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my battle..
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*WTF* Minecraft Mods
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The Best Update EVER!
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Club Penguin is BACK
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Dont Get STRIKED Challenge
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i saved SEASON 10
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this gun is cursed
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sorry ninja
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i beat NINJA in fortnite
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this weapon isnt fair
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pretending to be THE STORM
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dumb memes in SEASON 9
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  • madiwash
    madiwash 54 minutes ago

    Is anyone else watching this in 2019

  • Denis Vitvitsky
    Denis Vitvitsky 54 minutes ago

    Lazerbeam: my FPS is so bad! *fps is 144* Me: my FPS is great! *fps is 60*

  • Edits Y not
    Edits Y not 54 minutes ago


  • SoCool GAMING
    SoCool GAMING 54 minutes ago

    We had that idea first on god

  • Anime AMV
    Anime AMV 54 minutes ago

    The best part is that lazar beams videos never get boring to rewatch

  • RubyLitten
    RubyLitten 54 minutes ago

    That thumbnail is everything

  • Mr Lemonade 2
    Mr Lemonade 2 55 minutes ago

    Who can win Bhodi: like Buhga: comment

  • Bobby Sundin
    Bobby Sundin 55 minutes ago

    not follow im

  • Slxxpy MikeYT
    Slxxpy MikeYT 56 minutes ago

    Make a video when you etig Mexico food

  • Mac Huff
    Mac Huff 56 minutes ago

    Sub to me

  • lalo Guzman
    lalo Guzman 56 minutes ago


  • SouR-_-Dox
    SouR-_-Dox 56 minutes ago


  • Sean Balderas
    Sean Balderas 56 minutes ago

    U should try to cover the entire bass

  • NeedFor_Burnout HD
    NeedFor_Burnout HD 56 minutes ago

    This is me from 2019 IronMan Dies r.i.p

  • Harry Semrau
    Harry Semrau 56 minutes ago


  • Simphiwe Nkala
    Simphiwe Nkala 57 minutes ago

    I lake and subsrib

  • FlamingDeadCat
    FlamingDeadCat 57 minutes ago

    that t-rex is some VORE type shit

  • Brian Golf
    Brian Golf 57 minutes ago

    Watch the rat one now or I m disklike

  • Mohamed GamerTV
    Mohamed GamerTV 57 minutes ago

    He is doing the lean 4:50

  • Braden Penrod
    Braden Penrod 58 minutes ago

    Next meme is have a scare crow skin and do the tpose in frenzy farm

  • Simphiwe Nkala
    Simphiwe Nkala 59 minutes ago

    I am a kid I am so sad

  • Daisy Ridley Rey
    Daisy Ridley Rey 59 minutes ago

    you have amazing eyes!!

  • Cdog 0616
    Cdog 0616 Hour ago

    Can we get pt 2

  • LTR_Vortex -_-x
    LTR_Vortex -_-x Hour ago


  • Betty Baquero
    Betty Baquero Hour ago

    Lazer beam I need help on getting a win because I am bad at the game also it will be helpful👍

  • Timmy Mettouris
    Timmy Mettouris Hour ago

    Whoever remembers learning with lazarbeam 👇

  • Joey Lindesmith
    Joey Lindesmith Hour ago

    I thought he was vegan

  • Joey Lindesmith
    Joey Lindesmith Hour ago

    I thought he was vegan

  • No content Gamer

    9:06 oh my god its niagara-fucking-falls

  • Lit Lobster7
    Lit Lobster7 Hour ago

    Lazar: my FPS is terrible Mobile players: oKaY rEaLly

  • Aidan Kennedy
    Aidan Kennedy Hour ago

    im or bigist fan iove you

  • Kaiden Wil
    Kaiden Wil Hour ago

    The Yeet arm looks like a cock n balls

  • Aidan Kennedy
    Aidan Kennedy Hour ago

    hi im or digist fan

  • David Klemen
    David Klemen Hour ago

    Why did rhe koala butt look like he sat on a peice of poop do koalas sit on theyir buts when they poo?

  • Galaxy Slyer6
    Galaxy Slyer6 Hour ago


  • Caleb Mezera
    Caleb Mezera Hour ago

    Airplane 2.0

  • James Porter
    James Porter Hour ago

    now ya got to buy 3

  • Natia Kalandarishvili

    Lazarlazar is dick and gay bat he is good TVclipr

  • RJ 44
    RJ 44 Hour ago

    Now that's why you don't parkour on pc kids

  • EJM14
    EJM14 Hour ago

    I just got my first solo win last night!

  • Aimee
    Aimee Hour ago

    Another great vid

  • KrYpToLoGiCaLz
    KrYpToLoGiCaLz Hour ago

    Lachy and lannan do the same video Lana gets number 1 trending for the millionth time 😂 love you lazar bear you make my day with the these hilarious vids

  • Jake Toth
    Jake Toth Hour ago

    Being back bmg drive!

  • Christie Nichols


  • just abdz
    just abdz Hour ago

    Every one sub to just abdz

  • NeedFor_Burnout HD

    Kids in the UK are called Chavs

  • itz Jogie
    itz Jogie Hour ago

    Can you sub to me

    STATIFIX Hour ago

    Stop copying popular people

  • robin arora
    robin arora Hour ago

    I reccomend making a canal for villager transportation Its worth it

  • Qa Qa
    Qa Qa Hour ago


  • Rach J
    Rach J Hour ago

    7:30 Yeah nah I am that one person who is scared of the floor of a playground when there’s holes in the bottom that you have to walk across

  • Natia Kalandarishvili

    Lazarlazar is dick and gay

  • Temi Playz
    Temi Playz Hour ago

    Make a shirt that say "I want 5 of em" and "No Sweats Allowed whilst I'm fishing "

  • Saleh al-Lawati
    Saleh al-Lawati Hour ago


  • NeedFor_Burnout HD

    5:57 O look an game boy colour that I had when I was 7 years old now fecking kids now think everything is TOUCH SCREEN. Buttons are way better because if the screen smashed it will be some what youseable but if you smash an iPhone like every 10 year old these days having there screen smashed. Rip game boy Sony Walkman and my windows xp think pad computer those were the days when kids know the sky and what out side looked like.

  • Awoken Dragon
    Awoken Dragon Hour ago

    Avada kadava

  • Awoken Dragon
    Awoken Dragon Hour ago

    I know a spell from harry potter

  • Katie Sherick
    Katie Sherick Hour ago

    I love cats!

  • Awoken Dragon
    Awoken Dragon Hour ago

    They both will take over earth.

  • Adrian Buttigieg

    Congrats on 11.7 mil sub

  • Gurusamy Ganapathy

    THE WORLD IS ENDING!!!!!! Like if you didn’t care

  • sNinja Gaming
    sNinja Gaming Hour ago

    0:15 not really... usually killer whales aren't that *hOt* Only in 100 years when it would be like 35 degrees celsius outside.

  • Easton Lair
    Easton Lair Hour ago

    lazar beam put 2 teams of zombies vs each other and then they should make infinite zombies

  • 420ToastyBoi
    420ToastyBoi Hour ago

    Lazarbeam I don’t trust you. You work for the government and you are lying to us!

  • Llama arts 2
    Llama arts 2 Hour ago

    I’d be a soccer skin and chapter 2

  • L NH
    L NH Hour ago

    Me waving at my TV and phone

  • Sushi Man Gaming


  • Beasty Kid Yt
    Beasty Kid Yt Hour ago

    ok 1:28

  • Trip’s Gang
    Trip’s Gang Hour ago


  • Timeless Gaming
    Timeless Gaming Hour ago

    They should add a toilet paper toy and the toilet paper toy you can use to throw and it would leave a trail like tp someone’s house

  • Gary Gaming
    Gary Gaming Hour ago

    Why is this in my recommended in October 2019

    NIGHT CLAW63 Hour ago

    The first storm video was a fail then storm flippers came attempt 2 victory royale 3 wonder how this is going to go

  • mic stone
    mic stone Hour ago

    Great thank you, your all English old criminals and don't you forget it ( I've watched your customs TV shows, and if have a record you don't let them in ) good for you, wish UK was the same, cheers governor.

  • Kvykst
    Kvykst Hour ago


  • Ducky
    Ducky Hour ago

    Who else is here in chapter 2 fortnite and says he should do this in the new map


    Fortinite: you can now fish in the game and get epic items of the game Minecraft: hold my beer

  • ItsJustMe 1o1
    ItsJustMe 1o1 Hour ago

    My fav long live soviets 4:42

  • Charlotte Newman


  • Shark Playz
    Shark Playz Hour ago

    Do the medic challenge in team rumble again

  • ThatFaggotThatRuinsYourDay

    *lazarbeam has been banned for Exploiting*

  • x gamer
    x gamer Hour ago

    f*ck muselk .he sucks

  • AnythingYT
    AnythingYT Hour ago

    5:24 Doofenshmertz evil incorporated

  • Cornelius Marents

    7:39 with dat epic tina turner music in the background

  • judith cain
    judith cain Hour ago

    Your dad looks like trump

  • Logan BISHOP
    Logan BISHOP Hour ago

    lannan said giant trumpet lol its a trombone

    JACK JANQUART Hour ago

    You should checkout lazarbeam songs

  • andrea ratcovich

    Your my favorite TVclip of all time I watch you play every day and do memes

  • Arabic Ransom
    Arabic Ransom Hour ago

    Ima get to level 100 in the battle pass *is level 100 2:32

  • JonPlays
    JonPlays Hour ago


  • alejandro cordero

    #1 in gaming ………… y e s

  • NeedFor_Burnout HD

    3:44 I'm 15 and I've never owned and ipad yes still think using my grandads 2002 windows xp computer and missing the classic car tools of the 2000s need to come back.

  • no life
    no life Hour ago

    4:30 is when i remember fortnite exists

  • Roo
    Roo Hour ago

    don’t worry lazar, i didn’t win my first game against bots.

  • airsoftghoul 4221

    Someone drugged the water with sluuuurrrppp juice

  • Clank Games
    Clank Games Hour ago

    Haha hmmmm TVclip is shit now

  • Miriam Santiago
    Miriam Santiago Hour ago

    I made a world for you it's name is lazarbeam s world

  • Vishanth Ashok
    Vishanth Ashok Hour ago

    Ha ha m8

  • Dragon killer 180

    News lady: it cause violence *Drone picks up player who got shot* Me: I don't see any blood

  • Jay Blaze
    Jay Blaze Hour ago

    The ball pass I watch everything on your videos my name is Pokemon dragon JJ 206

  • Caleb Stooksbury

    YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET AND CODE LAZAR also lazarbeam I have your name in the item shop your a great aussie YEEEEEEET ps: can you friend me my name is TD45 one of my friends have friended you a few months ago your just a great youtuber