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  • Dean Watson
    Dean Watson Month ago

    Meghan Markle snagged herself the Prince! - as I am sure you are aware - and We (the British public) have really taken to her and by this time next year the UK will have its first American Princess when she weds Prince Harry of Wales. Meghan will not however be the first Black / Mixed-Race Royal family member though, there have been a few ladies of colour in our Royal history. We had Queen Charlotte, the wife of King George III, and she originated from Black Portuguese Royalty. The media tried to take the race angle but the Royal establishment and the British people & Commonwealth people have accepted that there will be another "Swirl" in the Royal Blood! I await your Hot Topics on the matter Ms Wendy.
    As a byline...Meghan will not officially become a Princess in her own right as this is strictly reserved for ladies born into Royalty - Princess Diana was never a blood Princess but was Princess of Wales as her husband was the Prince of Wales - however Meghan will be titled Her Royal Highness Princess Henry (Harry's real name) of Wales. On the day of their marriage our Queen Elizabeth II can decree them a Dukedom like she has done with William & Kate, and therefore Meghan's title will probably be Duchess of Sussex to Harry's Duke of Sussex, and both titles hold the same merit.
    Again, unless the Queen steps in to change things, Meghan's children will not be Prince or Princess either but will take the titles of Lord or Lady (forename) Mountbatten-Windsor. The Queen changed things for William & Katherine's children and they do hold the title of Prince & Princess and the HRH (His/Her Royal Highness) but Meghans children will not automatically become HRH!
    Diana lost her HRH status when she divorced Prince Charles and was awarded the Honorary title of Diana: Princess of Wales.
    Make sense to you all (?) Take it all in my friends as if Meghan Markle can make it into a Royal house then you can dream too!

  • food channel
    food channel Month ago

    I wish they had full episodes on this channel.

    • Dean Watson
      Dean Watson Month ago

      What annoys me is that you subscribe to the channel yet uploads from the Show appear on main TVclip 'wall' feeds before they're uploaded here...so why subscribe when Joe-Blogs public see the latest posts before subscribers {?}

  • Michael Hammond
    Michael Hammond Month ago

    You said that Terry Crews career would take a hit. Are warning anyone else who wants to speaks out? Your comment highlights the sentiment that people in Hollywood are known for not having integrity

  • John McNab
    John McNab 2 months ago


  • McReilly
    McReilly 2 months ago

    You're a big meaniehead!

  • Lucius Quinctius Cincinnatus

    What a ugly, fake, retarded woman Wendy is. You all like her? You all want your children to see this, act like her/be like her? Simply disgusting. BUNCH OF BONEHEADS

  • Yanisin V
    Yanisin V 2 months ago

    Just discovered you! Annnddd... you're a terrible person.

  • Whitney C
    Whitney C 2 months ago

    This woman is cancer.

  • DaDa AsKaRi
    DaDa AsKaRi 2 months ago

    Hi where is hot topics for today? ....green sparkly dress day LOL!

  • Princella K H
    Princella K H 2 months ago

    Please just shut up your show is a disaster. It's time for you to retire.

  • YaBoi M.O.E
    YaBoi M.O.E 2 months ago


  • DesertGuy69
    DesertGuy69 2 months ago

    Hi Wendy - Well wishes to you! Glad you are feeling better after your fainting spell on Halloween. I caught your show today and you talked about the lastest issues of sexual harassment in Hollywood... The Dustin Hoffman situation was horrible. Could you and your Hot Topics Bureau look at the horrible situation of four women that accuse Danny Masterson (of That 70's Show) of raping them? Apparently, the LA District Attorney's office is dragging his heels on moving the case to trial. Here is one article on Yahoo that talks about it: www.yahoo.com/news/despite-apos-overwhelming-apos-evidence-164314550.html Also, why hasn't Netflix fired him from "The Ranch" series like they fired Kevin Spacey from "House of Cards"???? Danny's situation is about rape. This issue is definitely a Hot Topic on the Hollywood situation. Anyway, take care Wendy and "How You Doin'"...

  • Tianaism
    Tianaism 2 months ago

    Wendyyy, glad you are well! Next time you're feeling off - tell someone for godssake! You were lucky that you didn't hurt yourself, but it's not worth risking iiit! Your work ethic is amazing, but so is looking after yourself! Stay well! Big hi from Serbia!

  • James McCallum
    James McCallum 2 months ago


    SUN GODDESS 2 months ago

    Love you Wen Wen

  • Mara Mirage
    Mara Mirage 2 months ago

    Wendy, get yourself checked out, you should not have gone back on air...look into TIA it's a mini-stroke, please get a good neuro workup, not 'next week' get to the ER and be in the Doctor's office TOMORROW morning for tests. Get well soon.

    • PlasmaSnd
      PlasmaSnd 2 months ago

      Yes thats the first thing that I thought when I see her episode of fainting. It looked like a Transient Ischemic Attack. And Yes she needs to rest because they tend to come in Clusters...... Praying for Ms Wendy.

  • Naomi Franz
    Naomi Franz 2 months ago


  • papicholo30
    papicholo30 2 months ago


  • Harriet Stolp
    Harriet Stolp 2 months ago

    Dear Mrs. Wendy WIlliams . It is both painful and difficult subject matter for both Mr. Feldman and the individual to communicate. I do not blame Mr. Feldman or any survivor of child sexual abuse for needing to protect themselves in any manner they deem necessary. It is not only about survival against an industry that has failed society as a whole but to bring awareness and change to build a better world. I do believe the entire industry is complicate in sweeping these crimes under the red carpet and feel that they all should feel obligated to fully finance and assist Mr. Feldman in this endeavor. 10 million dollars in Hollywood in Chump Change. Can you please show your support by subscribing to Corey Feldman's youtube channel.

  • How To Make Sushi
    How To Make Sushi 3 months ago

    Hey Wendy Williams plz more videos

  • Lia Parson
    Lia Parson 3 months ago

    I do not care fore there their lies
    i needs there
    thanks :{

  • Lia Parson
    Lia Parson 3 months ago

    talk to me please

  • Adam Granger
    Adam Granger 4 months ago

    So there are still no new episodes airing on the CW channel which is how i catch the show. Is there another channel i can find the show on

  • Breed - Fashion Photography School

    Wow, great work!

  • Carol Ann Jeffries
    Carol Ann Jeffries 4 months ago

    DAMN !! the local stations didnt renew my WENDY, my bestie in my head. i wont subscribe to cable, so i guess im SOL, unless i check into TVclip each day.

  • AndyMillerPerv
    AndyMillerPerv 4 months ago

    Hey Honey. Still here masturbating to your video's EVERYDAY ALLDAY.. Because U are my perfect Woman :)

  • Kelly Livingstone
    Kelly Livingstone 4 months ago

    Do you not upload new hot topic episodes anymore??

  • MiamiBoyz
    MiamiBoyz 5 months ago

    We used to watch Hot Topics everyday but you have stopped uploading them. So we can no longer support your show. Unfortunately it appears that Wendy really is all about the money. Still trying to figure out how to monetize the show on the internet? Commercials on the broadcast are not enough? Disappointed and I am one of "your" people...or used to be! :(

  • healingypsy
    healingypsy 5 months ago

    Is everything okay with Ms Williams ? Keeping her in prayer. Her hot topics are special.

  • Lebs Skhosies
    Lebs Skhosies 5 months ago

    This is really not my favorite period of the Wendy Williams Show.... There is no show.... #tholokuthi_IM_BORED

  • Lm W
    Lm W 5 months ago

    Missing my Hot Topics! Hope all is well!!

  • Kadan Williams
    Kadan Williams 5 months ago

    Hello My name is Kadan Williams and I am 12 years old. All my life i
    have watched my grandma's every step. I've watched her help countless
    of families and friends through many different situations and also
    have watched herself be helpless through the loss of my grandpa and
    her only brother . However through all her personal and extra brought
    on stress I have never seen my grandma break. (I would really like to
    see my grandma have a break). I'm writing to you to ask if you could
    please help me give my grandma and her best friend one of the biggest
    gifts of giving by helping them open up their very own Non Profit
    Alzheimer's Facility so that they can continue to bless others. They
    have a visions of opening a Springfield Alzheimer's vision of faith
    center. It is an old school building that both attended in their grade
    years and they are fighting harder then every to continue to see it
    succeed. I know i am only 12 and I really cant do much to help my
    grandma and her friend but one thing she has taught me is to always
    have faith and pray daily. So I pray that this letter finds you in and
    your family in good health and also find away to help bless my
    grandma and her bestfriend! Thank you so much Ms Wendy.

  • Nqobile Sibanyoni
    Nqobile Sibanyoni 5 months ago

    When does the Wendy Williams show return?

  • Juan Manuel Zapata
    Juan Manuel Zapata 5 months ago

    Whats going on?? I miss my hot topics!!!

  • Steve McKenzie
    Steve McKenzie 5 months ago

    what right do yoy have to talk about Madonna!!! Have you looked at yourself in the mirror?

    • Al Person
      Al Person 5 months ago

      In a free country can't people talk about anyone? How is Madonna special?

  • Aaron Saltzer
    Aaron Saltzer 6 months ago

    Happy bday!!

  • Ben M
    Ben M 6 months ago

    I am addicted to this show because I love Wendy

  • Ariana Honeymoon
    Ariana Honeymoon 6 months ago

    she is mean ;(

  • John Morgan
    John Morgan 6 months ago

    WENDY WENDY WENDY you need to back off of bill cosby, im so sick of women like you that think you are above a jury..DEDLOCKED WENDY, his case was declared DEADLOCKED, wendy unlike you the jury couldn't find him guilty, and as far as how he acted in court..when you said that on tv i dam near puked, like you can determine how a person SHOULD act under certain situations, and i applaud his wife...STAND BY YOUR MAN... shame on you wendy

  • Marie Kiragu
    Marie Kiragu 6 months ago

    wendy i have been waiting on hot topics about Rob and chyna i cant wait no more...please upload something...

    • Maria Beltran-Cantres
      Maria Beltran-Cantres 6 months ago

      I think they are on vaca!! Juicy stuff always happens when Wendy is on vacation...maybe she will upload a lil something...please??

  • A D
    A D 6 months ago

    are they on a break??? i thought the had several costumes left!

  • Kathy
    Kathy 6 months ago

    Should have an interview with Milano due to her recent financial trouble. Maybe she can earn money taking pictures breast feeding. LOL!

  • Jewel
    Jewel 6 months ago

    about bill; i believe him because the times were not so different from (EMMETT TILL), bc/ac ! (ONE) word , or rumor from (ONE) WHITE woman would have shut him down, for good,

  • Princella K H
    Princella K H 7 months ago

    The way you compare being Gay to being Black shows that you are ignorant and should not be on TV. One is a Sin according to the Bible and the other is just natural aspect of being born Black. It's time you retire. I will pray for you.

  • Alan J
    Alan J 7 months ago

    Wendy Williams is hypocrite with zero credibility.

  • Theresa Williams
    Theresa Williams 7 months ago

    I watch the Ice cube with Bill Mahr i was raised with black people and during that era i was the only white girl that could say the N word without incident because they knew me. it was just part of my vocabulary. All the rap songs say it and a big part of the rap sales are from whites so how in the world can they now say all of a sudden that they are the only ones who can say that word. If they didn't want it repeated they should have never put it in the rap music they sell cause that's what makes it ok to say, by rapping to their music. if it is said as malice, they need to get slapped but if it's said as love because of their upbringing then it's not for anyone to say that it is wrong they should have never put it in their videos then it would not be so bad. but u cant blame people for saying it. they purchased the cd and i'm sure they got rich off a lot of white folks made them as rich as they are..they started it, now deal with it!!!

  • MrCupids07
    MrCupids07 7 months ago

    why are you hitting small time youtubers with bullshizz copyright claims. your dirty and you know it

  • Donn Kizzee
    Donn Kizzee 8 months ago


  • Will Dawson
    Will Dawson 8 months ago


  • Nothando Sanele
    Nothando Sanele 8 months ago

    am so in love with this show, super awesome

  • sivachandana
    sivachandana 8 months ago

    Mrs Hunter, can you please start doing after shows again. We know you are busy, but we miss you and your after shows.

    CHERRY LORNA 8 months ago

    Wendy where is the After Shows ?

  • Hello Kitty
    Hello Kitty 9 months ago

    o my goood please post the hot topics you driving me mental waiting for 7 hours pleaseee if you posted the others why can't you just post that tooooo pleaseeeeeeeee

  • jaime figueroa
    jaime figueroa 9 months ago

    hi wendy willams

  • Ru Moor
    Ru Moor 9 months ago

    Wendy, I'm from the UK and I cannot believe what I saw recently...that Charlize Theron has this little adopted Black Boy in a Dress!!! What's going on??? Please investigate...Please, as I find it extremely disturbing! It wasn't Halloween either...

    • Sara V
      Sara V 7 months ago

      I wondered about that too when Wendy talked about ppl criticizing Theron's parenting skills on Hot Topics. Wendy defended her for pulling on the kid to get in the car, but did not mention a word about how Theron's been dressing that boy in dresses for years.

  • Mulalo Longwana
    Mulalo Longwana 9 months ago

    how u doing and well come back!

  • Mulalo Longwana
    Mulalo Longwana 9 months ago

    love ur show and am all the way from South Africa ....i just loveeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • sue muspratt
    sue muspratt 9 months ago

    Wendy,Wendy,wendy, I am watching your show this evening and she has a guest on that is a cook ,and the poor women was not even finished her cooking and Wendy just made up a tortilla(or what ever it was) and started eating it when the women was still talking! in fact the women even mentioned it. How rude as she just started eating it. I have noticed this different times and how unprofessional, as she just starts eating! tonight she basically ignored the women but did manage to wolf down all the tortilla., by going behind the lady as she was still talking and Wendy with her mouth full!!!! not cool at all Wendy and no class either. I am sorry but have never ever seen a host do this before.

  • Funmilola Elusoji
    Funmilola Elusoji 9 months ago

    Missing your Wendilicious. come back *sad face*

  • Ann Evans
    Ann Evans 9 months ago

    Dear Ms. Wendy from New Hamburg ON. I'm sure there is a good reason but I haven"t seen a video of you for a week and a half. I miss your genuine comments about life and living. Your topics may run to the stars of our time but your comments are pure down to earth every day common sense that I totally relate to. Miss you.

  • The Talkative Two
    The Talkative Two 9 months ago

    Hey Wendy Watchers! How you Doin?
    Come check out or channel #TheTalkativeTwo and tell us what you think!

  • Cathrine Sila
    Cathrine Sila 10 months ago

    LOVE. LOVE. LOVE YOU WENDY. i've never miss a show. LOVE YOU WENDY.

  • Ashmeen Womack
    Ashmeen Womack 10 months ago

    where is hot topics!!!

  • mslove
    mslove 10 months ago

    is there a reason there have been no videos uploaded???

    • mslove
      mslove 9 months ago

      thanks! I didn't understand was immediate when she said it on the last episode!!

    • Jennifer Mason
      Jennifer Mason 9 months ago

      They are on a 2 week vacation

  • snicker
    snicker 10 months ago

    am glad nicki did not respond to remy because i think remy is just looking attention

  • Niary Taps
    Niary Taps 10 months ago

    i wanna meet wendy i think we can mix our pettiness..... lol.... love love the show.....

  • dangimancooper a
    dangimancooper a 11 months ago

    Wendy, you did not tell me today about the Kanye West golden statue with a diaper on! Hot topics crew????

  • Glenda David
    Glenda David 11 months ago

    Wendy take us wig Shopping, Plsssss

  • TuTeManda
    TuTeManda 11 months ago

    what happened to 9pm upload?

  • Emishaw Legesse
    Emishaw Legesse 11 months ago

    please contact me with my email

  • Emishaw Legesse
    Emishaw Legesse 11 months ago

    how could i get her email address to ask her something. i like her personality and kindness and frankness.

  • Montaque Atchison
    Montaque Atchison 11 months ago

    You are so beautiful that I can't wait until, your show come on I would love to meet you one day

  • Montaque Atchison
    Montaque Atchison 11 months ago

    You are so beautiful that I can't wait until, your show come on I would love to meet you one day

  • david duhame
    david duhame 11 months ago

    All the mess with credit card twins.... Madonna gets the Real deal.

  • Violet Cassis
    Violet Cassis 11 months ago

    oh no! we're missing yesterday's hot topics. I hope all is ok!

  • Ahmad Asaad
    Ahmad Asaad 11 months ago

    where is HotTopics ?

  • Sarah Munee
    Sarah Munee 11 months ago

    hey Wendy,when is your team uploading the hot topics segment on youtube?

  • shawny81
    shawny81 11 months ago

    Where is the 9:00 upload?????????????????????????????? #HotTopics

  • McGuires Tutorials

    Congratulations... 1 Million SUBS

  • judith bisson
    judith bisson Year ago

    where do I go to send a question to Ask Wendy, does any Co-Host have the information?
    Thanks peeps

  • tammy jordan
    tammy jordan Year ago

    I. watched. your. show. everyday love. the. hot topics. happy new year. to your family and staff.

  • Kathleen Duhame
    Kathleen Duhame Year ago

    Anyone notice that Wendy's TVclip page is embellished with metallic? Seems like her crew has had the one up in more ways then one. Love the cool collected confidence in it all.

  • Sonny Skye
    Sonny Skye Year ago

    I watch your show everyday. I love you Wendy! You rock!

  • Women's Lifee
    Women's Lifee Year ago

    Hi..Happy New Year 2017 :)

  • Lavardo Gaitor
    Lavardo Gaitor Year ago

    im all the way in the Bahamas and im depending on you to give me the real scoop

  • Lavardo Gaitor
    Lavardo Gaitor Year ago

    what happen hot topics we're behind please lets get on the Mariah NYE Performance please

  • Arianna Devor
    Arianna Devor Year ago

    Michael Devor
    www.gofundme.com/i-wanna-go-home-for-christmasGoing to school can be big decision, from picking the one that suits
    you to the anxiety of the first day and all the tasks that must get
    done. I know I was scared when I signed up, but I am determined to get
    my degree in psychology and Walden offered it both online, and in the
    Addictions specialty. Everything was pretty much stepping stones to
    get my degree from my application to now getting credits towards my
    degree. My anxiety has gotten better, as our Instructor and fellow
    classmates were so helpful. I feel confident I am going to be the best
    student I can be and do whatever it takes to be sure I achieve this
    degree, not just for myself but for every life I can change along the
    way and in the future. Our lives are about more than just the things
    we do and accomplish personally but it’s about what we have done for
    others’ lives as well. I would not be able to go to bed happy with
    myself without feeling like I am making a positive difference in this
    world. I have been through hell and back and I don’t want anyone to
    make the same mistakes as me.If you would have met me six months ago, I would not be the same
    person I am today. I was dealing drugs, using drug, having sex for
    drugs and strung out of my mind on methamphetamines, alcohol, weed,
    you name it I either sold it or knew someone who could get it in the
    matter of a phone call. I thought it was all fun and games, I worked
    as a stripper at the local gay bar, making my access to drugs
    literally limitless. I loved the attention of feeling lusted after by
    all the men, and thought being popular in the club scene would make me
    happy, How could I not be?! I was the life of the party everywhere I
    went, at least on the outside but I was never happy on the inside and
    never saw myself worth anything or going anywhere with my life, I was
    used to being abused and getting nowhere in life, taken advantage of
    in ways to graphic to go in detail about. I knew if I did not slow
    down I would eventually die, deep down I kind of wanted to. I was on
    a highway to hell and self-destruction and I was doing all I could to
    get there the fastest way I could! I was always extremely depressed
    and thought of myself as worthless, my life was in a dark downward
    spiral and it had been this way since I was in the military, where in
    Germany at 18 I took and fell in love with alcohol, sex, drugs,
    partying and self-medicated with their intoxicating effects not taking
    long to help me destroy my diminishing career, as I already had a
    target on my back for rumors of being homosexual before “Don’t Ask
    Don’t Tell” was repealed. I was a target paper worked at every chance
    those that didn’t career for me could take. Until ultimately, my
    drinking got the best of me on that too and I got sent on a plane ride
    back to America. Horrific scenes of car accidents, in and out of jail
    and other bad events followed me for years and years, as the family
    played “Hot Potato” with me passing me on to one family member or the
    next, the drugs only getting worse. My friends and family would try
    and tell me to stop, to slow down, or that I was doing too much and I
    would swear I could control it, or would give it up on this day or
    that. They too getting worn out with my lies got tired of helping me,
    only to know I would not keep my word, not even to myself let alone
    them. Until I eventually was finally homeless with nowhere to go and
    no one to turn to for help, left with absolutely nothing. I literally
    owned a small backpack of clothing and a couple journals I kept to
    document my recovery, and my experiences being homeless. I was always
    hungry and would wait until people left tables to grab scraps off,
    having only myself to blame and determined to find a way out of this
    life, I gave up and came to sobriety and went to rehab. I read
    Alcoholics Anonymous every night for two months, I still sometimes
    open it up to see my tiny handwritten notes in the ledger of the book
    that changed my life forever.
    Who I am as a person today is full of life, not drugs just trying to
    find my next fix. Instead I am fixing myself, learning to love myself
    more and more each day for continuing to push though. I know a lot of
    people would not have the strength to go through the things I have. It
    took losing so much for me to wake up and realize I had a problem. I
    can only thank God, I did though and did not ruin my life and that I
    am alive today. I have seen too many lives affected by alcohol, drugs,
    abuse, rape, I have seen so many more horrific things. I am fighting
    for us, the victims of these crimes. I will get my degree and I am
    going to make sure we get the justice we deserve. Until then stay
    strong, keep your head high and know you are not alone. I am with you
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    although it took losing everything: Friends, Family, and it wasn’t
    until I was living in the homeless shelter, being left nothing
    literally, except the determination to get sober. I still struggle
    sometimes addictions are bad habits hard to replace with good ones,
    but in the past five months I have given up drugs, alcohol,
    cigarettes, and On my 30th day sober, also unknowingly meeting the
    love of my life, my boyfriend Joseph and without his love, compassion,
    and generosity, who took me into his home and helps take care of me
    and makes me feel loved and pushing me knowing I can do this gave me
    the courage to spread my wings and take the leap to chase my dreams. I
    would not likely still be alive as the streets of Cleveland, Ohio can
    be dangerous especially in the neighborhood my shelter was in, be in
    this class let alone have a place that a lot of people take for
    granted and that’s someone to love them, a place to call home, and I
    know without a doubt of mind I love him. These past six months have
    been lifechanging but sobriety can be also just as life changing. I am
    now a part of the Walden Community as not just a student but someone
    able to share my knowledge from my life and experiences to help
    rehabilitate an addict. Actions do have consequences and they will
    catch up to them one day or another. I am so glad my actions caught up
    to me before something worse could have and helped influence me to
    help get me motivated to go back to school.Since I have begun my educational journey at Walden, I feel good about
    myself and like I am doing the steps I need to get my degree to help
    people. I don’t care when I graduate if I don’t make a lot of money, I
    know I will be out in the world make a difference, and that’s what
    matters to me is being able to help those in need. I want to have the
    skills to be able to not only help others but influence them and bring
    them also to sobriety. Being able to mentor them and help them realize
    they too can go out and make a difference in the world and help other
    people. There are so many better options of things you can do instead
    of self-destroying your life with drugs. I know it’s easy to grab a
    bottle, needle, or smoke something to try and escape how you feel
    about something. That’s all you’re doing though, just temporarily
    numbing your mind to your problems and guess what? The next day the
    problems are still there, but they’re usually bigger problems, aren’t
    they? Usually you feel awful, having spent too much money, and now how
    many times must you repeat that to start all over, before you finally
    say enough is enough and that you’re tired of banging your head on the
    wall in addictions and begin to walk to glorifying, well deserved path
    of success rather than addiction?! I have been used, abused, shattered
    and broken into a million pieces. I have been hurt and I have taken my
    pain most of the time in silence. Letting my offenders walk away free
    from repercussions from their actions. I have also been in situations
    I took the steps to report the incidences to the authorities only to
    not get anything but a suggestion for an STI check when you told them
    you wanted to call the police and needed a rape kit. My mind felt
    dull, numb, and my pride felt ripped away from me at the seams like an
    old sheet. Left torn, on the floor crying, trying to figure out how to
    cope and how to tell anyone you have been raped is such a hard thing
    to talk to someone about, and I’m still here left to mend the broken
    pieces of my pride and soul back together. My therapist does some
    treatments to help break down the memory, helping my brain cope with
    the trauma of the freshly made wounds and told me something, “I know
    only time and healing can accomplish miracles just have faith in this
    treatment”. I forgive the men that raped me and let go of the anger
    and bitter emotions that will only hold me back later and accomplish
    little. I would love for the men that raped me to have been arrested
    and seen justice done by the legal system to punish them. I cannot
    live in fear of them or anyone else, and I must fight and be strong
    because I know I am a warrior. I have faith in the treatment, this
    like everything else will not stop me, but make me fight even harder
    to get where I want to. I know I will make it through this awful event
    and overcome those obstacles in the future that try and get in my way


    Wendy no matter what, that picture of You at 12 was so cute and you were Pretty then and still Beautiful now.

  • Rob Lee
    Rob Lee Year ago

    Wendy Williams, double W's equals 33. A third of those who fell and now seek to war against the Christ. WENDY, YOU KNOW YOU ARE GOING TO LOSE!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ama Plange
    Ama Plange Year ago

    Are there any real people who actually watch her programme?

    • Rob Lee
      Rob Lee Year ago

      666 hand sign by Williams in her pic, how flattering, soon he will meet the one whom he mocks. Keep mocking dear people.

  • Barbara Schiller

    Where are all the shows? :(

  • Ben Turner
    Ben Turner Year ago

    no posts today? I'm guessing Wendy dumped Tristian(Christian?) for the close face shot on the after show last week. I would've canned him for that kind of disloyalty.

  • Rhedda M
    Rhedda M Year ago

    I live in Tallahassee and just received a call from one of your staff members to try and verify something that happened here in Tallahassee, FL that TMZ had posted. When he said Wendy Williams, my heart was in my throat! Mrs. Wendy, you make my days livable in these hard times and rough world. Thank you for your candidness, your honesty and most of all, being YOU. When ever I need to smile, I turn to you. I appreciate you and your 'twisted' humor that only certain people can relate to and understand. You're my inspiration. I hope to make my life as wonderful as yours one day. Thank you for helping me keep my dreams alive! :)

    • Rob Lee
      Rob Lee Year ago

      Sadly, Jesus is not who makes your life livable, so very sad. Child you'll see how Williams saves you when the hell of this earth is unleashed, see if she/.he can save you then. Bye

  • Reedactalycious
    Reedactalycious Year ago

    Wendy is so damn hot

  • N Daw
    N Daw Year ago

    the divisive language you use should be a crime stop telling people what to think before someone tells you what to think.

  • Rokia Sidibe
    Rokia Sidibe Year ago


  • kimberly owen
    kimberly owen Year ago

    Waiting for the JLO gossip. Just cause ha ha ha. You always make the tea time interesting. Unable to watch your show daily as I once did. But, catching it on youtube. It's just as good :D. XO

  • bigbeauty131
    bigbeauty131 Year ago

    I hope they really bring the Cosby Show back. But, here is what I wanna know: They took Cosby Show off because of the allegations, but they didn't cancel 7th Heaven!!!

  • Nicey 92
    Nicey 92 Year ago

    Hi Wendy can you have Pentatonix on your show, they are truly amazing

  • Thobias Thorwid
    Thobias Thorwid Year ago

    How you doin' my Queen!! Looking forward to guesting your show this season too! Love to you & all the +1M wendy wathcers out here on youtube!! <3 <3 <3 #SILYMI

    • Rob Lee
      Rob Lee Year ago

      Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life, no man or being can come to the Father except thru him. Enjoy your temporary bliss, it's fleeting.

  • Sarah Rose
    Sarah Rose Year ago

    I just have to say The Wendy Show has been such a blessing in my life. I know that sounds......funny, but it really has. Everyday you make me laugh and realize there are still real people on tv, it's not all fakers, or people from L.A. :-) The Wendy Show is the best show on tv, you all do a wonderful job. It's so funny, inviting and ENTERTAINING! Wendy, you are the best! Seriously, thank you for making your show so excellent and sticking to your guns and who YOU ARE. Also, you have your moisturizing game DOWN! You look fabulous! You have worked hard and it shows!

  • joe smyth
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  • gaflmng
    gaflmng Year ago

    What size is the fur coat you are wearing

    CROMEPOWERZ Year ago


  • Heide Grimm
    Heide Grimm Year ago

    How cheap can you get? First giving a one dollar fan to the audience then prices of going to the usa instead of to the islands. I can't watch anymore of your stuff. Heide Grimm

  • 99 Tubes
    99 Tubes Year ago

    Congratulations for a MILLION SUBSCRIBERS

  • Balogun Damilola


  • w vincent
    w vincent Year ago

    Wendy I am a huge fan! I loved your radio interviews back in the day and you are fiercely going strong. Thank you for staying true and staying you.

  • judy keenum
    judy keenum Year ago

    how did wendy lose the weight?

  • Laura Butler
    Laura Butler Year ago


  • Danielle Davis
    Danielle Davis Year ago

    Can we please have the Michel'le interview on youtube?
    I have been waiting for the upload. Did something legal happen? What happened?

    • Emily Aguirre
      Emily Aguirre Year ago

      +bigbeauty131 She commented about the movie in the Michel'le interview. Michel'le slipped her a copy of the movie so Wendy could watch it before she interviewed her.

    • bigbeauty131
      bigbeauty131 Year ago

      Why didn't she even comment on the movie that Monday after it aired? I just wanted to know what she thought of the movie.

    • Emily Aguirre
      Emily Aguirre Year ago

      Wendy thought it was too Juicy of an interview so she decided no to post it because she thinks you need to watch the show on TV rather than on TVclip.

  • TheVault 29
    TheVault 29 Year ago

    Wendy! You need to upload your videos faster girl!

  • Mistical Blu
    Mistical Blu Year ago

    Ummm, I been waiting for an hour for today's show??? what's going on?? Happy Monday!

  • food channel
    food channel Year ago

    Wish she could interview some hot men !

    • Ms4mula1
      Ms4mula1 Year ago

      yeah!... like, lewis hamilton & kimi raikkonen! (go #7!).

  • Lori Long
    Lori Long Year ago

    Disgrace Wendy....you should fact check before degrading the deceased ref: Prince and untrue statements you made. #tasteless

  • TheVegan AndAnimalActivist

    Hi do you use products free of Animal testing and free of Animal ingredients? I love Animals :)

  • Gay Bottom Pride

    So sorry to hear about Antwon Jackson. How did he die?

  • the oracle
    the oracle Year ago

    milfs are the best

  • EVSGirl87
    EVSGirl87 Year ago

    We need you to talk about Brangelina!!!

  • Beauty Inspector

    I love what You have done there!

  • alan francis
    alan francis Year ago

    Antwon Jackson may you rest in peace. You inspired me in our industry with your work and motivational speeches. When i Meet Wendy i will tell her it was you that inspired me to work harder and never doubt my strengths. xo

  • Jadae16t
    Jadae16t Year ago

    1 of every 4 daytime TV viewers is male, and TWWS picks 'I'm Every Woman' as their new theme song. Poor form.

  • Lynn Hurst
    Lynn Hurst Year ago

    so sorry to hear that Antwon Jackson, Died. He was a beautiful man R.I.P

  • Kyle A. Akatsuka

    RIP ~ Antwon

  • shawny81
    shawny81 Year ago

    Just heard about WIG!!!! He was such an Amazing spirit...He will surely be missed!!!! So sorry to hear about this sad news...

  • Jen A
    Jen A Year ago

    My thoughts are with you.

  • Saved by grace
    Saved by grace Year ago

    is it true mrs. wendy? is antwon really dead? if so, may he rest in peace

  • Andrew
    Andrew Year ago

    Y'all see how they threw those producers under the bus ???

    • Jadae16t
      Jadae16t Year ago

      yes. TWWS via FOX decided to join the race olympics.

  • johnieporter2
    johnieporter2 Year ago

    fired jason for something wendy said...umm why is that how this works

  • Alexandria White

    damn wendy get back on the tv

  • Oh, Poor Cricket

    Can't Stand You and Your Show! For the sake of humanity - Go Away!!!

    • Alexandria White
      Alexandria White Year ago

      you cant stand her but u like iggy azaellllla whoever??

    BRANDON WHITE Year ago

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY WENDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tairica Brown
    Tairica Brown Year ago

    I'm deaf. Happy Birthday.

  • Xena 64
    Xena 64 Year ago

    Wrong Wendy, you are wrong. Like Roland said, stick to gossip!

  • tony duf
    tony duf Year ago

    TRISTAN!!!! Where is the wednesday aftershow?!?!

  • Jadae16t
    Jadae16t Year ago

    Look at all of the BLM racist terrorists trying to petition an entertainer, specifically because of her skin tone. ps. Here is where the term comes from, for some of you racist people that like to use the abbreviated version:
    Good job. You are calling an American a slave cage, implying that if she associates with anyone else, that she is not "one of you". Racism and terrorism at its finest.

  • Amythyst James
    Amythyst James Year ago

    I have had it with this woman, she degrades black women so much i wonder what race she is from. That plastic surgery got you looking like a horse with a wig on.#unsubscribedfromwendy.

  • robert7567
    robert7567 Year ago

    Damn sell out...slave to ignorance

  • Justwatch121
    Justwatch121 Year ago

    Done with Wendy. So disappointed in you.

  • Jerry Blackwell
    Jerry Blackwell Year ago

    I've supported Wendy since she returned to NYC and had the afternoon show on WBLS.
    Because of her comments on the NAACP and HBC I can no longer support any of her endeavors. I've deleted her from my DVR and people who disavow ignorance should do the same.

  • Dan D
    Dan D Year ago

    COON! How dare you go against (and demean) the people who put you where you are?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

  • Joel Kotto
    Joel Kotto Year ago

    More tribute to BLM please! We need support from all across the world!

  • fredy oso
    fredy oso Year ago

    Wendy is right HBCU's and the NAACP

  • Deidrah Scott
    Deidrah Scott Year ago

    Used to love Wendy and the show but since she does not believe in HBCU's, as an alumnus of the historic and prestigious Grambling State University I can no longer believe in Wendy or any of her other endeavors. There was a time when African-Americans were not allowed to read let alone attend college. Without HBCU's we would have never academically progressed. Unsubscribing.

  • Y. Watkins
    Y. Watkins Year ago

    Unsubscribed. Why? Wendy has jumped the shark with her denigrating of HBCUs and the NAACP. What a way to pander to the White power structure. disgusting. I'm through with Wendy.

    • Xena 64
      Xena 64 Year ago


    • Y. Watkins
      Y. Watkins Year ago

      +Dan D I just signed it. Thanks for posting the link.

    • Benjamin Reinback
      Benjamin Reinback Year ago

      Thats fucked up Dan D

    • Dan D
      Dan D Year ago

      Sign the petition to get her off air if you want: www.change.org/p/we-all-can-remove-the-wendy-williams-show-from-bet

  • hotstuff2238
    hotstuff2238 Year ago

    Yesterday was Wednesday. Where is the After Show?

  • luvprincenelson
    luvprincenelson Year ago

    I'm a proud Spelman College graduate, yes, an institution of higher learning and education created for black women, a Historically Black College or University or HBCU. If someone needs to explain the reason why it was created to begin with to you, then you need your money back from that PWI you went to. #ByeWendy #Unsubscribed

  • Kay H
    Kay H Year ago

    Your comments about Jesse Williams are unacceptable. UNSUBSCRIBING. CANCELING THE DVR RECORD.

  • Johnny
    Johnny Year ago

    Help & STOP THE YULIN DOG MEAT EATING FESTIVAL www.change.org/p/stop-the-yulin-dog-meat-eating-festival

  • Curtis Baldridge

    This show really helps me gets through the week. Not in the best job situation currently but you always help put a smile on my face. Thank you Wendy :)

  • Misc
    Misc Year ago

    Wendy, did you take a vote on this? Support Wednesday Only After Show? NOT. Willing to accept 4.5 minutes daily.

  • you tube
    you tube Year ago

    Wendy I love your show on TV but TVclip is a WHOLE nother ball game, to expand you online audience I suggest maybe uploading various clips from the TV show and cutting more of these videos.. i dont know who's idea it was to upload 20:00min videos when a majority of the comments say "skip to 2:23" or fans will get time lists of the topics u discuss. sincerely a true fan.

    • Daniela Lesova
      Daniela Lesova Year ago

      No waaaay. A whole "Hot Topics" is better, than constantly opening a new video every 2-3 mins. It will be annoying as f... I'm currently forcing myself to watch one with such format online... trust me it's not good idea.

  • Nina-Grace Sterling

    Is there no show on a Friday?

  • Presantha Pillay

    When will Friday's show be uploaded.

  • Carolyn Franklin

    Hey Wendy/Bureau!!! What happened to the Paula Abdul interview?

  • Erica Carter
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    How you doin

  • JohnRitterFan4803 the Insane Pessimistic Nut

    How you doin' Wendy?

  • limonera
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    oh i thought it was just me that could not find them. good news!!

  • potocatepetl
    potocatepetl Year ago

    Why is everyone freaking out? Isn't there a break this week?

  • Jim DIY
    Jim DIY Year ago

    At least after 1 WEEK Without Hot Topics or ANY other video i wish next week Wendy will give it to us good with great hot topics and news....I mean, we just lose one weeks hot topics{How U Doin?}

  • Gonçalo JNJ
    Gonçalo JNJ Year ago

    Is everything alright? I'm facing Wendy show withdrawal and I hate it :(

  • Merit G.
    Merit G. Year ago

    Ok, I give up, I'm unsubscribing.....Nothing happening here!!!!

  • Kem-laurin Lubin

    ok - where is Wendy! ? I am waiting here with my glass of wine at 9:03 EST (in Canada) - Where are my videos? :)

  • Stephanie Palomino

    new videos please!!

  • A D
    A D Year ago

    next time you go on a breack please tell us!!!! It will avoid all the drama in the comments setion

  • Mbasa Ma-awu
    Mbasa Ma-awu Year ago

    I feel like something is missing in my life. Wendy we need you sister to complete our days...please come back.

  • Malcolm Ohanwe
    Malcolm Ohanwe Year ago

    Where are the new damn episodes????

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    WTH IS GOING ON!? where are u guys ?? lol

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    Are you all off this whole week??

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    no more vids wendy?

  • joe smyth
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    N O MO R E UPLOADING FROM MISS WENDY............LIFE IS BUT A DREAM..........................

    • joe smyth
      joe smyth Year ago

      NOW I UNDERSTAND ...........V A C A T I O N ....

  • Lori-Ann O.
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    No more TVclip for Wendy??

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    No Hot Topics for 6 days? :( :( :( :(

  • David Richard Perry

    No more Hot Topics uploads...? :(

  • Tracey Mitchem
    Tracey Mitchem Year ago

    Wendy GURRRRRL Whats up with the videos????? I live for them to start my day and end my evening. GURRRRRL did someone die... I mean really'? I think I need a 12 step program ugh!!!!!!

  • Bridget King
    Bridget King Year ago

    Ummm Tia Wendy...who is responsible for uploading to youtube they are ruining my nights at work :( Still love you and the show! (:

  • Presantha Pillay

    When will the videos for the 27th May be uploaded??????

  • Tanya Scott
    Tanya Scott Year ago

    Child ...... Can't wait for you to have HOTTTTTTT TOPICS TODAY!! DON'T BURN YOUR MOUTH SIPPING ON THIS HOT TEA THAT TAMAR GOT FIRED! Tristan please tell her you read this and I said not to sugar coat anything because she was on the show... and sick of people saying ratings will tank when she was gone. When she was gone after being sick all that time....eventually nobody noticed she wasn't there. I believe they would like to bring in a caucasian for a balance to the table. She may have spicy but not be so nasty and over the top with every comment to offend the sponsors.

  • Dreamer king
    Dreamer king Year ago

    hey, i'm wondering where to find hot topic videos from as far as 2011, wheres the playlist. like on ellen everything is so organized. or even jimmy kimel

  • Raji Raji
    Raji Raji Year ago

    hello Nicole Prescovia you can contact me please by'm Malaga,the guy you saw at the festival ,I now live in berlin. 00491626079515

  • Brenda Stroman
    Brenda Stroman Year ago

    hey wendy how you doing just want to let you know I was loving the outfit today you were so cute that short wig was doing you well loved it oh yeah stop telling folks you don't know why they can't get tickets I have been trying since you been on tv and the is the truth any luv luv your host from home

  • kickthespike
    kickthespike Year ago

    Wendy why were you a bit nasty to lovely Brendan to day. We love him and Suzann. I think you were a little nasty to him and I also think you humiliated him. If you think other people should get a shot at their 15 mins of fame then say it away from the camera and say it before the show so people are aware of it. Not a nice thing to see.

  • Carina
    Carina Year ago

    Wendy Williams. One moment I love you. One moment you drive me insane. I hope you keep growing as a person and keep being successful.

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  • JusTyree
    JusTyree Year ago

    Hey everyone, By the way just so you know I do sing on my channel! some wont go click but. I think you should..

    MSSANDALWOOD22 Year ago


  • you and i are like my buttcheeks after all the shit that goes between us we always get back together

    where can i ask wendy to get an answer in the after show?

    • Iva Sativa
      Iva Sativa Year ago

      +papapaparazzi i think on her FB or website..

  • Irene Obalim
    Irene Obalim Year ago

    after hearing this woman make nasty comments about "good borwn" and "bad brown" people I am done with self hating speech. I sent an email to the website and complained to youtube- I am not going to watch someone promote hate amongst the black community. Clearly this woman has issues with her race and ethnicity. The best way to stop this hate is not to watch her at all. There are so many better entertainers who do not promote self-hatred. Let us all find move on- Wendy Williams clearly has issues with being black- the best way to help her is not to watch her crap!!!!!

    • Frances Mary Williams
      Frances Mary Williams Year ago

      +Frances Mary Williams I CAN'T STOMACH LOOKING AT HER !!! Whenever I see her UGLY FAT FACE on TV I change the channel immediately!!!!!!!!

  • Abraham Jean
    Abraham Jean Year ago

    um, did Wendy annouce Prince's death yet?

  • Eric Jones
    Eric Jones Year ago

    Wendy you have to have a tribute to Prince on the show tomorrow! Love to The Artist :(

  • Amanda Shuenyane

    Whats the story, doesn't Wendy air on a Friday???

    • Frances Mary Williams
      Frances Mary Williams Year ago

      +Amanda Shuenyane WELL I DON'T KNOW ABOUT "THAT" but I think I "DO" smell some FARTS when I see her face on TV

  • Denise Amill
    Denise Amill Year ago

    Wendy Williams I Love you so, don't get me wrong, you keep plugging your new animated movie as "The Great Eggscape (Escape), It looks like "The Great Eggscapade (Escapade) to me. Am I wrong?

  • Carla Zentmyer
    Carla Zentmyer Year ago

    Hey Wendy,
    Love your show. I am coming to NYC next week (Wed-Fri) and I signed up for tickets for the Thursday show.
    Didn't hear back yet.....Would love to come from Madison, WI. Love you....

  • Cat & Nat
    Cat & Nat Year ago

    Love the vid you should check over come on over out our vids !

  • Jamie Callahan
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    where are you wendy!? :(

  • wallody
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    Is wendy on vacation now ?

  • Jadae16t
    Jadae16t Year ago

    Now THIS is a divorce settlement. And talk about how flimsy prenups are.

  • Smith Jones
    Smith Jones Year ago

    How come hot topics isnt showing as new videos I had to scroll through 3week just to watch 21st marchs Rihanna and Beyonce feudation.