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  • YouTube drbombay

    I was at the game

  • Luis Fernandes
    Luis Fernandes Hour ago

    Infelt it in my Soul 😭😭😭

  • Shorty
    Shorty 3 hours ago

    Yeah I'm not feeling these rules, shit is way too convoluted.

  • Nigera Hoyles
    Nigera Hoyles 5 hours ago


  • El Hombre Negro
    El Hombre Negro 8 hours ago

    Los Yankees no han terminado, todavía ganarán esta serie y tambien vencerán a los nacionales por la serie mundial

  • El Hombre Negro
    El Hombre Negro 9 hours ago

    ¿Hacer el Nacionales compartir campeonato con Montreal?

  • Hector Rodriguez
    Hector Rodriguez 9 hours ago

    Bryce Harper kicking the TV Screen that he made a mistake leaving the Nationals

  • Arav Bhatt
    Arav Bhatt 11 hours ago


  • Larriors blew a 3-1 lead #CriedToKD

    Imagine what bryce harper is thinking

  • Anthony Smith
    Anthony Smith 14 hours ago


  • TyVulpintaur
    TyVulpintaur 18 hours ago

    Bryce who??

  • Joe Blow
    Joe Blow 19 hours ago

    Line em up 🎳

  • Joe Blow
    Joe Blow 19 hours ago

    Bj coming back in December were going BCS Bowling Boys

  • Mike Ash
    Mike Ash 20 hours ago

    Hopefully, Chris Mack will quickly learn that no matter how confident he feels about a recruit, (his son included) that when KY starts recruiting him, he will lose.

  • Grand Wonder
    Grand Wonder 20 hours ago

    Go Stros! Beat the Yanks!

  • Cory Lynn
    Cory Lynn 20 hours ago


  • Kid Red
    Kid Red 21 hour ago


  • Aaron Smith
    Aaron Smith 21 hour ago

    what a dumb ass

  • John Cox
    John Cox 23 hours ago

    If not for coach Saben . Kiffin would still b just another drunk.

  • John Cox
    John Cox 23 hours ago

    Lots of head oaches would love to b like coach Saban but like kiffin. don't know ! how

  • Everette Wade
    Everette Wade Day ago

    Hawaii some how manages to lose against the higher tier teams. Is it the kamaainas which can't get it done or simply a defense secondary who talented enough? Whatever it is, this has got to stop. Hawaii, hold on to your prospective Pac 12 player's and you'll find that someday you 2 will be a legitimate threat in D-1 football.

  • Bobby Attwood
    Bobby Attwood Day ago

    Tampa bey

    • Soo Drew
      Soo Drew 8 hours ago

      Nope, Titans, yall keep Winston lol

    • Nathan Cook
      Nathan Cook 9 hours ago

      Bobby Attwood agreed

  • Micah Lee
    Micah Lee Day ago

    Tbh, Hurts every time I watch this.

  • Kyle Wit
    Kyle Wit Day ago

    Nice, short and sweet, meaty and filling, tastes like nats

  • 1k ERIK -.-
    1k ERIK -.- Day ago

    I need him on my Cowboys next year!!

  • Drew
    Drew Day ago

    Wet Vagina couldn't find cover.

  • joso 21
    joso 21 Day ago

    1 of ben simmons thing on his mind was "fluke" haha

  • Javen Williams

    Raider nation baby

  • jesuslovested
    jesuslovested Day ago

    USM DBs are garbage

  • Jimmy Mcnamara

    I feel like I'm going crazy. Not saying jones isnt good but darnold seems to me he has the potential to be one of the greats. I guess i am the only one seeing this but i dont think it's even close

  • Just JR
    Just JR Day ago

    Glad Breece Hall had a great day, tired of commentators asking "what is ISU going to do now that Montgomery plays for the Bears"

  • Vernon Blyden
    Vernon Blyden Day ago

    This guy is anti athlete, I hope his future recruits are aware of his position. Get all of the people who are being paid off of the athletes effort and ask them how much of their salary are they willing to donate toward amateurism.

  • barberj Lopez
    barberj Lopez Day ago


  • Cotonio Moses34
    Cotonio Moses34 2 days ago

    Messiah really look good out there hope the guy can start because the man can throw

  • The Home Concierge Agent

    fuck the bulls i hope they never win again

  • Bill Works
    Bill Works 2 days ago

    Umass worst team in the country

  • Uintabri
    Uintabri 2 days ago

    I would never let my kids play certain sports, particularly football.

  • Daniel Benavidez
    Daniel Benavidez 2 days ago

    Downvoted because no Mims toe drag sideline catch or Hurts behind the back ball transfer in the top 5

  • amosnews
    amosnews 2 days ago

    This is not the "highlights." This is only the touchdowns. National sports highlights featured the amazing off-the-shoe USM interception but nope, not here.

  • Habibi TV
    Habibi TV 2 days ago

    Love the UNLV highlights! Go Rebs!

  • Sarper Guven
    Sarper Guven 2 days ago

    The next big thing.. if he doesnt get any big injuries he will be in mj lebron kobe level... he is a dominic shaq mixture who has a lebron bll handling

  • Cory Baker
    Cory Baker 2 days ago

    What kind of highlight video starts and someone already has a TD, that TDs not good enough for you? Some clown stuff right there man

  • Justin Decano
    Justin Decano 2 days ago


  • TexasAPG
    TexasAPG 2 days ago

    They're beatable and need a snap off the ass to win, sometimes. TTVE. Clearly a team with their days numbered.

  • Peter Rodby
    Peter Rodby 2 days ago

    I didnt know Jerry Seinfeld announces San Diego State football!

  • michael hammond
    michael hammond 2 days ago

    Cash on Delivery.......CeeDee

  • Neema Fouladi
    Neema Fouladi 2 days ago


  • Tmoney 1823
    Tmoney 1823 2 days ago

    Green needs to go. He can’t throw at all everything is a lob and therefore he over throws his target most of the time. I know he’s missing obi obialo but still. Gotta at least give Thompson a shot.

    • Tmoney 1823
      Tmoney 1823 Day ago

      Mike WV I know. Gaines was a highly recruited qb prospect. And yeah the Boise game was an atrocity they were handed that game on a silver platter. Green is so athletic I’d like to see him switch to WR and Gaines switch back to qb . Idk if green has the If he would’ve thrown for 100 yards they would’ve won. But we all know what happened instead. I keep telling myself it’s just a sophomore slump, but it’s looking more like a sophomore regression.

    • Mike WV
      Mike WV Day ago

      @Tmoney 1823 Regressed is right! I too thought maybe he would break out this year.....but I found myself asking for more Thompson after the Boise game. He was terrible that day and hasn't gotten better...nut worse! We definitely miss Obi..but we have some ballers out there that could fill the void. I wouldn't mind seeing more Xavier in the QB spot.

    • Tmoney 1823
      Tmoney 1823 Day ago

      Mike WV he doesn’t go through his reads at all most of the time. He locks on to one receiver and stares him down til he gets open, he has to take off scrambling, or has to throw it away. Very rarely does he take his eyes off his primary receiver. I understand he’s young, but I at least expected a slight progression from last year. If anything he has regressed.

    • Mike WV
      Mike WV Day ago

      @Tmoney 1823 Absolutely! No way is Green going to improve beyond his current play. He is reckless with the ball and cant find an open receiver to save his life (when he does...typically misses). Been waiting for Thompson to run out....but Doc is stuck on this sub-par QB for some reason.

  • Tevin Prejean
    Tevin Prejean 2 days ago


  • Joe Blow
    Joe Blow 2 days ago

    Lane has got this thing rolling

  • dmac1824
    dmac1824 2 days ago

    Aztecs defense continues to impress me! Hopefully, we can keep it up!

  • Dustin Richards
    Dustin Richards 2 days ago

    First WVU game and it was pretty sweet

  • Ronnie Mozingo
    Ronnie Mozingo 2 days ago

    Showed North Texas highlights more than USM who won the damn game!!

  • MrWalkwaySc2
    MrWalkwaySc2 2 days ago

    Can we get a re-rank now?

  • Giovanni Carbajal
    Giovanni Carbajal 2 days ago

    I was at this game and I knew it was over when OU began their warmups 30 minutes before Texas did. Keep in mind it was pretty cold in the morning. OU already had an advantage before the game even started. Texas looked lazy the moment I saw them take the field.

  • Schonyx
    Schonyx 2 days ago

    Nice, first.

  • John Carter
    John Carter 2 days ago

    Jorge Reyna is garbage 🗑

  • Bruh Tevin
    Bruh Tevin 2 days ago

    So glad he finally transferred. How TF do you not score a single points consecutively, and multiple 2 point games. After this game he probably didn't score a bucket next game. I was hoping Perry would leave also but we'll see if he's gotten any better

    xIS3NQUIIZIx 2 days ago


  • BubbleBlower
    BubbleBlower 2 days ago

    The band sounded good after every touchdown

  • Schonyx
    Schonyx 2 days ago

    If we remain undefeated we are at the Cotton Bowl. After the game at BYU, (which will look easy after seeing this game) we can make it. Good job Broncos, and hopefully Bachmeier can recover quickly...

    • Stacie45
      Stacie45 11 hours ago

      Don't jinx us! Still have to take care of business at BYU, still have Wyoming, still have to go to Utah State...those will be tough. I remember those years where we should have had it in the bag and stumbled over late season games like Nevada and TCU. Don't want to spend another Bowl season in Las Vegas beating up on a mediocre Pac-12 team and wondering what might have been.

  • Sh4ggy
    Sh4ggy 2 days ago

    What's a defense?

  • Zach Moore
    Zach Moore 2 days ago

    Dedric Lawson has been cut by the Spurs

  • Alfredo L S
    Alfredo L S 2 days ago

    This guy will be a Raider.

  • wr3ckloose
    wr3ckloose 2 days ago

    So many opportunities for Texas gone due to bulshit. Somebody needs to tighten those motherfukers up. Wtf

  • Dima Mixon
    Dima Mixon 2 days ago

    Should be titled "Southern Miss vs North Texas First Half Highlights"

  • Kendrick J
    Kendrick J 2 days ago

    I love both teams as WKU being my hometown team and being an Army vet.

  • Michael Caudill
    Michael Caudill 3 days ago

    Come on Army WTF

  • Junior Mints
    Junior Mints 3 days ago

    The Big 12, where tackling is optional.

  • Pat B
    Pat B 3 days ago

    Five star running back from Cuero Tom Herman wouldn't let him play in the game what is the deal with that!👎

    • 405 BOY
      405 BOY 2 days ago

      He was probably scared that Kenneth Murray would break his jaw the first time he hit him..

  • AvEryBadApPLe
    AvEryBadApPLe 3 days ago

    IF ben can pretend he’s in an empty gym during games, he’ll could actually be worth a shit during this season. Joel just needs to lay off the cheesesteaks and alcohol.

  • Shawn Cravens
    Shawn Cravens 3 days ago

    Sic’em Bears!

  • Marcelo jorame
    Marcelo jorame 3 days ago

    That boy Lamb is a beast!!!

  • DreadHead_DMG
    DreadHead_DMG 3 days ago

    Good to see one of my teams won! 💚💛

  • Venom
    Venom 3 days ago

    Go rams

  • GreenDay1981
    GreenDay1981 3 days ago

    Texas Tech got royally screwed. Baylor fumbled in the first overtime. No way was that a false start.

    • GreenDay1981
      GreenDay1981 3 days ago

      @Joey Danahy I only saw the last couple of the minutes of the 4th and the overtimes so I didn't see the play itself.

    • Joey Danahy
      Joey Danahy 3 days ago

      GreenDay1981 I agree with you on the bad illegal snap call, but that grounding flag should’ve never been picked up. Thompson wasn’t within 15 yards of where that ball landed.

    • GreenDay1981
      GreenDay1981 3 days ago

      @Joey Danahy The refs had thrown the flag for intentional grounding but picked it up because they said Thompson was in the area. They completely botched that so called illegal snap.

    • Joey Danahy
      Joey Danahy 3 days ago

      GreenDay1981 It’s alright, Tech should’ve had intentional grounding in the end zone so it evens out

  • Chas chas
    Chas chas 3 days ago

    Good to see Hall stepping up in this one. Great 2nd half for Iowa State.

  • bellabana
    bellabana 3 days ago

    Simmons looks & sounds great, but such a pity he’s lost his Aussie accent all together now not even a hint anymore, straight up American!

    • Mintox ace
      Mintox ace 20 hours ago

      When he says “last” in that interview you can hear his Aussie accent. We say “a” different to Americans. :)

    • shahahazadiii 1812
      shahahazadiii 1812 3 days ago

      That's normal, when he is around Aussies his accent will snap back

  • chocolaTAE is leJINdary

    Sic’em Bears 🐻💛💚 6-0 UNDEFEATED

  • jrob r
    jrob r 3 days ago

    Awesome job by the coaching staff, fantastic game and the team effort by the Baylor players

  • Brooks Fortenberry
    Brooks Fortenberry 3 days ago

    Its like yall just made highlights for the first half and then just stuck one second half play to wrap it up. Quez Watkins had 200 yards receiving and not one play on this?

  • Jake Hamilton
    Jake Hamilton 3 days ago

    It’s 9:02 AM October 13th and Texas still sucks!!!!

  • snowbunny626
    snowbunny626 3 days ago

    What time did the game end

  • Rasheed Shotuyo
    Rasheed Shotuyo 3 days ago

    FAU has never had a bad season after beating Middle Tennessee. Good things are happening.

  • Blobfish Boi
    Blobfish Boi 3 days ago

    UMass completely fell apart when Isabella went to the nfl

  • Destinee Jsckson
    Destinee Jsckson 3 days ago

    Love you lucky Jackson

  • Dan S.
    Dan S. 3 days ago

    SEC the most highly overrated conference in CB.

    • Christopher Oliver
      Christopher Oliver 12 hours ago

      Over the last 4 years, we haven’t been as deep as in the past. We have four great teams. Three good teams. Three average teams. Two bad teams...It’s still the best conference though. The ACC only has Clemson. The Big 12 has one elite team, and several average to good teams. The PAC 12 has five good teams. The Big 10 has three great teams. Several good teams and is pretty close to the SEC...

    • Ploke Newo78
      Ploke Newo78 20 hours ago

      @Seany Loves Cowboys yeah

    • Seany Loves Cowboys
      Seany Loves Cowboys 20 hours ago

      Ploke Newo78 so basically there’s only four teams in the sec Florida,Georgia,Alambama,and LSU

    • Seany Loves Cowboys
      Seany Loves Cowboys 21 hour ago

      Ploke Newo78 yeah academic wise no but football wise yes

    • Seany Loves Cowboys
      Seany Loves Cowboys 21 hour ago

      BBR Baseball Reviews well I guess so

  • Antonio Borens
    Antonio Borens 3 days ago

    Even with jhurts Sooners will need help this year!! The level of competition that there facing will not cut it this year.not when the NFL developmental League SEC!!! Has 5 teams in the top 15 ! The Sooners don't have anybody lefted on there schedule that can get them in that top 4 unless there's a lot of losing in front of them No hater jus facts

    • dirtburglar15
      dirtburglar15 18 hours ago

      Antonio Borens you can disagree, I’m just stating facts. We have yet to get left out with a single loss

    • Antonio Borens
      Antonio Borens Day ago

      I disagree brother it depends on the 2 lost are against and where there rank when they lost the big 12

    • Antonio Borens
      Antonio Borens Day ago

      So it begins bro you remember OU had been at 5 for 4 weeks if LSU lose to bama how far do they drop OU bro need alot of help the rest of the field are playing rank opponents

    • dirtburglar15
      dirtburglar15 2 days ago

      Antonio Borens “sec is competitive, big 12 is not, a 1 loss big 12 champ won’t get in this year”. People have said that as long the playoffs have been around. Yet we’ve been in the playoffs 3 times as a 1 loss team. If we are a 1 loss conference champion, we have a higher chance of getting in than a 1 or 2 loss sec non champion team

  • Dead Rose
    Dead Rose 3 days ago

    Talk about winning the game in the first half.

  • Adam  Palmer
    Adam Palmer 3 days ago

    Great Win U.A.B!! Go Blazers!!🐲

  • Beanie
    Beanie 3 days ago

    Jack Abraham is gonna be C-USA POTY. Dude is completing over 70% of his passes and leads the league in YPA

  • Noah Puryear
    Noah Puryear 3 days ago

    #hornsdown #FuckTexas

  • jerome Jackson
    jerome Jackson 3 days ago

    As a die-hard sooner fan I'm glad that we took care of Texas. However, I wish that I had the same thoughts & feelings about Jalen, that I did with Baker & Kyler. With baker, you knew his heart & passion was with making sooner magic a lot more than a possibility. And Kyler continued the streak. They both made it a reality that brought pride back to Sooner nation. Thank you both for that, the two of you brought the Sooners back to National prominence. Jalen, on the other hand, I feel that his main motivation is self-indulgence. Not a team mentality approach. I hope I'm wrong. But my impression is that he views the Sooners as a means to an end. His "Heisman". My impression based on his interviews is that

    • jerome Jackson
      jerome Jackson 2 days ago

      Proclaiming to be"

    • jerome Jackson
      jerome Jackson 2 days ago

      Just saw another of Jalen's interviews where he said and I quote "Sooner DNA" was in his body or something to that effect. And let me tell you, he sounded as convincing as I would proclaiming to Michael Jordan's air apparent. Sorry, there is just something about him that I just don't trust. Please don't throw the Sooners under the bus.

    • 405 BOY
      405 BOY 2 days ago

      @jerome Jackson I get what you're saying. He doesn't have that strong emotional tie like Baker and Kyler did( probably more so Baker).. I'm a die hard Sooner fan and sometimes it does almost seems like he misses Alabama.. On the other hand, I say we just let him be himself and hopefully lead us to another great season. Something tells me that next great OU QB is coming (Spencer Rattler) and he's going to have that strong " Beat Texas" and win a "National Championship" atittude you know ✊✊

    • jerome Jackson
      jerome Jackson 3 days ago

      Sorry, for the error. but to continue, based on Jalen's interviews he seems to lack the commitment, passion & love for the Sooners that Baker& Kyler exuded. Again, I hope that I'm wrong. Good luck Sooners with the rest of the season!

  • Justin Rice
    Justin Rice 3 days ago

    Sic 'em! That game took a few years off of my life.

  • Trey Stallings
    Trey Stallings 3 days ago


  • robert martin
    robert martin 3 days ago

    I had hoped this season would not be as bad as pthers had said.I guess I was wrong.Wvu can only get the tough breaks.Keep fighting Mountaineers.

  • Jason
    Jason 3 days ago

    I got you 💪🏽👌🏽🙂

  • Ryan Alexander
    Ryan Alexander 3 days ago

    Hook them horns our hated rivalries go horns

  • forreal pat
    forreal pat 3 days ago

    Did it again. What a win!!! 🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈lol Wolf Pack go! FREE

  • forreal pat
    forreal pat 3 days ago

    Awesome win. 👌👌👌👌👌👌👌lol lol lol Let's Go BLAZERS. FREE label, aka Fat Pat