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  • Yunita yuni
    Yunita yuni 2 minutes ago

    I guess this is my favorite video from 1milliondance ❤️

  • Jung SHOOKETH!
    Jung SHOOKETH! 6 minutes ago

    I SWEAR some guys can do girl dances better than girls

  • Rta Rta
    Rta Rta 22 minutes ago

    I like this song

  • Yes Zi
    Yes Zi 22 minutes ago

    Bailan increíble!!

  • mandala putra
    mandala putra 25 minutes ago


  • TheNuggetBoi69
    TheNuggetBoi69 31 minute ago

    2:54 I THINK the guy in the middle was trying too hard 🙄 props to him thooo

  • ecemm Rt
    ecemm Rt 36 minutes ago


  • Shivani Patel
    Shivani Patel 40 minutes ago

    Who like j hope's dance with beautiful expression

  • Jehan 10
    Jehan 10 40 minutes ago

    Make choreo for Lilly and on my way please😁

  • 김용건맏며느리
    김용건맏며느리 42 minutes ago

    i think they dont know the meaning of lysics except the lamborghini part

  • Puppysa
    Puppysa 48 minutes ago

    conservative moonbyul back again but with the most explicit shirt i love her 😂😂

  • xx MY-STUDIO xx
    xx MY-STUDIO xx 52 minutes ago

    Why do I always think that May J Lee is Eunha???

  • Áryka Luciana
    Áryka Luciana 58 minutes ago

    I want you guys to do a dance video of "Banana", from Anitta with Becky G 🤩

  • Disco High123
    Disco High123 Hour ago

    Junsun did a amazing job with this choreography, it fits the beat and everything perfectly. It almost makes you feel like its the official choreography for this song

  • amira ANGELICA
    amira ANGELICA Hour ago

    Friend: lets do this together ..(dancechalleng) Me: (i feel dizzy when i do that then)

  • Sam A.
    Sam A. Hour ago

    Oooo I see you Gosh ♥️

  • Marcia F. Huanca C.

    AAAAHHH es la segunda vez que veo al chico de atrás e insisto, BAILA MUY BIEN DJFBVNKDJNFVGBF

  • Emily Canfield
    Emily Canfield Hour ago

    This song is FIRE, and the choreography flows so well!!

  • Mercy Johana Dávila Peña

    Nadie habla español o que ?

  • Gabriela Santos
    Gabriela Santos Hour ago


  • New world Dreams

    The "girl in the white in the first video" I'd the one who made the dance

    YUNLI BTS Hour ago


  • Stefany MH
    Stefany MH Hour ago

    Ella es muy cute para perrear❤️

  • Tsuvani
    Tsuvani Hour ago

    The grandma/nanay thats watching their dance is thinking: "ah, young love. How romantic~" she looks so proud~~~~

  • Highlight Movie
    Highlight Movie Hour ago


  • Haley A
    Haley A Hour ago

    Why does the videographer keep on cutting of there feet?! That is part of the dance too

  • CaramelQueen 101

    Anybody else heard ilomo in the beginning???

  • Fiorella Alvarado

    like si pensabas que era la original la que iban a bailar v:

  • Cícera Lyndiane Ferreira Lima

    Só faltou mexer o bum bum.


    Coréia e br trocando de lugar tipo kpop e funk sla vey


    Nem gosto de funk mas tao notando o Brasil

  • Fiona Saverola
    Fiona Saverola 2 hours ago

    1:20 I don't know why but the girl in the white pants is so cringy 🙄 I mean she is good at dancing but nooppppeee.

  • Monishita Ghosh
    Monishita Ghosh 2 hours ago

    The first one really pulled my heart strings🤭😊😍 they were cute

  • Ando
    Ando 2 hours ago

    It's u lalala

  • Yosha Jani Salinas
    Yosha Jani Salinas 2 hours ago

    que bonito bailan las coreanas osea muy bonito

  • LOL Gacha
    LOL Gacha 2 hours ago

    The heck its super hard

    ARMYReVeLuvBLINK 2 hours ago

    The girl in all black was great 🖤

  • 종우
    종우 2 hours ago

    한국인 찾아요

  • Edmond Fung
    Edmond Fung 2 hours ago

    I love your Dance move

  • Edmond Fung
    Edmond Fung 2 hours ago

    I love your songs and videos

  • Jojo Anipse
    Jojo Anipse 3 hours ago

    So ive only herd of THE BOYZ and dont really know much of them or know anyone from this video so i just have to say the best dancer in this vid is the guy with the yellow striped pants, the others are really good because they can keep up with him in a pleasant way but they still arent as good, I also enjoyed watching the girl with the camo pants she is a good dancer

  • Khemraj Thing
    Khemraj Thing 3 hours ago

    First one yellow wear is really best and awesome..

  • bianca zen
    bianca zen 3 hours ago

    yoojung ❤

  • Puffy Penguin
    Puffy Penguin 3 hours ago

    Me and THE BOYZ doing choreography

  • Roseli Calcani
    Roseli Calcani 3 hours ago

    Gente será q eles sabem oq tão falando???

  • BRblinkCamis
    BRblinkCamis 3 hours ago


  • Mardianty Saputri
    Mardianty Saputri 3 hours ago

    Tina look like sunmi

  • Shila Devi
    Shila Devi 3 hours ago

    Cool dacen 😍😜😱😇🙈🙉🙊👸🎅

  • Natasha St Hilaire
    Natasha St Hilaire 3 hours ago

    Does anyone know what the counts are for this dance?

  • Army forever9597
    Army forever9597 3 hours ago

    Como se llama el chico?!

  • May Saban
    May Saban 3 hours ago

    they are gifted in dancing...

  • 한썰
    한썰 3 hours ago

    This is what P.E.R.F.E.C.T looks like ❤👍

  • Gaby Machado
    Gaby Machado 3 hours ago


  • Fox Gaming
    Fox Gaming 3 hours ago

    Cewek nya di kentod satu"😋

  • Pravesh Tamang
    Pravesh Tamang 3 hours ago

    Fresh choreography 👍👍👍👍

  • Geby Karang
    Geby Karang 3 hours ago

    Who is the girl with purple and grey hair oh my gawd i love her

  • skylark 1st
    skylark 1st 3 hours ago

    Beginner like expert for me

  • Linh Ahgase
    Linh Ahgase 3 hours ago

    Trọng Hiếu quá đỉnh 🇻🇳

  • Sarah Baker
    Sarah Baker 3 hours ago

    This is what we all want to look like when we dance until we realize that we are the reality and she’s expectation

  • tae with kookies and a sprinkle of suga

    The footwork 😱😱

  • Evelly Silva
    Evelly Silva 3 hours ago

    Ficou top a coreografia

  • miss boo
    miss boo 3 hours ago


  • Tome XVIII
    Tome XVIII 3 hours ago

    Yup #Mina :)

  • Janeth Ivonne Piña
    Janeth Ivonne Piña 3 hours ago

    Me fascinó bastante la coreografía del primer grupo de chicos.

  • luke solomons
    luke solomons 3 hours ago

    Roughly how long would it take to get this good?

  • Ree
    Ree 4 hours ago

    Lia's words of encouragement was awesome!

  • First name last name

    Who's the girl in first batch?

  • Mylan Young
    Mylan Young 4 hours ago

    Why was the other cover of this taken down? I want to see the other one where they were dancing in the fields!

  • ROSEKOOK Park Jeona
    ROSEKOOK Park Jeona 4 hours ago

    EU !!!

  • Giselle Brito
    Giselle Brito 4 hours ago

    Dancem músicas brasileira? Por favor amo vcs😍😀

  • Rap Cover
    Rap Cover 4 hours ago

    She is Halsey?!?!?!

  • lacerisecheri
    lacerisecheri 4 hours ago


  • Karen Moraes
    Karen Moraes 4 hours ago

    EVOLUIU _ Kevin o chris

  • 라콜
    라콜 4 hours ago

    1번이 노래에 젤 잘어울리고 4번이 젤 즐기면서 추는거같다 다들 수고하셨습니다

  • Hniang T
    Hniang T 4 hours ago

    Who’s the dude tho cuz he cute

  • Lianna Trujillo
    Lianna Trujillo 4 hours ago

    How they move them legs dough

  • TwatWaffle Alicia Online

    Mina. Don’t be so good. Teach me how to dance please. Love you! 💗

  • Tome XVIII
    Tome XVIII 4 hours ago

    Is being with me #Mina ;)

  • Areli Castillo Gonzalez

    I do 't dance no ritm

  • surpe Isabelle
    surpe Isabelle 5 hours ago

    Fas mamacita Ngks #Ngks

  • Jeongin_ Panda_uwu
    Jeongin_ Panda_uwu 5 hours ago

    The bad bitches enter the chat🔥 me:🥺 plz don’t kill me

  • Leila Ikeda
    Leila Ikeda 5 hours ago

    Can you do a advance one of the song one two step plz

  • Adrian Rodriguez
    Adrian Rodriguez 5 hours ago

    El baile esta muy bien lamentablemente no va con la musica. =/

  • Heloisa Alves
    Heloisa Alves 5 hours ago

    4:10 i'm heare for her

  • Nhân Phan
    Nhân Phan 5 hours ago

    2:43 right girl. Who???

  • Luuh Moraes
    Luuh Moraes 5 hours ago

    Agora elas dançam por último manooooo

  • Marlen Gomez
    Marlen Gomez 5 hours ago


  • 00니소
    00니소 5 hours ago


  • Tome XVIII
    Tome XVIII 5 hours ago

    loooooool I really laughing so much ;) ;) ;)

  • Amel Meddahi
    Amel Meddahi 5 hours ago


  • Nhân Phan
    Nhân Phan 5 hours ago

    1:40 right girl. love u. who?

  • Odeletta Kath
    Odeletta Kath 5 hours ago

    The girl in 1:44 gives me that J-Hope energy

  • Christina Tan
    Christina Tan 5 hours ago

    Please make a tutorial on this 😍😍

  • Allen Liagao
    Allen Liagao 5 hours ago

    Austin pak is so hottttt🔥 Make this blue if you agree 👇🏼

  • Elhadji Bambo Dieme
    Elhadji Bambo Dieme 5 hours ago


  • Tome XVIII
    Tome XVIII 6 hours ago

    I hope so #Lee ;)

  • Yazmin Zuñiga
    Yazmin Zuñiga 6 hours ago

    Does anyone know the first guy name?

  • Bhebz Torres
    Bhebz Torres 6 hours ago

    All of the dancers deserve a crown the way they dance and slay in the floor

  • Fiza Riaz
    Fiza Riaz 6 hours ago

    I remember him learning a choreo to this song from Rikimaru and one year later he self made one 😆🤩♥️♥️

  • Rodrigo Molina
    Rodrigo Molina 6 hours ago

    Michael jackson is the ayuwoki