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LEC Athens: Finals Tease
Views 101K11 days ago
#LEC Legends: Rekkles
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#LEC Semifinals Tease
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#LEC's Sandstorm in Athens!
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Level Up: Setting up Baron
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EAT LIKE A PRO with Pirean
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EAT LIKE A PRO with Kasing
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EAT LIKE A PRO with Upset
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EU Rising: Splyce
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I/DK Reunion
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EU Rising: Misfits
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#LEC Legends: Jankos
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EU Rising: SK Gaming
Views 20KMonth ago
This or That | Flame TSM
Views 187KMonth ago


  • rajdeep deb
    rajdeep deb 2 hours ago

    Braum's music gives me goosebumps every single time...

  • Escape the Matrix
    Escape the Matrix 2 hours ago

    Zeyzal looks like McDonalds fan lol sure this team loses when mc fan is suppXD

  • toda vez que olhar os comentários eu vo ta lá

    When the jerseys will come out?

  • dendy
    dendy 5 hours ago

    i cried when game 3 ended

  • CzizKejk
    CzizKejk 7 hours ago

    is this fragon real?

  • Hiasix
    Hiasix 10 hours ago


  • ReDZilla
    ReDZilla 11 hours ago

    Where’s today the penta

  • 박현호
    박현호 11 hours ago


  • E.G. Curioso
    E.G. Curioso 12 hours ago

    No.4 should be higher

  • Night Gaming
    Night Gaming 13 hours ago

    worst one so far

  • 쪼아
    쪼아 13 hours ago

    3:28 ???

  • Riyad Trungrez
    Riyad Trungrez 14 hours ago

    wow i see redbull og

  • Mike Lytou
    Mike Lytou 14 hours ago

    1:53 That analogy! I wanna hear casters at worlds say "Now they picked the toast" & "Now they picked the Nutella"

  • Kai
    Kai 14 hours ago


  • Lightbreaker 02
    Lightbreaker 02 15 hours ago

    I can feel this song

  • deleted
    deleted 15 hours ago

    Im not a LOL fan, but i saw chrissy on the thumbnail i click

  • TheMrMister01
    TheMrMister01 15 hours ago


  • Frozen blood
    Frozen blood 16 hours ago

    Let's go G2 and Fnatic this year is the moment that all Eu waited!!

  • Philip Schiestl
    Philip Schiestl 19 hours ago

    this song is so garbage

  • T_RUNG 1306
    T_RUNG 1306 20 hours ago

    The first time i see LOL was after world 2015, and i just love the champion,after having a long bad time ,they can finally comeback . Hope Faker can lead SKT to their fourth championship like he used to do

  • Dasbolt
    Dasbolt 23 hours ago

    Who's at 1:46?

  • Quang Nhân TV

    next week, VCS will have top 5 Penta

  • charles gacusan

    2019 Nc recommendation *nostalgia*

  • Reverse Flash
    Reverse Flash Day ago

    only good KT player was Flash and that was not even in Leauge :)

  • Clarity
    Clarity Day ago

    满满的正能量。 LPL加油!

  • Jensi Oquendo
    Jensi Oquendo Day ago

    Team WE: Fight us! You will lose! SSG: No, I don't think I will.

  • Danny
    Danny Day ago

    Can't wait to see IG bring out the draven against this at worlds !

  • DRY
    DRY Day ago

    2018 was sooo much better

  • Seong Park
    Seong Park Day ago

    Geez asian performer sucked

    HUSS3IN Day ago

    We love you sjokz

  • BroKen AvaTar
    BroKen AvaTar Day ago


  • Sir jLabucks
    Sir jLabucks Day ago

    Can somebody tell me what background song is this??

  • InstaMusiC
    InstaMusiC Day ago

    the news ^^

  • Wei Kyaw
    Wei Kyaw Day ago

    Man that awesome quitar solo at 1:44

  • TheLeadStriker

    I cri everytim

  • Akali
    Akali Day ago

    10:11 KONO DIO DA!!!

  • Victor 4EverThe1 Hansson

    Quickshot you where so young 😂😂😂

  • PraiseDa Memes

    KT - IG quarterfinals was the best series in the whole tournament !

    MX MIIN Day ago

    King of sweden. 🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪

  • drexiu
    drexiu Day ago


  • Draken dead
    Draken dead Day ago

    I legit thought dash did the voice over until seeing the comment for this video

  • Toi la ai
    Toi la ai Day ago

    Toàn bọn mù chữ ,không thấy EU MASTER à

  • Omura
    Omura Day ago

    Wtf is RIV?

  • TheLeadStriker

    I miss these days

  • Aux Crod
    Aux Crod Day ago

    It's uncomfortable to watch cause there's no narration

  • Axel Linde
    Axel Linde Day ago

    Goood! No one is talking over every single clip.

  • Đinh Quang Dũng

    VCS Zeros kennen with rabadon 2nd

    • Đinh Quang Dũng
      Đinh Quang Dũng 19 hours ago

      @Toi la ai ý bố m là VCS có highlight. hiểu ko. cắn bậy là giỏi chứ có biết tư duy éo đâu

    • Toi la ai
      Toi la ai Day ago

      Bị ngu không?

    • Trí Thái Minh
      Trí Thái Minh Day ago

      Đây là highlight riêng của EU master đâu ra VCS mà đòi

  • Hải Béo
    Hải Béo Day ago


    • Quốc Duy Nguyễn
      Quốc Duy Nguyễn Day ago

      @Hải Béo đọc cái tiêu đề đi 3. cái này nó làm riêng về eu, còn vcs để vid khác. ai mới bị thiểu não ?

    • Hải Béo
      Hải Béo Day ago

      @Trí Thái Minh yoshino levi the penta ???? Bạn thiểu não hả

    • Trí Thái Minh
      Trí Thái Minh Day ago

      Đây là highlight riêng của EU master đâu ra VCS mà đòi?

  • Nhím Official

    The penta VCS plzz

    • Trí Thái Minh
      Trí Thái Minh Day ago

      Đây là highlight riêng của EU master đâu ra VCS mà đòi

  • Swapnil Ghose
    Swapnil Ghose Day ago

    Broken Blade casually looking awkward af.

  • calvin yip
    calvin yip Day ago

    Imagine if this is real league of legends. Game just started 15min. Allay has been slain every minute and toxic level raising , inting level raising lol. Pro play and real league is different . Either way the artist and programmer did the most for the visual and sound etc but received little appreciation .

  • Ate Michelle loves Little Mix

    while waiting for worlds 2019 I looked back to this. SWEAR THIS IS ONE SOLID CONTENDER FOR ALL TIME WORLDS DISAPPOINTMENTS. nostalgic!!! Just love misfits I am really praying for this team for them to make this performance again and make it back to worlds!!! PS: rooting for cg, fnc, skt and g2 to win worlds 2019

  • Albert Wang
    Albert Wang Day ago

    Lmao I was like the BGM is good, then I realized its the same music that made my ears bleed live lmao

  • Bdd
    Bdd Day ago

    Jackeylove is everybody :) 2019 is here

  • Duy Nguyen Le Dong

    "You just have to not die", well Kkoma pretty much summarise what Duke did so far on both IG vs SKT lmao

  • Việt Anh Nguyễn

    T xem cái này để tìm Zeros Minh Lộc với con Jax

    • Game GT
      Game GT Day ago

      K đọc ak cái này là dánh cho EU thôi

  • Bowen Wu
    Bowen Wu 2 days ago

    Yet they can't make it out of group stages at worlds

  • Kha Le
    Kha Le 2 days ago

    Zeros in vietnam higlight game 2

  • Christian Andrés
    Christian Andrés 2 days ago

    Nunca entendi que mierda cantaban esos jackie chanes del minuto 4

  • Mitchell Daubon
    Mitchell Daubon 2 days ago

    Why is nobody talking about Unicorns of Love going to worlds?

  • PsaichoFreak
    PsaichoFreak 2 days ago

    watching in 2019, what a hype game 5.

  • Doody Moody
    Doody Moody 2 days ago

    My girl Sjokz <3

  • Lucas Gonçalves
    Lucas Gonçalves 2 days ago

    kasings panteon suports is really cool

  • Shadow
    Shadow 2 days ago

    Number 3 seemed a bit random compared to the other players, imo

    • Wawan :3
      Wawan :3 Day ago

      @Mitchell Daubon Yeah that reksai play was average

    • Mitchell Daubon
      Mitchell Daubon 2 days ago

      They all where rather adverage plays. The sylas stolen kennen ult maybe a top 5 on a real list.

  • Hitoshilxrd
    Hitoshilxrd 2 days ago

    They used cyberpunk editor

  • Hitoshilxrd
    Hitoshilxrd 2 days ago

    Cyberpunk montage

  • Deivd D
    Deivd D 2 days ago


  • Milo Kuma
    Milo Kuma 2 days ago


  • Charles B
    Charles B 2 days ago

    The best mai trailer to ever come out

  • lawrence chris medenilla

    worst episode of penta so far.

  • randyroo2
    randyroo2 2 days ago

    I didn't they top the spring split editing that was done for caps but they did. this is awesome!

  • LPU 2014
    LPU 2014 2 days ago

    EU Production by far the best League Content!

  • Mountain Peak
    Mountain Peak 2 days ago

    So glad to see Selfie here! He deserves more ecognition!

  • jozek stachurski
    jozek stachurski 2 days ago


  • i don't have CONTENT

    Way out of

  • PublicRon
    PublicRon 2 days ago

    I got chills when she started singing it was automatic

  • 와이파이
    와이파이 2 days ago

    싸일 개지리누

  • Iuri Malinoski Teixeira

    Annoying add.. =(

  • Craith
    Craith 2 days ago

    I miss the announcer of this videos :c

  • Ching Chong
    Ching Chong 2 days ago

    6:37 STAR GUARDIAN URGOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 재언 윤
    재언 윤 2 days ago

    1:36:00 what song

  • Ten Armurk
    Ten Armurk 2 days ago

    Im willing to do whatever it takes to win lmaoo sure rekkless

  • Samuel Botbol
    Samuel Botbol 2 days ago

    Skeanz toujours au top, il faudrait lui alléger sa charge par contre

  • Kaizaki Jop
    Kaizaki Jop 2 days ago

    Where is Levi and Zeros? :(

    • Kaizaki Jop
      Kaizaki Jop 2 days ago

      Oh sorry i'm wrong

    • Sakyon
      Sakyon 2 days ago

      It's EU masters dude, not vcs

  • Định Cao Văn
    Định Cao Văn 2 days ago

    2019 ??

  • MandMBrothers
    MandMBrothers 2 days ago

    Important Part starts at 6:50 everything else bevor is just lame, sry.

  • Khánh Sĩ
    Khánh Sĩ 2 days ago

    Levi zeros quara ?

    • Khánh Sĩ
      Khánh Sĩ 2 days ago

      Đợt trước t thấy levi lên the penta nên k rõ

    • Đại nt
      Đại nt 2 days ago

      Đọc tiêu đề đi bạn

    • Nam Hoang
      Nam Hoang 2 days ago

      Đây là giải đấu nhỏ ỏ EU chứ có phải giải đấu lớn đâu

  • RednasYo
    RednasYo 2 days ago


  • 朱Óscar
    朱Óscar 2 days ago

    Kasing with the Pantheon support terrorising SoloQ

  • Ánh Vy
    Ánh Vy 2 days ago


    • Đại nt
      Đại nt 2 days ago

      Đọc tiêu đề đi bạn

  • Renato
    Renato 2 days ago

    Coming in the number five :(

  • Lylo ifşasında kusan çocuk


  • juste kevin
    juste kevin 2 days ago

    Misfits needs to buy skeanz kirei is bad with skeanz i'm pretty sure they have teh potential to be top3

    • Z BF
      Z BF 2 days ago

      @juste kevin Agreed, I dont undetstand why Jacktroll was still playing this split, but after the results they got, I rly think that they will change the roster next year. At least Jacktroll and Mowgli

    • juste kevin
      juste kevin 2 days ago

      @Z BF They wont change their jung, look at jacktroll he is literally the worse supp in EU but they still keep him.

    • Z BF
      Z BF 2 days ago

      Well, VIT first team also needs a new jng...

  • lorrainerudio
    lorrainerudio 2 days ago

    give us riv’s narration!!!!!

  • Nixum Me
    Nixum Me 2 days ago

    The Rek'sai flash+w isn't as hard as ppl here make it out to be tbh. It's still a cool play.

    AIDEN SOULS 2 days ago

    Feel uneasy without the narrator saying anything