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The Future of FaZe Jarvis
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  • lo-fiTiller Sky
    lo-fiTiller Sky 3 minutes ago

    Next he should play COD mobile just saying

    BOSS SMILE 3 minutes ago

    well why did u even used aimbot...

  • Hazed St0rmz
    Hazed St0rmz 4 minutes ago

    I just found your channel you are insane do you upload every day

  • Tien Anh Phan
    Tien Anh Phan 4 minutes ago

    fortnite please give jarvis account back please

  • African Girl
    African Girl 9 minutes ago

    lol. omg these comments ☕🍿👀

  • SpAcE SpLAsHeR
    SpAcE SpLAsHeR 10 minutes ago


  • Smokie
    Smokie 11 minutes ago

    He looks like a kid at my school.

  • Coco Shenel
    Coco Shenel 12 minutes ago

    Maybe this is a blessing in disguise so you can do something more fulfilling. Cheer up! At least you're not in jail or terminally ill.

  • Rayan Cotto
    Rayan Cotto 12 minutes ago

    that happen to you because you are hacker

  • Charles Romulus
    Charles Romulus 13 minutes ago

    You compromised the integrity of the game sir and got caught . Accept the consequences . Life will through you many obstacles . This is just one in the long road of life . Learn and move forward .

  • Axel Wiman 18EKB
    Axel Wiman 18EKB 14 minutes ago

    Just create a new account bro

  • Yaboii Liam
    Yaboii Liam 17 minutes ago

    you have played fortnite so much and spend so much money and you are banned for life but i hope you will get your acc back bro

  • Vixorr
    Vixorr 20 minutes ago

    This dude is doing these videos so for Ute can show some sympathy to him

  • Lars Verfaillie
    Lars Verfaillie 21 minute ago

    Is your creator code stil working?

  • bruse wayne
    bruse wayne 22 minutes ago

    Grow up.

  • Joshua Jacobs
    Joshua Jacobs 25 minutes ago

    I still don’t see what you did wrong if other kids are using it and you just wanted to show people it was true and you only did it in 1 SINGLE VIDEO AT HOME, they needa chill the fuck out in my opinion, that greedy ass company scams millions of people everyday and they don’t get in trouble??? Bet of you said that to em they’d have nothing to say 😂😂😂😂

  • Sloooω 休
    Sloooω 休 25 minutes ago


  • yo edel
    yo edel 26 minutes ago


  • Danis Balázs
    Danis Balázs 28 minutes ago

    You know theres always pubg

  • Zuhair Haddadin
    Zuhair Haddadin 29 minutes ago

    Kaylen is a bot

  • Shawndre Steenberg
    Shawndre Steenberg 29 minutes ago

    Just got banned hahaha me and my son hit em with it😂

  • Ziyad Fekkak
    Ziyad Fekkak 30 minutes ago

    Guys everyone go to twitter and comment "Epic gamed unban jarvis Now"

  • Nicholas Alexander Montañez

    I’m glad people like you get banned! It shows that they are still free play somewhere out in the world

  • Nicholas Alexander Montañez

    Im glad mfs like you get banned* shows theres hope for fair play

  • Osama Bin Ladenen
    Osama Bin Ladenen 33 minutes ago

    Please record videos on an other acount pls

  • Day bot
    Day bot 34 minutes ago

    Play cs:go :)

  • vebija davud yt
    vebija davud yt 36 minutes ago

    Der arme

  • Ligma Balls
    Ligma Balls 37 minutes ago

    Hope fortnite doesn’t unban him.

  • Fastbikes46
    Fastbikes46 37 minutes ago

    Can he nit make an ather account?

  • Fastbikes46
    Fastbikes46 37 minutes ago

    Make an other account??

  • Madina Faizul
    Madina Faizul 38 minutes ago

    I would have banned faze kay

  • Henry Finley
    Henry Finley 39 minutes ago

    You guys are all pieces of shit for hating on jarvis

  • Conor
    Conor 40 minutes ago


  • Salma Alhammadi
    Salma Alhammadi 41 minute ago

    Jarvis your the best better then ninja and true sry if ya got banned but I hope you have a life full of loves

  • ITheRevolutionx
    ITheRevolutionx 41 minute ago

    Play apex Ffs

  • Tack Arton
    Tack Arton 43 minutes ago

    I dont know a lot about this princip but, couldn't he do a new account? New email and a new epic acc

  • Tanusha Manoj
    Tanusha Manoj 43 minutes ago

    You should deserver😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

  • Max Warsaw
    Max Warsaw 46 minutes ago

    why cant jarvis use kay acc like if you agaree

  • Renaldo Smith
    Renaldo Smith 48 minutes ago

    that's just sad to think that people cry over video games


    A documentary bro? Really!?

  • Jason Crowe
    Jason Crowe 51 minute ago

    This kid is cringey af.

  • Die Rad Gang
    Die Rad Gang 53 minutes ago


  • Lyricz_here
    Lyricz_here 53 minutes ago

    1939: People cry because World War 2 started 2019: People cry because they got banned from Fortnite *repost*

  • Jason Crowe
    Jason Crowe 53 minutes ago

    Hahaha what an absolute tool, glad he got hit with the ban hammer.

  • Lyricz_here
    Lyricz_here 53 minutes ago

    Jarvis: gets banned "your insane jarviss"

  • Kong Visal
    Kong Visal 55 minutes ago

    Get fuc

  • Paralell TeAmTiAs !!!
    Paralell TeAmTiAs !!! 55 minutes ago

    Miss u bro

  • Sushi II
    Sushi II 56 minutes ago

    Guys stop hating what if fortnite was your career/bank u would do this too Jarvis is crying cuz his money and all the money he spent on the game is done it’s like he burned his money be nice in the comments plz

  • Jsophus
    Jsophus 56 minutes ago

    You can your brother account 😭😭😭

  • Mona Elatar
    Mona Elatar 59 minutes ago

    Creat a new accout lol

  • Fabio Cirilo Álvarez
    Fabio Cirilo Álvarez 59 minutes ago

    You will get it back💪❤️❤️

  • Renaldo Smith
    Renaldo Smith 59 minutes ago

    My man crying does not look good at all

  • DeadlyUSMC
    DeadlyUSMC Hour ago

    Is the new content going to be made with hacks.... Seems Faze has a thing for cheaters...

  • Junior Pineda
    Junior Pineda Hour ago


  • Doctor EviL
    Doctor EviL Hour ago

    I ain’t a fan of none of you faze people,but seeing you cry had me fucking laughing hard lmao.Every cheater deserve to be banned for life ya losers🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Saleh Hosaini
    Saleh Hosaini Hour ago

    Make a nieuw account

  • Yazid Akmal
    Yazid Akmal Hour ago

    Why jarvis playing fortnite he was got banned

  • Dankulous
    Dankulous Hour ago

    This like the lp situation...

  • lazer beam
    lazer beam Hour ago

    That's insane jarvis when will u come back to fortnite

  • Lubo 2k
    Lubo 2k Hour ago

    I hate fortnite now

  • Usman Ul Haq
    Usman Ul Haq Hour ago


    FIGI9NINE BOY Hour ago

    Boy boy

  • Shockwave
    Shockwave Hour ago

    Just do minecraft only if u want just a suggestion

  • Halid Imsirovic
    Halid Imsirovic Hour ago

    Wow thic

  • 1000 subs utan video challenge

    Unbann he or i remove fortnite

  • rabrix 04
    rabrix 04 Hour ago

    Fuckyou epic¡¡¡!¡!¡!¡!!

  • George K
    George K Hour ago

    I would be so happy if I got banned on fortnite cuz then I would have an excuse to say to my friends except " fortnite is trash "

  • Tanzanite Ace
    Tanzanite Ace Hour ago

    Stop crying Jarvis,you brought this on yourself. Showing aimbot to 2 million people. You dont actually care about fans,just about the dub and we are another source to get you vbucks with money.

  • my bumb mf
    my bumb mf Hour ago

    ark survival evolved is better then fortnight

  • Combxe
    Combxe Hour ago

    You should just get a new pc and make a lot of videos and post those videos once a day

  • Gurby
    Gurby Hour ago

    download hwid changer m8

  • N1tram 06
    N1tram 06 Hour ago

    Can u not make a new account

  • Svit Mihelič
    Svit Mihelič Hour ago

    Gets banned and acts like life is over!

  • Shawty
    Shawty Hour ago

    I feel liked he killed his career.

  • Svit Mihelič
    Svit Mihelič Hour ago

    Im sad for u😔

  • عبدلله ادريسي

    عرب وينكم لايك 🙂👋🏻

  • Saad Hasnat
    Saad Hasnat Hour ago

    Why can’t u make a new fortnite account

  • Llama Zin
    Llama Zin Hour ago

    Wiln he be kicked from faze

  • Faze x
    Faze x Hour ago

    Free Jarvisಥ‿ಥ

  • Robert Kanous
    Robert Kanous Hour ago

    Fast forward to 4:45 You’re welcome

  • Miku
    Miku Hour ago

    Jarvis:Got banned and cry. Faze Kay:Yooo ThAts InSaNE.

  • Acceptable Videos

    It didnt work So he had to download real aimbot

  • The Flame Fist God

    His apology is like saying “I committed a murder but I didn’t know I would get arrested

  • Omar Jaroudi
    Omar Jaroudi Hour ago

    Un band Jarvis!

  • Charlie Jimerfield

    dident he get baned for life

  • laflamer 25
    laflamer 25 Hour ago

    Oh my god this is an about 20 year old MAN Who cries because je got banned for hacking in fortnite what just happened to this world

  • Luciano Ferraris

    i'm glad

  • Juri Han
    Juri Han Hour ago

    pathetic zoomer

  • Omar Jaroudi
    Omar Jaroudi Hour ago


  • Jeffrication
    Jeffrication Hour ago

    Jarvis get a controller cam plz

  • Miku
    Miku Hour ago

    Jarvis:Got banned from fortnite and cry. Faze Kay:Yooo THaT’s InSaNe.

  • Elluvial Ravendark

    let alia join faze clan.

  • Expen GamesTTV
    Expen GamesTTV Hour ago

    I love watching your videos...I am sorry 😐

  • Britney Corbett
    Britney Corbett Hour ago

    Jarvis u were my favorite fortnite player u still are hang strong big guy ♥️

  • da suntra
    da suntra Hour ago

    TBH plssss go back to DOING TRICKSOTS IN CSGO OR COD

  • Bangboy Tez
    Bangboy Tez Hour ago

    This the lamest shit I Eva clicked on LMAO

  • Blue Ninja Gaming YT

    So sad and very sorry for you i will never leave you

  • SlowClow
    SlowClow Hour ago


  • Edward Garcia
    Edward Garcia Hour ago

    Go to school

  • Spyral Zin
    Spyral Zin Hour ago

    nobody: news Guy: *fahzee Jarvis*