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  • It’s Makayla
    It’s Makayla 2 hours ago

    Aye my class has the exact same smart board and we in Texas 😳

  • Sean Gowing
    Sean Gowing 2 hours ago

    Mahomes reference

  • Xeph
    Xeph 2 hours ago

    6:41 when you leave the 99 OVR Sharp Shooter with all his badges unlocked open

  • Daniel Ramirez
    Daniel Ramirez 2 hours ago

    Is it me or Anthony cloth doesn’t fit him 😂🤣

  • Remain Unanimous
    Remain Unanimous 2 hours ago

    Ad* ad* ad* ad* ad* ad* ad* ad* worst than the ace family 🤮

  • Remain Unanimous
    Remain Unanimous 2 hours ago


  • K Bar
    K Bar 2 hours ago

    Papa rug shit talking was the highlight of the vid for me 😂

  • Remain Unanimous
    Remain Unanimous 2 hours ago

    “Damn the pool is *ad* next to the basketball court by the *ad* playground this house *ad* is huge “

  • Remain Unanimous
    Remain Unanimous 2 hours ago

    Hella fucking ads bro

  • The Brycer
    The Brycer 2 hours ago

    Brandon is a good dad

  • BvndMen TG
    BvndMen TG 2 hours ago

    5:48 had me dying 😂😂😂 "anthony look like adam sandler" bruh you made my day brian

  • Bryan Luna
    Bryan Luna 2 hours ago

    Where’s your mom during all this adventure

  • Max Ortega
    Max Ortega 2 hours ago

    Jay gets bullied at school at fosho

  • It’s your boy Jrodriquez 28

    The house is for sale

  • Dwight Howard
    Dwight Howard 2 hours ago

    "So everyone is outside having a good time" "Me and jackie are gonna explore the rooms" Wtf bro 😂😂

  • HitN Switchez
    HitN Switchez 2 hours ago

    Kaylens ass is fat 😍😍😍

  • Slapegy
    Slapegy 2 hours ago

    Brandon and Brian need to buy the house

  • vegeta
    vegeta 2 hours ago

    Brawadis giving Jackie baby fever lol

  • Sam Gibbs
    Sam Gibbs 2 hours ago

    I love how u keep going longer then Rug

  • Billy Bob Barker
    Billy Bob Barker 2 hours ago

    Brandon how different would life be if the Chargers kept Drew Brees and drafted Larry Fitzgerald instead of Eli Manning. Woulda coulda shoulda.

  • Bryan Majano
    Bryan Majano 2 hours ago

    what happen to lola

  • Yaritzy Badillo
    Yaritzy Badillo 2 hours ago

    Just marry her already!!!!!!

  • Kimberly Romero
    Kimberly Romero 2 hours ago

    That sucks you dont deserve that

  • 10,000 Subscribers With no videos

    You know that Jackie was thinking about Brandon being a amazing dad she knows 😜

  • Yaritzy Badillo
    Yaritzy Badillo 2 hours ago

    I’m rooting for you and Jackie 😩😩❤️

  • Ryan's outdoors
    Ryan's outdoors 2 hours ago

    The whole fam should kick in and try and buy the house and all the cousins and youngins live there

  • Unknown Lu
    Unknown Lu 2 hours ago

    Jackie!!!! 😍😍😍❤❤❤

    BAALVEER FAN 2 hours ago

    Hi! You are funny!

  • Mr StealYoGirl
    Mr StealYoGirl 2 hours ago


  • lil_nicki_lowkx Mata

    Ik she wanting kids

  • Faze Raul
    Faze Raul 2 hours ago

    Yo brawadis I saw you in your McLaren when I got out of school your car made my day

  • Armani Velazquez
    Armani Velazquez 2 hours ago

    I can’t be the only one who died at 19:02 when Noah walked up on brandon

  • Amy Tobon
    Amy Tobon 2 hours ago

    Brandon looks like a dad

  • Kge_ Visiualz
    Kge_ Visiualz 2 hours ago

    One word for this whole video "LOL"

  • Rikki Garcia
    Rikki Garcia 2 hours ago

    Literally Nobody: Brandon: Dawg!

  • Edwin Gómez
    Edwin Gómez 2 hours ago

    He’s gonna get copyrighted at 6:40

  • Ballislife_ 23
    Ballislife_ 23 2 hours ago

    Orangutans are hairy?? Lol

  • FLIX
    FLIX 2 hours ago

    Tell me why at 10:39 Brandon sounded like a mincraft character eating cookies

  • Juan Got Blockz
    Juan Got Blockz 2 hours ago

    Brandon you should make basket ball videos their they are fun to watch

  • Angel Gaytan
    Angel Gaytan 2 hours ago

    6:29 jr slaps rockins ass

  • Itzhel V
    Itzhel V 2 hours ago

    brandon do a basketballfort challenge by making a house out of basketballs

  • uSuK_Theif
    uSuK_Theif 2 hours ago

    My chiefs fans wya?

  • Rudy RUE
    Rudy RUE 2 hours ago

    Brandon said drake Parker it’s drake bell

  • Israel Amezcua
    Israel Amezcua 2 hours ago

    Behind the scenes??

  • Darlene O’Hara
    Darlene O’Hara 2 hours ago

    This was definite a Best video you’ve done in a looooong time. This house is really good for shooting videos and it keeps you outdoors! Good job. Love Papa Rug’s Cat. Meow!

  • David Biviano
    David Biviano 2 hours ago

    Brandon you should give them a drink with laxative

  • Uriel Hernandez
    Uriel Hernandez 2 hours ago


  • Lz Backup
    Lz Backup 2 hours ago

    7:42 funny how Brian makes his ex sit in the back

  • Death Wish
    Death Wish 2 hours ago

    Represent #GoKansasCityCheifs

  • Dayonesonly
    Dayonesonly 2 hours ago

    Can you and Jackie just get back together 😭😡😭

  • Britney Hernandez
    Britney Hernandez 2 hours ago

    Jeffrey stars home ?

  • Baby Yoda
    Baby Yoda 2 hours ago

    4:03 she waited 8 hours to give FaZe a drawing Random old guy: Patience......

  • Rob Jacob
    Rob Jacob 2 hours ago

    20:21 when you realize it’s actually Brandon’s hoodie

    ABX TITAN24 2 hours ago

    Jackie for sure has baby fever with Brandon lmao

  • Mindy P.
    Mindy P. 2 hours ago

    Papa Rug busted a Homer Simpson (going back into the bush) when he saw Brian passing by. 😂

  • Maritza Silva
    Maritza Silva 2 hours ago

    Can u ask the owners what do they work at cause mane I’m trying to work there

  • C- Money
    C- Money 2 hours ago

    Ninnerssss!!!!❤💛 Quest For Six

  • Bryan Kowalczyk
    Bryan Kowalczyk 2 hours ago

    It’s said because on December 27,2019 my dog Bruno we had to put him down to and when I heard Anthony say f it just do it I started crying because it reminded me off what I went through when I had to put down my dog. At least we got to spend time with our dogs. I’m very sorry Anthony for your loss and your whole family’s loss. R.I.P

  • Darren Mann
    Darren Mann 2 hours ago

    Brawadis would be a GREAT Dad

  • Hella Wave
    Hella Wave 2 hours ago

    5:31 Papa Rug ; “Anthony F**k You” 😂😂😂😂

  • power mendes
    power mendes 2 hours ago

    Brandon:wanna go in the pool and do stuff Jackie: I mean we only live once so Brandon:well my dad is right there sooo Jackie:*points to water slide* up there nobody is going to see us Brandon:Ok guys ima cut the camera

  • Owen Sanchez
    Owen Sanchez 2 hours ago


  • daniel ramos
    daniel ramos 2 hours ago

    “Pinche puto pendejo” 🤣

  • Mcchickens Are the best

    I swear there is nothing like coming home from a long day of school and a basketball game to see all of my favorite youtubers have uploaded so blessed man

  • Alex Orduno
    Alex Orduno 2 hours ago

    Why doesn’t Brandon oil his face anymore

  • Kevin Deatherage
    Kevin Deatherage 2 hours ago

    I’ve never heard Jackie say something so funny “who is that Edward scissor hands”

  • John Doe
    John Doe 2 hours ago

    Jackie have baby Favor

  • Madelyn Zeigler
    Madelyn Zeigler 2 hours ago

    Brandon: Brandon says something in a language means fart with no smell Me: what language are you speaking and why is no one talking about it

  • Payton Productions
    Payton Productions 2 hours ago

    Lol in the thumbnail the pic of rug and kaelyn was from the couple swap vid lmao

    ITS FR3SH 2 hours ago

    Brandon I think your ready to be a dad

  • Bryanologi
    Bryanologi 2 hours ago

    Aye im a niners Fan too ❤️❤️❤️ from Caliiiiii bby

  • James Wiggins
    James Wiggins 2 hours ago

    I had dbook on my team for the all star

    IM SO KEWL 2 hours ago

    10:37 Windex LMAO #windex laugh

  • Apple Juice
    Apple Juice 2 hours ago

    Who else watched this once Toronto Raptors Won. Love from Toronto!!

  • devon bigelow
    devon bigelow 2 hours ago

    Papa rug in the bushes There’s bugs

  • Eduardo Hernandez
    Eduardo Hernandez 2 hours ago

    Why do you have Jeffree Stars house on the thumbnail 🤔

  • Caleb’s Squad
    Caleb’s Squad 2 hours ago

    Anthony says he sees horses when his butt is the size of a horse.

  • Tim Anderson
    Tim Anderson 2 hours ago

    That one hope is to short in the tennis court anyone can make that the little girl is so adorable and fans and comments now are to predictable Brandon and Jackie should get back together or married let them decide that not fans not fans control their lives for a day and Ron/Rafat Papa Rug is always so funny

  • Jose Luis Felix
    Jose Luis Felix 2 hours ago

    why did you use jeffree stars house in the thumbnail

  • Brady Delossantos
    Brady Delossantos 2 hours ago

    Brandon some people don’t look homeless

  • Yoyo Yoyoyoyo
    Yoyo Yoyoyoyo 2 hours ago

    3:26: "back in my day people used to call me Serena Williams" Brian said the same thing in his video

  • C00LGUy980 Playz
    C00LGUy980 Playz 2 hours ago


    MARLEN ZURITA 2 hours ago

    i did not now faze rug drinks drunk

  • C00LGUy980 Playz
    C00LGUy980 Playz 2 hours ago

    Dude I feel you I got elbowed in the dace

  • Caleb’s Squad
    Caleb’s Squad 2 hours ago

    I love your vids and you and your brother are a huge role model for me and every time when I am mad I think how would Brandon react.

  • ugly bummy
    ugly bummy 2 hours ago

    4:54 😂

  • Luis Manrique
    Luis Manrique 2 hours ago

    12:03 i call bullshit on that

  • Janna Hijaz
    Janna Hijaz 2 hours ago


  • Kevin Sepulveda
    Kevin Sepulveda 2 hours ago

    Brandon will be a good father

  • ғ4aʀlᴇss GᴏD
    ғ4aʀlᴇss GᴏD 3 hours ago

    Brawdis on my life I saw you on a ad I was like OMG I have to tell him

  • Larry Lobster
    Larry Lobster 3 hours ago

    7:04 nah they call u hernandez 💀💀

  • Manuel Castro
    Manuel Castro 3 hours ago

    WHO is the one he kissed

  • Jaden Hall
    Jaden Hall 3 hours ago

    I a huge 49ers fan bro

  • PopcakePlayz
    PopcakePlayz 3 hours ago

    Aww I think your ready for a kid

  • Hazardous H2O
    Hazardous H2O 3 hours ago

    brian and brandon should use their money to get the house

  • Oscar_GGF
    Oscar_GGF 3 hours ago

    Papa rug re-enacted the homer hiding in the bush meme😂😂😂

  • Enrique Ramirez
    Enrique Ramirez 3 hours ago


  • Kahlen Littlegeorge-Cloud

    * Brandon getting mad at Anthony for drinking alcohol * * 11-13 year old in my town smoking and snorting cocaine *

  • gmoney P
    gmoney P 3 hours ago

    Niners gang since 2012, been waiting for this moment 😢