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  • Lennyy15
    Lennyy15 8 years ago

    You are my gay master, as for I never really wanted to act a 'gayish' if you will. But yeah, I learn how to be gay. thanks. :DD

  • shortstack
    shortstack 8 years ago

    awesome page tyler subbed!

  • Danielle Rolston
    Danielle Rolston 8 years ago

    dude, just saw your videos, love them!(; subscribed

  • cj myers
    cj myers 8 years ago

    your my new favorite person. cj

  • Levi Tocjayao
    Levi Tocjayao 8 years ago

    haha i love you!!! C:

  • Ho0di
    Ho0di 8 years ago

    is he gay?

  • susie burnside
    susie burnside 8 years ago

    You have wonderful energy and I just subscribed.

  • thyregrut
    thyregrut 8 years ago

    I just watched your "Movies that SUCK Now" video. After finding out you watch Big Brother, I don't know how I can't watch your videos.

  • zbsc130216
    zbsc130216 8 years ago

    Happy late 21st Birthday!!! :] Love you! you're Amazing! :]

  • felish
    felish 8 years ago

    If I was a guy, I'd go out with you. If you let me. Yeah, that's what my answer was to a question my teacher asked us in english today.

  • Valeria Marchiori
    Valeria Marchiori 8 years ago

    Happy Birthday for yesterday :D Keep making video and good luck with everything *w*

  • Evan Zachary
    Evan Zachary 8 years ago

    Happy Birthday! Your Poopie poopie poopie video made me "power dump" on the spot.

  • rc100011
    rc100011 8 years ago

    I just don't get it. Why the fuck someone access a channel that's called "Just An Ordinary GAY" if that person hates gay people... Are you all seeking attention?, you're not getting want you want in the bedroom and you want to try other things?, oh no I get it: you're all just sad cases of egodistonic assholes (meaning that youre in fact attracted to your same gender peers but you just cant deal with it). So, do yourselves (and us) a huge favor and go for a skydiving excursion and please DO NOT use any type of parachutes :) I know all mankind is going to be grateful for that. And Tyler Im sorry, I know that its worthless taking to such ignorant people or even wasting a bit of energy on them but theyre just repulsive

  • saut de chat
    saut de chat 8 years ago

    happy birthday (wow, sorry this comment is original) im mentioning how original it is so its seem special compared to all the other happy birthday comments that are all the same.

  • Mariam Sadat
    Mariam Sadat 8 years ago


  • Sara H
    Sara H 8 years ago

    Happy Birthday Tyler !!

  • meow0meow7
    meow0meow7 8 years ago


  • Nicole Davenport
    Nicole Davenport 8 years ago


  • Nicola .CH
    Nicola .CH 8 years ago

    Happy Birthday!

  • XandGunn
    XandGunn 8 years ago

    Happy Birthday!

  • Amanda Erin
    Amanda Erin 8 years ago

    Wow you are hilarious! I love you! Happy birthday from a fellow Michigander. :D

  • Adrienne Mintz
    Adrienne Mintz 8 years ago

    Tyler! I hope you have a really great birthday!!! Happy 21st!!

  • RKC00PS
    RKC00PS 8 years ago

    Happy birthday Tyler. Just to say your vids are brilliant, and they've got me through some pretty shit times. So hope you had a great day, you well deserve it =)

  • HFKeith
    HFKeith 8 years ago

    happy birthday!

  • Sebastian
    Sebastian 8 years ago

    fucking lame

  • mylovelydame21
    mylovelydame21 8 years ago

    Happy Birthday, Tyler! Drink yourself stupid, but be safe! *hugs*

  • jonieze99
    jonieze99 8 years ago

    man ure awsome, since now i love u and adore¡¡¡ never seen someone like u, in argentina u have a new fucking fan, love¡¡

  • Tamreh Herlihy
    Tamreh Herlihy 8 years ago

    happy unbirthday

  • SelfExpressionist
    SelfExpressionist 8 years ago

    It seems like today is your birthday, so I hope it's a wonderful one! Even though I don't know you, I want you to keep smiling, and have a fantastic day. =]

  • Melissa Jane
    Melissa Jane 8 years ago

    Happy Birthday! :DD

  • bnugentkarate
    bnugentkarate 8 years ago

    based on the other comments i guess it's your birthday. happy birthday!

  • ku200986
    ku200986 8 years ago

    Happy Birthday!

  • Schmalicious
    Schmalicious 8 years ago

    Happy Birthday Tyler :) Hope you´re having a great day!

  • Alyssa Young
    Alyssa Young 8 years ago

    awesome vids...gay guys are lucky cause your a cutie~Keep it cool~

  • BeauIdealPoetry89
    BeauIdealPoetry89 8 years ago

    bro great videos fuckin hilarious!!!

  • Japansepuppy2481
    Japansepuppy2481 8 years ago

    Your hilarious & just down right awesome haha :) Have a great day

  • Tracy Mount
    Tracy Mount 8 years ago

    Happy birthday Tyler!

  • StingRay809
    StingRay809 8 years ago

    great videos man

  • Brandon Hluck
    Brandon Hluck 8 years ago

    Tyler! I must know what that song is that you use for your intro

  • kamui5252
    kamui5252 8 years ago

    CONGRATS on being featured :-)

  • Joshua Ortiz
    Joshua Ortiz 8 years ago

    i love your work lol

  • Taymor Wily
    Taymor Wily 8 years ago


  • heyrosalie
    heyrosalie 8 years ago

    you make me smile :)

  • shorty365us
    shorty365us 8 years ago

    I think you're awesome!!

  • TehOwnererOfET
    TehOwnererOfET 8 years ago

    God hates fags

  • Allie Tucci
    Allie Tucci 8 years ago

    you are the most adorable boy there is! :) i throughly enjoy the fact that you legitly do not care what anyone has to say. you are an entertanier for sure and i love your videos sir!

  • Igli Marku
    Igli Marku 8 years ago

    Great sense of humour dude. props

  • Schzimmy
    Schzimmy 8 years ago

    EldSeimmoc get your head out OF Y O U R A S S. I p r a y for you.

  • Jophie12
    Jophie12 8 years ago

    God loves everyone, weather they be straight, gay, or bi

  • JenniferMaby
    JenniferMaby 8 years ago

    Happy Birthday, Tyler!! (: Welcome to adulthood.

  • Eddy913
    Eddy913 8 years ago

    Whoever tries to bash you while they use the incorrect use of "your" or "you're". Don't take them seriously because they are dumbasses.

  • David Dank
    David Dank 8 years ago

    Gays cannot reproduce. Your just hurting humanity itself.

  • Bri00
    Bri00 8 years ago

    *subscribe*..ur awesome :)

  • Jeri Chee
    Jeri Chee 8 years ago

    You, sir, are FABULOUS. *salute*

  • soraspsp
    soraspsp 8 years ago

    A long time ago, when the gays wern't so in your face about it... STAR WARS!!!! Lol, but srsly ur pretty cool.

  • It's Jaih
    It's Jaih 8 years ago

    dude..your videos are fucking awesome

  • rc100011
    rc100011 8 years ago

    Happy Birthday you sexy beast!

  • Jason Olvera
    Jason Olvera 8 years ago

    Are you gay? Just saying...

  • bnugentkarate
    bnugentkarate 8 years ago

    i just watched a bunch of your other vids. congrats on the most subscribed and most viewed rankings. you definitely earned it. hopefully you'll reach the top soon.

  • Carlos B-E
    Carlos B-E 8 years ago

    Hey Ty, happy birthday! I have a friend who's like in love with you and he pretty much bullied me into watching your videos last night. Good news is I actually liked them! Now, since you're so wise and worldly, I'd love it if you could maybe help me out and tell what you think about a tiny little situation. Here's the thing: I'm bisexual. Nope, not confused or going through a phase or anything, just bisexual. Like, really, REALLY bisexual. I LOOOOOVE girls AND boys and their respective sexy parts. And I want to be able to have a, uhm, marriage-a-trois, in the near future. I know, I know: they don't even let TWO guys or girls get married yet and I'm ALREADY thinking about the next step. But, hey, what can I say? I'm a visionary. So, *maybe* you could do one of your hilarious vids on the subject. I'm sure it'd be a hit. Keep up the good work. Greetings from Venezuela (don't you Americans feel all exotic by just pronouncing that name?), Carlos.

  • Abdul Muhaimin Franchise

    good vids man XD

  • bnugentkarate
    bnugentkarate 8 years ago

    i take back what i said. i judged your video about god based on the title. it was good and you don't seem as bad as i said the first time. sorry.

  • bnugentkarate
    bnugentkarate 8 years ago

    this is how you spend your time. sad and stupid. this is as bad as racism.

  • Lily Kwok
    Lily Kwok 8 years ago

    Im watching all your videos. You are so great!

  • sheebox
    sheebox 8 years ago

    scourge of humanity!

  • blammer
    blammer 8 years ago

    Heya, new subscriber here :D Love your vids , keep making them and don't bother about the haters. They're just little yappy dogs.

  • Allen Irish
    Allen Irish 8 years ago

    LOL O my lord, Tyler Oakely, I think I'm in love with you heheheheh well at least your videos. Keep them coming, they make me smile and lately that's been a hard thing to do :) Can't wait for your next one!

  • fdincorp
    fdincorp 8 years ago

    God leaves you alone to be homosexual, why do you make a mockery of God? What has God done to you?

  • OHhooverpoof
    OHhooverpoof 8 years ago

    Jesus NEVER said ONE word about homosexuality that was recorded!!! St. Paul MAY very well have been a self-loathing closet case, himself.....Christ and his disciples were very openly affectionate with each other, NOT that they were having sex, but they didn't seem to have the HOMO-phobe hang-up thing going on...Fred Phelps and the rest of those pathetic morons are NOT finding that 'God hates fags!' written down in the Bible, ANYWHERE!!! This is just their sad and sorry inbred opinion!!! What ever happened to 'Love thy neighbor as thyself.' ???????

  • Nakky Dave
    Nakky Dave 8 years ago

    You are one cool cat! I wish I had your enthusiasm.

  • gymer15
    gymer15 8 years ago

    dude, I don't mind having your type in the world, it makes me seem more of what I want to be..thanks for living.

  • Desiré Doecette
    Desiré Doecette 8 years ago

    luv ur vids ^_^

  • Ignacio Alvarez
    Ignacio Alvarez 8 years ago

    i keep coming back to your channel to watch: "getting over heartbreak" and "all you've got is you" girl, i'm a hot mess right now. thank you for these videos.

  • sheebox
    sheebox 8 years ago

    the scourge of the human race.

  • Bnaz
    Bnaz 8 years ago

    I LOVE you! I just found you and I adore you!

  • jenr0424
    jenr0424 8 years ago

    lol I loved your video. I think there is a God and I believe He loves his children REGARDLESS of their preferance. Keep up the good work!

  • b03y
    b03y 8 years ago


  • TehOwnererOfET
    TehOwnererOfET 8 years ago

    god hates the gays

  • ewgwf
    ewgwf 8 years ago

    You're amazing. :}

  • KMeany14
    KMeany14 8 years ago

    the scum of society some may say

  • StingRay809
    StingRay809 8 years ago

    great videos!! Keep it up! I also make blog entries about my life so much you can do with that stuff.

  • Ginny Forbes
    Ginny Forbes 8 years ago

    Tyler, I've just seen one of your videos , and I think you're terrific, funny, smart, and adorable. And I say to all those ignorant homophobic, religious haters out there: "The world needs a lot more Tyler's and a lot less of you ignorant, hate filled Bible thumping moron's"

  • Val Jones
    Val Jones 8 years ago

    lol Love the new video bro!!! And the thing that happen to me a few weeks ago was my car cacthing on fire out of noo where!! I def had to question God on that one but it turn out fine because i got a even newer car that i love even more than my last!

  • nicole rambo
    nicole rambo 8 years ago

    is it not right to say i hate haters? because its soo true. go team tyler. bah that was cute.

  • KNIGHTCleric
    KNIGHTCleric 8 years ago

    it seems no1 really likes this guy i dont like him either he is just an emo IMO

  • Keinetta
    Keinetta 8 years ago

    you're my favorite person eva :) fav vid was how to put on a condom...lmao

  • austinyar
    austinyar 8 years ago

    Tyler, Savana and I are so gooo gooo for Gaga. You have to tell Perez about us!

  • Sam Baggett
    Sam Baggett 8 years ago

    you aren't gay, you are just capitalizing on homosexuality.

  • british man
    british man 8 years ago


  • british man
    british man 8 years ago

    trolling your gay ass

  • Jaytee Bonilla
    Jaytee Bonilla 8 years ago

    this is one idiot kid. looks like a total nerd too. nothing wrong with gays!

  • metsfn27
    metsfn27 8 years ago

    gay fag is gay

  • TehOwnererOfET
    TehOwnererOfET 8 years ago

    God hates fags

  • JapanRs
    JapanRs 8 years ago

    lol today i watched so many of your videos you're super funny and inspiring :D

  • ZmajSnoshaj
    ZmajSnoshaj 8 years ago

    Being gay is your only talent.. lmao

  • Jeremy Shane
    Jeremy Shane 8 years ago


  • Monty Hill
    Monty Hill 8 years ago

    Can someone please get this guy an agent and put him on TV? He is awesome.

  • rainishell
    rainishell 8 years ago

    the haters on your page make me laugh <3

  • GLxTCH
    GLxTCH 8 years ago


  • Edith Copp
    Edith Copp 8 years ago

    tylert1137 is sooooooo right. your funny too. i need some sas in my life!