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    THE AL NEWPORT SHOW 9 months ago

    Charlie, the truth is, you conducted many interesting interviews over the years with some very interesting personalities. Nothing can change that. I just thank the Big Invisible Purple Mushroom Brain in the Sky that you weren't grooming & fucking boys like Sandusky.

  • mc1dash1b
    mc1dash1b 9 months ago

    I cannot believe that those two ladies were so quick to throw you under the bus!

  • greg shahanahan
    greg shahanahan 9 months ago

    hey charlie what are you doing later would you like to go stare at the moon? haha dooshbag!

  • God's Boy
    God's Boy 10 months ago


  • JcJohn Clarke
    JcJohn Clarke 10 months ago

    Charlie, I am deeply saddened and horrified that you have had the Private lewd behavior described in the Press yesterday. How could you, a Bastion of a Good Man, Good Press and responsible reporting do this for so long? How could you do this to ALL women and ALL men who admire you?

    • Starbuck2015
      Starbuck2015 9 months ago

      I suspect that after some time with his lawyers both he and this website will disappear. The allegations which he has not refuted are devastating to his reputation. The guy looked like a movie star and he appeared to be the epitome of southern gentility. Just like Bill Cosby and O.J. Simpson, appearances can be deceiving.

    • pat nelson
      pat nelson 10 months ago

      Mr Rose I have watched your show for years and made every effort to watch CBS morning news the last 5 years. There is an opportunity now for people, especially women like myself, to understand what is going through the mind and soul of some one who is sexually aggressive. I'm serious. After you have some time for reflection I would like to hear your insights . That is why I subscribed to your website today. I have been sexually assaulted when 5 years old . It has been a part of me for 56 years. Now that I am older I want to understand the other side of this experience. Knowledge sets us free. Every time our lives are disrupted is an opportunity to go a different direction and reflection.

    ESUSAMEX 10 months ago

    Charlie Rose shilled for the corrupt Clintons while he was molesting women. Lock him up!

  • Sweet LilDevil
    Sweet LilDevil 10 months ago

    Disgusting rapist! You should be ashamed!

    • The Sega Holic
      The Sega Holic 9 months ago

      He didn't rape anybody. His game just came out too strong.... and was unwanted.

  • evelyn baron
    evelyn baron 11 months ago

    Your incisive, well researched, thoughtful interviews with a guaranteed sense of fair play make it possible for me to learn and listen to issues raised of global importance. (I'm Canadian and we apologize to chairs if we trip over them.) I know you also interview artists in the public eye who have become important to contemporary North American Culture. Tom Petty's death yesterday raised several issues in my mind and you may well be inundated by people like me who have been deeply touched by his music and felt that his personal diffidence and stubbornness taking on the music industry which was his entire life, raised a wall that he didn't care about: the assessment of his importance as an artist. I was hoping your research team, and you, would examine the importance of his music.

  • Harah Frost
    Harah Frost 11 months ago

    Had to find this forum to comment on horrendous interviewing skills deployed by Mr Rose against Hillary Clinton. The thing was unwatchable...the badgering, the interruptions, the INANE directionless comments. Either demented or ADD, I can't diagnose. Hillary has had 30 years dealing, so she kept her aplomb. Charlie Rose, maybe you should consider retiring.

  • Jim Renick
    Jim Renick Year ago

    Liberal Charlie Rose got his ass handed back to him by Steve Bannon.

  • murphyc
    murphyc Year ago

    Charlie, you make me sick with your obvious leftist/lib/democrat bias and total inability to present both sides of the story. You are not a reporter. I have to conclude you are just another paid shill scared of losing your job. You need to retire ASAP.

    • God's Boy
      God's Boy 10 months ago

      Well put, you were ahead of your time my friend as old Charlie here did in fact lose his job and by disgusting and revolting circumstances.

  • Jan Ski
    Jan Ski Year ago

    Hi Charlie, just a comment from England. I have a wide sphere of info / data input. I'm 52 years old with a degree in Business Studies and Finance and another in Marketing. I run a £1m+ company. I don't believe a word I read or hear in the mass media. You included. J.

  • nash984954
    nash984954 Year ago

    Charlie ROse dickhead of the highest order. Your Oliver Stone interview about Putin reminded me why I stopped watching you a long time ago, you are no journalist, you're a corporate shill for Democrats 2016 debacle and beating the Putin is a bad guy drum, and your destroying what could have been an informative interview you have turned to shit. Heart attack didn't help your journalism, you corporate tabloid media shill. You are disgusting.

  • Elliot Hoffman
    Elliot Hoffman Year ago

    The shooting of the Republican baseball team was indeed awful. However, watching Charlie's conversation with one of the House members who was there was nearly as bad. He is clueless or lying about the reality of what the Rep house members are doing and what the Senate is about to do and that is vote to devastate the heath and well being of nearly 25mm Americans, and likely far more - and these people wonder why people are angry - they are voting to kill - yes KILL 1000s of Americans each year and lie thru their teeth to Citizens of our country. Ending health care in favor of increasing the wealth of those already wealthy is truly disgusting and inhuman - today's Republicans. Charlie does not call these dogs on their lies and obsfucation - when will we tell the truth to these awful and corrupt people. Most of us will not pick up a gun in our anger and extreme frustration. Some will - just like Trump called his dogs through his dog whistles, every day. I'm afraid this is only the beginning, or the continuation of violence out of incredible frustration, knowing that our citizens are being sold down the river to extremely greedy people, like Trump and his bigoted corrupt buddies.

  • Jeff Saperstein
    Jeff Saperstein Year ago

    I am an avid viewer for many years. CR has the broadest range of interesting thinkers, doers and change agents of any program. However, there is an East Coast bias in much of the guest appearances except for an occasional Silicon Valley honcho. It would be a breath of fresh air to have more West Coast personalities such as Vinod Khosla, Vint Cerf, and John Markoff who really understand both the business and general culture of the West in conversation with CR. Perhaps CR could broadcast from San Francisco or San Jose more frequently so the country can get a sense of what other trends are happening here.

  • Rose Yamada
    Rose Yamada Year ago

    Just to send best wishes for GOOD HEALTH, which is essential for keeping balance in your life and all the lives you impact. MALAMA PONO!

  • Linda
    Linda Year ago

    Watched program last night 3/17 interview of journalist Ward re Mercer Family. Anyone know how to retrieve transcript or podcast?

  • Tania Palmer
    Tania Palmer Year ago

    Is last week's interview with Stephen Fry available? I'd love to see that again and share with friends.

  • Chris Wolff
    Chris Wolff Year ago

    Trying to get the interview with Jay Wright, the Villanova basketball coach. Can you help?

  • Dan Guzman
    Dan Guzman Year ago

    I am very supportive for the Charlie Rose show I watched tonight on the mental degradation children raised in extreme neglect or abandoned in a state institution & that there average IQ score is around 66. I was told I was about 65 IQ & consequently was very much emotionally abandoned by my 2 dysfunctional parents . I have spent over 15 years researching all thing Alternative Health & when I read a paper that the man Dan Winter wrote living in Australia I wrote him & said he deserved a honorable Noble Prize for recognition. Dan Winters paper declared that children raised in extreme neglect & never given positive physical nurturing would thus suffer underdeveloped frontal lobe development. The frontal lobes completely ignored by Charlie Roses panel of Brain development collie gent specialist totally missed to explain that our frontal lobes seperate us from animal instinct for it is this unique Human fundamental gift that allow Humans to focus & reason. This is exactly what children deemed A.D.D. & A.D.H.D. are praposed to harbor as a symptom for medications like Zoloft & riddalin & other DRUGS to treat a symptom created by a under developed FRONTAL LOBE. Maybe you could interview me Mr.Rose & get a front line expert on a IQ of 65 & being emotionaly abandoned for you see my good sir I have discovered the cure for frontal lobe development for developing children & that is nurturing body Massage therapy. IE: Human touch. We all need it & are greatly deprived for it. Americans as a whole are physical touch deprived the same good healthy touch, petting, stroking we give our Cat's & Dog's. So p[lease chew on that you panel of Harvard experts. Me a guy deemed IQ of 65 no co ledge education dare you to allow me to interact with your forum for I deeply,deeply would create Massage therapy ie;Human compassionate touch Human resources for all Societal Institutions to make possible the Human development stunted by & from the societal Institutions. The slave masters also on how to rid the body from fluoride toxic exposure also caused by Prozak. Thanks Doctor for doctoring symptoms for the purpose to make Money! & thanks to spell check I aint so dumb in my shpeel. interview me if you dare! For I will also bring up Dr.Gabor Mate

  • Tase Stojanoski
    Tase Stojanoski Year ago

    I find Charlie Rose interviews educational, informative and interesting. I like the visual... black background, which brings focus on the speaker's face. However, during the interview aired on 27th January I was wondering why the camera did nor show the guest while he was answering the question, rather the host and guest's hands. In my view, this was rude, very disrespectful and annoying. It looked like the cameraman took a break in the middle of the show.

  • Preston Vickers
    Preston Vickers Year ago

    How can Charlie Rose sit there tonight Thursday night January 26 on his show tonight on PBS, it now 11:00 PM, and say that since Trump canceled the meeting with the President of Mexico and continues on with this conversation -- Charlie Rose just sits there there and say that!!?? Is he so stupid to know that this is the usual Trump bullshit?? Charlie is a very very smart person - I've loved his show ever since he was in Fort Worth when I lived there in Dallas, what kind idiot nonsense is this to give Trump credit for canceling the meeting and responding to his lies in that manner and giving credence to his endless lies!! If you don't believe me go back and check Charlie Rose's show for the tonight and see the horrifying thing exactly that he said! Preston Vickers, New York City, Manhattan. You can forward this email to CBS television! And PBS television! And I'm sending it to the New York Times also!

  • mvunit3
    mvunit3 Year ago

    >>>> Hello Charlie and staff . . . There is an episode that I am dying to find and would shock most "Metalheads" that he appeared on Charlie Rose, but it was a VERY interesting interview and sadly I used to have it on VHS but lost it with many other rare vids of the 80's and 90's. It was "Bruce Dickinson" of Iron Maiden, and he talked about "volume" and composer Richard Wagner, who was one of the 1st to add many more musicians to his orchestra to which Bruce tells his history and his critics; "(paraphrasing) It will be too loud, the audience will be stoned deaf!", and more. Please upload the interview, I notice its not on the data-base at the official site as well. - Thank you in advance :).

  • Linda Trester
    Linda Trester Year ago

    I would like to start a discussion on reproductive rights that has never been done before. I want to discuss a woman's right to keep her baby. In California we have a 50/50 custody law that says a biological father has 50/50 rights to any baby he impregnates a woman with. He doesn't have to marry her, live with her or date her. Maybe his wife can't have a baby she might be willing to take someone else's. Maybe his mother wants the baby or his new girlfriend. There are 30% more abortion clinics than invitro clinics, but abortion costs $250-500. Invitro fertilization costs tens of thousands of dollars, very intrusive surgeories. These can all be avoided. Women don't have any reproductive rights to keep or protect her baby. A woman does not need to be proven that she is unfit. If he goes to court claiming that he wants custody, the baby is automatically taken from the mother and put into a shared custody lifestyle. It doesn't matter how young the baby is, he can be taken from his mother at a few months old, still breastfeeding and now the young mother is a ward of the court. Any plans she may have had about going to college out of state, moving due to career or just a vacation, must be approved by the court and can and probably will be denied. When a spouse gets divorced in this state our community property laws say that a few years of marriage is required before you can attach someone's retirement funds, real estate or property. Women and children have no such protection or safeguards. I have contacted the ACLU as well as other women's rights organizations. They are not concerned. Everyone I contacted wanted donations to fight President Trump. They are farming and harvesting babies in America. This is a crime against humanity. Your not supposed to let them cut the baby in half to be shared. This is cruel and a violation against Nature and Nature's God.

  • Maggie Law
    Maggie Law Year ago

    Charlie, Thank you so much for the wonderful interviews! Some additional topics you might consider for the future: (1) Why do we have the Depts of Energy, Education and EPA? Why were they formed, what problems do they address, and what value do they provide to the US and the world? What will happen if they are severely underfunded or abolished? (2) We keep hearing that the CIA made a mistake about nuclear weapons of mass destruction back in 2001. Was that really they case? Was the CIA really unaware of the lack of nuclear weapons in Iraq? Or did the analysts know all along? Did GW Bush's administration convince (then CIA Director) George Tenet to tell them what they wanted to hear? If so, why has the CIA been mute on this for so long. Will the CIA also be mute under Mr. Trump? (3) Back in 2001, what role did Paul Wolfowitz play in forming the hawkish Bush Doctrine? In his various DoD policy planning roles and as an Undersecretary of DoD from 1989 to 1993, working for Dick Cheney who was then Secretary of Defense, did Wolfowitz voice plans to take out Saddam Hussein? In 2001, did Wolfowitz and Cheney continue to propose that the US should take out Saddam Hussein, irregardless of weapons of mass destruction?

    • Dan Guzman
      Dan Guzman Year ago

      Hi Maggie if you were me you would ask questions you already have answers for or have done some indepth research. As for the Dept of energy did you know, & I guess you didn't that your electric Bill is a receit for payment you could write thanks for the payment in full & return it to your energy provider company . Because when you pay your energy bill they are being double paid & ripping off all Americans. Meat at the store would be about $12 a pound if not for out taxes payed out to lower that. The Bushes, George W. stole the election & planed a war with Saddom because he wanted to sell his Oil for Uero Urapian currency. You see a barrel of oil is worth $60 a barrel & a barrel of Oil is worth $60 American Dollars. So you see Oil gives the American green back a true value because all other country's have to convert they're currency into the American green back based on it's SET value from oil. Other wise American currency is only worth the dept we Americans are paying for as our Government mafia steel & rob from us for there deep under ground satanic world & to develop advanced science they choose not to use to free the world from Fossil fuels & Nuclear power plants. So Maggie if you dare to take off the Horse blinders get informed about what is there but denied to we Americans start by researching the Keshe Institute in Iran The good Mr.Keshe is freely giving his science to make free electricity here on you tube. You tube is a true resource few avail them self!!! check my (likes) baby. So said CoJak.

  • Hopetown Sound
    Hopetown Sound Year ago

    Where is the Frank Bruni interview from the same show as the Remnick one?

  • Tricia Tice
    Tricia Tice Year ago

    Charlie, My complements on your tour de force coordinating the discussion with eight journalists following last night's Clinton/Trump debate. You gracefully kept each of them involved in the discussion, with no one talking over anyone else. Masterful!

  • evelyn bogdanovic

    It seems fatuous now, with elections in the States looming, to compare interviews you have conducted with rock writers/performers, Springsteen, Tom Petty -- i always sense a restrained powerful intellect when you interview political figures and know that the entertainment business is secondary. Springsteen, Billy Joel, natural extroverts were easy for you. When I watched the 1999 interview with Petty, it was he who made everyone relaxed; you asked all the right questions but it was clear that you were "working". A brilliant conversation nonetheless. I hope you revisit Petty's music. Reagan would have never got mixed up about him in the way he did about Springsteen's iconic song Born in the USA. Kudos and long may you broadcast!

    VIT NAM 2 years ago

    Hey Charlie where the hell is Al-Sisi Interview ? A partner in Media was fired because of unnecessary delay. And this case felled international news as a "aictatorship" while it's unforgivable professional misconduct!!

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  • Marguerite Lynch
    Marguerite Lynch 2 years ago

    Every night after listening to your show...I thank the gods for your insight, and great guests, and wonderful interviewing skills to bring such stimulating, insightful, informative, inspirational, and thought provoking ideas to the needed "conversation" that we all wish would be spoken and discussed in the "current noise" of the media we are bombarded with!....THANK YOU Charlie...please stay well, healthy and motivated to add too the needed narrative!

  • DeWayne Guyer
    DeWayne Guyer 2 years ago

    Charlie So, what passes for journalists these days should run the world? Candidates are just grist for your mill. YOU, and all the rest of your illegitimate ilk, constantly bring up the trust issue re Hillary. You ask everybody about it thus making it and perpetuating it as an issue. Of course you never get an answer--perfect for you. You and yours made Trump with millions of $$ of free coverage because viewers would watch you covering him. That's NOT journalism. It's a form of prostitution. And I'm sure you're proud of your work whatever anybody calls it. I will finally point out that regardless of the political outcome you will have no responsibility.

  • John Moore
    John Moore 2 years ago

    Wondering about how binding the Brexit referendum is, legally speaking. Could the PM call for a general election now, ensuring that a new parliament would have sufficient support to trigger Article 50 if the results of the referendum are sustained; otherwise ....

  • MintPressNews
    MintPressNews 2 years ago

    Excellent videos you've put together with fantastic content and videos. Thank you for the all the hard work, this is the kind of stuff that makes youtube excellent.

  • Vince Omega
    Vince Omega 2 years ago

    Oh man, still channel is still here! This is like one of the oldest channels on TVclip.

  • Nancy BORIO
    Nancy BORIO 2 years ago

    Charlie, why is no one fusing about the Senator from Texas, who despite a huge tragedy in his state, with loss of property and lives. Ted Cruz, as far as I know has made no comments? Evidently, he is campagning and is not in Texas to do what he can to help out his constituency in face of this horrific tragedy???? Shame on him!

  • Emmanuel Lambert
    Emmanuel Lambert 2 years ago

    I used to have a huge respect for CR and have been watching his show since my mid-teens. Past he is a shill for MSM News and because of him I cancelled my donation to my local PBS because of his moonlighting at CBS and he is just another Corporatist Echo Chamber. Say bye bye Charlie.

    FILMMAKER PERO 2 years ago


  • Lave Cross
    Lave Cross 2 years ago

    The last frontrunner for the Democratic nomination to get the nomination and become President was? Martin Van Buren 1836.

  • Shawn Strode
    Shawn Strode 2 years ago

    I am confused. Our gas prices will go up immediately when the price of oil increases. But today our prices have gone up locally, when world wide the price of oil is lower than it has been in a very long time. If the excuse it the supply was purchased at a higher price, it should also apply when the reverse is applicable.

  • Benjamin Holm
    Benjamin Holm 2 years ago

    I would watch if there were videos longer than 2 minutes. When it's less than that it's rarely worth it for me to even tune in.

  • Chad Odinson
    Chad Odinson 2 years ago

    Illegal aliens are now deemed a race, The MSM calls invaders undocumented workers, the 2 main parties are fighting over lawbreakers votes, the congressional hispanic caucus is considered a legitimate protest group & we are supposed to tolerate it? LMFAO!

  • Lenny Barentine
    Lenny Barentine 2 years ago

    Stop bullying Bernie and listen!

  • Craig Grant
    Craig Grant 3 years ago

    The best advise I can tell to make any dream come true is to spend time alone in nature

  • Mike2020able
    Mike2020able 3 years ago

    ' ISRAEL DID 911 '

  • Rubén Sánchez Ortiz

    You stinky Charlie Rose. You are a member of the Bilderberg Group and Rockefeller lackey.

  • huckleberry finn
    huckleberry finn 3 years ago

    one of the very best shows on television. do not lose faith in younger generations charlie...i'm in my early twenties and have been watching regularly for more than ten years. the echoes of preceding generations will be heeded and their prejudice lost

  • Wzystko Cokham
    Wzystko Cokham 3 years ago

    AS USUAL ,,,CHUCKY ROSE can and will use the "News" as a platform to give us his double standard in reporting. I cant get over these comments made on March 3rd show on Boston;s Space Savers! After a fair spot on the problem, Chucky (or Up-Chuck)labeled the items to hold valuable parking spots during over 100 inches of snow! As a unique problem with "A guy from the Hood:. Chucky Rose (AGAIN!) YOU CAN BE AN ASSHOLE OR? SHUT THE FUCK UP!

    • Wzystko Cokham
      Wzystko Cokham 3 years ago

      All the White People of Boston concur "Charlie" SHUT-THE-FUCK-UP-ASSHOLE!

  • P33G33B33D33
    P33G33B33D33 3 years ago

    Charlie, Can You Please Upload The Manny Pacquiao Interview. I'd Surely Appreciate It.

  • Barry Sisson
    Barry Sisson 3 years ago

    I am amazed that you would appear in the movie "Top Five". That was the sickest movie I have ever seen. I went to see it because I saw that you were in it. SICK !!

  • Jojo Channel
    Jojo Channel 3 years ago


  • Stanley Landsman
    Stanley Landsman 3 years ago

    your interview wiyh Ayalon was in your face questions that made Israel look like they are going to bomb Iran,and are not willing to have a two state solution . Ayalon was very clear at the Palestinian objectives and educational system of hate,but you kept on trying to make Ayalon as the on yielding to peace.Leave your preconcieved thoughts home before trying to be objective

  • Knut Knutsen
    Knut Knutsen 4 years ago

    Shame on you, evil, intolerant, anti-Christian bigot. I give 20% of my brutto income to the poor and needy. Never had as much as a parking ticket. Nevertheless, I am a Christian fundamentalist, and according to your stunning hypocrisy and ignorance, on par with the terrorists in the Islamic State. Jesus Christ was sinless. A Christian extremist is thus extremely without sin, or at least tries his/her best to do so. The false prophet muhammad was one of the evil men in the recorded history of mankind, according to their own "holy" books. Thus a muslim extremist will be extremely evil. Learn the difference. Educate yourself.

  • Joanna Monnier
    Joanna Monnier 4 years ago

    Hi Charlie, i would like you to invite my friend, Adam Michnik to your show. He was a creator of Solidarity long before it existed, Really, it was KOR (Komotet Obrony Robotnikow), he owns Gazeta Wyborcza a major daily in Poland, spent lots of years in communist's prisons, a person not to be ignored and one that had changed our universe as we know it. Thanks, Joanna Monnier.

  • dragorlad86
    dragorlad86 4 years ago

    So why aren't Cranston and Letterma's videos available on the CBS website...?

  • Maxwelltube
    Maxwelltube 4 years ago

    I love listening to President Carter. At 90 years, he is still smarter and sharper than most people I know. He is always interesting. I always learn something when he speaks. How many books has it been now since he left office? What a man, My God, Thanks Charlie

  • Jimmie L. Trickey
    Jimmie L. Trickey 4 years ago

    Awesome. The word doesn't begin to describe your show tonight (1-1-14) Deserved a prime time shot on all networks.. Thank you .

  • 72Yonatan
    72Yonatan 4 years ago

    Charlie Rose: I thought your interview with Naftali Bennet was rude - stop interrupting when someone is attempting to answer the question that you posed them. It was more of an attack than an interview. You do not have a clue about Israel.

  • Capture Your Flag
    Capture Your Flag 4 years ago

    Thank you Charlie Rose and the incredible - incredible! - team you have assembled to bring these stories to the world interview after interview, show after show, year after year. You and the team are an fundamental inspiration in all we do here at Capture Your Flag and we learn something new from you each time we tune in on TVclip, on PBS, on Bloomberg and / or on your website. Keep inspiring through your curiosity, your preparation, your consistency, your curation and of course the amazing lead and follow up questions you ask when not listening attentively.

  • nank robe
    nank robe 5 years ago

    I have followed Charlie for years and have found him to be one of the best interviewers that there is and maybe has been. I was in complete shock this evening and have to say at times pissed off at how Charlie approached this interview. Assad's security must have asked Charlie to check his objectivity at the door. It was very obvious he was briefed by the White House and probably CIA. At times he seemed to perturbed at some of the truths the man was stating and rather than give thought to his arguments you changed the topic. Unbelievable.

  • gkbhai
    gkbhai 5 years ago

    You guys should upload the whole interviews. This is 2013 and Charlie Rose's work is so important and educating that all should have access to it imo.

  • Remy Steele
    Remy Steele 5 years ago

    I find your website for Charlie Rose to be highly disappointing for the following reasons: Digitized 2 minute videos of points that lack context and do not reflect the question(s) or conversation surrounding it. They look and sound more like a cheap advertisement. Not even a highly respected presenter highlighted in the video can overcome that stigma. I understand the 'twitter model' of limited words/impact but none-the-less the points made become moot, homogenized, and ineffective. I think an integration of your format with access to full length interviews is the solution. I'm sorry, but Charlie's interviews are analog in nature, not digital. Psychologically it's a teaser with no access to full experience; that's a bad experience and not worth my time..

  • J-Miss
    J-Miss 5 years ago

    HATE your new website format. Your limited viewing audience is going to decrease even more so now....???

  • matmicmj
    matmicmj 5 years ago

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  • Eric Satterlee
    Eric Satterlee 5 years ago

    Please post the most recent interview with Bill Moyers. It's is the perfect companion piece to his FRONTLINE documentary about the two families.

  • allaboutthepump
    allaboutthepump 5 years ago

    Charlie Rose is on you tube running away from the We Are Change Organisation after being asked why he is one of the only media people invited to the Bohemian Grove secret society meetings attended by Presidents, Prime Ministers, European Royaly, Banking elite, Business Leaders and the up and coming new boys and their stooges....their is no way he gets access to the people he interviews without some control being had over what questions and messaging is released.....main stream media have it sewn up and it is so easy for us to take it without question....he is seen as dancing with the devil by many real journalists...I wonder what the truth is?

  • TheColoradoJerk
    TheColoradoJerk 5 years ago

    Am I?

  • drewbacsi
    drewbacsi 5 years ago

    I would stay subscribed to this if the full interviews were up as they used to be.

  • FinamoreScaturro
    FinamoreScaturro 5 years ago


  • GDV Daily
    GDV Daily 5 years ago

    Awesome Channel. Like your videos. Keep It Up

  • baddonionsr2
    baddonionsr2 5 years ago

    does charley respond?

  • Martha Mowry
    Martha Mowry 5 years ago

    I would like to see the 2/28/2013 broadcast with Bill Gates and ?

  • TheGalaxygal
    TheGalaxygal 5 years ago

    Want only to view interview with photographer Robert Riger. What do I have to do to view it? I am not interested in buying it. I just want to view it online. So, why is it not here?

  • MaydayMiles
    MaydayMiles 5 years ago

    george clooney

  • Rose Ellen Ferrell
    Rose Ellen Ferrell 5 years ago

    post traumatic

  • Rose Ellen Ferrell
    Rose Ellen Ferrell 5 years ago

    post traumatic stress disorder

  • TheGalaxygal
    TheGalaxygal 5 years ago

    I exchanged my personal frigging information with your Web site in order to watch one of your purported one thousand plus videos. I only wanted to watch one: A Conversation with Robert Riger. So where the Hell is it?! Or is somebody reeling me in to pay money? I would if I could, but I'm broke. A lot of other people want my money, too.....You should tell people up front about any attached fees or costs.

  • Ashok Gajria
    Ashok Gajria 5 years ago

    amitabh bhacchan

  • JeanySullivan
    JeanySullivan 5 years ago

    Wow I always liked Charlie Rose, but I just saw his interview with the terrorists' daughter and terrorist herself Tzipi Livni. Charlie, where is your backbone? You were kissing her feet so much, your tongue must taste like cheese.

  • ArnoldSchwarzenegger

    Charlie, who is your daddy, and what does he do?

  • britneyslut
    britneyslut 5 years ago

    You so cool :) i'm a huge fan and have been since i was 12 years old watching news with my family.

  • Peter Lucash
    Peter Lucash 5 years ago


  • 007dhk
    007dhk 5 years ago

    labor disupte

  • super3man1
    super3man1 5 years ago

    Has anyone ever Charlie Rose'd Charlie Rose? I'd like to give that interview if not.

  • mikeroom7
    mikeroom7 5 years ago

    Presidential debate

  • Defne Ayas
    Defne Ayas 5 years ago


  • Anthony Sheridan
    Anthony Sheridan 6 years ago

    mitt romney

  • Twee Vue
    Twee Vue 6 years ago

    CharlieRose You Have A Great Video. Thanks for keep us entertained

  • pensfan718766
    pensfan718766 6 years ago

    bill clinton

  • Stephen Rosen
    Stephen Rosen 6 years ago

    jim holt

  • MeganSilver13
    MeganSilver13 6 years ago

    I think that you are great! Love to see you on your show and on CBS in the AM. One of my favorites was your series on the brain. Keep up good work! Megan

  • LessOnOfficial
    LessOnOfficial 6 years ago

    charlierose Check Me Out

  • The4Kast
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