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  • Winston How
    Winston How Hour ago

    How many Koreans in this team ? Lol

  • HardCore Rider
    HardCore Rider Hour ago

    Pretty basic combo

  • Jason SAM
    Jason SAM Hour ago

    Baby Doinb

  • SkillShot Gaming

    Riot can I breath now? Riot: Where going to china.... Again.

  • Obscik xD
    Obscik xD Hour ago

    2:42 jakiego Marcin buraczka spalił 😳

  • Олег Уортроп

    what track is that 3:50 ?

  • Indeed Sire
    Indeed Sire 2 hours ago

    Please make a song about an NA team so that they can win

  • Hilikus
    Hilikus 3 hours ago

    g2 was just really lucky beating skt, skt was just terrible they are way out of sync.

  • Anime GTSS
    Anime GTSS 3 hours ago

    Bro that "Legends never die" caught me off guard and the beat. Next year might be for SKT just sayin

  • jash blurred
    jash blurred 3 hours ago

    Alright I get it you are here because of Chrissy again

  • jash blurred
    jash blurred 3 hours ago

    Admit it you are here only because of Chrissy

  • AndreNGropo
    AndreNGropo 3 hours ago

    And they did all that with only 9 eyebrows, just imagine what they can do with 10.

  • Narthas95
    Narthas95 3 hours ago

    Riot what you did in Video Game world can't be forgotten ,you showed to everyone every art aspects of this beautiful media. Thanks you so much.

  • Frebleify
    Frebleify 3 hours ago

    Now he is a worlds finalist :( gg wp jankos! unlucky mid sup

  • Lauk D0wn
    Lauk D0wn 4 hours ago

    Imagine NA winning in a stadium that big. All the other regions would have to be trolling but if NA won lol

  • SN Team
    SN Team 4 hours ago

    Hate or not FPX win fair and square g2 is overated team eu teams have to watch and make something New, agressive meta? That was done years ago you can be Best in the world but again to lose from others in the end the winner is one and thats important be rdy for the next worlds

  • Rz Flame
    Rz Flame 4 hours ago

    Fly Phoenix Fly

  • yuri lira
    yuri lira 4 hours ago

    I don't understand why people is talking about she sang bad, for me she sang good,what part she sang badly.Someone can explain me ?

  • Hector  Morales
    Hector Morales 4 hours ago

    Donde puedo encontrar la canción? La busco por todas partes y no la encuentro original...

  • Charles Lamar
    Charles Lamar 4 hours ago

    Are coming?

  • 丘麦麦
    丘麦麦 5 hours ago

    S10 已經被RNG劍指了

  • Logan13th Meowster
    Logan13th Meowster 5 hours ago

    Worlds 2020 will be back in China. Legends never die is still the best song for me.

  • Kyywii
    Kyywii 5 hours ago

    #2 and #3 should've been Tian and doinb blowing up caps on veigar and crisp blind flash hook onto wunder

  • Rizky Rizky
    Rizky Rizky 5 hours ago

    Waiting for nautilus skin

  • Liya
    Liya 6 hours ago

    legends never die someday skt will reclaim the spot

  • Dima Bodnaruk
    Dima Bodnaruk 6 hours ago

    "Legends never die" she sang in the day when a legend actually died.

  • Daniel Acebedo
    Daniel Acebedo 6 hours ago

    Im in the future. 2023 The Champion of 2020 is SKT it will be 3-1 againts IG.

  • 浩南哥
    浩南哥 6 hours ago

    The best opening ever

  • Fernando Javier Redondo Milian

    Y la ganara otro equipo chino :v

  • Koshizuchan Momoka
    Koshizuchan Momoka 7 hours ago

    ig 3-0 G2 (Semi 2018) FPX 3-0 G2 (Final 2019) Okay, maybe next year RNG 3-0 G2 in quarterfinals?

  • xlCalamity
    xlCalamity 7 hours ago

    2018 G2 0-3 IG 2019 G2 0-3 FPX Feelsgoodman

  • 十字架
    十字架 7 hours ago


  • Jo Nowarbi
    Jo Nowarbi 7 hours ago

    Jankos fuckksxczxsxs

  • Jo Nowarbi
    Jo Nowarbi 7 hours ago

    EU sucksssxczx

  • Jo Nowarbi
    Jo Nowarbi 7 hours ago

    EU garbagesssxczxcss

  • Mike LoL
    Mike LoL 7 hours ago

    Nice, penta!

  • Silence Of The Lambs

    G2: we are *INEVITABLE* FPX: *SNAP* Jankos: I don't feel so good...

  • Diogo Silva
    Diogo Silva 8 hours ago

    Quem e essa cantora alguém pode me dizer ???????

  • Nick Ger
    Nick Ger 8 hours ago

    let's see how these gtards and eutards in general get boo'ed in shanghai next year. 😂

  • Kojiro 13
    Kojiro 13 8 hours ago

    Please have an event where pros 1v1 Artificial intelligent. 🙏

  • Frank Wang
    Frank Wang 8 hours ago


  • Red Blade
    Red Blade 9 hours ago

    The name of singer?

  • Luciano Abraham
    Luciano Abraham 9 hours ago

    No encuentro la canción, que paja

    • Luciano Abraham
      Luciano Abraham 9 hours ago

      La busque por todos lados y no está xd, si alguien sabe que la pasé pls

  • Jiaming Li
    Jiaming Li 9 hours ago

    3:55 Jesus this man is such a devil

  • Jiaming Li
    Jiaming Li 9 hours ago

    why did they made half the video on g2 defeating skt? ig vs fpx is the actual final

  • Like App
    Like App 9 hours ago

    Love, Ty for all G2!!! from VN

  • Teamo Nan
    Teamo Nan 9 hours ago

    s9 finals = tian's leesin show+crisp's hook show

  • Kaitlin Andreia ツ
    Kaitlin Andreia ツ 10 hours ago

    Why China? You literally have the most fans in hong kong right now. Why not there? Literally everybody there is a *Rioter* today.

  • Cabashete Torreblanca
    Cabashete Torreblanca 10 hours ago

    jankos walking in the chest of caps during the 2019 worlds finals

  • Adolphin Htl
    Adolphin Htl 10 hours ago

    Even this doesnt help after final ;_;

  • Hadjie Esteves
    Hadjie Esteves 11 hours ago

    That lee sin play deserves it

  • Patrese dos Santos
    Patrese dos Santos 11 hours ago

    Fly Phoenix, Fly..!!!!’

  • john
    john 11 hours ago

    fpx vs ig games were better than the finals

  • Iar Nah
    Iar Nah 11 hours ago

    0:40 Faker in the back 🤔

  • cim888
    cim888 12 hours ago

    Kinda hoping for a lower region do it for once like PCS, OPL or LLA

  • Chris Bruschinsky
    Chris Bruschinsky 12 hours ago

    LPL 6-0 rn against europeans kek

  • Not Gladshark
    Not Gladshark 12 hours ago

    EU + G2 Fans making excuses why they didn't win worlds 1. If we hadn't lost that game, we would've won 2. If Perkz hadn't died, he would've lived 3. If we played better, we would've performed better 4. If we banned Tian's Lee Sin, he wouldn't play Lee Sin 5. If we didn't lose to FPX, we would've won Worlds LMAO. It's impossible for EU fans to not have excuses

  • Nekorisa Kirisame
    Nekorisa Kirisame 12 hours ago

    Yeah... tian was right they were just playing average, none of the plays are that ground breaking and its all seems normal.G2 just sucked massive balls

  • Regenous
    Regenous 13 hours ago

    Tmw g2 gets 3-0 by a chinese team 2 years in a row

  • gabriel santos
    gabriel santos 13 hours ago


  • Emi Turcu
    Emi Turcu 13 hours ago

    Why is this so long? (thats what she said)...ok really, why is that long the video???

  • TheTripol
    TheTripol 13 hours ago

    Good old times feels like yesterday:p

  • Amumu The Sad Mummy
    Amumu The Sad Mummy 13 hours ago

    Easily the best opening ceremony if K/DA or True Damage was here... 2019 is still the cleanest lmao

  • Kelvin James Cayabyab
    Kelvin James Cayabyab 14 hours ago

    That Lee Sin kick will never be forgotten.

  • Axelsteel32
    Axelsteel32 14 hours ago

    I watched that play from Tian like 20 times on the vod

  • facepalm92
    facepalm92 14 hours ago

    How do u make it jump on the buff though? I usually land in the very same place i jumped. Anyone?

  • Rio
    Rio 14 hours ago

    G2 play so bad, they dont even have a montage.

    • CtrlFreak
      CtrlFreak 13 hours ago

      They had to fill number 5 with some lame fight because there was nothing good from G2 😂

  • Minjoon Kim
    Minjoon Kim 14 hours ago

    5:02 ;(

  • imblind
    imblind 15 hours ago

    Im cumming 4:47

  • Jens9807
    Jens9807 15 hours ago

    Im still salty about this final lol

  • Bearbbb
    Bearbbb 15 hours ago

    I feel so bad for skt, but to be honest their gameplay in quarter and semis was not that good.

  • Michael Tavares
    Michael Tavares 15 hours ago

    Tbh Caps didnt beat faker, G2 just beat SKT as a team.

    SLENDERNER 15 hours ago

    SKT would have won

  • July Stylez
    July Stylez 15 hours ago

    This guy is dumb af

  • Macho Fantastico
    Macho Fantastico 15 hours ago

    I'll admit, I had no idea what the heck the commentators were on about (I'm new) but I love the crowd reaction.

  • July Stylez
    July Stylez 15 hours ago

    I think I can make it to Challenger if I had Tian as my jungle

  • 0000polizja
    0000polizja 15 hours ago

    jebac chinczykow haha lol

    XIAODUO WANG 15 hours ago

    5 games XD

    XIAODUO WANG 15 hours ago

    Trash analysts trash prediction XD

  • baten kaitos
    baten kaitos 15 hours ago

    I was naut mid 2 years ago. Glad it never died

    XIAODUO WANG 15 hours ago

    FPX trashed Gold2 3:0 XD

  • Amplefire
    Amplefire 16 hours ago

    What about when DoinB and Tian baiting top lane in Game 3 and sniping Veigar because of it?

  • Benji Varghese
    Benji Varghese 16 hours ago

    Riot and their dam song titles

  • Temper Skanda
    Temper Skanda 16 hours ago

    2:20 Apparently Tian's kick also found Papa's kneecap

  • Team3AM
    Team3AM 16 hours ago

    Why not just show the best play of each member from the entire tournament? It wasn't like FPX weren't the strongest team before the Finals.

  • Dottor Fox
    Dottor Fox 16 hours ago

    Figura di merda dei G2.

  • TsMe
    TsMe 16 hours ago

    Wtf whyy i played it before him, its really good

  • kiiseuwa_daiaen
    kiiseuwa_daiaen 16 hours ago

    G2 had no chance against FPX, same with SKT, it was just that one play Faker made that got G2 the win

  • Halil İbrabim Çobankaya

    3 0

  • LeBrainTrain
    LeBrainTrain 17 hours ago

    There’s an insane blind varus ult by perkz that I wish was on here; he had an insane read on crisp. Yamato pointed it out in a vod review, and it blew my mind.

  • Joseph Ben
    Joseph Ben 17 hours ago

    league is rigged for china

  • nima cao
    nima cao 17 hours ago

    Crisp's flash blind hook through the wall in game 3????

  • KerosTV
    KerosTV 17 hours ago

    3:26 best moment ever

  • Burai
    Burai 17 hours ago

    Splyce and Fnatic would have done better

  • Pereira Edy
    Pereira Edy 17 hours ago

    G2 played this game like bots eheheheheh sry

  • blow your mind
    blow your mind 17 hours ago

    Don't forget the fact that Vedius said " g2 aRe tHe BetT3r VeRsiOn oF fPx " KEKW

    • 应嘉麟
      应嘉麟 13 hours ago

      The fact G2 were 1-9 against FPX in scrims. Actually he didnt know that.

    • Shoujo Fanboy
      Shoujo Fanboy 14 hours ago

      He looks sooo salty at the end lol

  • 程俊玮
    程俊玮 17 hours ago


  • Yingfei Xiang
    Yingfei Xiang 17 hours ago

    Best PENTA tbh!!

  • Jason Young
    Jason Young 17 hours ago

    That the bottom three plays are like "here are people playing League of Legends, doing what one does in the game" is indicative of what a disappointing finals, and really overall bracket stage it was

  • Kyle
    Kyle 17 hours ago

    the last thresh hook of the series was godly too.. flash blind hook to end the game