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  • CM Berger, SCT
    CM Berger, SCT 2 hours ago

    Thank you for all your teaching. I'm starting back up after many years. Your classes are really on point, and your artwork is really so professional that I can actually believe what you say! I like when the teacher makes artworks that I personally appreciate, as you do. For anyone who hasn't - Check out Sergei Temerev for amazing cloud painting videos.

  • S Hamman
    S Hamman 3 hours ago

    Thanks so much for this! I really enjoyed watching you paint this and learned a lot! You and Denise Soden and Louise De Masi are my favorites for learning watercolor!

  • Mars P
    Mars P 6 hours ago

    Thx for the vid MoW. It was fortuitous I ran across this in my suggested list as I saw this Canson paper on Jerry's and was thinking to try it(attractive price). I agree/like your reasoning for not focusing on "spontaneous" painting vids, but when I do watch them I like the feed back on paper/tools/paints used by professionals like yourself. I suppose you mostly use Arches (Which I pronounce Arsh:) I would like to hear your opinions on dif. papers as I figure you have probably tried many like Twin Rocker , Stonehenge etc. It is nice to check in when u review product. Thx again. (Lol, just saw there is the Stonehenge aqua review already)

  • baby blue
    baby blue 7 hours ago

    I love your channel. You are so wholesome.

  • Ray Ray
    Ray Ray 12 hours ago

    This might better be called a “shading” tutorial since most of us, I believe, think of “shadow” as darkness cast by one object onto another...the ground, for instance...not highlights and lowlights to suggest shape and dimension. Anyway, a nice video for its purpose but not what I expected from the title.

  • Seán Ó Domhnaill
    Seán Ó Domhnaill 13 hours ago

    What a beautiful painting. Starting off with just a few broad washes, I never thought you’d get a result like this from it.

  • Leigh Boswell
    Leigh Boswell 19 hours ago

    What are the paint names again? I could not hear too well!

  • Renee Pardee
    Renee Pardee 21 hour ago

    This is incredibly helpful. I'm new to watercolor and there is a lot of different information out there about all the materials. Seeing this side by side comparison has convinced me to try Arches. As a newbie, it is frustrating to not understand why my art isn't doing as I want or as I see in other's work. I know a lot comes down to being a beginner, but I can see paper counts. Thanks!

  • V J
    V J 22 hours ago

    Thank you so much for doing this video. I'm a total beginner and I've been using frabrizzio and it was so hard! I wasn't sure if it was bc I was not very good at it (since I'm just starting) or bc of the paper, and wow, I feel so validated. I thought it would be ok to use a cheap paper bc I was just starting, but it was very frustrating! I'm going to try this arches paper.

  • Tigerblaze
    Tigerblaze Day ago

    Whats the difference between spin synthetics, cosmotop, and fake animal fur brushes?

  • Kendra Davey
    Kendra Davey Day ago

    It was actually really helpful when the water wasn't completely clean and clear on the clear washes. Made it easier to see on camera and judge just how much water you're putting on there. Great tutorial.

  • Moon Ram
    Moon Ram Day ago

    Hi Steve, Hajra mentioned in her video that you were supporting the Rasa Easel. Could u please talk about its performance in plein air setting when u do a video on it. Thanks.

  • Jeri Kanally
    Jeri Kanally Day ago

    Many years ago, in high school, I painted a very realistic oil portrait of an old man and a boy. All the wrinkles of the old man, his white beard and all the softness of the boys face and hands. I won first place in a Washington state art contest. I was so inspired! I graduated and went to college for art. Back then, surrealism & abstract were an especially big thing. Not for me! My art instructors kept pushing me to paint abstract. I literally had to tell myself, "Do what you hate and you'll get a good grade." One day I was so over all that. I brought my beautiful oil painting to class so the teacher could see who I was. I needed someone to help me be me. He barely glanced at my painting, gave me a dismissive look and said, "That's too realistic." Then he walked away as if I'd offended him. I walked out of class and sat in my car crying, feeling totally humiliated. I never returned to art school. I've felt somewhat wrong about realism ever since. Fast forward.....trying watercolors for the first time in my long life. Steve, Thank you for giving me permission, and even insisting, that I can be my realistic self with watercolors!

  • cheersfrom America

    Thank you! I've finally discovered my favorite watercolor technique! I like to make detailed drawings and I'm not great with allowing watercolor to run wild so this is a perfect combination. Thanks💗

  • Judi Hopewell
    Judi Hopewell Day ago

    A wonderful teacher and a very effective method...

  • gee massam Art

    Lovely piece of advice on not looking for the amazing ideal subject all the time - you can get a lot from what you call the 'mundane' or the everyday. This is only something I’ve learned as I’ve gotten older 😀

  • muskndusk
    muskndusk Day ago

    Can you recommend any budget brands of gouache which are good? I don't want to spend lots on artist quality because I prefer acrylic, but would like to try a decent middling make of gouache. Thanks.

  • reddog25th
    reddog25th Day ago

    Love the instructional component on rendering and design. Great work.

  • Lianne BC
    Lianne BC Day ago

    So helpful! Thank you!

  • Dad & Son Artwork

    Thank u very much sir for such amazing teaching videos...I learnt a lot of things from uh...I'm rushi (17year) from India. Regards from dad & son Artwork

  • Heather Bergquist

    Love your technique! Thank you for sharing. Have to ask, what are you using for a pallette? It looks like a rubbermaid tote lid!

  • Debra Fleshman

    How would you paint a rainbow?

  • novalla suter
    novalla suter Day ago

    wow. I love this. going to try it tonight.

  • bouclechocolat
    bouclechocolat 2 days ago

    Thank you SO SO SO much for covering dark skin here! Too often I see beginner artists simply lighten brown skin instead of observing the color variety - and many resources on skin simply mentioning dark skin as a side note. Much appreciated!

  • vespa4jen
    vespa4jen 2 days ago

    Your tutorials are SO FUN and amazingly effective! I want to make some watercolor pumpkin cards and didn’t even think about using a watercolor pencil to sketch.😊Thank you, thank you and thank you from one of your grateful subscribers

  • Claire Garand
    Claire Garand 2 days ago

    Wow beautiful painting, thank you

  • Deborah Reardon
    Deborah Reardon 2 days ago

    I live in North Carolina and the fall is on its way. I've never plein air painted but so look forward to trying, thanks to you.

  • The Road Less Traveled

    Thank you for all your wonderful videos. I have learned a great deal and love your style. I am feeling much more confident with the spontaneous painting and I'm really enjoying it. Thank you again!

  • Anna Victoria
    Anna Victoria 2 days ago

    Is yellow green PY 129? It looks so green in your video on my screen, the paint tubes in online shops look brownish yellow.

    • Anna Victoria
      Anna Victoria 2 days ago

      @The Mind of Watercolor Many thinks for quick reply! Do you think it is better than azo yellow in green mixes? I am looking to produce a vibrant may green. Thank you so much!!!

    • The Mind of Watercolor
      The Mind of Watercolor 2 days ago

      Yes, PY129. Its referred to as Green Gold in many brands.

  • Debra Fleshman
    Debra Fleshman 2 days ago

    Love the umbrella and finger shapes you shared. Thank you.

  • Debra Fleshman
    Debra Fleshman 2 days ago

    Dianne Mize calls what you are doing "Notan," where you are finding the values. Now I can draw a tree because you showed me how it can be done. I see bits of pieces of a tree from instructors but never putting it all together like you have done. THANK YOU!

  • Saki Miakoto
    Saki Miakoto 2 days ago

    I like using muddy pinkish colors for some skin tones to make them look more sad and dull, and intensify other areas.

  • Painting Step By Step

    Trees are so beautiful. Flow of water too. Everything is great.

  • gee massam Art
    gee massam Art 3 days ago

    Now I know what a vignette actually is... thank you! 🙂 terrific video as always.

  • shopgirlfaith
    shopgirlfaith 3 days ago

    what do you use to draw the pic?

  • Sabrina Sampaio
    Sabrina Sampaio 3 days ago

    I cacht myself wacthing the same videos again as I learn. I watch, pratice, learn a little bit and go like "what is it that I learned on that video, think I need to watch it again..."

  • Theresa Coss
    Theresa Coss 3 days ago

    Thank you so much. You are the best!

  • Tristan Colgate
    Tristan Colgate 4 days ago

    Ha, oh dear, so 25 year IT veteran here, and I just learnt why I wasn't getting notifications for my youtube subscriptions from your granddaughter! Cheers.

  • AND ME
    AND ME 4 days ago

    Put the playback speed to either 1.25 or 1.5x... you’re welcome

  • Dimitra P
    Dimitra P 4 days ago

    I learnt color theory and again I didnt know what to buy for the first time so I went and bought the winsor and newton pocket box with the 12 colors. I learnt painting and mixing and then I added more colors according to my liking.

  • Surrey Bohemian
    Surrey Bohemian 4 days ago

    god i love the atmosphere you got in that painting. it is exactly how winter feels. Excellent job!

  • Scarlet
    Scarlet 4 days ago

    Hi I'm a designer who has used W&N Designer Gouache for many years. Yes, you're right that digital is also used but believe it or not many of us still use painted mock-ups & the finish is PERFECT for photographing and then finishing digitally in Photoshop. I use W&N to make color palettes to match the Pantone palettes every season and we frequently use it for touch-ups on props. FWIW, I know W&N don't rate all the shades as top lightfast/ permanence BUT I have sketchbooks and panels painted from campaigns years ago that haven't faded at all. I'm in NYC so maybe in other locations light and humidity would be more of an issue

  • Awenda
    Awenda 4 days ago

    I make my cards for my friends birthdays. They seem to like them too! Excellent work. I’ve heard about trading cards before which is used like a business card which is a great idea. Nice work.

  • Awenda
    Awenda 4 days ago

    Are large sheets better than the pads? How can I tell what grade it is? I paid $10 Canadian For six pieces about 10 x 11. Is it good paper? I also use PAUL Rubens paper. I like it. My other cheap pads react exactly like yours!

    • Awenda
      Awenda 3 days ago

      Great, thank you, it’s 100%. You have a great knack for teaching,even with your friend. Love your friend BTW. I’m kinda stuck right now, but this tutorial answered a lot of questions I had. Cheers

    • The Mind of Watercolor
      The Mind of Watercolor 4 days ago

      All depends on what size you need but the paper is the same quality sheet or pad. If its 100% cotton it will usually say so. If it doesn't its not.

  • Cora Donnell
    Cora Donnell 4 days ago

    Such a great and informative video! Thank you!

  • Roger Rohm
    Roger Rohm 5 days ago

    I live just north of Phoenix in Cave Creek. It's fun to see your Volgs of local places. My wife came down to the final 2 people for the editors position at AZ Highways magazine..

  • Peter Ellis
    Peter Ellis 5 days ago

    Thank you. You've been very helpful. I've bought some of the colours you mentioned and hope it improves my painting! Thanks again.

  • Cheryl Berry
    Cheryl Berry 5 days ago

    I love the pumpkins. I really love learning from your videos. You have a great way to demonstrate and explain how watercolor works. Thank you for sharing your talent and time.

  • Da-Mad Modler
    Da-Mad Modler 5 days ago

    I just noticed the skull hope I die with a woman on my lap and a Reese’s in my mouth.... wait I might have got that backwards.

  • Da-Mad Modler
    Da-Mad Modler 5 days ago

    I just bought arches so I hope it does well, but I consider I don’t want to spend time stretching paper. The blocks I guess work for me.

  • John Bryce
    John Bryce 5 days ago

    great lesson! Thank You! (still looking for a video that shows those colors, at least seconds and tertiarys being mixed from just those 3 primaries... i don't think it'ss possible.)

  • Jacob Lanau
    Jacob Lanau 6 days ago

    Un placer verte pintar. lo siento no entiendo el ingles. un saludo.

  • Eva Nichols Art
    Eva Nichols Art 6 days ago

    Thanks so much for sharing this wonderful interview and gear review! I loved it when I saw it the first time, and it stayed with me, so I just got both small palettes and some extra pans for a new travel painting kit! Now that I revisit your review, I think I might also want to by the actual toolkit organizer - I'll ponder that and in the meantime I'm excited to fill my palette and try it out!

  • Scarlet
    Scarlet 6 days ago

    Wow I've never thought about replacing sap green & yellow ochre. But it's true, now that you mention it, yellow ochre def does muddy up my paintings sometimes. I do think this palette relates more to landscapes than skintones but you can prob do everything with this. I would not replace alizarin crimson ever!

  • Elizabeth Taylor
    Elizabeth Taylor 6 days ago

    Please do a review of MaimeriBlu! I am very interested in your observations of working with this particular brand.

  • Sumbae 7
    Sumbae 7 6 days ago

    Very beautiful painting. Magical and relaxing💞💚💜

  • Susan Rasdale
    Susan Rasdale 6 days ago

    A blending brush! That's such a great tool...wish I'd seen that done before! Got to get one of those.

  • Linda's 144 hobbies

    I am so in love with those trading card paintings! I think this could be less intimidating than starting out on an A4 paper. Great inspiration! Thank you, Steve! 🙏🏻

  • Kaira Cook
    Kaira Cook 6 days ago

    I remember my high school art teacher supplied us arches paper. And I was decent at watercolor then. I just couldn't figure out why I wasn't good anymore lately and the realization struck me now that I've watched this. I messaged my art teacher and she confirmed it. She used to cut down large sheets to postercard size for us so it was more affordable and lasted more for us.

  • Martha Lentz
    Martha Lentz 6 days ago

    Made my little palette, now waiting for some of the tubes to join me ... waiting forever for my Blick order! Thanks so much, Steve.... can't wait to do a painting with these!

  • That Art Teacher
    That Art Teacher 7 days ago

    Love this! It gives a tightly painted subject a little looseness!

  • Cecilee Georgeson
    Cecilee Georgeson 7 days ago

    I can't tell you what your videos mean to me.....thank you fo your continuing patience and enthusiasm for us beginners

  • Art Faelnar
    Art Faelnar 7 days ago

    Wonderful! Thank you.

  • Cianna Coleman
    Cianna Coleman 7 days ago

    This is just what I needed for my digital paintings I’m working on! I can get good contrast in watercolor from lots of practice, but this new medium seems to be harder. (I.E. I need more practice)

  • creative solutions
    creative solutions 7 days ago

    I can't believe the difference of intensity of color between the papers. Damn it! It's not always the paints fault. Strathmore 500 series is 100% cotton. Unless I'm commissioned to do something and use arches, I guess that will be my go-to now thanks!

  • Jacqueline Bassett
    Jacqueline Bassett 8 days ago


  • Jacqueline Bassett
    Jacqueline Bassett 8 days ago

    Great tutorial, thank you

  • Roger Rohm
    Roger Rohm 8 days ago

    Showing problem solving is so valuable. It frees us from the perfection that is debilitating.

  • Geneviève Gâté
    Geneviève Gâté 8 days ago

    sorry for m'y english but I am enjoy when I watching you painting is it CORRECT ? have a nice day

  • Elizabeth Coats
    Elizabeth Coats 8 days ago

    What is that moving in the background, outside your window?

  • Elizabeth Coats
    Elizabeth Coats 8 days ago

    You should be wearing an Auburn hoodie! LOL

  • Jane Ferrari
    Jane Ferrari 8 days ago

    I love your paintings.

  • Ruth Bowe
    Ruth Bowe 9 days ago

    Thank you so much, absolutely beautiful

  • Claudia Llobera
    Claudia Llobera 9 days ago

    Hi! Which is the brand and type of brush are you using here?

  • Roger Rohm
    Roger Rohm 9 days ago

    Good advice Steve. I have been in Arizona for 24 years and the weather is great in January. The angle of the light is amazing as well. One thing missing in the foreground is a saguaro or two. They only grow in the Sonoran Desert so they establish place. I am currently housebound but have a lifetime of mainly landscape photography to work with so I particularly appreciate this tutorial.

  • Heartbreak Art
    Heartbreak Art 9 days ago

    I used cheaper paper for a long time until I discovered Hahnemuhle, not as expensive as Arches but still beautiful quality, the difference!!! I couldn't believe how much better it was to work with and the appearance when finished. I will try Arches next though but I know it'll be like heroin, there'll be no going back!

  • qudsia tarannum
    qudsia tarannum 9 days ago

    Beautiful just amazing

  • Marian Weaver
    Marian Weaver 9 days ago

    I am a new watercolorist, but this resonated strongly with me. Back in the 70s I took a weaving class at the local junior college. The teacher asked each of us what we wanted to weave, and I said fine linen cloth. You may remember the mid-70s, giant 'craft' wall hangings made with thick cord, sticks, feathers and whatever. That was all she was interested in and I don't think she spoke directly to me for the rest of the semester. Sigh. Eventually, some decades down the road, I was able to learn to weave fine linen cloth (mostly via the internet). I did learn from her that how I wanted to express myself was as valid as anyone else's. Thank you for your rant, I hope every teacher hears it!

  • Marian Weaver
    Marian Weaver 9 days ago

    How wonderful to see my two favorite TVclip watercolorists together! learn so much from both of you.

  • Nan Schifris
    Nan Schifris 10 days ago

    Steve, thank you so much for posting videos with real-life content. I can’t tell you how much it means to me to see someone I respect as a professional talking about things like setting a painting aside & getting back to it with less-than-smooth results. It is very easy to watch You Tube videos and talk myself into thinking all my paintings should take 35-45 minutes and that everything should be fabulous. 🤪 You (along with Lisa Lachri, Mark Campbell, Lindsay Weirich, and Angela Fehr) regularly post content reminding your viewers that practice, patience, play and tenacity are integral parts of success. It’s easy to convince ourselves that you (all) sit down without any prep, throw together a great video with a lovely work of art in half an hour, and probably spend the rest of your day leisurely creating beautiful art without a moment of frustration or angst. Seeing the “real” moments of the creative process is invaluable. Thank you, thank you, thank you! And thank you for having a Patreon account; I love supporting your content!

  • Pía López Copetti
    Pía López Copetti 10 days ago

    I want to thank you a lot for this video! As I live in Uruguay, it's nearly impossible to get quality paper without spending a fortune for it - just as an example, the Arches pad you used costs like $71 dollars here. But it truly opened my eyes to the quality, so from now on I'll consider the investment to honour the paints I'm using.

  • Rosalyn McClore
    Rosalyn McClore 10 days ago


  • Syriac Artist
    Syriac Artist 10 days ago

    Thanks a lot... I was searching for this valuable information which helped me understand the mistakes i did 👍🏻

  • Meena Jamil
    Meena Jamil 10 days ago

    How can we choose colors for our painting ? Is it necessary to use realistic colors? What colors can we use instead of them ?

  • Elena Kyslytskaa
    Elena Kyslytskaa 10 days ago

    I love It!!!!!

  • Linda Batey
    Linda Batey 10 days ago

    Thank you so much! I learned so much from watching this!!!

  • Linda Batey
    Linda Batey 10 days ago

    Thank you so much!! You’ve helped me a lot in understanding color theory! Beautifully explained and demonstrated!!!

  • Rodney Warren
    Rodney Warren 10 days ago

    Thank you for showing this product.

  • Elizabeth Coats
    Elizabeth Coats 11 days ago

    Hey, if you are ever in Western North Carolina, contact me! We own a lively 267 acre farm that is a joy to paint in Plein Air. Its complete with an old historic farm house and 11 barns and out buildings, horses, mountains, hay fields, creeks, cemetery and railroad tracks! You would absolutely love it!

    • Elizabeth Coats
      Elizabeth Coats 2 days ago

      @The Mind of Watercolor I am 30 minutes East of Asheville. In a small town called Marion.

    • The Mind of Watercolor
      The Mind of Watercolor 6 days ago

      What part of Western NC? Near Asheville, Hendersonville?

  • Karen Owens
    Karen Owens 11 days ago

    Hi Steve, beautiful skies. Have you painted a stormy sky and if so, what colors did you choose? Just curious, thanks.

    • Karen Owens
      Karen Owens 10 days ago

      Thank you for your help.

    • The Mind of Watercolor
      The Mind of Watercolor 11 days ago

      Yes, several times. It varies. I like to use Payne's Gray as a base and mix in various other colors

  • theshift2010
    theshift2010 11 days ago

    Absolutely beautiful

  • Roger Rohm
    Roger Rohm 11 days ago

    Your comment that value is more important than color is something I have seen you do time and again. And when you finish I think how did he start with that loose seemingly random color selection and end up with a beautiful result? You have just provided a golden nugget of wisdom.. Thanks

  • thewylddream
    thewylddream 11 days ago

    Thank you for making this lovely tutorial. I look forward to practicing what I learned.

  • SusanScolnick
    SusanScolnick 11 days ago

    FYI - Nita Engle died at the age of 93 in August 2019, one month after you released this video. So good of you to honor her work.

  • Susan Williams
    Susan Williams 12 days ago

    This was a wonderful primer on so many things! Painting rocks and water, but also trees. I especially appreciated watching you use a rigger, a brush I rarely use-but now I definitely will. Thanks!

  • Lisa T
    Lisa T 12 days ago

    do you think the ability to draw or sketch can be learned? I am the proverbial "can't draw a straight line kind of girl", but I would love to learn, would taking a class be worthwhile?

    • The Mind of Watercolor
      The Mind of Watercolor 11 days ago

      Yes, it definitely can. The book person who wrote the book, Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain pretty much proved this.

  • Lisa T
    Lisa T 12 days ago

    as a middle aged post menopausal woman, my favorite yoda quote is "size matters not"

  • Lopez Creations
    Lopez Creations 12 days ago

    What brand is the most lightfast?

    • The Mind of Watercolor
      The Mind of Watercolor 10 days ago

      Of the top ones, M. Graham, Schmincke and Holbein probably. Depends on the specific color.

  • A. Suarez
    A. Suarez 12 days ago

    Which of the Creative Mark quills do you like best, the Danube or the Harmony?

  • Jo Ethridge
    Jo Ethridge 12 days ago

    I'm new to your channel and so far, I love your style. The spontaneous painting fascinates me. It was strange seeing what I saw in the initial wash, become what you added in details. I can't wait to try something like this. Thank you so much for your time and sharing your experience with us. I'm a fan.