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  • Harley From Arkham City

    Tyler is kinda irrelevant but I still love him

  • Zoë Violetnese Malik

    Do twins come out on Halloween for Tyler Oakley?

  • Brittsstandsfor something Philip

    tyler u should do a collab with superwoman

  • Al Chafai
    Al Chafai 18 days ago

    gayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy lol

    BRAYDEN POWERS Month ago


  • Aricka_Gleek_Forever

    Hi Tyler. Just in case you happen to look at the discussion, I just wanted to say hi and have a great day! *waves*

  • Sean Goodrich
    Sean Goodrich 2 months ago

    You should do a reaction to that short "in a Heartbeat" I think it's called. It made me cry.

    I BREATHE PURPLE 3 months ago

    What's happening? I have Ad Block and don't want to turn it off ;-;

  • Peridot Smart
    Peridot Smart 3 months ago

    I was at my Grandma's and I saw a copy of "Binge" and picked it up. I finally finished reading it in less than a week. I am SO happy I found that book!

  • Ria D'Souza
    Ria D'Souza 3 months ago

    I love you Tyler! You make me smile. Your laugh is the best thing to hear when I'm having a bad day. I always watch your videos to cheer me up. I just want you to post more often and do another guess the disney song with Zoë! I still love you no matter what though!!

  • break life80
    break life80 3 months ago

    well live good life now but soon live an never ending hell

  • Bobby Westover
    Bobby Westover 3 months ago

    canser spelled wrong

  • Aricka_Gleek_Forever
    Aricka_Gleek_Forever 3 months ago

    Hi Tyler! I don't know if you'll read this, but I'm inspired by everything you do! You're so funny, and nice, and a great guy. Keep doing what you're doing, and stay awesome!
    See ya,
    Aricka Batley

  • Fresh Chocolate
    Fresh Chocolate 4 months ago

    Thank God refugees will impose sharia law, so that we can throw gays like you off buildings ;)

  • Charlie Mae
    Charlie Mae 4 months ago

    sent from instagram @stfu_and_hug_me, i love you tyler, your epic!!

  • marshmallowkittens
    marshmallowkittens 4 months ago

    I love the youtuber Tired Oak Tree

  • Art Stuff
    Art Stuff 5 months ago

    Did you do anything special for the closing of the AC servers?

  • Andrew Tsotakis
    Andrew Tsotakis 5 months ago


    YULIY 5 months ago

    channel is now part of the youtube graveyard. Rip

  • ning kunnika
    ning kunnika 5 months ago

    DRAW is rubbish

  • Jhony Azrim
    Jhony Azrim 6 months ago

    So I just watched this, EXTREME TWISTER (ft. Marcus Butler) | Tyler Oakley, and I was thinking you two would make the cutest pair of toddlers. So I got a challenge for the two of you. Get your bib's, pacifiers, onesies and diapers out and get ready to play Extreme toddler TWISTER.
    Again, you put the paint on the mat, but the twist is, all the things you have to do must be related to something a toddler does, and at least two points on the matt must include using your diapers. The more outrageous each task the more points you get for it. Of course if you use your diaper you get a 50 point bonus. Good luck and may the best baby win.

  • Jhony Azrim
    Jhony Azrim 6 months ago

    So here is a question for your next Q&A that I have. Have you ever been to Bournemouth or would you consider visiting Bournemouth ?

  • kibara
    kibara 6 months ago

    the music in your videos is kinda lame

  • memeboi 2
    memeboi 2 6 months ago

    are you sure your ad campaign doesn't loose more viewers than it gains... I came here from an ad, to complain about the ad. Its a new low when you're forcing people to watch you.

  • G Hoppy
    G Hoppy 6 months ago

    most people are being rude here so I'm gonna say this; tyler youre doing really good! keep up the great work betch!

  • Лиза Косюк
    Лиза Косюк 6 months ago

    Привет, с России. Мы тебя очень любим )

    • Stanya XX
      Stanya XX 5 months ago

      раз уж он по русски не понимает
      Мне одной кажется,или его канал умирает?
      Рили,посмотри на кол-во его просмотров за видео

  • Maurp Sniper
    Maurp Sniper 6 months ago

    I don't like this comment

  • becca kendall
    becca kendall 6 months ago

    omg he used to have 8mil now he's at 7.9 yikeesss

  • MetalEarth
    MetalEarth 6 months ago


  • Rachel Eddy
    Rachel Eddy 6 months ago

    Tyler you are so funny and you aways have a smile on your face :)

  • DannyIRL
    DannyIRL 6 months ago

    just went down to 7 mil. so sorry tyty

  • 2022Elizabeth Chopra
    2022Elizabeth Chopra 7 months ago

    congrats on 8 mil!!

  • cfunkera
    cfunkera 7 months ago

    Less than 8M subs now! Keep it up!

  • Cman
    Cman 7 months ago

    Happy Birthday!

  • Tairica Brown
    Tairica Brown 7 months ago

    I'm deaf. Happy Birthday.

  • Sienna N-L
    Sienna N-L 7 months ago

    Happy b-day tyler

  • Balto the Wolf
    Balto the Wolf 7 months ago

    Found out we have the same birthday from Google! Happy Birthday too!

  • crystalcupcakes12_theCC

    lol he looks like hes 40 in his current channel picture

  • Ella Wort
    Ella Wort 7 months ago


  • Beata Beatrice
    Beata Beatrice 7 months ago

    Hej tyler congrats for you bday thats tomorrow i wont be able to go on yt tomorrow so im writing nooow .27 woooow .... my mum id older than ya a couple of years thaan you and she doesnt look as good as youu . Well congrats from lithuania <3 :*

  • Jj Shh shah
    Jj Shh shah 7 months ago

    he eh gay.\

  • Avina
    Avina 7 months ago

    I LOVE you, Tyler<3
    Ignore all the rude comments in this discussion.
    You clearly aren't sexist or racist,
    and you aren't narcissistic.
    There's nothing wrong with being comfortable with yourself.
    Eight million people agree with me.

  • Nicole Pang
    Nicole Pang 7 months ago

    Whats the ad campaign people are talking about?

  • shreyas van
    shreyas van 7 months ago

    wow his channel is dead 8 million subs and not a single video hits 1 million views since last year

  • Calums Kitten
    Calums Kitten 7 months ago

    Lowkey you look like that one guy from meet the robinsons

  • OR0R0
    OR0R0 7 months ago

    still trying to figure out why you are popular. saw 'generation like' documentary in social science class last week. made no sense. meanwhile, we are in the real world working and earning a degree while ppl play on the computer all day, talking about nothing.

  • Risa Horiuchi
    Risa Horiuchi 7 months ago

    i love you tyler, you're incredible

  • Md Tarafder
    Md Tarafder 7 months ago

    Very bad app

  • Juan Zabal
    Juan Zabal 8 months ago

    Hi, just here to say that I love you and tho I obviously miss the old content I'm hella proud of you and the person you are becoming!! Also we all NEED and DESPERATELY want a collab with Con Con.

  • W Shrieve
    W Shrieve 8 months ago

    Please stop spamming your adverts over music playlists. We get the message, you like attention.

  • Usnavi Buk Buk Lucien
    Usnavi Buk Buk Lucien 8 months ago

    I used to like this channel

  • Tomohran
    Tomohran 9 months ago

    Your advertisements give me more cancer than any gamma ray ever could.

  • Plasmadragon121
    Plasmadragon121 9 months ago

    My friend was watching the movie you're in for ages the other day XD

  • CrystalCrypt
    CrystalCrypt 9 months ago

    Is Tyler going to Vidcon 2017?

  • Venticaltag15
    Venticaltag15 9 months ago

    I would love to see this guy get destroyed by Ben Shapiro in a debate about feminism, politics, etc.

  • Raindapple & Leafdapple

    Why has everyone started hating him these past few months?

  • Tru Vloger
    Tru Vloger 9 months ago

    tyler where is the 2016 recap i cant wait to here so much happen in 2016

  • Kd Michaels
    Kd Michaels 9 months ago

    I'm not trying to be mean because I REALLY love your videos (and your personality in general)... but part of being a YouTuber is making videos are this simple thing you recorded in your bedroom. Though I love the idea of bridging the gap between YouTubers and actors, I think you are at your best/strangest/craziest when you are doing a strange challenge you invented with another YouTuber. I still like your videos but they lack that colorful creativity I love about your old collabs. Your videos still make me laugh... I just miss Troyler/Shyler/Tysper/Danler/Toe/Conler/Toey/Mamler...

  • MemoReviews
    MemoReviews 10 months ago

    Now THIS is what a diying channel looks like.

    • Levi Sim
      Levi Sim 12 days ago

      stop youre channel is dying

      I BREATHE PURPLE 3 months ago


    • Squirrel
      Squirrel 5 months ago

      He needs to start doing collabs with other Youtubers again...

    • DR2 Hajime Hinata
      DR2 Hajime Hinata 8 months ago

      dying is spelled wrong but I agree

  • Abbie Maltz
    Abbie Maltz 10 months ago

    I support u all the way u r great !!

  • Brandi Lucero
    Brandi Lucero 10 months ago

    jesus this channel is dying faster than my grandfather's sperm count

    • Ria D'Souza
      Ria D'Souza 3 months ago

      Why do you know your grandfathers sper-- nvm. I don't want to know.

    • Brandi Lucero
      Brandi Lucero 5 months ago

      lmao it's a reference to lukeisnotsexy's roast myself challenge

    • Dj cytrix
      Dj cytrix 7 months ago

      Tmi.... just dont

  • TrinMarie _
    TrinMarie _ 10 months ago

    okay where the hell have my Troyler collabs gone?!?! i. need. more. NOW. #troyler4eva

  • Sophie Burchill
    Sophie Burchill 10 months ago



  • OmgGamer201 _
    OmgGamer201 _ 10 months ago

    I do not care what people think of you as all as you are you I'm happy

  • OmgGamer201 _
    OmgGamer201 _ 10 months ago

    You help me very day you make us all happy and safe you are my hero and your the best

  • How To Make Sushi
    How To Make Sushi 10 months ago

    Hola Tyler Oakley 8 M subs great job

  • Kaila Njie
    Kaila Njie 10 months ago

    lov your vids

  • SladeRaven22 -
    SladeRaven22 - 10 months ago

    There are two sexes.

  • Loliconica ASMR
    Loliconica ASMR 11 months ago

    It's funny how your channel is dying.
    Guess that progressive propaganda didn't hold up? #rip

  • Mudassirul Waris
    Mudassirul Waris 11 months ago

    I detest that ad!! Take it down or change it narcissistic twat!!

  • Gerardo Valtierra
    Gerardo Valtierra 11 months ago

    JESUS CHRIST died for our sins, He was buried, and rose again the third day!!!

    • faggot
      faggot 7 months ago

      but that didnt happen
      there is no god

    • Follower Of Christ
      Follower Of Christ 7 months ago

      +Prank nation With Oliver and luke Do you want to intervene again like He did with Sodom, Gomorrah, and the pre-flood people(Nephilim)?

    • Follower Of Christ
      Follower Of Christ 8 months ago


  • Miranda Marie
    Miranda Marie 11 months ago

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DO A 21+ CAMP!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am dying to go. Never, ever thought I'd want to be 17 again so badly!!

  • Shannon Hug
    Shannon Hug 11 months ago

    I am so sorry Tyler.

  • Sasha Ramirez-Robles
    Sasha Ramirez-Robles 11 months ago

    PLEASE dye your hair again!!!

  • Pastel Monster
    Pastel Monster 11 months ago

    Hey Tyler, I have an idea for a new video!

    Apologize for being so bloody ignorant.

  • Marsmonster
    Marsmonster 11 months ago

    Hey Tyler! I have an idea for what you could do for one of your next videos. This YouTube channel called Vat19 sells these chocolates called Burn or Bliss. There are 12 chocolates and 5 of them are randomly spiked with spices hotter than most peppers that you could buy in a store and you can't tell them apart until you eat one. You could make it a challenge to see who can eat the most chocolates before anyone reaches for milk or ice cream.

  • Why u haf to be Gay
    Why u haf to be Gay 11 months ago

    If you not sexually attracted to a black person you racist, but if you not sexually attracted to women, you're not sexist? Makes sense. Thanks moralcompass-bestpersonever-nonsexist-perfect-senpai Oakley for sharing this top-notch logic.

    • Stella Cat
      Stella Cat 3 months ago

      Your username isn't nice. Just saying.

    • DR2 Hajime Hinata
      DR2 Hajime Hinata 8 months ago

      it's not a choice really, from experience in my life at least dunno about other people out there
      besides, if you don't have inside/real proof *do not* say it like you're an expert at it

    • Follower Of Christ
      Follower Of Christ 8 months ago

      +Bob Jones Sexual orientation is a choice. This is why the children in this generation only become transgender or homosexual after watching tv, going to indoctrination camp(school), or looking at other forms of media.

    • Bob Jones
      Bob Jones 10 months ago

      being a racist is a choice, sexual orientation is not

  • killer Govier
    killer Govier 11 months ago


  • Balthazar Amber
    Balthazar Amber 11 months ago

    Hello, could you react to Blood Sweat and Tears from BTS (kpop) ? It's will be so amazing for the ARMY fandom and I'm sure many non kpop fan will like this MV!

  • Garrett Monson
    Garrett Monson 11 months ago

    Tyler Oakley is a racist.

    • Buzsaw Bowser
      Buzsaw Bowser 11 months ago

      I haven't seen him date an Eskimo. That isn't preference just pure racism.

  • Amzuuu
    Amzuuu Year ago

    "I Carly Fleischmann am putting out a Facebook & Youtube challenge to Tyler Oakley and all Tyler Oakleys fans. I challenge you to sit down one on one with me on my Speechless Youtube Show.
    What will Tyler say?" #carryingthetourch

    Do it Tyler!!! You are so awesome so you totally should do video with Carly!! :)

  • Nicole Light
    Nicole Light Year ago

    Why has his views gone down?

  • A E S T H E T I C

    He looks like anderson cooper

  • VC YT
    VC YT Year ago

    FFFFFFFFFFFUCK OFF MY PLAYLIST !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tiffany Robinson

    Tyler do you like to eat Pizza????

  • legofritter
    legofritter Year ago

    Awful. Stop blocking my access to some quality posts with your inane and very old school 'look at me' way of talking.

  • DrDrake
    DrDrake Year ago

    he was gay in shut up cartoons

  • Hibou
    Hibou Year ago

    Well Tyler, You have been viewed all the way to Chambly Quebec Canada. Province of our dear Céline. We wish you lots of hapiness and long live your breath of fresh air show!

  • Draven O'Rourke
    Draven O'Rourke Year ago

    do you want to calab Tyler Okely?

  • VidSheridan
    VidSheridan Year ago

    8 million subs. Any chance you could drop the ad campaign now?

    • Bobby Westover
      Bobby Westover 3 months ago

      your awsome i was just about to say that

    • Dj cytrix
      Dj cytrix 7 months ago

      Shut up. Just don't even talk about the the poor people. People don't like getting hated on fer nothing. So as I said: shut up.

    • Joliver
      Joliver 8 months ago

      If you could drop the ad campaign so I never have to know how you "deal with bad day's" ever again, that'd be great.

    • AlmightyMan01
      AlmightyMan01 10 months ago

      that comment represents how irritating i find adverts for you tube nobodies

    • Adrian's Old Account
      Adrian's Old Account 10 months ago

      what ad campaign


    get your odd head off my playlist

  • Leslie Favela
    Leslie Favela Year ago

    hey people I dont know.......:)

  • 小遊戲 OMoCha

    Tyler Oakley, support!!!

  • xGlowduis
    xGlowduis Year ago

    I just wanna said: I love you :)

  • nora bliss
    nora bliss Year ago

    He hasn't posted in a while

  • Fandom Obsessed
    Fandom Obsessed Year ago

    i luv uuu tyler


    Hi I'm Sebastian :) Want to be friends?

  • LOL Life
    LOL Life 2 years ago

    We scouted for people who like great outdoors and this channel popped up.
    You might enjoy nature video on our channel, Give it a test, and subscribe if you like.

  • razorangelfreak
    razorangelfreak 4 years ago

    Hey Tyler. How is your foot? Loving the new video. You are adorable, as always. <3

  • Gracie Thompson
    Gracie Thompson 4 years ago

    I'm not joking I've watched every single one of your videos about 2-3 times each! Everyone needs a bit of tyler in there life! Love you dude <3

  • Amy Denham
    Amy Denham 4 years ago


  • Bri
    Bri 4 years ago

    Hi Tyler, I love you :) x

    GREATLORDWHITE 4 years ago


  • yeahtoast1234
    yeahtoast1234 4 years ago

    wtf Tyler we need you back!!! please post T_T

  • ericka cowan
    ericka cowan 4 years ago

    please post a new video tyler...?

  • Leyda García
    Leyda García 4 years ago

    Hi Tyler... I just want to send some LOVE all the way from Puerto Rico. You are so HILARIOUS <3

  • Olivier Desroches
    Olivier Desroches 4 years ago

    Stay yourself please ! you realy inspied me on all of you're video ! :D

  • shortstack
    shortstack 4 years ago

    Hey Tyler I discovered your channel through Kingsley's featured box! Checking out some of your videos now :) Stop by the show sometime and say hello -shortstack!

  • David Harris
    David Harris 4 years ago

    Yo its Big Dave... I need views.... Listen to my tracks for upcoming mixtape..... TripleAAAENT

  • wallflowerlover ha
    wallflowerlover ha 4 years ago

    Tylerrrrrrr .... Hi :D

  • Qawi Ghani
    Qawi Ghani 4 years ago

    tylerrr. i realise that u wer at the rupaul drag race reunion at the crowning for jinkx. hehe

  • Brandon Neely
    Brandon Neely 4 years ago

    why you no post your Friday video?

  • cole black
    cole black 4 years ago


  • capufo
    capufo 4 years ago

    tyler you have me screaming when i saw you at rupaul drag reunion!!!

  • Queen Kirlia
    Queen Kirlia 4 years ago

    OMG YOU WERE AT THE DRAG RACE REUNION I saw you in a clip! did you also go with miles jai?

  • MrMysteriousJ
    MrMysteriousJ 4 years ago

    saw you on drag race gurr! how was it to be there live, for the reunion finally?

  • James13Wicca
    James13Wicca 4 years ago

    Holy Oakley Batman, that was pretty awesome. Just sitting there, watchin my Drag Race Reunion. Then a Mr. Tyler Oakley pops up on the screen. WHAT!?!?! Yep.

  • Hanna Roen
    Hanna Roen 4 years ago

    Tyler Oakley! I think I fangirled more over seeing you on Drag Race than when they crowned the winner

  • kingauther19
    kingauther19 4 years ago

    I SAW YOU ON RUPAUL!!!! i died....like seriously...ive been watching that show since seasson 1...i think you should do a episode on Rupauls Drag Race...

  • larryisrealx
    larryisrealx 4 years ago


  • Ashtin Stano
    Ashtin Stano 4 years ago


  • JusticeMN117
    JusticeMN117 4 years ago

    Did you hear Chris Kluwe was cut from the Minnesota Vikings? Why is this important? Although they didn't come right out and say it, there is a pretty good chance he was cut because of his public support of gay marriage. Support Chris Kluwe on twitter @ChrisWarcraft. He's a great player and he didn't deserve that. The NFL needs to be more like Kluwe. Have a voice. NO H8!

  • emzizme
    emzizme 4 years ago

    okay so I was watching the tin can challenge. Brilliant by the way lol and i have a few challenges actually that I was hoping you could do.
    1) Saltine Cracker Challenge -- I know you already did one but this is a bit different.
    Two people each eat five saltine crackers (it must be saltine) with nothing on it without anything to drink and whoever the first one to whistle wins. you can also do this with a piece of chocolate cake or brownie.
    2) The Bubble Gum Challenge
    Take two plates and put a piece of bubblicious bubblegum (favorite flavor) and load the plate pretty high with whipped cream. On the count of three try to eat your way through the whipped cream to find the bubblegum. Chew the bubblegum and the first one to blow a bubble wins. sounds easy? Try doing it with your hands tied behind your backs, and the plate on the floor instead of a table :)))
    Since these are both quicker challenges than you usually do, you can do them in one video and it wouldn't be too long :)

  • DCA Flyer
    DCA Flyer 4 years ago

    I saw you in audience on RuPaul tonight :)

  • Kensie McKee
    Kensie McKee 4 years ago

    You are so beautiful!

  • Deven Green
    Deven Green 4 years ago

    You are a doll :)

  • diana desantiago
    diana desantiago 4 years ago

    I love your clothes and your fashion sense;)
    i really like your hair too ^__^ I loveee yoouuuuuu<3

  • Emma Tinker
    Emma Tinker 4 years ago

    You changed my out look on life:)

  • LowFXGaming
    LowFXGaming 4 years ago

    Been watching you forever and finally subbed now that I have a channel. Just wanted you to know that you've really helped me get through some rough places in my life. Couldn't thank you enough! ^_____^

  • Leo Wilson
    Leo Wilson 4 years ago

    Draw my Life ??? :)

  • punkrockers2247
    punkrockers2247 4 years ago

    you are sexy.

  • casualgal21
    casualgal21 4 years ago

    you're perfection.

  • 3D1317
    3D1317 4 years ago


  • Madeline Bilodeau
    Madeline Bilodeau 4 years ago

    hello tyler!! your laugh is the cutest omg!!

  • anni pear
    anni pear 4 years ago

    U are amazing and I am going to vidcon this summer... But I did not see u on the list ): r u not going?

  • anni pear
    anni pear 4 years ago

    U are amazing and I kn

  • Shelby Snyder
    Shelby Snyder 4 years ago

    Tyler Oakley, you seriously crack me up. In fact, you inspired me to make a video thanking fangirls because I realized they are the backbone of the entertainment industry. If you want to check out my video just take a quick little look at my channel....I know you want to :D

  • Johanna KC
    Johanna KC 4 years ago

    Yay new video in 5 minutes

  • Nuala
    Nuala 4 years ago


  • Neda Mohamed
    Neda Mohamed 4 years ago

    Tyler, please do a Draw My Life? Kthnxbye

  • Paula Lisa
    Paula Lisa 4 years ago

    subbed, sub me back plz, check out my songs on youtube and WEB Paula Lisa

  • Jessiee Griffiths
    Jessiee Griffiths 4 years ago

    Tyler, Subscribe to Troye Sivan Cause ( I think he likes you ) Not like he says YOUR NAME in EVERY VIDEO. :D

  • Darcy Motala
    Darcy Motala 4 years ago

    Hey Tyler! we are a new channel, we actually just started yesterday! but we were wondering if there was any way you could check us out and potentially give us a shoutout so we can get more subscribers? That would mean so much to us! We are huge fans of your channel:) We plan on making many more videos, and were going to perfect our videos, because the first one was terrible! Anyway, you may never even read this message, but if you do, it would mean so much to us! Thanks for being our inspiration! xx

  • miscmb09
    miscmb09 4 years ago

    please Tyler you HAVE to make a video talking about your night out with Kevin McHale :) pleaseeeeeeeee ily

  • sabreezy2492
    sabreezy2492 4 years ago

    tyler, i wish you would check out my channel, literally all i talk about is one direction, and i think you would REALLY like my 1D cup song thanks!

  • Kaitlin Keenan
    Kaitlin Keenan 4 years ago

    Omg you are the best person in the world! Bless your parents for conceiving you! When are you going to come to Canada? I'd love to meet you in person!!

  • Jk V
    Jk V 4 years ago

    YOUR GAY ! ! ! ! !

  • tweetthang96
    tweetthang96 4 years ago

    Can you just move to Cincinnati and be my best friend? Seriously, please. I love your videos, and your sense of humor = AMAZING. You would be able to help me teach the Cincy hoes to have class.

  • Randys Ratchets
    Randys Ratchets 4 years ago

    So I recorded my H8 SUX video and it's on my Youtube channel, but the H8SUX website won't let me send the video to them... Can you help me out? P.S. I love your videos and can't wait to see all your new ones! <3

  • Stefano Cosentino
    Stefano Cosentino 4 years ago

    i think that you are very sexy!! even when u do the chubby bunny challenge hahaah ;)

  • Anna Wong
    Anna Wong 4 years ago

    I know remember the gun shooting I was awesome and Tyler do you like grant gustin I have a huge crush on him lol

  • Anna Wong
    Anna Wong 4 years ago

    I know

  • stop
    stop 4 years ago

    Did you watch Glee: Shooting Star? OHMYGOD, GIRL. SO GOOD.

  • Ryliegh O'Connor
    Ryliegh O'Connor 4 years ago

    Instagram sent me! :) @ryliegh_rox_

  • sylvia
    sylvia 4 years ago

    Instagram sent me ;) @sylvia_n

  • Aimee Rodriguez
    Aimee Rodriguez 4 years ago

    From instagram(: @aimeexD98 love yoouuuu

  • Anita Monterrosas
    Anita Monterrosas 4 years ago

    instagram sent me here!!! my username is anita_monterrosas1d

  • Kendra Weekes
    Kendra Weekes 4 years ago

    AAAAhhhhh!!!!!!! Tyler, i just saw the first episode of glee with DARREN CRISS in it and i finally understand your (and now my) obsession . I love Kurt and Darren's character. anyway luv ya guuuuuuurrrrllll! ;)

  • Coryn Ettinger
    Coryn Ettinger 4 years ago

    Tyler! I am a HUGE fan and I have been watching your channel almost since day one. You are my idol and I want My channel to be like yours one day. I just started mine, I only have two videos so far. I was wondering if you have any tips on how to start off and get as big as you are. Your vids make me smile and laugh , i look forward to them every week. I was wondering if you could please look at my channel and give me some pointers, suggestions, or just some love. PLEASE? I love you <333
    -Coryn (;

  • noah cain
    noah cain 4 years ago

    TYLER!!!! did u see glee shooting star.........OMG.....IF U HAVENT....MAKE SHURE U HAVE SOME TISSUES COS U WILL CRY FOR AGES....AND AGES...AND AGES................from a fan;)

  • GuyBenedik
    GuyBenedik 4 years ago

    Hi Tyler, plz make more vids with the twins. it was the best vid ever!
    i'm happy to see your vids, they are funny ^_^
    thnx from Israel

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    I love ur videos xx 

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    I have made a BLOG VLOG talking about youuu and others (:
    And I would love youuuu, if you'd take those 4 mins to watch itttttt (((:
    THANK YOU! <3

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    are you going to summer in the city?

  • rossco0697
    rossco0697 4 years ago

    Are you going to Summer in the City?

  • urbex2007
    urbex2007 4 years ago

    I had to laugh when I watched the video of you eating chicken nuggets - you were asked if there were 50 of anything else you would like to eat. You said, "dick".
    Be sure to film that one for youtube!
    Haven't had such a laugh for ages.

  • 333emafryer
    333emafryer 4 years ago

    so funny,so cute,so adorable,just listening to you talk about anything iz lovely.

  • Swiggity Swag Fart
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    Every time I check for a new video of yours. The recommended video is 'Twerking in my undies.' LOL

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    i love you so much its unreal

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    you're cute. nuff said.

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    My name is Ryan Joseph I am 17 and am a singer/songwriter/musican Check out the channel axlerecords1 to see my new single and a few more other videos broadcasting my music. Please leave feedback and tell me what you think. I am determined to make it and every view counts! Thanks

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    You should do a video with Davey Wavey please omg the best ever do something epic

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    If you want your ovaries to explode Tyler, and you are in a stalker-fangirl mood, then go on Instagram RIGHT NOW and go on this beautiful boy's profile @calebpryer and his twin @joshpryer TRUST ME YOU'LL DIE! THEY'RE BEAUTIFUL ABERCROMBIE MODELS AND THEY'RE TWINS, TYLER, TWINS!!! As far as I know, so far, he's a model, he can fish, he's a writer, a bass player in a band, he loves to read, he's an actor for Nickelodeon, he can draw, and he's freaking hot! You'll love me forever after doing this, trust me ;) xx

  • Kenziebone11
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    people who are posting that tyler is gay. he is. he is the most perfect gay ever and if you mean tyler is gay in a bad way do us all a favor and fuck off thank you very much ~~~~~~<3 every Tyler Oakley fan ever

  • Canno
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    u r gay

  • alibababa6
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    Tyler and Jack Harries OTP?? LOL! Keep dreamin' poor guy, even if Jack was gay (an he isn't), he is sooooooooooo out of your league. You are unfunny, desperate media attention whore who wants to be part of the brits youtube gang, but is nothing as a lame, creepy nerd.

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    you act like a model idiot pepole dont like you

    3,474,934 Views 4 years ago

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    Kiara H3nan 4 years ago

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  • Kiara H3nan
    Kiara H3nan 4 years ago

    Tyler are you going to make a video about the ryan secrest youtube personality thing

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