much sense.

  • King JamesIX
    King JamesIX 3 hours ago

    I was following my buddy home and we noticed his rear tire was indeed wobbly and we told him about it but that was a legit situation not some stranger tryna scam us we noticed it ourselves.

  • John Howze IV
    John Howze IV 3 hours ago

    My gf mom got her brakes done and now when she stops it sounds funny, she took it to a mechanic and they said she needs new struts for 880$

  • John Thompson
    John Thompson 3 hours ago

    "get it good and tight" (brass threads with a honking 1/2 drive) and no new o-ring, doesn't turn the wheel before you start it to get the air out new dry pump squealing, I only been a wrench 40 years, teach the kids right Scotty !

  • Ian Above
    Ian Above 3 hours ago

    I have a 2006 Kia Rio with a check engine. I can't seem to find the right scan tool to communicate with the car. Keeps giving me the error, unable to communicate with car.

  • Kevin De Smet
    Kevin De Smet 3 hours ago

    Your wheel is falling off scam sounds like something that would happen in South Africa

  • slimj091
    slimj091 3 hours ago

    Or find an honest mechanic that won't scam you for everything you're worth. And when you find him never let go. A good honest mechanic is one of the most rare and important things in this world. Treasure them always.

  • Ben C
    Ben C 3 hours ago

    "Dealers make the majority of their profit fixing the cars that they sell" *shows chevy dealer* Priceless

  • Lao Sisattanad
    Lao Sisattanad 3 hours ago

    Hey scotty. My 2007 Altima Hybrid has 265,755 miles on it. And never been in the shop once for any repair. I do my own minor replacement like brakes and rotors and have battery rebuilt once. This car still runs like new. My friends has 2013 Toyota camery top of the line and his water pump/radiator leaking at 99,000 miles. What can I say.

  • NFL YoungBoy
    NFL YoungBoy 3 hours ago

    💎2007 Nissan Murano 194,000 miles with check engine light code of P0615 and P0868 my suv is still driving very smooth but is the issue fixable?

    • Blake T
      Blake T 2 hours ago

      Try unplug positive on battery for about 40 minutes replug and see if it goes away. PCM Ram and trans fluid pressure ...

  • BC Green
    BC Green 3 hours ago

    I've had somebody try to scam me like that too. At least with the tire thing somebody had flattened my tire while I was in Home Depot and when I came out to the car the tire was flat When a gentleman approached & said hey I can fix that for you for ten bucks. I said no thanks got out my air pump, pump it up. HE look disappointed.

  • oscar santos
    oscar santos 3 hours ago

    Scan tool or scam tool?

  • joe hopes
    joe hopes 3 hours ago

    Guy unplugged the A/C compressor during a inspection assuming I'll be back when the weather got hot in a few weeks. Never went there again.

  • abdallah alhourani
    abdallah alhourani 3 hours ago

    What is the story of the glasses

  • Chuck Barnett
    Chuck Barnett 3 hours ago

    I recently took my car to the dealer for the 90,000 mile service. Before I took it in I plugged in my scan tool and saved screenshots of all the data. When I dropped my car off I made sure to mention to the guy that I scanned my car beforehand and didn't find any codes.

  • Slap Boogz
    Slap Boogz 3 hours ago

    That Will Smith intro was golden!

  • pillowbugg
    pillowbugg 3 hours ago

    I repair all my vehicles myself...cant afford mechanics

  • Almighty God
    Almighty God 3 hours ago

    Dealers sell to stupid people the kitchen sink

  • Damian Manriquez
    Damian Manriquez 3 hours ago

    a mechanic shop here in chicago tried charging me $400 because the truck didnt pass the emissions test telling me it was one sensor and maybe the ignition coil. so i looked up myself a code scanner from autozone and it was 2 sensors which i replaced myself all for $180 because i went to another mechanic to have one of them installed and no problems 6 years later it passes everytime ... crooks i tell ya

  • J&J Customs
    J&J Customs 3 hours ago

    Hey Mr. Scotty, I got a deal on this 2005 Lincoln Navigator (Limited Edition), and one problem that I’ve been noticing is that if I keep it parked somewhere like the garage for a few days, there will be a little green-colored fluid on the ground below where the truck was. When I asked our local mechanic, he just shrugged his shoulder and said it was nothing. What do you think sir? Is this something I need to worry about?

    • J&J Customs
      J&J Customs 2 hours ago

      Frankie 072 , that’s what I was thinking...hmm, do you think that’s a somewhat simple fix that I could possibly do myself?

    • Frankie 072
      Frankie 072 3 hours ago

      If it's a green colored fluid it has an antifreeze leak somewhere

  • 0nes And Zer0s
    0nes And Zer0s 3 hours ago

    Does California not know where power comes from for electric cars? The power plants that have been shutdown that are sparking the fires DUH!!!

  • K Nelson
    K Nelson 3 hours ago

    My 2011 Hyundai Sonata is a four cylinder turbo with GDI and 180k miles. No problems at all.

  • cj reyes
    cj reyes 3 hours ago

    A friend of mine almost got scammed by a safety inspection / auto repair shop. Where I live, we don't have emissions testing. The guy told him that his 1991 Chevy C10 was idling rough due to a small vacuum leak, and fail the inspection if he didn't have them fix it for the low price of $500. Called me up while he was there and advised to go to another shop.

  • trustdre
    trustdre 3 hours ago

    I got to say I got A Blue Driver for my 2004 GMC Yukon XL and I love it. It puts me a head the game. I mean it's not going to give you all 5he answers but it tells you more then I can even understand. It has already helped me from getting ripped off by mechanics. It's crazy how many mechanics have these expensive devices to check what's wrong with the car and don't even know how to use them.

  • James Barela
    James Barela 3 hours ago

    Aww man!!! This video was "suggested" to me, so I thought this was a new video and I was gonna beg Scotty to give me the new head unit. I want one really really badly 😁 but I'm just a poor guy and have a lot of other things that money can go to, so I never really have money to splurge on toys. So I'm super disappointed right now 😔 ohh well...I'll keep saving up my allowance until I can buy one.

  • Roadking911
    Roadking911 3 hours ago

    Thinking about buying a 2020 corvette. Any news about them yet?

  • Jason H
    Jason H 3 hours ago

    CA wants to increase carbon emission standards and we negotiated with BMW and Toyota and agreed. I Don't c how the federal government can stop a state from complying with the law and having an even have a greater standard ofvthe law so the law is actually embraced and they don't like that lol

  • redbuick
    redbuick 3 hours ago

    As of this post, 9 crooked mechanics gave this a thumbs down. Had one guy change my starter, car started making a clanging noise. He said oh motor seems to have a knock.( all of a sudden).i dismissed him.low and behold, shim was turned around hitting the flywheel. Crook.

  • Jesus My Savior
    Jesus My Savior 3 hours ago

    Next time my power steering goes out I will definitely call a mechanic.

  • Абрахам
    Абрахам 3 hours ago

    ever since I got my scan tool I've been doing the maintenance on all my cars

  • Banditt
    Banditt 3 hours ago

    Honda in Winnipeg was doing an oil change on my teenage nieces car. They called her and told her she needed to replace something that would cost $800 and they would keep the old part for her. She said go ahead and when she got there they couldn't find the part they "replaced". I was so furious when I found out about this a year later. I hate car dealerships. They are all scammers.

  • Wayne H
    Wayne H 3 hours ago

    Have 2009 Corolla 1.8 with blown head gasket between cylinders 3 and 4. Can I put a used Japan made engine vs the American made engine it has now?

  • Seven of Nine
    Seven of Nine 3 hours ago

    5 2 Y E A R S

  • Chuck Finley
    Chuck Finley 3 hours ago

    I’ve always wondered... How long Scotty has been a mechanic? Will probably never know!!!!!

  • CoyoteTa81
    CoyoteTa81 3 hours ago

    Man car dealerships are the biggest ripoffs on earth, and the true crime is they are allowed to get away with it. Motorcycle dealerships are way worse. Tried to buy a Kawasaki, over 800 credit score, they offered in house financing, 15%!!!!!!!!!! I laughed my way out the building, calling them thieves over my shoulder as I went. Bought from an individual for half what they wanted.

  • Todd Burgess
    Todd Burgess 3 hours ago

    Jack it down! I've only ever heard one other person say that, a mechanic from Niagara Falls I used to work with. This world is so small sometimes😊

  • Greg Whisenhunt
    Greg Whisenhunt 3 hours ago

    Hey Scotty, just curious... why wouldn't you replace the pressure switch with a new one? You have it right there, wouldn't it be better to have a new one?

    GLOCK ISAAC 3 hours ago

    i have a 2014 Tundra i beat the hell out of it so far not 1 problem!

  • ShellShock794
    ShellShock794 3 hours ago

    The only thing I've had to replace on my 2002 Wrangler (that I daily drive) is brakes, oil, battery and a throttle position sensor. The older ones are tanks and anything that does break can be fixed very easily by yourself.

  • Slap Boogz
    Slap Boogz 3 hours ago

    I'm addicted to those Russian crash videos too!

  • Karen O
    Karen O 3 hours ago

    Scotty - I Know You don't have Plug in Celica for Scanner; lol *Was going to ask, "What do you do?" LOL It's a '94 CELICA > All Good!* On 5 & 6G Celica, Only way to Check Codes i know of, is jumper used btwn 2 'pins' in Black Box under Hood and Count Blinking 'Check Engine' light. Odd\ Stupid i guess, didn't check mine, but *NEVER had Warning light* tell me issue developed - Until Right when it Died, DEAD in Road. Bad Alternator Killed Battery. Working on it now : } *New Parts >> per Scotty's Info!* back to work ~ ??? WHAT Made (Old) Alternator SMOKE when I hooked up New Battery? (correctly) =p Planned on driving it home (half mile) w\ Just New Battery - to install Alt. It's home, I ask about Smoke; No answer found yet. It Was HUNGRY? !

  • Josh Kaestner
    Josh Kaestner 3 hours ago

    I bought a new 2017 gt premium and at 50,000 miles it’s loosing coolant so the dealer replaced water pump and it still seems to be loosing coolant wich to me might be a head gasket already . Starting to regret my purchase

  • Prjndigo
    Prjndigo 3 hours ago

    There WAS this one time I was following an old lady who's rear tire was wobbling, it wasn't highly obvious. I stopped to talk to her and put my jack under to show her it was wobbling in a parking lot. She STILL wanted to drive it to a mechanic. Had to call a cop to watch me run the lug-nuts back in on a little Honda in a parking lot... seriously. Weak old men or dumb grandkids not knowing what 70ft/lbs is can cause accidents. Five times I've stopped rigs because a trailer tire was blistering for a good pop. I go up with a diagram of which wheel it is, you show em that and they'll listen.

  • 4 gauge
    4 gauge 3 hours ago

    But what if your driving a Fiat Scotty?,then someone pulls you over and says..."your car is about to break down,my name is"Tony"and I can"Fix-It-Again"for a low-low price.HAHAHA!!.🤣🤣👍

  • Serpentaria
    Serpentaria 3 hours ago

    Mom’s car, they said it needed new tie rods parts/labor $800. Took it to my trusty mechanic, all it needed was wheel alignment $60. Runs perfect since. True story

  • Kingswood7189
    Kingswood7189 3 hours ago

    Its funny that scotty calls most brands endless money pits, yet the irony is that theyre easier to work on, lol. Even changing the spark plugs and alternator on a chrysler t & c with a 3.8l v6 are easier. Who in their right mind puts the power steering at the bottom of the engine pulley system? Toyota... unfortunately, certain chevy engines have the alternator at the bottom...

  • MeatHook
    MeatHook 3 hours ago

    Hey guys, I have a question. I have a 2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee with 97k miles on it. I'm fixing to replace the spark plugs and I figure I would take care of the PCV valve at the same time. Problem is a new mopar PCV is $90. So can I just clean my current PCV instead of buying a new one? What would be the best way to clean it? Would simple green in a sonic cleaner be ok?

    ATX-CVPI 3 hours ago

    Texas needs to get rid of the inspections.

    VITAMULTEN 3 hours ago

    Please please Scotty. Some advise on people who think a mechanic is the holy lord of all car knowledge. I.e. had a woman call that ten buck an hour half wit who changes oil a trained professional.

  • AV8TOR
    AV8TOR 3 hours ago

    Change your winter tire air out in May to summer tire air.

  • Technoclastic
    Technoclastic 3 hours ago

    NTB is scam

  • GreenMountainGigMan
    GreenMountainGigMan 3 hours ago

    The wobbly tire story brings back an old memory. I remember riding with my brother in his beater of a car. This was 35ish years ago. Coming back from the mall, at a stoplight, a car that was behind us pulled up beside us and said," hey buddy, your rear tire is wobbling". My brother responded, "That's the only straight part, the rest of the car is wobbling". The light turned green and we continued on. Miss you, Paul. R.I.P.