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Friday, September 20
Views 1.2K2 days ago
The DMX Challenge
Views 17K2 days ago
Nail Tech Classes
Views 11K2 days ago
Thursday, September 19
Views 65K2 days ago
Bellamy Young
Views 36K2 days ago
Wednesday, September 18
Views 229K3 days ago
Food Trends
Views 43K3 days ago
Tuesday, September 17
Views 84K4 days ago
After Show: Single Life
Views 99K4 days ago
Monday, September 16
Views 205K5 days ago
Wendy’s Hot Girl Summer
Views 172K5 days ago
Sugar Daddy
Views 46K5 days ago
Monday, September 16
Views 44K23 days ago
Dog's Most Wanted
Views 113K23 days ago
Attention Mr. Perry
Views 15K27 days ago
The Worst Work Experiences
Views 16K27 days ago
#RHONY Predictions
Views 17K27 days ago
Retta's Selfie Phobia
Views 18KMonth ago
Scottie Pippen Sued!
Views 368KMonth ago
A$AP Rocky Trial Update
Views 137KMonth ago
Apollo's Out Again
Views 282KMonth ago
Bachelorette Finale
Views 156KMonth ago
Hot Summer Picks
Views 57KMonth ago
No Girls Allowed
Views 127KMonth ago
Cardi Gets Political!
Views 187KMonth ago
Lil Nas X Breaks Record!
Views 124KMonth ago
Tituss Burgess
Views 241KMonth ago
Lobster Mac & Cheese
Views 58KMonth ago
Moves Like Ginuwine!
Views 69KMonth ago
Armie Daddy Shamed!
Views 284KMonth ago
Hard Time For A$AP?!
Views 111KMonth ago
Cynthia Bailey Engaged
Views 130KMonth ago
Trendy @ Wendy: July 29
Views 65KMonth ago
Lindsay On Set Drama!
Views 359KMonth ago
Mel B Slams Singer!
Views 246KMonth ago
Meek Mill Is A Free Man
Views 62KMonth ago
Monica's New Beginning
Views 555KMonth ago
Caught Cheating?
Views 59KMonth ago
Wendy's Big News!
Views 516KMonth ago
Bow Wow Disses Ciara!
Views 673KMonth ago
Explosive RHOBH Reunion
Views 126KMonth ago
Loretta is Devine!
Views 319KMonth ago
Blue-Collar Guys
Views 66KMonth ago
Nicole Murphy Scandal
Views 2M2 months ago
Future's Bodyguard Attacked!
Views 189K2 months ago
Bachelorette Recap!
Views 52K2 months ago
Summer TV Preview
Views 34K2 months ago
Hot Summer Shoes
Views 40K2 months ago
Do Labels Matter?
Views 140K2 months ago
Wendy's Birthday Bash
Views 679K2 months ago
Kulture's Birthday Party
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Trendy @ Wendy: July 22
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Caitlyn Bails on Brody!
Views 383K2 months ago
Aubrey Disses Diddy!
Views 270K2 months ago
Blac Chyna & Tokyo Toni Feud
Views 541K2 months ago
Wendy’s Birthday Buys
Views 103K2 months ago
Tamar's Single Life!
Views 249K2 months ago
A$AP Rocky Drama!
Views 106K2 months ago
Chrissy Metz: Breakthrough
Views 145K2 months ago
Seafood Paella
Views 63K2 months ago
Mother Daughter Plan!
Views 51K2 months ago
Bachelorette Recap!
Views 87K2 months ago


  • James White
    James White Hour ago

    A depends?! Wow! Wendy’s not holding back this season.

  • Renata Martinez
    Renata Martinez Hour ago

    why is she wearing a faja

  • Princess Of darkness

    Céline and her “husband” are sickos

  • Sakk Sarkis Sarkissian

    42:16 remember her ?

  • davinci barnette

    Wendy . JUST STOP!........check you stylist...for those outdated SPIDER LASHES......JUST STOP! STOP!

  • MsRainbow Brite
    MsRainbow Brite Hour ago

    Who has Wendy's dog??

  • Christa Goins
    Christa Goins Hour ago

    Love you Wendy! Did you see The Talk today & Christie Brinkley address you?? Have you changed your mind about the DWTS situation? Have a super duper weekend! XOXO

  • Nicole H
    Nicole H Hour ago

    Tamar’s hair looks painted on 😂

  • Rea Imani
    Rea Imani Hour ago


  • Freebie Babe
    Freebie Babe Hour ago

    I love that Wendy keeps it real when it comes to these celebs. She definitely says it like she means it.

  • keen
    keen Hour ago

    who has custody of Wendy's king kane dog?

  • Rose Castillo
    Rose Castillo Hour ago

    They need you ROFLMAO NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO THEY DONT!!!!!!!!! I have literally enjoyed the real WAY more since she left! 💖 That's a joke!

  • MsRainbow Brite
    MsRainbow Brite Hour ago

    wrong wendy .... Roseanne had to sign over any rights to an spin off show so the other actors could keep their jobs. According to her, she was promised they would have her back with the press. She signed and then they said "see ya" and didn't help at all

  • JLPerryTV
    JLPerryTV Hour ago

    Show of “Likes”, how many are going to the Faith Evans/Lil Kim show?

  • velma smith
    velma smith Hour ago

    If ain’t broke don’t fix it, hello are you there.

  • Amaysin Fitness
    Amaysin Fitness Hour ago

    “Here is the thing....”😳

  • Alhi RL
    Alhi RL Hour ago

    Not Wendy caping for a repeated racist and trump supporter

  • tamcogic4life
    tamcogic4life Hour ago

    Love this combo Wendy

  • admirable image
    admirable image Hour ago

    Jason, Looking like head and shoulder🤷‍♀️

  • iamPrincessMwamba

    i remember when wendy had exclusive news..... now she too busy we hearing what we already heard besides HOYOUDOING

  • davinci barnette

    This black GAY man is a fucking joke.

  • MsZee
    MsZee Hour ago

    If Tamar says here is the thing one more time🤔

  • ronda allen
    ronda allen Hour ago

    someone should have told Fantasia about Wendy-she was submissive. see how that worked?

  • Cynthia Powers
    Cynthia Powers Hour ago

    I think wendy was rude speaking like she did,trying to emulate anna

  • Gayle J Miller
    Gayle J Miller Hour ago

    I don't know who's doing Wendy's wardrobe this season, but they should be fired! Dowdy duds!

  • Darell Grant
    Darell Grant Hour ago

    Those songs mentioned were 80's madonna, not 93-94 Madonna lol Oh Wendy....

  • Patrick3183
    Patrick3183 Hour ago

    God that fat gay guy In the chat lineup is total trash

  • Venies Moncrieffe

    That was 83 not 93

  • Nathan Bradley
    Nathan Bradley Hour ago

    In 1993 Madonna was the biggest star on the planet besides Michael Jackson. She could have got anybody in the world to father her child. This story is nonsense. You couldn’t believe this Wendy. Stop.

  • Angelia Parker
    Angelia Parker Hour ago

    Fantasia that's not the reason I am not married.

  • Marco Jacobs Or
    Marco Jacobs Or Hour ago

    I love the full episodes ♡♡♡♡ It takes me an 45 mins to get to work every morning and now I get to watch every day ♡

  • Cyra Cyra
    Cyra Cyra Hour ago

    you guys need to understand how TVclip works. you get paid more if people watch your video all the way thru. people are more likely to watch a ten minute segment then a thirty minute segment and that's why they had the episodes broke up but it was annoying I agree and the full episode is much better. Wendy didn't need the coin

  • Lust And Lace
    Lust And Lace Hour ago

    Yasss serving full show realness! Might as well take the view from all the illegal uploaders get them coins girl.

  • JT LovesCodeLyoko

    Celine on Wendy would be very fun

  • Love Me
    Love Me Hour ago

    Daannngg the comment section is all about Jason Lee

  • Kitty Katt
    Kitty Katt Hour ago

    Who the hell are coming up with these titles? Lazy as hell 😂

  • Heather Greisha
    Heather Greisha Hour ago

    🙄 🙄 🙄

  • Namjoon's Dimples

    She said crickets rude asl🤦🏾‍♀️

  • Shampagne Life
    Shampagne Life Hour ago

    Yasssss Wendy 💜

    DARK SIDE Hour ago

    It started a lil bit awkward..😂

  • Arman K
    Arman K Hour ago

    Owhhh yesss please Celine Dion . Please come to Wendy

  • Zach Mallett
    Zach Mallett Hour ago

    Imagine just minding your own business in the park and then Wendy gives you your own LEGENDARY POOF!

  • Heather Greisha
    Heather Greisha Hour ago

    Ohhh someone’s being like “james charles” here and bragging about my boyfriend and husband! Gurl nobody asked you about your stds fookin everyone and hey you need some neck to do threesomes dear.

  • greenpastures
    greenpastures Hour ago

    I don't like those puffy. punch drunk faces.

  • sonofaangelea
    sonofaangelea Hour ago

    that broadway story had me LOL

  • Kisha Gallimore
    Kisha Gallimore Hour ago

    What's the reupload going on?

  • Derrek Leigh
    Derrek Leigh Hour ago

    Does WHAT Lady even work? 😂

  • isacubana
    isacubana Hour ago

    ♨️It was such an award vibe the whole time .

  • Marvi Jawad
    Marvi Jawad Hour ago

    not feeling aunt Wendy's new wigologist..... missing Robin

    • Patrick3183
      Patrick3183 Hour ago

      Marvi Jawad disagree I think her hair looks great

  • allure231913
    allure231913 Hour ago

    This is the first time Wendy has referenced The Breakfast Club when talking about a topic her team clearly got from them. I'm so glad her and Charlemagne are back in a good space. #ByeKelvin

    • allure231913
      allure231913 Hour ago

      @Michelle Hernandez Yes! There has been so many times when I was like "They got this from The Breakfast Club". Never giving them credit. All because of that husband of hers.

    • Michelle Hernandez
      Michelle Hernandez Hour ago

      I noticed that too! Life is better when Wendy and CTG are friends 😊😉

  • Heather Woznock
    Heather Woznock Hour ago

    She is getting 2 new kittens!! Where is her dog had???!!! Can't see Kelvin keeping the dog with a new baby.... Besides he ain't loyal to anyone. Where is the family dog??

    • Michelle Hernandez
      Michelle Hernandez Hour ago

      She talked about it earlier this week. They got rid of the dog.

  • Timmy tim
    Timmy tim Hour ago

    " black women in jail " ...why everything about race

  • Jahleel Johnson
    Jahleel Johnson Hour ago

    You a real Wendy fan if you Remember when Eileen and Biggie Talls used to give us the time stamps.

  • Lucky Lucky
    Lucky Lucky Hour ago

    Wendy not crazy about your new wig man...they don't look natural anymore :(

  • brama
    brama Hour ago

    Wendy's inflated lips and cheeks look terrible.

  • Miguel Alves
    Miguel Alves Hour ago

    The black lady on the panel is correct on all aspects. Keep her, Wendy

  • R. Russell
    R. Russell Hour ago

    She's dating "BOOKER T."... I can dig it..... SUCKAAAAAA!!!👋👋👋👋👋

  • Mel Kin
    Mel Kin Hour ago

    Ooh ok the vote are N “Jason Lee will not be returning back to local tv”!

  • Amanda Caribbean baby

    You really have fking Jason Lee on you show? 😂😂😂😂 You looking dumb af Wendy if that's the best you can do.

  • Tisha Laws
    Tisha Laws Hour ago

    Full episodes all week ... I'm 👏 here 👏 for 👏 it 👏 all.

  • Denise G.
    Denise G. Hour ago

    WTF? Rosanne Barr is not racist? She calls black women monkies and makes racist comments in general but she's not racist. Black people like playing the race card? Aren't you black? or did you forget? Now you're getting cats, what happened to your dog? You need to learn the English language. Celine Deon's husband was her manager. He was not a pedophile, so no she wasn't dating him at 12 years old. Why would she come on your show? I watch this show when I'm doing my needle because I didn't think you could irritate me more than the needle, you've outdone yourself.

  • jay craig
    jay craig Hour ago

    Wendy what’s good, why you starting mess with every celebrity

  • neshnash32
    neshnash32 Hour ago

    I agreed 100 %with what Fantasia said,people have to pay attention to what she said,and I'm from NYC not from the south.

  • skylar mccready
    skylar mccready Hour ago

    oooh I wonder if the kittens are going to be named Salt n' Pepa!!! Love you Wendy!!!

  • Barbara Foster
    Barbara Foster Hour ago

    While my cable provider hashes out their new profitable contract to make yet even more money at our expense and us the consumers suffer and be without our favorite shows. Thank you Wendy, there's no FOMO here!!!

  • Zion B
    Zion B Hour ago

    What's with the hating on Jason? No need, you all just hating. Melissa would be a good one for a panel.

  • Blackfire 4eva
    Blackfire 4eva Hour ago

    Beautiful toes

  • deana clark
    deana clark Hour ago

    Wendy I have always admired your flawless skin. Absolutely BEAUTIFUL What is your skin routine

  • You Tube
    You Tube Hour ago

    Wendy shouldn’t trust Jason gifting her a phone. He probably has it set up so he can read her messages.

  • Boo Thang
    Boo Thang Hour ago

    I'm crying!!! she told yall she was bringing it.

  • Ginn
    Ginn Hour ago

    First I was like, huh..., Ms T I feel you girl.

  • twistedblktrekie

    Fantasia was speaking to black women. While the idea of letting men lead might sound good to some, it's not a privilege that black women, as a collective, have had. In order for a woman to submit to a man, he needs to have resources and be capable of leading and providing. The vast majority of black men (and they as a collective) are not capable of doing this.

  • Swati Hegde
    Swati Hegde Hour ago

    Thank u for the full episodes Wendy 😍❤️

  • Ariana Buckner
    Ariana Buckner Hour ago

    WENDAAAAYYYYY this full episode is everything I need in my life! love you wendy, love you Wendy team, you're welcome for watching ;)

  • Anthony Crowe
    Anthony Crowe Hour ago

    Wow people really don’t like Jason. Lol I’m shocked but not really. I think even Wendy was annoyed with him also.

  • Huna Buggy
    Huna Buggy Hour ago

    Wendy wore extra high heels this day

  • Michelle Hernandez

    It's been so nice this week to come home after work and watch Wendy!! ❤🔥

  • jay craig
    jay craig Hour ago

    Bruh her ankles is THICC

  • D. Smith
    D. Smith Hour ago

    This just further proves... Tamar is not well...

  • Thenatural Glow
    Thenatural Glow Hour ago

    What we’re getting full shows??!!!!

  • Seeking Pathways

    Wendy needs to wear nails like that to take the attention off them swollen ankles. A little bling and some french manicure could be a nice addition to her look.

  • Lanelle Davis
    Lanelle Davis Hour ago

    Wendy is such a whore her answer for everything is sex she act like a grown woman that was molested as a child.

  • Emma Faye
    Emma Faye Hour ago

    Bbkings shut down smh .. it's something for tourists now😏

  • Natural Elation
    Natural Elation Hour ago

    Wendy: Maybe it's a depends. Me: oh my😳... The old Wendy is BACK 😏

  • TyCena Royalty
    TyCena Royalty Hour ago

    Wendy: What season is KUWTK on Girls: 48 😂😂😂😭😭😭

  • FreakyMarko
    FreakyMarko Hour ago

    I love Wendy’s team for giving us the whole show 👏🏾 This show has really came up

  • Michael Crittendon Jr

    Jason is trash 🗑 don’t bring him back 🤮🤮🤮🤮

  • FreakyMarko
    FreakyMarko Hour ago

    Wendy really love us to give us the whole episode

  • Sulin S
    Sulin S Hour ago

    Tamar is petty AF! If she really wants that transformation she’s seeking, she needs to learn how to forgive!

  • jay craig
    jay craig Hour ago

    Wendy! Go home with that 11 dollars😂

  • siennas2011
    siennas2011 Hour ago

    I have a Samsung galaxy S6, I also don't care about getting newer phones. When it dies then I guess I'll get a newer one 🤷🏽‍♀️

    • Kayla Ferrell
      Kayla Ferrell Hour ago

      @Sky Black yeah I agree. For 4 years I had the iPhone 6 and I only got a new phone because it stopped working. I feel like if you're phone is still working there's no need in upgrading every year when it's basically the same phone

    • Sky Black
      Sky Black Hour ago

      Yeah why bother? I hate this trend of being made to feel like you have to get the newest version every year. SENT FROM GALAXY S10+

    • Kayla Ferrell
      Kayla Ferrell Hour ago

      I have the galaxy s9 and so many people tell me to upgrade but I really like my phone. It's still new (considering it came out last march) and I'm not going to be getting a new phone until this one stops working.

  • Alexis Billings
    Alexis Billings Hour ago

    Lol love how everyone is commenting on roseanne but ain’t no one talking bout lil Kim’s nose. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Thay Hanrath
    Thay Hanrath Hour ago

    Celine ohhhhh 😕💔breaks my heart

  • jay craig
    jay craig Hour ago

    The cats name is Hot Girl summer

  • Cathy Huling
    Cathy Huling Hour ago

    hey wendy

  • Juciy Lynn
    Juciy Lynn Hour ago

    Wendy needs to be put in long flare pants.

    • Patrick3183
      Patrick3183 Hour ago

      Juciy Lynn i agree pants and long dresses without splits

  • Shasha Vengesayi

    I remember earlier this year when people were complaining about the short clips. Glad things have turned around

  • jay craig
    jay craig Hour ago

    WENDY GIRL YOU IS STARTING BIG MESS ON TWITTER😂 don’t go outside without James ur security

  • Aminah Shabazz
    Aminah Shabazz Hour ago

    Tamar is bitter. And Wendy wig part is slightly crooked! Oh my!!! 😵

  • Spanishjazz 1
    Spanishjazz 1 Hour ago

    Thank God that dress was not black and white cause we would have Cruella DaVille...😂🤣😅

    • Darell Grant
      Darell Grant Hour ago

      It actually would be quite ugly if it was black and white!