UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship
UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship
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  • ineffable nefarious
    ineffable nefarious 19 seconds ago

    The fight looks like UFC videogame.

    CTMU THEORY 24 seconds ago

    Man these Mexicans disgusting AF. Mexicans remind me of the monstrous creature "Goblin", literally look like it. It worries me greatly that people don't know yet (either they don't know or they fool themselves that it doesn't or won't happen, ignorance is a bliss am I right) what cartels do to their own equivalents.

  • Hdf Ggf
    Hdf Ggf 37 seconds ago

    Тут что пиндосы одни сидят?

    SCARFAC3 Minute ago

    Robert Whittaker get ready for an ASS WHOOPING!!!

  • Crash
    Crash Minute ago

    Гавно идиоты.

    QUEENS_RACES Minute ago


  • Adam Yates
    Adam Yates 2 minutes ago

    Fair play to Bisping difficult situations handled like a boss!! Didn't flinch an inch!! Haaa top man!

  • bob junior
    bob junior 4 minutes ago

    who the fuck is that guy?

  • Taco Tacotington
    Taco Tacotington 5 minutes ago

    1. Mark Hunt 2. Roy Nelson 3. JDS 4. TRT Vitor 5. Justin Gaethje

  • Василина Калин

    I hope the wrestling soup guys talk about this Thursday show and great video

  • JSG1138
    JSG1138 7 minutes ago

    Yeah cain loves Mexicans so much that he married a white woman. Who are we kidding cane is white LOL His real name is Kayden snowboard Carlos Mencia more Mexican lol

  • zohaib
    zohaib 7 minutes ago

    Conor stuttering on a sip of propa twelve must b good !!!

  • David Jackson
    David Jackson 8 minutes ago

    Two of my favorite fighters.

  • SpaghettiTrain
    SpaghettiTrain 9 minutes ago

    Mexicans literally cheat in every sport.

  • Da Man
    Da Man 9 minutes ago

    The security aren't worth shit, they didnt do anything during the bus incident

  • Heng Horn
    Heng Horn 9 minutes ago

    Yair poke Jeremy in the eye and blame him for not continuing. Fuck it an eye for an eye. Let her Jeremy poke you in the eye and then you can both fight. You took away his eye with an illegal move and raise you odds to 90% guarantee win. If you a real man fight him when he’s 100%

  • viopsadmin
    viopsadmin 10 minutes ago

    Yair: 5 minute answer Interpreter: 5 second summary

  • Simon glassbegg
    Simon glassbegg 10 minutes ago

    Amanda nunes is a dude who chopped off his Dick and inplanted boobs.

  • Jon H.
    Jon H. 11 minutes ago

    Jeremy Stephens did nothing wrong here.

  • SeeJay
    SeeJay 11 minutes ago

    The eye poke was intentional. I dont understand how you accidentally throw your hand out and poke someone in the eye. It looked like a slap.

  • Philip Normington
    Philip Normington 11 minutes ago

    Bisping should have give him that fight he wanted, what a bitch

  • Shane Kelley
    Shane Kelley 11 minutes ago

    Wish the commentator would have shut up in the last two minutes about his strategies... because the kid was doing just fine. Super fucking annoying... "If only he would punch right now." what do you think he is doing moron?

  • Marcin Koszczyński
    Marcin Koszczyński 11 minutes ago


  • Tony Torres
    Tony Torres 12 minutes ago

    Absolutely ridiculous, that can the attitudes is just from lack of education.

  • Mithat Odag
    Mithat Odag 12 minutes ago

    Thiago Santos : it is what it is Conor McChicken: my foot was a BALLOOOOON

    FOLKLORI 13 minutes ago

    tony ferguson type of gye to fuck himself and then defend gay title vs conors mom!

  • oasch könig
    oasch könig 13 minutes ago

    Father vs Son

  • Kushikimehh Kyoto
    Kushikimehh Kyoto 14 minutes ago

    WOW THAT KICK AT 5:35 was tottally unexpected. I did not see it coming at all holy shit.

  • rick james
    rick james 14 minutes ago

    I would have pulled his hair all so for him head butting .good job for win in the fight

  • Imro Nemo
    Imro Nemo 14 minutes ago


  • Taylor Payne
    Taylor Payne 14 minutes ago

    Can anyone translate what he yelled at bisping at the start?

  • NO ID
    NO ID 16 minutes ago

    UFC needs to keep the BMF World Championship going and defended for real.

  • James Abdullah Wang
    James Abdullah Wang 17 minutes ago


  • Jack Swift
    Jack Swift 17 minutes ago

    0:20 this guy acting like a five year old throwing a temper tantrum. And, he's the one that fouled the other guy and caused the situation to happen.

  • David vazquez
    David vazquez 18 minutes ago

    He hasn't been heard of ever since Jorge destroyed him. He's not the same stupid immature big mouth Askren that he was

  • Rafael Roman
    Rafael Roman 18 minutes ago

    I wish Anderson was more aggressive he could’ve won this fight

  • Thanos The Mad Titan
    Thanos The Mad Titan 19 minutes ago

    Both has best reflects more than other fighter, and has best respect for each others, israel adesanya my best fav fighter

  • russianross
    russianross 19 minutes ago

    Bring bisping out of retirement baby

  • First Last
    First Last 19 minutes ago

    Ufc is trash. Mma as a whole is trash. The fans are bigger trash.

  • Shawn Jerome
    Shawn Jerome 19 minutes ago

    I haven't heard anybody else do it but I personally want to thank Matts friend.I'm so sorry I can't remember her name,she went to Columbia with him to do the stem cell treatment.what an angel.you are so amazing what a good person you are to take time out of your life, your marriage, to go help a friend is just amazing and I don't know if anybody else feels this way and I'm sorry but there's no back door to me so I say what I think. I don't think Matt's wife is in it for anything other than she feels like she has to be in it and she feels trapped I think she's fake, I'm sorry, but that's how I feel,I hope I'm wrong

  • Ricardo Sevilla
    Ricardo Sevilla 20 minutes ago

    jajajaja xq grita si sabes q si le picaste los ojos en cuanto el te pego parece q a el pantera le dió miedo y tiró el rasguño

  • Phil Lasalle
    Phil Lasalle 20 minutes ago

    20 000$ fine for eye poke... that's it

  • Marco Gonzalez
    Marco Gonzalez 22 minutes ago

    He's trying to be known in Mexico or something. I'm Mexican and i hope they run it back and Jeremy knocks him out. Over here throwing a fit like a 5 year old girl then shouting viva mexico multiple times is annoying af.

  • Jacob Tratnyek
    Jacob Tratnyek 22 minutes ago

    This ain’t no 243 . 243 is Israel vs Whittaker

  • Nyokap Lho
    Nyokap Lho 23 minutes ago


  • Epic Tag
    Epic Tag 24 minutes ago

    Yair talking outta nonsense saying he'll fight anyone they offered him Zabit didn't even want take fight

  • KFJ68 agent
    KFJ68 agent 24 minutes ago

    What a fucking pussy! Lucky Bisping didn't knock ur ass out! At least the interpreter got "Viva Mexico!" right!🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • ufc alvin
    ufc alvin 26 minutes ago

    Whaaatt??? whay Cain ??

  • lormurda
    lormurda 26 minutes ago

    Y’all fucking dumb asf I wish all of you who’s looking at this to suck my dick bitch

  • Diego G
    Diego G 26 minutes ago

    Malcriado y estupido Yair. LLoron

  • Guga Bastos
    Guga Bastos 27 minutes ago

    Next video, top 10 Eye Pokes

  • Jacob Tratnyek
    Jacob Tratnyek 27 minutes ago

    This fight happens in a month tho

  • Lahan Castro
    Lahan Castro 27 minutes ago

    Pinche panchero

  • TheChroniclesOfDavid
    TheChroniclesOfDavid 28 minutes ago


  • fefe2222
    fefe2222 28 minutes ago

    Silva is fucking joke, best example of someone afraid of actually trying and failing. Most frustrating fight ive ever watched

  • fudo003
    fudo003 29 minutes ago

    Master of trade against Young blood.

  • TheAntManChannel
    TheAntManChannel 29 minutes ago

    After Nate beats Masvidal he should defend the BMF belt against Anderson Silva.

  • Shawn Jerome
    Shawn Jerome 29 minutes ago

    This is to Matt's wife or ex-wife I don't know if they're still together I can't imagine what you went through but you said something in this video that really made me not like you very much you cold-hearted person

  • jjohnson5214
    jjohnson5214 30 minutes ago

    inyección letal

  • D Jordan
    D Jordan 30 minutes ago

    Who the fook is this guy?

  • Thanos The Mad Titan
    Thanos The Mad Titan 30 minutes ago

    Amazing fights with amazing skills

  • 777killad
    777killad 31 minute ago

    Yair with the fake outrage 😂 He never wanted to fight Stephens in the first place and all of a sudden he lashes at his face which he never does. Hmmm. Disgusting. YAIR is a piece of garbage

  • Irish Technical Thinker

    Respect for making something after fighting Cain. Wrestling is not my thing but you have my respect.

  • Danke
    Danke 32 minutes ago

    Örk vs. Björk 😂😂😂

    MANBEARPIG 32 minutes ago

    Fake overblown reaction = biggest Mexican pussy I have ever seen!

  • Bro Pro
    Bro Pro 32 minutes ago

    Silva old fart cant do anything , go take rest .

  • Clint Oswald
    Clint Oswald 33 minutes ago

    A blatant eye poke and he’s the one who throws a tantrum, maybe next time you fight you don’t try and counter swiping at someone’s eye you bum

  • Soul Seeker
    Soul Seeker 34 minutes ago

    What a boring a$$ fight!! Glad it didn’t go 5

  • Marx de los Santos
    Marx de los Santos 34 minutes ago

    Be careful with your mouth. ICE watches UFC too you know. Dirty mouth

  • Zach Coleman
    Zach Coleman 35 minutes ago


  • george t
    george t 36 minutes ago

    What a fucking clown jair is . First he pokes dude in the eye and complains like a little girl

  • tommaso villella
    tommaso villella 36 minutes ago

    horrible display. amateurs.

  • WiZzFY LeeK
    WiZzFY LeeK 37 minutes ago

    🤣😂Looks like Francis hit him too hard

  • latinpaver
    latinpaver 37 minutes ago

    Danna no give the check to yair suspend for 1 year👍

  • Jo Jo
    Jo Jo 38 minutes ago

    All you people bitching about the crowd sound like little faggots most of you bringing race into as well showing your true colors, mostly white people of course. This is a event where people come to see guys get punched and kicked in the face till they lose consciousness, not church function. Most crowds in any country would have done this if the main event ended before it even got started. I repeat stop your bitching and whining women it wasn’t that bad you faggots crying over water bottles

  • tho mas
    tho mas 38 minutes ago

    they edited out the replay of the illegal knee

  • Brandon Coffin
    Brandon Coffin 39 minutes ago

    Michael showing he a real professional mane, couldve starched that nerd

  • Rainiger SSS
    Rainiger SSS 40 minutes ago

    Whittaker you are the best .greatings from Croatia

  • EzPumps
    EzPumps 41 minute ago

    I feel like Crute could’ve and would’ve hit that head kick if he didn’t see the ref in his peripheral. Good stoppage imo

  • Daniel Solorio
    Daniel Solorio 41 minute ago


  • AdamantMovies
    AdamantMovies 42 minutes ago

    Yair got fucking scared watching this, so his gameplan was to double eyepoke and hope Jeremy would not be able to continue.

  • Ape King
    Ape King 42 minutes ago


  • matthew anderson
    matthew anderson 42 minutes ago

    I disagree, Pat Barry made no mistake, I consider it more so an inability.

    • matthew anderson
      matthew anderson 38 minutes ago

      But I also think if he would have pulled a Mark Hunt and just walked away after the initial stunning punch, the ref more than likely would have gave it to him. IDK tough one

  • george papadopoulos
    george papadopoulos 42 minutes ago

    I dont get the negative comments..he has the same brutal and violent style like John Jones..

  • charley222
    charley222 43 minutes ago

    Yair Rodriguez is a dick

  • Fahir Blast
    Fahir Blast 43 minutes ago

    What if Vince takeover UFC

  • Gomer Hanger
    Gomer Hanger 44 minutes ago

    Anderson Silva got a cute little mousey.

  • Sewer Dragon
    Sewer Dragon 44 minutes ago

    This is dope.

  • Frank V
    Frank V 44 minutes ago

    Is Luche Libre a new menu item at Taco Bell?

  • Handhold 1
    Handhold 1 46 minutes ago

    Worst audio

  • Touchy issues
    Touchy issues 46 minutes ago

    Yair "Bones" Rodriguez

  • seven dyseven
    seven dyseven 48 minutes ago

    Just needed some vanilla..baby..

  • roberto moreno
    roberto moreno 48 minutes ago

    Que pena ver a jair diciendo pendejadas en.lo ultimo de su entrevista..saves q fue un error de tu parte y creo q esto le afectara mucho.para peles en su futuro...haaa y gracias por darnos el ultimo evento de UFC en mexico por muchoooooo tiempo gracias por eso

  • Tren dbol deca clen anavar dmaa Hey it me


  • abobaker Khan
    abobaker Khan 49 minutes ago

    Only one king of the jungle and it’s Khabib

  • theonly man
    theonly man 50 minutes ago

    Going for a takedown against an opponent who's running at you like a bull is one of the dumbest thing i've ever seen.

  • ArchMeister
    ArchMeister 50 minutes ago

    Yair had a fight with anxiety. And won

  • The Savages
    The Savages 50 minutes ago

    Real bad look for Mexico. Crowd and fighter. And bisping was not fazed at all with the little Mexicans tyrant.

  • Myst Ery
    Myst Ery 51 minute ago

    Ik this is a couple years old , but y’all seriously think he’s beating adesanya 😂😂😂?

  • RoB One
    RoB One 51 minute ago