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  • Bedan Walker
    Bedan Walker 16 minutes ago

    Chef o Nasty:Welcome to free diabetes may I have your order. Me: Yes I’ll take the diabetes special

  • Matthew Jin
    Matthew Jin 30 minutes ago

    TTG lies about the score lmao, he had 1 and he said he had 2

  • Rocky Doggy
    Rocky Doggy 40 minutes ago

    Giannis a beast

  • Mattifa Kai
    Mattifa Kai 43 minutes ago

    I was eating takis

  • Slim Thug
    Slim Thug 50 minutes ago

    🤣😭😭🤣 i miss mal

  • YO Momma Nigga
    YO Momma Nigga Hour ago

    Cash still in 2Cringe????

  • Thomas Jones
    Thomas Jones Hour ago

    You are 100% not supposed to wash your meat take and culinary class or use your common sense, you wash your dishes in the same sink you just got salmonella juice all in your sink

  • TokyoMadeTay ツ

    "no comp" but he is a max badged lock...

  • Trues Gaming channel

    It sounds like Ta keys is sounds like that but spelled takis

  • Omar Abdulla
    Omar Abdulla Hour ago

    They’re cool vibes together but enemies when separated

  • Ruchir Thakore
    Ruchir Thakore Hour ago

    12:30 what songs beat was that

  • eurocast recruiting7

    "He went to the finals like 3 years in a row" Uh.. 5.. Did this guy just start watching the NBA 3 years ago? Lol. How you going to mess up that one.

  • Amber Hicks
    Amber Hicks 2 hours ago

    Do y'all want to know why LeBron James wears a headband that's because he's trying to hide his hairline

  • Amber Hicks
    Amber Hicks 2 hours ago

    Kobe don't even got a hairline

    YEET BOB 2 hours ago

    Cash and mal v the professor and aj lapray

  • Leftfour dread
    Leftfour dread 2 hours ago

    This was how I found out about X 😂🔥🔥🔥

  • Marshall Dillon
    Marshall Dillon 2 hours ago

    You call this a basketball game? Fucking scrubs

  • dubnessIII
    dubnessIII 3 hours ago

    That was embarrassing

  • AsusAlex
    AsusAlex 3 hours ago

    That don't sound too good

  • Månn2craży
    Månn2craży 3 hours ago

    1st off..imagine havin to make a build cause u tht bad at defense lmaoo...2nd cash u talkin like it's sum wrong wit smokin weed excuse me if i don't drink protein powder instead of water bro

  • K1ng Ave
    K1ng Ave 3 hours ago

    Cash and Mal VS Clarencenyc and Moddagod🔥🔥💪🏽

  • Tigerex966
    Tigerex966 3 hours ago

    well done

  • Cosmic Graal
    Cosmic Graal 3 hours ago

    U in pewds new vid. When u punch the computer screen

  • Theodore Jefferson
    Theodore Jefferson 4 hours ago


  • Eli Davis
    Eli Davis 4 hours ago

    5:08 *hE nEedS S0m3 Mi1k*

  • Eli Davis
    Eli Davis 4 hours ago

    And this nigga flight mean to tell me lonzo ain't worked on his shot 😂😂🤦🏽‍♂️ the only shot flight got is...wait...he ain't got a shot with girls either 😂😂😂💀

  • Eli Davis
    Eli Davis 4 hours ago

    1:14 what meme is that 😂😂 that's watch later worthy

  • Glock boy ent
    Glock boy ent 4 hours ago

    Why TF y'all look alike 😭

  • Eli Davis
    Eli Davis 4 hours ago

    You are given an extra cash pass to roast flight Like to activate 👇

  • Sherabs McSplash
    Sherabs McSplash 4 hours ago

    Malcom been blowing that gassssssss lol

    HaTeX KREAM 4 hours ago

    Yo bro lemme pull up bro with my boy space clipz bro we’ll smoke u cash and mal

  • Kvng_ Dome24
    Kvng_ Dome24 4 hours ago

    Come on out to NC. Me and my boy ready to stop Cash & Mal duo.!

  • Ruben Pena
    Ruben Pena 5 hours ago

    Jordan ain’t 6ft he’s 6ft 6

  • Dennis El Cuchi
    Dennis El Cuchi 5 hours ago

    checks description. No lonzo socials 😅

  • Nobody Important
    Nobody Important 5 hours ago


  • Lay
    Lay 5 hours ago

    Time capsule

  • Dominic Anguiano
    Dominic Anguiano 6 hours ago

    U would make jass lose🤦🏽‍♂️

  • HunterGhost 09
    HunterGhost 09 6 hours ago

    What the music at 12:36 plz

  • Danial Shafiq
    Danial Shafiq 6 hours ago

    To be fair, flight was close hahahahhaha

  • David Foster
    David Foster 6 hours ago

    Takis are most hot chips

  • The Saiyan
    The Saiyan 6 hours ago

    Why does my left ankle hurt from watching this?

  • Yooo X
    Yooo X 7 hours ago

    Fly me out bro 👀👀

  • Platinum x 1k
    Platinum x 1k 7 hours ago

    4:05 start video

  • Gods Sauce
    Gods Sauce 7 hours ago

    Cash and Mal vs flight and one of his dudes idk honestly

  • Mr. Skinny
    Mr. Skinny 8 hours ago

    Salute to you and Mal I like this.

  • Bruce Sparrow
    Bruce Sparrow 8 hours ago

    lebron is a good SF

  • NawfSide T
    NawfSide T 9 hours ago

    Vs BJ Groovy and CeyNoLimit 🤝

  • Eric Gregory
    Eric Gregory 9 hours ago

    Damn I always thought yall was brothers

  • DeeThaOutcast
    DeeThaOutcast 9 hours ago

    Damn Mal😂😂😂😂 I love y’all dawg y’all never fail to entertain me 💯❤️💪🏾

  • Joel Miller
    Joel Miller 9 hours ago

    Flight just sucks overall doesn’t know basketball and can’t play 💯 i would fry you too tho cash but flight just should never pick up a ball again!!!!

  • Orange Shizzle
    Orange Shizzle 10 hours ago

    Giannis: wins mvp** Flight: he OuTtA tHe ToP 10.

  • Raul Caguimbal
    Raul Caguimbal 10 hours ago

    Oh I saw Jesser

  • 2kdreadz
    2kdreadz 10 hours ago

    *i’ll 2v2 y’all. Look at my vids on Instagram “2kdreadz”*

  • 2kdreadz
    2kdreadz 10 hours ago

    Miss you man

  • Frankie Go Sixers Phila Unite

    Go against tjass and marcelas

  • MadZach 13
    MadZach 13 11 hours ago

    Literally the first pesetion flight already making excuses 1:30

  • VoidFN
    VoidFN 11 hours ago

    went straight the comments to see if they was really beefin

  • T X B
    T X B 11 hours ago

    Breadstick talk a lot of junk to cash. (sees cash is real life, runs instantly)

  • Andrea Gonzalez
    Andrea Gonzalez 11 hours ago

    Though it was a little girl whole time

  • Josh Wallace
    Josh Wallace 14 hours ago

    A mane y'all gotta play DDG and Clarence bruh that's a banger I swear😂💪🏾

  • Alexis Manriquez
    Alexis Manriquez 14 hours ago

    2v2 Brawadis and Ali Pop

  • Jake Brown
    Jake Brown 14 hours ago

    im mad jesser called the storms vans

  • Hawaii Ball Express
    Hawaii Ball Express 15 hours ago

    Guys what’s Cash’s build like what pie chart and everything?

  • fresh panda is lit
    fresh panda is lit 15 hours ago

    Us people that live in hawaii know how to say it

  • fresh panda is lit
    fresh panda is lit 15 hours ago

    I know u can't hear me but it's pronounced as ta-keys

  • Hawaii Ball Express
    Hawaii Ball Express 15 hours ago

    You didn’t earn your badges Cash 😑

  • Bill Bob
    Bill Bob 15 hours ago

    u not taking shots u taking sips lmao

  • Billy Twaits
    Billy Twaits 16 hours ago

    I didn’t know who to go for

  • Tyler Drose 2019
    Tyler Drose 2019 16 hours ago

    One thing I agree with flight every school is different. An F at our school is 59 and below and an D Is 60-69

  • Chronic Awareness
    Chronic Awareness 16 hours ago

    that shit looked nasty

  • Chocolate Droppa
    Chocolate Droppa 16 hours ago

    Still haven’t explained why Mal don’t make vids with 2 hype anymore but oh well

  • John Lloyd
    John Lloyd 16 hours ago

    brawadis. and alle

  • Trey Day
    Trey Day 16 hours ago

    The video I been waiting on

  • the goat
    the goat 16 hours ago

    Play Brawadis

  • JayyClutch
    JayyClutch 17 hours ago

    Bruh fly me out and I’ll 1v2🤣🤣

  • Tee Dot
    Tee Dot 17 hours ago

    “The water’s wet!” 😂 Troydan cracks me up man

  • T.O. SWAY
    T.O. SWAY 17 hours ago

    Irish spring green green nigga 😂😂

  • What The?
    What The? 17 hours ago

    He fucked that laptop up...😂😂

  • mnm addict
    mnm addict 17 hours ago

    If this is the Pelicans' training center, they really need to upgrade it.

  • Icey
    Icey 17 hours ago

    malcolm needs to start doing vids with 2hype

  • Gaming with Sandy
    Gaming with Sandy 17 hours ago


    ZAYWOP 17 hours ago

    Back when cash channel was GOATED

    ZAYWOP 17 hours ago

    Mal x Cash is an undefeated duo

  • L J S
    L J S 17 hours ago

    I’m now deaf

  • Tyler Drose 2019
    Tyler Drose 2019 17 hours ago

    Troy looks built

  • 83017 !
    83017 ! 17 hours ago

    Stop looking goofy in thumbnails cash

  • TJ
    TJ 17 hours ago

    What does mal even do for a living?

  • Amarii Carpenter
    Amarii Carpenter 18 hours ago

    Those two can't shoot for shit

  • Nile1899
    Nile1899 18 hours ago

    Cmon Flight how you not know Steph Curry favorite Soccer player is Leo Messi? 4/10 bruh

  • Josh Tyler Gamboa
    Josh Tyler Gamboa 18 hours ago

    At 14:53 it looked like flight lost his soul and got shocked

  • Gweneta King
    Gweneta King 18 hours ago

    The greatest video I ever seen denfienlie like this video

  • Ktprogamer coolgirl
    Ktprogamer coolgirl 18 hours ago

    This is low-key probably me in the kitchen

  • Justus Javier
    Justus Javier 18 hours ago

    Just started to drink the unsweet almond milk

  • Gifted Jay West
    Gifted Jay West 18 hours ago

    Play duke and his brother on god

  • Nintendo Gamer
    Nintendo Gamer 18 hours ago

    Adopted him you can do that right

  • Guy Guy
    Guy Guy 19 hours ago

    Play AJ Lapray and Tanner

  • Jpharoah 12
    Jpharoah 12 19 hours ago

    My boy didn't even clean his chicken

  • Porter Ellsworth
    Porter Ellsworth 19 hours ago

    Song at 0:45????

  • nabil chowdhury
    nabil chowdhury 19 hours ago

    Cash.......lebron’s not the goat. But yea flight is stoopid. Nigga 2016 is known as gs blew a 3-1 lead.

  • Jud Lenard
    Jud Lenard 19 hours ago

    2:44 when you got rick rolled'