How To Cake It
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  • Andrei Emmanuel Toledo

    I wonder why Jocelyn's face was always a mystery.

  • Sherrell Kennedy
    Sherrell Kennedy 2 days ago

    What brand and type of fondant do you use?

  • Danie1ll1e
    Danie1ll1e 7 days ago

    You should collab with Man About Cake. I think you are both so creative!

  • Cody MacInnis
    Cody MacInnis 10 days ago

    You should make a cake of Hero... the dog that starred on America's got talent. They're Canadian!

    CERENITY BILLINGS 13 days ago

    yolanda you will always be THE queen bee

    CERENITY BILLINGS 13 days ago


    CERENITY BILLINGS 13 days ago

    Hey Yolanda I Really Love Your Channel And I Am Subscribed Please Give Me A Shout Out

  • Nicola Smith
    Nicola Smith 14 days ago

    how to make a pina colada cake

  • Unicorney Bob
    Unicorney Bob 14 days ago

    You should make a tshirt that says do you wanna crumb coat and chill

  • Tommiesmarts1197
    Tommiesmarts1197 17 days ago

    Have you ever made a science themed cake like a magnifying glass?

  • Jamyia Miller
    Jamyia Miller 17 days ago

    yolanda colab with nerdy nummies

  • rebecca malkin
    rebecca malkin 18 days ago

    would you be able to do a cake in the shape of the batman logo, so the actual cake is in the bat symbol shape?

  • Sherry Bolinger
    Sherry Bolinger 22 days ago

    Yolanda, have you tried substituting coconut OIL for vegetable oil in your creations? I need that substitution to make your recipes a little 'healthier' for me--ha! While I'm asking, what about using almond flour for part of the wheat? Thanks!

  • 78Jaanece Robertson
    78Jaanece Robertson 24 days ago

    Hey, Yolanda, you should make the cake from wreck it ralph

  • Omri Buhris
    Omri Buhris 29 days ago

    wish you will make an "it" clown cake

  • Tia Graham
    Tia Graham Month ago

    Just started watching these and I'm already obsessed. Who need Anatomy and Physiology homework when you can learn how to make a cake shaped like a human heart?

  • Kamaria Lewis
    Kamaria Lewis Month ago

    you should do a Nintendo switch cake

  • Delaney Greengaming

    Hey Yolanda, you should try to cake yourself not as an emoji

  • enigmaticnoda
    enigmaticnoda Month ago

    Hi Yolanda, my 7-year-old niece, Matilda, came up with an idea for you to cake: a camel with a secret chamber in its humps. She requested that I comment and let you know about it. :) She hopes you like her idea!

  • Sylvia Jackson
    Sylvia Jackson Month ago

    Giant fruit basket cake!! with peach, plum, watermelon, strawberry, banana, mango, pineapple, apples and grapes!!

  • Sylvia Jackson
    Sylvia Jackson Month ago

    Giant fruit basket cake!! with peach, plum, watermelon, strawberry, banana, mango, pineapple, apples and grapes!!

  • Isra Sharif
    Isra Sharif Month ago


  • Trinity T
    Trinity T Month ago

    Can you make a cake for my birthday pls

  • Alicia Gianni
    Alicia Gianni Month ago

    making cupcake is cheating

  • Alicia Gianni
    Alicia Gianni Month ago

    Yolanda could you make any five nights a Freddy's characters

  • thedeadgypsy
    thedeadgypsy Month ago

    You should do an edible fabric episode. It seems easy to make without using that very expensive kit, and edible fabric looks great on cakes... well, the ones I have seen.

  • Aliece Rasmussen
    Aliece Rasmussen Month ago

    Can you cake a pair of cowboy boots to celebrate the cowboys and cowgirls working so hard at the fairs?

  • ryusei koki
    ryusei koki Month ago

    giant lemon lemond drizzle

  • Derp Critic
    Derp Critic Month ago

    how about a power puff girls cake?

  • Chloé Carrière
    Chloé Carrière Month ago

    Do a jiggly cheesecake !!

  • Blanca Hill
    Blanca Hill Month ago

    Can you make a coke bottle cake!!!? please :)

  • Natalia Evola
    Natalia Evola Month ago

    Hi Yolanda I was wondering if you could make a gigantic school cake since kids are going back to school soon. Can I get a shout out in your next video. Answer soon bye!

  • rudimentaryflavo
    rudimentaryflavo Month ago

    What happens to all the cake after you're done making them? I know a few of them are for customers, but like the really big ones that you make for the channel and slice for the camera, what happens to all that cake?

  • Kelsie Thorpe
    Kelsie Thorpe Month ago

    hi can you do a i woke up like this emmiojie cake

  • Cassandra Gamblins

    Can you do more with Walter the watermelon

  • Shreya Thothathri

    Can you make a moustache cake?

  • itzchichi
    itzchichi Month ago

    yolanda it would be nice if you made a video on how you make fondant.

  • Safa Fathima
    Safa Fathima 2 months ago

    can you make a solar system cake

  • Amanda Joy
    Amanda Joy 2 months ago

    Hi Yolanda, on the front of your cake book you have a crown cake, would that be in the book, I would love to see a video of you making it :)

  • Diamond Walcott
    Diamond Walcott 2 months ago

    would it be possible for u to do a afro baby with puffs cake

  • Beverly James
    Beverly James 2 months ago

    can you make a katy perry and taylor swith cake

  • Emily Hunter
    Emily Hunter 2 months ago

    hey what does joclien look like

  • Lachlan Houck
    Lachlan Houck 2 months ago

    You should do a sheep/farm cake.

  • Fernanda Aragon
    Fernanda Aragon 2 months ago


  • Absolutely Delicious Treats

    U have already collaborated with nick who live in different country so pls collaborate with Rosanna pansiano nerdy Nummies

  • Absolutely Delicious Treats

    Collab with Rosanna pansiano pls

  • Absolutely Delicious Treats

    yo, Pls pls pls Collab with ro

  • April Aldana
    April Aldana 2 months ago

    How does a Coka-Cola bottle sound?

  • Beverly James
    Beverly James 2 months ago

    can you make a giant cake

  • Beverly James
    Beverly James 2 months ago

    can I be in the gang I am new

  • King Card
    King Card 2 months ago


  • Giselle Di Natale
    Giselle Di Natale 2 months ago

    i think you should do the Canadian flag
    but your the best cake maker in the world

  • Melinda Gav.
    Melinda Gav. 2 months ago

    Yolanda, Hello ^_^. the other day i was making yellow cake cupcakes with chocolate frosting. But i also had to cut some peppers as the cupcake cooled down so when i went to eat the frosting on my hand i got spicy chocolate. i was wondering if you can make a spicy chocolate jalapeno cake.

  • BB VP
    BB VP 2 months ago

    I want to try the cake because I've only tried fruit cake I am just a kid

  • Delia Schulz
    Delia Schulz 2 months ago

    calab with rosanna pansino!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Flor Battes
    Flor Battes 2 months ago

    blog channel please

  • Karen McKenzie
    Karen McKenzie 2 months ago

    Yo, you are my favourite girl!  Keep up the great work!

  • Jamie Bryan Levy
    Jamie Bryan Levy 2 months ago

    make a cake of you head

  • louisiana0124
    louisiana0124 2 months ago

    How long do you crumb coat and chill for?

  • Carnatia
    Carnatia 2 months ago


  • Alyca Gower
    Alyca Gower 2 months ago

    I watch every one of our videos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!you're the best

  • Sophie Brice
    Sophie Brice 3 months ago

    plz plz plzzzz do a tsum tsum cake

  • Lachlan Houck
    Lachlan Houck 3 months ago

    Giant chocolate chip cookie cake made out of cake

  • Lachlan Houck
    Lachlan Houck 3 months ago

    Giant Mug cake cake made out of cake

  • Lachlan Houck
    Lachlan Houck 3 months ago

    Collab with:

  • Lachlan Houck
    Lachlan Houck 3 months ago

    Eyebrow Cake collab with Liza Koshy

  • Lachlan Houck
    Lachlan Houck 3 months ago

    Collab with Ro from Nerdy Nummies

    Rosanna Pansino


  • Lachlan Houck
    Lachlan Houck 3 months ago

    Monopoly cake

  • Lachlan Houck
    Lachlan Houck 3 months ago

    Giant strawberry cake

  • Kaiser Louis
    Kaiser Louis 3 months ago

    Are you filled with the Holy Ghost with the evidence of speaking in younger?What kind of church do you go to

  • Jessica Chisom
    Jessica Chisom 3 months ago

    what is your snapchat

  • Kristin C
    Kristin C 3 months ago

    I want to be in camp cake!!!!!!!!!!

  • sarai pereira
    sarai pereira 3 months ago

    Omg can you please make a giant unicorn cake, or a giant unicorn horn cake

  • Annie Christabel
    Annie Christabel 3 months ago

    hi yolanda.please do a one direction cake cause it is my favourite band

  • Madison Latimer
    Madison Latimer 3 months ago

    for you jusyt dkhjjgha;ekgj'8vdnrakr;

  • alexis lord
    alexis lord 3 months ago

    or any other instruments plz

  • alexis lord
    alexis lord 3 months ago

    hi Yolanda, could u plz do a saxophone cake plz plz plz
    and i love ur videos

  • Lesly Benavides
    Lesly Benavides 3 months ago

    Hello Yolanda, would you be able to make a baby shower cake. Either shape of a baby or of a crib?

  • Bri H
    Bri H 3 months ago

    If you were to get a tattoo it should be something cake related since you are amazing at doing cakes and also could you do a cake for color guard. If you look up color guard you will see what it is it is so much fun!!! Also I love all the cakes you do on your show you are amazing truly

  • Sweet Toy Surprises Club

    You are KILLING IT with your thumbnails!!! I'd love to ask how you did your thumbnails for the videos about the rocket popsicle through the macaroons. How do you get the white around your images so perfectly spaced? What software do you use?

  • Kaiser Louis
    Kaiser Louis 3 months ago

    Sorry I meant Yolanda Gampp, not Gallo.Stupid autocorrect.This suggestion would appreciate your consideration.

  • Kaiser Louis
    Kaiser Louis 3 months ago

    Yolanda Gallo I am Haitian and as you might know Grenadia and Haiti are both in the Carribean.You should make a Carribean/West Indies themed cake.You could have reggae in the background and bake traditional Carribean/West Indian treats.Just a suggestion.I live in America and I think this video would bring widespread awareness for the natural disasters,poverty,and various diseases this area has faced.I love your channel!!!Keep on making.Making a t-shirt and sending the proceeds to the Carribean would be a great help.

  • Kamryn Lute
    Kamryn Lute 3 months ago

    Have you done a kitchen tour yet? If you haven't please please please do one!

  • Briana F
    Briana F 3 months ago


  • Elite4Woolfy
    Elite4Woolfy 3 months ago

    You should make a cake shaped like Sailor Moon's crescent wand

  • Lela Walker
    Lela Walker 3 months ago

    You should make a fidget spinner cake or an arm cake.

  • Kat Patterson
    Kat Patterson 3 months ago

    I really, really, REALLY want to see a Criminal Minds cake. I love that show and Shemar Moore she so sexy

  • K Prince
    K Prince 3 months ago

    I know this is a big (or rather a tall one... pun intended) request.. Would love to see you make or recreate the top four tiers of the wedding cake from Their Royal Highness's The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge... After watching many of your videos Yolanda I am sure you could do it in your sleep.. Are you up to the challenge?... Thanks so much.. and keep CAKING IT!

  • Donya Crichlow
    Donya Crichlow 3 months ago

    Yolanda should colab with Man About Cake.

  • Alana Freeman
    Alana Freeman 3 months ago


  • Stephanie Katseyeanis
    Stephanie Katseyeanis 3 months ago

    Hey Yolanda. Awesome Channel!
    Recently, my sister and I turned to your Brain Cake video to make our own brain cake for our uncle's birthday (Brain cancer survivor 17 years). We loved it. Now I look to make a cake in the shape of Tea leaf for work (Teavana), adding Matcha to the cake. Think you can make something similar?
    BTW, where can i go to post a picture of our brain cake and we can tag you?

  • DragonOrigamirl08
    DragonOrigamirl08 4 months ago

    you are so amazing at what you do, I would never have even come close to your expertise in a hundred years without these videos. thank you for all the great ideas

  • Bouchra Jerome
    Bouchra Jerome 4 months ago


  • Andrea Thomas
    Andrea Thomas 4 months ago

    I absolutely love your videos. You are so talented!!! I have learned so much! Thank you for posting such cool vids.

  • Jason D
    Jason D 4 months ago

    Is there any reason to sprinkle a regular layer cake with simple syrup? Or does the generally quicker assembly make that overkill?

  • Nellie Obeng
    Nellie Obeng 4 months ago

    male a fidget spinner cake

  • KitKatProGaming
    KitKatProGaming 4 months ago

    what happens to all of the cake?

  • Caroline Fregeau
    Caroline Fregeau 4 months ago

    You should made a Moscow mule mug cake! And use luster dust to make the mug shinny copper

  • Esther's Cakes N Sweets

    what fondant do you use please

  • Leticia Cencio
    Leticia Cencio 4 months ago

    Hi, I'm leticia from Uruguay. I'm thinking a cake and seeing how to make the bow of truth I thought of you. Do you want to prepare a wonder woman cake? please say yes. Greetings from the winter

  • Sophie Brice
    Sophie Brice 4 months ago

    can you please make a tsum tsum cake ive been trying to find someone whos made one but there are no good videos

  • Lidya Meena
    Lidya Meena 4 months ago

    hello yolanda sorry can u teach the way you make the dough of the ice sugar that you cover with a cake

  • InProgress
    InProgress 4 months ago

    It's twenty years of Harry Potter this year, can you do something harry potter themed with maybe secret chambers with candy coloured like one of the houses, sort of like a cake sorting?

  • Janee Garcia
    Janee Garcia 4 months ago

    You should came a crown cake👑👑🎂🎂🎂🎂

  • popkikki38
    popkikki38 4 months ago

    yay tomorrow is yo yo day

  • danielle sanders
    danielle sanders 4 months ago

    how do you keep a cake moist ?

  • Olivia Martinez
    Olivia Martinez 4 months ago

    Have you made a sundae or banana split? Even both would be awesome!

  • Victor_the_boy
    Victor_the_boy 4 months ago

    yolanda you should do a fidget spinner cake i know it sounds dumb but i tried

  • LaCole Moore
    LaCole Moore 4 months ago

    Can you make a rock star cake...pleeeeaaase....:D

  • Cevana Paul
    Cevana Paul 4 months ago

    your cute

  • Cevana Paul
    Cevana Paul 4 months ago

    love your cakes and iedeas

  • koloamatangi lol
    koloamatangi lol 4 months ago


  • Nitacha Smith
    Nitacha Smith 5 months ago

    can you show us how to make a 3D airplane cake but w/o the airplane holder base

  • AG P
    AG P 5 months ago

    Please can you make a guardians of the galaxy baby groot?

  • Kanchana Sunil
    Kanchana Sunil 5 months ago

    Yolanda can u pls make a BTS (KOREAN KPOP BOY GROUP) cake

  • nishara fonseka
    nishara fonseka 5 months ago

    pleas make a pineapple cake

  • Bri H
    Bri H 5 months ago

    Hey Yolanda it would be awesome if you could do something guardians of the galaxy themed!by the way you are awesome!!!☺️

  • Tabby Kitty AJ
    Tabby Kitty AJ 5 months ago

    do a cat cake!

  • BB VP
    BB VP 5 months ago

    Yolanda Gampp could you do a spiderman cake and a winne the pooh cake my younger brother wants you to do it

  • Isolde Mane
    Isolde Mane 5 months ago

    I LOVE THIS CHANNEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • byedaway1
    byedaway1 5 months ago

    Yolanda, here's an idea that would be a big hit: so many people are butterfly fanatics out there, especially for Monarchs. Maybe you could do a cake that looks like the chrysalis just before the adult Monarch butterfly emerges. The chrysalis up to that point is beautiful (green with gold dots) but just before the new adult emerges (eclosing it's called) the chrysalis loses it's opaque color and turns translucent so you can see the butterfly inside folded up. Here's a picture of what I'm talking about: I guarantee you that would be a big hit! But also a challenge I bet, right?

  • Mily e Malu
    Mily e Malu 5 months ago

    Ficou lindo! Parabéns pelo seu talento!

  • virma sarkissian
    virma sarkissian 5 months ago

    Hello Yolandaaa !! You are amazing in your shows !! So energetic and full of original ideas !! I Love watching you decorating those cakes and learning from you and your experience !! and those teeny tiny details that you add, turning the cake into the real thing that it's supposed to look like !! A big thanks :)

  • Holly Noel
    Holly Noel 5 months ago

    You should make a violin cake.PLEASE!!!

  • Zaynab J
    Zaynab J 5 months ago

    Can you make a Snooker table cake?

  • Megger The Great
    Megger The Great 5 months ago

    Hi Yolanda! I would love it if you did a Golden Snitch Cake (from Harry Potter)

  • olivia  pb
    olivia pb 5 months ago

    how did you make your website

  • Annabelle Newberger
    Annabelle Newberger 5 months ago

    you should make a sewing machine cake that works but instead of using thread uses icings

  • Isis Cordero
    Isis Cordero 5 months ago

    I love you so much Yolanda, you are so awesome at making cakes. I love so much Yolanda.

  • Raven queen
    Raven queen 5 months ago


  • mustycoolguy
    mustycoolguy 5 months ago

    make a fidget spinner cake

  • Jane Doe
    Jane Doe 5 months ago

    I need a recipe for red velvet cake that will take fondant.  Any suggestions?

    TAYLOR SHOPE 5 months ago

    your my role model you encourage me to cook you should make a video on how to make a layered cookie cake with purple icing and a small cake on top please I love them

  • yvonne herbert
    yvonne herbert 5 months ago

    hi yolanda.could you tell me what size you enlarged the bb8 templates to ,thanks

  • Alana Freeman
    Alana Freeman 5 months ago

    I have seen all your vids yo and i love them all

    INVESTOR Alex 5 months ago


  • sierra siamese
    sierra siamese 5 months ago

    Yolanda could make the golden flower from UT. After she is done with this up coming cake.

  • Deshi kitchen sudha recipe

    very nice channel

  • MixedRogue
    MixedRogue 5 months ago

    You are awesome!! You're actually one of my inspirations for applying to baking school. Keep being awesome and making awesome cakes.

  • Adilene Leon
    Adilene Leon 5 months ago

    why not make a video showing how to make cake pops?

  • Bangtan's Kim Taehyung


  • Hannah rothery
    Hannah rothery 5 months ago

    Hi Yo can u plz plz plz make a strawberry cake, my sisters b-day is coming up and I have no Idea how I would make a cake to look like a strawberry.

  • Rainbow Watcher
    Rainbow Watcher 5 months ago

    I've been watching you for about a year now, all the cakes are amazing. I wish I could make them!

  • Rainbow Watcher
    Rainbow Watcher 5 months ago

    OMG! Well done Yolanda you got 3M subs congratulations!

  • Velicia Kolf
    Velicia Kolf 5 months ago

    congrats with 3 mili

  • Leah Goddard
    Leah Goddard 5 months ago

    3mil!!! Congrats!!!

  • Ellen Collins
    Ellen Collins 5 months ago

    Congrats on making to 3 Mil...i started to watch you since your calbratiob with Simply Nailology...

  • di_ brand
    di_ brand 5 months ago

    Congrats at reaching 3 million subscribers. With laughter and great cake designs, I hope your channel continue to grow. :)

  • Hannah rothery
    Hannah rothery 6 months ago

    Hi Yo can u plz plz plz make a strawberry cake, my sisters b-day is coming up and I have no Idea how I would make a cake to look like a strawberry.

  • anjalee barber
    anjalee barber 6 months ago

    ya yo you should colad with rosana pansino (ro from nurdy numies) that would be so cool

  • Adrienne Horton
    Adrienne Horton 6 months ago

    she should do a iphone or a tv cake for her next vid (give a like if you agree)<3

  • amelia cooper
    amelia cooper 6 months ago

    could you do a suit cake? that would be awsome

  • Elaine Lee
    Elaine Lee 6 months ago

    can you make a panda cake

  • CharlieGamer2106
    CharlieGamer2106 6 months ago

    you should make a cake hunt instead of an egg hunt and hide them around your kitchen whilst making your next video and get us to find them

  • brigitte armstrong
    brigitte armstrong 6 months ago

    Make A Twilight saga cake. Now how cool is that

  • Perla Ventura
    Perla Ventura 6 months ago

    I love cake you are the best you are a cake artist crumb coat & chill just cake it YAY

  • Liz Oteng
    Liz Oteng 6 months ago

    Yolanda u should make a collage playlist

  • Alekhyaa Mitnala
    Alekhyaa Mitnala 6 months ago

    I saw her on tv

  • Cherrie Cat
    Cherrie Cat 6 months ago

    Hey, Yo! Could you make a Mario Pipe cake? You know the Green Pipe in Mario? That would be awesome! Love you lots and lots (btw, I sent your channel to my nan. she likes cakes. :D). ~Emily

  • Charuni Lovell
    Charuni Lovell 6 months ago

    Hi Yolanda...😃 I am inspired... I am new to your channel...😱 would you do a car cake please... May be a BMW or BENZ😆😆😆😆 would love to follow you ❤ keep doing... Keep inspiring👌👌👌

  • yasmeen qandeel
    yasmeen qandeel 6 months ago

    i really adore your work >> i hope one day i will bee like you >> you are wonderful person and i saw an Arabic person on you tube talking about how talented you are and how wonderful your cakes are .. love ya

  • Hannah rothery
    Hannah rothery 6 months ago

    hey Yolanda could you plz make a strawberry cake like your watermelon and pineapple cakes

  • Éli Courchesne
    Éli Courchesne 6 months ago

    Because the new ''IT'' movie arrives, can you make a Pennywise cake on how to cake ''IT''.

  • Hannah rothery
    Hannah rothery 6 months ago

    hey Yolanda could you plz make a strawberry cake like your watermelon and pineapple cakes

  • Marlena Worley
    Marlena Worley 6 months ago

    i agree with you.

  • Marlena Worley
    Marlena Worley 6 months ago

    I just love watching how to cake it. my mom is going to let me start trying some of these cakes

  • Frances Thomas
    Frances Thomas 6 months ago

    Can you do a strawberry cake and make something for Easter

  • Hameedul Haneez
    Hameedul Haneez 6 months ago

    Yolanda i love you so much can you make a decandents 2🎂 plz i am asking you every time but no responds

  • Jamarcus Mack
    Jamarcus Mack 6 months ago

    Because u are awesome

  • Jamarcus Mack
    Jamarcus Mack 6 months ago

    Can u make a zebra cake

  • chicchac87
    chicchac87 6 months ago

    What if Yo made a Sonic the Hedgehog Cake? Or even just Sonic themed?

  • MysteryMonsterLver
    MysteryMonsterLver 6 months ago

    Why have you not made a DJ Turntable yet!?!?!?!?!?!!?

  • Daniel Fisher
    Daniel Fisher 6 months ago

    Please make an android and iphone cake!!

  • Marin Crews
    Marin Crews 6 months ago

    It's Spring. You Should do a Bird Nest Cake, Where you make the birds, eggs, and all.

  • Lula88310
    Lula88310 6 months ago

    you are funny

  • Uni Lovely
    Uni Lovely 6 months ago

    Hey Yo! For this weeks How To Cake It, can you make something Harry Potter Themed or Unicon Themed ? Thanks Love!

  • Féy Etho
    Féy Etho 7 months ago

    Yo, could you also tell me how to watch live. I am already VIP but I always seem to be too late. Thanks your great

  • Féy Etho
    Féy Etho 7 months ago

    Yo, you're great. When you hit 3 million or just whenever can you make a wolf cake. wolves are sooo cool, you are too. thanks yo :)

  • Aira Belandria
    Aira Belandria 7 months ago

    como se llama su canal en español

  • awkward goose
    awkward goose 7 months ago

    you should make a unicorn cake with rainbow layers and like a small rainbow mini cake on top with sprinkles and unicorns and all of that fun stuff

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  • Luke Guilfoyle
    Luke Guilfoyle 7 months ago

    you should make a tardis cake

  • Kristina
    Kristina 7 months ago

    Hello Yolanda, I love your cakes. I wait every tuesday eve that your new vid is available. Please, please make a "Totoro" or a "very hungry caterpillar" cake for me. I´m sure they´ll be awesome <3 <3

  • Julianna Barrett
    Julianna Barrett 7 months ago

    can you make a powerade cake

  • Olivia Barrett
    Olivia Barrett 7 months ago

    hi I have been watching your videos for two years now and I was wondering where you get all your tools and where you live?

  • Julianna Barrett
    Julianna Barrett 7 months ago

    Hi, can you make a pool cake  cause I have a pool in my backyard & I love to swim

  • Julianna Barrett
    Julianna Barrett 7 months ago


  • Olivia Barrett
    Olivia Barrett 7 months ago

    I love your cakes

  • Olivia Barrett
    Olivia Barrett 7 months ago

    I love your cakes

  • Olivia Barrett
    Olivia Barrett 7 months ago


  • Josie Sheeler
    Josie Sheeler 7 months ago

    You should do an oatmeal cream pie mega cake!

  • zaara khan
    zaara khan 7 months ago


  • zaara khan
    zaara khan 7 months ago

    I'm on a beauty and the beast play for my school so this is good🎭💃🏼🐵

  • Micah Alexander
    Micah Alexander 7 months ago

    Hi Yo, This is Kim Gibson. I am a big fan of all your cakes and I was wondering if you would consider making an eiffle tower cake on your youtube channel? I also wanted to know when is the next camp cake. I would love to bake with you.

  • Cupcake queen
    Cupcake queen 7 months ago

    I found your channel a short while ago and I would like to tell you that I just can't get enough! I watch your videos every night! I am sadly running out of episodes and I can't wait for the upcoming Tuesday!!! Your cakes and videos are my favorite!

  • Jean Blaise
    Jean Blaise 7 months ago

    when you hit 3 million make a cake with all kind of people on it and put you on top!

  • jr king
    jr king 7 months ago

    can you teach us how to make angel food cake

  • Nihed maatoug
    Nihed maatoug 7 months ago

    please cake paw patrol easy thanks you

  • savanna w
    savanna w 7 months ago

    its my 16 birthday in a week and i wanted to make a cake because where i live we dont really have any good bakeries. though, i have no idea what to do. can you please do a video on something with chocolate with strawberries?