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  • Kojiro
    Kojiro 2 days ago

    I would like to see a video on the square-cube law and all the different ways this one piece of science interacts with the media we all love. Everything from massive life forms like Godzilla, the practical upper size limits of starships and even why mecha are dumb. Please!

  • Ephemis Priest
    Ephemis Priest 2 days ago

    I'm amazed you haven't touched monster hunter yet! World has catapulted the series into the mainstream gaming community and it's monsters are amazing science projects!

  • Clayton Overstreet
    Clayton Overstreet 2 days ago

    Saw you on Comet. I had a topic I was hoping you'd discuss. Since scientists have pretty much proven that what we perceive does not exist (and you'll find many animes, cartoons, comics, and movies you can quote on this subject) and is really only our mind's way of filtering information from an unfathomable universe, does ANYTHING really happy because of science? Or does science only operate the way it does because we expect it to? And does it operate the same for everyone, or do we each have out own individual perspective? Starting with maybe I see brown as you see blue, but we both point at the sky and agree, it's blue. Maybe I see you as being made of macaroni and cheese and you see everything as being made of stars instead of atoms, but again, we agree on it and call it the same thing. A good example for explaining this might be how Gwenpool views the Marvel universe. Because... science?

  • Luís Cordeiro
    Luís Cordeiro 3 days ago

    can you explain the science in ?

  • Phizicks
    Phizicks 3 days ago

    I got a glass kettle and noticed that on the bottom as it starts to boil, the air bubbles dance around and sometimes it's for a number of seconds before they grow and shoot to the surface, why is that? I can only think that hot water is rising but cold is coming down and pushing down on the bubbles..

  • wanda pitts
    wanda pitts 3 days ago

    Hi Kyle, Love the show! Why can the Predator mark his forehead with the acid blood of an Alien Xenomorph and it not eat through his head?

  • Cory Reed
    Cory Reed 4 days ago

    based on the size of a black hole, are we able to figure out how far "back in time" the singularity is, and if so, what happens to "time" when 2 black holes merge

  • michael molina
    michael molina 5 days ago

    if you have super strength cant you use you're muscles to transfer the force from the punch through the arm and you're body all the way to you're feet and have the ground brace it?

  • Jeff Good
    Jeff Good 5 days ago

    Could the CMB cold spot be the beginning of universal heat death?

  • jakelin2
    jakelin2 6 days ago

    Hey can i ask a question, i have been wondering for a long time now, if punching and sliding with a sword moves air molecules away slightly, how fast and or how much force would you have to punch or slice in order to make the air hit people from a distance and potentially kill them? I know that in an anime type op character duel ground shockwaves and this stuff would be useless since only there direct attacks have the strength to beat each other but it would be interesting to know how much it would take for it to hurt normal people.

  • Emory desu
    Emory desu 6 days ago

    Question, Could you "Free Fall" into superlumious speeds? You can't accelerate beyond c because of mass, but what about falling into an ever increasing, infinitely increasing mass, ie a black hole. If the black hole always has more mass and you fall into it at constantly increasing speed then you should eventually exceed C. And what would that mean?

  • Achim Steigert
    Achim Steigert 6 days ago

    The Blob (Marvel) is immovable. Juggernaut (Marvel) is unstoppable. What would happen if the Juggernaut runs into the Blob?

    • Jeff Good
      Jeff Good 5 days ago

      They would continue to collide until their atoms were forced to follow suit I bet. Then well we all know what happens in that scenario :)Same thing I bet if one of them decided to take on a mountain.

  • Paul Teti
    Paul Teti 6 days ago

    What would a tank battle on Mars be like, since it has lower gravity relative to Earth. The projectiles would go further but would they hit with less force?

    • subzero 2525
      subzero 2525 5 days ago

      I think that the shells would travel faster since there's less particles in mar's atmosphere for it to slow it down. Also the tanks would slightly launch in the opposite direction when they fire. Good question btw. I would love to see an episode like that.

  • jmccurry22
    jmccurry22 7 days ago

    If a Vulcan went to the Star wars universe would it be able to use the force because it is telepathic?

    • Jeff Good
      Jeff Good 5 days ago

      I think The Force is omnipresent in the multiverse. The Vulcan's understanding of it is still in it's infancy. Likely because they are still too full of themselves to find their way as far down the path as a Jedi Knight. Vulcans are a proud and arrogant race as far as I've ever seen them portrayed.And it's taken centuries to get that far from whence they came = )I think it's a big yes to your question, and that's why, for whatever that's worth

  • Rolf Schöpe
    Rolf Schöpe 7 days ago

    Hi Kyle, I'm not sure how familiar you are with RWBY, but do you think you could take a look into Yang's Ember Celica? I'm curious what having a shotgun strapped to your wrist would do to your hand (I imagine the pellets spread out very quickly with such a short barrel) and the rest of your arm.

  • Joshua Wood
    Joshua Wood 7 days ago

    How do you take care of your hair?!?

  • Srilansa
    Srilansa 7 days ago

    What's Infinity Gauntlet made of? How come if the infinity stones are black holes this "magical" gauntlet help to control stones anyone who wields it?????

  • Wolfman Complex
    Wolfman Complex 8 days ago

    Was Kyle Hill in a Commercial? I just saw this add for Far Cry 5 with this guy asking "How do you use a Sniper Rife?" The long hair blond guy was/looked like Kyle Hill.

  • Tom Torpy
    Tom Torpy 8 days ago

    Hey Kyle, loving your videos! I have binge watched all of your episodes in the past 24 hours without sleep and I need more :) I have a question... What would be the highest possible electrical charge humans can create today's technology? Could we possibly create something to the scale of an actual lighting bolt or more?

  • Kevin Tibble
    Kevin Tibble 8 days ago

    Question Kyle How is Vibranium shaped? Since it absorbs kinetic energy and trying to mold it by melting it or just applying force to it (which you would need to create the nanocomposite springs in Black Panther's suit) would just result in it absorbing the heat, would shaping the suit even be possible? Also, does Vibranium have a maximum energy level? What happens when it exceeds that level without a way to release it? Would it explode or atomize? They did the question of punching Superman into the sun in All-Star​ Superman Thanks love your channel.

  • Antony Drossos
    Antony Drossos 9 days ago

    Is there an explanation for how Superman could avoid muscle and bone deterioration from our lighter-than-Krypton gravity? That seems to be a real problem for astronauts that stay on the ISS for months at a time.

    • Jeff Good
      Jeff Good 5 days ago

      I always assumed it was the power that the sun gave him

  • Evil Paragon 2
    Evil Paragon 2 9 days ago

    Oh cool, now I can subscribe to what I want to watch.

  • Kodyjay
    Kodyjay 9 days ago

    Some theoretical spaceship engines use nuclear explosions as propellants. 1. Would the acceleration be deadly to humans? 2. Are there materials that could withstand these blasts for extended periods of time so you could push off the explosions intact? 3. Would it be better to use lots of tiny explosions or a few bigger ones in order to reach the highest speeds the most efficiently and in the easiest to control way?

  • Kodyjay
    Kodyjay 9 days ago

    What would happen if a gas giant made contact with a star? Would the gas giant explode as it grew closer or would the star just absorb it like the larger binary star does to the smaller one?

  • Tyler Coolbear
    Tyler Coolbear 10 days ago

    If Superman had the density of steel (Man of Steel) how much would he weigh?

  • James Scheurich
    James Scheurich 10 days ago

    Would Thrust Vectoring (like in many of the new Military aircraft) allow space fighters like the X-wing to move like what we see in the movies?

  • RedRoy Productions
    RedRoy Productions 11 days ago

    There is a scene in Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, where Jack Sparrow and his two companions are hanging on an anchor as two opposing walls of water come crashing down upon them. My question is, since the crests of the walls seemed a good 20'+ above Jack, and Jack was a good 10'-15' above the other two, shouldn't that have been equivalent to getting sandwiched between two vehicles going at highway speed? Since the surface tension of water is relatively high and the sudden change in atmospheric pressure between sea level and 20'-40', or more below it, shouldn't there be some pretty strong forces acting upon their bodies? However, they just get dredged up, still holding onto the anchor, soaking wet, none the worse for wear. I know "because movies", but that seems like something that is so obviously a bad day for anyone in that situation, as for me to question why no one else seems to have noticed.

  • skord12
    skord12 11 days ago

    Do a video on unstoppable force vs immovable object :d

  • Tom Baglee
    Tom Baglee 11 days ago

    Hey Kyle, A question for you: If "Second Impact" (The coverup used in the Anime series Evangelion) was to actually happen as described in the series. Wherein an asteroid 10mm in diameter struck Mt. Markham, in Antarctica at near the speed of light (c 90-99%). Causing an explosion upwards of 18 billion megatons, instantly vaporizing the ice sheets, mega-tsunamis moving at 27km/s and massive rainfall from the condensed water vapor. All combined killing 2 billion people in the southern hemisphere. What would the real world effects be if this actually happened and would it match up to the events described in the series?

  • Thomas Bellman
    Thomas Bellman 12 days ago

    Would Ant-Man really appear to move slower when in giant form as seen in Civil War?

  • Jeremiah Brown
    Jeremiah Brown 12 days ago

    Ps I love the in depth material of your alien videos

  • Jeremiah Brown
    Jeremiah Brown 12 days ago

    Hey I love all things science and love the channel, but I feel like the videos are too long I simply don't have time to watch the new 30 min. episodes I still love the content I simply feel that the 10-15 minutes of science was easier to manage especially when one wants a quick dose of science goodness. I hope my concerns are noted

  • Cameron Strommen
    Cameron Strommen 13 days ago

    Would wearing Black Panther's suit help prevent you from being killed by the equal & opposite reaction of super punching fools across the room with super strength?I'm sure your fist will go through them or you'll still be thrown back by momentum, but maybe you won't snap your wrist?? All praise your glorious mane, my leige!!#BecauseScienceFootNotes

  • swight1423
    swight1423 15 days ago

    Maybe you could explain the science of the Philadelphia experiment(the cloaking accidental time travel one) also curious how much power it would take when scaled to city and person sizes.

  • Chopper Northman
    Chopper Northman 16 days ago

    With the awesome new looking Lost in Space reboot coming out, there is something from the 1998 version that I always wondered. Could you go fast enough to travel through our sun without going light speed and not become just a.....poof?

  • Tyler Coolbear
    Tyler Coolbear 16 days ago

    Could the bond between the Vibranium nanites in the new suit function because of the piezoelectric kinetic energy conversion theory?

  • Aread Leano
    Aread Leano 17 days ago

    Can you please do an episode on the Yamato cannon of Startcraft's Terran Battlecruiser? Also maybe something about Cloverfield Paradox's Shepard Station? ALSO, I agree with all previous comments and statements about your glorious mane.

  • Rico Thisby
    Rico Thisby 17 days ago

    Hi want to make a quick request, and this is legit question.Are Fish wet underwater?? I have been into debates about this and I need answers! Thank you! Love your work

  • Miles Saxton
    Miles Saxton 17 days ago

    if you see a mushroom cloud (a really big one), Is it already too late to run?

  • Arthur Mingo
    Arthur Mingo 17 days ago

    I was watching GOTG Vol. 2, and had a thought. Actually, I had two thoughts. First, if Ego is a planet and gravity still applies how is there space in his core, areas to fly around in and not solid rock, second, near his core shouldn't the gravity be extremely dense/high?

  • Lucas Mitchum
    Lucas Mitchum 18 days ago So, watching this video gave me a thought, and I was wondering what you might think. What if, instead of just plasma, there is actually a telescopic pole in the hilt of a lightsaber that gets heated up to the point of giving off heat and energy, the instant it gets released? And stuff like keiber(?) crystals simply are like batteries*? Because, when you look at it and think about it, how realistic is it to have lightsaber duels that you can actually push people around, sword against sword (or saber against saber) as if they were solid objects? Because last I've heard/seen, plasma isn't solid. Solids are solid. Plasma is plasma. And unless there were some sort of core to the lightsaber "blade," is it realistic to assume lightsaber blades are just purely magnetically-contained? Would it not be easier to have some sort of metallic core that could heat up really quickly, and that gives off a discernable color? *(and maybe are of some chemical nature that give lightsabers their color? A slight tangent. Idk how realistic that is. But maybe it could be like using different gases in, say, neon lighting? And the different crystals, when heated, give off different colors based on their chemical composition?)

  • Josh Hale
    Josh Hale 18 days ago

    I have an idea for an episode for you guys. I was just watching some dragon ball super with the episode of the divine dragon. Maybe you could explore some of the science with a creature bigger than a galaxy?

  • sterling lee
    sterling lee 20 days ago

    Hello I stumbled upon something in a science fiction story which I was wondering if you can explain its this idea that if you submerged the human body in water you can withstand incredible acceleration forces the movie event horizon use something like this but it also appeared in Jules verne's from the earth to the moon and the 1959 television series, men into space. Does this phenomenon actually work? if so why? and Why aren't we employing it in real lunches?

  • Sentjos
    Sentjos 20 days ago

    hey Kyle, if jedi could use force in infinite amount (according to Yoda) could they make Kugelblitz (black hole made out of energy)

  • Vishwaja Jayalath
    Vishwaja Jayalath 21 day ago

    Hey kyle! you said that the Amazonian sword of wonder women is a photon weapon that cut through molecular level, in a previous episode. And in the Wolverine:Origin story arc there is a Katana Blade called the Muramasa Blade that has same properties(I guess). So what will happen if the to blades collapse. Will they cut through each other or will something else happen?

  • Dominic G
    Dominic G 21 day ago

    What do you think of the use of FTL in FTL video? (this link: )

  • Joel Manuel
    Joel Manuel 22 days ago

    Hi Kyle! I recently watched Independence Day Resurgence (terrible film by the way) but there's a scene that stuck with me which I'd like you to discuss. When the Alien "mother ship" appears above earth it is freaking enormous. It literally covers the top of the planet. I couldn't help but wonder....Surely, being that X amount of mass latched onto the earth, this would have an effect on the Earths orbit of the sun amongst other things? Because the spacecraft lands i'm guessing it's exerting force onto the planet in a certain direction? would the results be as catastrophic as what we see in the film....or worse? Please discuss :) :)

  • Hellotto
    Hellotto 23 days ago

    Hello, Because Science Channel. I was just wondering if you've heard anything about the theory of Solid Light and do you think it could be a different way to craft/explain how Light sabers work without burning everything within it's radius to a blacken crisp?

  • HypnmasterDE
    HypnmasterDE 23 days ago

    How does vulcan mind melting/fusing work? (see Star Trek Mr. Spock and alike)

  • S.F. Edwards
    S.F. Edwards 24 days ago

    Hi Kyle- Something for you to consider, what if a light saber actually is using a core of Negative Matter, not Anti-Matter, contained in a magnetic field? The byproduct could then be a low energy plasma field, hot enough to cauterize, but not light the room of fire and the majority of the lightsaber actions could still work. Negative Matter, NM, is theorized to act against regular matter by pushing it away and by effectively acting in opposition to normal Newtonian physics. If swung with a weak force it would impact a surface and bounce back, instead of embedding, as seen in the films, but when swung with enough force would nearly slice through an object by simply forcing the molecules out of the way. Then the plasma sheath byproduct would sear the edges of the slice/impact. This would also explain the saber lock, as the NM would, upon breaking through the plasma sheath, counter intuitively latch onto the other core, and the way to disengage would be to push the blades together instead of apart, again as seen in the films (light touches of the magneto-plasma sheath deflect, but there almost always seems to be a push with the sabers to get them to disengage). BTW Aero Engr by training, keep up the good work my brother.

    • S.F. Edwards
      S.F. Edwards 21 day ago

      Thinking about this more a thought just occurred to me. That is the point of the kyber crystals, they are Negative Mass (NM) objects, or are able to store and focus NM atoms. This could also help to explain how the Death Star Super Laser works. The massive Kyber Crystals make the DSSL act like a light saber, all the beams converging, but once they reach critical mass they focus and release a massive amount of NM into the target, this bores a hole into the planet and creates an explosive effect as the NM expands outwards at a significant percent of C, tearing the planet apart. The use on NM in Star Wars tech could also explain many other aspects of their technology, hyperdrives (and how they can leak). NM could be used much like Element Zero in Mass Effect, to lower the effective mass of a ship and allow it to reach the speed of light where it can enter hyperspace. It could also be used in repulsor lifts, shields, etc... and maybe to explain why/how starfighter maneuver like aircraft in an atmosphere.

  • Mike Keough
    Mike Keough 25 days ago

    How do graboids move so fast through the ground in Tremors? Supposedly they move using spurs on their bodies. Similar to an earthworm. They are massive though and it feels like they have a relatively small number of spurs for their size to achieve those speeds. While we are at it, would graboids really be able to accelerate as quickly as they do in the movie(s) under ground? And where does the displaced dirt go as they burrow? You never see signs of them moving unless they are directly below the surface. Furthermore, what you do see is something akin to a beach ball just under the surface of a pool moving rapidly. Wouldn't more dirt be flying through the air with something that massive, moving that quickly just barely under the ground? Surprise Tremors suggestion!

  • Panos M.
    Panos M. 26 days ago

    Hi! In 2008s Iron Man, it is stated that the Mark III armor is made of a Ti - Au alloy. In July 2016, researchers have discovered that a titanium-gold alloy is up to 4 times harder than titanium. Tony Smart? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Marcus Dietinger
    Marcus Dietinger 26 days ago

    hey because science team! i have a problem. on faceboot, there is a picture showing a forklift that penetrates a steel beam. picture: and the discussion went from NEVER!!!!!!!!!! to maybe possible. so here is my question: is it? (i think it is) the data: forklift: 3000kg speed:15 km/h (maybe more or less, i dont know) fork diameters: 80 x 10 mm (its smaller in the front, maybe 50 - 60) steel has a dense of maybe 450N/mm² (maybe less because its not a good quality they use in construktions.) fork steel shoul`d be more. 500 - 600n/mm² woul´d be great too see that in your channel!!! love all the videos. greetings from austria! marcus

  • Travis W. Brooks
    Travis W. Brooks 27 days ago

    I've got a question that's been bugging me since the original Doom was first released on the PC in 1989. How the f'in hell, does the BFG work?

  • Joseph Wareham
    Joseph Wareham 27 days ago

    Hey Kyle, I was wondering if an organic 3D printer is possible like we see in the Netflix series "Altered Carbon".

  • Trio
    Trio 28 days ago

    Hey Kyle, something to consider for your Black Panther suit video. If you take a bottle of carbonated beverage, crack the seal just enough to release the pressure inside, then reseal it. Now take this depressurized bottle as a representation of the Black Panther suit. If you hit the bottle, it starts to release some of the carbon dioxide from inside the beverage, keep doing this and you can feel and hear the difference in tone of the bottle as the gas pressure starts to build back up. If you think of this in terms of the film, and the stored kinetic energy being built up in the suit, the release of energy is in essence no different than loosening the cap once again to dispel the pressure inside the bottle. Let me know your take on this please, I'd love to hear your thoughts. Congrats on the new channel, keep the content rolling.

  • Jonathan Colby
    Jonathan Colby 29 days ago

    how would the anatomy of Zelda's Gorons work, I really don't see a diet of all rocks really being all that sustaining.

  • Cody Daniels
    Cody Daniels 29 days ago

    Where's the poison ivy vid I just got a notification for? :o

    • GJSelect
      GJSelect 29 days ago

      I'm guessing it had something to do with poison and how whatever science he was going to tell us could be used to hurt people or would be used stupidly by people. For example, the tide pod challenge. So they probably took it down on their own.

    • Kylie H
      Kylie H 29 days ago

      me too, but nothing. what's going on, in TVclip censoring our science now?

  • Kai B
    Kai B 29 days ago

    Because Science has its own channel now? When did that happen? Glad to finally find it!

  • Sputnik Qwerty
    Sputnik Qwerty 29 days ago

    what would the biology of Mr freeze have to be like to require such cold temperature to survive?

  • Not an Illuminati spy

    Sup Brah, You remember this? Gaston snaps a leather belt with his neck muscles. Well, that could be upwards of 500 newtons of force. That's like, 50kg of force generated simply by flexing his neck. sauce:

  • Joshua B
    Joshua B Month ago

    Hello Kyle, I am proposing a challenge of sorts for you to see if it's realistically possible. There is a Light novel by the name of A Certain Magical Index with power users( ie espers) have their abilities rooted in scientific explanation, one of the main explanation behind Espers is 'manipulating the microworld to effect the macroworld through quantum physics.' Or something like that, I'll admit I don't understand the actual explanation myself all I know for sure is that it works along that line of thought I'm not sure if you do series like these but I figured that out of them this would be fine because of the idea that these abilities are possible because of scientific explanations rather then fictional reasons. If your interested and want more information you can easily send me a personal message. While I am not expecting this series to be accurate I am curious to what 'step' will the explanation go from science to fiction.

  • Alan Beecroft
    Alan Beecroft Month ago

    I've got an Incredibles-related question for you: with her hyper-flexible skin and bones, could Elastigirl hypothetically be invulnerable to bullets?

  • IsaiahTSE
    IsaiahTSE Month ago

    There's a game on Steam called Team Fortress 2. In the game there is a medic that can heal his/her teammates with a medigun. I need some explanation on how the medigun works that way

  • Shilo Kison
    Shilo Kison Month ago

    Could you please do an episode about the science behind green lanterns ring thank you

  • psilos89
    psilos89 Month ago

    Hey Kyle! At last this series got what it deserved. Its own channel!!!!! Congrats and wish you a good start. I really love your videos and I would like to see one about the curving bullets in "Wanted" movie explained and one about my favourite trilogy "Back to the future" and the flux capacitor science. Thanks.

  • Dustin Dixon
    Dustin Dixon Month ago

    i got an idea for a discussion or vlog. i just had a run in with this stuff too. how dose poison ivy/oak work and why dose your skin react to it the way it dose. and just for fun even though it doesn't grow in my neck of the woods Hogs weed and its burns

  • Josh I.
    Josh I. Month ago

    Hey! Would 'Downsizing' cause breathing problems or bone growth issues?

  • Minighastball Nether Warrior

    Do an episode on f darth maul could survive getting cut in half (and we know he wold blow up in a seam explosion, this is if he didn't)

  • lissyrosie
    lissyrosie Month ago

    will you please do a video with matpat? THE WORLD NEEDS IT!

  • Angelo Crawford
    Angelo Crawford Month ago

    Hey Kyle, my name is Angelo. Real quick, I just wanna say I am a huge fan of yours. I love science and you have inspired me to do what I am about to explain next. I am trying to create Spiderman's web shooters. I'm trying to get my friends to help me, but they are useless at this point XD. I wanted to ask for your help on this. I have no idea what to use for web fluid. That is really the only thing holding me back from making these. I can't find anything that would work like the web fluid does in the comics and TV shows. I was wondering if you could help me with this. I don't have a facebook, instagram, or twitter to be able to contact you, so I'm taking my chances with this youtube comment. If you do manage to see this, my email is I could seriously use your help with this. Thanks in advance. Keep up the good work.

  • Kyle À
    Kyle À Month ago

    Question: If the Flash used his "Infinite mass punch" on the Black Panther, would it do anything? Because the Black Panther's Vibranium suit can absorb the Kinetic energy from various forces, how much can it handle before it deconstructs on an atomic level? In simpler terms, can Vibranium absorb the force of the Flash's fastest punch?

  • Thomas Hladký
    Thomas Hladký Month ago

    So, how to begin ... Ok, for first place: love your vids and your sheer wide size of knowledge, the second thing is: What's your opinion about time traveling and time loops in original manga All You Need Is Kill or film based on it (On edge of tomorrow), and if you have some theory about the work with tachyons (tachyons have been lately considered as unexisting), and their effect on brain /memory. For me ... the question of the effect of tachyons looks simple, it's almost same as the explanation of the space mining ship's light speed and stasis called Red Dwarf from the series Red Dwarf, that being said . . . the ship is composed of tachyons or covered in tachyon bubble, which allows the ship to travel with the speed of light or through the time if the same would work for your brain (specifically your memory cortex), you could keep memories from yesterday . . . probably. PS.: The movie has little different mechanics, but the basics are mostly the same, except what allows time travel is alien/mimic blood, not exactly tachyons. Thanks if you'll correct me or even feature these problematics.

  • caleb rawley
    caleb rawley Month ago

    I think a video on Titanfall would be well deserved but also interesting. Similar to the Attack on Titan episode, it would involve G forces and momentum as well as their impacts on the body but it would be different in results due to the fact that at times pilots come to complete stops after racing at a break-neck pace. not only could the video be on the Gs experienced by pilots but even the sort of mechanisms or forces needed to use the sort of weaponry that the game offers.

  • River Moss
    River Moss Month ago

    This was a fun read and it made me think of this channel. Love what you're doing!

  • crazyphysicist
    crazyphysicist Month ago

    ALON - check it out

  • Shattuck Springer

    Hey, Kyle Hill I have a question could "The Flash" run so fast he runs off the curvature of the Earth and into space because of his forward momentum.

  • Sebastian Duurhuus

    can you explain why its "impossible" to catch/ kill a fly?

  • thull21
    thull21 Month ago

    Would it be possible to do an episode of the rhino stomp from Warframe

  • Riley R
    Riley R Month ago

    Could you do an episode on some of the magic within The King Killer series by Patrick Rothfuss? It is all alchemy or sympathy that I think would be really interesting to cover.

    • Riley R
      Riley R Month ago

      But like an episode on what it would be if the magic could theoretically work.

    • Riley R
      Riley R Month ago

      If not, it's is a really great series that you should read.

  • ShadowofAnon
    ShadowofAnon Month ago

    Can you lift someone with electricity like in black lightning episode 1? (without killing them?)

  • Mike Lohmiller
    Mike Lohmiller Month ago

    My comment should be spoiler free - A video, probably short, on the Netflix Punisher "The Punch" that caused the damage to the eye, the force involved and what potentially would have happened to said persons hand to cause that much damage would be fun.

  • Cory Pelizzari
    Cory Pelizzari Month ago

    I've been waiting for ages for this show to have its own channel. I couldn't subscribe to Nerdist because of the amount of junk videos they upload nearly every day.

  • Jack Carabillo
    Jack Carabillo Month ago

    Greetings Kyle. Congratulations on the success and growth of Because Science. Love watching all of your videos. I have a nerdy question for you. Do you think we will every see Mechs like in Mechwarrior or Battletech? Hollywood, back in the early 90's did the movie "Robot Jox"... How feasible would it be to make a mech and why do you think we don't have them yet?

  • Mgenilion
    Mgenilion Month ago

    Hey Nerdist! I've got a question that's been bugging me since elementary school! In a episode of Magic School Bus, Ms Frizzle takes the class to Pluto where Arnold ultimately takes his helmet off and is encased in ice. He later gets a cold for doing so but obviously the real world would be much less forgiving. So, my question is, now that thanks to science we know exactly what Pluto's atmosphere, pressures and temperatures are, what WOULD happen to Arnold?

  • Gary Carter
    Gary Carter Month ago

    so here's an old school question. in the TV series Buck Rogers they show star gates with lightning. my question can we use high energy plasma with help from electromagnets rip open a hole in space time and then pass through it?

  • Ian Harrison
    Ian Harrison Month ago

    How would you break down the science of Luck...?

  • Joe-2k9
    Joe-2k9 Month ago

    How much energy would it take to bring the Star Destroyer down in The Force Unleashed?

  • Katlin Yates
    Katlin Yates Month ago

    Couldn't the color of the hair/aura be produced by secreting the materials through their hair/body to give off that color effect and wouldn't that make more sense since than situational atmosphere i think nitrogen is inert as in no color atleast in a combustion engine so basicly in our atmostphere it would be as what we see before transformations which is usuallly a distinct yet colorless aura from almost everyone else? any comments?

  • Xstrada
    Xstrada Month ago

    Not sure if this has been answered elsewhere or not. Space Battleship Yamato or Starblazers. What exactly is the wave motion gun? is it a giant capacitor that fires a giant laser cannon/laser beam or is it more like a giant particle accelerator like CERN? And exactly how would the damn thing work? How much energy/fuel would this thing consume/produce? Loved this show as a kid and the science/engineering of it is really interesting :p

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    Has there ever been a episode on why or if Wolverine from the X-Men could contract blood borne diseases like HIV, from slicing up baddies? Or does anyone know of a comic that mentions this topic.

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    Here's a suggestion: What would it take for a Dragon's fire breath to actually be a stream of Chlorine Triflouride (ClF3)? What kind of biology would that take? I'm imagining three glands myself, two in the chest to purify two chemicals that can mix into ClF3, and one in the jaw that actually does the mixing while expelling said chemicals with some sort of specially designed tubing to aim it... This could even give rise to some dragon myths, such as the flame breathing lungs (misunderstood glands in the chest), and raising the head to inhale in preparation for expelling the fire (tilting the head back to enhance the flow between the glands in question).

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    "What is the Force?" It's hard sci-fi! What if it's an aether-like medium local to the Star Wars galaxy. It creates pressure and mild temperatures, even in space (allowing spacewalks without spacesuits, as we've seen in ESB, Rebels, and TLJ). It allows the wings on X-wings to actually do something outside of atmosphere. It explains how sound is transferred during space battles. It makes space much more habitable than in our galaxy, allowing broad colonization.

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    Hey there ! I am really glad that you have your own channel now, congratulations ^^ ! I may have a quite nerdy question for one of your next episodes, which perhaps has been already proposed: given the data that our civilisation will collapse soon, based on the thesis of the collapsology, would it take a shape similar to the max mad or terminator franchise, or even both ? oO

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    Hi, with Battle Angle Alita coming up, I've got a question that I carry around since the mangas. I know that you can use high pressure water to cut concrete, but would it be possible and/or useful? i.e. ->

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    Hi Kyle. A question for you… How does a creature with such corrosive liquid for blood like Xenomorphs could have been able to exist in real life? If their blood does not coagulate what would happen to them if they suffer a cut? Every secretion like their saliva, pee or poo should be corrosive too? If there would be any scientific chance for nature to create a living xenomorph how would it really be without the fiction?

    • scairax
      scairax 22 days ago

      the xenomorphs blood probably only becomes corrosive after reacting with a element in the air as for the rest no idea

    • urbanchaos61241
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      Do it KYLE!

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    Vibroblades in the starwars universe, how do they work and are they actually more efficient than a strait blade to use?

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    Do you mind if I ask a question about heat transfer stuff?

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    • Rich Jesmer
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    How do the dragon balls work? Just asking for a friend. Like gateway to another realm where shenron hangs, or Pokeball situation where is trapped?

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    I was just watching latest episode of BS... Khem... BeSci... Yeah. Let's roll with BeSci... Anyway... In one scene you say that Vader would have to repel drool of xenomorphs using force... That spawned a question actually about that in me brain. Does using force wear force user... Like does one get tired? In theory you exert force and by that you do work... So energy is used but looking at the movies and games... That doesn't seem to be the case. So... Question: "Does force use exhaust user to a point where a single file drool of xenomorphs (they always hide their numbers... Yep... I'll show myself out) would wear down force user and overpower him/her anyway?".

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    OK, I want to see if we can challenge the "Because Scienceverse" a little. Is there a model for a lightsaber that doesn't include explosions of flesh? Is there some way that a lightsaber could be shielding the vicinity from that heat and instead using the heat for another purpose? The only reason I question this is based on methodology from the channel. You typically reference the fantasy material directly for measurements and effects, and then explain how those could be plausible with science. We have no instance of someone exploding when hit with a lightsaber, so could there be an explanation that uses the source material's effect? Maybe there's some way that the lightsaber is using magnetic forces to create an impossibly thin cutting edge and the heat isn't the main source of its cutting power? SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS BEING ITS OWN CHANNEL! Thank you Kyle and the Because Science team for making such great stuff!

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    Hey, I have some question for you, how does the Iron Fist work ? How powerful it is ? Why a person with the Iron Fist can't use it to create shock waves punching the air but have to hit something solid to release the Fist energy ? Can an Iron fist Block a lightsaber ? What would happen to the fist and to the plasma of the lightsaber during and after the contact ?

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    hey kyle i was watching Dredd (the remake not the stallone masterpiece) and i was wondering if you could explain how that slowmo drug works

    • gisdings
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      I don't think that it allows the brain to think faster, I had the impression that "only" the receptions are sped up, so time appears to be faster only you can't change anything like in a movie. It's still a drug used for escapism. When we see we have a little time delay because our brain needs to interpret the footage from our eyes if the drug were to disable this interpretation... maybe this is a protoidea how the drug works.

    • Jeremy Manuel
      Jeremy Manuel Month ago

      Kyle does a segment on the new Bill Nye series time travel episode that kinda might explain how a drug like that would work.

    • Matter Beam
      Matter Beam Month ago

      It probably accelerates brain activity. However, we are not machines that can be 'overclocked'. Increased brain activity just means epileptic crisis. And even if it were controlled, faster thought means more glucose is needed to feed the brain, which creates more waste heat. If Slow-Mo really allowed us to think x1000 faster... our brains will boil inside the skull.

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    • Matter Beam
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      There are real world examples of animals taking weeks to digest their prey, such as the largest pythons or the sloth. A person trapped inside the Sarlacc pit will suffocate, drown in digestive juices, be crushed by stomach muscles or die of dehydration in increasing order of time.

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    Welcome nerds! Nerdist and I are still making this show together, but this will be our own ecosystem to change and grow. Over the next few weeks, we'll start rolling out livestreams of *BS live* and vlogs that address your comments/questions/concerns/insights for each episode right here, to round out the BS experience. I want to engage directly with you. Thanks for watching! -- KH

    • Clayton Overstreet
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      Saw you on Comet. I had a topic I was hoping you'd discuss. Since scientists have pretty much proven that what we perceive does not exist (and you'll find many animes, cartoons, comics, and movies you can quote on this subject) and is really only our mind's way of filtering information from an unfathomable universe, does ANYTHING really happy because of science? Or does science only operate the way it does because we expect it to? And does it operate the same for everyone, or do we each have out own individual perspective? Starting with maybe I see brown as you see blue, but we both point at the sky and agree, it's blue. Maybe I see you as being made of macaroni and cheese and you see everything as being made of stars instead of atoms, but again, we agree on it and call it the same thing. A good example might be how Gwenpool views the Marvel universe.

    • Doctor Universe
      Doctor Universe 5 days ago

      Can graphene be a lightsaber's battery to create the lightsaber plasma, the phenomenal magnetic field strength to stop a bullet and etc.? Please leave me a reply once you've noticed this message and figured out the answer. P.S. I couldn't send this on Twitter so I used TVclip. Please answer this question in your next Ask Kyle video if you can, but please try because I'm dead curious about this question. #BecauseScience

    • baneofhell
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      Hello Kyle! I love the Antman movie, and the trailers for the sequel have me excited, but can you explain how the theory of Pimm particles shrinking space between atoms is also somehow adding or decreasing weight, when the mass of the object remains unchanged? Example from new trailer: How can the mass and weight of a building be easily carried off like luggage? Its so frustrating when I watch the clear inconsistencies. Maybe I'm missing something. THANKS!!

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    In Don Rosa's Donald Duck comic, Gyro Gearloose invents a substance called the Universal Solvent in a story named after it. Unfortunately, Scrooge McDuck pours it on the ground, and it quickly eats its way into the core of the Earth. The ducks then *spoilers* dive after it, collect it, and save the world. But what would really happen to Earth if such substance would dissolve its core?

    • gisdings
      gisdings Month ago

      Hey, you can't just change the question to answer it. The story goes as he's told, so the "Universal Solvent" does eat trough the ground. Not being mean, but that's not how I've learned to answer totaly ridiculous and fictional questions. ;)

    • Matter Beam
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      Universal solvent doesn't also mean that it cannot be saturated. Sugar dissolves very well in water, but add too much and the extra sugar stays dry. So, this small quantity of universal solvent will dissolve some of the floor.. then saturate and do nothing.

    • Mongward
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      Where did they keep it. How did they collect it. This raises so many questions I don't mind being unanswered!

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    • Because Science
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      I will! Starting next week, there will be a livestream each week where I take your questions , and a vlog where we reflect on and add to each previous main episode! -- KH

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    Hey Kile, I love your realistic explanation of things: would you cover this topic and perhaps either prove them right and then make me look like a fool: just go to this facebook post...if I turn out to be wrong, let me know, if not, that's what I am trying to solve...I really hate how people say, oh I have read the biggest science articles, and then sometimes they don't even do that, and they come up with some vague idea in how to phrase their words to seem like they understand if you follow my comments to that post, you will see what I mean, but to ask you here directly: IS IT TRUE THAT FIRE AGAINST A WALL DOES NOT "CAST" A SHADOW? If not, isn't that because of the anatomy of the Eye, which acts both ways as I tried to explain, but the reason the shadow is being canceled out is because at camera is acts like a one-way unlike the other words, the Eye should be able to see a Shadow but the Camera should not...please correct this honestly, I don't know why I bother going or reading UFO group post when I know I bound to find people who don't understand the reality of things.